jenkinsflan: we have a show stopping bug with the display of the screenshot that the user has just taken in the client. I have hopefully fixed any packaging issues00:03
flanjenkins, still there?00:23
flanCan you describe the bug?00:23
jenkinsi am trying to do hello.txt screenshot and it is only displaying a tiny part of the image. I ahve changed the screenshot settings to take the active window it was 4 x 20 px00:24
flanOh. I just made that one up to show someone what the interface looks like.00:24
flanThe values were just random.00:25
jenkinsI have changed it to do the window. but i am not sure I haev done it right00:25
flanJust blank every sub-rect value and it'll capture the full window.00:25
flan(A full set of 0s will do the same thing)00:26
jenkinsyea it must be the server setup some how. I only thought of that about 10 mins ago00:26
flan(Since I'd imagine some people won't just blank the fields)00:26
flanAre most of our screenshots going to be the same for this run?00:27
flanIf so, I'll just start transposing screenshots from the old config file.00:27
jenkinsI think they are i have no clue no-one has said anything00:27
flanWho'd know?00:28
flanI can get that stuff set up tonight.00:28
jenkinsChrisWoollard: or godbyk i guess00:28
flanThen take a few screenshots myself, before switching the server to production-mode.00:28
flanScreenshots for 10.10. Same things as in 10.04?00:28
jenkinsChrisWoollard: do you know what screenshots are needed this releas?00:28
flanOr do we have a lot of changes?00:29
flanMmm... Microwave maccaroni and cheese...00:29
* flan really is that lazy.00:29
jenkinsChrisWoollard: also do you know if anyone has added the rythambox and ubuntu one stuff? I have not ahd time to do it my self yet00:29
ChrisWoollardi am not sure on the screen shots00:30
ChrisWoollardi haven't been areound00:30
ChrisWoollardthis may mention something00:30
flanWell, we're dropping the chapter on terminal stuff, right?00:30
MuscovyI think so.00:30
flanOh, and I'll need the screenshot names...00:30
MuscovyOr maybe merging it with security?00:30
* ChrisWoollard looks at the change log00:31
flanAnyone want to take charge of populating the project on the Qs server witht he right screenshots?00:31
flanMost of the details will be the same as they were in 10.04 and we have a text file for that.00:31
* jenkins hides and goes back to fixing problems00:31
* flan wants to document the code and start work on preparing a presentation for AppDevWeek.00:32
flanWanna help with that, jenkins? I'll probably do most of the prep-work.00:32
jenkinsI can do my best to help00:32
ChrisWoollardi can't see any mention of the ubuntuone or rhythmbox stuff in the change log00:33
flanYou'd probably just need to join the channel and look pretty.00:33
flanAnd keep me from getting too technical.00:33
ChrisWoollardI guess it is still in mattgriffin's branch00:33
* mattgriffin reads the backlog00:33
ChrisWoollardhey matt.00:34
mattgriffinChrisWoollard: heya... added some updates to the ubuntu one and rhythmbox content to a branch... not sure if there's anything else i need to do00:34
jenkinsrigth flan I can do that. I am always loging on every time i can00:35
ChrisWoollardI don't think anybody has done anything with it yet.00:35
jenkinsI will do it before I go to bed00:38
jenkinsflan: how do i set a user account for the test project?00:40
ChrisWoollardjenkins: To be matts stuff in will you just replace the relevant tex files with matts?00:42
jenkinsI will probably do so I will have a read though00:43
jenkins /comaper00:43
flanjenkins, you'll have to add someone to the ump project family as an owner.00:43
mattgriffinChrisWoollard, jenkins: yeah... i just started from the existing version and updated the text of the file00:43
flanClick 'Ubuntu Manual Project' in the location bar below the "logo".00:43
flanThen "Manage project" in the right.00:44
flanThen just paset in their OpenID.00:44
ChrisWoollardmattgriffin: it looks like you took a complete copy of the branch and edited in your changes?00:44
jenkinsflan:  thats usefull to know. how do i add a user account for the screenshots to be taken from?00:45
mattgriffinChrisWoollard: yeah. only changed 1 file in each branch00:46
ChrisWoollardI am looking at the maverick branch and it might have already been added. I am going to double check that though00:47
mattgriffinChrisWoollard: cool00:47
ChrisWoollardi see a reference to 10.10 in the tex files00:47
ChrisWoollardi'll do a quick diff of the files00:48
flanjenkins, just define it in 'Manage version'. It's a field on the right.00:49
flanWhere you can edit other project properties, like resolution and name,00:49
mattgriffinChrisWoollard: looks like they're different00:50
ChrisWoollardi just noticed that00:50
ChrisWoollardI guess we'll use your version.00:51
ChrisWoollardjenkins: I am going to update the ubuntu one files with matt's version.00:52
ChrisWoollardjenkins: I am going to update the ubuntu one files with matt's version.00:53
jenkinssorry about that laptop locked up00:53
jenkinsdid you answer my question?00:54
jenkinsflan: ^00:54
flan17:49 < flan> jenkins, just define it in 'Manage version'. It's a field on the  right.00:56
flan17:49 < flan> Where you can edit other project properties, like resolution and  name,00:56
jenkinsthaks flan. I needed to scroll more multiple windows open. I have found a bug with the server00:59
flanDo tell.01:00
jenkinsif your open id has a space at the end when you paste it it does not login01:00
flanAre you sure?01:01
flanopenid = request.params.get('openid', '').strip()01:01
jenkinswell deleting it for me appeared to work01:01
ChrisWoollardThe Ubuntu One content is now in.01:02
jenkinsThings didn't go as smoothly as they should haveThe OpenID you provided was in a format that could not be understoodIllegal characters in URI: ' ' at position 701:02
ChrisWoollardAnd it compiles01:02
jenkinsgood can you do rythambox as well O:-)01:03
flanWhat was the exact OpenID you gave it?01:03
ChrisWoollardI will do. Then bed time.01:03
jenkinsthnaks Chris01:03
jenkinsi closed chromium accidently one moment flan01:04
jenkins"https://launchpad.net/~ubuntujenkins " same error except possition 3601:04
flanPosition 7 means it was in the middle of the string. Like, right after the http:// part.01:04
jenkinsI just copy and paste from the launchpad page01:05
flanPaste that string into Python and call repr() on it.01:05
flanI need to make sure it's actually a space.01:05
flanAnd not an &nbsp;.01:05
flanHow did you copy it?01:06
jenkins"'https://launchpad.net/~ubuntujenkins '"01:07
jenkinsis what i got from python01:07
jenkinsI selected it cntrl+c cntrl+p01:07
flanOkay, so it is a space there...01:07
flanLike, from the location bar?01:07
jenkinswell I coppied it with the space from the lauchpad page01:08
flanThere's an &nbsp; there.01:09
jenkinshows that get there?01:10
flanIt's common in web-design.01:11
flanIt jsut creates a space that's exempt from normal compression/wrapping rules.01:11
flanCharacter 160.01:11
flanThe browser must have been passing it to the server while your terminal's filtering it.01:12
flanI just tried using a normal space and it worked.01:12
ChrisWoollardjenkins: I have pushed the Rhythmbox changes as well now.01:12
jenkinsthanks very much ChrisWoollard01:13
ChrisWoollardII'll update the bugs01:13
jenkinsflan: strange anything to do with the image next to it on lauchpad may be?01:13
flanI'd call this "won't fix", since it's no different from trying to paste a *, only not quite as easy to visually diagnose.01:13
flanIt very well could be, yes.01:14
flanIt might have been a control character instead of a non-breaking space.01:14
jenkinsthats fine. http://paste.ubuntu.com/491891/ I have been able do this twice now. I enter a password for the user but get my sudo password wrong I then just get warnings "unable to modifty user account....."01:15
flanWell, given that it's printing usage information, I'd venture that I did something wrong.01:17
flanIs the display name defined?01:17
flanIf not, don't define it.01:17
flanIt means I have to fix the command syntax.01:17
ChrisWoollardBye all. Bed time now.01:17
jenkinsnight ChrisWoollard01:19
jenkinsi did not define it01:19
jenkins(the display name)01:19
flanPatch committed.01:21
jenkinsrepackaging it01:21
flanRun it with --debug next time. Just in case.01:22
flan(--debug: debug-level logging; --verbose: info-level logging)01:22
jenkinswill do, I ment to ask if that still worked01:23
flanIt'll always write logfiles with debug-level logging.01:23
flanFrogurt, non-frogurt, or banana?01:24
* flan bananas.01:25
jenkinsyour fix did not work01:25
flanNo, I forgot a character,01:25
flanFixed now. For reals.01:26
flan%(display_name) != %(display_name)s01:26
jenkinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/491897/ back to the original problem not letting me enter a password01:30
jenkinsi wil just re install the package to double check01:31
flantail /var/log/auth.log01:32
flanWhat command is it passing?01:32
jenkinsSep 11 01:32:24 luke-jennings-laptop sudo: luke-jennings : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/home/luke-jennings/Projects/quickshot ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/sbin/useradd --shell /bin/bash -m  -p gePG9mJ4WVxZo quickshottest01:33
flanI don't see anything wrong witht hat...01:35
flanOh, wait.01:36
flanYes, I do.01:36
flanuseradd is super-sensitive, so it's dying on that double-whitespace.01:36
flanSorry. :(01:36
flan18:36 < flan> useradd is super-sensitive, so it's dying on that  double-whitespace.01:41
flan18:36 < flan> Sorry. :(01:41
flan18:37 < flan> Pushed.01:41
jenkins__hey flan can it me made so that the project that the account was set up for shows up in the recent list automatically now i have to remember your server url01:41
jenkins__I am testing in the quickshottest accoun now01:42
flanIt should already be the most recent project in the list.01:42
flanThat list should update every time you successfully connect to a project.01:42
flanYou changed actual users.01:43
jenkins__I guess it would be really hacky to do that for the user you set up?01:43
flanNo, that can't be done. Not without violating the sense of implied separation between users.01:43
jenkins__can you drop  me the link please01:44
flanWe could just force a copy of ~/.quickshot into the new user's home directory, but I really don't want to do that.01:44
flanYou could also just use the .qsproj method.01:44
flanDownload the file in /home/jenkins and load that from the other user.01:45
flanIt'll be world-readable by default in Ubuntu.01:45
flanSo we should just recommand that on the getting started page.01:45
jenkins__yea i had not got as far as making qspjt01:45
flanIt's just a matter of clicking 'Help out!' on the project page and saving the file.01:45
jenkins__i know i had just got the link handy untill now01:46
jenkins__I have another bug with the apport stuff01:47
* jenkins__ goes to fix it01:47
jenkins__how is screen resolution changes done? 2010-09-11 01:52:48,808 : quickshot.gui.graphics_change : ERROR : Unable to change screen resolution: [Errno 2] No such file or directory  is my error01:53
flanUsing nvidia?01:53
jenkins__yep with no disper I guess thats it01:54
flanMost likely.01:54
flanMight as well add it as a package dependency/recommendation.01:54
jenkins__yep going to01:54
flanI'll augment the error message.01:54
jenkins__man I have to build it for mavrick01:57
flanCould you just disable the nvidia module?01:57
flanI'd test, but my Maverick system is in VirtualBox, so I don't get access to the underlying nvidia hardware.01:58
jenkins__thats no problem I will just have to work out his set up01:58
jenkins__well its 2 am here I am going to get some sleep and then do some more tomorrow02:00
jenkins__night flan02:00
flanWhat time?02:00
flanSo I'll know when to be around.02:00
jenkins__about 16:00 my time is 9am your time right?02:01
jenkins__.me checks02:01
flanJust tell me in UTC.02:01
jenkins__16:00 utc ish is the plan02:02
jenkins__as then you may be getting up02:02
flanI'll be up well before then.02:03
flanBut I'll make sure I'm around02:03
jenkins__well the disper pcakge for lucid installs on mavrick02:03
flanI'm going through its code with Wetbox^3 right now.02:04
flanTo see if we can break the dependency.02:04
jenkins__but quickshot has locked up at the "Does your display look on?" may be my laptop getting hot. I will check more in the morning. thats great02:04
jenkins__night flan02:05
flanIt makes sense that it'd freeze there.02:05
flanIt had an exception that prevented code from executing.02:05
flanWhich jenkins is real?16:07
jenkinsall of them are ?i have nick protect on and can't be bothered to set up singing in on the quickshot test account16:08
flanI don't believe you!16:08
flanBut okay.16:08
jenkinsI just have the apport stuff to fix16:09
jenkinsand disper to build16:09
flanWe kinda decided that leaving disper as a dependency isn't so bad, because it's small and it's actually fairly complicated, internally.16:09
flanBetter to let someone else manage it.16:09
jenkinsthat sounds good enough to me16:10
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flanI'm gonna start documenting now.16:26
flanDo you want to be credited with an e-mail address in the headers, jenkins, or should I just leave it at your name?16:29
jenkinse-mail address is fine16:29
flanWhich one would you prefer?16:30
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jenkinsflan: apport stuff fixed I have to go and help cook meal but i will be back later17:18
flanI'll just keep documenting.17:18
flanI'll try to have the client done today and the server done tomorrow.17:18
flanThough the server will probably be a lot more involved.17:18
jenkinsI will push the package to be built so it is ready17:18
flanSo that may take longer if I lose interest.17:19
jenkinscool no worries later17:19
flan(Like, a day or two)17:19
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OmegaAre there any plans to have the Ubuntu Manual online?19:25
flanAsk humphreybc about the USLC.19:25
OmegaWhat is USLC?19:25
nisshhOmega: Ubuntu Software Learning Center19:27
nisshhOmega: its going to be a docs website19:27
* jenkins is releasing quickshot when he should be tidying his room20:20
flanOne of those things affects other people. =P20:21
flanThough you may want to either a) test it again, since I've made some minor, though potentially syntax-error-inducing alterations to the code, or b) wait for me to finish documenting it in a couple of hours.20:21
flanSo we can officially call it
jenkinsI am happy to wait as I am trying to work out how to add packages for lucid and karmic to the same ppa20:23
jenkinsit also means i will avoid getting shouted at20:24
flanI have to go out to eat now, so I'll resume documenting ina bout an hour.20:26
flanI estimate that, if I remain focused, I've only got about an hour to an hour and a half left.20:26
flan(And then our Ohloh stats will also look good)20:27
flanSpeaking of project-management stuff, should we, perhaps, split the trunk into a 'client' series?20:27
flanIt works just fine as is, of course.20:27
jenkinswe could do that i don't mind either way20:28
dakerhow things are going ?21:32
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