MuscovyI'm feeling like it' near time for the OMG release.00:00
MuscovyI dunno about anyone else, but It's going to be over Christmas break that I can code PyGTK at the earliest.00:03
MuscovyNot sure where April is, but I'm guessing she's bee busy with other things and hasn't left.00:04
MuscovyOnce we get a good handful of devs, we can really get the party started.00:04
MuscovyThoughts, Omega?00:04
OmegaIt's a good time.00:05
OmegaWe got some stuff in place00:05
OmegaSo it's not liek they won't have anything to do.00:05
MuscovyYeah, now we've got vague plans for the coders, a beta/alpha pagelist, and a goog number of pages.00:06
MuscovyOmega, can you think of any last edits to the submission Etherpad?00:12
OmegaLet's look at it again00:13
OmegaSay something like that it's an interactive walkthrough00:14
MuscovyAs in instead of "interactive tour"?00:15
OmegaInteactive tour is fine00:16
MuscovyOmega: sorry if you're busy, but is that a final stamp of approval? ;D00:30
OmegaIt is fine :)00:30
aprilga lot of new people have joined the team :) that's nice07:51
AksharHello, this is Akshar09:12
AksharHello everyone09:14
Aksharjust saw the article on omgubuntu09:15
laurent_me too09:15
Aksharubuntu tour project needs your help09:15
Aksharany idea of how you are going to contribute?09:16
laurent_I'll need to see what is actually happening first09:17
aprilgHi everyone09:20
aprilgour initial project notes are here: http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx75?|09:20
laurent_are there plans to have that on the ubuntutour website09:20
aprilgwe're currently working on the flow of the tour, writing pages based on the topics posted on that pad09:20
aprilglaurent_ yes. we're updating as we go. we're kinda really new :)09:21
laurent_I realise this is new.09:22
aprilgso far, there's only two of us working on the content — Muscovy and myself09:23
giselherI know some python, 4 years09:24
aprilggiselher: excellent! :)09:24
giselherbut not I am more of wxPython programmer and not so into PyGTO09:24
giselherand my english skills are not so good :(09:25
laurent_I'm not really a programmer09:25
aprilgthats alright ;) i'm not a native english speaker myself :)09:25
laurent_But I'm a native english speaker09:25
laurent_and I have time on my hands for the next few hours and days09:25
aprilglaurent_:  :) cool. maybe you can help us out with preparing the topics?09:26
giselheraprlig: I tried PyGTK and know it a little bit, I can look into it further, should not be too hard09:26
laurent_Sure. I'm busy reading the pad at the moment09:26
aprilggiselher: ok :) we'd appreciate any contribution :)09:27
aprilgteam is growing.09:27
* aprilg excited09:27
laurent_Well the open source broadcom drivers are going to help :D Less wireless problems hopefully09:28
aprilgthe pages we've created are all here https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/maverick. feel free to add or edit stuff :)09:28
giselheraprilg: I looked at the pad and you can do everything in python with subprocess.Popen, that is going to be easy :)09:28
aprilggiselher:  that's good to hear :D09:29
giselherthe only problem is I don't use ubuntu myself, I only recommend it to newcomers09:29
giselherand I like to see ubuntu advance even more09:30
laurent_the experimental bzr, will this only work on maverick? I'm still on lucid though I have alpha 3 on CD09:30
aprilglaurent_:  we're using maverick as the base for all content as of right now. i'm using maverick beta on a virtual machine :)09:31
laurent_I have access to a mav at the moment09:31
laurent_my brother is at my house with it on his laptop09:31
laurent_he is master5o209:31
aprilggiselher: i'm also not very well-versed in Ubuntu. i'm just a casual user09:32
giselheroh ok :)09:32
aprilg:) but i've been loving the OS so far, so i really wanna get the word out and get more people to try it09:32
giselherme too09:32
giselheris there someone who knows python?09:34
laurent_I know very very basic python09:35
laurent_as does my brother09:35
laurent_he does computer science though09:36
laurent_where as I don't09:36
giselherand which frameworks did you use? or only standard library?09:36
giselheras for me, I used PyGame (SDL) and wxPython09:38
laurent_Am I correct that the entire bazaar branch currently consists of text files?09:42
aprilglaurent_: yes09:44
aprilg:) no one has started on any actual coding yet09:45
laurent_So basically you want us to draft out content / ideas?09:45
laurent_Also who is currently the project leader?09:45
laurent_With the new ubiquity installer tours there is large potential for overlap in this tour too09:47
aprilgproject leader is Omega / Timothy Kross09:48
aprilgalso, Alex Lancey/ Muscovy09:48
aprilglaurent_: and yes, we're still drafting the content right now09:49
laurent_It seems to me currently like an awful lot for a new user to read09:49
aprilgwe need authors. there's only two of us working on the topics right now, and i don't do this full time :)09:49
laurent_I would imagine something more interactive09:49
aprilgwell yes, it should be :) the content, i believe, is simply just the framework that dictates the flow of hte tutorial09:50
aprilglike, which things to introduce first and how to go about introducing those things.09:50
laurent_i.e "step one... Launch an application" ... the applications menu starts flashing... on completion the notifications present a success story09:50
laurent_could use the trophy project sief lofty mentioned on omgubuntu to measure the progress of the tour09:50
giselherhow do I clone the baazar repo (never used bzr)09:51
laurent_on launchpad or just download it?09:51
aprilglaurent_ , giselher, everyone.. i hafta go out for a few hours :) sorry i can't stay longer. hafta take my kid to the zoo :D09:52
laurent_first register your username with bzr if you haven't09:52
laurent_then bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour09:52
aprilgi'll be back later :D09:52
laurent_it will download it to ubuntu-tour in your home folder09:52
laurent_I'm not very well versed in bzr though09:52
laurent_is it working for you giselher?09:57
=== itp_ is now known as teplikov
laurent_I'm having trouble pushing my branch10:32
laurent_this is what I am doing10:32
laurent_laurent@ursus:~/ubuntu-tour$ bzr commit -m "begin openoffice tour"10:32
laurent_Committing to: /home/laurent/ubuntu-tour/10:32
laurent_added openoffice.org10:32
laurent_added openoffice.org/0_what it can do_how to launch it10:32
laurent_added openoffice.org/1_tutorial10:32
laurent_added openoffice.org/2_format compatibility10:32
laurent_Committed revision 17.10:32
laurent_laurent@ursus:~/ubuntu-tour$ bzr push lp:ubuntu-tour10:32
laurent_Permission denied (publickey).10:32
laurent_bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.10:32
laurent_I didn't have the same ssh key as the last time i used bazaar, problem solved10:45
=== jay is now known as Guest38875
Ddordahey guys11:05
Ddordai'm willing to be a translator, it will be announced in the mailing list when translator will be needed?11:06
aprilgDdorda yep. We'll send out an email for any updates :)11:08
Ddordaaprilg: awesome. thanks11:15
random03I'm writing a section for shotwell11:22
aprilghi random03 :) sounds good :)11:23
random03on the public pad i wrote what i would write for it..11:24
random03take a look ;)11:25
aprilgrandom03, looks good to me :)11:26
random03there are 3 ways to add photos in shotwell, in your opinion, which one must go first? drag-and-drop, plug-in camera or file menu->import from folder?11:50
laurent_I've just added a rather terrible mock-up to the bazaar branch on my idea of how to stimulate a hint to the user during the tutorial, not sure if it's possible in GTK, but I think it's probably the best way11:51
laurent_How did you use it first?11:52
laurent_I've always used the import method first as I am usually transferring over my 10GB photo collection and addding the files11:52
laurent_I never use drag and drop11:52
laurent_only camera and import11:52
AksharI've always used import too11:52
giselherlaurent_: it would be easier to show an image inside the gtk frame11:54
laurent_I realise this, but it would feel more interactive if it looked like the actual os was involved in providing the tour11:55
giselherlaurent_: I could try to open an frameless window below with an arrow pointing to the menu11:55
random03I think I'll choose camera first :) thanks to all11:56
giselherbtw: GPLv2 or GPLv3?11:57
laurent_I suppose the easier methods would be quicker and more effective, but I also imagine something that looks really nice, my skills are no where good enough to dictate the actual method though11:57
laurent_I think it's gpl311:58
laurent_sorry I'm trying to find where it said v311:59
laurent_GNU GPL v312:01
giselherI start writing some code, I'd like to make this modular to add now tour parts on the fly12:05
laurent_can you make it pull from the .txt chapters we're writing in some way?12:07
laurent_Even if we have to change the formatting of them and use them as config files12:07
laurent_about-ubuntu 3 under sound and video has a sentence "Software.... are listed here". I'm not sure this is proper grammar. Software is singular.12:15
giselherlaurent_: ok, but which formatting should I implement? Markdown?12:19
laurent_Sounds good to me12:20
giselherlaurnet_: I will try that I have something usable by tomorrow :)12:23
giselherI am alexander-preisinger on launchpad and my email is alexander dot preisinger at gmail dot com12:24
aprilglaurent_ just saw that software … are thing you pointed out. i'll make edits and upload them as soon as i can. thanks for pointing that out!12:34
random03I have to go, I'll continue my work later :)12:36
labotatranslator to spanish here!12:36
laurent_I've just committed quite a few spelling fixes12:37
random03see you later12:37
gnf00xanyone translating into German?12:38
Guest38875I speak german12:41
SilasleI started coding an little bit today: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4997718/Screenshot-16.png12:43
laurent_I propose a rhythmbox section.12:43
laurent_This should cover codecs and the ubuntuone music store12:44
SilasleIn python and pygtk12:44
laurent_also is there a specific section devoted to ubuntu one?12:44
aprilglaurent_: there should be a section on ubuntu one12:44
aprilgwe're sticking to the really basic stuff for now though12:45
SilasleAre there some images yet?12:46
aprilgSilasle no, not yet12:48
SilasleShould i upload my code somewhere?12:49
SilasleIf i understood it right there is no code created yet?12:49
aprilgSilasle yes12:51
aprilgthe code is over at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/maverick12:51
SilasleBut that's just the text?12:52
laurent_Silasle use bazaar and perhaps add a code directory12:53
laurent_gisheler was in here earlier and he seems to have made some code too12:53
SilasleAh, there is some more code12:53
SilasleHas he uploaded it somewhere?12:54
laurent_No I think he has gone to sleep in his timezone and will upload it when he wakes up12:55
laurent_He is using the markdown syntax to apply the textfiles everyone else is creating12:55
Silaslemarkdown syntax?12:55
laurent_He mentioned that he would make it modular so that new chapters could be added easily12:55
laurent_It's similar to the syntax used in wikipedia12:56
SilasleI made that too, but i started whit the about-ubuntu12:56
laurent_just create a directory like Silasle-code12:56
laurent_and upload it, then other people who want to can add to yours12:56
laurent_I don't know when they will start with multiple branches12:57
SilasleOk, then i'll join the team12:57
laurent_as we seem to be all uploading to the same branch12:57
SilasleIs this planned to be released for maverik?12:58
SilasleShould i create my own branch or just add an code directory in the standard one?12:59
aprilgSilasle i think the plan was, if possible, to have the initial tour ready for maverick13:00
aprilgalso about hte bzr branches, i'm not too familiar with it, maybe you can just do what you think is best for the team13:00
SilasleThen i'll add an branch, it can always be removed :P13:01
aprilggo ahead :) oh, and welcome to the team13:02
aprilgthat OMG Ubuntu article did wonders for this project.13:02
aprilgmembership jumped from 4 to 2713:02
SilasleOmg!ubuntu! is big13:02
aprilgthat was really nice of them to write something up for this project :)13:03
SilasleThey write about nearly everything, i found this project there too13:03
gnf00xsame here13:05
labotame too13:07
labotafrom where are u people?13:08
gnf00xDurham, England just now, but north-east Scotland usually13:09
labotatemuco, south of Chile13:09
aprilgi'm from cebu, philippines :)13:10
laurent_Auckland, New Zealand13:15
Guest38875Salzburg, Austria13:15
SilasleIt's uploaded! https://code.launchpad.net/~silas-lenz/ubuntu-tour/code-development13:16
fieldseanyone awake?13:58
fieldseholler if so, I'll be checking in13:58
SilasleI'm awake13:58
fieldseMorning. What's the story with ubuntu-tour? Is this going to be a software-based or web-based tour?14:07
SilasleI think software14:09
SilasleIn which order will the sections be displayed?14:14
MadnessRedhi all14:19
SilasleHi MadnessRed14:19
MadnessRedAre you still looking for programmers for the project?14:20
laurent_I'm sure they are14:20
MadnessRedkk, do you know who I should talk to about it then?14:21
kvarleyI'm interested in becoming and author for this project. What requirements do I need to have?14:21
SilasleMadnessRed: I am programming right now, but i'm new here too.14:21
SilasleMy code is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~silas-lenz/ubuntu-tour/code-development14:22
laurent_kvarley just pull the branch from bazaar and start writing14:22
kvarleyThanks laurent_ :)14:22
kvarleyI found the page as you sent the info hehe14:22
MadnessRedkk, I downloaded it, do you have anything specific which needs doing atm?14:23
SilasleMadnessRed: Just run it and see if something can be done better14:24
SilasleFor example, the window is resizing the whole time14:24
MadnessRedI'm getting a lot of : IndexError: list index out of range14:25
MadnessRedI'm guessing thats just because the page hasn't been written yet though14:26
SilasleRight at startup?14:26
SilasleOr after clicking?14:27
MadnessRedno when I select certain pages14:27
MadnessRedlike images for example14:27
SilasleYea, that's because it's not written14:27
SilasleAnd image shouldn't be in that list at all!14:27
SilasleCurrently pushing an fix for that, update14:29
fieldseHi, silasle - So, I'm not a programmer, but would be maybe willing to help out with a page for one particular project if it's as simple as writing a blog-style intro / description / tutorial. Is this something that is needed or possible?14:31
SilasleI'm not the leader, so i don't know.14:32
laurent_fieldse their is a bazaar branch on launchpad14:32
laurent_currently it is mostly text files14:33
laurent_pull from bazaar and see what you want to add14:33
greggyrodrigoHello everyone14:34
fieldselaurent_, Do you know if this is accessible to the ^ above kind of input / help?14:35
laurent_you mean the launchpad bazaar branches?14:35
laurent_I think you just need to join ubuntu-tour-team and you get access14:36
laurent_the project name is ubuntu-tour on launchpad14:36
laurent_you then use bazaar to get the files and push them back in to the branch14:36
laurent_there is http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx75?|14:36
laurent_which is a rough outline14:37
laurent_but if you pull the bazaar branches I think you would get the picture anyway14:37
greggyrodrigoWho is the admin here?14:37
laurent_aprilg is the most senior person on I think14:37
greggyrodrigoHm, thank you...he seems to be inactive now14:38
greggyrodrigoI want to join the UbuntuTour team, who should I talk?14:39
laurent_just search ubuntu-tour on launchpad and join I think14:40
laurent_or ubuntu-tour-team14:40
fieldselaurent_, thank you14:40
greggyrodrigoAs I can see, the 'Help Translate' menu isn't allowed to access...that's what I want to do, so, what should I do now?14:43
OmegaWelcome guys.14:43
OmegaI'm a Project Leader :)14:43
laurent_I don't think translations are ready till the programming is complete14:43
OmegaNo they are not.14:43
SilasleHi Omega14:43
kvarleyDone my first bit of contribution :)14:43
OmegaBut, if done in a different directory/branch I don't see why they wouldn't be welcome.14:44
OmegaGreat work guys!14:44
MadnessRedhi, sorry my internet died14:44
kvarleyAnybody see my revision?14:45
greggyrodrigoAlright, I'm not expert with Python, but I'll try14:45
SilasleOmega: So it was right to use another branch for my python code?14:45
OmegaYes, it is fine.14:45
OmegaWe can always merge anyway.14:45
Omegagreggyrodrigo: Great!14:45
Omegakvarley: I'll ge check it out.14:45
kvarleyOmega: It's Drafted - 8_the-bottom-panel14:46
SilasleYes kvarley, your revision is uploaded.14:46
OmegaI have to leave in a minute.14:46
OmegaI'll be back though!14:46
OmegaOh and, I'll stay online, if you need me jusy highlight me.14:46
MadnessReddid you get me messages before internet died?14:47
OmegaNope ):14:47
greggyrodrigoIf you guys need a translator (for Brazilian Portuguese), I'd be honored to help14:47
MadnessRedkk, can I suggest the following changes, near line 714:47
MadnessRedimport os14:47
MadnessRedtours=glob.glob(os. getcwd()+"/*")14:47
MadnessRedtours.remove(os. getcwd()+"/images")14:47
MadnessRedprint tours14:47
SilasleMadnessRed: Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:48
MadnessRedok, it was only 5 lines though14:48
SilasleWhat's that os.chdir good for?14:49
MadnessRedit changes the current directory14:49
MadnessRedto the directory of the file14:49
SilasleWhich file+14:50
laurent_the .py file14:50
MadnessRedif you do this in terminal, cd ~; ./Projects/code-development/ubuntu-tour.py14:50
MadnessRedobviously your path is differnt14:50
MadnessRedbut the python-tour.py will look for its files in the home folder, not it's own folder14:51
MadnessRedos.chdir() will give the directory that you are in, not the directory that the script is in14:51
SilasleThe current dir is always where you execute it.14:52
MadnessRedbut it won't normally be executed from the folder the python file is in14:52
MadnessRedit will normally be executed from the home dir14:52
SilasleAhh, now i understand14:52
SilasleI have changed that now, will be uploaded soon14:53
MadnessRedok, also could we put the tour in a sepparate class in its own file, then people can work on that separately without causing conflicts with the gui people, and the gui people can have an easier class to work with14:54
SilasleUploading the changes14:55
MadnessRedand finally, could the text being in a text-view, rather than a label? labels are really only meant to be 1 line14:56
SilasleCan you change that?14:56
SilasleCant you upload to the branch yourself?14:56
MadnessRedI don't think so, it silas is the only 1 with access14:56
laurent_It's a private branch14:56
MadnessRedI have joined the project though14:57
SilasleOk, then send me the changes14:57
MadnessRedok, 1 sec,14:57
OmegaWell, cya guys.14:59
OmegaAlso, the seperate class is a good idea.14:59
SilasleMadnessRed: What do you mean whit seperate class?15:00
SilasleThat chdir gave us some problems15:01
MadnessRedI mean, if we were to create a class called tour, for example, and all the functions relation to the tour could be requesed from that class, like tour.load_tour('ubuntuone'), tour.nextpage()15:01
SilasleOk, I already thought about that15:02
MadnessRedif we put all that in a file called tour.pt15:02
MadnessRedthen we could simple import that15:02
OmegaAnd it'll be easier to maintain too.15:02
SilasleBut back to the os.chdir problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492171/15:03
MadnessRedI think i have found what is causing your window to keep resizing too, 1 sec15:06
SilasleI have got it to use textbuffer now15:12
SilasleBut that looks.. an bit strange15:14
MadnessRedhi, can I change it to use box's rather than tables15:17
MadnessRedit's just tables are hard to make work15:18
MadnessRedok, I'll send you the code in a bit15:19
MadnessRedit should stop the window from resizing too15:19
SilasleI'll do that tour.py now15:19
SilasleHi miloBing15:20
miloBingHi Silasle15:20
miloBingIs this the place for the Ubuntu Tour Project?15:25
miloBingI am new to this project.. but I like to help...15:27
MadnessRedok, nearly done with the box's interface,15:30
SilaslemiloBing: This is what you can do: http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/15:30
laurent_Has any of the python code been added to the main branch yet?15:31
Silaslelaurent_: No, everything in my branch15:31
laurent_Will you wait on omega to merge?15:31
SilasleI think so15:32
SilasleI dont know what gisheler has done15:33
laurent_I think he was focusing on the backend more than the GUI15:33
laurent_He's been doing python for 4 years though, so I assume he is fairly experienced15:34
SilasleOk, that backend could be usable.15:34
SilasleI have done python for, let's see, maybe 3-4 years since hello world15:35
* Silasle has done the change section part of tours.py15:35
MadnessRedits just the __init__ function that has changed15:36
MadnessRedI forgot to add the destroy part15:37
Guest38875I just tried the ubuntu-tour.py and I got an OSError on line 815:37
SilasleGuest38875: This one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492171/ ?15:38
MadnessRedyou need to add the close function back though15:38
MadnessRedI accidentaly removed it15:38
Guest38875yes, that one15:38
SilasleMadnessRed: That's your os.chdir15:39
MadnessRedI know, perhaps, we should remove it for now15:39
SilasleI'll put it in an try: except: pass15:39
MadnessRedwe can debug it, and add it back later, it works fine on mine15:40
MadnessRedok, yh thats sounds good15:40
SilasleThe problem is that you cant start it from the same directory as it is in15:40
SilasleTime for bzr push15:40
MadnessRedunless you double click on the python file, or cd to that dir in terminal15:40
SilasleBut that text can be edited15:41
MadnessRedhow to I update bzr? to get the newest files?15:41
MadnessReddo I#15:41
Silaslebzr update?15:42
MadnessRedok thanks :)15:42
SilasleBut the next and change section has to be redone to work whit textview15:43
laurent_bzr pull15:44
MadnessRedif you push your version with the tour.py file, I can quickly edit the gui and make it work15:44
MadnessRedhow do bzr pull and pzr update differ?15:44
laurent_no idea15:45
Silaslebzr pull is uploading15:46
laurent_bzr update seems to be for larger branches15:47
MadnessRedso whats push?15:47
Silasleah, pull15:47
laurent_pull gets the files, it's a download15:47
SilasleI dont know pull15:47
SilasleI thought push15:47
MadnessRedHave you pushed the tour.py file?15:48
SilasleNot yet15:49
SilasleBut next and choose section is working now15:49
MadnessRedok, kl,15:50
MadnessRedits still saying revision 7 :)(15:52
SilasleShould be 815:52
SilasleWait, i'll test15:52
MadnessRedLaunchpad is processing new changes to this branch which will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes.15:52
MadnessRedkk, guess we just have to wait a bit15:52
SilasleThat always takes about half an minute15:53
SilasleIt's done15:53
MadnessRedyep, I got it15:53
SilasleWas it ok?15:53
MadnessRedyep looks good15:54
MadnessRedLine 97 and 10315:55
MadnessRedwhere it says,15:55
MadnessRedset_size_request(100, 30)15:55
Silasledoes buffer.set_editable(False) say you anything?15:55
MadnessRedits False by default I think15:55
SilasleYep, what whit that?15:56
SilasleNo it's true15:56
SilasleI can edit15:56
MadnessRedok, then it should be false15:56
SilasleI'll fix it15:56
MadnessRedAlso, the menu of the left, I applied title case to it, I can remove if you want15:57
Silasletitle case?15:57
SilasleYes, i wanted to do that too15:58
SilasleBut what was whit that set_size_request?15:58
MadnessRedit you set it to 150, 40 it looks like it did, before I started fiddling15:59
SilasleWhat do you think, which size should we have?16:00
MadnessRedI think the old size, 150,40 looks better personally16:00
MadnessRedbut its up to you16:00
SilasleOh, my inbox is full of "Hi i'm an new member of ubuntu-tour. What can i do?"...16:02
SilasleI add an back button and see how it looks then16:05
SilasleMaybe an little bigger next button and smaller back, quit16:06
fieldseI just joined the list and the emails are pouring in!16:07
fieldseLooks like we need a volunteers list. Do we have one?16:07
fieldseIf not, can we set up a wiki page?16:07
MadnessRedI found out how to detect language:16:08
MadnessRedimport locale; lang = locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]16:08
MadnessRedlocale seems to be a default library16:08
SilasleThat could be good to know16:08
SilasleSave that code somewhere16:08
SilasleDo we need that quit button?16:09
MadnessRedI don't think so, there is an x in the corner16:09
SilasleI have next at 150,30 and back at 120,3016:10
MadnessRedok kl16:10
MadnessRedcould you allow some of us upload access to bzr?16:12
SilasleI dont know how16:12
laurent_merge it in to the main under a /code or /python dir16:13
laurent_the code is more important than all the text really16:13
MadnessRedok, I have a few changes in tour.py16:14
SilasleMadnessRed: That little mistake whit the self.msgnr=1 took me five minutes16:15
SilasleIt should have been =016:15
SilasleI'm going to merge it now16:15
MadnessRedok, shall I add language support to tour.py16:16
SilasleDo what you want but i have to go soon16:17
MadnessRedyh sure16:18
MadnessRedare there any updates to the project since the last revision?16:18
SilasleI'll add all updates to the real bzr16:19
MadnessRedreal bzr?16:19
SilasleGet everything from this one16:21
SilasleThere you can upload too16:22
SilasleI'm back later16:22
SilasleBut you can write if you want, i answer when i'm back16:23
MadnessRedok, and who can commit to what?16:25
MadnessRed_sorry, internet died, what did I miss?16:25
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
brandonjHello everybody.  Sorry I've been awol lately.16:25
MadnessRed_i gtg, br back later, I'll get languages sorted then16:27
SilasleMadnessRed_: Everyone that have joined  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour can commit whit "bzr push lp:ubuntu-tour"16:28
laurent_Silasle may I suggest adding some comments to your py so people can quickly familiarise themselves with the code?16:31
=== aprilg1 is now known as aprilg
SilasleWhich of them?16:34
SilasleOr both?16:34
laurent_Tour.py has no comments16:35
SilasleOk, i'll do that later16:35
laurent_lines 16 -32 of ubuntu-tour could do with some explaining for those of us who aren't as competent16:35
SilasleThese lines will be moved to tour.py16:36
aprilgbrandonj:  hi :) welcome back.16:36
SilasleAnd MadnessRed_Will do something about translations16:36
Silaslebut i'm away16:37
brandonjaprilg: thanks. been planning some presentations I have to give this semester16:37
brandonjdo we have a meeting planned?16:37
aprilgMadnessRed_ we are still looking for programmers for hte project. :) feel free to join and help.16:38
aprilgbrandonj no actually :)16:39
aprilgjust a lot of activity going on right now16:39
aprilgloads of new members came in after the OMG! Ubuntu article came out :D16:40
brandonjwe should probably plan one so we can get all the new people organized before they drift away16:40
aprilgyes, we definitely need to do that16:42
aprilgsomeone proposed setting up a wiki, however, i need to talk to Muscovy about that since he's hosting the site16:42
aprilgMuscovy just the man i wanted to see! :) how are you?16:42
MuscovyGood. :D16:42
MuscovyWhat's up?16:42
brandonjyou could always put the wiki on wiki.ubuntu.com16:42
MuscovyWait a minute.16:43
MuscovyOur IRC is... quite full.16:43
MuscovyOMG YAY!16:43
aprilgMuscovy pls see priv msg16:43
devildantehi all :)16:46
=== Muscovy changed the topic of #ubuntu-tour to: The Ubuntu Tour Project! | http://ubuntutour.org | http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx75 | Join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour
laurent_the python added to the main branch is still not working16:47
laurent_unless his private branch has all the fixed versions16:47
devildanteI want to help in coding. Can I join you?16:48
brandonjdevildante: absolutely16:48
brandonjdevildante: join the group on launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour16:50
MuscovyAwesome, we've got about 2x the revisions in the last few hours.16:50
MuscovyWhat's been going on?16:50
devildantebrandonj, already done, I just wondered if you needed help in one part of the code16:50
brandonjdevildante: we don't really have much code at all yet16:51
aprilgdevildante brandonj a few people just started coding today16:51
aprilglaurent_ i think, and Silasle16:51
brandonjwe gotta have a meeting so we can make sure everybody is on the same page, particularly with the code16:51
laurent_more blueprints in launchpad would be nice16:52
Muscovylaurent_: Yeah. I just made a placeholder one, I haven't used them before.16:54
laurent_I made one and made a suggestion to yours but without much else I'm basically stabbing in the wind from my point of view16:54
aprilgbrandonj when do you propose we have the meeting? :)16:55
brandonjnext saturday?16:56
devildantebrandonj, +116:56
laurent_Is the idea to have this as a plain GTK app that presents a slide show?16:56
laurent_or is it going to be more interactive?16:56
aprilglaurent_ interactive16:57
laurent_I'll be working then17:00
Muscovylaurent_: One of the issues at this point is that some slides will need to be manually advanced.17:00
laurent_Make sure you have all the notes online :D17:00
MuscovySometimes the user will have to hit next.17:00
laurent_oh yeah17:00
MuscovyWe might have to have a more prominent button or some indicator of when that is.17:01
laurent_But if you use the idea similar to that omg app with the trophies, it could perhaps help there?17:01
brandonjEveryone go to the doodle poll & pick a time.  Maybe you should put the link in the topic.  http://doodle.com/g54376rwaziahz7q17:01
MuscovyFOr the meeting?17:03
Silaslelaurent_: What's not working?17:04
=== aprilg changed the topic of #ubuntu-tour to: The Ubuntu Tour Project! | http://ubuntutour.org | http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx75?| Join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour | Visit the Doodle Poll and pick a time for next week's meeting: http://doodle.com/g54376rwaziahz7q
laurent_from the main branch I was getting that line 8 error17:04
laurent_yet the try case is already in there17:04
SilasleAh, that one17:04
devildantebrandonj, done :)17:04
aprilgbrandonj doodle link now topic17:04
SilasleThat is fixed17:04
aprilgwill also send out a msg via the mailing list :)17:05
laurent_in your branch or the main one?17:05
MuscovyI've ticked all the times I'll be awake, I can shift things around whenever the meeting is.17:05
Silaslelaurent_: What's the error message?17:06
SilasleThis one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492171/ ?17:07
laurent_python ubuntu-tour.py17:07
laurent_Traceback (most recent call last):17:07
laurent_  File "ubuntu-tour.py", line 13, in <module>17:07
laurent_    tours=tour.get_sections()17:07
laurent_  File "/home/laurent/ubuntu-tour/tour.py", line 8, in get_sections17:07
laurent_    tours.remove(os. getcwd()+"/images")17:07
laurent_ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list17:07
laurent_slightly differen17:07
devildantelaurent_: fixed, can I push the fix?17:07
laurent_it's Silasle's code17:08
SilasleYea, i know what the problem is17:08
MadnessRed_hi, I am back17:08
devildantebtw, images are missing, is this expected?17:09
MadnessRed_so whats changed?17:09
SilasleI'm pushing17:09
SilasleUpdate in some seconds17:10
laurent_push harder :P17:10
MadnessRed_ok, kl,17:10
MadnessRed_Do we have the team sorted out?17:10
=== MadnessRed_ is now known as MadnessRed
laurent_Muscovy, brandonj aprilg and Omega seem to be the original 4 of this project17:10
MadnessRedok, I would be happy to join as a programmer if you want17:11
SilasleNow, launchpad bazaar is updated17:11
rrohitiithii how different is pygtk from gtkmm17:12
SilasleMadnessRed: Some updates about languages17:12
aprilgMadnessRed we'd love to have you on the team :)17:12
rrohitiitany tips for learning pygtk in ghort time?17:12
MadnessRedif you know python, its basically the same functions, just in the python syntax17:12
Silaslerrohitiit: http://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2tutorial/17:12
aprilgaackk!! we really need to get things organized17:12
aprilgMuscovy we should set up a wiki page17:12
Silaslelaurent_: Working whit the latest revision?17:13
fieldse+1 for wiki17:13
laurent_Is buttons the way you want to create the menu?17:13
MadnessRedI think tabs would be better personally17:13
laurent_it looks odd from a GNOME perspective17:13
SilasleI dont like that part at all17:14
Muscovyaprilg: Should we use the Ubuntu wiki or make our own?17:14
laurent_if you use the ubuntu wiki you might get ubuntuers stumbling on it17:15
laurent_and they may join or help17:15
MadnessRedi think use out own,17:15
MuscovyI've rarely used the Ubuntu one as an editor, so I don't know what its pros/cons are.17:15
laurent_though it makes more sense to host it by your self17:15
devildanteIt seems that everyone can contribute code directly (i.e without approve from someone). Should we moderate the team?17:16
aprilgMuscovy i think we should host our own for now17:16
Muscovydevildante: I would say no, so long as we don't have notable problems.17:16
laurent_This current python code seems like an extension of what is already happening in ubiquity at install17:16
MuscovyIf we get one spammy edit, it's easy to roll it back.17:16
devildanteMuscovy, okay17:16
laurent_I get the feeling that a new user would probably be too tired to pay attention after 15 mins of install :P17:17
aprilgMuscovy can you set up a wiki over at ubuntutour.org?17:17
Muscovyaprilg: Any idea on the wiki software? I've only used Mediawiki before.17:17
aprilglets just use that for now :)17:17
laurent_what's wrong with media wiki?17:17
MuscovyAs in I don't know if there's a far better wiki available.17:18
MuscovyI'll toss up wiki.ubuntutour.com.17:18
laurent_isn't media wiki pretty much what they use on wikipedia?17:18
devildanteAs far as I know, creating our own wiki would be redundant17:18
devildantewiki.ubuntu.com is sufficient IMO17:19
MadnessRed_sorry, internet died, again17:19
aprilgMuscovy lemme know when the wiki's up :)17:19
SilasleI vote for mediawiki17:19
brandonjI also think wiki.ubuntu.com is sufficient for us for now17:19
fieldsemuscovy, +1 ^^17:19
SilasleWe need images17:20
* devildante will be afk for a while, sorry :(17:20
devildanteSilasle, images are supported by wiki.ubuntu.com17:21
=== devildante is now known as devildante[afk]
=== MadnessRed_ is now known as MadnessRed
SilasleCan someone select an couple of images an place them in images/ ?17:22
MadnessRedfor the actually program, could we use pywebkitgtk, then we could write tutorials in html, which would allow for much more flexibility17:23
laurent_that's a good idea actually17:23
MadnessRedpywebkitgtk is in the repositories, so can simple be a prequisite when it is installed17:24
MuscovyWe're not really nailed down to PyGTK, I just said that because I have high regard for Python, and I figured GTK would be easiest.17:24
MadnessRedpywebkitgtk intergrates with pygtk fine anyway17:24
SilasleI dont like that text area we have now.17:25
MadnessRedit's basically just a widgit17:25
laurent_what other options are there, in making use of components that are already preinstalled though?17:25
laurent_the smaller everything is the easier everything will work17:25
MadnessRedglade is just pygtk read in a differnt way17:25
MadnessRedbut it is possible to have formatted text in pygtk17:25
MadnessRedbtw where is development happening now?17:26
MadnessRedwhat bzr?17:26
SilasleIt's the same in both17:27
MadnessRedcan anyone push ubuntu-tour17:27
brandonjanyone in the ubuntu-tour group, I think17:27
* Silasle is away for about an hour17:29
MadnessRedubuntu-tour is missing the python files17:29
SilasleIt isn't17:29
laurent_I don't think so17:29
laurent_they're in the main /17:29
SilasleThey are the same as in my branch17:29
MadnessRedok, bzr pull brought the newest revision17:30
MadnessRedbzr update was keeping it at17:30
aprilgMuscovy brandonj have we decided on where to host the wiki? :D17:30
MuscovyI'm preemptively setting up an ubuntutour.org one.17:31
aprilgok :) excellent17:31
MuscovyI won't take part in the decision of what to use, I'm not to educated on wikis.17:32
aprilgMuscovy mediawiki is fine i think17:32
brandonjthat seems excessive to me17:32
laurent_it's all about how much you need17:32
laurent_if it's just a page or two, wiki.ubuntu will do you17:33
laurent_if you're planning on 20's to 30's of pages or more, perhaps your own wiki is needed17:33
aprilgoh.. ok17:33
aprilgwiki.ubuntu it is then17:33
MuscovyI can only think of 3 pages, main, admins, and interactivity spec.17:34
MuscovySo that sounds good.17:34
aprilgok :) will set up the page on wiki.ubuntu now17:34
OmegaBack guys.17:37
MuscovyHi Omega. :D17:37
OmegaMuscovy: OMG!Ubuntu post was a hit!17:37
MadnessRedok, i think I commited a change17:37
MuscovyYeah. It took a few seconds of being on IRC to realize.17:38
OmegaMuscovy, brandonj, aprilg, thanks guys.17:38
MadnessRedbzr: ERROR: No push location known or specified.17:38
OmegaFor sticking with the project.17:38
fieldseHello, muscovy : I think there's good reason for a volunteer signup sheet wiki pae.17:38
MuscovySounds like a good idea.17:39
MuscovyOmega: what, and miss out on all the fun?17:39
fieldseThis could more effectively direct the "hey, I'm new and would like to know what I can do to help" emails, especially if you can put a link to the signup sheet on the front page.17:39
aprilgHey Omega :)17:39
rrohitiitikonia: thr?17:40
fieldseI'd be happy to the start the volunteers list page if you'd be willing to link it somewhere on the project homepage.17:41
MuscovyThanks to those who've done the code for that tour window, I was dreading juggling learning GUI coding.17:42
OmegaDo you guys think we should have a mini-meeting now?17:42
MuscovyI see no reason why not.17:43
OmegaJust to get things a bit more organized.17:43
ayortanoHi all17:43
OmegaWelcome to #ubuntu-tour17:43
ayortanoIm from Uruguay...17:43
aprilgOmega a meeting now would be great :) we're all here anyway hehehe17:43
aprilghi ayortano :) welcome to the team!17:43
MadnessRedI'm gonna re-arrange the tutorials folder to support languages, is that ok with everyone?17:44
MuscovyMassRed: how were you thinking of arranging it?17:44
MadnessRedso rather than /tutorial/0_intro  it will be like /tutorial/en/0_intro17:44
ayortanoI love writing help.17:44
MuscovySounds like a good idea.17:45
OmegaOkay then.17:45
MadnessRedbasically, so your language is es_PT17:45
Omegabrandonj: Are you here by any chance?17:45
MadnessRedspanish protuguese I think17:45
MadnessRedfirst it tries to find the folder tut/es_PT17:45
MadnessRedif that fails it tries, tut/es17:45
ayortanoSpanish (Argentina)17:46
MadnessRedthen if that fails it falls back on the default language,17:46
MadnessRedhm, I am getting an error message from bzr when I try and commit:17:53
MadnessRedbzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: "Adding language support"17:53
ayortano<MadnessRed> bzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: "Adding language support"17:56
SilasleNice, i'll check that language part17:56
ayortanoI know it will not17:56
MadnessRedit's not commited, I am getting an error, as posted above17:57
fieldseaprilg, is wiki page up yet?17:57
aprilgfieldse working on it :)17:57
SilasleBut there is an detect_language part17:57
aprilgsent you the link17:58
SilasleMadnessRed: If it's not working send me the changes an i commit it17:58
ayortanoFirst of all, I congratulate you for such an initiative. Is necessary.17:58
MuscovyMadnessRed: what is the exact command you're using?17:58
MadnessRedbzr add; bzr commit "Adding language support"17:59
MadnessRedI have changed the directory structure though17:59
MadnessRedwhich is what it is objecting to I think17:59
MuscovyUse -m before the message.17:59
SilasleYes, bzr commit -m "what have changed"18:00
SilasleAfter bzr add theaddedfiles18:00
MadnessRedok thanks :)18:00
MadnessRedthat sorted it18:01
MadnessRedbut it didn't push my changes to the directory structure :/18:01
MadnessRedbasically, in each of the tutorial folders, all the files need moving to a folder called en18:02
SilasleI can do that18:02
MadnessRedI was editing the wrong branch18:02
fieldseaprilg, will be afk, will help with setting up wiki page when it's up.18:03
aprilgfieldse ok. thanks :)18:04
MuscovyLet me know when the wiki page is done, I'll like to it from the site.18:04
aprilgarrr can't seem to save changes made to the wiki page :( grrr18:05
aprilgMuscovy can you see the wiki page preview? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTourProject#preview18:06
MuscovyIt's a 404 for me.18:07
MuscovyScreenshot it maybe?18:07
aprilgok. i've been trying to save the page but keep getting an Internal Server Error18:07
MadnessRedPage does not exist for me18:07
Omega[~ayortano@r190-135-149-75.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has left #ubuntu-tour ["Saliendo"]18:08
OmegaUh, sorry18:08
MadnessRedanyway I committed language support18:08
OmegaSo, what programmers are on now?18:09
MuscovyThanks for that, MadnessRed.18:09
MadnessRedso no if you can put french tutorials in the fr folder18:09
MadnessRedand english GB specific in en_GB folder18:10
SilasleMadnessRed: I fix the things that need to be changed in ubuntu.tour.py18:11
MadnessRedok, I haven't touched that file18:11
SilasleNo, but you messed up the whole folder structure :P18:11
MuscovyThe files needed to be moved like that at some point.18:16
SilasleYea, i know but the code has to be changed an bit18:17
=== devildante[afk] is now known as devildante
devildantedid I miss something important?18:17
MadnessRedsilasle, are you still working on ubuntu-tour.py or can I make some changes?18:18
devildanteMadnessRed: you're working on a VCS, it's not that important :p18:18
SilasleMadnessRed: One minute18:18
aprilgbrandonj you here?18:19
aprilgI tried setting up a page over at wiki.ubuntu, but i keep getting this error "Page could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?" when I try and save the page18:20
aprilgany idea what I could be doing wrong?18:20
brandonjOmega, aprilg I'm back now.  sorry I stepped out to get a bite18:21
devildanteaprilg, you've done nothing wrong as it seems18:21
OmegaNo problem18:22
aprilg… now I'm getting this error "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."18:25
SilasleMadnessRed: Have you uploaded something?18:25
MadnessRednot for a while18:25
MadnessRedand even then only tour.py18:25
MadnessRedand the en folders18:26
SilasleIt was tour.py18:26
SilasleBut it's fixed18:27
SilasleMine should be uploaded now18:27
MadnessRedok, have you changed tour.py?18:27
SilasleBut i think that have been merged18:28
brandonjare you guys having trouble with the bzr branch?18:30
MadnessRedI have conflicts :)18:32
MadnessRedis OTHER the version from the server?18:32
MadnessRedand THIS my version?18:32
SilasleMadnessRed: run bzr merge18:33
MadnessReddidn't work18:34
MadnessRedI'm gonna copy my files out, load yours then manually merge18:34
Silaslebzr merge worked as you had changed them18:35
MadnessRedI changed mine again then, and then did a pull before commiting18:36
MadnessRedand it got upset18:36
SilasleAh, i skipped the pull18:36
MadnessRedI'll just load yours, probably easier18:37
SilasleCreate an new directory to work in18:37
MadnessReddw I have just sorted it18:39
devildanteguys, it would be probably easier to use branchs18:39
MadnessRedand I haven't commited mine so you can't load them anyway18:39
MadnessRedhow do they work?18:39
SilasleMadnessRed: Mine i had earlier today was an branch18:40
devildantebzr branch <the trunk directory> <name for your branch>18:40
MadnessRedso if I have a branch, how to my changes make it into the main version?18:40
MadnessRedhow do#18:40
devildantefrom trunk, you do: bzr merge <directory of branch>18:41
Silasledevildante: Can others commit to that branch then?18:41
OmegaWe've started organizing everything.18:42
SilasleMadnessRed: What have you changed?18:42
devildanteSilasle, yes, but it requires the original owner to change a setting in Launchpad18:42
OmegaWe think having one person in charge of each main task would be wise, so people working on the task know who to coordinate with.18:43
MadnessRedat the moment, I have update my version the the one on the bzr18:43
devildanteOmega, do we have a list of tasks?18:43
MadnessRedthen I have made some changes to tour.py and ubuntu-tour.py which I will push in a bit18:43
OmegaWell, with tasks I mean: programming, writing and design18:43
Omegabrandonj: is in charge of programming18:43
Omegaaprilg: Is in charge of writing18:44
OmegaAnd last but not least Muscovy leads design18:44
OmegaI will do overall-organization18:45
OmegaYes, these are subject to change18:45
devildanteokay :)18:45
OmegaSo, work real hard and you can be a leader!18:45
Silasledevildante: What need to be changed?18:45
OmegaYeah, tell me what needs to be changed and I can do it18:46
OmegaOr, wait, nevermind18:46
Omegacarry on18:46
devildanteSilasle, click on "Change branch details", you should see a team combobox. Change it to the ubuntu-tour team18:46
devildanteyes :)18:47
SilasleOk, now anyone can upload to my branch18:47
MadnessRedso we are changing branch?18:47
SilasleMaybe mine can be used for really unstable things18:48
devildanteSilasle, great!18:48
MadnessRedok, so do I still commit to the same branch, or is there a new one I should commiting to?18:49
devildanteSilasle: ^18:50
MuscovyDoes anything feel they can contribute to the site? It's been suggested we use bzr to allow community contribution. I want check that people are interested first.18:51
SilasleMadnessRed: If you have something that is not tested and your not sure it will work you can upload it to "bzr push lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development"18:51
MadnessRedhm bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.  See "bzr help diverged-branches" for more information.18:52
Silasletry bzr merge18:53
MadnessRedbzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.18:53
Silaslehmm, is it something new or is it already on the man brznch?18:54
MadnessRedI made a few changes to lp:ubuntu-tour18:54
MadnessRedso i was trying to commit them to the new branch18:54
SilasleOk, i have commited them to the new one18:55
MadnessRedrevision 38?18:55
MadnessRedok, so is the idea then that we push and changes to code-development18:57
SilasleDo that18:57
MadnessRedand then, when we get them stable, you will move then to the original18:57
SilasleAnd then i can upload them to the main18:57
SilasleThat sounds ok for now18:57
* Silasle is reading all those emails from ubuntu-tour ;)18:58
MadnessRedso I do:18:59
MadnessRedbzr branch lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development18:59
MadnessRedok kl19:00
MadnessRedbranched 11 revsisions19:00
MadnessRedbtw, can you all go to Language test and tell me what it says, then tell me what you computer language is19:01
MadnessRedjust to check it is working as expected19:02
aprilgjust to verify, any thing we have for the content should still be uploaded to lp:ubuntu-tour, right? by content i mean, the text we're gonna use for the tour19:04
MadnessRedI think it should be uploaded to both19:04
aprilgok :)19:05
aprilgbtw, what other branch were you guys using?19:05
MadnessRedI was using the main lp:ubuntu-tour19:06
MadnessRedbtw is the wiki page up yet, my internet dies whenever I get a phone call, so I keep loosing track of what has/hasn't been done19:07
MuscovyI don't think it is yet.19:08
aprilgMadnessRed still working on the wiki page. i keep getting an internal server error when i try to save the page :(19:08
aprilgits either that error, or this: Page could not get locked. Missing 'current' file?19:08
aprilgstill haven't figured out what that means...19:09
MadnessRed:/ could we not just put a wiki on ubuntutour.org?19:09
aprilgwell, it might be easier haha19:09
aprilgi'm getting frustrated with trying to set up that page. i dunno if im messing up or if something wrong with the ubuntu wiki :(19:10
aprilg*if there's something wrong19:10
MadnessRedalso aren't there sites that offer free wiki hosting?19:11
aprilgMadnessRed we're trying to set up a page over at wiki.ubuntu.com :) we'll let u guys know once the page is up19:15
MadnessRedmeanwhile what needs doing programming wise?19:15
brandonjMadnessRed, lots19:16
MadnessReddo we have a list?19:16
MuscovyI couldn't figure out how to do it myself, but the tour allows the user to go backwards past 0.19:17
brandonjeh I dont think so.  I'll try to make one in a few minutes19:17
OmegaJust an idea, we could use Compiz to do composition to highlight certain parts of the desktop19:18
MuscovyThe back button should hide or something if the user is already at entry 0, or take them to the previous topic.19:18
MadnessRedor be disabled19:18
MadnessRedand again, when you get to the end of the tour, next should be disabled19:18
aprilgguys, i'm off for the night19:19
MuscovyOmega: maybe something wigit-esque, for those who turn off compiz?19:19
aprilgtis past 2AM here. gotta get some sleep :)19:19
MuscovyAlright, bye.19:19
=== aprilg is now known as aprilg_away
OmegaMuscovy: Is compiz on by default?19:19
MuscovyIf the graphics card is good enough.19:20
MuscovyIt is on most computers though.19:20
OmegaAnyone have ideas how we can point to stuff?19:20
OmegaLike make the application menu glow?19:20
MuscovyOverlays perhaps?19:20
OmegaThat would do19:21
MuscovyThing is, we'd have to figure out if the menu is in the normal spot.19:21
MuscovyWe could do it as easily as not showing it if an md5 shows the panel has been edited.19:21
MuscovyOr as intelligently as finding where it is from gconf settings.19:22
MadnessRedI'm updating tour.py and ubuntu-tour.py to get it to disable the next/prev buttons at the beginning of the tutorials19:23
OmegaUsing gconf seems like a good way19:23
MuscovyThanks MadnessRed.19:23
MuscovySince IRC so packed, http://irclogs.ubuntutour.org/ might be useful to some of you.19:26
MuscovyIt's basically a mirror of our logs on irclogs.ubuntu.com.19:26
MuscovyJust to make access faster.19:26
MadnessRedok thanks, I am also adding some functionality to the tours class such as finding out the total number of pages19:28
OmegaMadnessRed: It says: "You are using american english".19:32
MadnessRedkk, is that correct?19:32
OmegaIt is.19:32
OmegaMaybe we should rename en to en_US or en_UK19:33
OmegaBecause en isn't a language code19:33
MuscovyGood point.19:33
kvarleyOmega: en_US or en_GB19:33
OmegaYeah, my mistake.19:33
OmegaSo, which one do we choose?19:35
kvarleyOmega, en_US is more widely used19:35
OmegaVery well19:35
OmegaI'll update them19:35
kvarleyAt the moment there are chapters for firefox, empathy etc. Shouldn't we move those into a parent chapter called Applications19:36
kvarleyWith sub categories of Accessories, Office, Sound and Video, etc19:36
MuscovyI'm not sure.19:36
MadnessReden is the fallback language if no country is specified19:37
MadnessRedso say your language is en_US19:37
Muscovyen_US now.19:37
MadnessRedit can you put it back19:37
MadnessRedyou will break the script19:37
MadnessRedfor anyone with en_GB19:37
MadnessRedit was en for a reason19:38
OmegaI am changing the fallback language to en_US19:38
MadnessRedthen just put en_US in the en folder19:38
OmegaOkay, what is the problem exactly?19:38
MadnessRedif you language is en_GB19:38
MadnessRedfirst it will load en_GB19:39
MadnessRedif it cant find that it will load en19:39
OmegaI want to change en to en_US19:39
Omegaso if it doesn't find it it loads en_US19:39
MadnessRedthat would be very arquard19:39
MadnessRedyou would have to program rules19:39
MuscovyMaybe symlink en to en_US?19:39
OmegaI don't see why, it's just changing the default language19:39
MadnessRedno, its not jsut en19:40
MadnessRedall languages follow the same structure19:40
MadnessRedes_PT falls back to es19:40
MadnessRedfr_CA falls back to fr19:40
OmegaBut is en en_US or en_GB?19:41
OmegaI understand what you mean.19:41
MadnessRedwhichever is not specified19:41
MadnessRedif you have en_GB and en19:41
MadnessRedthen en_US will fallback to en, so en would be american19:41
OmegaYeah, I just read the code as saw you're split()ing it19:41
MadnessRedgenerally all english will be the same19:42
MadnessRedso will go in the en folder19:42
MadnessRedhowever, if you are talking about colour, because en_US spells colour differently, you may have a sepparate language for that particular article19:42
MuscovyI was just thinking that.19:43
MadnessRedor you may decide to have color as default and en_GB as the extra language19:43
MuscovyAnd tell the tour to inherit for the base language for missing pieces.19:43
MadnessRedwell, at the moment the whole tour needs to be in each language19:44
MadnessRedbut we can add it so only individual parts need adding later19:44
OmegaMaybe we can have localized versions be a diff against the main one?19:46
MadnessRedmaybe, but we need to remember that translators usually aren't programmers19:47
MadnessRedso they will want to simply write out some text in their own language19:48
brandonjMadnessRed: I'm adding a programming todo on the end of the etherpad19:48
MuscovyIt would be really nice if we could tell it words like colour/color and it could replace them accordingly.19:48
MuscovyMadnessred: http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx7519:49
MadnessRedwhat if we are telling them to go to the directory, /usr/themes/colours19:49
MadnessRedI know that probably doesn't exist19:49
MuscovyMaybe an exclude markup tag?19:49
MuscovyIt was just a theory, but I know what you mean.19:49
MadnessRedomg etherpad is writing itself19:51
greggyrodrigoHello guys19:51
greggyrodrigoI have a question19:52
MuscovyAsk away.19:52
greggyrodrigoHow can I upload my changes?19:52
Muscovy3 simple commands.19:52
Muscovycd into wherever you're working.19:53
Muscovybzr add19:53
Muscovybzr commit -m "Your changes"19:53
Muscovybzr push lp;ubuntu-tour19:53
MuscovyThat'll record your work and upload it.19:53
brandonjwe actually have two branches now though19:54
greggyrodrigoWhat are the diferences between these tow branches, so?19:55
MadnessRedone is for new stuff being added19:55
MadnessRedthe other is for stable stuff19:56
greggyrodrigoNice, and that comand 'bar push lp[...]' will upload for the first server, right?19:56
MadnessRedno, it will upload to the stable one,19:58
MuscovyIs the unstable one specifically for code stuff?19:59
brandonjThe unstable one is specifically for code stuff20:01
=== devildante is now known as devildante[afk]
MadnessRedok, the back/next buttons now become disabled when you reach the beginning/end of the tour20:06
MadnessRedhow about a progress bar?20:15
MadnessRedto show them how far through the tutorial they are?20:16
MuscovyThat sounds neat.20:16
MadnessRedalso very simple,20:17
fieldseHey. Success (of a sort) with the wiki: We can't seem to post to top-level wiki page, getting "not able to save lock" error, but can save one level down: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTourProject/Home20:20
MadnessRedOK, i pushed the progress bar version20:21
MadnessRedyou should be able to download it now20:21
MadnessRedhi all, im back, internet died20:39
MadnessRed\ping google.com20:41
MadnessRedits very quite, anyone here? or is my internet dead?20:44
greggyrodrigoI'm here ;)20:46
OmegaI'm here too.20:53
MadnessRedright, hi, I think I'm back20:59
MadnessRedanyway, I have created a html interface using only the packages which come packed with ubuntu by default21:00
MadnessRedI think21:00
greggyrodrigoWhat if, together with the topic, displays an animation os the action?21:00
MadnessRedshould be possible21:01
MadnessRedit render using webkit, so should support html5 and css321:01
MadnessRedI commited to svn21:02
MadnessRedto bzr even21:03
brandonjhtml interface to what?21:03
MadnessRedwhere the tour is loaded21:09
MadnessRedrather than loading plain text, it loads it with html formatting, if available21:09
brandonjoh I see21:11
brandonjthat seems reasonable21:11
MuscovyThe latest version of the code branch needs <br />s.21:25
MuscovyMaybe Python could insert them when it finds \ns?21:25
MadnessReddon't worry21:26
MadnessRedI have a script which sorts that21:26
MadnessRedI will commit in a bit once I have finished of some other stuff21:26
MuscovyOk, good. :D21:27
MadnessRedI am pushing now21:31
MadnessRedIt should now be able to find the html version, and if it can't find it convert the text version21:31
MuscovyWhich branch should text edits go to, the main one?21:31
MadnessRedStill both I think21:32
MuscovyOh dear.21:32
MadnessRedalso, if there is no plain text version, it will load the html version, but will still format things like line breaks properly21:32
brandonjwe need to find a way to sync that21:32
MadnessRedAlso how many tours do you with there will be?21:33
MadnessRedBecause if we have many more we will need a better way of organising them21:33
MuscovyI don't think we'll have many more.21:33
brandonjwell anybody should be able to make tours21:33
MuscovyTHough a plugin-like approach was mentioned.21:33
MuscovyWhat would happen to the branch if we only edited the main one, then merged the code one in. Would it keep the main branch's edits, since they're more recent?21:35
MadnessRedLets say you have 3 files21:36
MadnessRedfile1, file2 and file 221:36
MadnessRedand file3 sorry21:36
MadnessRedSay branch 1 edits files 1 and 2, and branch 2 edits files 2 and 321:37
MadnessRedwhen you merge, it would use the file1 from branch1 and file3 from brach 221:37
MadnessRedthen because both have updated file2, it would try and merge the changes I think21:37
MuscovyThen wouldn't it be safe to just edit text/code accordingly in the branches, then merge them?21:39
MadnessRedi think so21:39
MadnessRedanyone know how to detect the system colours in python?21:43
MuscovySystem colours?21:44
MadnessRedI was hoping I could put the system colours into the css to make it look better21:45
MuscovyTo match the GTK theme?21:45
MuscovyI'd call matching Ambiance a fairly safe bet.21:46
brandonjthere has got to be a proper way to do it21:46
MadnessRedactually looking at xchat, they just have a border round the white chat and that looks fine21:46
MuscovyThemes have their main data stored like that.21:48
MuscovyI'm trying to remember what file says what the current theme is/21:48
MadnessRedActually I think it looks ok with just a border21:49
MadnessRedlike xchat does21:50
MadnessRedBut, what do you think about the progress bar21:50
daas88hello everyone!21:50
MadnessRedit looks too much like a scrollbar, should I put it at the top, or is it ok21:50
MadnessRedhi daas88821:50
MadnessRedwith the %?21:51
daas88how's the project doing? :P21:51
MadnessRedgood thanks :)21:51
Muscovy% is part of the filename, it's a gconf thing.21:52
MadnessRedi gtg, be back in a bit21:53
OmegaWrite some Canadian for us CanadianWriter :P22:25
MuscovyOmega, do you think we should make a bugteam?22:26
CanadianWriterI don't know eh? Is a canadian translation (FREE HEALTHCARE!!!) really necessary? Sorry.22:26
OmegaThose should be the editors so to speak22:26
OmegaOh, for the program itself22:26
OmegaYeah sure22:26
MuscovyCanadianWriter: pretty much all applications have "translations" into language variations like en_US/en_CA.22:28
CanadianWriterMuscovy,  I'm joking22:28
OmegaCanadianWriter: I liked the free healthcare part.22:41
MuscovyI've set up https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour-bugs, so we're good to go when an LP admin approves the mailing list.22:45
MuscovyThen we can set it as the project's bug contact.22:45
MuscovyI didn't put ubuntu-tour-admins as owner because I'm not sure if it'll force us to be subscribed or not.22:46
MuscovyI figure we'll use bugs for code things and notable content things (mix of programs/applications, redundant chapter, etc)/22:47
OmegaAh, okay.22:47
MuscovyWoo, mailing list approved already.22:48
MuscovyThe setting for bug supervisor should be on the right-hand panel in the bugs section.22:50
MuscovyI'll be back in a while, I need to get some homework done.22:51

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