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IdleOnebazhang: is [CH0S3N] (~chosen@96-40-151-113.dhcp.mtpk.ca.charter.com) ban evading?04:09
IdleOneor was that ban removed?04:09
bazhangIdleOne, will check bt04:09
IdleOnebt doesn't say it was removed04:09
ubottuilovefairuz called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:51
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mr-poison appears to be abusive - 4)09:58
ikoniautter idiot12:11
elkyNah, that's an insult to idiots.12:11
ikoniawhy freenode let him persist I don't know12:11
ikoniaat least they have dumped his cloak again now, maybe we can keep an eye on him trying to get past the bans again12:14
knomemaybe the freenode ops do not like the bacta (http://www.bacta.org.uk/), and want to spoil their reputation12:15
* knome hides12:15
marienzwhat'd he do this time?12:23
elkymarienz, baiting as per above12:35
elkyand no idea what else, but there will have been an else somewhere12:35
ikoniabeing a mild jerk in #mysql13:05
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, RoyK said: ubottu: nis is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Information_Service14:01
knomecharlie-tca, iirc, this wasn't the first negative comment from ridin15:40
charlie-tcaI see. I will go hide again. I am in the kernel triage summit class now15:40
ikoniaI hate people who think you have to use ubuntu server to actual make services be "served"17:04
IdleOnethey just don't know17:04
IdleOnenot to blame really.17:05
ikoniaactually it is17:05
IdleOnehehe ok it is17:05
IdleOneI was trying to be nice17:05
ikoniato just install things blind is your own fault17:05
IdleOneI usually keep one eye open when installing stuffs17:06
ikoniaa little bit of research oesn't hurt17:06
gnomefreaksome people are scard of google17:07
IdleOnewas a guy last night who wanted to install an ircd to test his java irc client. so he did. then asked how do i run it?17:07
IdleOnehe asked if there was a GUI ircd17:07
IdleOneI wanted to fall out my chair17:07
IdleOneso you do have a sense of humor :)17:27
IdleOnegood to know17:28
knomehey guys18:27
knomewhat's the general policy with mint users?18:27
gnomefreakdo you mean do we support it?18:29
IdleOnewe don't18:29
IdleOnewe refer to !mintsupport18:30
knomedo we kick users with mint out?18:30
knomeor can they stay18:30
IdleOnekick them? they can stay but #ubuntu doesn't support mint because it is not ubuntu18:30
knomeso if they keep on asking for support, then ban?18:30
IdleOneif they insist on asking offtopic questions and ignore request not to then I suppose you can kick them18:30
knome(again, i'm mostly talking about #xubuntu where i'm op)18:31
gnomefreaksame thing18:31
knomeone more question18:31
IdleOneknome: depends on channel policy but yeah18:31
knomewhat about bad attitude18:31
knomelike saying "don't upgrade, wireless won't work"18:31
IdleOnebad attitude is not CoC18:31
knomeis it straight ban?18:31
IdleOnenothing is straight18:32
knomewhat would you suggest18:32
IdleOneask them to keep in mind that their experience is not the only one, mileage varies18:32
knomebut if the continue with the attitude?18:33
IdleOnemy computer works perfect and all my hardware. does that mean yours does also?18:33
knomeyeah i understand that perfectly18:33
gnomefreakremove him/her/them18:33
IdleOneknome: CoC says that a bad attitude is not helpful to anyone18:33
knomealso, does it make any sens to banforward the mint users here?18:33
knomeor should all bans be banforwarded here18:33
IdleOnenot on first offence18:33
gnomefreakif they keep it up yes18:34
IdleOneit also depends on the severity of the infraction18:34
IdleOnecommon sense is a must18:34
gnomefreaksomeone was banned already it seems but not sure who18:35
knomethough it's quite hard to evaluate the severity, since i'm only sporadically hanging around @#ubuntu, and it's normally really quiet in #xubuntu so small things feel bigger18:36
knomehow could i see the banlist again? :P18:38
knomeother way around ;)18:38
* gnomefreak hangs out in >30 channels so its hard for me to see all of them at one time but #u +1 #k #x -ops -mozillateam and the ones i pretty much look at most18:38
IdleOneknome: well for me, any racial slur is a ban. swearing gets a warning !language, same with attitude. Pointing the user to the !guidelines will usually get them to stop also the !coc18:39
IdleOnebut with swearing it also depends, did they drop the F bomb in a moment of frustration with the issue or did they just insult your mother and it had nothing to do with the issue?18:40
knomeIdleOne, yeah, i'll try to keep !guidelines in my mind. probably better than always starting a debate (since that's what people start to do - justify their behavior)18:40
IdleOnethere is no debating the swearing rule18:41
IdleOneit is not tolerated18:41
knomeyeah, but debating any rule18:41
knomeor debating whether they think it was a violation or not :P18:41
IdleOneyeah, I see the guidelines/rules as definitive. There is no debating them, even those I don't agree with18:42
knomeand that's clearly not only that single ops' opinion18:42
knomeit has more into it18:42
gnomefreakno i agree with it as well18:42
IdleOnedebating the rules is fine, just not in the support channel18:43
knomeIdleOne, so in #ubuntu-ops then? :)18:43
IdleOneif they want to discuss them ask them to come here or #ubuntu-irc18:44
knomeso #ubuntu-irc is for... which channels?18:44
IdleOnebut even then the debate isn't about changing the rule to accomadate them but more to make them understand that they are what they are18:44
charlie-tcasometimes all it takes is a kick and they behave, too18:44
knomeyeah, sure18:44
IdleOne-ops is for the core channels18:44
gnomefreakand IMHO racial slurs and such should get the user banned from all of our channels that he/she is in18:45
gnomefreakbut hey thats just me18:45
IdleOnegnomefreak: agreed but we don't do that :/18:45
gnomefreaki know18:45
knomecharlie-tca, yeah, but if that user is a troll, you're probably only feeding the user more18:45
IdleOneidentifying a troll is a skill and gets easier with time. you will learn soon enogh when to just kick and when to ban18:46
* gnomefreak off to cook18:46
knomeseems like it really is a bigger problem that users just jump into the next channel to continue18:46
knomesome of them have even ended up in #xubuntu ...18:46
IdleOneI might be wrong but I do let the behavior in one channel effect my decisions in another channel.18:47
IdleOneIf I see that the user was being a troll in one channel and then see them start in another I will take care of it. even though sometimes it seems preemptive18:48
knomeokay, bbl18:54
knomehave a nice evening :)18:54
IdleOneyou too18:54
ubottuIn ubottu, rooks said: !grip is <reply>Someone offered you a grip. Please get it.19:04
IdleOneyeah, not gonna happen19:04
ubottuIn ubottu, xy said: foo is bar20:01
* mneptok is having "no sound" issues in both Lucid and Maverick.20:19
mneptoki'm dowloading the Debian LiveCD. if this turns out to be a Pulseaudio issue, i'm gonna freak.20:20
jribmneptok: you're logging in through gdm?20:20
mneptokof course, you can't purge PA because ubuntu-desktop depends on it.20:27
mneptokWTF are people smoking?20:27
mneptokif Debian works on this machine, and Hardy, i think i'm done with Ubuntu. this is just ridiculous.20:27
Tm_Tmneptok: you should use Kubuntu20:28
jribmneptok: ah, when I first moved to linux I had sound issues because something happens with gdm that doesn't happen if I just type startx, I ended up just adding my user to the audio group to workaround it20:28
mneptokTm_T: PA is not present in KDE?20:29
Tm_Tmneptok: it can be used but it's not necessary and thus not dependency20:31
mneptokwell, not an option here20:31
mneptokunless you're volunteering to teach my 76 year old foather to use an entirely new DE20:31
jpdsmneptok: entirely new German?20:35
Tm_Tmneptok: true that20:35
mneptokbuilding a half-baked sound architecture into an LTS release and making the entire desktop depend upon it is insane.20:37
ubottuhsr called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:40
bazhangthank goodness22:08
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