Mohan_chmlit will show you the UTC time00:00
Tempus_Fugitok cool00:00
Mohan_chmlpedro3005: are ya busy now?00:02
Justin511Mohan_chml: I think I may have it, I shall keep u posted ;)00:03
Mohan_chmlargh! /me slept an hour before00:04
Justin511Mohan_chml: IT WORKED I THINK THANKS :)00:04
Mohan_chmlJustin511: Forums has whatever you need and its us just guiding you to the right stream ;)00:05
Justin511What do I do now tho lol00:05
Mohan_chmlJustin511: and you yelled a lot. My ears shed blood :/00:05
Justin511Is my TV Tuner a capture card?00:07
Mohan_chmlUmmm...! Idk. I just searched and gave ya the link. Coz I am tired.00:07
Justin511Haha alright00:07
Justin511Thanks for the help :)00:07
Mohan_chmlJustin511: your welcome ;)00:08
Mohan_chmlNight all...!00:23
Justin511Anyone familiar with MythTV? Do I have to PAY for the channel guide???00:25
Mohan_chmlJustin511: 10 USD a day :D00:26
Justin511Lol but really00:26
Mohan_chmlJustin511: I ll tell you my account number. Put the money on that ;)00:27
Justin511Aw thats nice but no thanks, I will find a way around it :)00:27
Justin511It's like $20 a year00:28
Justin511but I have Verizon Fios00:28
Justin511This worked perfect on Windows lol00:28
Mohan_chmlBah! the one I hate.00:29
Mohan_chmlkay! detaching the screen. bye.. o/00:31
Tempus_Fugitok I am back00:40
wkivelis there something that can cause ubuntu to not shut off even with the shut off command?01:19
ubuntuI have a major problem01:25
AndrewMC!ask | ubuntu01:27
ubot2ubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:27
ubuntuI just did a fresh install of ubuntu 10.04 I downloaded the updates when they was installing the screen went black and restart and a problem was detected and when not let me fix without having to reinstall the OS because I have files on the hard drive that I can not lose01:28
ubuntuim on the live cd right now01:28
AndrewMCubuntu: you should be able to go to Computer and enter your hard drive and take your files out and move to something like a pendrive01:29
ubuntuthat would be nice if I had that options01:29
wkiveldo you not a pen drive or another place to put the hard drive?01:32
ubuntuno not at the moment untel i go home and that will be some time to tomorrow and I have things I need to get done01:33
ubuntutheir is no way to repair or fix what has been done without losing my data01:46
aveilleuxubuntu: What happened?01:46
ubuntuI had just did a fresh install and the updates where installing and something happened to the install it restart and it went nuts i tried to fix it with the fscn command but no luck and now it has a low graphics and will not go to the login screen01:51
aveilleuxubuntu: Can you log into a failsafe terminal?01:52
ubuntui dont know01:52
ubuntuand plus iam on the live cd01:54
aveilleuxubuntu: when you boot into graphical mode, and it stops going anywhere, try hitting Ctrl+Alt+F101:57
aveilleuxubuntu: That should drop you into a command-line shell01:57
aveilleuxubuntu: From there, you can run the command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a01:57
ubuntuand that will fix my problem without losing any of my data01:58
aveilleuxubuntu: In theory. It should go over and reconfigure all of the broken packages.02:01
ubuntuok kool02:03
ubuntuthanks ill write it down and give it a try02:03
aveilleuxubuntu: Come back here if it doesn't. I'll probably still be here02:04
vu1kan<python -m SimpleHTTPServer> allows one to serve their current working directory over their lan@ localhost:8000, I would like to expose this dir to the internet.  I've already set up a ddns provider, and forwarded port 8000 through my router, what would be my next step? or could someone point me towards a how-to?02:20
ubuntuok when it boots it goes to a black screen and says 'ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. will need to configure these yourself'. and the keyboard does not work so the ctrl+alt+F1 does not work02:47
aveilleuxubuntu: Hm, odd.02:47
ubuntuneed had this happen before02:48
aveilleuxubuntu: While the machine is booting, mash Esc until you get to the GRUB menu02:48
aveilleuxubuntu: There should be an option for Recovery Mode02:48
aveilleuxubuntu: one of the options after booting to recovery mode should be "boot to root shell prompt"02:49
aveilleuxubuntu: Then you can run the command from there (without the sudo)02:49
ubuntuneed had this happen before02:49
ubuntuhold or push esc02:49
aveilleuxubuntu: "Mash" means hit repeatedly, since the exact timing is unknown02:50
aveilleuxubuntu: Wait no, I mean Shift, not Esc02:50
ubuntuok shift ill give it a try if it does not work ill be back02:53
vu1kan<python -m SimpleHTTPServer> allows one to serve their current working directory over their lan@ localhost:8000, I would like to expose this dir to the internet.  I've already set up a ddns provider, and forwarded port 8000 through my router, what would be my next step? or could someone point me towards a how-to?03:13
pcb_hey is ther someone to help me?03:51
duanedesignpcb_: what is the problem?03:52
pcb_i want to install ubuntu netbook and have totally free ntfs partition, how can i choose the free partition on the installer?03:53
pcb_so c: is my win partition i will keep them, d: is a free ntfs (20gb)03:54
duanedesignpcb_: ok you will need to reformat the partition to something Ubuntu can install on03:55
pcb_okay can i use the live cd  with the gparted?03:55
duanedesignpcb_: i think the installer can take care of that03:56
duanedesignpcb_: yes you can also use gparted03:56
pcb_the installer just say, that i he take the free space, but i want him just taking the free partition03:57
duanedesignpcb_: their should be a specify partitions manually?03:59
pcb_yes i want to change one whole ntfs partition for ubuntu04:00
pcb_hm i will figure it out, thanks a lot04:01
duanedesignthe last option in that screenshot04:02
km0r3duanedesign: are you there?04:23
stlsaintkm0r3: are you there?04:24
km0r3hello stlsaint04:24
stlsaintkm0r3: huh?04:25
km0r3stlsaint: yeah ;)04:25
pedro3005hi km0r3 , stlsaint04:25
stlsaintkm0r3: what?04:25
stlsaintpedro3005: sup...like my nomination of you?? :D hehe04:25
pedro3005stlsaint, what?04:25
km0r3stlsaint: yeah, I am here04:26
km0r3hi pedro3005 !04:26
pedro3005km0r3, how's it going?04:29
duanedesignkm0r3: hello04:29
jimisrvroxhey guys ive got an issue and havent a clue as to what to do....I boot up the machine and when it gets to the login screen my keyboard/mouse freeze. I can replug my mouse and it will move but my kb doesnt come back...what do I need to edit or do for my keyboard to work during login?04:30
km0r3pedro3005: good, good, thanks and you?04:31
pedro3005km0r3, I'm doing quite well, thanks.04:31
duanedesignjimisrvrox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/HalBreaksKeyboardAndMouse04:31
duanedesignthat might help^^04:31
jimisrvroxok duanedesign even running in recovery mode HAL ceases04:35
jimisrvroxduanedesign: had somebody tell me to add the # 2 to the end of the kernel line and boot...and I keep getting init messages as well and it boots but kb shuts off...I know its not the keyboard because I can access the grub menu05:00
jimisrvroxheres the init messages so...the last messages I get are init: udevtrigger main process (253) terminated with status 1 next message applies to (254) then (252) killed by TERM signal now..the 254 message is the same as 253 only number changed05:01
reaper50435how do i install adobe 10 for 64-bit05:30
jimisrvroxthere should be a .deb package on adobe's website..05:32
jimisrvroxbut flash is known to suck with Linux installs05:33
reaper50435never had a problem before just getting them to install because the .deb packages are in 32-bit05:34
reaper50435do you know the command for install restricted software05:35
jimisrvroxI believe it would be something like sudo apt-cache search adobe05:36
=== jimisrvrox_ is now known as jimisrvrox
suprengrWhere is everyone?16:59
suprengryo & boo! are we all there is?17:03
suprengr[soz for bad grammar}17:03
hobgoblineveryone is missing suprengr - though there's a whole bunch of others kicking about17:03
suprengr[hope there not kicking too hard ;)17:04
hobgoblinabout might get upset if they are17:04
hobgoblinit's been quiet in here most of the day17:06
suprengryeh, been watchin (admittedly kerrrnackerrrreed] when getting home all week... seems to have been a quiet week.17:07
suprengrperhaps we're all working too hard ;)17:08
rutrihello, I need some help getting KVM up on my Ubuntu 10.4 server.17:47
rutriis anyone here?17:49
aveilleuxrutri: I'm here, but I don't have very much experience with KVM switches17:54
aveilleuxrutri: Plug 'em in and go, that's all I know about them17:54
rutriis there someone i can talk to, I have look at several forms to try and get this working.\17:55
Justin511Hey, anyone familiar with MythTV?17:56
rutriavelleux do you know how to change hte master password for the keyring?17:58
Justin511Can anyone show off their skills and help me?17:59
hobgoblinJustin511: I saw the logs of you and myth earlier - but not sure if anyone told you of the mythtv irc channels?18:03
Justin511No one did lol18:04
Justin511Where would they be?18:04
hobgoblink - #mythtv-users18:04
nUboon2AgeRichie965: what is it you're needing help with?19:36
Richie965that was quick lol19:36
Richie965basically im just trying to dual boot mine with my pc, but when the setup goes to load when i boot form cd my display says no signal19:37
Richie965i didnt know how to fix that so i can see or how to make my comp display through the on board now that i have a dedicated graphics card19:37
nUboon2AgeRichie965: that one is over my head, though maybe others here will have some clues. ;-)19:39
nUboon2Ageduanedesign: Richie965 here is a fellow Oklahoman -- do you have any ideas for him?19:45
nUboon2AgeRichie965: if you're patient someone may pop up with some insight on this.19:47
Richie965its ok i got time19:47
lukjad Starting in Firefox 3.6, you also need the new Java plugin included in Java 6 Update 15 and above.19:52
Richie965ive installed it on my laptop already i just can get rhe display to cooperate on my desktop19:52
KaruptionLOL this guy was describing terminal as just an app19:52
duanedesignRichie965: At the main Ubuntu screen press [F4 (Modes)]19:56
duanedesignSelect “Safe Graphics Mode” [Enter]19:56
duanedesign. With “Try Ubuntu without any changes…” highlighted press [Enter] again.19:56
Richie965i cant get that far, its when i try to boot the installation from the cd i made19:56
duanedesignRichie965: does that sound possible?19:56
duanedesignRichie965: so the cd does not even get to the menu where you select 'try ubuntu', 'install ubuntu', etc...19:57
Richie965basically i put the cd in and restart to boot from cd, it goes to that screen thats red and says ubuntu and has the loading dots, then when it seems to finish loading and go into setup my display says "no signal"19:57
Richie965after flickering19:58
Richie965i dont know how to display from my on boards graphics instead of my card or how to make my ati work19:58
duanedesignRichie965: you might have to use the 'Alternate Install' it uses no GUI20:00
Richie965the text type install. once i get it installed that way will i be able to boot it up when i turn my comp on20:00
duanedesignRichie965: seems to be something that affects ati cards.20:01
duanedesignRichie965: "You have to install in text mode first, then get the system up to a terminal prompt and install the proprietary fglrx driver for the ATI card. After that point X should work."20:01
Richie965ok sounds good thanks20:02
duanedesignRichie965: is it a ATI hd5xxx cards20:03
Richie965yes, is that bad20:03
duanedesignRichie965: their is a bug report on it20:04
duanedesignthe release ISOs never change after release. If you can't get 10.04 LTS installed due to this bug, please try installing using the alternative ISO which has a text mode installer I think. Once 10.04 LTS is installed, perform a full upgrade to get the new firmware. Then, everything should hopefully work.20:04
duanedesignbug 56030620:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 560306 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "[lucid] ATI hd5xxx cards wrongly doing kms? (affects: 38) (dups: 5) (heat: 203)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56030620:05
meindian523fix released20:05
Richie965well my on board through the vga is a integrated 4200, is there a way to get my comp to display through that instead of my 557020:05
meindian523hardware way is to disconnect the 5570, software way duanedesign?20:06
Richie965so if i uninstalled the driver for the 5570 and took it off for a min that would work?20:06
Richie965i have no problem doing that20:07
duanedesigni am not aware of a software way, other than the boot in safe-mode. But Richie can not even get that far in the livecd20:07
Richie965well im running windows 7 now so i can do whatever needs to be done before20:07
Richie965i just want to make ubuntu a dual boot20:07
meindian523Richie965, uninstalling the Windows driver for your 5570 wouldn't affect your problem in the least20:08
meindian523either for better or for worse20:08
Richie965i havnt tried taking the card out and doing that, ill try that real quick, if im back soon then it didnt work lol20:09
meindian523what you could do is shut down, remove the 5570, install Ubuntu and then plug back your 557020:09
meindian523I'm not sure of this20:09
Richie965ok ima try that, be back either way20:09
duanedesignsome in the bug report say "Switching DVI ports (to first port) solved the issue for me"20:09
meindian523just my line of thinkin20:09
Richie965well i use an hdmi with my 557020:09
meindian523Richie965, wait20:09
Richie9655570 doesnt even have a dvi, just a dvi-dl20:09
meindian523Try the DVI port20:09
Richie965my on board has a dvi20:10
meindian523nope, needs a DVI on the 557020:10
Richie965well hell20:10
Richie965all it has is a dvi-dl, hdmi, and that other thing that looks like a usb20:10
meindian523duanedesign, you would advise path above?20:11
meindian523"what you could do is shut down, remove the 5570, install Ubuntu and then plug back your 5570"20:11
duanedesignwhichever your more comftorable with20:12
Richie965well removing it and trying wouldnt hurt it i dont think20:12
meindian523at best you could install via LiveCD20:12
meindian523at worst you would be stuck where you are now20:13
duanedesignor use the text installer20:13
Richie965well i dl'ed the 10.04 from ubuntu.com and iso it on a cd20:13
meindian523be careful to plug it back in before you boot into Windows tho20:13
duanedesignRichie965: does your cd t your CD contains multiple files and folders and not just the ISO file.20:15
Richie965ok ill be back20:15
Richie965lemme look to make sure20:15
Richie965i used nero to burn the iso20:15
Richie965yeah it has files20:16
Richie965.disk, install, all that20:16
duanedesignokies :)20:16
Richie965be back20:16
duanedesignguess that would of been too easy20:16
meindian523duanedesign, you a web designer right?20:16
duanedesignmeindian523: yes i did web design for awhile20:17
meindian523duanedesign, I'm trying to learn some HTML and CSS20:18
duanedesign<whisper> I did a lot of Flash work </whisper>20:18
meindian523saw an awesome site, could you explain one particular feature of it?20:18
duanedesigni saw a neat CSS page the other day20:19
* duanedesign goes to find it20:19
* meindian523 waits20:22
duanedesignmeindian523: sorry20:31
duanedesigntook forever20:31
duanedesignthis kinda explains the concept of a CSS framework. I like the 96020:32
meindian523duanedesign, what I was going to point you to was http://minimaldesign.net20:33
Karuptionhas anybody install Twisted py lib on there box?20:33
meindian523duanedesign, how did that menu come sliding out horizontal20:33
meindian523the hover tag is being used to activate it20:34
meindian523but how horizontal?20:34
pedro3005Karuption, yeah, sure20:34
Karuptionpedro3005: is it hard?20:35
pedro3005Karuption, to install?20:35
Karuptionyea lol lmao20:35
pedro3005Karuption, no, just "sudo apt-get install python-twisted"20:36
duanedesignmeindian523: i think it is this javascript  http://minimaldesign.net/_js/md.js20:42
meindian523duanedesign, nope, the thing works even with NoScript blocking everything20:43
meindian523it might bethe js20:43
meindian523*be the20:43
meindian523but it works with pure CSS too20:43
lukjadsun-java6-plugin is installed20:44
lukjadBut firefox does nto see it :\20:44
duanedesignmeindian523: http://www.webstuffshare.com/2010/04/nice-menu-css-animation-jquery-animate/ <--read the 'PURE CSS'20:46
duanedesignmeindian523: interesting20:46
meindian523duanedesign, what's interesting?20:48
duanedesignmeindian523: the technique.20:49
meindian523yeah, works with just CSS and no js20:51
Richie965well guys that worked20:52
Richie965just gotta check to see how to use this card with it and configure my wireless with it20:53
duanedesignmeindian523: if you notice it does not fade out when using just CSS20:54
duanedesignRichie965: cool20:54
meindian523Richie965, now, have you booted into Win yet?20:55
Richie965yeah im back in win 7 with my 55760 on20:55
meindian523Richie965, Win didn't complain about anything did it?20:55
Richie965i just dual booted and gave ubuntu 125 gb20:55
ubot2Richie965: Bug 125 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125 is private20:55
Richie965not so far, been quit20:56
duanedesignmeindian523: when you mouse-out. The text just disapears with NoScript blocking the javascript. With NoScript allowing the JS it has a nice slow fade out.20:56
meindian523Richie965, finished installing Ubuntu?20:56
Richie965i booted into it a few times to check it, seems to work fine20:56
meindian523duanedesign, yeah, but I'm willing to settle for that if I can get a -out-of-nowhere- menu :)20:56
meindian523Richie965, cool, installed the fglrx driver?20:56
Richie965i havnt tried booting into it with this card yet though20:57
duanedesignmeindian523: sure, i agree20:57
Richie965i wanna configure my netwrok first since it doesnt auto pickup my wireless20:57
meindian523Richie965, ok20:57
duanedesignRichie965: run the updates. sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade20:57
meindian523does it get your wired network?20:57
Richie965i dont have a wired on it20:58
meindian523duanedesign, can't get updates without wireless20:59
Richie965just rying to figure out what all info i need to be able to type it in to pick it up20:59
meindian523card manufacturer, ubuntu version, card name ought to be enough20:59
Richie965i meant for my network20:59
meindian523oh, your wireless card works fine21:00
meindian523but it doesn't connect to your network21:00
Richie965yeah but ubuntu didnt auto pick up the network like my windows did21:00
meindian523is that what you are saying21:00
* meindian523 thought Ubuntu didn't detect the wireless card drivers21:00
Richie965idk that it hasnt yet21:01
Richie965that may be why it didnt autodetect21:01
Richie965hoping not21:01
Richie965otherwise im gonna have to make a cd with all the drivers and boot on ub and load them21:01
meindian523Richie965, when you clicked on the wireless signal indicator on the system tray, did it see the networks21:02
Richie965just had the exclaimation on it21:02
meindian523did you right click on it and enable networking?21:02
meindian523no joy?21:02
Richie965not even a chubby21:03
meindian523did you right click on it and enable wireless? :P21:03
duanedesignif you left-click and see networks it is working (duane is stating the obvious) :P21:03
Richie965yeah didnt have that21:03
meindian523duanedesign, +121:03
duanedesigntheir is a good help page on troubleshooting wireless https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide21:03
meindian523Richie965, didn't have visible networks or didn't have enable wireless?21:04
Richie965didnt have visible21:04
Richie965i saw the boxes where it had the three enables and all that21:04
Richie965ima jump on and play with it more21:05
duanedesignthe command lshw should tell you if the driver is loaded21:05
Richie965be back21:05
* meindian523 still doesn't understand howthe menu was horizontal21:07
Justin511Hey, when I load up TvTime Channel 4 has the Verizon logo21:09
Justin511How do I watch TV?21:09
Richie965yeah its just not picking up drivers, gonna make a cd21:10
meindian523Richie965, look thru the troubleshooter21:12
meindian523so you know where the problem is occurring21:12
Richie965well it told my display to f off, so ima do that first21:13
meindian523chicken and egg21:17
Richie965are .run files the same as exe in linux21:17
* meindian523 doesn't know, duanedesign ?21:19
Richie965ima assume so cause thats what format the ati site has it in21:20
duanedesignmeindian523: yes the ati flgrx is a .run file21:23
duanedesignerr Richie96521:23
duanedesignmeindian523: i understand the instructions on  http://www.webstuffshare.com/2010/04/nice-menu-css-animation-jquery-animate/ but looking at that website I cant quite see how he did it.21:25
duanedesignBut if you look at the examples they  aare very similar. They are set up using a list and have a jQuery version as well as a CSS only implementation21:26
bobo123hi! Anyone here at the computer an saturday evening? (hopefully)22:45
bobo123A webpage made aware that System/Administration-menu is possible to change, so I removed programrepositories from it (like in 10.10) to make the menu easier to find in (I'm in Synaptic anyway when I change such) and saw that I have an extra programrepositories listed in System/Administration so I wonder where it have come from/why it is there?22:45
bobo123If I run that one I only get an grey dialog box that says "Please run this software with administrative rights. To do so, run this program with kdesudo."   Is it becasue something I done I also got this kde-controlpanel, or was it there at ubuntu installation (even though not turned on and not working) ?22:46
stlsaintbobo123: sup22:47
bobo123hi stlsaint22:48
stlsaintbobo123: your on kubuntu?22:48
bobo123nope. I'm using normal ubuntu 10.0422:49
stlsaintso what is kdesudo doing there?22:49
bobo123yeah... strange. and the menu should have had a kdsudo in the menu command if it was supposed to work22:50
stlsaintbobo123: also im not sure what it is you are asking22:50
bobo123Well what have put it there? / or is it there for all ubuntu10.04 installations (just noone see it because it unchecked)22:50
aveilleuxbobo123: kde-controlpanel should not be installed on a normal Ubuntu system.22:51
aveilleuxbobo123: It must have been installed as a dependency for something. Have you installed any KDE-based software lately?22:51
bobo123it seems to run the command "software-properties-kde"22:52
bobo123aha.. perhaps...22:52
stlsaintbobo123: yea you have installed something that requires kde-desktop package22:53
stlsaintor close to it22:53
bobo123Oh yeah I have installed Krusader two-panel filemanger. it is a KDE-application. perhaps it is its fault22:53
stlsaintyep yep22:54
aveilleuxbobo123: That would do it22:54
bobo123I suppose it is possible to look at what a package installation do, what the deb file do when installed.22:58
aveilleuxbobo123: Yes, it'll tel you what dependencies will be installed22:58
bobo123It seems to that krusader is dependent on kdebase-runtime, that _recomends_ kubuntu-debug-installer, that is dependent on kpackagekit that is dependent on software-properties-kde :-)23:12
tcm5025can anyone help me with installation?23:12
stlsainttcm5025: sure23:13
stlsainttcm5025: what issues are you having?23:13
tcm5025hey thanks, i'm trying to use it off my usb stick23:14
bobo123is it possible to set synaptic to not just go install packages that is "recomended"? to more like opt-in list the recomended ones for me to select if I want during installation of a program like krusader?23:14
tcm5025i know the usb stick is ok cause i was able to run ubuntu on it with another computer23:14
tcm5025whenever i try to run it or install it on the computer i want it on, it just goes blank after the screen with the logo and the loading dots23:14
Richie965ati radeon graphics card?23:15
bobo123tcm5025: so it is perhapse not the usb's fault but ubuntu that douesn't like your computer graphics card or something, and you would get same result from the cd, or?23:16
tcm5025i'm not sure, it's on an older laptop. it's integrated probably23:16
tcm5025i didnt' try loading from cd or anything else23:17
tcm5025just the usb stick23:17
tcm5025is there a certain graphics card requirement to run it?23:17
Richie965tcm5025, well whats happening is that the driver isnt reconized by ubuntu23:17
Richie965i had the same problem this morning with an installation i was doing23:17
tcm5025is there a way to make it work, or is just not going to be compatible with my laptop?23:18
Richie965idk about a laptop, mine was on a desktop and i just had to remove my new graphics and use the integrated23:19
tcm5025i guess i just can't use it at all if it doesn't like my graphics card. the computer's not worth upgrading really23:20
Richie965the only other option would be to go ahead and download and install the linux version of the driver, but ubuntu still may not pick up that its there23:21
tcm5025alright, i guess i'll try that23:22
tcm5025hopefully it exists23:22
bobo123it must be possible to do the alternate non-graphical install, and get a working graphics driver then and then startating graphics after?23:23
Richie965yeah it that doesnt work u can get the alternate download off ubuntu.com, doesnt use the gui23:24
Richie965its like a text install23:24
tcm5025do you know where i can get the linux version of the driver? video card manufacturer's website?23:26
Richie965yeah just google what card it is23:27
tcm5025so i'll try installing that driver on windows first, and if that doesn't help then install ubuntu with the text install and then try to download the same driver?23:29
tcm5025i'll have to figure out how to install the driver with a non gui version of ubuntu then though?23:30
Richie965the version of ubuntu is the same, just the instalation is non-gui23:31
tcm5025well if the installation gui won't work.... won't i run into problems with the os gui too?23:32
Richie965i thin konce u get it on u can install the driver and itll work23:33

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