pteaguewell, i turned off the power saving features hoping that was the issue... i get home & my monitor is blank, turn the power off, turn it back on & i see the screen for 2 seconds & it goes back to being dark... did i miss a power saving feature?00:38
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keithclarkHi folks!  I have an HP a1211n desktop and was wondering what the best/most cost effective card would be to use for a new TV/Multimedia setup would be.  Maybe a TV tuner/PVR card?04:53
keithclarkI mainly buy from TigerDirect.ca so if one can be found there, that would be awesome.04:54
Zinn[tigerdirect.ca] TigerDirect.ca- Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Accessories, PC Components & Electronics04:54
keithclarkAnyone with a recommended card?04:59
keithclarkIs anyone here?05:02
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ourtv_i have mythbunt with boxee and hulu desktop on this machine.  running great for some months now until recently.  a few days ago i stopped getting sound when playing back tv recordings from mythtv.  sound works perfectly in hulu and boxee.  where should i start debugging this?12:52
christipHi. Everytime I reboot my mythbuntu 10.10 beta (same problem with mythbuntu 10.04) I get the error message: "MythTV is using all inputs, but there are no active recordings?" when I try to watch TV. Restarting the backend fixes the problem for this session till the next reboot. Somewhere I read the reason for this problem could be the TV card driver which is loaded after the start of the backend. Being quite new to linux I14:41
christip don't know how to get the backend to start after the driver is loaded or how to solve this problem another way. I use the mythbuntu auto-builds (0.24 trunk). Thanks for any hint.14:41
dewmanchristip, do you have any recordings at the time you try to watch live tv?15:03
christipdewman, no, I don't have any recordings. It just happens after any reboot.15:04
dewmanchristip, thats odd. what sort of card are you using? btw I am not a expert here. =) Just your average user....15:07
christipdewman, it's a Hauppauge HVR 1900. With mythbuntu 10.10 the driver works fine out of the box (I use the analog input, not DVB-T).15:12
dewmanchristip, did you happen to see this page? http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-HVR-190015:18
Zinn[www.linuxtv.org] Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1900 - LinuxTVWiki15:18
christipThanks for the links! The odd thing is that after restarting the mythtv backend the card is working fine out of the box. That's why I think the drivers are correct.15:22
dewmanI would check your dmesg log and see if there is anything odd in it.15:23
christipWhen I type "tail -f /var/log/messages" with the card unplugged and plug it in you can see that it takes about 10 seconds to load all the needed firmware files.15:23
christipdewman, okay, I check dmesg now.15:23
dewmanuse pastbin if you see anything weird in it. Or you can use the mythbuntu log program.... Under system (I think), that will gather the myth logs and post to pastebin for you. =)15:25
christipdmesg looks okay. But there is a 5 seconds gap between the message that the firmware file was loaded and the message right before. I read somewhere that this can cause problems if the backend is started automatically on system startup (a user with another Hauppauge card postet this statement in a forum). But I don't know how to get mythbackend to wait a few seconds after booting till it starts.15:31
christipdewman, I'm going to check the mythbuntu log program now, thank you!15:31
dewmanchristip, your welcome. =)15:32
christipdewman, which logs do you need? I've enabled all in the mythbuntu control centre and the file is about 9000 lines long o015:37
dewmanUmmm...Give me a sec, I will pull mine up...15:41
dewmanchristip, lets start with just the syslog.....15:55
christiphmm, now it's getting really odd. I restartet my system and it suddenly worked. I restarted again and it didn't work. I restarted the third time and it works again...15:55
dewmanwhen you restart are you doing a cold shutdown?15:56
dewmanor a warm boot15:56
christipoh sorry, I don't know those expressions... me = noob ^^ I just clicked the reboot button in mythbuntu...15:57
dewmanwarm boot = reboot without power cycle, cold boot=booting from the computer with the power on button. =)15:59
christipokay, I did warm boot =) Checked cold boot now and it doesn't work16:00
dewmanok try this...try a cold boot, (not sure if this will do anything or not) but dont have the tuner plugged in, let the system start, exit out of the front end, then plug in the tuner ( I am assuming that its usb?)16:04
christipit's usb, yes. I'll try it. Here is the link to the syslog after a warm boot (I only pressed the button "Watch TV" and got the error, then I quit the frontend) http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/c01zraMF16:06
christipI followed your post but the error still occurs.16:10
dewmanok check this link out, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1090744&page=216:13
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] Mythtv starts too fast - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums16:13
christipYeah, it seems to work! Thank you so much dewman!16:24
dewmanchristip, so slowing it down fixed it?16:35
christipyes, I did a few cold and warm boots and it works fine. So I think you solved my problem ;-)16:38
dewmanchristip, woohoo! thats great news. Now I am not sure if this would be considered a bug or not....16:38
dewmansuperm1, ^^16:38
superm1well i dunno i'd consider that solution though16:39
superm1just a bandaid16:40
dewmanyeah I dont know either... I am far from being a pro at this stuff. =/16:40
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josht76hello anyone here?17:54
josht76looking for the best settings/options for frontend backend configuration over a slow link17:54
josht76to improve quality that is. I have to dumb the bit rates down for the stream to not be choppy17:55
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qwebirc54135hello, I am trying to switch from windows media center to mythbuntu20:46
qwebirc54135I have some experience with ubuntu, but getting everything to work correctly in mythbuntu is taking years off my life20:46
qwebirc54135I know this will take a while, so I'm going to list all the info I have...20:53
qwebirc54135I just did a clean instal of mythbuntu 10.04 x64 using open source video drivers20:53
qwebirc54135my video card is an ATI Radeon HD 4650 w/ dual link HDMI (HDMI with Sound)20:54
qwebirc54135TV tuner is Hauppauge WintTV-HVR 180020:55
qwebirc54135All my media is located on a network attached file server (windows based)20:56
qwebirc54135I already managed to edit my fstab to mount the server, and can access the videos in mythbuntu20:57
qwebirc54135for the time being, my problem lies with (NO SOUND)20:57
qwebirc54135already spend day's lookin in forums, and cant find the solution anywhere20:59
qwebirc54135I did manage to get VLC to use the HDMI with flying colors, but cant get ubuntu in general to use it21:07
qwebirc54135or mythbuntu for that matter21:07
christipIqwebirc54135, I had the same problems with a NVidia ION card and hdmi. I had to upgrade mythtv via the mythbuntu auto-build (look on mythbuntu.org) to the latest 0.24 trunk version. They completely rewrote the sound system. You just have to choose the hdmi option in mythfrontend. It should automatically detect your audio card. I just had to add ",3" because number 3 is the hdmi output of my NVidia chip.21:23
qwebirc54135so this is basically just an update?21:24
qwebirc54135but not in update manager21:25
christipyes. http://mythbuntu.org/auto-builds Just follow the instructions on that page. It worked for me, hopefully it'll work for you, too ;-)21:26
qwebirc54135well thankyou very much21:27
qwebirc54135I spent the last 2 days downloading and instaling every audio app i could find, and got nowhere21:27
qwebirc54135I assume this will work for me as well21:27
christipI also had to unmute my digital audio outputs, which were muted by default. Type "alsamixer" in a terminal and unmute these by pressing "m"21:29
qwebirc54135yep, mine was muted too21:30
qwebirc54135you know what, I think I spoke too soon about getting all my videos available in myth :(21:32
qwebirc54135had it working, but then screwed everything up, and did a clean install21:33
qwebirc54135I though i followed all the same steps, but not working now21:33
qwebirc54135all my videos are accessible in ubuntu, but not myth21:34
qwebirc54135when I add the path in the mythbackend, it says path does not exist?21:35
qwebirc54135and now since I updated, the front end cand connect to the backend?22:00
christipoDid you try a simple reboot?22:01
qwebirc54135says to check ip settings, but they seem to be correct?22:02
christipohmm, I once had the same problem after updating but i really can't remember how I fixed that. Maybe a mythbackend restart will help?22:07
qwebirc54135doesnt it do that when you restart the computer?22:07
qwebirc54135how do i do a backend restart?22:07
christipoI'm sorry, I've no access to a mythbuntu machine at the moment and don't know it by heart. But I'm sure, someone here knows it, right? ;-)22:10
qwebirc54135I hope so, cause I apearantly know nothing ;(22:11
qwebirc54135everyday, I regret starting off with windows as a kid22:12
qwebirc54135if i had started with linux, I would know it all by now, and I'd probably be on the other end of this chat22:12
christipoIt's the same here. But hopefully this will change with the experience I get by using linux everyday =)22:17
qwebirc54135yeah, I'm coming along thanks to tons of reading, and alot of helpful people like yourself22:18
qwebirc54135well, i'm just doing a clean install again for the 7th time today lol23:03
qwebirc54135back to the drawing board23:03
qwebirc98270Hello, I'm looking for the master of MythBuntu if one exists23:25
qwebirc98270trying to switch my htpc over from Windows Media Center to MythBuntu 10.04 x6423:26
qwebirc98270just did a clean install, then updated to .24 in an effort to get HDMI audio working23:27
qwebirc98270now my frontend cannot connect to my backend23:27

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