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ogasawaracnd: just tested my hp mini fully up to date with the 2.6.35-20.29 maverick kernel and it's suspending/resuming just fine04:03
akgranerapw - I haven't had a chance to look at it - I got to Ohio and have been busy busy  - but as soon as I get some quiet time with computer for more than 5 minutes today  - I will finish testing it.. :-)12:09
nanomadare there any chances we can see the patch posted in bug #601299 applied to maverick kernel? 14:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 601299 in linux (Ubuntu) "maverick btrfs slow install (affects: 19) (dups: 1) (heat: 187)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60129914:45
apwJFo, yo14:49
JFoheya apw 14:50
apwyou mumbling ?14:50
apwJFo, ^14:51
JFonot yet14:51
JFoone sec...14:51
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apwakgraner, about ?  needing some help with classbot, think you might know who to hastle15:03
shadeslayerhi i have a question regarding the network card being under medium here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance 15:13
shadeslayerimo without proper network card detection the system is not usable for the long run15:13
shadeslayerso, the importance should be set to high15:13
apwshadeslayer, though if its card specific it by definition affects a subset of users15:14
apwa networking fault wihch affects all networking cards would be more important than that15:14
apwso one has to put some things at not the higher priorities to leave space for the truly broard ranging effects15:14
apwand bugs15:14
shadeslayerapw: so High is for broad ranging effects due to a issue in the kernel? ( wrt networking )15:15
apwshadeslayer, we do apply a degree of common sense, but generally affecting all users raises priority15:15
apwcrashes which affect some users more likely to be medium, those which affect all of a machine are likely to be medium unless its a very common machine15:16
apwcrashes which affect all users are critical15:16
apwbut one does have to use ones discression15:16
shadeslayeroh ok.. 15:16
apwthat is why being a triager is so important :)15:17
apwi suspect that better defining how we use levels is something which you guys can help with as you learn15:18
apwshadeslayer, that make sense to you ?15:18
shadeslayeryeah :)15:18
shadeslayerso if i find alot of users have the same problem, but different network cards, the importance can be set to high15:19
shadeslayerbut if its one card, and alot of users, its medium15:19
shadeslayers/one/the same15:20
apwshadeslayer, yeah unless that is the very most common card15:22
nigelbwhat's brad figg's irc nick?15:30
apwnigelb, bjf normally15:30
nigelbapw: thanks15:30
nigelbif you folks can decide who's going to be on for the last session, we can set classbot up15:30
diwicnigelb, I'm holding the audio session primarily15:31
nigelbso, you want both your names opo'd?15:31
nigelboh, wait, if you folks can confirm the schedule right now, we can update the schedule15:31
apwdiwic, you are doing the audio arn't you ?15:34
diwicnigelb, so the Audio/Pulse session should say my name (David Henningsson) as instructor. I don't know if bjf will show up, so keep him as an instructor as well 15:34
nigelbsconklin: are you confirmed for the next session?15:34
nigelbdiwic: it should actually be your irc nicknames15:34
nigelbwe are correcting now :)15:34
nigelbAnd, who are the folks you want added as instructor for the last session?15:35
apwand the forth slot is going to be a general Q&A I think, so it would be useful to have JFo sconklin diwic and apw on that one15:35
nigelbawesome, thanks15:35
nigelbapw: steve conklin is going to be around for the next one right?15:35
apwnigelb, yeah sconklin is about already ... you're on the video one right sconklin 15:36
nigelbAnd the last session is generic Q and A right?15:37
nigelbI mean not about the usb/bluetooth, etc right?15:37
JFoyeah, I need to change the wiki page15:37
apwright a Q&A Session15:37
nigelbok, changing schedule15:37
nigelbthank you folks!15:37
diwicnigelb, thanks for the assistance 15:38
nigelbdiwic: no problem, classroom team is always happy to help :)15:38
diwicnigelb, just to nit-pick, there are two "are" in the message ClassBot just said. :-)15:52
nigelbdiwic: ah, bug15:52
* nigelb goes to file it15:52
diwicsconklin, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Architecture16:10
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diwicapw, yes I am16:58
JFoI have created a survey for the Summit: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J3WBZCC17:00
JFoit will be open for the next week for responses17:00
JFoI'll tweet it once the sessions are over17:00
JFoprobably a good idea to tout it during the Q&A17:00
JFoready diwic 17:01
diwicJfo, yes17:01
JFothe floor is yours17:02
sconklinthanks for the help!17:02
JFoapw, how do you set the PTT on mumble?17:12
JFohaving trouble figuring that out17:12
JFoapparently I neglected to do that on this machine17:12
apwJFo, two parts17:13
apwfirstly in audio settings there is a tikky for it17:13
JFofor the selection of push to talk17:14
JFogot that17:14
apwthen go to shortcuts, and add a new shortcut17:14
apwtotally not obvious17:14
JFonot at all17:14
JFothat bit was what I had issues with17:15
JFohence part of the reason it was hard to hear me earlier :)17:15
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JFoapw, I'm getting pulled away by my family. It seems that I got the time wrong in my brain for the family reunion.17:32
JFoI had it an hour in the other direction instead of the correct one17:32
apwjfo ok17:32
JFowill you guys be good without me for the Q&A?17:32
JFoapw, ^17:33
JFohere is the survey for the Summit also: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J3WBZCC17:33
apwwe'll have to be17:33
apwJFo, we need to get you an admin17:34
JFoI know huh?17:34
JFoI'm the worst at scheduling apparently17:34
JFomy aunt is chewing me out now17:34
JFoon the phone17:34
JFoit is pretty funny actually17:34
apwi am just as bad17:35
JFothe stupid thing is they told me the time17:35
JFoand I am in the TZ now17:35
apwdavid is doing a very good job17:35
JFobut for some reason I calculated it the other way17:35
JFohe is indeed 17:36
apwJFo, spanner17:36
JFoI am quite pleased with the sessions17:36
JFoapw, :-)17:36
JFok, I'll leave the machine on and check back in later17:36
JFoto see what I missed17:36
apwJFo, you'll have missed us volunteering you to buy the beer in taipai17:38
smbI'd prefer Orlando17:39
apwsmb, i am having yours17:39
bjf[afk]smb: i'm afraid we are all going to be disappointed by the beer in orlando17:40
smbhm, too heavy to bring some with me this time... 17:40
smbapw, I bet you do. ba***rd17:40
apwwon't be using that one any more then18:33
faibisteshello, I have connection issues with my rt3090 wifi card18:46
faibistescam anybody help or redirect me to the right channerl?18:47
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dgtombsi'm looking at various triage-related wiki pages after the summit today to see if i can work in some of the information that was discussed there20:56
dgtombsright now i'm taking a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/Process and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage20:56
dgtombsi don't think those two have to be separate pages20:56
dgtombsso i think it might be good to move some text from /Process onto the main page20:57
dgtombsany thoughts?20:57
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JFoapw, nothing unusual there22:15
JFobjf[afk], smb, If pete and I drive like it looks like we will, we may take orders for 'stuff to bring' :)22:15
apwdgtombs,glad to hear you are looking, we are trying to keep the top level pages in each section as a jump off point, so as we add new information they will grow22:22
dgtombsapw: thanks. is that documented somewhere?22:37
drew2121do i need to open a bug report if kernel isn't detecting my touchpad correctly?23:42

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