popeypleia2 / Technoviking have set res, karl and spaceghost to moderation on the list with a view to not actually approving any of their mail00:36
popeythe list has turned into a shitpit and they're the worst offenders00:37
popey(ubuntu-users) that is00:37
Technovikingpopey: check out the new forum theme I'm working on, plus some ways you ranking posts http://www.mikesplanet.net/forums00:38
Technovikingpopey: want some feedback from some forum haters:)00:39
popeyits quite00:40
Technovikingmore than ubuntu.com?00:41
popeyyeah, maybe not00:42
popeyhave you seen omg ubuntu forums?00:42
popeyquite purple00:42
popeywell, one big block00:42
Technovikingbut purple = Canonical and not Ubuntu:)00:43
popeyThose crazies over at omg like to buck the trend00:43
Technovikingthe forums need to be whip into shape and modernizes, omg forums and stackexchange is going to eat our lunch00:44
popeyalthough, there is of course plenty of lunch to go around00:45
popeyand more and more lunch every day00:45
popeywhats for lunch?00:45
popeyOranges of course!00:45
popeyAnd maybe some Aubergines.00:45
popeyI should really go to bed :)00:45
Technovikingadded a Did you find this post helpful? addon to my testing forum00:46
Technovikinglater all , dinner time00:48
duanedesignmorning all08:16
popeyhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2010-September/015162.html guessing thats aimed at me08:50
czajkowskiduanedesign: you're up damn early11:33
akgranerWoo Hoo!  Great UbuCon at Ohio LinuxFest yesterday!12:14
akgranerNow if I can get through my talk without 1) falling off the riser 2)making up a word 3)talking so fast no one can understand me - I'll be doing well...12:15
Pendulumakgraner: you'll do fine!12:16
Pendulumalthough I fail to see the problem with making up a word12:16
akgranerPendulum, making of cool words if fine it they are cool - mine usually end up just sounding like I am talking with a mouth full or marbles12:17
akgranerIt was funny someone asked me if one of the Redhat guys hated Ubuntu b/c that is what they heard - and I said (tongue in cheek) No he loves Ubuntu he hates me!12:19
akgranerso later at the pre-party - He came up to me and said Hey Amber I heard someone mention I hated you - you know that's not true right12:20
popeyare there redhat guys there? community or company?12:20
Pendulumakgraner: there you go starting rumours again :P12:20
akgranerI died laughing and told - No that's ok I started that  - I wanted to see how long it would take to get back to you12:20
akgranerpopey  - both are here Redhat and Volunteer Fedora people12:21
akgranerThere is a Fedora both and a Red Hat Booth beside on another b/c as a rule  - they always have separate booths at events - because their focus is different12:22
akgranerPendulum, yeah  - we were all cracking up about...12:23
akgranerabout it (grrrr)12:23
akgranerand Robyn Bergeron (sp?) is going to put on a Meerkat shirt and my nametag and hangout in the Ubuntu Booth for a few and I am putting on a Fedora Shirt and her Nametag and hang out at their booth..12:25
akgranerShe said all day people were coming up to here saying - You're Amber right?12:25
akgranershe told then no  - She's my evil twin12:25
paultagakgraner: ZOMG YOU'RE AKGRANER!12:26
akgranerpaultag,  :-P12:26
paultagakgraner: I have your bag, I'm heading down soon :)12:26
Pendulumpaultag: awww, your fetching and carrying for akgraner ? how sweet :P12:26
akgranerpaultag, thanks!  Yep I'll be over in a few as well - I'm about 1.5 miles from the drury - so I'll grab a shuttle and head that way12:26
paultagPendulum: iknorite?12:26
paultagakgraner: roger doger :)12:26
paultagakgraner: see ya in there!12:27
akgranerThank way I can tell you what I was thinking for some of the stuff etc12:27
akgraneralso you can either 1) give the scarf (the faux purple fur on that I had made) away 2) have a drawing or some other something you think off.12:28
paultagcool :)12:28
akgranerthere was a couple of people who where trying to walk off with it yesterday12:28
paultagand I guess I have to wear that bow12:28
paultagakgraner: Man, I looked a mess getting breakfast this morning12:29
duanedesignhey paultag12:29
paultagakgraner: you nerds can drink ;)12:29
paultaghey duanedesign12:29
akgranerpaultag, ha - I left before you all did12:29
paultagakgraner: awww!12:29
Pendulumakgraner: ooh. fun scarf :)12:29
paultagakgraner: looks awesome :)12:29
paultagPendulum: Oh it's in my room, no big deal12:30
akgranerHere is Jon Berkley (Ohio LoCo team) saying thank you to everyone for attending - http://whatwillweuse.com/2010/09/10/thanks-ubucon-at-the-ohio-linuxfest/12:31
Pendulumpaultag: the bag? I figured as much. but more fun to tease y'all :P12:31
paultagakgraner: buckly :P12:31
akgranersorry brain has engaged with my mouth yet12:31
paultagforgot the e12:31
paultagakgraner: it's OK, still early12:31
paultagakgraner: I went to his house before I headed out to man-bear-pig or whatever that is12:32
paultagRighto, well time to trek down12:32
paultagLove ya'll see ya in there12:32
akgraneryep - I need to run as well!  see y'all in a few!!12:32
akgranerThe place was The Frog Bear and Wild Boar...I kept calling is song and dance for some reason12:34
macoalright, im not using "sleep" and an infinite loop as an alarm clock again. the "infinite" bit seems to mean "ignores ^c and SIGHUP"13:15
Pendulumheya JFo14:04
ScottLdoctormo, are you around and available for a little chat?14:07
JFoheya Pendulum :)14:35
czajkowskiJFo: all set for your summit ?14:52
JFofor the most part14:53
czajkowskiJFo: got a link to stuff so I can tweet it ?14:53
JFoyep https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/Summit/Maverick14:53
JFois that what you are looking for?14:53
czajkowskiJFo: Go raibh maith agait :)14:54
czajkowskiThank you in Irish :)14:54
JFoczajkowski, do you have any abilities on the ClassBot14:58
czajkowskiJFo: were loco contacts mailed ?14:58
czajkowskiUK/Ireland/Ubuntu Women/Ubuntu LoCo Contacts mailing lists have all just been reminded15:02
=== JFo is now known as JeremyFoshee
JeremyFosheeI don't think they were15:02
JeremyFosheeI dropped the ball on so many things15:03
czajkowskiohh full name15:03
czajkowskiJeremyFoshee: want a hand ?15:03
=== JeremyFoshee is now known as JFo
JFoczajkowski, yes please15:03
JFoI'll just be JFo I guess15:03
czajkowskiokie dokie15:04
czajkowskiJFo: how may I be of service15:05
JFolooks like I may be good for now15:05
JFothe real fun will be when the others start their sessions15:05
paultagjcastro: Are you alive?17:18
JFoguess not17:24

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