SpamapSpatapouf: sure00:00
SpamapSpatapouf: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/  that may help :)00:00
SpamapSpatapouf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide  and that00:00
patapoufSpamapS, Thanks for the link...00:03
patapoufSpamapS, I then select the Ubuntu 8.10 LTS 32 bits AMI .. I'm done creating the instance (I think)00:04
patapoufWhat is the step to access it ?00:04
UndeonHey guys... Anyone here knows an howto to make an Active Directory user login automatically into squid?00:18
UndeonI've already read a few howtos here, but i'm struck...=\00:19
patapoufHi, Anybody is well aware of the pricing chart of Amazone EC2 service ??01:05
patapoufI need a server running 24/7 which will not be heavyly used (very low traffic). Any suggestion ? What do I need to buy ?01:06
widoa vps somewhere?01:06
patapoufwido, are you asking me ?01:07
widoa virtual private server01:07
patapoufI don't have a virtual private server01:08
widono, but you could rent one somewhere01:08
widoa few dollars a month01:08
patapoufwido, I don't understand the need if it's provided by Amazon ...01:09
widoor if if you wanted to be on decent hardware on a decent network some more01:09
widoyou just said that you need a server with low traffic running 24/701:10
widoso i suggest a vps01:10
widobut take amazon if you please01:10
patapoufI understand, but I don't know any01:10
RoyKpatapouf: a vps is what is provided by amazon et al01:10
patapoufAnd amazon seas to satisfy me need so far. If you have any other suggestion/name. I will sure consider it before making my choice01:11
* RoyK sticks to his dedicated server01:11
widopatapouf: what do you want to run on it? who are your users? where are your users? what is your problem with one minute downtime? and with one hour? and with one day?01:12
wido do you need support? in english?01:12
widoetc, etc01:12
patapoufwido, I want to host various application and service (apache, tomcat, ssh, rsync, etc.), I really need root access. There will be various user. Very low traffic. I have issues if the service is down for a day or more.01:14
patapoufI don't need any support01:14
widoand your user base is located in?01:15
patapoufIn fact, I need this kind of service because I want to get ride of the server I have at my office. The Internet is not reliable nor is the electricity.01:16
patapoufThe user are base in North-America01:16
widoso, pick a hoster in a real datacentre01:16
patapoufdo you have names ?01:17
widowith good connections near your users01:17
widowith a sla that pleases you01:17
widoand one that responds on e-mail01:17
widono, i'm not from the us/canada01:18
widoso i can't give any advice01:18
widobut make sure you understand your needs01:18
widosla, uptime, support, location, network, redundancy, etc.01:19
qman__patapouf, amazon ec2 doesn't seem the right fit for your needs, just a rough calculation on the pricing, you're looking at over $60 a month01:25
qman__you can get your own VPS at linode for $20 a month01:25
patapouflooking at the princing chart.. it's only 300/year$ for Small instance and 57$/year for micro instance01:26
qman__ec2 is CPU-usage based pricing, which is a lot for a 24/7 service01:26
qman__the pricing is better suited to things that aren't 24/701:26
qman__servers on demand, that sort of thing01:27
patapoufI see .. so the princing is 300$/year + 0.03$/hours .... 300$ + 0.03$*24*365 = 562$01:28
qman__no, it's $300 a year OR .03/hour01:28
qman__but I don't think you can run what you want to run on a micro instance01:29
qman__you'd have to verify though01:29
qman__err, nevermind, you're right01:29
qman__reading the wrong numbers01:29
qman__anyway, it'd work but it'd be quite expensive for what you're trying to do01:30
qman__a regular VPS is more suited01:30
qman__linode is one of the slightly more expensive ones, regarded as high quality from what I've heard01:30
patapoufqman__ do you know any in North-America01:30
qman__probably overkill for you, but still cheaper than ec201:31
widoi don't see any info on their network though01:36
giovanidefinitely plenty of cheap VPS vendors out there01:36
giovaniwido: what kind of network do you want/need?01:37
widoi didn't ask :01:37
widoit was patapouf01:37
patapoufI'm still browsing the website.. it's look interesting.01:37
giovanislicehost is another well-known one01:38
giovaniboth are pretty pricey01:38
qman__if you're willing to gamble on availability and customer service, you can find VPSes under $10 a month01:38
giovaniif you searc the WebHostingTalk forums VPS section01:38
giovaniyou'll see tons of deals01:38
giovaniI have about 10 $5 and under/mo VPSes01:38
giovanimost are great01:38
patapoufWell looking at the princing, I need something with more than 256Mb ram and 10GB of storage01:39
giovanipatapouf: well, what do you need? there are tons of companies out there01:40
giovaniI use PhotonVPS for my "big" box -- 20GB of storage and 512MB of RAM I think for $1701:40
shaunoI'd be wary of overestimating how much ram you actually need.  256-512 is plenty of a lot of things01:40
giovanierr, $11/mo rather01:41
qman__I run quite a bit on real hardware with 256MB, low traffic01:41
qman__got apache, ssh, an IRC logger, and a few others01:41
patapoufHard to say, Something with 512Mb Ram, 20GB of storage is ok but more is better; 10GB of BW should be enough01:41
giovanipatapouf: what are you actually needing to run?01:42
giovanibecause I run web/mail/dns servers with 64MB of ram01:42
qman__to need 512MB, you've got to have a very heavy program load01:43
patapoufWEB service of many kind : apache + mod_mono + mod_php, tomcat01:43
giovaniok, tons of bloat01:43
patapoufkind of01:43
* giovani sticks with nginx and lighty01:43
widoah, tomcat :)01:43
qman__but, even so01:44
patapoufI currently have a VM with : 512Mb RAM, 150GB of Storage, 2.8 Ghz Core2Duo01:44
qman__you can still get a VPS with that fairly cheap01:44
patapoufIt's running just fine, but as I mention earlier, the internet and the electricity is not very stable here01:44
giovanisounds like you want a cheap dedicated server then01:45
giovanithat will be cheaper than a VPS of those specs01:45
giovanibut theoretically less reliable as well01:45
qman__I don't know about cheaper01:45
qman__I couldn't find any from reputable providers for less than $100 a month last I looked01:45
giovaniyour definition of reputable is probably different than mine01:46
giovanibut, you'd be hard-pressed to find a VPS from a reputable vendor with 150GB of HD and a dedicated core of a 2.8GHz C2D for less than $100/mo as well01:46
qman__that's true, but I don't see any reason to need that much disk space on a web server01:46
giovaniyeah, I also don't see any need to run mod_mono and tomcat :)01:47
patapoufreally ?? is that really hard .. cause Amazon whats providing this for ~562$/year01:47
qman__not with those specs01:47
qman__that's easily a "large" instance, if not bigger01:47
giovaniPhotonVPS will do 50GB disk, and 2GB of RAM for $35/mo01:48
patapoufSmall Instance (Default) 1.7 GB of memory, 1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit), 160 GB of local instance storage, 32-bit platform01:48
giovanithey're by far the cheapest, reasonably reputable, big VPS vendor I've found01:48
patapoufqman__ : I was looking for the small instance01:48
qman__I think what you need to do is find what your minimum specs really are01:48
qman__because I really doubt they're that high01:49
qman__and yeah, that's a great deal01:49
patapoufI need obviouly more storage than CPU01:49
giovaniyou do?01:49
giovaniwhat are you storing?01:49
patapoufcurrently, I have 80Gig used (mostly SVN)01:50
qman__do you need root access on the same server as you need your data? because you can get shared web hosting with tons of space and bandwidth for free01:50
qman__and servers with tomcat and all that jazz for about $5 a month01:51
giovaninow we're easily getting into the not-reputable catagory01:51
patapoufI know .. but I need root access01:51
patapoufThere is many stuff this server's doing which required me root access01:51
qman__all I'm really saying is, you need to find out exactly what your needs are, because you can save a lot of money if you do01:54
qman__if it really all has to be on the same server, with all that space, a dedicated server is probably your best bet01:54
qman__when I was looking, you could get C2D-class systems with 2GB RAM and 500GB hard drive space, unlimited bandwidth, for about $100 a month01:55
* giovani pets his $7/mo dedicated server in Toronto01:55
patapoufgiovani : pets ??01:56
giovanipatapouf: ?01:56
patapoufpets his $7/mo dedicated server in Toronto01:56
giovaniit's my pride and joy01:56
patapoufpets is the name of the provider ? do you have al ink01:56
giovaniyou don't want it though01:56
giovaniit's an old box01:56
giovani80GB HD01:56
giovaniand no link -- they no longer offer it01:57
giovanihostmds is the provider though01:57
qman__they do have some good plans though01:58
giovaniI wouldn't recommend paying anything over $30/mo for their servers :)01:59
giovanitheir network is pretty crappy01:59
patapoufand their price is in Canadian Dollard  (which is good for me since I'm from quebec)01:59
giovaniI kind of collect cheap servers/vpses02:00
giovaniit's a strange hobby of mine02:00
patapoufwell then it's nice to have you here -- Thanks02:00
giovanicorenetworks is another cheap provider02:00
giovaniI have two of their $25/mo celerons02:00
giovaniphenomenal service02:00
giovanithey'll hook up an ipkvm whenever you need it for free02:01
giovaniwith virtual media support02:01
widogiovani: you collect cheap vpses?! Funny :)02:05
giovaniwido: yes, I mostly use them as honeypots02:05
giovanifor some of my security research02:05
widoah, nice02:05
widoon different networks?02:06
giovanioh yes, that's the point02:06
giovanito find as many disparate, cheap providers worldwide02:06
giovaniinternational (outside of north america and europe) are of course the hardest to get for cheap02:06
giovanibut I keep my eye out for deals02:06
giovaniyes ... spread out02:06
patapoufgiovani, where are you from ?02:07
giovanipatapouf: US02:07
widothe research is scientific, as in we can enjoy your outcomes somtime?02:08
giovaniwido: I mostly share amongst other security researchers -- particularly durring outbreaks, etc -- but every once in a while there's a unique attack that I write up02:08
giovaniI use them to write 0day IDS rules for my employer mostly02:09
giovanibut it's a hobby, and not official02:09
widoso it's not spam or viruses?02:09
giovaniit's for anything02:10
giovaniI do spam traps, low-interaction honeypots for collecting new viruses02:10
giovaniand high-interaction systems to trap advanced attackers02:10
giovaniwido: you interested in security?02:12
bobobobdarn, I can't get the software RAID 1 to work... I guess my question is that once one of the disks fail, how do you replace it?  I had to make a / and swap on both disks....How do I tie in a replacements02:13
widogiovani: i work for an isp, but my profession is not security02:15
widogiovani: do you know http://iwatchedyourhack.org/ ?02:15
widoit is funny?02:15
giovani nope, never heard of it02:17
giovanicommercial or residential isp?02:17
widoin the netherlands02:17
widothe site might be interesting for you as a security expert02:18
widoit has nothing to do with my employer02:18
widobut it is funny02:19
giovaniI'll definitely check it out02:20
widothis one was on a box of a colleague: http://iwatchedyourhack.org/node/802:20
shaunoheh, that is good.  I thought it was interesting when you see the direct switch from fumbling around with a very lose grasp for the environment, to just pasting in commands.  When it got to 'Shrek' .. hah02:25
shaunoI'm curious, are they actually root under such a scenario?02:25
widoit's just a service02:26
shaunoit really looks like all you've got to do is put # in PS1 and he wouldn't know the difference02:26
widohence the odd shell02:26
shaunothat is oddly interesting to watch tho.  he just tried to un-tgz a .pl.02:29
widothat's it02:29
shaunoI may have to play with that sometime.  It could be more interesting than watching china fill my ssh log02:30
shauno(china rather than chinese, I've no idea if it's actually originating china or just coming via.  observation more than generalization)02:31
widome either, but chinese IP's ..., thought china is big! :)02:33
JasonMSPhow can I create multiuple access.logs for each site Im hosting and rotate those on a weekly basis like /var/log/auth.log  ?03:01
widoJasonMSP: first question, 'CustomLog /var/log/apache2/$access.log common' in your sites-available03:06
wido$access=unique per site03:07
JasonMSPwido:  here is an example CustomLog /srv/www/site.com/logs/access.log combined03:08
widoJasonMSP: here is an example CustomLog /var/log/apache2/mailman-access.log common03:10
widoand CustomLog /var/log/apache2/foto-access.log common03:11
widoand CustomLog /var/log/apache2/mail-access.log common03:11
widoand CustomLog /var/log/apache2/www-access.log common03:11
JasonMSPim not following03:14
JasonMSPeach website has its own virtualhost file in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled folder03:15
widoand they are generated by the sites-available03:15
JasonMSPid like to each week get rename the log access.log.old and start a new one.  and then delete the old .old file if there is one (on the 2nd week)03:16
widoin each sites-available file you can put an unique custom log03:16
widoJasonMSP: I'm not sure about the two weeks retention03:17
widoi answered your first question: unique logs03:18
widothe second one i'll have to check: more rotation03:18
JasonMSPeach site already has a custom (unique) log.  I need to rotate them out so the file doesn't become enormus because it just keeps writing and writing to it03:20
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mnainesHow do I install Ubuntu Server on a machine with no graphics card?04:02
qman__mnaines, by installing a graphics card04:16
qman__or by creating your own live CD or liveUSB with a serial terminal or sshd running by default04:17
qman__installing with no video is one of those things that's possible but rarely necessary and therefore not covered in the normal installer04:18
mnainesCan Ubuntu Server run and be maintained without a graphics card after it is installed?04:19
qman__yes, if you install ssh04:19
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qman__of course, you need to make sure your BIOS will boot the system without one04:19
qman__I have plenty of headless servers but none of them will boot without a graphics card installed04:20
mnainesI see.  Yeah...Mine throws a BIOS error 7F or 7E if I don't have a video card04:20
mnainesBasically BIOS error 7F on the board I use in the desktop means the video card is fubar04:21
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Psi-JackI'm running ubuntu 10.04-server under kvm in many instances, but kvm when it's sending the reboot or shutdown signal to the guests, they never even try to start shutting down as expected. I have CentOS servers as well, and they work without fail on this issue just not Ubuntu, so eventually libvirt has to force power-off the guests during a shutdown of the system.06:22
Psi-JackIs there any resolution to this issue which is pretty big?06:23
Psi-JackAha... nevermind... Just resolved my own answer. needed to install acpid.06:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #635537 in clamav (main) "package clamav-base 0.96.1+dfsg-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63553708:01
sherrPsi-Jack: You might also want to install something like milly-guard on the host, so when the host is rebooted/shutdown, you can safely shut down the guests. Otherwise, their power is pulled - not good.08:30
sherrWho's "milly"? I meant : molly-guard!08:30
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matrix64hey, how do I start upstart from recovery console?10:20
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JuJuBeeI am using NIS to handle log in for my students. However, yppasswdd is not running on the server and I cannot figure out why.12:42
aupths: please fix your connection13:15
pmatulisNIS is so old13:50
willinjapmatulis, what is nis ?13:56
RoyKubottu: nis is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Information_Service14:01
Patrickdkpeople still use NIS?14:57
pmatulisPatrickdk: yes, JuJuBee does15:02
Patrickdkheh, would think everyone would of probably dumped it for ldap15:06
RoyKPatrickdk: we also use nis - moving to AD these days, but with a hundred boxes from solaris 8 and up, it might take some time15:11
willinjawhere can i find ubuntu-server images that already configured php mysql torrentflux and samba ?15:12
savidHi, I have a deployment directory on my server where website files are uploaded by different developers.   My problem is that I need the owner/group permissions to stay the same on all files within that directory, even files that are added.  Is there an easy way to manage this?16:57
jo-erlendchmod +s16:59
jo-erlendsavid, mode s is for sticky. It does that. I think it's described in chmods manpage, but you'll find many references to it on the web as well.17:01
savidjo-erlend,  So if I do sticky on the web root directory,  any files added under that directory will inherit that permission?17:01
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jo-erlendsavid, sorry. I means setuid/setgid. Sticky is something else, but it is mode s and yes, it does what you want.17:07
savidAh, ok17:07
jo-erlendyou'll have remember to set mode s on all the files and directory manually first though, since only new files and directories inherit the modes.17:08
jo-erlendit does completely different things if you apply it to an executable, so if you should have any executables in those directories, pay attention.17:09
savidjo-erlend, so (I'm assuming) for executables, it runs them as if they were run as the set uid?  that's why I need to be careful?17:12
RoyKjo-erlend: what does sticky do to an executable?17:16
jo-erlendI have no idea. I'm not sure it has any effect on executables at all.17:17
jo-erlendwell... Any special effects, I meant.17:17
p1l0tI am trying to install server 9.04 (will upgrade once finished dont have anymore blank cds cant boot usb) on a compaq server with dual 18gb hdd but it is reading them as one 36gb drive and giving me an input output error no matter what I try :(17:17
RoyKjo-erlend: it did http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticky_bit - but never on linux, it seems17:18
RoyKp1l0t: probably raid0 setup on the raid controller17:18
savidOh interesting, it seems that setuid on directories is ignored.17:19
jo-erlendsavid, setgid works.17:19
RoyKsavid: use ACLs if you want full control17:19
p1l0tRoyK: do I need to move a jumper or change something in the bios then?17:19
jo-erlendin your scenario, I would set s on the group, not the owner. I always do that.17:19
RoyKp1l0t: no, boot on a smartstart CD and configure the raid17:20
RoyKp1l0t: what sort of server is this?17:20
p1l0tIts a compaq stackable dual 1g processors17:21
RoyKdoes it have a raid controller?17:22
RoyKp1l0t: that is - cat /proc/partitions - what is the device names there?17:23
p1l0tProlient DL360 it has some kinda of smart array thing17:23
RoyKreconfigure the raid17:23
RoyKfrom a smartstart cd17:23
RoyKsetup a mirror or seperate drives if you like17:23
p1l0t/dev/ida/c0d0 - 36.4 GB Compaq Smart Array17:23
RoyKthis is not about linux, it's the 'hardware' raid setup that's the problem17:24
p1l0tSo I need to figure out how to 'unraid' it then first17:24
RoyKyes, boot on a smartstart cd17:26
RoyKyou can download the images from HP17:26
p1l0tOk thanks RoyK I will have to go buy some blanks then17:27
p1l0tThat or unplug one of the harddrives and see what it does :)17:28
b0gatyr_Hello, I have set up a static ip on ubuntu server but after a few hours it goes back to dhcp although the interfaces file has the static address in it.. why is this?17:29
dominicdinadaquestion.... why do things such as phpscripts require ftp access... for updates when they are using sockets? or what not. Better yet for instance wordpress to update it or do anything is asking for ftp access17:29
dominicdinadashould i check apache for url_include or what not  ?17:30
giovanidominicdinada: what do you mean "they are using sockets"?17:30
giovanithey want FTP access so they can upload new copies of the php files17:30
giovaniwhich is an entirely dangerous thing to hand out on the web, but, people do it because it makes upgrading easy17:30
dominicdinadaarnt they using fsockopen.... to transfer files. or say url include17:30
giovaniI'm unclear on what you're talking about17:31
giovania wordpress upgrade is simply a replacing of a few files17:31
giovanithat's done over FTP, usually17:31
dominicdinadagiovani correct in a production enviroment they do not require ftp access...17:31
giovaniwho is they?17:31
dominicdinadaoh on a public site i have never been asked... for ftp access17:32
giovaniI have no idea what you're talking about17:32
dominicdinadavarious php scripts17:32
giovaniwordpress, the company17:32
giovaniuses the FTP protocol, to put new copies of the wordpress php files onto your server automatically17:32
giovanithis has nothing to do with php or scripts in general17:33
giovanijust a particular method that wordpress, the company, uses to make upgrading easier and semi-automatic17:33
dominicdinadaugh and my ftp host is not allowing my user to access it lol wtf17:34
giovanihow did you get wordpress onto the server in the first place?17:34
dominicdinadavia download and placed the script and ran install17:35
giovaniso do that again17:35
giovaniyou don't NEED to use their automatic update feautre17:35
giovaniyou can manually upgrade wordpress17:35
giovanithrough an almost identical process as installing it -- they have a howto on the website17:36
dominicdinadai was trying to avoid that17:36
dominicdinadathat is how i was doing it manually........ for the last xxx months but i guess i have no accounts setup for ftp access17:36
ruben23guys why VPS servers have very low memory allocation like, 256, 512Mb,1Gb- with this can this process apps like normal servers..?17:38
giovaniruben23: that's not "low" for the vast majority of uses17:39
giovaniI run many servers with 64MB of ram17:39
patdk-wkheh, lucid uses 24megs on boot :)17:39
ruben23 giovani: whats apps are in there..?17:39
giovaniruben23: lighttpd,nginx,djbdns,openssh17:40
giovanipatdk-wk: depends on your configuration17:41
ruben23web server..? you host your own or is it hosted..?17:41
giovaniruben23: it's a VPS ...17:41
jo-erlenda webserver doesn't require much ram at all.17:41
giovaniwell, apache is full of bloat17:41
giovanibut good web servers can be quite efficient with ram17:41
jo-erlendwell... In normal instances. If you have lots of visitors, then it uses more.17:41
giovaninginx and lighttpd are good examples17:41
patdk-wkgiovani, well, I mean just the bare needed stuff, for ubuntu-server17:41
giovanipatdk-wk: but that's flexible17:42
patdk-wkadd ontop of that whatever your server does17:42
giovaniI do a lot of stripping down17:42
ruben23oh ok, now how VPS differs with cloud servers..?17:42
jo-erlendruben23, it doesn't.17:42
giovaniruben23: there's no difference theoretically17:42
giovaniin practice, most VPSes you buy are not fault-tolerant17:42
giovaniwhile "cloud" servers like EC2 usually are17:42
patdk-wkheh? ec2 is not fault tolerant at all17:43
jo-erlendruben23, the cloud just makes it less tangible, which is the whole point of the cloud. You don't worry about how it happens, as long as it does.17:43
giovanithis is just industry practice and naming though17:43
giovanipatdk-wk: they're run on live-migration hardware ... so, they are17:43
giovanimost of the "VPS" industry runs your VPS on a single, non-portable server17:43
patdk-wkec2 clearly states you can lose your instance, disk, ... at any point17:43
giovanipatdk-wk: what they guarantee and what is implemented are different things17:43
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd17:55
dominicdinada!ftp server17:55
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP17:55
rutrihello, i need help getting my server up and running18:00
giovanirutri: that is an incredibly general request18:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #635843 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.6 failed to install/upgrade:" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63584318:02
rutriI need help getting access to KVM using virt-manager18:02
rutriI have followed all of the instructions on the Ubuntu server document site including adding my user to the libvirtd group however my connection is still getting refused when I use virt-manager form my desktop computer.18:03
rutrican anyone help me?18:06
yann2hi rutri18:13
yann2you do know that even once you have been added to the group18:13
yann2you need to logout and login again so that it is effective ? :)18:13
yann2maybe its just that18:13
rutriyann2: i rebooted after I set it all up is that enough?18:13
yann2yes :P18:14
rutriyea :( i have rebooted several times and added the sysadmin account as well as my desktop users account.18:14
rutriI have also disabled the firewall, if you can give me that link where I can post large bodies of text I will give you the virt-managers detailed report.18:15
ZnuffHi. Any ideas how can I install pdo_sqlite under ubuntu-server 10.04?18:16
Znuffall I get is configure: error: Cannot find php_pdo_driver.h.18:16
rutriany other suggestions?18:19
rutriyann2 you still there?18:23
BobSapphey there, I want to roll out a very minimal ubuntu server cloud nodes for ai purposes.  As a result they only really need to have perl and some cpan modules installed.  no services other than ssh for communication.18:25
BobSappI was thinking about using EC2 to host these operating systems.  Can I do this with ubuntu cloud or would I have to instanciate an ubuntu server every time and tell it to install the packages i needed each time?18:26
rutriDoes anyone know why libvirtd would not be installed if I installed libvirt-bin?18:30
yann2rutri, I guess you might want to not run libvirtd, but just the tools to connect to an instance somewhere else, if I understand it right?18:31
rutriok then what is used as the interface for qemu+ssh?18:32
rutriyann2: this link is what I used to set up the server http://www.ideyatech.com/2010/05/virtualization-with-ubuntu-1004-lucid-lynx/18:34
rutriI have KVM and libvirt-bin tools installed however when I try to connect with the manager its like the server is not there18:35
rutriI have added my users to the libvirtd group and reset the server several times with no luck.18:36
SpamapSwow.. booting a lucid t1.micro on ec2 takes about 45 seconds from run-instances to ssh being available18:39
ph8hi all, i'm having an ubuntu server nightmare, i seem to have lost my raid config between a hardy->lucid upgrade - i see no md devices on boot, any thoughts on how i can get them working again from busybox?18:40
ph8the disks don't appear to have uuid's, although they're all there as devices (sda*) which is odd18:40
SpamapSph8: whats in /proc/mdstat ?18:40
ph8just the personalities: [linear] [multiple] [raid0] [raid1] etc... line and unused devices: <none>18:40
ph8the system drops to busybox because it can't find /dev/md0 to boot to18:40
SpamapSph8: can you paste the output of 'fdisk -l sdX' on paste.ubuntu.com ?18:41
ph8it would appear i don't have fdisk on busybox18:41
SpamapSph8: right.. hm18:41
ph8i see 3 sd partitions on each disk in /dev18:41
ph8which seems right18:41
ph8and /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf looks ok18:41
SpamapSdo you have mdadm?18:41
ph8well, it's configured by uuid18:41
ph8yes i have mdadm18:41
SpamapSok.. hmm18:42
=== pheelineerie is now known as pheelin_eerie
ph8so i guess i could try and recreate my arrays18:43
ph8with mdadm18:43
ph8but in /dev/disk18:43
ph8i don't have a by-uuid folder18:43
ph8but i do have a by-id18:43
ph8any thoughts on why that might be?18:43
SpamapSdo mdadm --examine /dev/sdX18:44
ph8will do when it's back in a sec18:44
SpamapSyou shouldn't need "uuids"18:44
SpamapSyou just need raid superblocks18:44
SpamapSwhich you should most definitely have18:44
SpamapSthe examine should show the UUID's of each raid member that it expects to see18:45
SpamapSbut those are the raid superblock UUID's18:45
ph8ah ok, that's what's in mdadm then?18:45
ph8not the disk uuid's as i thought18:45
ph8* mdadm.conf18:45
SpamapSif the partitions aren't set to FD (raid autodetect) then the md driver won't detect them and try to assemble from them18:46
ph8would that have been changed in a dist-upgrade though?18:46
SpamapSbut maybe they weren't created properly18:46
ph8hmm maybe, they have worked in the past18:46
ph8just waiting for someone in the dc to reboot the server18:46
SpamapSits entirely possible you've been relying on the device ordering or something in the initrd ..18:46
SpamapSph8: you upgraded remotely?18:46
ph8with kvm access18:47
ph8still not my ideal18:47
ph8it actually went fine on 3 other boxes, this was the last one (typical)18:47
SpamapSph8: yeah, thats a little scary. ;)18:47
SpamapSph8: this has come up a few times, so I'm wondering if we need to do some fixing for 10.04.218:47
SpamapSph8: once this is figured out, it would be REALLY great if you could put together a bug report.18:47
ph8yeh i'd love to18:48
ph8if/when i get it fixed :-s18:48
SpamapSright :)18:48
ph8i should know better than doing an upgrade on a saturday afternoon when i'm expected at dinner in about 2 minutes (1 hour drive away) :p18:48
SpamapSheh.. been there, done that.18:49
rutrianyone here familiare with libvirt?18:49
ph8i have used it in the past18:49
ph8they've got a good support channel on irc.oftc.net in #virt as well18:49
rutriok thanks18:50
rutrithe #virt channel may be able to help me18:50
rutrihow do i get into the #virt channel its password protected.18:51
SpamapSrutri: on OFTC or on Freenode?18:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #635895 in libcommons-fileupload-java (main) "libcommons-fileupload-java (main) build-depens on libportlet-api-2.0-spec-java (universe)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63589518:52
rutriim on freenode18:52
ph8SpamapS:  back in18:52
SpamapSph8: mdadm --examine /dev/sdX18:52
ph8so on sda218:52
ph8i have 2 active devices18:52
ph8and sda 518:52
ph8and sda618:53
ph8i have an sda1 but i don't think there should be any active devices there18:53
ph8so 3 partitions of raid superblocks18:53
ph8any thoughts on how to proceed/18:53
ph8some sort of mdadm --doallthemounting ?18:53
ph8gargh, are there no text editors in busybox18:54
ph8it looks to me like mdadm.conf has the same section twice for raid config18:54
ph8so i need to just take out the bottom section and that's a start if nothing else18:54
ph8but how do i text edit!18:54
SpamapSph8: does it show the UUID's of the other expected members?18:55
SpamapSmdadm.conf is sort of inconsequential if you have FD type partitions. I'm surprised you don't have fdisk.18:55
ph8yes, the uuids are the same in both sections18:55
ph8fdisk isn't there when i type 'help' and the command doesn't work :(18:56
SpamapSph8: you should be able to have mdadm output the correct config file once you assemble the arrays properly18:56
ph8ok so i'll use mdadm to assemble my arrays?18:56
SpamapSph8: you can use mdadm --assemble I believe18:56
SpamapSph8: got backups?18:56
ph8no actually18:57
ph8i should know by now18:57
ph8i've only been doing this 10 years18:57
ph8i can pass assemble a uuid18:57
ph8worth a go?18:57
ph8do i actually risk dataloss doing an assemble? won't it reject mismatching arrays?18:57
SpamapSwtf, no backups?18:58
SpamapSyes you do risk fat fingering something and messing things up18:58
ph8yes i know :/18:58
ph8/dev/md0 is started with two drives!18:58
SpamapSjust don't use --force ;)18:58
ph8using --assemble /dev/md0 --uuid <uuid>18:58
SpamapSyeah that should work. :)18:58
ph8then i just exit busybox and it boots?19:00
SpamapSdunno abt that19:00
ph8lets see19:00
ph8it's booting19:00
ph8so do you think it's just a malformed mdadm.conf?19:01
rutriph8 no one is talking in the OFTC #virt channel, does it usually take them long to respond?19:01
ph8yes sorry they do take their time19:01
ph8but they do respond19:01
ph8what's your question maybe i can help19:01
rutriph8  have followed this guide http://www.ideyatech.com/2010/05/virtualization-with-ubuntu-1004-lucid-lynx/ and tried to get libvirt working on my Ubuntu 10.4LTS server however I cannot connect to it.19:02
SpamapSph8: I'd verify that your initrd is up to date and that mdadm.conf is right19:02
SpamapSph8: yous hould also check out the partition types, make sure they're FD19:02
SpamapSFor all I know, they've done something weird with the initrd and don't use FD type partitions anymore.19:03
ph8yes they are autodetect19:03
SpamapSph8: I suppose thats why --assemble worked actually..19:03
SpamapSph8: not sure why those weren't automatically started and run :-P19:03
SpamapSph8: I know you're under the gun, but if you can save that bad mdadm.conf, and maybe attempt to recreate the problem.. it might save a few other people from having this problem as people start moving from hardy to lucid19:04
SpamapSph8: my guess is that hardy saved a bad madadm.conf, which was never used before.. and now lucid uses it, and fails19:08
ph8the upgrade uninstalled mysql as well!19:09
ph8very odd19:09
BauerUKare there no alternate downloads (mirros/bittorrent) for Ubuntu server? the http download is running at ~50 KB/s19:13
ph8bittorrent will likely be much faster19:14
ph8i know i'm seeding on a 100mbit pipe for example19:14
BauerUKcould you link to the torrent? i don't see it on the download page19:14
ph8sorry i'm a little busy19:14
ph8pretty sure it's there19:14
rutriph8 did you have any suggestions for my problem?19:15
ph8what do you see when you run 'virsh list' rutri ?19:16
rutrido i run it on the client or the server?19:16
rutrioh wait19:16
rutriI ran virsh -c qemu:///system list on the server and got nothing running witch I would expect because I have not set any VM's up.19:17
BauerUKnevermind, i got it. the link isn't on the server download page itself, but available through an unrelated downloads page19:17
rutriph8 it seems like its running however it just not listening on the management port?19:19
ph8is it all on one server?19:22
ph8or are you administering multiple libvirt daemons from one machine?19:22
rutriph8: I want to set up multiple VMs one one machine, its going to be a virtual server.  but as far as i know there is only one libvirt daemon running.  How do I know if the daemon is running properly?19:24
ph8i'm sorry i'm due out19:24
ph8apologies for not being more helpful19:24
rutrimeh its ok19:24
rutriI may just go back to a windows server, its way easier to set things up there.19:25
rutriI have a n ssh question that my be causing the problem.19:36
rutriif my ca certificate has changed how do i update it on my desktop computer?19:38
RoyKyou mean if ssh complains about something bad?19:42
rutribecause my key is outdated19:42
RoyKvi $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts19:42
rutrihow do i force ssh to update the certificate?19:43
RoyKjust remove the old key19:43
rutricool thanks one second19:43
RoyKvi $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts +linenumber19:43
rutriok that worked, I figured out my problem, now I am able to connect to my virtual host19:44
rutrithank you very much Royk and ph819:44
* RoyK opens a beer19:44
RoyKrutri: np19:44
rutriRyok I have been trying to get this VM server up an running the past week lol i didnt know changing my CA key would break it.19:45
rutriRyok but it makes sense since it tunnels through ssh.19:46
RoyKI guess you'd want to know if your server's ssh key suddenly changed19:48
bobobobI am trying to learn how the LAMP system is put together....It seems that /var/www is setup for root 755 and if you add something like wordpress, how do you change permissions for wordpress to be able to write to its cache directories?  Seems like there should be a user associated with the running of wordpress, how do I find that?20:01
bobobobis there a wordpress user that it runs under?20:01
rutriRoyK: yea but Linux nubs like me don't think of these things lol.20:03
RoyKperhaps you'll think of it next time20:09
RoyKbobobob: it all runs under user www-data20:10
RoyKgive that user write access to the specific directories it needs to write to20:10
RoyKnot all of the wordpress install20:10
RoyKallowing www-data to write to the whole wordpress install might compromise your system when a security issue comes up20:12
RoyKnote, not if, when20:12
rutriRoyk: Oh believe me, if it uses and SSH tunnel I will be making sure the certificates are good.20:12
RoyKbobobob: it's not about wordpress being insecure, it's about _all_ systems being insecure - don't take chances20:14
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atm0sQuestion, I made a copy of my ISCSI image on which Ubuntu Lucide Server was installed and created a new ISCSI target with that copy, what files in that filesystem should I change, to make Ubuntu know to boot from the NEW target, not the OLD..? /etc/iscsi didn work..20:59
guntbertatm0s: but here too: you will only get an answer if someone has to say anything about that - you are not being ignored21:00
atm0sgreat :)21:00
QixI am having uber issues -- my linux box recognizes ethernet devices but wont connect at all.22:08
Qix/etc/network/interfaces was configured like a guide told me but still no beans22:08
Qixany help? >.>22:08
Qixlawl wrong button.22:09
Qixany help?22:09
guntbertQix: what guide was that?22:09
Qixerr lemme find it.22:09
guntbert!serverguide | Qix look at that please22:11
ubottuQix look at that please: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/22:11
ecelis~/win 1222:14
QixThe problem is is that DHCLIENT fails.22:19
JasonMSPim installing postfix and the first screensays, "Please select the mail server configuration type that best meets your needs."  with <ok> at the bottom.  Im connected SSH and I cant click, select ok.  i've tried enter.  That didn't work.  and I don't have a cursor inside the window either.22:19
JasonMSPctrl c, q or x doesn't work either.22:20
guntbertQix: do you have a DHCP server running in the network?22:20
QixAll of my windows boxes connect just fine.22:20
guntbertJasonMSP: <tab> should move the highlight22:21
Qixand the server now running ubuntu server, the box in question, had windows server 2008 on before it, and it connected just fine.22:21
JasonMSPthat was nerve racking!22:21
guntbertJasonMSP: :-)22:21
Qixdhclient fails with "No DHCPOFFERS received"22:22
guntbertQix: have a look at /var/log/syslog, and are you sure that the interface is "up"?22:23
QixIll take a look, and yes ifup returns that the interface is up.22:23
Qixguntbert - syslog shows DHCLIENT says : ADDRCONF (NETDEV_IP): eth1: link is not ready22:24
Qixseems to be the first error.22:24
Qixeth1 is the NIC card Im using.22:25
Qixwanting to use, anyway.22:25
guntbertQix: link is not ready: that could mean there is no cable in the nic22:25
Qixjust checked -- its in there, and all four lights are on22:26
Qixand my router's light for that port is on.22:26
Qixwhich is better than before when I was using the on-board nic port22:26
Qixmy router didn't even acknowledge it was connected.22:26
Qixand I tried plugging the same eth cable into a working, tested laptop and I got a link right away22:27
Qixwould plugging my modem directly into the box help?22:29
Qixit may be my router refusing the connection.22:29
guntbertQix: are you certain its eth1? you could try: tailf /var/log/syslog     and then plug/pull the cable and watch the log22:34
Qixit freaks out when I plug it into the default port.22:35
Qixinstead of the PCI nic22:36
QixADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth1: link becomes ready22:36
Qixlemme take a look22:36
Qixk so it looks like my onboard is actually eth122:37
Qixalright well now22:39
Qixwhen i plugged it into eth1, and ran ifconfig it showed it assigned an IP22:39
Qixlet me look at my router...22:40
guntbertQix: all ok now?22:40
Qixalright sorta22:40
Qixrouter is now showing the computer's hostname, etc.22:40
Qixbut when i try to ping it shows host is unreachable22:40
Qixping google.com22:40
Qixdoesn't work22:40
Qixsame with pinging my gateway IP22:41
QixDestination Host Unreachable22:41
guntbertand Qix for the next time: please use the nick of your partner in most/every line  -- I'm like following about 10 channels right now and without highlight it might take a long time till I see your answer22:41
Qixah kk22:41
=== _TechAway_ is now known as _Techie_
guntbertQix: start pinging the own IP address22:42
Qixguntbert: the computer's IP address?22:42
guntbertQix: yes22:42
Qixguntbert: kk thats working.22:42
Qixguntbert: but pinging the router or google.com or my other computer is not working.22:43
guntbertQix: good, can you ping any other host on your home network?22:43
Qixguntbert: nope22:43
guntbertQix: then I suspect the switch might make troubles22:43
marc__hi all22:44
Qixguntbert: probably. Should I try connecting the modem directly to the box?22:44
Qixwrong keyboard22:45
guntbertQix: not sure, but restting the switch might be a good idea (or are all your computers connected to the router?)22:45
Qixguntbert: they are all connected to the one router22:46
guntbertQix: then look into that router - config, firewall, reset it....22:47
guntbert!hi | marc__22:47
ubottumarc__: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-server! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:47
marc__where should I put things I want all website to have access?  I want all virtual host to be able to access files like PHP library (ie: zend framework, cakephp) for read only.22:47
Qixguntbert: alright, Ill play around with it. Ill try connecting directly to the internet to see if that works. Brb...22:48
guntbertmarc__: that looks like the perfect case for nfs...22:49
marc__for now it will be on the same server as the virtual hosts.  (got only 1 server)22:50
marc__I'm thinking /usr/share/php maybe?  or /var/www/shared ....  what I want is to be able to create a new virtual host for a website and give access to the libraries without having to install them in each folders...22:52
Qixguntbert: kk, I connected it directly to the internet, and I could ping google.com no problem22:52
guntbertmarc__: but nfs is independant of the virt product you use22:52
Qixits my router.22:52
guntbertQix: seems so22:52
Qixguntbert: I'll reboot my unbuntu box to make sure its all working by default, and then play around with the router settings.22:53
guntbertQix: good way to take22:53
Qixguntbert: Everythings working :] just needed a reboot it looks like23:10
Qixthanks for the help!23:10

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