drew212trinikrono: sounds like kernel? i'm not positive tho00:12
trinikrono:D hey drew21200:12
drew212trinikrono: hey =)00:13
drew212whats up?00:13
trinikronothis reporter if he uses a ps/2 mouse00:13
trinikronothe system just crashes00:13
trinikronobug 63045900:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 630459 in ubuntu "PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard freezes after some time (ASUS motherboard) (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63045900:13
trinikronoi am not sure where to assign the bug00:13
trinikronodrew212: how is your bug coming alot00:17
trinikronothe big one00:17
drew212trinikrono: which one? the one with the opens with... dialogue?00:18
trinikronothe firefox one you are working on as a assignment00:18
drew212there's a patch upstream for it unfortunately, so I haven't been working on it =X00:18
drew212trinikrono: it sounds like a kernel issue, but i'm not for certain00:19
drew212kernel or a driver issue00:19
trinikronobut isnt the keyboard stuff controlled from erm00:19
trinikronohal or x?00:19
drew212im not sure, i don't debug keyboard/mouse issues on a regular basis =P00:20
drew212no lights blinking, so no kernel failure...00:21
drew212LOL, i got a windows looking virus search through a webpage popup...00:22
drew212told my my C: drive had multiple malware infections...00:22
MuscovyI've seen a few of those.00:23
penguin42trinikrono: If it also happens outside of X it's definitely kernel, if it happens only in X well it could be either - but when he says it stops responding is it actually just the whole machine and nothing to do with keyboard or mouse?00:25
trinikronowell ill ask that00:31
trinikronopenguin42: if its just the keyboard and mouse its x then?00:31
penguin42trinikrono: Probably, although it's difficult to tell unless they can try something else like sshing in00:43
trinikronowell i asked00:51
trinikronohopefully he would play music or something00:51
trinikronopenguin42: you mean the stuff at this page?https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash00:56
* penguin42 hasn't looked at that page00:56
penguin42it's bed time for this penguin - see you all tomorrow00:57
trinikronohey drew212 you are in BC now right01:09
hybridJeffBarnesI just did a fresh install of 10.04 desktop lucin lynx   I updated and created two unprivileged users   upon loging into User1 I was able to read User2's files. neither of these was the administrator03:20
hybridJeffBarnesI noted that protections seemed a bit strange03:22
bcurtiswxhybridJeffBarnes, i imagine both sides had the read permission..03:27
hybridJeffBarnesOwner Group and World read03:28
hybridJeffBarnesThis would seem ubuntu was hacked and mistakenly had important files on a net machine. Can anybody confirm? Maybe my iso in my previous downloads folder had been changed by somebody. I put this iso on my usb stick to install. Just put it on a friends computer so I have a need to know.03:33
bcurtiswxall files will have ugo+r03:34
bcurtiswxnot all will have write and execute permissions03:34
hybridJeffBarneswhy would anybody design a distribution where users can read other users files?03:35
bcurtiswxwindows does it03:35
bcurtiswxmac does it03:35
bcurtiswxredhat does it03:35
hybridJeffBarnesi'm not talking about shared folders I mean all files03:36
bcurtiswxim talking about all files too03:36
bcurtiswxi don't know the logistics behind why, but i see no problem.. if i want files to be private i just chmod03:37
yofelor change the umask if you want new files to be unaccessible03:38
bcurtiswxyofel, yup03:38
hybridJeffBarneswhan I managed a vax 25 or so years ago that would have been considered a disaster if one researcher could read anothers personal stuff03:38
hybridJeffBarnesprivacy was the default03:39
hybridJeffBarneswhy een assign each user a different password then?03:43
bcurtiswxabsolutely, my research is very private at work.  It's my life now.  It's very much restricted :)03:44
bcurtiswxhybridJeffBarnes, do you want users editing your files?03:44
hybridJeffBarnesI don't want them reading my diary. Owner and group should be given access but world should be done manually03:45
bcurtiswxhybridJeffBarnes, whats so hard about chmod u-r ?03:46
hybridJeffBarnesI should not have to do that every time I create a file03:47
bcurtiswxanyways, this is a channel dedicated to bug triage.  Try chatting it up in #ubuntu for support questions03:47
hybridJeffBarnesI'm changing distributions    good bye03:48
bcurtiswxthanks for joining, have a great evening03:48
bcurtiswxhey nishh03:49
bcurtiswxnisshh even03:49
nisshhbcurtiswx: hey03:50
nigelbvish: pong?04:42
nigelbvish: on vacation, so I'll be around sparingly, probably ping you back on monday.04:43
vishnigelb: boo! you ruined the moment! ;)05:23
nigelbvish: huh?05:23
xavinuxbuenas noches a todos06:33
xavinuxGood night06:33
xavinuxdisculpen la molestia, soy nuevo en la lista y me gusstarĂ­a si alguien puede explicarme acerca de como colaborar con los Bugs06:37
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defendguini've got an issue with 10.04...  after a recent update, i can't pin point wich one but i've trilled rolling back to an older kernel and it didn't fix it, when i try to suspend my computer hangs and never gets into suspend it just stays on and the only way out is to hold down the power button08:48
defendguini haven't had any problems in the past several years with the suspend working on this laptop it is very disappointing for this regression to appear all of a sudden08:52
defendguinsorry did someone just say something to me about my suspend issue?  the window wasn't open and i tried to suspend but my screen locked up as is typical now08:58
charlie-tcaKernel bug triage summit in #ubuntu-classroom in 14 minutes - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/Summit/Maverick14:46
JFoyep yep :)14:47
yofelshadeslayer: kernel bug triage summit, should be a good place if you want to ask about the network card importance again15:02
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shadeslayeryofel: alright .. if you know when it is can you tell me? i have it somewhere in my mail15:08
yofelshadeslayer: it's starting right now in classroom ;)15:09
shadeslayeroh! :D15:09
BUGabundojava is blowing to bits :(15:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 635765 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007faef91177d4, pid=4639, tid=140386956601104 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:10
bullgard4How should I report a Launchpad bug for Maverik? '~$ ubuntu-bug launchpad'?16:28
penguin42I'm curious what makes the launchpad bug Maverick specific16:30
bullgard4penguin42: I will answer your question after you answered my question.16:34
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penguin42bullgard4: Haha erm OK, well I'd report it on launchpad through the webform16:34
penguin42bullgard4: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug16:34
penguin42bullgard4: It'll let you do that for launchpad16:35
bullgard4penguin42: Your recipe seems to work. --  I notice this bug on Maverick. May be it is due to the fact that the (or my) login procedure is different from that on Ubuntu
penguin42bullgard4: OK, so explain what your bug is?16:40
bullgard4penguin42: Yes, I will write a bug report. I will not do double work but rather give you the bug number in a moment. Ok?16:41
stlsaintdrew212: looking for server/openssh bugs isnt all that easy as i thought16:44
drew212stlsaint: i know, its easier to find a package that you like, than a distribution16:44
drew212most bugs aren't distribution specific, the ones that aren't are usually because they've been updated in a newer distro16:45
stlsaintdrew212: yea thats why i choose ssh, but maybe not for a newbie like myself16:45
drew212there isn't much debugging documentation on openssh16:46
drew212stlsaint: you can pick a package from there, most of them contain easy step-by step documentation16:48
bullgard4penguin42: launchpad bug #63581216:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 635812 in launchpad "https://login.launchpad.net/+login is not neatly designed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63581216:50
penguin42ubot2: What makes it maverick specific?16:52
ubot2penguin42: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:52
* penguin42 fixes fingers16:52
penguin42bullgard4: What makes it maverick specific?16:52
bullgard4penguin42: I told you before: "I notice this bug on Maverick. May be it is due to the fact that the (or my) login procedure is different from that on Ubuntu 10.04.1."16:53
penguin42bullgard4: Hmm you don't say that in the report16:53
stlsaintdrew212: nice, thakns16:54
bullgard4penguin42: Your statement is correct. I do not have this opening window (form) in Ubuntu 10.04.1 (any longer).16:54
drew212stlsaint: no problem =)16:57
jenkinswhere would be the best place to ask about writing apport rules? I have done them and they did work but in mavrick i am getting "this is not a genuine ubuntu package"16:57
yofeljenkins: not sure, but do you get any error on the console? and is this about a ppa package?16:59
jenkinsyofel: It is a ppa package the error i am getting is http://paste.ubuntu.com/492230/17:00
yofelwait, I saw that recently somewhere..17:01
* jenkins hopes 17:06
charlie-tcaI thought that was because maverick is development version?17:06
yofeliirc that assertion tries to make sure that the key value contains only alphanumerical characters once '.' '-' and '_' have been removed17:07
yofelah right, bug 634133 was about the same failure17:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 634133 in apport (Ubuntu) "AssertionError filing bug using ubuntu-bug network-manager (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63413317:08
yofelwait, 'k' should be the key..17:10
jenkinsi have no problem with ubuntu-bug network-manager . When i wrote the apport stuff in lucid it worked which does not make sense why it will not work in maverick17:10
yofeljenkins: can you pastebin your hook please?17:10
jenkinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/492237/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/492238/17:11
yofelI think I get it17:12
yofelQuickshot Log 1 has to be Quickshot_Log_1 or Quickshot-Log-1 or Quickshot.Log.1, no spaces allowed17:12
yofelsee if changing that helps17:13
jenkinsit will take me a few minutes17:13
yofelsure, I'll be here for a while17:14
* yofel goes looking at the network manager hook in the meanwhile17:14
jenkinswhich line are you talking about? where is the space?17:15
jenkinso i get it17:15
jenkinsdon't worry17:15
jenkinsthanks yofel your ace I would have never got that17:17
yofelyou're welcome17:18
jenkinsI have to go cook food later17:19
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stlsaintdrew212: poke17:23
drew212stlsaint: yeah?17:23
stlsaintdrew212: hey do you know why when in update manager when you update one day it still shows "package information updated XX'days ago"?17:23
drew212because you've not updated the package information, you have to click check for that...17:26
drew212it just means you haven't checked if there are any updates in XX days17:26
stlsaintdrew212: but i have17:27
drew212you clicked check?17:27
stlsaintstill showing 34 days17:27
stlsaintdrew212: yep yep17:27
drew212i'm not sure then. have you tried killing the process and opening a new one?17:28
stlsaintkill update manager? i closed out and opened it again yes if thats what you mean17:32
drew212sounds like a bug.17:42
stlsaintYES :D17:43
drew212stlsaint: i'm actually on my way out the door though, i have a meeting, ill be back in an hour or so.17:43
stlsaintdrew212: cool, thakns17:43
* yofel wonders where u-m gets that number from17:44
jibelyofel, from /var/lib/apt/periodic/update-success-stamp18:05
yofelaah, did  a quick glance into the apt cron job but only found update-stamp there. should have looked at the complete folder18:07
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njinhello, if i have a laptop with a UK keyboard layout, if I connect a US keyboard it's layout has to be detected automatically or is normal to set it manually. thanks18:32
penguin42I think manually18:33
yofelconsidering that you have to select the keyboard layout in the installer yourself and it's set to the default layout of the language you're currently using, I would say manually18:33
njini think too, thanks18:38
penguin42I don't *think* there is a way to have a different layout18:40
njincan you help me with this, he said that there's no way to change a mount point https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/40903919:00
yofelhm, in KDE 4.5, they show up as he describes and are mounted as /media/$LABEL (testing my ntfs partitions here)19:07
yofelalso, changing fstab *always* takes effect, but I'm not exactly clear on how dolphin handles those mount points19:08
yofelnjin: maybe go to #kubuntu-devel and ask JohntheEchidna what he thinks about this bug, as he was the first one to comment on it19:11
yofelit seems like he expects that changing fstab entries also adds the mount points for them (as I understand comment #8), this is not the case19:13
yofelprobably as setting a non-existent mount point in ubiquity will make the installer create it19:14
njinYofel: Thanks, i was launching19:36
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