filo1234wea0: have you installed other some themes?00:00
stercorerUSUL: I'm still working on augmenting the crontab.  Just wanted to thank you for the advice you've already given.00:01
erUSULstercor: no problem00:02
wea0filo1234: After the upgrade I just got only console messages during bootup. Nothing else had changed on the system.00:02
Guest48841does any one know how to configure the quickplay botton?00:02
filo1234wea0: sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so  give some choise?00:02
bazhangGuest48841, quickplay?00:02
jsidhuis there anyway i can disable gnome? I want my system to start as a vanilla X server, with a black background? I want to start a slideshow application and dont want to run anything else, dont want popups or other "updates available" type messages ever coming up00:03
stercorerUSUL: My goal is to hit a site for a file once a day (it permits up to 3 accesses a day), download the file, and give it a time-related extension.00:03
Guest48841yes, quickplay botton, is the botton that has the hp notebooks00:03
bazhang!nox | jsidhu00:03
ubottujsidhu: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:03
jsidhuyeah, then im left with figuring out how to auto login from the console00:04
erUSULstercor: wget -O /path/to/filename-$(date) url_here00:04
aeon-ltdjsidhu: yeah, just don't load gdm at boot, or get gdm to just start x. but just on the side - kinda a waste don't you think?, if you can run gnome yet you just want a photo viewer00:04
erUSULstercor: date has many format parameters00:04
minkI have no networking in Ubuntu Studio. Anyone know what might cause that?00:05
Nach0zso apparently people in the apache channel think ubuntu is for n00bs that cant install debian. wut.00:05
crohakonNach0z, they might be correct ;)00:05
jsidhuhow can i tell gdb to just start x?00:05
stercorerUSUL: k00:05
dri245hi what is the alternative to daemon tools?00:05
Guest48841the quickplay botton opens a multimedia aplication00:05
dri245in linux00:05
dri245in ubuntu sorry00:05
Nach0zcrohakon: i wouldn't know, i havent used debian.00:06
aeon-ltdjsidhu: not sure what X's default window manager is called but it should be a choice, if not just log into cli/tty1 then just startx with no xinitrc file00:06
jsidhudont really want/need a window manager00:06
jsidhuthats allright, thanks for the help, i'll look into xsession00:06
stercorerUSUL: Dangit! I added a line to the crontab and now it's stopped working, even when I removed the line.00:06
minkI have two network adapters and both function in windows but neither work in my  new Ubuntu install00:07
aeon-ltdNach0z: linux superiority is a waste of time, it could go on forever ubuntu < debian < arch/gentoo < bsd's < lfs < etc00:07
dri245hi what is the alternative to daemon tools? in ubuntu00:08
KillerKristin1Is this a support only for 10.04 or can I ask a 10.10 support question?00:08
aeon-ltd!ubuntu+2 | KillerKristin100:08
bazhangKillerKristin1, #ubuntu+1 for the latter00:08
aeon-ltd!ubuntu+1 | KillerKristin100:08
ubottuKillerKristin1: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+100:08
Nach0zaeon-ltd: yeah. honestly, as awesome as open source is, i still think WIn7 64 bit kicks some.00:08
jatttrolling much?00:08
wea0filo1234: Apparently usplash-theme-ubuntu is not installed due to unmet depends.00:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:09
bazhangjatt, what?00:09
dri245hi what is the alternative to daemon tools? in ubuntu00:09
mneptok!repeat | dri24500:09
ubottudri245: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com00:09
th0rdri245: gisomount00:09
stercorerUSUL: I mean, we're not talking rocket science here: "* * * * * /bin/ls >>home/ted/bin/cron.file"00:09
mkcpysI have a question regarding inputting sound. Under the sound preferences in Ubuntu it appears to be recognizing my AudiobBox USB interface fine, but I'm not able to get any input level reading.00:09
stercorerUSUL: with a tail -f cron.file00:10
dri245thabks th0r00:10
th0rdri245: you might also look into fuseiso00:10
minkanyone know how to get network adapters working that don't work on a fresh install? wifi and wired networks are not working on my fresh install. plx help00:11
filo1234wea0: dpkg -l | grep usplash00:11
Vonordoes anyone know a lightweight windowmanager (not a complete desktop environment) which has support a mac like panel (keyword: globalmenu)?00:12
mkcpysDo y'all recommending installing jack in Ubuntu or not?00:13
coz_newkno,   sorry about that   my system is freezing occasionlly because of compiz++00:13
minkJack is pretty powerful. but I'm not really experienced. It is preinstalled with Ubuntu Studio00:13
wea0filo1234: ii libusplash0, rc usplash, rc usplash-theme-ubuntu00:14
wea0It seems package usplash can not be installed due to conflic with installed package plymouth00:14
filo1234wea0: reinstall usplash-theme-ubuntu00:14
th0rmink: what kind of cards are you trying to use (lshw)? Does either show up in the network config (ifconfig)? Have you tried loading the modules for the cards (modprobe)?00:15
filo1234wea0: wait00:15
JantireWhere can one find a coding buddy?00:15
bazhangmink, this is with the rt kernel?00:15
bazhangJantire, #ubuntu-offtopic00:16
th0rJantire: aspcqa00:16
Jantirethanks th0r00:16
minkone wireless edimax card. one wired mobo Intel wired connection. both appear as disabled00:16
filo1234wea0: retype update-alternative --config  and type tab tab check for some plymouth config00:16
minkneither can be turned off though00:16
minkand it is the real time kernel. Ubuntu Studio00:17
bazhangmink, tried with a regular kernel?00:17
minkifconfig only shows loopback00:17
gerinychanyone know how to configure acpi?00:18
filo1234mink: and ifconfig -a ?00:18
bazhangmink, thus my question00:18
minkiwconfig shows the wirless card00:18
replicasexSo, is it generally inadvisable to resize my ubuntu partition post facto?  I have a 1.5tb drive and I want to resize my windows partition and then add it to my ubuntu partition.  I have gparted.  Is this too troublesome to do?00:18
minkI originally thought it was a driver issue with the wireless card. but I enabled the motherboard wired adapter and connected it. It is detected but does not work either00:19
minkI see both cards with lshw -C network00:19
minkifconfig -a shows three adapters eth0 lo and wlan000:21
wea0filo1234: OK, I think I got something, let me try. brb.00:21
filo1234mink: sudo ifup eth000:22
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
minkfilo1234: what's that do? it says ignoring unkonwn interface eth0-eth0.00:23
replicasexSo any advice about partition resizing?  The only step that I'm unsure about it is after creating my desired unallocated space, do I just resize the ubuntu part. and it will automatically resize with the unallocated space or do I need to format that space into ext4 beforehand?00:25
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  that wouldent make sence.00:25
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  just resize.. it handles it00:25
Dr_Willisjot down your original UUID in cse it changes00:26
filo1234mink: have you modified /etc/network/interfaces ?00:26
replicasexDr_Willis, so essentially I just use gparted to resize the larger windows partition and then increasing ubuntu space should just work automatically?00:26
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  yes  - I tend to let windows shrink windows partitons. it tends to be a LOT faster at the job00:26
minkfilo1234: nope   basically an untouched fresh install of ubuntu studio00:27
replicasexI feel a bit annoyed as I should have thought to create more space.  I'm going for at least 500gb or so.00:27
replicasexDr_Willis, yeah, I'm a bit worried that ubuntu will explode windows if I use gparted on it.00:27
Dr_Willisreplicasex:  when in doubt.. backup impiorntant stuff.00:28
Dr_Willisuse windows to shrink windows... thats proberly the 'safest' way to do it if you are worried00:28
filo1234mink: so i think that some modules doesn't prensent on rt kernel, try with a generic normal kernel or look wich modules needs your eth interface00:28
replicasexDr_Willis, of course, of course I always backup stuff before any major change.00:28
replicasexNow i have to remember how to do that in windows.  Hmm.00:28
minkfilo1234: thanks00:30
wea0filo1234: OK, I have a plymouth theme now: "There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth: /lib/plymouth/themes/kubuntu-logo/kubuntu-logo.plymouth"00:32
minkreplicasex: using gparted to change the partition size where windows is installed will cause windows to not boot. If you have a windows install disk then you can change the partition size then run a repair install from the disk.00:32
wea0But it still didn't work. I ran update-initramfs, but I still don't get a splash screen00:32
carlghi there, i want to install Age of empires on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 -- when using wine i get to the point where i create the install path, but when choosing typical or full install, it veryfies the filesystem space and tells me i do not have enough, i need 187mb - but i have 200gb free.... anybody able to help?00:33
minkreplicasex: It can easily be fixed with a repair install, but without the install disk then you will destroy your windows installation.00:33
minkYou might get lucky, but Windows doesn't like it's own partition size changed00:34
replicasexmink Well, we don't want that do we?  I should be safe if I use windows' disk management tool right?  Honestly I've thought about doing a clean install with 10.04 just to resize it.00:34
minkreplicasex: windows won't resize it's own partition and it won't recognize Ubuntu's file system at all.00:35
mbrigdanHello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. When I use 4g8 on my local network to watch some traffic, then kill it, it just drops the connection, and the host it was monitoring loses its internet connection until it resets. Anyone know how I can make it exit more cleanly (Direct traffic back to the other host)?00:36
minkreplicasex: it is relatively safe to resize the windows partition size if you have an install disk to repair your windows install after the resize. Without that disk, you are sol00:37
Guest3031how do I change my nick once here?00:37
Guest3031I'm already registered00:37
replicasexmink I have a grub rescue disc with the windows .mbr, would that suffice or would I need to create the install disc?00:38
velociostrichdoes anyone know how to pipe output from one command to a new file descriptor and into another command?00:38
LicuadoraWhat is the command to close the disc tray?00:38
shaunoLicuadora: eject -t ?00:39
minkreplicasex: I think its more than just an mbr issue for windows. I'm pretty sure you need the install disk. not an image restore type of install disk either. It has to be a true installer to have the ability to fix the issues.00:39
Licuadorashauno: It worked! THX00:39
shaunovelociostrich: not entirely clear what you're after, but I'd take a look at 'tee'.  it's the only way I know to pipe output into two different places00:40
KerrickIs #ubuntu-unregged in place due to bot attacks or something?00:40
replicasexmink, so I should probably just do a clean install.  It's not a big deal for me to do, if I do this at all.  I have around ~200gb on this partition but I'd like 500.  But the windows partition is easily accessible in Ubuntu so it's not a major problem.00:40
velociostrichshauno: I'm not trying to pipe in two places; I'm trying to pipe to a new file descriptor; i.e., instead of piping standard out to standard in, I want to pipe standard out to file descriptor 300:41
=== Nach0z is now known as sadch0z
minkreplicasex: I'm far from an expert, But I've done it once without realizing what problems I could cause. I was able to fix it easily with my installer disk though. but it was a pain to figure out how to fix it in the first place00:41
LoshkiKerrick: not sure, but many groups now require registration before they will let you join, not just #ubuntu...00:42
shaunovelociostrich: so just >&3  ?00:42
velociostrichshauno: redirection confuses the heck out of me, so I don't know, but I'll try that00:42
birdman007how can i edit a file that is read only00:42
minkreplicasex: good luck. I'm heading out.00:42
Leolo_3hello.  I need to set the baud rate when a USB-serial adapter is plugged in.  I understand that I have to do this via udev, but google isn't showing me how...00:43
filo1234sorry :| tab error00:44
Leolo_3currently I have a custom rule : KERNEL=="ttyUSB[0-9]*", OWNER="root", GROUP="lp"00:44
Leolo_3is there a way to add a speed to this?00:44
Dr_Willis!info setserial00:47
ubottusetserial (source: setserial): controls configuration of serial ports. In component main, is extra. Version 2.17-45.2 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 176 kB00:47
LoshkiLeolo_3: according to http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?12,4546, you want something like stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 960000:48
Dr_Williswonder if setserial aorks for ttyUSB0 ports00:48
Leolo_3setserial doesn't set baud rate.00:48
Leolo_3loshki : my question si how do I get udev to run that command00:48
LoshkiDr_Willis: I wondered that too...00:49
Dr_WillisBeen years since i last had to mess with a serial port. I still have an old serial terminal in the garrage00:49
LoshkiLeolo_3: I've no idea. If all else fails, you can put the command into /etc/rc.local (if it works)00:49
Dr_WillisNormally its the program Using the serial port that handles the settings from what i recall. as part of its initilizaton00:49
LoshkiLeolo_3: what *are* you using the serial port for, btw?00:50
Leolo_3connecting to a serial printer, why?00:50
Leolo_3loshki : /etc/rc.local gets run before udev has the time to find the adapter00:51
sometuxWhich room for the NEXT ubuntu release?00:51
bastidrazorsometux: #ubuntu+100:51
Dr_Willissometux:  #ubuntu+100:51
bazhangsometux, #ubuntu+100:51
egsomesometux, #ubuntu+100:51
sometuxthanks x 400:51
kallethsometux: #ubuntu+100:51
cysticcan I install kde also even though I already have gnome?00:52
cysticbe able to choose at logon or something?00:52
bazhangcystic, kubuntu-desktop00:52
LoshkiLeolo_3: sorry, dunno. You could try asking on #udev perhaps....00:52
bastidrazorcystic: yes, install kubuntu-desktop and during login you will have the option to choose00:52
Leolo_3dr_whillis : the program using the serial port is cups.  cups (backends/serial) has a "feature" in that it resets the serial port to the old setting after it's finished.  this causes the adapter to send the last few bytes at the wrong speed00:52
LoshkiLeolo_3: does that mean that a workaround is to stop cups, set the serial speed, then restart cups?00:53
cysticI am loving ubuntu... I have cairo-dock and compiz fusion, what is another good program that is useful and provides eyecandy?00:54
Leolo_3loshki : no.  it means to just set the baud rate before cups prints anything00:54
Leolo_3s/means to just/just means to/00:54
soreaucystic: you can add anything like system monitor or screenlets for widgets00:55
soreaucystic: system monitor like conky or anything00:55
cysticoh hey soreau, thanks for the tip. I will check it out, you are always helpful and full of good advice!00:56
sometuxhow to install ubuntu inside windows from the iso file?00:57
bazhangsometux, using wubi?00:57
th0rsometux: install virtualbox in windows, then use it to install ubuntu00:57
soreausometux: You have to mount the iso image with a mounter program00:57
sometuxI downloaded the iso image but i don't have a blank cd00:58
soreausometux: Right, so mount the iso with a mounter program so it creates a virtual drive00:58
cysticyou can mount it with poweriso00:58
soreauNero has a mounter too00:58
sometuxsoreau: I don't have one00:58
soreausometux: get one00:58
LetsGo67How do I convert a .img to the flexible format?00:58
cysticyou can download it00:58
sometuxsoreau: simple solution?00:59
soreauLetsGo67: 'the flexible format'?00:59
soreausometux: Download a windows program that is capable of mounting an iso image00:59
cysticsometux, i believe daemon tools has a free version. It has adware in it though last I checked.00:59
Dr_WillisLetsGo67:  an .img of what exactly?00:59
th0rsometux: virtual clonedrive is free and works well00:59
soreausometux: read what cystic is saying, he is talking to you00:59
Dr_Willisfuseiso and fuseis09660 can mount  many 'optical disk' image file variants.01:00
sometuxI don't want to install any programs, so I looking for another solution01:00
Dr_Willisbut dont expect the copy protection to work01:00
Dr_Willismount cant mount then normally. have to use the fuseiso or otehr tools01:01
cysticsometux, you have 2 options. mount it with a program or burn it on a disk.01:01
mario12can one install ubuntu on an old laptop with less, than 256 mb ram?01:01
sometuxcystic: there is 3rd one01:01
LetsGo67Dr_Willis: of Windows 98 for QEMU.  Soreau: (franco?) it becomes big or small depending on the files in it.  QCow.01:01
cysticsometux, use a flash drive?01:02
Dr_WillisLetsGo67:  try converting it to iso perhaps. I dont even recall what makes 'img' files..01:02
egsomemario12, Not sure Ubuntu, but generally Linux.01:02
sometuxcystic: you can download "wubildr" installer and make it in the same folder with the iso image01:02
valbacamario12, it's recommended to use ubuntu-alternative for systems with <512MB01:02
soreauISTR nero supporting some .img format01:02
Dr_WillisLetsGo67:  or do  You mean its a hard drive IMAGE file ? not an optical disk image file?01:02
th0rmario12: you will probably be disappointed at the performance. But if you want to try, keep it light...either xubuntu or lubuntu01:02
^james_foo^mario12: it did run for me with 128 some time... but i'm a patient gui01:02
Dr_Willis.img is a litt;e vague. :)01:02
valbaca^james_foo^, nice pun :)01:02
mario12I tried to install it from a cd, no success01:03
cysticsometux, well if you know how to do it why do you ask? lol01:03
mario12probably other distro?01:03
LetsGo67Dr_Willis: qemu-img on the command line.01:03
egsomemario12, Try something like `DSL`, see: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/, It would be more suitable.01:03
sometuxcystic: I've been looking on google while discussing with issue01:03
mario12would not need to do much, just skype, mail client and web, basic things, for an old lady01:03
Dr_WillisLetsGo67:  I thought qemu used 'raw image' files.  Not sure what other programs you want to access it with. Ive rarely used qemu.01:03
^james_foo^mario12: i changed to www.puppylinux... until with more ram then changing back to buntu... puppy is *very* nice too01:04
sometuxcystic: anyway thanks01:04
mario12but she also has a bt mouse and webcam on the notebook, so I am worried about the drivers01:04
th0rmario12: you might also look at mepis...supposed to be good with hw01:05
sFEARsi have my interfaces file set eth0 to static with ip address & subnet masks.. can't ping, anyone know what i'm missing?01:05
mario12ok, will research01:05
Dr_Willismario12:  all you can do - is basically try them and see what works01:05
egsomesFEARs, What error you get when try to Ping ?01:05
sFEARsdestination host unreachable, crossover cable between two computers01:06
sFEARsmaybe the cable is bad01:06
mario12true, just needed some pointers, since there is way too much to try01:06
mario12thanks a lot01:06
Dr_WillissFEARs:  perhaps your default route is not set.. If uysing a crossover cable. You could setup a dhcp server on one box.01:08
dmzhowdy y'all, i upgrade my desktop to lucid & now my gnome terminal has lost it's transparency (nvidia card, and upgraded to latest .run nvidia driver from nvidia direct) and my 2 desktops use to be stretched together into 1 big one; is that now a setting somewhere?01:09
Four2zeroI have ubuntu-server running and I have an external media drive that has all my movies and music stored on it. If i connect it to ubuntu-server should it be detected automatically and share throught my network ?01:09
DDwiis there a channel for assistance with ec2 ubuntu images?01:10
egsomeDDwi, #ubuntu-cloud01:10
LetsGo67Dr_Willis: qemu-img convert -c -f raw -O qcow2 win98.img win98q.img01:11
iceman30adhelp hiding in closet from wife she wants her ubuntu back after she did a bad config and I am getting a mount error( I think) thank you in advance for yor help any one01:11
egsomeiceman30ad, Try to describe more, and specify what the problem is, also what errors you get.01:12
djusticeiceman30ad: do you know the error? :P01:12
sometuxiceman30ad: keep hiding, lol01:12
djusticeiceman30ad: 'gksu gedit /etc/fstab' might have some hints.. (to kill the bad mountpoint)01:12
sFEARsDr_Willis: set laptop to dhcp, won't discover an ip, how do i get the desktop to serve the ip address?01:12
iceman30adok the screen says no init found try passing init= bootarg01:13
djusticeiceman30ad: ah.. that's more than a mount error.. that means the actual system moved/was erased.01:13
sFEARsi think they should make network cards with two ports to test the cable, a little late now i guess01:14
th0rdjustice: sounds like she might have nuked the grub config01:14
djusticeth0r: yep, but how?01:14
EvilPhoenixhow can I completely clone an ext4 partition from one drive to another freely?01:14
th0rdjustice: I am not on linux at the moment....I think if he just update-grub it might rewrite the conf01:14
bastidrazor^james_foo^: puppylinux uses what desktop enviroment? gnome?01:14
djusticeiceman30ad: you can boot the live image, mount the partition, then chroot to it, then 'sudo apt-get purge grub && sudo apt-get install grub && sudo update-grub'... maybe..01:15
iceman30adok ????01:15
DDwithanks egsome01:15
sFEARsEvilPhoenix: dd if=/dev/sda of/dev/sda201:15
iceman30adhow do I do that ?01:15
djusticeth0r: update grub only rewrites the config from /etc/default/grub /etc/grub.d/* to teh mbr..01:15
^james_foo^bastidrazor: um, not sure. xfce or so i think01:15
sometuxEvilPhoenix: use 'rsync'01:15
jribEvilPhoenix: make sure you understand exactly what a dd command does before you execute it01:15
Dr_WillissFEARs:  install a dhcp server on one of the machines.01:15
egsomeDDwi, You're welcome.01:15
djusticeso update-grub might not be enough if the actual .cfg's were nuked..01:15
sFEARsEvilPhoenix: dd if=/dev/partition_to_clone of=/dev/partition_to_write01:15
LordHawkeOkay. So. Fresh Ubuntu 10.04 install. I got Compiz and the proper nVIDYA drivers. I got the desktop cube working. I can't get the floating 3d windows on rotation working. I remember it working in 9.10. How do I get it back?01:15
iceman30adcan't even get to a live image01:15
djusticeiceman30ad: the disc you installed ubuntu from?01:15
* EvilPhoenix generally ignores commands he doesnt know01:15
th0rdjustice: (and everyone else) I think there is a way to get grub to rewrite the conf...but llike I said I am not on linux at the moment01:16
bastidrazor^james_foo^: xfce is nice and lightweight.. thanks01:16
soreauLordHawke: install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra and enable 3D Windows in ccsm01:16
djusticeEvilPhoenix: good ;)01:16
magedragon25I am running lucid, want to upgrade to 10.10. I ran sudo update-manager -d. After is gets to calculating changes, I get an error. If i check the /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log, it says Can't mark ubuntu-desktop. Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. Any help with this?01:16
sFEARsDr_Willis: i have openssh installed01:16
jrib!maverick | magedragon2501:16
ubottumagedragon25: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:16
EvilPhoenixsometux, rsync will get EVERYTHING including hidden files?01:16
iceman30adthat's what I have in the drive not a complete noob just novice01:16
EvilPhoenixjrib, ^01:16
djusticeth0r: :? 'sudo update-grub' does it.. but that wont work if the actual /etc/grub.d files were changed wrongly..01:16
Dr_WillissFEARs:  openssh is NOT a 'dhcp' server.01:16
jribEvilPhoenix: if you tell it to, sure01:16
magedragon25the problem is with my current install....not upgrading....I am tired of seeing  that ubottu01:17
EvilPhoenixjrib, which would specify to get EVERYTHING including hiddens?01:17
Dr_Willisdhcp3-server - DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment01:17
egsomemagedragon25, try: `sudo apt-get -f install`, and pastebin the exact errors and log.01:18
jribEvilPhoenix: rsync will copy what you tell it to copy, there's nothing special about hidden directories01:18
Dr_WillissFEARs:  withoug a Dhcp server. You have to set up the ip, dns, routes pro0perly and staticly on both machines and they should work. Unless its a cable issue.01:18
ir1844_how do i mount my cdrom and dvd plater01:18
iceman30ad(and I know the dis is good because I used it to install 10.10 on this com earier01:18
ActionParsnipmagedragon25: reinstall ubutu-desktop package, then you will be able to upgrade01:18
sFEARswhat dhcp do i need to set up with both set to static Dr_Willis?01:18
magedragon25tried it...not good01:18
ActionParsnipir1844_: it should be automatic due to the entry in /etc/fstab01:18
Delvien Fresh install on my desktop, pc boots, returns with "grub rescue>". I cannot boot to a LiveCD on this box, ls(hd*,*) shows "error: unkown filesystem01:19
djusticeiceman30ad: »_» that's a nice way to kill a computer ya kno ;)01:19
egsomeir1844_, Just insert the CD or DVD, Then double click to get them mounted.01:19
sFEARsnevermind, read it wrong.. Dr_Willis, if i have both set to static i don't need a dhcp.01:19
Dr_WillissFEARs:  if you set them up Staticly - then you dont use a dhcp server.. one way or the other...   with dhcp.  You sert them both to DHCP amd they should 'work'01:19
ActionParsnipDelvien: boot to liveCD and reinstall grub201:19
EvilPhoenixokay thanks01:19
sFEARswill try01:19
DelvienActionParsnip: I just said I couldnt boot to liveCD :P or i would of done that01:19
Dr_WillissFEARs:   sounds like you dont have the defaultroute set properly01:19
Coded1If I wanted to turn my wifi adapter into an ap forwarding Ethernet signal what mode is it called ?  Monitor mode, managed, ...?01:19
ActionParsnipDelvien: then use a USB device01:20
ActionParsnip!ics | Coded101:20
ubottuCoded1: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:20
DelvienActionParsnip: Thats what I do, Its my video card, livecd does not like it.01:20
Neo_I'm having some problems with my apache permissions can anyone assist?01:20
th0rCoded1: the wifi is set up as usual. The forwarding is done with network address translation01:20
egsome!ask | Neo_01:20
ubottuNeo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:20
cysticsay, since I changed my computer name to danger I always get this message when i  do something with sudo: "sudo: unable to resolve host danger"01:20
ActionParsnipDelvien: then use bootoptions to specify safe vga01:21
Dr_Willis!hostname | cystic01:21
ubottucystic: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.01:21
DelvienActionParsnip: tried that.01:21
magedragon25egsome: ran command, no errors01:21
Dr_Williscystic:  i would think your /etc/hosts is not correct01:21
ActionParsnipDelvien: how did you install then?01:21
DelvienActionParsnip: netinstall :)01:21
Neo_I've recently changed my document root from /var/www to /home/xxxx/www and know im getting 403 permissiond denied, ived chown'd to root with 644 still the same01:22
cystick, i will check it out. thanks a bunch!01:22
DelvienActionParsnip: Is there no way within the grub rescue> shell to actually rescue grub?01:22
DragonKeeperhow do i install anti aliasing to at lest 4x01:22
ActionParsnipDelvien: try a different livecd then, may have different options for your video chip, or you could blacklist the video chip driver to then use vesa01:22
ActionParsnipDelvien: you can type grub commands to get a boot01:23
jribNeo_: what are permissions on /home, /home/xxxx/, and /home/xxxx/www?  Use a pastebin01:23
Coded1Th0r: I actually want to do this on my iPhone but forgot the "mode" the wifi interface has to be in to achieve this AP mode. #iPhone people aren't as technical as u guys figured u could shed some light01:23
Leolo_3btw, the answer is RUN+="/somecmand", and some command does stty -F $DEVNAME speed 960001:23
dbrunsI'm trying to use a id_rsa public key between one server and another and connecting via SSH works the first time (no password required), but connecting anytime thereafter requires a password..   WHAT GIVES?01:23
cystic127.0.1.1ubuntu.ubuntu-domainubuntu  ....so should I change that last ubuntu to say danger since that is what is in the hostname file?01:23
th0rCoded1: seriously.....01:23
jribdbruns: is ubuntu on the server?01:24
dbrunsjrib: yes01:24
dbrunsjrib: on both01:24
jribdbruns: what *exactly* are you doing?01:24
egsomemagedragon25, So, try the same command `sudo updage-manager -d` and pastebin any errors or log, so the people here can help.01:25
dbrunsjrib: setting up a rails production server using capistrano.  my git repository is on a development server01:25
DelvienActionParsnip: I see what happened.... it installed grub on the USB i installed from. Jeeeez you think it would of detected the drive and done it there01:25
cysticthat did it, thanks!01:25
dbrunsjrib: i need to automate the git pull/clone so it can update code when I deploy01:25
ActionParsnipDelvien: i'm not that conversant with grub to know the commands etc but I know you can type stuff to boot from that prompt01:25
jribdbruns: I mean connection-wise.  You have two machines and you just saying "connecting anytime thereafter".  Let's call your machines A and B01:25
Neo_jrib: http://pastebin.com/Tm3L4XpL01:25
ActionParsnipDelvien: linux is flexible, so you can do as you wish, glad you worked it out dude :)01:25
Coded1Th0r. I'm not looking for specific information to do with iOS or hardware just what mode the adapter would have to be in to be recognized as an ap. IE. To sniff packets you have to be in "Monitor mode"01:26
Kyle__Hi.  I've got this weird situation, where the users can't get to sound, and so their login hangs.01:26
Kyle__Looks like pulse isn't starting.01:26
Kyle__Any ideas?01:26
jribNeo_: www-data (or "everyone" if you don't want to change owner/group)  needs execute permissions on all parent directories01:26
DelvienActionParsnip: Lol, i know, ive been using ubuntu for 6 years now, just the first time ive dealt with grub2 ( I dont like it!)01:26
jribNeo_: apache runs as www-data01:26
dbrunsjrib: A needs to connect to B  for a git pull which uses scp to transfer files   so when I do   git pull the first time (no entry in known_hosts on B) it works without prompting for a password.  Once there is an entry in known_hosts on B *for A*   it prompts01:26
ActionParsnipDelvien: i single boot so any bootloader is fine by me01:27
Dr_WillisDelvien:  compared to the LILO and GRUB1 fighting ive had in the past.. i will stick with GRUB201:27
DelvienDr_Willis: I liked grub1, it was straightforward!01:27
Dr_WillisDelvien:  dont forget Syslinux also.. :)  its fun when all them use similer yet different configs01:27
jribdbruns: forget about git pull.  Use just ssh so we can troubleshoot01:27
Dr_WillisDelvien: grub1 was also fastly aproaching a wall of limitations and other issues .. so  was born grub201:28
dbrunsjrib: yeah I am ;p01:28
dbrunsjrib: you asked me to explain the situation01:28
jribdbruns: but not in your explanation :/01:28
Neo_jrib: Thanks! fixed01:28
jribNeo_: no problem01:29
ActionParsnipKyle__: could try this ppa, it goes all te way to jaunty: http://superuser.com/questions/17180/ubuntu-ppa-with-pulse-audio-0-9-15   or you could just disable system sounds.....01:29
Kyle__ActionParsnip: Is there a way to do that for all users in one fell swoop?  Instead of doing it user by user?01:30
ActionParsnipKyle__: that will be applied system wide. Disabling the sound I am unsure of01:31
Kyle__I dunno if I can/should do that.... VIrtualbox hangs starting a VM if it can't get to the sound.01:32
DelvienDr_Willis: I suppose, but the problem is that when installing from a USB drive, grub2 detects MBR from usb, not from the HDD you are installing ubuntu on, which is why i ran into this recent problem. Bug reportin' time01:32
jribdbruns: if you're not sure how to explain it better, the best explanation is usually pastebin a series of commands and output in your terminal that illustrate your problem without the need for added words (I guess you should run ssh a couple of times and display one time it working and then not working right after).  Don't omit anything you run01:32
RickmastaAnyone mind helping me?01:32
iceman30adok I was following dj's instructions and got a new error01:32
ActionParsnipKyle__: try disabling sound in the settings. I'd also ask in #vbox01:33
dbrunsjrib: working on it :p01:33
dbrunswith ssh -v ;p01:33
iceman30admount: cannot read /etc/fstab: no such file or dir01:33
ActionParsnipiceman30ad: you should have one01:34
iceman30adand all I was  trying to do was mount /dev/sd001:34
FalsAlarmanyone know if the php mail() function works by default on a default install of apache2 and php5?01:34
glaucousDo someone know of a bitmap font generator program for Linux? Seems like there aren't many alternatives out there.01:34
Nim_I need a touch friendly keyboard for a tablet in ubuntu, something perhaps self hiding, swypish or acts like a cell phone keyboard, is there anything?01:35
RickmastaI'm new to ubuntu, linux persion. I orderd a cheap vps to mess arround with. So I want to setup znc, a friend was guiding me through, he was trying to help me set up a user on the server because he said not to do it as root.01:35
sometuxFalsAlarm: you need to install sendmail01:35
jribRickmasta: shouldn't you already have a user on the server?01:35
Rickmastathere's root.01:36
FalsAlarmsometux, does it require alot of configuration?01:36
jribRickmasta: root isn't enabled by default on ubuntu...01:36
Rickmastawhat do you mean?01:36
sometuxFalsAlarm: exim4 should work too , and it's easier to install and configure01:36
jribRickmasta: by default, the root account has no password on ubuntu01:36
FalsAlarmsometux, well, as long as I dont have open relay on my server01:37
jrib!root | Rickmasta01:37
ubottuRickmasta: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:37
Rickmastajrib: Mine does01:37
Rickmastaubottu: I know my root password01:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:37
th0rRickmasta: I doubt your virtual private server is running ubuntu01:37
latagoreHow can I check my version of Ubuntu? And do I need to reinstall software between different kernel versions?01:38
FalsAlarmuname -a01:38
Rickmastath0r: I am.01:38
Rickmastawell, it is.01:38
jribRickmasta: You should ask your vps provider for exactly what modifications were made to the install.  In case there are others. Anyway, what's your question?01:39
jrib!version | latagore01:39
ubottulatagore: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:39
jriblatagore: no, you don't need to reinstall01:39
zzcranjohello all, just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to creating my own window borders.01:40
zzcranjoIs there a better channel for this? or a link someone could give me?01:40
Rickmastajrib: Well, I'm trying to set up another user on the server, but I keep on getting "rick is now alloed to run sudo on vps. This incident will be reported."01:40
jribRickmasta: so you aren't root...01:40
latagorejrib: I just tried the command and I got "No LSB modules are available."01:40
jriblatagore: then you aren't using ubuntu01:41
Rickmastajrib: That's when I log onto that user.01:41
jriblatagore: or maybe you didn't type in what ubottu said01:41
jribRickmasta: please take 5 minutes to read the page about sudo ubottu sent you01:41
ActionParsnipRickmasta: is th user you are using a member of the admin  group?01:42
FalsAlarmto find out what version of linux your running, cat /etc/*-release01:42
ActionParsnipFalsAlarm: or: lsb_release -a01:42
latagorejrib: crap, sorry01:42
LinuxFetuszzcranjo: I don't think that that question pertains to "Ubuntu", really.  I would imagine (and I have a very limited knowledge) that joining a Gnome or KDE channel or something (if such a thing exists) would probably be more on topic.01:42
jriblatagore: I guess you forgot the "-a"?01:42
latagorejrib: excuse the language01:42
jribzzcranjo: art.gnome.org has a metacity tutorial.  For compiz, maybe try #compiz01:43
latagorejrib: Yes I forgot01:43
latagoreirib: Thanks for the help.01:44
zzcranjo@linux, thanks, I probably will. :) Jrib, thankyou, i will take a look01:44
jribdbruns: ok, before I get bored and leave.  Here's my guess: you're using encryption on the server... the authorized_keys file only exists in one state (encrypted or not decrypted).  If that's true, I'd suggest changing the location for that file in your sshd_config01:45
dbrunsjrib: sorry been trying different things..01:46
jribRickmasta: you know what root is and what sudo does now?01:46
dbrunsjrib: you may be on to something though01:46
dbrunsjrib: http://www.pastie.org/private/wjvt8uohd4czu3reedtgsw01:46
FalsAlarmis there an easier way of sending mail from within php5 without using the php mail() function and installing a email server01:46
euxneksFalsAlarm, no.01:46
jribdbruns: well that doesn't show the key being used ever, right?  Does "authorized_keys2" work? I always use it without the "2"01:47
Rickmastajrib: Yes, I have an Idea.01:47
jribRickmasta: ok.  So you know what to do now?01:48
euxneksFalsAlarm, although, you may want to inquire in #php01:48
dbrunsjrib: yeah it works from megatron to megatron and from one of my pcs at the office to megatron01:48
litropyHi, peeps. Is there a chan for pam-face-authentication?01:48
Rickmastajrib: I would follow the "Allowing other users to run sudo", right?01:49
jribRickmasta: sure.  I'm guessing you created the "rick" user yourself from the root account?01:49
Rickmastajrib: Yup01:49
euxnekslitropy, try asking on their mailing list01:50
jribRickmasta: right, so as root, you need to "adduser rick admin".  That will add the rick user to the admin group and all users in the admin group are given the abliity to sudo.01:50
Rickmastajrib: but when I try that, I get "The group 'admin' does not exist."01:51
Dr_WillisRickmasta:  I do belive a user must log out/back in befor 'group' chanves will take affect.01:51
litropyeuxneks: I've never understood mailing lists. They're hard to navigate and fill up my inbox. Am I missing something in usability understanding?01:51
jribRickmasta: that's another standard ubuntu thing...  Are you sure this is ubuntu?  What does the command « lsb_release -a » return?01:51
dbrunsjrib: it even works if I connect directly from the laptop I'm on..01:51
euxnekslitropy, I use gmail and filter mailing lists into their own labels and skip the inbox01:52
Dr_WillisRickmasta:  the command worked for me -->  willis@cow:/home$ sudo adduser peg admin01:52
euxnekslitropy, you can also unsubscribe after a while01:52
Dr_Willis(peg is my users name in question)01:52
jribdbruns: not to be a pain, but I still don't know the problem :)  In any case, if you *are* using encryption on the server, you *need* to change the location of authorized_keys to somewhere outside the encrypted directory01:52
euxnekslitropy, other than that you can email that guy on the project page01:52
zzcranjoI would like to get involved with submitting art to be used with the distro releases(e.g. the selection of "default" wallpapers). I am an amatuer artist, and would like to know how I can submit icons, or wallpapers. And is there a todo list of icons or wallpapers etc that need creating?01:52
Rickmastajrib: http://screens.rickmasta.com/Ep.jpg01:52
=== TannerF is now known as Pilif12p
litropyeuxneks: Why is it that when I view mailing lists online and click "Next in thread," it seems to go to a completely different thread?01:52
jribRickmasta: cat /etc/sudoers01:53
euxnekslitropy, that's a question for the creators of the listviewing software ;)01:53
JSGIs there a way to completely reset the keyboard/mouse settings in Ubuntu. I have to use a very old 8.04 build for a class project and the mouse movement is super weird and I cant select the menus or title bars of any windows.01:53
litropyeuxneks: online, as in converted from mail to a public archive01:53
Rickmastajrib: http://screens.rickmasta.com/9f.jpg01:54
litropyeuxneks: aaah. heh. But it's been that way for years damnit :P01:54
Samplezthi guys.. i got this problem.. when i wanna update, give me error bcause couldnt connect to server or something..i try to change the server, but doesnt wok..someone can help?01:54
dbrunsjrib: I changed nothing and after trying a few times from all over it works now....01:54
jribRickmasta: they called the group "staff" instead of admin :/01:54
Rickmastajrib: I added that, a friend told me to.01:55
RickmastaThere was only root.01:55
ActionParsnipSamplezt: can you access the internet on the same PC?01:55
jribdbruns: well you may have added your key both to /home/.ssh/authorized_keys before your home is decrypted and after.  This is a pain to maintain01:55
Sampleztwith windows works fine01:55
vu1kan<python -m SimpleHTTPServer> allows one to serve their current working directory over their lan@ localhost:8000, I would like to expose this dir to the internet.  I've already set up a ddns provider, and forwarded port 8000 through my router, what would be my next step? or could someone point me towards a how-to?01:55
ActionParsnipRickmasta: its most likely not ubuntu then as the community doesn't support root logins01:55
litropyPeeps, why is the right click menu of unity not popping? for instance, I hover and get "Google Chrome" in a nice, easy to read bubble. I then right-click, and I don't get "Keep in Dock" and the like.01:55
jribRickmasta: k, that's fine.  But standard is "admin" on ubuntu, so when you see the "admin" group in the documentation, you'll have to read that as "staff"01:55
dbrunsjrib: how can I tell if it is encrypting my home directory? I don't remember how I set it up on megatron01:56
RickmastaI'll change it to staff01:56
ActionParsnipSamplezt: ok cool, can you give the output of: sudo apt-get update     use http://pastie.org to give the output01:56
jribdbruns: umm, if you close every session your user has and then go to his home with another user, you'll see some encryption related stuff there.  Don't know of a better way01:56
jribdbruns: maybe "mount" says something too01:57
quidnunc`How do I debug something that should be run using run-parts in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d01:57
Rickmastajrib: I changed it, and I'm still getting the same error.01:57
Sampleztmm how it works the page?01:57
zzcranjoI would like to get involved with submitting art to be used with the distro releases(e.g. the selection of "default" wallpapers). I am an amatuer artist, and would like to know how I can submit icons, or wallpapers. And is there a todo list of icons or wallpapers etc that need creating?01:57
ActionParsnip!contribute | zzcranjo01:57
ubottuzzcranjo: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate01:57
zzcranjoActionParsnip: thanks01:58
litropyAdditionally, the bug in Untiy is intermittent. Like, NOW I can get the right-click menu. I didn't close any programs or change states.01:58
dbrunsjrib: yep it is...01:58
dbrunsjrib: mount has some info01:58
dbrunsAnyone know how to turn encryption on my home directory OFF?01:58
jribRickmasta: what did you type exactly?  If you didn't create the "staff" group, you'll have to.  Or better yet, create an "admin" group and update your /etc/sudoers so that your install is closer to what the documentation for ubuntu will always talk about01:58
Rickmastajrib: Mind telling me how I'll do that?01:59
dbrunswould rm ~/.encryptfs be enough?...01:59
jribdbruns: well you want to get your encrypted data safe somewhere first01:59
dbrunsjrib: i don't care about the data in there its a development server01:59
Sampleztaction, ready, i paste the output01:59
ActionParsnipiving new users to linux the option to encrypt partitions is a real bad idea imho02:00
Sampleztchek it :)02:00
jribdbruns: I *think* it's enough to delete those files then, yes02:00
ActionParsnipSamplezt: i need the new address of the browser02:00
ActionParsnipSamplezt: you need to paste it in here02:00
ActionParsnipSamplezt: can you upgrade ok in terminal? Does: sudo apt-get upgrade    work?02:02
madoplease excuse me for a minute or so02:03
Sampleztit seems to work fine..02:03
ActionParsnipSamplezt: cool downloading ok then sounds like you are ok02:04
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Kyle__Weird weird....02:04
Kyle__OK.  If I wait long enough, gnome looks normal, but the system load is over 4, and there are several pulseaudio --start jobs running the background02:05
Kyle__And no sound is available.02:05
Kyle__Any ideas?02:05
Sampleztbut when i tryo to update02:06
Sampleztlook what happen02:06
ActionParsnipKyle__: sounds like you are telling the OS to remember the running apps (maybe). You can try:  killall pulseaudio     wich should sort them out, you can then run a single instance.02:07
ActionParsnipSamplezt: can you pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list   please02:08
Pavel_10does anyone know about running android apps on (k)ubuntu?02:09
egsomeSamplezt, I think there's a problem in your Internet connection, The errors report that Ubuntu cannot reach archive.canonical.com and other hosts, although they're reachable with no problems !02:09
ActionParsnipSamplezt: all looks in order, try manually choosing a different server in the System -> software sources02:10
zzcranjoSamplezt: Do you have any firewall software installed on your computer or router? Also, are you using a schools or collegs internet?02:10
Samplezti already try that.. but it doesnt work02:11
ActionParsnipSamplezt: try editting /etc/hosts and change the nameservers to  and
Sampleztmaybe is the interrnet02:11
Kyle__ActionParsnip: I'm not telling it to restart programs on login.02:11
Sampleztbut in windows work fine02:11
Sampleztok, lets see..02:11
ActionParsnipKyle__: tre but if it makes the sound work you know what the issue is02:11
Kyle__ActionParsnip: I've actually removed all my dot files more than once, hoping it was some setting that accidently got triggered.  No luck.02:11
egsomeSamplezt, Check your Internet connection settings ( Router Configurations ). Do you use a Proxy ?02:11
Kyle__ActionParsnip: Trust me I wish.  Besides, this is for multiple users02:11
iceman30adSamplezt;  is your ip comcast or roadrunner by any chance02:11
dbrunsjrib: FYI, i'm almost certain what made it work was that I logged in from grimlock and left that connection open (home dir was mounted) and then it worked...     i removed all  ecrypt.pam references in my /etc/ files and .ecryptfs from ~ and now its no longer encrypted ;p02:12
ActionParsnipKyle__: it still needs checking so we know02:12
dbrunsnow i just need to figure out why passenger doesn't like my app02:12
jribdbruns: k, you should probably purge the relevant package too02:12
Kyle__ActionParsnip: I removed all the . files and . directories  It's clean02:12
zzcranjoSamplezt: If you cannot resolve the problem, I suggest asking someone in person to help you. If you do not know any experienced ubuntu users, then let me know, and I can try remote support options.02:13
Gambit-Anyone know off hand if you can run qemu on ubuntu inside of vmware?02:14
Dr_WillisGambit-:  so you are going to run 'ubuntu -> running vmware --> running qemu'02:15
ActionParsnipKyle__: if you run: sudo lshw -C audio    copy the product line and use it in websearches02:15
Gambit-Win7 -> VMWare -> Ubuntu -> Qemu -> Debian ARM02:15
sedstaplerGambit-: most likely yes02:15
Sampleztsry.. mm i open the host file but where i change the name server?02:15
ActionParsnipGambit-: it'll run like a dog but yes02:15
Gambit-dog is fine :)02:15
=== administrator is now known as Guest29075
Gambit-The kvm module failed to load02:15
bastidrazorSamplezt: /etc/resolv.conf02:16
ActionParsnipSamplezt: you will need: gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf     change the IP addresses, save the new file then try to update upgrade commands from earlier02:16
ubottuDas Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.02:16
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:16
ActionParsnip(hopes its chinese)02:16
IdleOneit is02:17
IdleOne!cn | ylmf02:17
ubottuylmf: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:17
egsomeGuest29075, 尝试 #ubuntu-cn02:17
Millerboa noite02:18
Milleralguem fala portugues?02:18
IdleOne!pt | Miller02:18
ubottuMiller: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em brasileiro. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:18
loonieis there life on mars?02:18
Rickmastajrib: How can I great the admin group?02:18
Sampleztwhat i change?02:18
looniepaste my arse m'fucker02:19
Gambit-ActionParsnip, It's giving a no hardware support message.02:19
pietro10Hi. Ubuntu detects my Netgear router (don't remember the model # sorry) and it shows the active wireless networks, but it refuses to connect to them from my Dell Precision M6400. Rebooting into Windows was the same way. My Mac however is connected and working fine. Is there a way I can check the logs on Ubuntu to see what's going wrong? Thanks.02:19
Milleranyone can i help me02:19
IdleOneMiller: faça /join #ubuntu-br02:20
egsomeMiller, Where's your problem ?02:20
Millermy card02:20
AndrewMCGuest29075: 这是Ubuntu的加入一个频道,人们会说你的语言,请复制并贴上此文字支持渠道:/join #ubuntu-cn02:20
* AndrewMC loves google translate02:20
RickmastaAnyone mind telling me how I might add the admin usergroup?02:20
Millerok idleone02:20
bastidrazorRickmasta: in a terminal type: sudo adduser username admin     ..substitute username with the user you want added02:21
jribRickmasta: to create the "admin" group, you would do: addgroup admin02:21
Rickmastabastidrazor: It's saying the the admin group doesn't work.02:21
Teddy_bear /join #ubuntu-br02:21
thune3pietro10: do you have mac address filtering set on the router?02:22
pietro10IDK, let me check02:22
Kyle__ActionParsnip: No great shakes there.  It shows it's intel AC97 audio, and the drivers are infact loaded.02:22
bastidrazorRickmasta: that isn't an actual error, can you be specific02:22
Rickmastajrib: sudo?02:22
ActionParsnipRickmasta: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-add-user-to-group/02:22
jribRickmasta: presumably, you are root...02:22
ActionParsnipKyle__: you may need some options on the module or kernel to make it fly. If it is a branded PC or laptop then this can be used in websearches02:22
pietro10thune3: ok it says MAC Filtering is "Secured"02:23
pietro10which is odd; I don't have WEP enabled02:23
pietro10maybe it turned that on when I gave the router Dynamic DNS02:23
Kyle__ActionParsnip: I needed no options on the other identical machines that are running ubuntu.02:23
ActionParsnipKyle__: interesting. hmm. Is the sound chip onboard or is it on the motherboard?02:23
ActionParsnipKyle__: is the sounds card easily replaceable, basically02:24
pietro10ok it still doesn't seem to be connection02:24
pietro10yeah it's not connecting02:24
Rickmastajrib: Ok, I added the user to admin, I change staff to admin, I'm still getting the same error. "rick is not allowed to run sudo on vps."02:25
Kyle__No, it's onboard.  This problem just started happening today in this lab, and it's effecting all the machies with that image.  I can't roll back, so I need to diagnose what's going on to fix it.02:25
jribRickmasta: what does « groups »return?02:25
jribRickmasta: ok, and now login as rick02:25
Rickmastajrib: staff and admin02:26
ActionParsnipKyle__: if you boot to livecd. Is it ok?02:26
pietro10is there a way I can get the log to see why it's no tworking?02:26
jribRickmasta: and now "sudo echo hi"?02:26
thune3pietro10: maybe look at the end of /var/log/syslog for clues as to where connection operations are missing.02:26
Kyle__I'm quite sure it would be, but I haven't doen that02:26
gerio-unOlá a todos. Algum brasileiro?02:26
jrib!br | gerio-un02:26
ubottugerio-un: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:26
zzcranjolol thanks jrib02:27
Rickmastajrib: Same error. "rick is not allowed to run sudo on vps."02:27
jribRickmasta: pastebin your /etc/sudoers02:27
pietro10thune3: ok it keeps DHCPDISCOVER on different bands02:29
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pietro10and no response from any of it, so it fails02:29
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
pietro10let me try setting to channel 302:30
basiliskI installed tftpd and dhcp3-server correctly, both working, but my client on the network is not receiving files, what could be wrong?02:30
pietro10wait i get up to 11 but Ubuntu is going up to 302:30
Rickmastajrib: http://pastebin.com/TKhkND1R02:30
pietro10bleh let's try it02:30
zzcranjoI accidentally installed a 32-bit10.04, to change it to 64 is it as simple as compiling a 64 bit kernel? I can only access 3.7 gigs of ram, even though i have 4gigs.02:30
ActionParsnipzzcranjo: you can install the pae kernel to access up to 12Gb RAM02:31
Dr_Williszzcranjo:  it will take a reinstall.. enve even with 64bit. and exactly 4gb of ram. SOME of it may be used by the system. so not accessable fully02:31
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info02:31
zzcranjoActionParsnip: thanks02:31
Dr_Williszzcranjo:  with exactly 4gb of ram. its a bit of a tossup - if its worth going 64bit or not.. depends on what you are doing with the system02:32
jribRickmasta: meh, should work.  What does « sudo -K; sudo -l » say?02:32
jribRickmasta: this is all as rick02:32
pietro10but yeah02:33
pietro10it's doing DHCPREQUEST at increasing intervals02:33
zzcranjoDr_Willis: I am an artist, both 2d and 3d, so I need the extra 300 mb for renders02:33
pietro10and not getting a response02:33
zzcranjoSo I think its worth it02:33
crushpesthi everyone02:33
crushpesti am searching for a graphic traceroute util. Anybody knows a good one?02:34
=== andy is now known as Guest98079
thune3pietro10: you aren't selecting a specific SSID to connect to? You are getting associated and authenticated?02:34
Guest98079newbie here02:34
pietro10what do you mean?02:34
pietro10I don't have any wireless security02:34
zzcranjocrushpest: I do not know of any programs, but go to whois ip02:35
pietro10and a specific network, yes (the one from my router)02:35
egsomecrushpest, `System menu > Administration > Network tools` has a good one.02:35
zzcranjocrushpest: Oh, egsome has a good one02:35
egsomecrushpest, or you mean one that draw graphical output of traceroute ?02:35
Dr_Williszzcranjo:  you may want to reinstall a 64bit OS then.. and even then like i said.  You may not get the full 300mb back.02:35
egsomeGuest98079, Welcome.02:36
crushpestyes with a mapping funktion02:36
Dr_Williszzcranjo:  but for math intesnsive renderings.. 64bit will give you a bit of a speed gain02:36
thune3pietro10: you were saying it was scanning channels and broadcasting, which was odd. it should know the channel of your router, by nam,e and set that channel. associated and authenticated are connection steps you should see in the syslog.02:36
pietro10this is when I wish I had readslow02:37
egsomecrushpest, check: http://freshmeat.net/projects/gtrace/02:37
crushpestegsome: i read something about xtraceroute, but i isn't in apt02:37
Dr_Willismtr - Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool02:37
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
=== sedstapler is now known as sedulous
egsome!info mtr02:38
ubottumtr (source: mtr): Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.75-2build1 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 168 kB02:39
niglophow can i intergrate my command line into my desktop?02:39
Dr_Willisniglop:  depends on what you want. try guake02:39
Dr_Willis!info guake02:39
ubottuguake (source: guake): A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-3 (lucid), package size 139 kB, installed size 960 kB02:39
pietro10I don't see any authentication step or anything like that02:39
pietro10just a few Listening steps and then the DHCPREQUESTS02:39
Rickmastajrib: sudo -K doesn't do anything, and sudo -l says "Sorry, user rick may not run sudo on vps."02:39
pietro10maybe I'm doing it wrong02:39
niglopone sec Dr_Willis ill show you a pic02:39
Kyle__ActionParsnip: Now I know why I was seeing it on the clients... theyuse NFS homes.02:39
jribRickmasta: don't know then, contact your vps provider02:39
Kyle__ActionParsnip: It's because ubuntu's NFS server is broken, rpc.statd doesn't start (or stay running) as needed.  Probably because of upstart.02:40
HoudiniManhi guys, does anybody know a good bootable hardware diagnostic suite? I want to test the components in this old PC02:40
Oerniglop, i use Yakuake, a pop-up terminal with F1202:40
Dr_Willisniglop:  the 'terminal in a root window on the desktop' was popular years ago.. but is a bit of an annoyance in many ways.. guake works very well.02:40
Kyle__HoudiniMan: On nights like this, I'd say use a different linux :P02:40
niglophold up one sec02:40
Kyle__HoudiniMan: astrumi used to have some good tools on it.02:40
estragibDr_Willis: i'm using it right now, you insensitive clod :p02:40
ActionParsnipKyle__: ubuntu isnt always the answer02:40
Kyle__ActionParsnip: And today, it was, in fact, the problem.02:41
Sampleztguys, Internet is definitely the problem .. to get to a page I have to try several times before coming .. and the download speed is too slow .. any idea?02:41
crushpestegsome: mtr has no map function02:41
niglopDr_Willis» http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/217/screenshot32i.png02:41
thune3pietro10: not sure. could you install pastebinit and pastebin the end of syslog: "tail -n 300 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit -"02:41
ActionParsnipKyle__: looks like you need to research a new distro then02:41
wedwoSamplezt, are you wired or wireless02:42
niglopthanks dr02:42
Kyle__ActionParsnip: For the server end of this, yes.02:42
Dr_Willisniglop:  thats what we were talking about an 'embeded' in the root window terminal.. thers dozens of hacks to do it.02:42
pietro10thune3: that's the thing — I can't get to the internet =p02:42
HoudiniManI'm not even tied to a linux solution, just something a la PC Doctor that's free02:43
niglopdoes guake do the same thing?02:43
Dr_Willisniglop: guake pops down a terminal on F1202:43
=== Mariele is now known as Guest95720
Dr_Willisniglop:  you basically take a terminal that can do transprancy, and set it to be 'below others' and with no deforations -> its on the root of the desktop then02:43
pietro10let me reset the router.02:43
wedwoSamplezt, so I take it you're using ethernet and DHSL?02:44
niglopDr_Willis» i dont want it showing in my task list though02:44
Dr_Willisniglop:  see http://lifehacker.com/294005/embed-a-terminal-in-the-desktop-with-compiz-fusion02:44
nigloplike as a button on my task bar02:44
Samplezt<wedwo> thats right02:44
Dr_Willisniglop:  theres some settings for that i recall also.02:44
{n8}anyone know a cool white mac-ish style theme02:44
MACscrhow can i remove a package using apt-get, but exclude one of its dependencies? basically i want to completely remove php, but i want to keep phpmyadmin installed as im going to manually install php again02:45
wedwoSamplezt, is this the only computer going through the router?02:45
tensorpudding{n8}: there's a huge quantity of OSX-styled themes on GNOME Look.02:45
{n8}tensorpudding: oh nice02:45
tensorpuddingno guarantees that any of them are good.02:45
jribMACscr: tell apt to install it02:45
{n8}yeah ill look02:45
Sampleztthere is another one, with windows xp02:46
MACscrjrib: huh?02:46
jribMACscr: huh what?02:46
wedwoSamplezt, and does it suffer the same slowdown?02:46
{n8}MACscr: remove php, then install phpmyadmin02:46
jribMACscr: tell apt to install phpmyadmin at the same time...02:46
{n8}or yeah02:46
dlp211if i reinstall my os, how do i remount my Raid?02:47
MACscrso that wont modify what i have done with phpmyadmin?02:47
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install somthing+  somthingtoremove-  (or am i backwards)02:47
jribMACscr: two people are speaking to you02:47
jrib3 now02:47
Sampleztnot, and when I use my windows partition, internet works fine02:47
MACscrlol, and i was responding. sheesh02:47
Dr_WillisI just recall that in the apt-get manual i read the other day >:) never seen a need for it02:47
egsomecrushpest, I see02:48
jribMACscr: yeah but we have no clue what "that" is in your sentence.  There's more than one suggestion...02:48
egsomecrushpest, I think gtrace is good, but never tried it out.02:48
=== pietro10_ is now known as pietro10
wedwoSamplezt, OK, can you post the output of 'ifconfig' please02:48
TraumaPonyWhen I try and log in, it plays that drum noise and then goes back to the login screen. I tried going logging in via a terminal but I get this weird screen corruption. Anybody help? :X02:48
{n8}MACscr: i dont *think* apt-get remove, removes like config dirs and stuff for whatever your removing...02:49
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  can you ssh in from a differnet machine? (if you got ssh installed)02:49
TraumaPonyNup, I don't02:49
dlp211if i reinstall my os, how do i remount my Raid?02:49
MACscr{n8}: it does if you ask it to. I want it to remove everything else, just not phpmyadmin02:50
TraumaPonyI tried booting into recovery mode but it does the weird screen corruption there too02:50
TraumaPonyMaybe my video card drivers are fucked02:50
zzcranjoTraumaPony: Watch the language pleaes02:51
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  theres the 'text' option you can use, that might get it to boot to a normal console.  edit the grub boot line at the grub menus, and append 'text'  to the end after the 'quiet' and other options02:51
avi_hello all, I'm trying to use Glade and PyGTK, but Glade seems to be "defective", if you will. I am unable to drag and drop anything. If I try and drag and drop something, there is no indication that the GUI recognizes I am trying to do so, and does nothing to drag and drop them. I'm using Lucid 10.4.1.. What's up with this? Thanks in advance!02:52
Samplezt<wedwo> any idea?'02:52
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Should vga be set to the weird number of 789?02:53
wedwoSamplezt, thank you. I see nothing wrong there. Can you post the output of "lshw -C Network" please?02:53
TraumaPonyDr_Willis Hmm, nope, that didn't work, it's corrupted still02:54
Sampleztok, let me see02:54
omgh4xwhen i boot any sort of ubuntu live cd, it goes to black screen. i think it may be my intel onboard graphics?02:54
Samplezthere, http://pastie.org/115136502:55
area51pilotwhat is the preferential website builder for Linux?02:56
Random832area51pilot: vim02:56
area51pilotit's quiet02:56
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/02:56
Random832[more to the point, what is a "website builder"?]02:57
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  the 'text' option shoudl default to the old 'failsafe text' mode for the console. and not use the framebufer at all.02:57
Random832(vim is a text editor, like notepad but better)02:57
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Should I remove the vga option then?02:57
Dr_WillisLike notepad - in the same way a swiss army knife is like a butter knife.. :)02:57
area51pilotthx all02:57
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Or does it override them?02:58
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  in the past. i get to the grub menu, hit e to edit a line. and i replace --> "quiet nosplash"02:58
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: K trying that02:58
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  with just 'text' and it boots to a console, no gdm, no framebuffer, just a basic text console.. if that dont work.. well that is weird...02:58
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  Thats what i was suggesting earlier..02:59
TraumaPonyYa it's fucked too02:59
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  and your video chipset is what exactly?02:59
IdleOneTraumaPony: watch the language please02:59
egsomeTraumaPony, Watch your language ..02:59
wedwoSamplezt, Ok, I see the driver listed for the ethernet controller is RTL8111/8168B, but the driver it is using is r816902:59
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: 9800 GT. But if I try booting it in virtualbox, it does the same thing03:00
TraumaPonyIdleOne/egsome: eh03:00
omgh4xWhen i boot any sort of ubuntu live cd, it goes to black screen. i think it may be my intel onboard graphics?03:00
IdleOneTraumaPony: Family friendly language is channel policy.03:00
=== LinoSP_ is now known as LinoSP
TraumaPonyOh, you mean like, no swearing?03:01
IdleOneTraumaPony: yes please03:01
Samplezt<wedwo>mm.. =/.. so? what i do?'03:01
tchebbYes, I'm only 14. My mind might get scarred for life :(03:01
TraumaPonyWell that's stupid *shrug*03:01
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Is there a way to undo driver changes or something from a live cd?03:01
wedwoSamplezt, I don't know enough to tell you here how to fix it but you can try blacklisting r8169 and see if it loads the proper driver - you can always un-blacklist it if it doesn't03:02
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  i had some quirks with my nvidia chipset and the neaovu driver. but that text option shouldent even be loading that driver..   This is on a live cd? or an installed system?03:03
wedwoSamplezt, otherwise you'll have to wait for someone with more neurons than I03:03
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Installed.03:03
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  so has it ever worked?03:03
Samplezt<wedwo>no prbolem, thanks men.. i try that03:03
JeffBarnesI MAY HAVE FOUND A BUG but not sure. I just installed my system-installed the updates and installed gufw. Then I created two regular users. I logged into one user and viewed the files in the other users account. Neither of these accounts had privs.03:03
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Yup. Though come to think of it, before I restarted, I was playing around with virtualbox and installed the virtualbox guest additions... Could that be causing this?03:04
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  backup. this is a gfx issue in ubuntu thats running IN virtualbox?03:04
wedwoSamplezt, buena suerte03:04
ubuntuI thing the live cd are good but if you want it to work right you need to install it.03:05
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Both. I boot the same installation either at startup or in virtualbox03:05
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  you are running a ubuntu install from a 'real' hard drive in virtualbox, ? and you also boot it up normally?03:05
Samplezt<wedwo> jajaja, buen español.. my english suck right? xD03:05
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Correct.03:05
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  you have noticed the birtualbox warnings (in its docs) about NOT doing such a thing? :)03:05
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: It is actually an advertised feature :P03:06
gerinychanyone know how to make laptop hotkeys work on 10.10?03:06
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  last i checked the docs.. they said to not do it..03:06
wedwoSamplezt, your english is good - had I not looked at your pasties I would never have known03:06
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: lol, I must have missed that part03:06
IdleOne!10.10 | gerinych03:06
ubottugerinych: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:06
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  i recall warnings about hard drive curruption and so forth..  you are basically swapiong out a lot of hardware when you boot in one or the other.. The vbox boot3ed version is Not using the nvidia chipset. so that may be causieng the issues03:06
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Hmm. Is there some sort of recovery installation type thing on a linux cd?03:07
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  you can boot live cd, chroot in, and do things03:08
mikelifeguardHow can you configure how long sudo remembers your password?03:08
sinmangood evening everyone03:10
alfonzo1955Damn the ubuntu-unregged03:10
egsomemikelifeguard, `sudo visudo` would let you change some configurations, like `timestamp_timeout` which is the time that your password would be remembered.03:10
zeltakhi guys...insalled ff4 but cant get flash to work..i have it runing in google chorome03:10
Dr_Willismikelifeguard:  its in a settings file soemwhere ive seen.03:10
sinmanwho can help me with grub03:10
mikelifeguardegsome: thanks03:10
egsomemikelifeguard, You're welcome.03:11
egsomesinman, What is your problem ?03:11
AndrewMCsinman: ask if anyone can help they will respond :)03:11
sinmani have ubuntu and ubuntu studio installed03:11
IdleOneCould someone please paste a default /etc/sudoers03:11
sinmanI need to change the timer and rename the distro in the grub menu so i know which distro I'm bootinginto03:11
MACscrhow can i remove a ppa?03:12
sinmanand the ubuntu studio is the second install and both install has grub03:12
Dr_Willismikelifeguard:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=116697#post116697  talks about sudoers and the timeout03:12
airtonixMACscr, delete the list file in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder03:12
MACscrairtonix: thanks03:12
sinmanwouldn't i need to edit the secnd install grub to keep messing thingsup03:13
JeffBarnesi guess that I should have stated the user permission? bug was in 10.0403:13
Dr_Willissinman:  which OS is handling the bootloader? is it using Grub1 or grub2?03:13
airtonixMACscr, you'll see that each file there is named according to the PPA03:13
sinmanit's what ever is in ubuntu 10.04.1 lts and ubuntu studio 10.0403:13
sinmanI think it might be grub 203:14
Dr_Willissinman:  then you are using grub2 then.  I recall the grub2 docs mention customizing the entries.. or you can cut/paste entries from the /boot/grub/grub.cfg to the /etc/grub.d/40_custome file and alter them how you like. BUt those wont get auto-updated if you upgrade kernel versions03:14
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:14
dzup2hello i have problems running  googleearth-package , opens but then closes and a "Google Earth has caught signal 11." error appear, am using 10.04 i386 32 bits , thanks03:15
sinmanDr_Willis: when ubuntu update the kernal then I'll have to deal with it at that time03:15
akrcanzonHow do I install java on ubuntu?03:16
tensorpuddingWhich Java do you want?03:17
Dr_Willisakrcanzon:  install ubuntu-restricted-extras package4 and it should pull it in (is one way)03:17
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:17
sinmanDr_Willis: by any chance would you have a link on how to make the changes in grub 203:18
akrcanzontensorpudding,  Latest version03:18
tom_I am having problems with kernel 2.6.31-22 on ubuntu 9.10 ... the 2.6.31-14 works fine ... also, none of 2.6.32-xx with ubuntu 10.4 work p[roperly ...03:18
tom_is this a known issue?03:18
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: I've booted into a live cd, what would I need to do now?03:18
Dr_Willissinman:  the grub2 factoid and forum posts are what i follow.. bookmarked at my delicious page -> http://delicious/com/dr_willis/grub2  (i think)03:18
sinmanDr_Willis: ok03:19
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  for starters install the ssh server so you can ssh into a box remotely and try to fix things if the gfx messes up03:19
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: How do you install it from a live cd?03:19
sixtwoI was wondering if anyone can help me?03:20
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  chroot into the installed system.. sudo apt-get install ssh03:20
extremedevilzI was thinking will gameguard work with wine?03:20
Dr_Willisextremedevilz:  and gameguard is what?03:21
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: chroot / ?03:21
Tweakyhi. every time i boot up i have no window borders. i go to appearance and change from normal to custom effects every time, it doesnt keep my option after reboot. so i have no window borders on bootup unless i go to appearance and change to custom. any ideas so i can have custom on permanantly?03:21
extremedevilzanti cheat system03:21
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  track down a guide on chrooting. ive not had to chroot into a linux box in ages.. the basics. mount system to /media/chroot   then 'chroot /media/chroot'  then in that terminal you are 'in' the installed system./ there may be other steps needed03:22
sixtwoJust built new 64 bit quad core and installed 64 bit Ubuntu 10.4 - but system is running slower than my P4. Any suggestions? I have a WD Caviar Green HD, 1GB PC26400 mem, Phenom 9850 CPU and a 1GB Nvidia 220 GT video card (not installed).03:22
dlp211you only have a gig of memory?03:22
Dr_WillisTweaky:  compiz is crashing or some setting is not getting set. You could install and run the fusion-icon program  that should auto-restart compiz as needed03:22
egsomesixtwo, 1 gig memory ?!03:23
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Thanks, that worked03:23
Tweakydr_willis thank you03:23
sixtwofor the time being - but just running ubuntu is slow - my p4 with 2gb performs better than it03:23
tensorpuddingsixtwo: "running slower" seems to be subjective: if they're not running the same software it's not really a fair comparison03:23
DragonKeeperlol' @ quad and 1gb ram03:23
dlp211i have quad with 6 and feel like i dont have enough03:24
tom_does anyone have an nvidia video card on a motherboard with embedded ati video controller?03:24
sixtwothen i should say its performing better - both have ubuntu 10.4 but one is 32bit other is 64 - it takes 3-4 seconds for window to load03:24
DragonKeeperim running 6 core  4gb ram soon to be 803:24
tensorpuddinga p4 with 2GB of RAM would conceivably outperform a C2Q with 1 GB RAM, if only because the 1 GB will lead to more swapping.03:24
egsometom_, Yeah.03:24
tom_egsome: what kernel do you have?03:24
dlp211and a caviar green03:24
tom_egsome: do you drive display from ati controller or nvidia?03:25
egsometom_, 2.6.32-24-generic-pae03:25
Dr_WillisHere we go -> 'Grub 2 title tweaks' -->   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128760203:25
egsometom_, Sure nVidia.03:25
tensorpudding64-bit has a slight RAM usage hit also, due to the increased amount of addressing; don't know how measurable the difference is.03:26
dlp211sixtwo: unless you need 64 bit, you should run 32 bit desktop03:26
zeltakso anyone mind helping out on flash and firefox 4?03:26
Dr_WillisI go the otuer route.. if you can use 64bit.. may as well use it.. :)03:26
egsomezeltak, Describe your problem, And people here should help ..03:26
tom_egsome: have you tried having the ati controller as the primary controller in the bios and then driving the monitor through it?03:27
vu1kan<python -m SimpleHTTPServer> allows one to serve their current working directory over their lan@ localhost:8000, I would like to expose this dir to the internet.  I've already set up a ddns provider, and forwarded port 8000 through my router, what would be my next step? or could someone point me towards a how-to?03:27
dlp21164bit on the desktop is still not stable enough for me03:27
dlp211or most people03:27
xuekanhello , is anyone knows how to install the login theme?03:27
Dr_WillisI use all 64bit on my home lan for one other reason.. i just need one 'apt-cacher' server to serve up the 64bit pcakges also. vs needing to cache 32 and 64bit packages.03:27
dlp211server on the other hand03:27
egsomedlp211, Agree.03:27
egsometom_, No.03:27
Dr_WillisI cant say ive had any issues with 64bit on my desktop.  at least none ive noticed.03:27
zeltakthe egsome ..well basiclly i have no flash wiht ff4 but do have it with chrome03:27
tom_egsome: the thing is, I want to use my nvidia card purely for CUDA programming, so I don't need to drive monitor through it ... but, in this configuration my system always hungs03:28
dlp211zeltak: have you uninstalled and reinstalled?03:28
=== Rev is now known as Morphene
tom_is there a way to disable the DRM (the driver) in linux?03:28
egsomezeltak, Do you see it in ff4 plugins list ?03:28
dzup2who succesfully ran googleearth in 10.04, mine is exiting on Google Earth has caught signal 11.03:29
egsometom_, You need to tell Linux to use ATI not nVidia Card ?03:29
zeltakegsome: mmm no just the ubuntu plugin. also i just checked and there is no flash in ff3.5 as well03:29
zeltakdlp211: havent reinstalled latley03:29
tom_egsome: it uses the ATI card, but the system crashes every now and then ... sometimes it can run overnight, if I don't do any activity (such as web browsing) on it03:29
egsomezeltak, Have you got flash ever working on that system ?, I Mean Have you installed it before ?03:29
zeltakegsome: flash is working well under google chrome right now03:30
egsometom_, What do you mean by `crash`?, What happen exactly ?03:30
dlp211zeltak: i meant the flash plugin03:30
xuekanno one knows how to install a login theme? I just downloaded the package,but after unpack it,there are no .theme file.03:31
zeltakhmmmm dunno...i thought chrome used the flasj plugin...how do i check for it?03:31
Dr_Willisxuekan:  you sure it was a GDM 2 theme, and not a GDM 1 theme?03:31
egsomezeltak, So you have `flash plugin` under `Tools -> Addons > Plugins` in ff4 ?03:31
egsomezeltak, So you have `flash plugin` under `Tools -> Addons > Plugins` in ( firefox ) ?03:31
pietro10thune3: ok, I just created a wireless network on my Mac's internal AirPort03:31
pietro10once again, connection failure03:31
chrisd__Hi -- when I try to use the wireless in 10.04 it says "wireless is disabled" like the hardware switch has it disabled -- there is a switch but it is not disabled, other operating systems I've used on the computer haven't done this. Any ideas?03:31
egsomeegsome, I don't know where exactly to ff4, but it should be like 3.x03:31
tom_egsome: GUI freezes ... I can't even move a mouse, or switch to text consoles ... (ALT+Fx) ... sometimes I can Alt+SysReq+B to reboot the system (meaning that some part of the kernel is responsive), but sometimes even that doesn't work ...03:31
pietro10is there some sort of diagnostic tool for this? bcm431203:31
zeltakegsome: no flash is not present just icedT03:32
egsomezeltak, That the Java one03:32
xuekanDr_Willis: I don't know what the differences are between them,but the website only provide one pack.03:32
egsomezeltak, OK, What about trying to install flash plugin ?03:32
tom_egsome: this ubuntu 9.10 with the new kernel and 10.4 are completely a nightmare for me03:32
Dr_Willisxuekan:  i would imagine its a theme for the OLD gdm and wont work in the New GDM that ubuntu is using03:33
=== ubuntu is now known as ashiswin
zeltakok egsome i was sure i did..weird..ok ill install in now from the repos03:33
ashiswinMy NTFS partition seems to be corrupted. I have tried using GParted to see if I can do anything. But, it says 'Input/Output error when read /dev/sda' This is the harddrive that has my ubuntu and windows partitions. I can mount the ubuntu partition but not the windows03:33
egsomezeltak, OK.03:33
Slasher`why are we talking with + and -?03:33
zeltakthx egsome for the help03:33
Dr_Willisashiswin:  i hope you got backups made..03:34
ashiswinNope, i can't even use DD to image the partition03:34
=== Pilif12p is now known as NeverForget
Dr_Willisashiswin:  theres  the 'dd_rescue' variant. that Might be able to.03:34
ashiswinbut it says that the input file is invalid when i specify if=/dev/sda03:34
egsometom_, After the problem happen, Can you pastebin the your X11 log ? `/var/log/Xorg.0.log`03:34
egsomezeltak, You're welcome.03:34
xuekanDr_Willis:it's this site,http://art.gnome.org/themes/gdm_greete,are there any suitable theme for ubuntu now?03:35
Dr_Willisxuekan:  i dont bother with trying to change my GDM login other then to change the wallpaper. Or perhaps tweak it a little bit with differnt fonts/color scheme.03:35
chrisd__Hi -- when I try to use the wireless in 10.04 it says "wireless is disabled" like the hardware switch has it disabled -- there is a switch but it is not disabled, other operating systems I've used on the computer haven't done this. Any ideas?03:35
ashiswinDr_Willis, it says that the input file is invalid03:36
binarycan anyone recommend some cool desktop gadgets? Screenlets are a little dry for my liking03:36
Dr_Willisashiswin:  dd_rescue even says that?03:36
Dr_Willisbinary:  google's gadgets work..  then opera can do gadgets.. and theres one or 2 other ways i recall. (i hate most all of them)03:36
ashiswinDr_Willis, yes it does say that03:36
Dr_Willisashiswin:  if dd_rescue cant even read the sda (try sda1 instead?) then  it may be unrecoverable.. try /dev/sda1 and see if it can read that03:37
ashiswini did sda1 not sda03:37
Dr_Willisashiswin:  sounds bad...03:37
ashiswineven sda doesnt work Dr_Willis03:37
Dr_Willisdd_rescue normally trys very very hard to read the disks...03:38
xuekanDr_Willis:well,thank u ,I think i've got what i wanted.03:38
ashiswinbut it only cannot mount sda1, sda5(the ubuntu partition) can be mounted Dr_Willis03:38
ashiswinalthough i cannot image sda5 as well03:38
Dr_Willisashiswin:  and sda5 may die at any time... (backup stuff  from it fast i suggest)03:38
ashiswinDr_Willis: i'll do that. but do u have any idea of how to save sda1?03:39
Dr_Willisashiswin:  not really.03:39
Dr_WillisI keep 'stacks of exteranl usb hard drives' for such backup emergancies..03:39
ashiswinDr_Willis: I am dead. i opened sda5, and went to home and it said home is not available. it may have been deleted03:39
=== donostiarra is now known as Basque
Dr_WillisI got a 1TB hd thats flakey like that also..  the first partition has issues.. the 2nd one seems to work. but i got it mounted to /media/JUNKdrive so i know not to put imprntant stuff on it.03:39
Dr_Willisashiswin:  doh....03:40
Dr_Willisashiswin:  just showing once again. that hard drives can fail at ANY time.03:40
Dr_Willisashiswin:  ive seen tricks to try to get them working such as putting them in the freezer and so forth...03:40
ashiswinyea i know of the freezer03:40
ashiswinbut Dr_Willis, this is a lappy so its hard to remove. i am using the ubuntu live CD03:42
Dr_WillisMy New Laptop has space for 2 hard drives. :)03:42
Dr_Willis1TB in a laptop... imagine that a few years back..03:42
bdogghey, can someone help me with xmms in maverick?03:43
ashiswinbut Dr_Willis, even gparted doesnt detect the drive. it only detects my external portable drive03:43
bazhangbdogg, #ubuntu+1 for that03:43
Dr_Willisashiswin:  could be the controller died on teh hd..  you could remove it and try it in a usb enclosure03:43
dlp211are the ubuntu download servers slow for anyone else?03:43
bdoggno one there03:43
Dr_Willisbdogg:  actual xmms? or xmms2 ?03:43
bdoggbeen waiting for like a long time03:43
bdoggactual xmms03:43
bazhangbdogg, then be patient.03:43
Dr_Williscompile it.. thats the answer.. :)03:44
ashiswinDr_Willis, what can possibly kill the controller. can heat kill it?03:44
Dr_Willisbdogg: compile it.. thats the answer.. :)03:44
Dr_Willisashiswin:  they are lots of chips and things.. stuff can burn out.03:44
ashiswinCos, my com is known for everheating03:44
=== nyjel is now known as Nyjel
Dr_Willisashiswin:  ive had hds where the controller dies and gave out false drive info03:44
Dr_Willisashiswin:  heat is bad..  those extra external fans may be worth getting.03:45
=== ord_ is now known as qwm
bdoggDr_Willis: i installed through ppa03:46
bazhangbdogg, you're not in that channel03:46
bdoggi was03:46
bazhang!maverick | bdogg03:46
ubottubdogg: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:46
bazhangbdogg, then take it there03:46
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Aha! Got it. I had edited my /etc/profile and put in an ill-formed export03:46
melkorI would like to install ubuntu on an external hd, should I treat this as a normal installation or as a usb type installation?03:47
crushpestis it possible to route my own traffic through ppp over a ethX interface?03:47
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: I can log in graphically, but if I try logging in at a console, the text is still all corrupted03:49
Dmoleanyone wand to help me fix a mdadm problem?03:49
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  so X works but not the consoles?03:49
mrgibsonCan someone assist me?  I am having an "I'm stuck at Grub2 prompt" problem03:50
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: Correct03:50
extremedevilzguys I download a program which has extention of tar.bz203:50
Dr_WillisTraumaPony:  my consoles were unuseable with the Noeavu drivers.. i had to install the nvidia-current drivers to get them working03:50
extremedevilzhow do I install it03:50
bazhangextremedevilz, what program03:51
xanguawhat program extremedevilz¿ better install from repository03:51
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: I'll try that03:51
bazhangextremedevilz, use evince03:51
Dr_Willisextremedevilz:  if its a precompiled binary, extact and run.. if its source.. extract and compile.. but i found envince as good as foxit03:52
Dr_Willisevince :)03:52
engiduI'm new to ubuntu so please excuse me if this sounds childish but i just got it all up and running and never saw an option for desktop environment can i still install it or do i have to start all over again?03:52
zeltakegsome: well installed the flash player but getting errors that i need to upgrade to flsah 10??03:52
bazhangengidu, server install?03:52
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
Dr_Willisengidu:  you boot up and dont get a GDM/graphical Login screen you mean?   server install has no GUI..03:53
bazhangengidu, you can install ubuntu-desktop for gnome03:53
bazhangengidu, or kubuntu-desktop, edubuntu- xubuntu- etc03:53
Dr_Willisengidu:  why did you use the 'server install' ?03:53
engiduthe documentation tells me gnome is the defualt gui but i am installing ubuntu server03:53
ownerwhat do I type to get a package list of what's in my PC?03:53
engiduso i don't know if there is a gui for server03:53
bazhangengidu, there's not03:54
engidui enabled samba so can i ftp to the server?03:54
Dr_Willisengidu:  samba is not 'ftp'03:54
DragonKeeperis there such thing as a  terminal chat console that can talk over the internet ?03:54
Dr_Willisengidu:  install a ftp server if you want ftp.03:55
owneranyone know how to get a package list in the terminal03:55
Dr_WillisDragonKeeper:  im doing that now... :) with weechat03:55
egsomezeltak, Where you get the errors ?03:55
bazhangDragonKeeper, for irc? or im?03:55
engiduno but doesn't it enable networking between linux and win03:55
Dr_WillisDragonKeeper:  theres numerous text only IM clients.03:55
ownerthat tells you what packages you have installed?03:55
Dr_Willisengidu:  you network the pc's -  then install the services you want.03:55
DragonKeeperjust like run a server  console and  clients to connect to me03:55
Dr_Willisengidu:  you can be 'networked' with no services installed at all.. (you just cant do much)03:55
engidu=) ty03:55
Dr_WillisDragonKeeper:  you could run your own BBS, or IRC server if you wanteed.. or other services like that03:56
jacob2010Desktop effects could not be enabled on ubuntu 10.04 when enabling desktop effects with an ATI 5750 using the fglrx driver03:56
extremedevilzhow do Install ._.03:56
ownerhello anyone know how to get the list of packages installed to display in the terminal?03:56
Dr_Willis!clone | owner03:56
ubottuowner: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate03:56
bazhangextremedevilz, why do you need foxit03:57
sdjsI uninstalled gnome-screensaver and then locked the screen using the menu in the main bar on top and now my screen is black with only a cursor, halp?03:57
extremedevilzpdf read03:57
DragonKeeperi want it so my pc can host a terminal server  and i can limit users connecting to it   and then friends can log in and talk    like pycat does   but i want over internet03:57
bazhangextremedevilz, evince does that fine03:57
extremedevilzi downloaded it,but I want to install how03:57
egsomeextremedevilz, There's already one, Or you want specified reader ?03:57
Dr_Willisextremedevilz:  extract the archive, run the binary.. (if it comes with a binary) in the archive.03:57
zeltakegsome: youtune, vimeo etc03:58
MACscrhmm, my swap doesnt seem to be "mounting" on boot. Where should i start looking?03:58
Dr_WillisI thought Foxit basically dropped their Linux supported version also.03:58
extremedevilzI want to install this03:58
Dr_WillisMACscr:  /etc/fstab for typos03:58
zeltakalso i still dont see flash plugin under plugins03:58
zeltakegsome: this is how i installed flash: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:59
MACscrDr_Willis: just says: # swap was on /dev/sda5 during installation03:59
MACscrUUID=45e43335-5ec4-421e-9ee6-f758425156eb none            swap    sw              0       003:59
sdjsif removing gnome-screensaver breaks screen locking, why did ubuntu allow me to lock the screen after removing it? I'm stuck with a black screen with just a cursor in it now03:59
Dr_WillisMACscr:  now try 'sudo fdisk -l'  and blkid command to be sure the uuid's are correct03:59
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:59
ezorp3je cherche quelqu'un pour m'aider ; probleme avec apache et dyndns03:59
egsomezeltak, Where you get the errors?03:59
Dr_Willisextremedevilz:  you are better off using evince.. that version of foxit reader is VERY old.04:00
jongoliahi, need help with navigation. newbie here. how to access usb drive on terminal04:00
egsome!french | ezorp304:00
ubottuezorp3: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:00
bazhangezorp3, #ubuntu-fr for french04:00
bonez2046what would cause sound on my system, running 10.04 to fail, but to sound if I log out, and then to still produce no sound when I log back in, but then sounds works if and only if i reboot?04:00
sdjsbonez2046: that's linux sound for you04:00
iflemaDragonKeeper: mumble-server is pretty light on and so is ts3server, but clients will need a gui to run/connect....04:01
egsomejongolia, What do you mean by `access`?, You want to browse/edit files on it ? or just get list of USB Devices connected ? or Info. about specified one ? ..04:01
MACscrDr_Willis: the disk identifier's listed there are much much shorter than that UID04:01
ezorp3thx bazhng04:01
Dr_WillisMACscr:  have you resized the disks recently? that can change the uuid's04:01
Dr_WillisMACscr:  you could edit the fstab to use the /dev/sdXX type name also.04:01
Dr_WillisMACscr:  or correct teh UUID04:02
MACscrok, will do that instead04:02
zeltakegsome: all flash sites..youtube..vimeo etc04:02
ownerthanks ubottu04:02
Dmolecan anyone offer some quick raid advice?04:02
egsomezeltak, What type of errors you mean ?, What it say ?04:02
DragonKeeperiflema look up pycat     it runs on intranet  but i want something like that so can run a private link with friends (internet)04:02
sdjswhat happens when you lock the screen, other than gnome-screensaver being called?04:02
egsome!ask | Dmole04:02
ubottuDmole: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:02
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TraumaPonyOh my04:02
MrUnagiits like yahoo chat04:02
|Sacred|the hell was that04:02
xanguazeltak: installed adobe flash plugin from repository¿ also installed others plugins like swfdec or gnash¿ restarted the browser¿ are you using a 32 or 64bit OS¿04:03
DragonKeepersomeone has to much time on there hands04:03
kerim{n8} : Use cairo clock04:03
Dmoleegsome: rebooted and raid array did not come back up04:03
|Sacred|nice quick k-line though04:03
sdjstoo, their04:03
jongoliaegosome: yeah i want to copy over a file and install with drivers04:03
|Sacred|good job opers04:03
airtonixDragonKeeper, try using hamachi to create an easy vlan04:03
madoexcuse me but what is that -> <accegeranty> ?04:03
sdwrageDragonKeeper, probably some 17 year old laughing in his chair as he got kicked yelling "OMG it worked!"04:03
airtonixDragonKeeper, vlan/vpn04:03
bazhangmado, spambot, move on please04:03
MACscrDr_Willis: anyway for me to activate it without rebooting? I found something like swapon -a, but that gave me the following error: ubuntu:/$ sudo swapon -a04:04
MACscrswapon: /dev/sda5: swapon failed: Invalid argument04:04
madooh ... it was some spam?04:04
madoi understand ... thanks bazhang04:04
madodidn't know that04:04
zeltakxangua: isnatlled using sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:04
madoam new to all this you kniow04:04
zeltakalso using 64bit04:04
Dr_WillisMACscr:  sda5 is your swap partition? could be it got messed up04:04
Dmoleegsome: all the partitions are listed in blkid04:04
DragonKeeperairtonix    vpn ?    nah want it so clients connect via ip04:04
xanguazeltak: probably that's the problem > 64bit04:04
Dr_WillisMACscr:  swapon is ran at boot time.. so the result is the same.. thats proberly why its failing in the first place04:04
MACscrDr_Willis: yes. So now do i unmess it up? =P04:04
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTech|Busy
zeltakxangua: ahh i see...so whats the best course to get it working?04:05
Dr_WillisMACscr:  reforamt the swap partition  with mkswap /dev/sda5 (IF sda5 is the swap)04:05
bonez2046sdjs: really? that's the answer? so everyone's linux box does this?04:05
airtonixDragonKeeper, ? thats what hamachi privides04:05
jacob2010Error  Desktop effects could not be enabled on ubuntu 10.04 when enabling desktop effects with an ATI 5750 using the fglrx driver.  How to fix?04:05
xanguazeltak: use 32bit instead of 6404:05
sdjsbonez2046: no, but sound tends to suck overall04:05
airtonixDragonKeeper, i think you are confused about what a VPN is04:05
=== n is now known as Guest66676
zeltakok xangua how does one do that?04:05
peepsalothow do I install sun java?04:06
bonez2046sdjs: when it works on my ubuntu box, the sound is great.it just fades and dies over time....04:06
DragonKeeperairtonix dont you have to config all pcs for vpn ?04:06
Dr_Willis!java | peepsalot04:06
ubottupeepsalot: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:06
bonez2046sdjs: there's got to be some solution..04:06
xanguazeltak: download the normal desktop cd and full install04:06
bazhangpeepsalot, enable partner repo04:06
Dr_Willispeepsalot:  enable the   partner repo and install it via the pckage manager.04:06
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:06
bazhang!partner | peepsalot04:06
ubottupeepsalot: please see above04:06
airtonixDragonKeeper, well the other machines that want to participate in the hamachi vpn have to run the hamachi client..04:06
zeltakehmmm...thats a bit hard core inst it for getting flash to work..lol?04:06
sdjsbonez2046: I'd look it up but ubuntu locked me out of my x session even though I don't have gnome-screensaver anymore so I'm stuck in the console04:06
dooomrobodebootstrap img won't mount properly on mytouch 3g.here is output: http://pastebin.ca/193766204:06
dooomroboplease help out04:06
iflemaDragonKeeper: mumble-server and ts3server, both work on lan and over internet both public and/or private.....04:07
peepsalotDr_Willis, that page is out of date.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java    it still says to use universe, which does not work04:07
peepsaloti will enable partner, thanks04:07
bonez2046sdjs:  no worry.. thanks04:07
Dr_Willispeepsalot:  I dont even bother with SUN java any more.. the icedtea version works for all the things ive tried04:07
dooomrobocan any1 help me out with that?04:08
MACscrDr_Willis: got it working. Thanks!04:08
peepsalotwell, it typically doesn't work when i try. so... yeah04:08
DragonKeeperairtonix  iflema   gonna look now04:08
TraumaPonyDr_Willis: http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9830578 seems like I'm not the only one who had this happen today04:08
ffdsfwhy am I required to enter username on ubuntu install?04:08
Dmolemember:egsome: mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sd[bcd]3  said "cannot open device /dev/sdc3: Device or resource busy"04:08
Dr_Willisffdsf:  you make a user...04:08
Dr_Willisffdsf:  thats how the system works04:09
Dmoleegsome: mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sd[bcd]3  said "cannot open device /dev/sdc3: Device or resource busy"04:09
rafaelim /server irc.irchighway.net04:09
MACscrlol, even in windows you have to ener a username04:09
airtonixffdsf, any half serious operating system does thi.04:09
cwryuuffdsf: because being root all the time is a bad idea04:09
ffdsfDr_Willis: isn't my full name not enough? in unix you have uids04:09
iflemaDragonKeeper: both are easyish to config and availablec for win,mac,lin and prob bsd also.....04:09
Dr_Willisffdsf:  make a username, or it suggests one and get on with the install...04:09
nazwhere do i change to runlevel so my login is a console no a gui04:09
airtonixffdsf, vcard info != username04:09
MACscrsounds like the beginning of a troll04:09
RickmastaHey guys, on a vps (Linux, ubunutu), through ssh, are you able to run multiple rails projects simultaneously?04:10
airtonixRickmasta, yes, but thats a question for #ruby, #httpd04:10
Dr_Willisnaz:  ubuntu dosent use runlevels line many other disrtos do.04:10
MACscryes, but that has nothing to do with resources04:10
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
Dr_Willisnaz:  disable the GDm service if you dont want GDm/X to auto start04:10
nazDr_Willis, how04:10
Guest66676@find resident.evil04:11
Dr_Willisnaz:  rename the /etc/init/gdm.conf to be /etc/init/gdm.DONTRUNME04:11
ThePaRaDoXhello anyone can help with a network problem?04:11
Dr_Willis!upstart | naz04:11
ubottunaz: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:11
Dr_Willisnaz:  or use the 'text' boot option, that will disable gdm and plymouth both04:12
nazi havenot used linux in 13 years and im 3004:12
atchucandoes anyone know a good alternative for ImageReady on ubuntu?04:12
dunasSo, I'm about to reinstall Windows 7 on a separate partition for gaming, what's the easiest way to go about this?04:12
atchucanaside from gimp?04:12
nazDr_Willis, im trying to install the new nvidia drivers04:12
ThePaRaDoXi installed some updates and when i rebooted linux doesnt have internet via LAN.the pc is not on the DHCP list of my router and i have no internet access.any ideas?04:12
egsome!gimp | atchucan04:12
ubottuatchucan: gimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.04:12
atchucani want something as user-friendly as adobe imageready04:12
MACscratchucan: doesnt exist04:13
Dr_Willisnaz:  then youi just need to STOP the gdm service.. and run their installer..04:13
Dr_Willisnaz:  but that wasent what you asked :)04:13
nazDr_Willis, i cant be running xwin04:13
ffdsfwhy i cannot use anything but latin letters in username?04:13
Dr_Willisnaz:  correct.. stop 'gdm' and it will kill X.04:13
jongoliahi guys, is there anyway I can run ubuntu in low graphics mode through recovery? failsafeX mode is nt working out for me due to my GEforce G102m driver problem. Trying to install the driver through usb, can't access usb through terminal. need graphical assistance.04:13
nazso kill gdm04:14
rebel52anyone know how to fix that control info error durring custom kernel compilation on lucid ?04:14
digcon9is there any way to make apt-cache to show package size in kiloBytes or megaBytes?04:14
ThePaRaDoXnoone any ideas?04:14
Dr_WillisThePaRaDoX:  reboot with older kernel see if it works04:14
atchucanthanks for the help guys. i'll be up at http://twitter.com/atchucan04:15
ThePaRaDoXDr_Willis and how do i do that?04:15
tonyyarussoI have a system with an Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard (Atom 330), and I can't figure out how to change the fan speed.  I got lm-sensors installed and can read the speed, and ran pwmconfig, but all of the values resulted in the same RPM reading.  Any ideas?04:15
Dr_WillisThePaRaDoX:  at the grub boot menu.. select an older kernel thats frather down the list04:15
ThePaRaDoXlet me test04:15
jongoliaanyway i could launch ubuntu in low graphics mode?04:16
intmedi want to run an irc server in my system. for testing my irc program in java04:16
intmedsuggest me a good irc server04:17
IdleOneintmed: search synaptic package manager for ircd04:17
Tsimscan someone help me? I downloaded a program called qorganizer, how can i make it so it appears under applications>office04:17
Dr_WillisTsims:  use the 'alacarte' program to edit your menus and add entries where you want04:17
intmedDr_Willis: ok04:17
bazhangTsims, install from repos04:18
bazhang!info qorganizer | Tsims04:18
ubottuTsims: qorganizer (source: qorganizer): featured lightweight graphical organizer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.4-2 (lucid), package size 527 kB, installed size 876 kB04:18
Tsimswhat would the command to run qorganizer be?04:18
bazhangTsims, look for it in the menu after installing from repos04:18
Dr_WillisTsims:  you said you downlaoded it..  did you install it? where are you running it from?04:19
Dr_Willis!info qorganizer04:19
ubottuqorganizer (source: qorganizer): featured lightweight graphical organizer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.4-2 (lucid), package size 527 kB, installed size 876 kB04:19
bazhangTsims, no need to download like that.04:19
intmedDr_Willis: installed ircd now how to start the program. not in the menu04:19
ThePaRaDoXDr_Willis nothing04:19
Tsimsi downloaded it from the ubuntu software center but it didnt make a shortcut anywhere and i cant seem to find it in my computer04:19
Dr_Willisintmed:  now you need to read the docs for  the irc server you installed.. they dont have icons, since they dont have an actual GUI.04:19
bazhangTsims, then alt f2 qorganizer04:19
ThePaRaDoXany ways to fix it?04:19
ranthiI forget, what is the program to check total and free ram?04:19
extremedevilzI cant a get pdf reader on my ubuntu04:19
intmedDr_Willis: ok04:20
xanguaextremedevilz: evince does04:20
bazhangextremedevilz, its there already: evince04:20
Dr_Willis!info evince04:20
ubottuevince (source: evince): Document (postscript, pdf) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.3-0ubuntu1.1 (lucid), package size 449 kB, installed size 6368 kB04:20
extremedevilzthere isnt04:20
Dr_Willisextremedevilz:  sudo apt-get install evince04:20
bazhangextremedevilz, yes there is.04:20
IdleOneextremedevilz: apt-cache policy evince04:20
IdleOneextremedevilz: does that say it is installed?04:20
bazhangextremedevilz, right click pdf open with document viewer04:20
Tsimsnvm i got it04:20
Tsimsthanks guys04:20
=== ServerTech|Busy is now known as ServerTech
BT4r1NuBSo... I installed Google-Chrome on BT4r1 destro but theres no icon in the gui. i tried sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop. but got gedit dont exixt04:21
BT4r1NuBany ideas?04:21
Dr_WillisBT4r1NuB:  see the BT4 channel...04:21
bazhangBT4r1NuB, backtrack?04:21
IdleOne!backtrack | BT4r1NuB04:21
ubottuBT4r1NuB: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:21
ranthiso no command to check free ram and total ram?04:21
Dr_WillisBT4r1NuB:  and add an icon where you want.   via alacarte if you like it. :)04:21
dunasSo, I'm about to reinstall Windows 7 on a separate partition for gaming, what's the easiest way to go about this?04:21
IdleOneranthi: run the command  free04:22
dunasI hear Win7 messes up your boot loader thing.04:22
bazhangdunas, do it, then fix grub 204:22
rebel52what the hell is BT4r1NuB?04:22
Dr_Willisdunas:  you should put windows on first. then linux, windows will overwtite your MBR04:22
bazhang!grub2 | dunas04:22
ubottudunas: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:22
Four2zeroim running lamp on ubuntu-server and having trouble with locating the httpd.conf where does it reside ?04:22
ThePaRaDoXmy problem once again in case someone has any ideas: i installed some updates and when i rebooted linux doesnt have internet via LAN.the pc is not on the DHCP list of my router and i have no internet access.any ideas?04:22
Dr_Willisdunas:  or better yet. put windows on its own seperate hard drive.. and unplug the linux drive  befor you isntall windows04:22
bazhangThePaRaDoX, what version of ubuntu; what chipset04:22
Dr_WillisThePaRaDoX:  wired or wireless networking also?04:23
Four2zeroI have looked in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf but its empty ??04:23
ThePaRaDoXwired and on ubuntu 10.04.chipset i think intel.it is onboard04:23
Livin4JesusI'm trying to install Ubuntu from the CD demo, but I'm having a hard time making a partition (I have Windows installed, and I don't want to use Wubi or format the entire drive just for Ubuntu). When I get to the 'Prepare Disk Space' step, I choose 'Specify Partitions Manually (Advanced)', but I can't seem to make a new partition without deleting the old one. Here's a picture of the installation thing: file:///home/ubuntu/Desktop/04:23
dunasDr_Willis, I would love to but I don't have enough cash for a second HD right now :C04:23
bazhangThePaRaDoX, pastebin lspci04:23
BT4r1NuBim new to the Backtrack destro hence the name04:23
ThePaRaDoXbazhang one sex04:24
Dr_WillisLivin4Jesus:  use windows to resize the windows parittion, leaving part of the hard drive unallocated.. then reboot  the linux disk and the installer can use teh Unallocated space.04:24
bazhangBT4r1NuB, and offtopic here04:24
ThePaRaDoXsec* damn my keyb04:24
jongoliaanyone could help me?04:24
BT4r1NuBi noticed04:24
jongoliaI need to run in low graphics mode04:24
IdleOneLivin4Jesus: we can't see that picture.04:24
Dr_WillisBT4r1NuB:  if you are new to 'linux' you proberly shouldent be using backtrack4, i suggest a normal Ubuntu Install.04:24
jongoliai need a command line to access04:24
IdleOne!paste | Livin4Jesus04:24
ubottuLivin4Jesus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:24
Dr_Willis!manual | BT4r1NuB04:25
ubottuBT4r1NuB: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:25
Livin4JesusLivin4Jesus:  use windows to resize the windows parittion, leaving part of the hard drive unallocated.. then reboot  the linux disk and the installer can use teh Unallocated space. <----- How do I do that?04:25
jongolianeed help: how to access low graphics mode from recovery mode? i need a command line. that or from grub04:25
intmedgui for ircd ? or any other irc server with gui04:25
Dr_WillisLivin4Jesus:  boot to windows.. use the wimndows disk manager tools to resize.. see #windows for help in that area04:25
IdleOneintmed: there are no GUI ircd04:25
Livin4JesusDr_Willis: OK. :)04:26
Dr_WillisLivin4Jesus:  the installer can resize also. but it can be slower.04:26
intmedIdleOne: ok04:26
Dr_WillisLivin4Jesus:  and you really should defrag befor you resize04:26
ffdsfi'm trying --force-badname thing but stupid adduser still complains04:26
jimisrvroxhey guys ive got an issue and havent a clue as to what to do....I boot up the machine and when it gets to the login screen my keyboard/mouse freeze. I can replug my mouse and it will move but my kb doesnt come back...what do I need to edit or do for my keyboard to work during login?04:26
KittyBootsWhen I watch video on revison3.com full screen the video fllickers.  How can I trouble shoot this?04:26
IdleOneintmed: open a new server tab and /server localhost04:27
intmedIdleOne:  what. i don't understand04:28
IdleOneintmed: what package did you install exactly?04:28
intmedIdleOne: ircd04:28
ThePaRaDoXbazhang: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/7gtjCV5W04:28
Dr_Willisintmed:  you may want to read up on 'irc basics'   and learn the core irc related commands.04:28
IdleOneintmed: there are several packages with ircd in the name04:29
ThePaRaDoXit seems it is nvidia chipset04:29
Dr_Willisintmed:  if you have an irc server running on local machine. you can connect to it with '/server localhost'  command in most irc clients04:29
intmedIdleOne: I installed ircd-irc204:29
ranthiI used to know so much bout linux.....:/04:29
Dr_Willisranthi:  learn the fundamentals.. and you still do/will :)04:30
ranthijust reading all these questions, I know that I once did know these things04:30
IdleOneintmed: ok now in terminal run: man ircd-irc204:30
Dr_Willisranthi:  memory is the second thing to go, i forget what the first is..04:30
ranthilike the nvidia question, i had the same problem at one time with ati04:31
ranthithe problem was that the driver wasnt compiled into the kernel04:31
Dr_Willisranthi:  ati - tends to change radically every few months. :)04:31
intmedIdleOne: output is No manual entry for ircd-irc204:31
jongoliaHelp: Need to run in low graphics mode to access ubuntu. Anybody could help contribute the command line to enter in grub or at recovery? Urgent thanks! I can't start up cos the gdm is screwed - my nvidia drivers aren't loaded in ubuntu.04:31
IdleOneintmed: you said you wanted to test a java irc client?04:31
ThePaRaDoXbazhang saw my pastebin?04:32
ranthijongo, there is another way04:32
ffdsfhow to make adduser not to limit username to latin letters?04:32
IdleOneintmed: with that client connect to the server: localhost04:32
cwryuuI personally think that always having something to learn is what makes Linux so interesting04:32
IdleOneintmed: if the server is installed and running, the client should be able to connect to it04:32
intmedIdleOne: it can connect but cannot list the channels04:33
IdleOneintmed: that is because there are no channels to list04:33
ranthioops..was testing to see if i remembered right04:33
IdleOneintmed: /join a channel04:33
intmedIdleOne: the output is  'Usage of /list for listing all channels is deprecated. Please use "/squery alis help" instead.'04:34
ranthibut to the low graphics boot problem..just ctrl/alt/f2 or f1 and log in and change your conf04:34
IdleOneintmed: ok the answer is in the question :) use the command provided04:34
ranthithen restart xorg04:34
ranthithen if you have a more lightweight window manager you can even change your xorg conf04:35
intmedIdleOne:  the standard command is /list to list all channels. so do i need to modify my program04:35
ranthito start that window manager instead till you get it figured out04:36
=== brendan_ is now known as Guest27543
Dr_Willisintmed:  the old way of getting a channel listing is rather outdated. on a server with 10000+ channels.. a /list often can flood off a client. So one rarely uses /list any more04:37
ranthiis the guy or girl on that had a question on l.a.m.p?04:37
IdleOneintmed: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/irc-server.html04:37
ffdsfhow to make adduser not to limit username to latin letters?04:37
Dr_Willisintmed:  connect your client to freenode here and try a /list and see what happens04:37
intmedDr_Willis: it lists all the channels04:38
bonez2046aside from 'ps ax | grep n[p]viewer.bin' what else can I run to revive sound?04:38
jongolianvidia drivers are yet to be installed. can't run ubuntu (blank screen). Need access to low graphics mode. how do I do that.04:39
Dr_Willisintmed:  so it works..04:39
intmedDr_Willis: ok04:39
IdleOneDr_Willis: it works...but floods the user04:40
intmedIdleOne: it takes some time to load the channel list04:41
intmedIdleOne: can i change the irc server port04:41
IdleOneintmed: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/irc-server.html that should help04:42
darthganeshIs anybody here used ns2?04:42
Dr_Willisffdsf:  alter the addusers conf file. (from, what i learned in the adduser man pages)04:42
Dr_Willis   /etc/adduser.conf04:42
kyoWhy Privoxy+Tor+Firefox is not working anymore?04:44
ranthijongolia, still there?04:46
ldiamondHow do I make apache run as a different user for everything in a specific directory?04:46
ranthijoongolia, look at this web address...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143798004:47
tensorpuddingldiamond: need to edit httpd.conf04:47
ranthildiamond, maybe this address can answer some questions..https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP04:47
ranthithat is what i used to setup lamp, but it has some other usefull information too04:48
ActionParsnipquiet tonight04:49
engiduis there a rdp type program i can use from win 7 to view the ubuntu server console?04:49
ActionParsnipengidu: you can use vnc04:49
engidureal vnc?04:49
keithclarkAnyone know if Hauppauge 1199 works with Ubuntu?04:49
=== Brady_Itkin_ is now known as Brady_Itkin
tensorpuddingserver console?04:49
Dr_Willisif you want a console, you can just ssh/putty in also04:49
tensorpuddingYou can use SSH to connect to a remote shell.04:49
Dr_Williswhatever 'server condole' means. :)04:50
ActionParsnipengidu: vnc is a protocol, you can use realvnc to connect to the vino service which is part of a standard ubuntu install04:50
ActionParsnip!hcl | keithclark04:50
ubottukeithclark: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:50
tensorpuddingIt opens a new pty though, you can't use it to see what is on tty1 for instance.04:50
engiduawesome thank you04:50
ActionParsnipkeithclark: depends what chi pit uses04:50
keithclarkchi pit?04:50
ranthichip it04:50
ActionParsnipengidu: depends what you want to do on the desktop, there may be a sleeker method than vnc04:50
inteliwaspdoes anyone have a recomentadion in a irc server daemon i can run that is easy to set up?04:51
ActionParsnipengidu: also vnc is NOT secure so use an SSH tunnel04:51
cwryuuI use the free nxclient and server as a vnc replacement04:51
engiduI need a way to manage my files remotely essentialy04:51
Dr_Willisinteliwasp:  depends on what you are going to do with the irc service to a large degree04:51
ActionParsnipengidu: sshfs04:51
ranthiengidu, i just ssh..and sftp04:51
apostatedpriestWhy XChat still inform me of new messages even if nobody said to me?04:51
Dr_Willisengidu:  learn to use ssh and the terminal. :)04:51
ActionParsnipinteliwasp: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/irc-server.html04:51
keithclarkAh, is there a recommended tv card for Ubuntu?  I have an older HP a1211n desktop that I'd love to use as a TV machine04:51
ActionParsnipkeithclark: same hcl will show you whats good04:52
inteliwaspi want to run 2 or 3 channels with about a dozen users in a remote area with no internet access04:52
Dr_Williskeithclark:  see what the #mythbuntu  channel and web site reccomends.04:52
ActionParsnipengidu: ssh isn't just a terminal04:52
ffdsfno, sadly adduser ignores my regex and print long moronic message about that I should use letters etc in user name04:52
keithclarkDr_Willis, good idea!04:52
engidui didn't think you could ssh from a win prompt04:52
Dr_Willisinteliwasp:   any irc server, or even bbs programs could do that.  You can even get irc servers written in  a few lines of perl.04:52
ActionParsnipengidu: install putty04:52
ffdsfbtw is it possible to use keyboard selection in gnome-terminal?04:52
Dr_Willisengidu:  putty.exe or use simthing similer.04:52
ranthiengidu, they make a windows ssh program04:52
engiduty again04:53
inteliwaspDr_Willis, yes i was hopeing for a recomendation04:53
ActionParsnipengidu: ssh also allows file access, remote X apps (install xming on windows for that) and the app will run on the server but display on the client system04:53
Dr_Willisinteliwasp:  the ones in the repos are  for more hardcore ussage.  use one if you like. but you will want to read their docs.04:54
glassresistorso i just won a new 32gig ipod touch in a programming competition, but lucid 10.04 shows it on the desktop and opens up rhythmbox then asks for my name and asks if i want to initialize it i say ok but it never shows in the devices04:54
Dr_Willisxming on windows - is VERY handy04:54
ActionParsnipffdsf: http://www.macworld.com/article/59321/2007/08/termtext.html04:54
Dr_Willisinteliwasp:   irc server in 400 lines of Python code -> http://www.electricmonk.nl/log/2009/09/14/hircd-minimal-irc-server-in-python/04:55
glassresistorim trying to do this with usb since all the ipod does is show a pick of a usb and itunes04:55
inteliwaspglassresistor, as far as i have determined you need to register it with itunes, but after that you can do what you wish with it04:55
essialHey I'm trying to install 10.04 on a new intel mac and i'm getting a black screen after selecting install04:55
essialwith or without "quiet splash" booth option04:55
Baram2you try the alternate installer?04:55
Tsimscan someone help me? I'm trying to install an icon set and am totally lost04:56
glassresistorive tried gtkipod and iinstalled all the packages i could find that are listed in the stack04:56
essialNot yet, trying to see if I can get the normal installer first04:56
ActionParsnipglassresistor: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/sync-your-iphoneipod-touch-with-ubuntu/04:56
SBRiNeed help: I installed 10.10 beta using Wubi and noticed something annoying. Everytime I either opened a program and another tab in firefox, or any program, my hard disk makes a loud "star-up" noise, kind of like a screeching sound, the sound I get when I first turn my laptop on. Does anyone know what could be causing this?04:56
ActionParsnip!10.10 | SBRi04:56
ubottuSBRi: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:56
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
ActionParsnipessial: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html04:57
Tsimscan someone help me? I'm trying to install an icon set and am totally lost04:57
masterBIGwillyhow do you update software with apt-get utility?04:57
clausenmasterBIGwilly, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade04:57
ActionParsnipTsims: right click desktop -> Change desktop background -> left most tab, click install, select archive04:57
essiali'll try that04:58
masterBIGwillyhow do i check the version of a software package with apt-get?04:58
clausenmasterBIGwilly, ("update" downloads the list of latest packages; "upgrade" does the upgrade)04:58
ActionParsnipmasterBIGwilly: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade04:58
glassresistorinteliwasp: i tried that with a mac and it let me use it then but i still couldn't see it in rhythmbox then i reset it from the ipod to see if it would work and no luck04:58
clausenmasterBIGwilly, you mean, the latest version?04:58
ActionParsnipmasterBIGwilly: apt-cache policy packagename04:58
clausenmasterBIGwilly, or the version you have installed?04:58
inteliwasplet me hook up my touch to my comp...i also have a new one :P04:58
tonyyarussowhat ActionParsnip told him will show both, so it's a moot point clausen.04:59
jon__Hello everyone.  I am having wireless problems.  My wireless was working great, then it kept asking me to connect again.04:59
masterBIGwillyactionparsnip, thanks04:59
jon__Now it isn't working.  What is going on?04:59
piyushmishrahi am trying to install downloaded version of matlab when i hit ./install in the terminal, it says bash: ./install: permission denied05:00
Tsimswhen you go to install there is only the option for theme packages, this is a zip file i downloaded, and it has 3 items, one is a folder called "scalable" and it has all of the subfolders with the icons in svg format. then i have a file called  "icon-them.cache" and its a text file, and then a file called index.theme05:00
clausenjon__, sadly, many wireless drivers don't work well (due to poor cooperation with manufacturers)05:00
ActionParsnipjon__: dos it happen a lot?05:00
korsakof_homeHi! I would like to bond two nic together using an etherchannel on my switch. If each of my interfaces are at 1Gbs, will I get 2Gbs of speed with this setup?05:00
clausenjon__, you might want to investigate other drivers?  or other network cards?05:00
essialActionParsnip: +105:00
clausenjon__, (I should say, "from" not "with" manufacturers.)05:00
jon__No, it doesn't happen alot, Action.05:00
ActionParsnipjon__: use tab to complete nicks :)05:01
glassresistorinteliwasp: how would that help me?05:01
jon__Running Ubuntu on a laptop, not a desktop.05:01
glassresistorim confused05:01
ActionParsnipjon__: when it happens, run: dmesg | tail    it may give clues05:01
ffdsfActionParsnip: eh?? gnome-terminal, not mac os x one05:01
inteliwaspglassresistor, i need to figure it out too, i have a massive archive of music on my linux box05:01
jon__Thanks Action  :)05:02
essialif anyone else has a new intel mac, just tell them to check "nodmaset" in F6 on startup :D05:02
ActionParsnipffdsf: it may work05:02
keithclarkWow, not one answer to my question on #mythbuntu!05:02
ActionParsnipessial: i have to link that page SO much05:02
essialmaybe ubuntu should have it on their page05:02
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:02
=== deathknight is now known as DeathKnight
MACscrhow do i check if my /tmp has exec privs?05:03
ffdsf#mythbuntu is dead channel05:03
dreadazzyCould anyone help me with this segmentation Fault error i get?05:03
ActionParsnipffdsf: remember, mac is based on BSD which isnt too far from Linux05:03
ActionParsnipMACscr: ls -la /tmp05:03
clausendreadazzy, maybe...05:03
ffdsfActionParsnip: macosx gui isn't based on unix, thank to gods05:04
glassresistorinteliwasp: oh great we can pm if you wanna troubleshoot together05:04
keithclarkdreadazzy, ok....so I'm in a circle here.  I need to know good TV Tuner card for Ubuntu on a HP a1211n.05:04
MACscrActionParsnip: dumb question, but what shows that it has that priv05:04
ActionParsnipffdsf: true but it may work05:04
jon__Thanks everyone.  Have a goodnight.05:05
korsakof_homeAnyone use to setup server nic redundancy? I would like to bond two nic together using an etherchannel on my switch. If each of my interfaces are at 1Gbs, will I get 2Gbs of speed with this setup?05:05
nazhow do i setup my ifup wlan005:05
ActionParsnipMACscr: if you see an x character in the left groups it means executable, the first value is the type, then they are groups of 3 for owner, group and world05:05
nazso i can connect in console05:05
ActionParsnipnaz: you can use interfaces, yes05:06
Jantirewhy is offtopic dead a lot05:06
MACscrActionParsnip: shows drwxrwxrwt05:06
mohan1Is it possible to install ubuntu onto a extended partition like this : One extended partition inside which Root,home,swap. Is this possible ?05:06
=== Rev is now known as Morphene
tonyyarussomohan1: yes.05:06
ActionParsnipMACscr: the its a directory (d character) and everybody has read write and execute access05:07
ActionParsnipmohan1: sure, each partition will be alogical partition in the extended05:07
dreadazzyhttp://pastebin.com/McQKyTVe   thats the error i get <---05:08
mohan1ActionParsnip, tonyyarusso, ok. I am not going to install windows7 onto my new 320 G harddisk.. so if i create another extended partition containing two partitions inside it.... then in those two, i can install windows onto it ? And can ubuntu installer make ntfs partitions ?05:08
keithclarkI would just love a personal endorsement of someone that has actually used a TV Tuner card with Ubuntu on a machine that is similar to a HP a1211n05:08
mohan1ActionParsnip, tonyyarusso for my English, sorry.05:08
tonyyarussomohan1: I don't remember if the installer can make NTFS partitions...it has no reason to.05:08
ffdsfmohan1: just create empty partition and format it from w7 installer05:09
clausenmohan1, the live CD should have gparted or similar on it, which allows you to create partitions, etc.05:09
Dr_Williswindows tends to perfer to be on a primary partition. but Not sure with Win705:09
clausenmohan1, (including things like NTFS partitions)05:09
piyushmishracan anyone help me install matlab?05:09
Sloth_DemonI want to uninstall ubuntu 9.04 to install 10.4.1. How do I do that? Additional Info : Multibooting(XP & 7) using GRUB, quite new machine.05:10
Dr_WillisWindows 7 here. made a little primary partition for the win7's '/boot' equivilant, then  the actual win7 install. both on primary parittions.05:10
tensorpuddingSloth_Demon: What do you mean by uninstalling?05:10
mohan1clausen, Thanks. ffdsf tonyyarusso thanks.05:10
Sloth_Demontensorpudding: Umm.. completely removing.05:10
Dr_WillisSloth_Demon:  delete the ubuntu partitions,  its unionstalled.05:10
tensorpuddingSloth_Demon: if you don't want to save anything from your old install, just start installing 10.4.1 and let it format the disks.05:10
JantireCan one's computer freeze?05:11
Dr_WillisJantire:  hmm? Computers can crash/lockup and freeze.. yes.05:11
gerinychhey, im trying to run a program and it need libgtk-1.2.so.0, where am i supposed to get it from?05:11
ActionParsnipmohan1: you'll only have 1 extended with all the logical partitions you will need05:11
JantireNo, freeze as in temperature wise05:11
ritleeJantire, of course05:11
JantireWould it still run after being frozen05:11
massmcJantire: Never in a million years05:11
ActionParsnipgerinych: dpkg -S libgtk-1.2.so.005:11
ritleeJantire, it's called a water cooled system running a peltier05:11
Sloth_Demontensorpudding: Thanks.05:11
mohan1One extended partitions for ubuntu's root,home,swap.. and another extended partition for windows' C, D .. Is this possible ?05:12
JantireEven if the temperature was kept at like -100 F?05:12
JantireIt would still run?05:12
f23can anyone tell me what extension play music videos on my car by a usb05:12
ritleeJantire, or there are even videos of liquid nitrogen cooled computers05:12
dreadazzyCould someone help me with this Seg fualt error i get when running this Playstation emulator http://pastebin.com/McQKyTVe thats the error i get when trying to run it.05:12
ActionParsnipJantire: sure, electronics have ideal conditions so they can be too cold05:12
gerinychactionparsnip: says it's not found05:12
ritleeJantire, to be honest electronics work best the cooler they are05:12
Sloth_DemonThanks everyone & have a nice day.. (Now where did my USB stick go..)05:12
clausenJantire, I think I've seen computers include "operating temp" spec's05:12
mohan1piyushmishra, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB  Tried this ?05:12
ActionParsnipf23: install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:12
ffdsfmohan1: you cannot have C &D on one partition obviously05:12
JantireWould it run better at -100 than 30 F05:12
ActionParsnipgerinych: ok then you probably need a symlink to libgtk-1.2.so05:13
piyushmishramohan1: yes05:13
DeathKnightdoes the proces for bcm43xx work for bcm47xx?05:13
mohan1ffdsf, My question is C,D partitions on one extended partition05:13
ritleeJantire, why would you? too much energy required to cool that far down05:13
Dr_Willis-100F  would make some parts a bit brittle. :)05:13
ffdsfmohan1: you can use any disk layout providing the active partition is fat or ntfs05:13
JantireI'm just curious05:13
piyushmishramohan1: mine is an iso file. can you tell me how to mount that on my media?05:13
ritleeJantire, at anyrate check out youtube for super cooled computer05:14
JantireI have an unrelated question, is it simple to learn C++ from the perspective of an infrequent C# and Python coder?05:14
mohan1piyushmishra,Right click on it> archive mounter05:14
f23ActionParsnip,  on my car i want to insert the usb to play videos music, i want to know what format extension should be?05:14
ActionParsnipgerinych: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22945705:14
piyushmishramohan1: let me try that and get back to you05:14
ActionParsnipf23: the extension doesnt mean much in linux. If you use mp3 or ogg you will be fine05:15
mohan1ffdsf, My question is : Is C must be in separate primary or can be in a partition inside extended partition ?05:15
clausenJantire, I think C++ is a bit more of a pain to learn05:15
=== aaron__ is now known as sabot
clausenJantire, it is a rather complicated language05:15
piyushmishramohan1: how do I access it from terminal?05:15
clausenJantire, but, like most things, when you start using it, you figure it out as you go05:16
Dr_Willismohan1:  some of the older versions of windows.  the system drive had to be  the first primary on the HD.05:16
ffdsfmohan1: windows 7 will make it's partition C whenever it's primary or logical05:16
JantireSo would I need a book to learn or more of using the internet here and there05:16
gerinychactionparsnip: no, i tried that05:16
mohan1piyushmishra, run "df -h" which will show you the list of mounted drives. in that find your mounted iso and see the "mounted on" column05:16
ffdsfmohan1: but you need active primary partition in fat/ntfs at least 100 MB large05:16
egsomeJantire, You need a book to start, or you can use some websites like: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/05:17
sabotI am using Network Manager on the latest ubuntu. I am trying to connect to my home network, but I keep getting an error of  "<info>  (wlan0): DHCP transaction took too long, stopping it.". This network works fine on windows machines, whats going on05:17
mohan1ffdsf, you mean primary should be outside extended ? Sorry i am n0ob. :(05:17
piyushmishramohan1: I cant see it there :P05:17
egsomeJantire, #C++-basic would be useful for beginners05:17
mohan1Dr_Willis, for windows7?05:17
ffdsfmohan1: yes, it should05:17
piyushmishramohan1: strange thing, I see it mounted on my window05:18
SadCh0zhey is anyone here good with setting up port forwarding n stuff like that in ubuntu?05:18
Dr_Willismohan1:  on my win7 machine. it makes its own primary for its '/boot' equilivant. of like 100mb in size. then installs to a 2nd primary.05:18
f23ActionParsnip, i have videos .flv and .avi and i want to convert all the videos to play on my car with the usb05:18
ffdsfmohan1: more precise: ou cannot have primary partitions inside extended05:18
DeathKnighthow to install wifi driver for bcm4727?05:18
Dr_Willismohan1:   aparently it dosent need the 'boot' partition. but its commonplace for win705:18
piyushmishraSadCh0z: you can access your router?05:18
psycho_oreos!broadcom| DeathKnight05:18
ubottuDeathKnight: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:18
DeathKnightpsycho_oreos, isnt that only for bcm43xx?05:18
mohan1piyushmishra, if the iso is mounted, try "cd ~/.gvfs"  and then "ls" ..05:19
DeathKnightpsycho_oreos, does it work for bcm47xx too?05:19
SadCh0zpiyushmishra: yeah i can access it. i'm just not familiar with the process.05:19
egsomeSadCh0z, Describe your problem, So we can help.05:19
Dr_WillisAt least tehres some good news on the broadcom driver front. aparently they are opensourceing more of their drivers.05:19
psycho_oreosDeathKnight, and yours is actually 4727? never heard, must be some really obscure numbering05:19
ActionParsnipgerinych: could try: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.2000.1 /usr/lib/libgtk-1.2.so.0   may work05:19
piyushmishraSadCh0z: ok loginto that you must see a port forwarding column05:19
piyushmishramohan1: yes I see the mounted iso05:20
mohan1Dr_Willis, is this ok?  One extended inside which i can install win7 later ?05:20
SadCh0zegsome: i just don't know how to forward ports atm. like, i'm trying to use the computer i just put ubuntu on as a server acessible from the web, like hosting a site. i have the site ready, and can acess the page thru the IP of the computer, but dont know how to forward ports.05:20
mohan1piyushmishra, now try that ubuntu help page.05:20
Dr_Willismohan1:  i dont know if Win7 can install tio an extended or not. It might be able to.05:20
piyushmishramohan1: so to access it I must use the path ~/.gvfs/[disc]05:20
mohan1piyushmishra, i think "If you mount it with archive mounter"05:20
egsomeSadCh0z, You need to do so using your router.05:21
piyushmishramohan1: yes I did that k ty lemme check05:21
ffdsfmohan1: NO. you need an active partition for windows bootloader. logical partitions cannot be active05:21
mohan1piyushmishra, Good luck!05:21
egsomeSadCh0z, this might help: http://portforward.com/05:21
zen0-hello everyone05:21
ffdsfmohan1: you need to allocate a new PRIMARY partition and make it active05:22
egsomeSadCh0z, It have a big list of routers, and the method of forwarding a port for each.05:22
psycho_oreosDeathKnight, in other words I have never heard of broadcrap using bcm47xx versioning for wireless chipsets, maybe its some dev release? have you mistyped? or are you not telling the whole story that it isn't exactly a wifi chipset but a combo like bcm5xxx series?05:22
mohan1ffdsf, ffdsf ok. so i must make a primary ntfs drive . Thanks for telling me05:22
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Sloth_DemonWell, I'm getting an error while booting with my 2GB stick with 10.4.1 on it(Universal USB installer). Error is : "SYSLINUX 3.86 2010-04-01 VBIOS LOADER ERROR - Boot Error"05:22
egsomeSadCh0z, You're welcome.05:22
mohan1ffdsf, but ubuntu can be installed into a extended partition 's root,swap,home partitions ?05:22
DeathKnightpsycho_oreos, wait.. let me see again. i saw bcm4727 (rev 01)05:22
mohan1ffdsf, yes, that was told already. thanks05:22
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest60014
ffdsfmohan1: yes, it can; win7 can too05:22
piyushmishramohan1: sh: Can't open /home/piyushmishra/.gvfs/mat2k9b.iso/install05:22
ritleepsycho_oreos, quick google search has bcm 4727 like crazy05:23
masterBIGwillywhat command lets you05:23
mohan1piyushmishra, check filename,path.05:24
masterBIGwillywhat's the command that lets you check the elapsed time of the current processes running at large.05:24
=== Mariele is now known as Guest72400
ritleemasterBIGwilly, ps ?05:25
asmalikSloth_Demon, make sure you delete everything off the USB stick before copying on the new files. Old files mixed in might confuse the boot process.05:25
masterBIGwillyi know "w" is one, but i don't how granular it iss05:25
ritleemasterBIGwilly, or ps -e05:25
gerinychactionparsnip: ok, now it asks for another file, but ill handle it myself now, thanks05:26
psycho_oreosritlee, interesting hybrid wireless driver but its not a wireless chipset05:26
piyushmishramohan1: sh: Can't open /home/piyushmishra/.gvfs/matu2k9b.iso/install05:26
ffdsfhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/sgr8asDE F.U.C.K.05:26
piyushmishramohan1: i had an error on the file path the first time05:26
=== rgreening_ is now known as rgreening
ritleepsycho_oreos, didn't get deeper into it than google ;)05:26
mohan1piyushmishra, wait05:27
=== valros_ is now known as valros
piyushmishramohan1: okie :)05:27
psycho_oreosritlee, you had me going there for a bit05:27
zen0-"/ignore -channels ##ubuntu * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS"05:27
psycho_oreosDeathKnight, I need the entire lspci -nnk output05:27
mohan1piyushmishra, matlab 2009 b05:27
ffdsfunrelated issue: why my clipboard contents fanishes sometimes? is it because have low memory?05:27
mohan1piyushmishra,  at the end of that help page, there is another link for matlab 2009b05:27
mohan1piyushmishra, this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB/R2009b05:28
piyushmishramohan1: oh kk05:28
mohan1piyushmishra, try this.05:28
zen0-ffdsf: did you close out the application you copied from?05:28
zen0-ffdsf: if so its an old bug05:28
piyushmishramohan1: its teh same one just changed text to r2009b05:28
korbenhello ;-)05:29
piyushmishrai had done that already05:29
ffdsfso if I close app the text in clipboard is lost o_O05:29
mohan1piyushmishra, I don't know. Someone here may want to help you. Good luck.05:29
piyushmishramohan1: can I make a new dir somewhere copy all contents from the iso and use that to install?05:29
ActionParsnipffdsf: yep, install glipper and youo'll be fine05:30
zen0-ffdsf: yes it is a very very old bug :P05:30
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: grub2 can boot ISO files05:30
piyushmishraActionParsnip: I am n00b05:31
ffdsfisn't glipper for gnome desktop?05:31
zen0-ffdsf: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/10664405:31
ritleepiyushmishra, coming into this a little late, but what are you trying to do?05:32
ActionParsnipffdsf: it uses gtk like gnome, yes05:32
piyushmishraritlee: I am trying to install matlab r2009b on my comp05:32
mohan1ffdsf, can root be separate and home,swap,another ext4 under extended partition?05:32
ffdsfmohan1: no05:32
zen0-ffdsf: also http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/10/22/enhance-your-clipboard-with-a-clipboard-manager/05:33
=== ServerTechPro is now known as ServerTech
mohan1ffdsf, so root,swap,home,extra ext4 under one extended only ? Thanks very much for helping me05:33
ffdsfmohan1: you may assign one catalog to one separate partition05:34
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: ive never done it but i can websearch just like you can. I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf2CYSUXVh805:34
mohan1what is catalog?05:34
mohan1ffdsf, what is catalog?05:34
ffdsfall the rest are together where root is05:34
ffdsfmohan1: directory05:34
piyushmishraActionParsnip: this time I got a new error /home/piyushmishra/Downloads/matu2k9b/update/install/main.sh: 582: /home/piyushmishra/Downloads/matu2k9b/update/bin/glnx86/xsetup: Permission denied05:34
mohan1ffdsf, thanks..05:35
mohan1ffdsf, bye, enjoy the day!05:35
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: cd /home; sudo chown -R piyushmishra:piyushmishra ./piyushmishra05:35
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: sounds like you extracted something with sudo, so the files are owned by root05:35
piyushmishrano I used the archive manager05:35
Loshkimohan1: in general, you can put root,swap,home,extra where you like. Many people keep root/swap/home on separate partitions05:35
piyushmishraand the owner is piyushmishra05:36
mohan1ffdsf, (root,home,swap,one more ext4), ntfs,ntfs ... This is how i am going to do today05:36
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: obv change the command so the emoticon isnt there and is the right characters05:36
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: then make sure you have read access05:36
mohan1ffdsf, will this work correct ?05:36
mohan1ffdsf, Thanks. bye05:37
TheVenerableZDoes anyone know of a good command line app that will allow me to change sampling rate and mono to stereo of a wav file?05:37
piyushmishraActionParsnip: i ust checked all folder and file accesses on all levels, I have all access05:38
TheVenerableZI understand it won't increase the quality, but I need a wav to have a higher spec than I can record to put it into another app05:38
ffdsfhow to coonect a windows share whitout fancy file manager?05:38
ActionParsnippiyushmishra: not sure then dude, just make sure your user has appropriate access.05:38
pie_timehow do i ssh into a remote machine so i can see its desktop in a window on my pc?05:39
piyushmishraActionParsnip: lol this matlab will need super support :P05:39
ActionParsnippie_time: you can use: putty -X user@server     make sure you have xming installed and launch nautilus in the shell. Why do you need the whole desktop????05:40
DragonKeeper [SAA7134_BOARD_CRONOS_PLUS] = {05:40
DragonKeeper 949                /*05:40
DragonKeeper 950                gpio pins:05:40
DragonKeeper 951                        0  .. 3   BASE_ID05:40
FloodBot3DragonKeeper: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:40
extraclassicpie_time: there's a way to use vnc but forward to port 2205:40
pie_timeActionParsnip, i want to be able to access the whole desktop to teach a friend some things05:40
ActionParsnippie_time: ahh, not sure that will fly then. I think you'll need vnc or similar05:41
DragonKeeperif i was to use a driver  (like part pasted)     would it matter if line numbers ran up side ?05:42
extraclassicpie_time: i never got it to work because i'm an idiot, but you can search for vnc + ssh tunnel05:42
luw_hi friends!  running ubuntu 9.04 and for some reason is starting kvm_amd module.  i need to kill this everytime i launch vbox because if i dont, hardware acceleration wont work (instruction set AMD-v)05:42
pie_timeActionParsnip, nevermind, the first thing i want to be able to control the machine in privacy with a screensaver turned on and locked. is that possible?05:42
=== Low023 is now known as Low-
luw_anyone know why this would be starting on it's own?05:43
piyushmishraActionParsnip, mohan1: yay!!!!! it somehow started working on its own :P05:43
AdzyCansomeone please help! I just setup dualboot vista/ubuntu and my ubuntu menu runs extremly slow! but when i open something in menus it runs fine!05:43
gorgonzolahello! anyone knows how to restore a usb disk drive firmware?05:44
ActionParsnippie_time: you can use ssh ad run individual apps, the OS allows multiuser login so this is fine05:44
ActionParsnipgorgonzola: i'd ask in #hardware05:44
pie_timeActionParsnip, how do you go about doing that?05:44
ffdsfAdzy: I remommend exorsicism05:45
ActionParsnippie_time: install xming, install putty then use: putty -X user@server  in a run/dos prompt and you will be able to run gui apps05:45
Adzylol exorcism???05:45
gorgonzolaActionParsnip: my thougts precisely, but apparently it is invitation only :S05:45
Adzyso ring the local priest?05:46
ActionParsnipgorgonzola: really?05:46
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org05:46
pie_timeActionParsnip, is there a guide?05:46
gorgonzolaActionParsnip: that's what freenode said when i tried to join...05:46
ActionParsnipgorgonzola: you just need to be registered05:46
omar!help Bug #50772305:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:46
Emanonwoa quiet05:46
gorgonzolaActionParsnip:you're right, apparently my ident hadn't been processed yet... thanks,05:47
ActionParsnippie_time: you could have found a guide yourself05:47
ActionParsnippie_time: http://www.cse.yorku.ca/tdb/_doc.php/userg/login/x11-from-home.html05:47
omarhello! i need some help guys05:47
Emanonso pretty sure its a known issue but is there a fix to get facebook working on gwibber?05:47
Emanon!hello | omar05:47
ubottuomar: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:47
ActionParsnipEmanon: try the daily build ppa05:48
Emanonk thanks ActionParsnip05:48
omarI installed ubuntu in a toshiba and after installation05:48
omarbios block 3 is damaged05:48
omarthere is a reported bug Bug #50772305:49
Dr_Willis!bug #50772305:49
Dr_WillisI know theres a bug bot trigger. :)05:49
LinuxFetusOn Ubuntu's website, why isn't it recommended for daily desktop users to use the 64 bit version of the OS?05:50
ffdsf!bug 50772305:50
ffdsfLinuxFetus: because no-one inspects code before compiling it in 64 bit05:50
EmanonLinuxFetus: probably cause of the poor support for some widely used apps like flash player05:50
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  if you dont know what 32 vs 64bit means.. its  basically defaulting to telling users to use 32bit05:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:51
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  read up on that 'page' at -> http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Marcel-Gagne-Orbiting-Planet-buntu/Stop-Apologizing-For-Linux05:51
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  short answer. if you understand 32 vs 64bit then decide what one you want to use.. if the terms mean nothing to you.. better stick to 32bit05:52
LinuxFetusffdsf: So it's like a use at your own risk kind of thing, then?05:52
ActionParsnipLinuxFetus: 3rd party companies still support 32bit better than 64bit (broter and canon are 2 that spring to mind), it's just an easier life for new users etc05:52
iflemaomar the bug ismarked invalid....05:52
maxeryGood idea05:52
omarI installed ubuntu in a toshiba and after installation i got this bios block 3 is damaged05:52
niglophow do i mount disk?05:52
Dr_Willis!mount | niglop05:52
ubottuniglop: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:52
LinuxFetusDr_Willis: I understand what 32 and 64 bit are, I was just wondering why they would have a warning...05:52
LinuxFetusDr_Willis: But I'll read the link you gave me.05:52
ActionParsnipniglop: you can't.You don't mount disks. You mount partitions05:52
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  think of it as 'idiot proffing'05:53
Dr_WillisProffing. :)05:53
* Dr_Willis gives up spelling..05:53
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  if you got more then 4gb of ram. You will want 64bit for the most part.  If less then 4gb. well. its not that big an issue. You do gain some speed from 64bit.05:54
B4B4B0Z0R6hello i am using ubuntu netbook remix on a eee pc 1016 i have some questions is there anybody to help05:54
glebihan!ask | B4B4B0Z0R605:54
ubottuB4B4B0Z0R6: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:54
Dr_Willisbenchmarks on PAE kernels for over 4gb  are lacking compared to a 64bit kernel also.05:54
B4B4B0Z0R6first microphone doesnt work i did the instructions in ubuntu website for eee pc 10005:54
ActionParsnip64bit really helps audio and video encoding, and other such data transforms05:55
B4B4B0Z0R6but it doesnt work for me05:55
=== Zain is now known as ExtremeDevilz
ActionParsnipB4B4B0Z0R6: run alsamixer, make sure all sliders are cranked and not muted as well as the gnome app05:55
Emanonand get ready for feedback05:55
Dr_Willisive noticed video recoending times MUCH improved on 64bit :) and a properly confifgured ffmpeg.05:55
Emanonwhat transcoder do you use Dr_Willis05:56
zen0-LinuxFetus: poor flash support though05:57
LinuxFetusDr_Willis: Yeah, because I don't think that Wubi/Ubuntu or whatever is smart enough (or at least wasn't) to not install a 64-bit version of itself on a computer with a 32-bit processor.  A friend gave me an Ubuntu CD at the beginning of the year, and I tried to run it live on one of my 32-bit computers (not knowing that the CD I had was 64-bit. only).  It wouldn't load (I didn't recognize the x86_64 error message it gave haha)... so05:58
LinuxFetusI tried to do the installation thingy from Windows... it went ahead and installed, and it gave me the option between choosing it and Windows at startup, even though it would never load... but yeah, that makes sense because a few users would get thoroughly frustrated if their 64 bit one wouldn't install properly... I only have 2 GB of RAM on this computer...05:58
Dr_WillisEmanon:  ffmpeg for most all my needs05:58
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  I for one feel that wubi sould just be removed... :)05:59
zen0-Dr_Willis: i second this :) but this is because im an elitist bastard05:59
ffdsfcan someone recommend gtk theme which isn't so large and gaudy as default ones?05:59
* zen0- apologises for his potty mouth05:59
B4B4B0Z0R6i runned alsamixer06:00
zen0-ffdsf: elementary06:00
Dr_Willisffdsf:  theres loads of themes in the repos not installed by default. check out the 'community' theme package.06:00
B4B4B0Z0R6and i unmuted all06:00
Dr_Willisffdsf:   and theres unofficial PPA theme archives with lots of them also.06:00
B4B4B0Z0R6but my microphone still not working06:00
zen0-ffdsf: trying www.gnome-look.org06:00
LinuxFetuszen0-: When you say Flash isn't well supported, do you mean it has some bugs or it just flat-out doesn't work?06:00
zen0-B4B4B0Z0R6: have you looked to make sure its selected in the sound menu06:00
Emanoni like losing the bottom panel in favor of a dock un-expanding top panel and hiding both06:00
niglophow do i found out which partition my usb is mounted on?06:00
Dr_Willisffdsf:  the gnome-art and gnome-artng (or was it gnome-art-ng) tools let you browse/install themes from teh various gnome sites also06:01
nazDr_Willis, hey06:01
Emanonthe 64 bit flash was an alpha build06:01
Dr_Willisniglop:  one way 'sudo fdisk -l' and see what devices are where. and check 'mount' command output also IF its allready mounted06:01
Dr_Willisnaz:  Moo? :)06:01
zen0-LinuxFetus: 64bit flash for linux was offically dropped by adobe, so it doesnt get any security fixes or anything.  On the other hadn you can use 32bit flash but for me at least it doesnt work well06:01
nazDr_Willis, i did it but i had Nouveau krn driver in use i let the nvidia installer disable it06:01
Emanonso you got to choose between a rather crappy workaround to get the 32 bit on 64 or use the alpha stage 6406:01
airtonixDr_Willis, niglop or just use the "Disk Utliity" application from the system menu06:02
Dr_Willisnaz:  that Nouveau has been a total disaster for my 3 nvidia systems.06:02
B4B4B0Z0R6anyone can help microphone doesnt work in netbook remix on eee pc 1016p06:02
zen0-LinuxFetus: for instance, some clickable objects in flash cant be clicked with 32bit flash.  But this may just be my issue06:02
noisewaterphdB4B4B0Z0R6: this may be a silly question but do you have the proper mic selected in audio preferences, and then unmuted it in alsamixer? I've had things not show up in alsamixer until I had them configured properly in audio prefs06:02
LinuxFetusAnd flash is closed-source so there's no way for the open-source community to pick it up effectively?06:02
Dr_Williszen0-:  i think that bug has multi-causes.06:02
Emanonno i have observed that to zen0-06:02
nazDr_Willis, during boot i got a error about a smb06:02
niglop[adam@tux ~]$ sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt06:02
niglopmount: you must specify the filesystem type06:02
B4B4B0Z0R6yes i chekced alsa mixer06:02
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:02
Dr_WillisLinuxFetus:  i have heard that theres a GPL flash replacement now that does work with YouTube. :)06:02
zen0-LinuxFetus: there is an open source alternative to flash06:02
B4B4B0Z0R6it should works06:03
nazniglop, ext4 ntfs fat32?06:03
LinuxFetuszen0-: But if they can't be clicked in 32-bit flash, then why would having a 32-bit OS make things better?06:03
EmanonLinuxFetus: there are FOSS flash decoders but they arent very good06:03
niglopnaz» not sure06:03
zen0-Dr_Willis, Emanon: glad to know im not alone :)06:03
Emanonit can be on a 32 bit system06:03
noisewaterphdDr_Willis: Gnash supposedly works on youtube, but I haven't tried it myself06:03
airtonixniglop, you can mount block devices... only the partitions on them06:03
nazwhat are you trying to mount06:03
Emanonbut the 32 bit workaround for 64 bit breaks clicking sometimes06:03
ffdsfnoisewaterphd: it doesn't06:03
Psi-JackHow do I get Ubuntu to not use fbcons at bootup and just use straight up simple text mode? I'm running ubuntu in kvm and it gets horribly painfully slow in virt-viewer because of how fbcons works specifically in Ubuntu.06:03
niglopairtonix» can you walk me through how to mount my usb06:03
zen0-LinuxFetus: im just saying if your a bit of a nooby and dont want to mess around with flash, it may be better to use 32bit, that is if you dont have a lot of ram06:04
airtonixniglop, 1. system menu 2. admin menu 3. Disk Utility06:04
B4B4B0Z0R6guys please i really need to use mic06:04
iflemazen0-: get the tgz package from adobe, remove all currenlty install flash and extrat the .so file to the newly created plugins directory ( ~/.mozilla/plugins)06:04
zen0-LinuxFetus: hence why its a good idea for the Wubi installer :P06:04
nazDr_Willis, i got it to install successfully.... but i dont see a nvidia icon anywhere... how can i check to see if it is using the driver06:04
niglopairtonix» 1. i dont06:04
extraclassicniglop: it's really fast on command line06:04
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  theres the 'text' option you can tell grub. but i also blacklisted the framebuffer module. :)06:04
niglopuse gnome06:04
zen0-iflema: that is how i installed it06:04
Psi-JackDr_Willis: How would I just flip that with Ubuntu's way of handling grub2 proper?06:04
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: Flash works fine on 32bit, and I have a working compiled 64bit version I can give you if that is your problem06:04
airtonixniglop, its expected that when you ask for help here without specifying the system you are using that is by default going to be : ubuntu 10.04 and gnome.06:05
iflemazen0-: and you havenoother versioninstalled??06:05
nazniglop, fdisk?06:05
EmanonB4B4B0Z0R6: u check the pulseaudio sound manager in your tray?06:05
zen0-iflema: im pretty sure, let me check06:05
niglopk airtonix  im in disk utility not what06:05
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  edit /etc/default/grub and replace the 'quite whatever' entry with 'text' is what i do and rerun update-grub to make text' the default.06:05
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: I mean Adobe Flash works fine (or at least as good as it does on any other OS06:05
Emanoncause sometimes the inputs or levels get switched around06:05
LinuxFetusnoisewaterphd: If you have something that's working, then why isn't it in the repos or something?06:05
airtonixniglop, it should be pretty obvious by now.06:05
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  that disables plymouth AND gdm. but I think i also had to blacklist the fb16 module,06:05
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  let me find my notes06:05
iflemazen0-: if you did it that way thepackage manager should show none installed....06:05
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Found it. I'm trying it now.06:06
niglopairtonix» it says its mounted but its not at the same spot as last time =s?06:06
niglopit was at /media/disk last time06:06
airtonixniglop, your point ?06:06
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: 32 bit should be in the repos, 64 bit got temporarily killed on *nix by adobe, but I hacked together my own working 64 bit. I can email you the binary as well as instructions on where to put it if you need it06:07
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  i thinkit still tried the framebuffer console. Untill i blacklisted that module06:07
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Hmmm.06:07
Psi-JackDr_Willis: you're right!06:07
Psi-JackDr_Willis: It did still do that crap. :/06:07
zen0-iflema: yeah06:07
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  it should of stopped gdm, and plymoputh at least06:07
LinuxFetusnoisewaterphd: *nix?06:07
airtonixniglop, just click the partition and then click the blue text next to "mount point"06:08
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: Linux/Unix/Solaris/FreeBSD06:08
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  you did 'update-grub' after editing the file?06:08
Psi-JackDr_Willis: My vm's don't run those.06:08
niglopairtonix» Failed to execute child process "nautilus" (No such file or directory)06:08
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Yes06:08
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: Mac is the only nix based os with an official 64 bit right now06:08
Psi-JackDr_Willis: What'd you do, blacklist fbcon?06:08
airtonixniglop, or you can simply navigate to that path06:08
niglopyes but i want it in a different spot so my alias works properly06:08
airtonixniglop, right click blue text06:08
extraclassicniglop, just learn to mount it in command line and you can put the folder wherever06:09
niglopextraclassic» thats what ive been trying to do but airtonix has just been telling me to use disk utility..06:09
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  i forget the module name.. it seems different on this 10.10 box.06:09
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: if running 64 bit is your issue, just tell me where to send you the working version06:10
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  i thought it was fb16vga or somthing like that for the framebuffer06:10
airtonixniglop, do you really need to have a custom mount point ?06:10
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Well, I just blacklisted fbcon and vga16b, but it's still fricken doing it.06:10
LinuxFetusnoisewaterphd: Can I /msg you?06:10
Psi-JackAhh, vga16fb, forgot the f.06:10
noisewaterphdLiuxFetus: if you are running 32bit you should be able to install directly from adobe, or I swear its in the repos06:10
niglopyes airtonix i have an alias in my bashrc that opens that folder when i type my command but its moved mount points and i dont want to change the script06:10
noisewaterphdLinuxFetus: sure06:10
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  Interesting.. 10.10 dont seem to load that by default.. or else the nvidia driver install blacklisted it allready06:10
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  but this is a Upgrade box.. it may kept my old blacklist file06:11
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Aha, spelling it right seems to have done the trick06:11
Psi-JackMuuuuuch better!06:11
Psi-JackI can LIVE with it now. :D06:11
airtonixniglop, is the alias having random characters ? if so you need to give the volume a name so that the mountpoint has the same name as the volume06:11
niglopairtonix» the alias is set to /media/disk as the folder to open which was where it was mounted before06:12
Emanonk the gwibber ppa fixed the problem thanks06:12
niglopextraclassic» can i help you06:12
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  yea. i just login at console and do 'startx' these days :)06:12
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  the framebuffer part is really an annoyance. on a live cd. the consoles dont work for me with the nveou drivers+framebuffer06:12
extraclassici hit some button, sorry...tried to send a message to you to tell you what to do06:12
nigloplolz kk06:13
Psi-JackDr_Willis: I don't. My servers don't run X, except the bare-metal part, and usually only via VNC remote access through secure VPN.06:13
airtonixniglop, all my usb volumes have standard fat partition volume names and therefore the mountpoint is automatically created based on that name06:13
B4B4B0Z0R6no idea about why mic oesnt work on eee pc 101606:13
B4B4B0Z0R6why buntu has not ut it in the wiki06:13
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  yea. I couldent even get the 10.10 installer to display properly withoput some settings tweaks :()   Progress! and bug reports filed :)06:13
Emanonk is there a good graphical config tool for grub (like alter resolution, background and so forth) and also for the encryption passphrase entry screen06:14
glebihanEmanon: startupmanager06:14
Dr_WillisEmanon:  ive had startup manager break things.. i dont think it handles grub2 that well.06:15
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Heh. Eh, well. :)06:15
Dr_WillisEmanon:  so i would backup your original configs befro trying ti06:15
Emanonand any idea how to change the resolution on the encryption passphrase entry screen?06:15
glebihanDr_Willis, Emanon : didn't see it was for grub2, never tried it with grub206:15
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Most of my servers are actually running under kvm. The host OS I've moved to using f13 at the moment, but I still have ubu servers. :)06:15
Emanonsorry i said grub you're right06:16
Emanonmeant grub206:16
Dr_WillisGiven that grub2 is the default these days... :)06:16
glebihanDr_Willis: yes but I'm still using grub106:16
Dr_Willisold grub = Grub legacy06:16
Psi-JackDr_Willis: Default? You mean, ONLY option? :p06:16
enlihi, I am using Karmic and wish to try recent kernel. Can the kernels provided at ubuntu kernel-ppa be used in older Ubuntu releases? e.g. Can I install Maverick kernel into older Ubuntu releases?06:16
atari2600aon 10.10, Empathy is accidentally all my accounts06:16
glebihanDr_Willis: I tend to forget that grub2 is the default now06:16
Dr_WillisPsi-Jack:  you can use grub1 still i recall.. someone was asking how to use LILO the other day in here.. (no idea why)06:16
theoshey!! i was trying to open some video files but they show an error message like this --> "No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format "wmas". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this." any thing i can do about this?06:17
atari2600ais there a workaround?06:17
Emanontheos: you in america?06:17
Dr_Willistheos:  sounds like its saying the WMAS codec is somting that vlc cant support.. (legal reasons?)06:17
theoserm Dr_Willis donno06:17
atari2600atheos, check VLC's website06:18
Dr_Willistheos:  stheres some hits about it at the vlc forums.. sure its not wmap ?06:18
theosEmanon, no i am not in america06:18
atari2600aI recall having to install DVD CSS support through a deb file06:18
Emanoncause if you know your country doesnt have problems with copyright on formats might try ubuntu-restricted-extras06:18
glebihantheos: as far as I remember, I've never been able to read such files06:18
Dr_Willistheos:  try the w32codecs pack and mplayer perhaps.06:19
theosGlebelg, Dr_Willis , i have installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras but it didnt help. i get the same error06:19
glebihanDr_Willis, emanos: won't work06:19
theosi was thinking if i could open these files with totem instead of mplayer06:19
Psi-JackWhat really urks me right now is that under kvm, ubuntu doesn't get the reboot signals, but EVERY OTHER distro does just fine.06:19
intmedhow to restart hybrid-ircd06:20
intmedhow to restart hybrid-ircd06:20
Dr_Willisintmed:  if its a normal service.. use the service command06:20
Dr_Willis'sudo service whatever restart'06:20
Psi-JackSo, when shutting down the host OS, for any ubuntu-server's running it eventually has to force poweroff the ubu-servers. Which is NOT cool.06:20
theosDr_Willis, movie player says --> video/x-asf-unknown decoder06:21
theosThe playback of this movie requires a video/x-asf-unknown decoder plugin which is not installed.06:21
Emanonyou sure its a real video and not one of those fake ones *ahem* some sites use to get you to download malware?06:21
airtonixasf is a Microsoft video container06:22
theosEmanon, yes its 2 GBs of videos :/06:22
airtonixyou assume it is anyway06:22
airtonixcontainer != video06:22
Emanonthats what i mean06:23
cfgI was wanting to know if there is a way to sort data in OO.o Calc by text ? almost every other row my spreadsheet has a row with "Missing Box and/or Instructions" on it and was wanting to know if there is a way to put those rows at the bottom of the others?06:23
intmedDr_Willis: that is not working.06:23
Dr_Willisintmed:  assume people on IRC have the attention span of a Goldfish... whats not working...06:23
Dr_Willistheos:  have you tried mplayer and the w32codec package?06:24
intmedDr_Willis: cannot restart ircd-hybrid06:24
theosDr_Willis, not yet. but i will soon if i dont find a solution for movie player06:25
pie_timewhats the minimum ram for ubuntu to run06:25
Dr_Willisintmed:  and whats the exact command line you used?06:25
Dr_Willistheos:  i hate movieplayer.. i install smplauyer and vlc -   right from the start normally06:25
intmedDr_Willis: sudo service hybrid-ircd restart06:26
Emanonthat was for you pie_time forgot to address it06:26
glebihanintmed: it's "sudo service ircd-hybrid restart"06:26
Dr_Willisintmed:  perhaps its not called ircd-hybrid,06:26
* Dr_Willis has no idea what its called.. :)06:26
Emanonas little as 512mb if you can cut out stuff you dont need06:27
theoshmm ok thanks everyone :) take care06:27
Emanon1g otherwise06:27
intmedDr_Willis: how to get the list of currently running services06:28
earthmeLonSo, I have no .bashrc file.  I've created one and when I do source ~/.bashrc, It works, but on initial connection, it's back to basic.  How can I fix this?06:28
seisetepcShe pay day06:28
Dr_Willisintmed:  the service command has options for that.06:29
glebihanintmed: I told you, it's "ircd-hybrid" not "hybrid-ircd"06:29
Dr_Willisintmed:  service --help06:29
Dr_WillisI do belive the service command has tab completion support also (well bash does for it)06:29
inertialdoes ubuntu use initrd or initramfs for its startup image?06:30
inertialeverything I have found says initramfs, but in my /boot dir I have initrd06:30
zen0-upstart i think06:30
seisetepcNinguem merece06:31
glebihan!ot | seisetepc06:32
ubottuseisetepc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:32
earthmeLonBASh isn't loading my .bashrc file on login.  Any suggestions?06:32
seisetepchey, help me06:32
glebihan!ask | seisetepc06:33
ubottuseisetepc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:33
tacomasterdoes anyone know what to do if i want to get rid of my default network manager for gnome and get wcid?06:33
xanguatacomaster: just install wicd06:34
seisetepcsnort and hlbr is not write the logs, and now?]06:34
xanguaand restart*06:34
glebihanearthmeLon: does it work if you force bash to load your bashrc file (with--rcfile)06:34
tacomasterbut dont i have to uninstall network manager or something?06:34
seisetepcbut i have attacked06:34
LinuxFetusIs there any reason I wouldn't want to install Ubuntu 10.04 (either 32- or 64-bit) on an ext4 partition?06:35
tauren_I had a drive in a software raid1 set drop out. when I rebooted, I was prompted to run fsck manually, so I did. I then added the drive back the the raid1 set. After 2 hours of syncing, it looks like it failed.06:35
xanguatacomaster: installing wicd will uninstall network-manager & network-manager-gnome06:35
tauren_how can i tell if it is a bad drive, or if it is fixable?06:35
inertialseisetepc: qual e a sua problema?06:35
tauren_here's some dmesg logs:  http://pastie.org/115160206:35
tauren_the server and drive are new within 6 months or so.06:36
marlon My cousin just installed Ubuntu and i think it's split with Windows 20% and Linux 80%06:36
marlonNow my sound doesn't work...06:36
marlonAny suggestions?06:36
earthmeLonIt works when i do source ~/.bashrc it loads06:37
earthmeLonGlebelg ^06:37
earthmeLonglebihan *^06:37
Dr_WillisearthmeLon:  check your .profile it may be its not sourceing your .bashrc as you expect06:37
earthmeLonDr_Willis.  .profile doesnt exists v_v06:38
Dr_WillisI forget how ubuntu has all the bash scripts ordered now. used to be it was .bash_profile sourced .bashrc and the /etc/profile but i think that changed06:38
glebihanearthmeLon: .bashrc is not read on login06:38
Dr_WillisI got a .profile here06:38
glebihanearthmeLon: you should use .bash_profile or .profile06:38
marlonCan someone answer my question please????????06:39
Dr_Willis .profile  sources the .bashrc  i notice.06:39
marlon My cousin just installed Ubuntu and i think it's split with Windows 20% and Linux 80%06:39
marlonNow my sound doesn't work06:39
glebihanearthmeLon: if they don't exist, you can create them06:39
Dr_Willismarlon:  the splitting of the 2 - has no bearing on the sound not working..06:39
marlonI swear I've tried everything06:39
Dr_Willis!sound | marlon06:39
ipv5so i've got these 3 monitors lying around and they're making m think about building a triple headed system...06:39
ubottumarlon: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:39
ipv5ideally what i'd like is to have compiz run a hexagon and show half of it at a time on the 3 displays06:39
Dr_Willismarlon:  did sound work on live cd, has it ever worked...  what is your sound card chipset?06:40
ipv5but i'm wondering: what happens when i spin it and the desktop that was on the 27" 1920x1080 display gets put on the 19" 1280x1024 display instead?06:40
marlonThank you I'll try that web site cause I've already tried the other stuff you mentioned06:40
macoipv5: thats not how it spins06:40
marlonI'm not sure06:40
marlonHow do I find out?06:40
wizzzzzzardhey hey06:40
wizzzzzzardquick question folks.06:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:40
ipv5maco; what do you mean?06:40
wizzzzzzardis the Netgear wpn311 now supported?06:41
macoipv5: compiz will have a very wide desktop and one desktop will go across all 3. you spin it, and you'll move to the next.06:41
wizzzzzzardor does it still require madwifi?06:41
wizzzzzzardI no longer see any documentation past 2008 on the card06:41
glebihan!enter | wizzzzzzard06:41
ubottuwizzzzzzard: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:41
macoipv5: it wont move the contents of one monitor to the next monitor. all 3 monitors will change at once06:41
ipv5maco: oh06:41
macoipv5: this is why i hated multiple monitors when i used compiz06:41
wizzzzzzardglebihan: irrelivent bot answers are useless and less productive then overuse of enter. Please contribute or leave the comment for someone who knows, thank you.06:41
marlonWhat happened to you <Dr_Willis>?06:42
guest24nyc anyone ?06:42
Emanoni dont use multiple monitors (given i dont do any coding) and i like it better than those multihead setups everyone else seems to prefer06:42
ipv5maco: is their something more appropriate than compiz i should be using?06:42
glebihanwizzzzzzard: these are rules on how the channel should be used06:42
Dr_Willismarlon:  i got things im doing..... ive rarely had a sound card issue so dont expect me to be a lot of help -06:42
macoipv5: for 3d desktop?  ehh... kwin can do 3d desktop but i dont know how it handles multiple monitors for that06:42
marlonI'm not expecting anything from anyone weirdo.....You sounded like you were adding on and gave me no hint that you were finished with what you started helping me with06:43
wizzzzzzardthe only details I can find on the WPN311 regarding ubuntu date back to around 2008, so I am not sure if it's still valid to say they need madwifi06:43
marlonYOU started helping me...06:43
ipv5maco: i guess the 3d isn't essential, although i would hate to go back from at least using the gpu for compositing06:43
ipv5back to the dark ages so to speak06:44
macoipv5: heh hey i love the "dark ages" of tiling window managers ;-)06:44
Dr_Willismarlon:  whatever..06:44
marlonYOU started helping me....06:44
glebihanwizzzzzzard: you may have have a look at this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/356768/comments/30 (it's from March 2010)06:45
ipv5maco: boy i see that "tear the window down a piece at a time" stuff on a busy system anymore and it just makes me cringe06:45
marlonSo anyone else have any suggestions about my sound not working?06:45
macomarlon: file a bug?06:45
=== sarah is now known as Guest15811
earthmeLonDr_Willis I've copied the default .bash_profile to my home and I am still having issues.  The .bash_profile file has nothing but comments06:46
marlonNot sure. How do I check if it's not to hard to explain?06:46
wizzzzzzardglebihan: hmm, looks like it's now built into the kernel. Archwiki documentation says so too anyway.06:46
wizzzzzzardglebihan: say for a few bugs06:46
macomarlon: run "ubuntu-bug -s audio" and itll guide you through filing an audio bug06:46
marlonWhere do I type that in? - sorry, I am so new to this?06:47
glebihanwizzzzzzard: since when ?06:47
earthmeLonDr_Willis Thanks for you help.. Googled about .bash_profile and this helped: http://joshstaiger.org/archives/2005/07/bash_profile_vs.html06:47
marlonThank you so much though.06:47
macomarlon: applications -> accessories -> terminal06:47
macomarlon: or hit alt+f2 and type it in there06:47
wizzzzzzardglebihan: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wireless_Setup#ath9k << unless my alcohol consumption is making me read wrong, it says .35 will house it06:47
=== Guest15811 is now known as AEONFLUX
wizzzzzzardglebihan: I don't particularly have the card but I have a friend whom is installing linux for the first time, and this card seems to be extremely old.06:48
Dr_WillisearthmeLon:  i tend to redo the profiles so much that i dont even recall what the default sare.06:48
glebihanwizzzzzzard: yes, googling it a bit, I found issues with this card starting from 2004...06:49
wizzzzzzardglebihan: yeah, but the last reported major bugs seem to be isolated aruond 2008, so i don't know if it's just a simple restricted driver set or if it requires something more.06:49
wizzzzzzardglebihan: that'll learn him to not buy an intel or Cisco based card06:49
sculpturedhey everyone, i'm trying to install beryl 2.1 on lucid lynx. i added the lines suggested on http://tnlessone.wordpress.com/2007/03/17/upgrading-to-beryl-020/ so that synaptic would auto update it (and i could download beryl with apt-get), but i'm getting a 403 forbidden error from beryl-project.org. what's going on?06:50
glebihanwizzzzzzard: its says here (http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9186420) that it's supported since 9.1006:50
wizzzzzzardsculptured: beryl is extremely outdated, have you considered compiz fusion?06:50
wizzzzzzardglebihan: fantastico! gracias06:50
glebihanwizzzzzzard: you're welcome06:50
phanindracan i change the image that appears at the time of booting in ubuntu9.10??06:51
Dr_Willissculptured:  beryl has been gobbled up by compiz.. theres no need for beryl that ive ever seen06:51
james__where does gnome-session save session info?06:51
sculpturedwizzzzzzard: no i havent, in fact i didnt even know it existed.06:51
sculpturedDr_Willis: okay, i'll look into compiz06:51
wizzzzzzardsculptured: Beryl was merged with the Fusion project and became compiz fusion, installing beryl would be pretty much putting your X system into a highly unstable state. Check out Compiz instead.06:51
phanindracan i change the image that appears at the time of booting in ubuntu9.10??06:51
Dr_Willissculptured:  compiz is installed by default also06:51
=== ord_ is now known as qwm
wizzzzzzardphanindra: you can change the boot splash by a couple different meathods but they do require some play with the grub configurations.06:52
vu1kanis it possible to string two commands together in your .bashrc as a single alias? what i'm trying to do is <cd ~/web> followed by <python -m SimpleHTTPServer> with a single alias06:52
wizzzzzzardvu1kan: command one && command two06:52
sculpturedDr_Willis: do i have to install the manager or do i just have to find it?06:52
vu1kanwizzzzzzard: thanx much06:52
wizzzzzzardvu1kan: example: "cd /home/user && ls -l"06:52
Dr_Willissculptured:  its Installed by default... on a normal ubuntu system06:53
Dr_Willissculptured:  if your video card drivers support it. You are allready using it06:53
Dr_Willis!ccsm | sculptured06:53
ubottusculptured: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz06:53
phanindrawizzzzzzzzard:i have changed the boot splash, i want to change the white logo of ubuntu that appears before and after giving password to some other image06:53
ServerTechProUsing sudo always returns an error "sudo: must be setuid root"06:54
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: is your user in the sudoers file?06:55
phanindrawizzzzzzzzard:i have changed the boot splash theme, i want to change the white logo of ubuntu that appears before and after giving password to some other image06:55
sculpturedDr_Willis: thank you, that's exactly what i wanted06:55
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, what do you mean06:55
wizzzzzzardphanindra: that's your login screens theme isn't it then?06:55
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: usually if sudo gives an error it's cos the user isn't authenticated to have sudoers access06:56
piyushmishrahi I am trying to make an app launcher. its runs from the terminal can I make some launcher that doesnt need launcher?06:56
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: verify that your user is listed in /etc/sudoers06:56
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  clarify what you are trying to launch...06:57
mkcpysHow do I change which of my monitors is my default/primary desktop? I really want to move my panels onto my bigger monitor.06:57
phanindrawizzzzzzzzard: yeah, at that time the white logo will be appearing right?? I want to change it to some other image. can i do that?06:57
wizzzzzzardmkcpys: are you nvidia?06:57
Dr_Willismkcpys:  you can alt-click on the panels and drag them where you want.06:57
Dr_Willismkcpys:  the nvidia-settings tool has a check box for that option also.06:57
james__what is the path/name of the file in which gnome-session saves my session06:57
piyushmishraDr_willis: I installed matlab and am trying to make a launcher for it06:58
petersteele111i cant log into other channels? This happens everytime i log in. Something with nickserve needing to identify my username but i dont remember how to do it?06:58
piyushmishradr_willis: its not in the default location so the file from ubuntu help doesnt work06:58
wizzzzzzardmkcpys: if you're on nvidia run nvidia-settings under sudo or root and configure which device is the primary and which is the twinview.06:58
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, Only user previlege specification : root ALL=(ALL) ALL06:58
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:   make a laumncher that runs /the/full/path/to/matlab06:58
mkcpyswizzzzzzard - No. I have ATI, but I'm using the default free drives and not the ATI drivers, because those drivers cause massive tearing on all video playback.06:58
glebihanpiyushmishra: where do you want to put your launcher ?06:58
DagoRedpetersteele111: /msg nickserv identify <password>06:58
phanindrawizzzzzzzzard: yeah, at that time the white logo will be appearing right?? I want to change it to some other image. can i do that?06:58
petersteele111thanks thats the code i needed dago :)06:59
dlp211petersteele111 "/msg NickServ identify <password>"06:59
piyushmishraDr_willis: that closes as soon as it opens06:59
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  what closes?06:59
wizzzzzzardpetersteele111: course, you can create custom login screens.06:59
piyushmishraglebihan: desktop/panel06:59
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  whats the exact command you use in the terminal to run matlab?06:59
wizzzzzzardmkcpys: ah, well I'm not good with ati. I'm sorry.06:59
piyushmishradr_willis: the window for matlab. it remains open only when I run that file in terminal06:59
glebihanpiyushmishra: what command do you use when you run matlab ?06:59
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  perhaops it requiers a terminal to be open.. ive never used it..07:00
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  you could make the launcher 'open in terminal' or run 'xterm -e matlab'  also..07:00
mkcpyswizzzzzzard - I don't think it matters which video card I'm using since I'm using the free drivers. (can't remember what they're called.) But I'm probably wrong.07:00
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piyushmishradr_willis: thats what I was asking. can I run such a command without keeping the terminal open all the time?07:00
rizzuhoh for god's sake07:00
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Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  does 'matlab &' in termnial work? can you then use the 'exit' command?07:01
xjunioroh f*ck07:01
xjuniordamn spammers07:01
rizzuhgoddamn 4chan07:01
avi_It's not 4chan dude.07:01
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:01
rizzuhit looks like07:01
petersteele111yeah that code didnt work. It just shows on my screen the nickserve thing and then identify and my password but isnt doing anything else. Do i need to re register ny name?07:01
|Sacred|really, no one has anything better to do than that?07:01
rizzuhtypicall of 4chan07:01
avi_4Chan doesn't do stuff like that.07:01
avi_They have respect for good projects, trust me.07:02
ServerTechProI think some user settings problem as i dont see me as an admin wizzzzzzard07:02
TheAnswer4chan is more pro than that07:02
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: in sudoers you want your user added07:02
avi_TheAnswer, Yup.07:02
phanindrawizzzzzzzzard: yeah, at that time the white logo will be appearing right?? I want to change it to some other image. can i do that?07:02
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: it should loook: USER_NAME   ALL=(ALL) ALL07:02
piyushmishradr_willis: yes it works can I make that work via a launcher file or something?07:02
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: where username represents your user07:02
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, I dont have admin in User settings, its not letting me authenticate07:02
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: that would do it too, the gui end just puts you in sudoers07:03
ServerTechProhow can i use root to use User settings07:03
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  you can make a script and the launcher can run the script if you wanted.07:03
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: do you have another user naem that was generated when you installed ubuntu?07:03
sculpturedwhere can i find the fire-like effect used in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRWLfY7hMgQ?07:03
wizzzzzzardthe default user is *always* added to sudoers by proxy07:03
Dr_Willissculptured:  theres exctra compuiz pluigins in the repos. Not installed by default07:03
avi_!enter wizzzzzzard07:03
Dr_Willissculptured:  check the package manager for compiz and see whats in there07:03
avi_!enter | wizzzzzzard07:03
ubottuwizzzzzzard: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:03
piyushmishradr_willis: how to do that? should i google it?07:04
avi_Does anyone have a lucid-style monochrome menu icon for Xchat?07:04
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, I guess the user previlege is shown as custom07:04
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  make a script? bash scripting fundamentals.07:04
Dr_Willis!abs | piyushmishra07:04
ubottupiyushmishra: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/07:04
sculpturedDr_Willis: thank you07:04
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, I need to change it to admin, but its not letting me authenticate07:04
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, can i use root07:04
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  example script = 2 lines.. #!/bin/bash     matlab &07:04
glebihanpiyushmishra: you can try using "gnome-terminal --command='matlab'" as the launcher's command07:05
Dr_Willispiyushmishra:  but i cant imagine WHY that would work and not running matlib directly07:05
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: are you using another user beyond what was set up on install, though? Cos usually your default is set sudoers authenticated... And root can be used, but you'd need to be able to access sudoers before that's an option really.07:05
petersteele111hey how do i re register my nickname again please i know there was a channel to go to07:05
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: an unahtenticated user cannot gain access without su'ing to a user with proper permissions07:05
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, i have many users07:05
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, i think it is not recognising my user as an admin07:05
wizzzzzzardServerTechPro: I'd go to your first user; your initial one from install, and set your current user as admin/sudoers07:06
ServerTechProwizzzzzzard, so i need to use root to change it somehow07:06
ServerTechProbut that first user imean07:06
ServerTechPro* i mean07:06
wizzzzzzardsu - <original user from install>07:06
piyushmishraglebihan: it also keeps the terminal open07:06
ServerTechProdoes not have admin07:06
piyushmishraDr_willis lemme try ur script once07:06
ExtremeDevilzguys how do I run a vistual studio under wine07:06
wizzzzzzardExtremeDevilz: Get a shrine of mayan gods and pray.07:06
ServerTechProone min.07:06
ServerTechProlet me try07:06
glebihanpiyushmishra: yes, if matlab needs a terminal (for some weird reason), it will stay opened as long as matlab is running07:07
ExtremeDevilzi mean you need something like chmod07:07
wizzzzzzardalright, I'm out of here07:07
wizzzzzzardglebihan: thanks for lookin' that up, ServerTechPro good luck07:07
petersteele111can someone please tell me how to register my nickname again?07:08
petersteele111its not recognizing my crap when i send identify to NickServe07:08
piyushmishradr_willis: the sh script died in the same way07:08
sculpturedanother question, what's a solid macro program? i'd prefer something akin to autohotkey but i'd settle with just keyboard and click macros07:09
dlp211nickserv not nickserve07:09
petersteele111oh lol07:09
petersteele111thank you im stupid tonight07:09
mkcpysSo, does anyone thing that there is a way to make my bigger monitor my primary monitor in Ubuntu aside from changing the plugs out or installing the ATI Radeon drivers?07:11
glebihanmkcpys: Can't you do this in System->Preferences->Monitors ?07:12
Dr_Willismkcpys:  alt-click on the panels and drag them over to the other monitor07:12
mkcpysNo. It doesn't give the option to change which monitor is the primary (thus, which monitor has the panels and opens windows on it by default, etc.)07:12
mkcpysDr_Willis -- What are you some kind of genius ???!!!???!!!07:13
sculpturedagain, can anyone direct me towards a good macroing program? i'd prefer something similar to autohotkey, but i'll settle for just keyboard/mouse support07:13
FriarI am trying to clean up my SSD. when I use the disk usage analyzer it says that I have used 16.5 GB and have 11.6GB available, but when I scan my filesystem, it only shows 4.9 GB of size...where is the difference coming in?07:13
mkcpysDr_Willis - I guess so, you're a doctor. Thanks. That just did it I think07:14
quiescensfriar: doesn't 16.5 - 11.6 = 4.9?07:14
quiescensoh wait07:15
quiescensnever mind, I misread07:15
quiescenswhat are you using to scan the usage or whatever07:15
FriarI'm using the disk usage analyzer in Applications -> accessories07:16
quiescensif you just mean the scan home button, that only lists the contents of your home directory07:16
Friarit is a 30GB drive with 2GB swap on it. then rest is /07:16
quiescenswhereas the initial "used" amount is overall disk usage07:16
FriarI scan the whole file system though.07:16
Dr_Willismkcpys:  i mentioned the alt-click-drag thing some time ago. :) People never listen to their doctors.07:17
Dr_Willismkcpys:  that did NOT make the monitors primary.. it just moved the  panels. You can have panels on both monitors07:18
quiescensi don't know for sure, it could be that a lot is being taken up in directories your user doesn't have direct access to07:18
Dr_Willismkcpys:  GDM will still appear on the other monitor07:18
Friarwell, I'm getting closer...I just cleared out my wife's .wine folder (we used to use rosetta stone) and that cleared out like 3.8GB. There is still quite a disparity between the 12.4 used and 15.7 availabe, and the file system scan showing that it only has 4.9 used.07:19
mkcpysDr_Willis - Sorry, I missed it.07:20
Friarmight i be missing a trash folder or something?07:20
mkcpysDr_Willis - What is GDM ?07:20
Dr_Willismkcpys:  your LOGIN screen07:20
Dr_WillisGDM/KDM/other DM's07:20
mkcpysDr_Willis - Well, that's ok.07:20
quiescensfriar: you can try alt-f2, gksudo baobab07:21
quiescenswhich should run the disk usage analyzer as root07:21
quiescensso that you can see how much is taken up, not just in files that your current user has access to07:21
FriarI see where the problem is....my wife's .local trash folder....I think.07:22
mkcpysDr_Willis I also notice that certain pop-ups still pop up on the other monitor - regardless of where their parent window is. That's slightly annoying.07:22
ServerTechProdamn, its telling some bug, it shows im an admin07:23
ServerTechProill report it07:23
quiescensthat would be why it doesn't show up for you by default, because you don't have access to other users' home directories ordinarily07:23
Friarquiescens, it doesn't show it all, but I07:23
* ExtremeDevilz is going back to windows07:24
Friar* I'll get to the bottom of it. I have a script that I run on my account that empties my trash...I'll just add my wife's to it.07:24
quiescenson an unrelated question, baobab, how did the disk usage analyzer end up being called baobab07:24
Friarand use the sudo to ge tit.07:24
Friarquiescens, ha, my wife has 7GB of trash in ~/.local/Trash!!!!07:26
FriarI just added that to my little script and everything is much better now.07:26
quiescensfriar: i've never really liked those trash cans07:26
Friarthey are so hidden. and since i only have 30GB due to cost of SSD, space is at a premium for me.07:27
Friardo you know of any other trash areas that I might be missing?07:27
quiescensdid running baobab as root not help?07:28
FriarIn my terminal i was getting errors about not being able to read the .directories in her home folder.07:28
Friarand since that is where the trash is, i couldn't read it.07:28
quiescensI don't see why it wouldn't be able to as root07:29
Friarme neither, but it didn't.07:29
Dr_Willismkcpys:  so swap cabels.. or use the ati drivers.. i cant imagine why you dont want to use the ati drivers..07:29
quiescensI guess the program doesn't work well as root07:29
quiescensat worst you can use: sudo du /07:30
quiescensbut that will be really really messy07:30
Friarquiescens, the only error i was getting was about the .gvfs folder.07:30
Friara few of the .directories showed up in the scan, but not many.07:31
iVIM2Is there anyone use ubuntu-minimal07:31
=== iVIM2 is now known as iVIM3
mkcpysDr_Willis - When I use the ATI drivers I can't figure how to stop the massive tearing in video playback. I've tried everything I could think of, and much of what others have suggested.07:31
Dr_Willismkcpys:  I dont use ati any more.. all i can suggest that if using compiz enable that 'sync to blank' option. that removed mosta ll the tearing ive seen in  my video playback07:32
=== ord_ is now known as qwm
Dr_WillisIm so used to video tearing - i rarely even notice it. in videos.. now in games.. yes. i do notice it07:32
mkcpysDr_Willis: Yeah, I've tried that. To be honest, I don't see why I need to use the drivers.07:33
quiescensfriar: actually I really don't know why it doesn't show all files when running as root07:33
=== The_Thing is now known as Sleeping_Thing
quiescens.gvfs is fine, because that's a special mount point and doesn't contain regular files as such, but it still seems to miss a lot07:34
iVIM3Is there anyone having used Ubuntu-minimal?07:34
denver__Can any one help me with getting my wireless card and driver running  my laptop dorsent have an ethernet  plug so it is being a big pain07:34
Friarquiescens, I would think that especially the .local/Trash would be one that would work.07:35
quiescensfriar: I guess the default disk usage analyzer has some sort of filtering because when I run it with gksudo it thinks /home has 4.3mb07:37
quiescensfriar: maybe it only counts files owned by the user or something07:37
billGood evening, all.  I have a (hopefully) quick question:  I just installed ubuntu 10.04 desktop edition on a server that I got from work.  It's installed just fine, but I can't seem to connect to the internet and open a web page.  I can ping google, and I'm able to use empathy to chat with another user on my network.  Has anyone seen this type of problem before?07:37
Friarquiescens, could be. whatever it is, it can be annoying.07:38
enlidoes anybody know what i need to do for fixing "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgio-2.0". i cant compile any program.07:38
Dr_Willismkcpys:  the way ati works.. in 6 mo they will remove your card from their supported drivers list.. so you wont be able to anyway07:38
Friarif I had 1TB it wouldn't be a problem, but with 30GB you have to keep things clean.07:38
billIn the network connections notification area, there are 2 arrows, one pointing up, on pointing down.07:38
inertialis it possible to see what initramfs.conf a pre-built initrd image is built with? I'm trying to put together my own initrd image for bootup07:38
quiescensfriar: one moment, trying something07:38
pheonixmandoes anyone know about ID3v207:38
quiescensfriar: you could install gdmap and try running that with gksudo07:39
=== zoom is now known as Guest81676
SubCoolcan anyone help me with an xorg.conf issue? I had one, now i dont. The computer still work- but i need to edit my xorg.conf to setup a dual monitor, and i cant find it- because its not in /etc/x11/07:41
Friarquiescens, thanks...looks like it is scanning everything, but not quite as easy to read the output at the buit in tool.07:41
FriarI bet if I knew more about it i could find a way to format the output of gdmap the same way that the build in analyzer does it.07:42
Dr_WillisSubCool:  and your video chipset is?07:42
SubCoolintel/ati i think07:42
quiescensi'm having a look around for alternatives anyway just because I agree its silly that the default doesn't actually show everything07:43
Dr_WillisSubCool:  you have both an ATI video card and a Intel video card?07:43
quiescensfriar: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-analyze-your-disk-usage-pattern-in-linux/07:43
quiescensa couple possibilities there07:43
SubCooli know i have intel- im just not sure if there is an ati onboard, im prettys ure there is. - Intel chipset..07:43
sillypenguinprobably dual switching in a laptop?07:43
Dr_WillisSubCool:  so you are usng an onboard video card with a PCI/whatever ati card?07:43
quiescenswith gdmap you can double click to focus on the aqua hilighted part and go down a directory at a time if that helps07:44
SubCoolno, its a laptop-. i cant remember if there is an onboard ati GPU chipset- how do i grep to find out?07:44
SubCooli looked it up online, but i just want to make sure.07:45
Dr_WillisSubCool:  'lspci'07:45
Dr_Willislspci | grep vga  (or VGA) or was it Vga ?07:45
Dr_Willisi forget the 'ignore case option' to grep.. :(07:45
Friarquiescens, in gdmap, if you double click on something it will enlarge that folder, for instance if you double click where the /home folder is, you can see the dfferent users, and can then go into their directories....actually wiht a bit of work it is cool.07:46
Dr_WillisThats why i forget it.. its too logical to rember. :)07:46
malvso have they figured out the freezing in 10.04?07:46
SubCoolVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300] -knew it07:46
Friarhahha i just saw that you wrote the same thing.07:46
Friarboth my wife and I have a lot of stuff in .thumbnails...do you know what that is for?07:46
Dr_WillisSubCool:   the Monitors settings tool in the system menu dosent let you enable both displays? How abouyt the laptops special FN keys?07:46
willinjamalv: what freezing ?07:47
SubCoolit does, it just freaks out when i set it up.07:47
malvthe freezing mentioned in the forums with over 100k views and over 1000 posts07:47
quiescensfriar: most likely thumbnail caching for nautilus07:47
SubCooli havent been able to get it once07:47
Dr_WillisSubCool:  could be its a feature the open sourced ati driver dont support fully yet.07:48
SubCoolIMO it is having primary moniotr issues07:48
Friarah...I see. I guess it isn't too much...I have 150MB and so does my wife. If I can't handle useing 300MB for somthing like that, then I have bigger problems.07:48
SubCoolits trying to clone a mirror07:48
besogonIs there someone who know Samba and WINs well. I stuck in a problem with it.07:49
quiescensfriar: something like: find ~/.thumbnails -type f -atime +7 -exec rm {} \;07:49
SubCooli need to edit the xorg- i just cant find it07:49
Dr_WillisSubCool:  err.. make it..07:49
quiescenscould be useful, that one would delete any thumbnail that hasn't been accessed in 7 days07:49
besogonSubCool: try. Xorg -configure07:49
Dr_WillisSubCool:  X auto confuigrues - a Xorg.conf is normally not needed except ins pecial cases07:49
SubCooli was afraid to- i thought i could run a wizard..07:49
Dr_WillisSubCool:  my Intel laptop does 2 monitors without a xorg.conf, the nvidia systems i got have one with their twinview settings in it07:49
Friarquiescens, I think I'll take the hit on 300 MB. it isn't crazy. if things get unwieldy I'll definitely have a look at reducing the size of that folder, but for now I'm on.07:50
mkcpysDr_Willis: Now if I could just figure out how to get my USB Mic interface to work with Alsa/Audacity. It shows up, but doesn't work. You don't happen to know anything about that do ya?07:50
besogonDr_Willis: Its better works with xorg.conf07:50
SubCoolFatal server error:07:50
SubCoolServer is already active for display 007:50
besogonDr_Willis: more stable07:50
FriarI really like this gdmap tool now. thanks for the tip.07:50
SubCoolnvidia is better than intel07:50
MACscrok, so i just removed a bunch of packages using apt-get remove packagename, but then realized i need to get rid of all the configs as well. Anyway for me to do that after the fact?07:50
Dr_Willismkcpys:  not really. onlyh mics i use are built in to the webcam ont he laptops07:50
Dr_WillisMACscr:  you can remove/purge them afterwards and it should get rid of the configs.07:51
rwwMACscr: sudo aptitude purge ~c07:51
Dr_WillisMACscr:  i recall ubuntu-tweak having a  thing for that also.07:51
rwwMACscr: ~c means "all removed but not purged packages"07:51
besogonSubCool: BUt using nvidia you have to use special nvidia program to tune the card07:51
SubCoolya, but thats because nvidia is too lazy to support all the hassle07:51
besogonIs there someone who know Samba and WINs well. I stuck in a problem with it.07:51
SubCoolwish i could help- having same issue, against Win 7- machines being a brat07:52
Dr_Willisbesogon:  state the issue and see what happens07:52
trupheenixhi i have the following situation. i have a wireless broadband modem connected to one of my laptops and I have a wifi router. I want to connect my Wifi router to my laptop and share the wireless broadband connection with other devices in my house. can anyone guide me?07:52
SubCoolDr_Willis, i have to log out into console?07:52
Dr_WillisSubCool:  perhaps. ive not needed to generate an xorg.conf in years..07:53
SubCoolhaha- ok. how do i log out completed? but to a terminal prompt?07:53
Dr_WillisSubCool:  sudo service gdm stop07:54
SubCoollol k- brb07:54
besogonSubCool: Dr_Willis, I have 2 network eth0 (interanal subnet) and eth1 (external net). I have checked in smb.conf "wins support = yes " to make samba be WINS. but07:55
besogonSubCool: Dr_Willis, according to http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/tdb.html07:55
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csxtphey how do you start apache server on ubuntu 10.0407:56
besogonSubCool: Dr_Willis, I should have got wins.tdb and wins.dat file and I haven't. Also I can't ping computers in external network from subnet07:56
besogonI don't know what is it.07:56
=== ServerTech|Lapto is now known as ServerTec
Dr_Willisbesogon:  you mean ping by name? or ping by ip# ?07:56
=== ServerTec is now known as ServerTech|Lapto
besogonCan it be a bag?07:56
besogonDr_Willis: yes07:56
Dr_Williserr.. yes to what part? :)07:57
=== ServerTech|Lapto is now known as ServerTec
besogonDr_Willis: But I can see workgroups and master browsers NetBIOS names al the same07:57
petersteele111how do you get the colored names? stupid question i know07:57
Dr_Willispetersteele111:  what colored names?07:57
besogonDr_Willis: I can ping by IP07:57
Dr_Willispetersteele111:  its a feature of your IRC client. (highlighting)07:58
besogonDr_Willis: but not NetBIOS07:58
Dr_Willisbesogon:  Im not sure that wins does let you ping by hostname.. ive never seen it work that. i always edit my /etc/hosts to have the proper name/ip so i can ping via hostname07:58
Dr_Willisbesogon:  been wanting to ask about that in #samba someday.. but never gotten around to it07:58
Dr_WillisNow on a windows machine.. yes.. I can ping by that name.. :) which suprised me07:59
Dr_WillisBeen fighting with a few machines and samba  for the last few months here also.08:00
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quiescensbesogon, dr_willis: you will want to look at /etc/nsswitch.conf08:00
=== ServerTec is now known as ServerTechLaptop
Four2zerohello to all, is there a bandwidth meter for ubuntu ?08:01
Dr_WillisNice comment in the file --->  for more info see --> info libc "Name Service Switch"08:01
besogonDr_Willis: I heard that samba WINs and Windows WINs are not compatible. It can be the reason but I don't sure08:02
Dr_Willisbesogon:  my issue is i have one 'nas' that works if i access it via ip. OR its name.. but its not showing up on any machine  when they show machines on the network. :)08:02
besogonquiescens: I know about it. I checked it properly and ping in subnet works fine but not ping through the gateway08:02
Dr_WillisHmm.. the info page given in the config file.. dosent seem to mention the actual config file. :)08:03
olegbI need to configure a ubuntu 10.04 installation to automaticly login as a user and I like to make sure that the user doesnt need to use any passwords to log in and operate the system. I know how to do automatic login for the account. But, the default keyring unlocking is teasing me - can anyone point me to some documentation for for doing this.08:04
ceil420Four2zero: you can use conky :) highly customizable desktop system status stuff (including cpu usage, mem usage, b/w usage, temps (with the right hardware/drivers), and much much more!)08:04
Dr_Willisolegb:  dont set a password for the default keyring.. and it wont ask08:05
ceil420Four2zero: http://conky.sourceforge.net/ (had to make sure they were at the same site <_<)08:05
Four2zeroceil420, i just need bandwidth for ubuntu-server.08:05
Four2zeroany others besides conkey ?08:05
Dr_Willisolegb:  when it asks for a password the first time. just hit enter and confirm the 'use unsafe storage' option08:05
Dr_Willisolegb:  if one is set. change  the password to be blank08:05
olegbDr_Willis: the problem then is it seems to forget the passwords for wifi networks08:05
ceil420Four2zero: i dunno, that's just the only one i've ever used08:05
quiescensbesogon: if you have multiple subnets worth you'll need to make sure that one system is used as the wins server and then use dhcp or whatever to set that system as the wins server for all the systems involved08:05
airtonixFour2zero, depends if you need to see bandwidth in use now or a history of use ?08:05
Dr_Willisolegb:  really? it rembers them here08:06
Four2zeropreferbally in use08:06
Dr_Willisolegb:  it even auto connects to the one at home. no clicking needed08:06
olegbDr_Willis: OK, could be a local problem - i'll try again. Tanks alot!08:06
airtonixFour2zero, bandwidthd will give you html outputs containing graph images showing history of usage by IP and jnettop or IPtstate will show you bandwidth used now08:06
besogonquiescens: Actually I'm trying to set network in a class in a university.08:06
Dr_Willisolegb:  i wonder if it could be a wireless serucity thing.08:07
ceil420Four2zero: you could have conky only report b/w if you like :p08:07
ceil420Four2zero: gotta admit, airtonix's solution sounds cooler tho :p08:07
Dr_Willis!info ntop08:07
ubottuntop (source: ntop): display network usage in web browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.3-13 (lucid), package size 2556 kB, installed size 10724 kB08:07
Dr_Willisntop displays so much stuff its scary :)08:07
=== JoshuaP is now known as thatjoshdood
airtonixnop is not easy to setup08:07
besogonquiescens: the network (eth1(DHCP+ windows WINs)  -->Ubuntu(DHCP Realy, samba WINS) --> class08:08
Four2zeroairtonix u mean jnettop08:08
Four2zerowill check both them utilities out08:08
airtonixFour2zero, no jnettop is dead easy to use its the bandwidth version of htop08:08
cfeddeFour2zero: some people like "system monitor" in the system>administration menu from gnome.08:09
airtonixFour2zero, Dr_Willis i've also noticed that ntop is a daemon which (for me at least ) decides to eat most of my cpu cycles08:09
olegbDr_Willis: yes, could be a wifi issue - I'll try to look further into it, thanks for your help :-)08:09
quiescensbesogon: i take it they don't have a wins server that you can just point at08:09
besogonquiescens: class is located on interface eth0. And I have access from eth1 to eth0 fully, but in eth0 network I can see only workgroups in eth1 and ping by IP.08:10
quiescensbesogon: firstly, make sure that the ubuntu system in the middle can lookup by name using nmblookup, and you have it set with wins support = yes as you've said08:11
Four2zerowow, System Monitor will do....sending 1.1MiB/s08:11
jibsWhen I press up arrow on command line this shows > ^[[A   ?  :-P am a noob08:11
quiescensbesogon: you'll need to make it so that the dhcp relay adds on a parameter so that the systems behind it use it as a wins server08:11
jibsWhere are the previous commands ..?08:12
besogonquiescens: ubuntu can look all. and "wins support = yes" was set too.08:12
Dr_Willisjibs:  sounds liek the terminal is in some odd mode. thats  the escape keys for the arrows08:12
Dr_Willisjibs:  perhaps try 'reset' command and see if it works.08:12
quiescensbesogon: yeah, so the ubuntu box is acting as a wins server, but the rest of the systems don't technically know that08:12
Dr_Willisjibs:  you are using bash correct?08:12
jibsYup .. think so !  Dr_Willis08:13
besogonquiescens: dhcp3-relay didn't work for me (I don't know why) I use dhcp-helper. I can't change dhcp info08:13
jibsAnd how do we change back to default prompt -  "[\\u@\\h]"  , right ?08:13
besogonquiescens: may be you are right. I heard that Samba WINs and Windows Wins are not compatibe08:14
Dr_WillisMy ANNOYING nas i got - for some reason is giving an ip of  when i 'nmblookup nas'  any ideas on that? My samba-fu is weak08:14
quiescenswindows can be configured to use samba's WINS server08:15
Dr_Willisits not giving any other ip#.  unlike the other samba box;s :(08:15
quiescensbesogon: the only problem is that at the moment, if you go to one of the windows systems and type ipconfig /all in a command prompt, it will not have a WINS server listed08:15
airtonixDr_Willis, why would it be giving a broadcast address as its IP?08:15
quiescensbesogon: you need to find some way of setting that appropriately08:16
airtonixDr_Willis, I wouldn't trust that, and therefore would do an nmap ping scan of your local network to find all the machines and their IP addresses08:16
Dr_Willisairtonix:  well that first line is the broadcast..  it shoudl give a 2nd line as its ip#. its not doing that..08:17
quiescensbesogon: either by overriding it on each system individually or by having the relay change the dhcp parameters to add the WINS server08:17
airtonixDr_Willis, zenmap gui for gnome makes various nmap tasks easy08:17
quiescensbesogon: possibly other ways too, but those are the ones I can think of off-hand08:18
Dr_Willis$ nmblookup blacklaptop---> querying blacklaptop on --> blacklaptop<00>08:18
airtonixDr_Willis, yes but that relies on something in the NAS that is obviously not working properly (layer 7)08:18
Dr_Willisairtonix:  i know its ip. :) its set staically to - but its aparently not brodcasting that info when asked.08:18
enliI get error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgio-2.0" everytime I try to compile any program. I searched around and apparently I need to have "libgio-fam", but that is already installed. Any guesses?08:18
airtonixDr_Willis, i assume you can't telnet to the thing ?08:19
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
Dr_Willisairtonix:  yea. thats what im trying to figure out. Its a 'simple.net' nas. that just shares 2 hard drives.. I can ssh to it and get to its smb.conf :) but i dont see anything odd in its settings08:19
quiescensannd, i'll be afk for a bit08:19
airtonixDr_Willis, (you'd be able to find out if you did a nmap scan on it)08:19
Dr_Willisairtonix:  so I can get to it. :)08:19
Dr_Willisairtonix:  right i can nmap and find it. If i enter the smb:// it does work08:19
Dr_Willisbut it never shows up on the scans of the lan by any other machines.08:20
besogonquiescens: In eth0 (internal network) I set WIN server to ubuntu IP address. I didn't help me.08:20
besogonquiescens: It didn't help me. *08:20
ilovefairuzenli: libglib2.0-dev08:20
Adzyhow do i modify grub2 in ubuntu 10.0408:20
airtonixDr_Willis, i think nmbd and winbind are the processes that deal with advertising win names (check they are running)08:20
Dr_WillisI think smb://nas only works because i got nas in the hosts file08:20
airtonixDr_Willis, i would also investigate installing avahi in the device so you don't have to bother with WINS08:21
mlqstupDr_Willis, did you check your client machine08:22
ilovefairuz!grub2 > Adzy08:22
ubottuAdzy, please see my private message08:22
besogonStrange that #samba chanell is so silent and we have to discussion it here08:22
mlqstupyour firewall could be blocking smb broadcasts, you won't be needin WINS server to see it on the network08:22
enliilovefairuz: Thanks, it was installed previously.. reinstallation fixed the problem. What would be the reason?08:22
Dr_Willisairtonix:  its a embeded 'thing' about the size of a deck of cards. $50 - it  cant really be tweaked like that.  (that ive seen so far)08:22
airtonixWINS is such fail.08:23
Dr_Willisairtonix:  it does have nmbd running. but i see no winbind on it.. cant even find a winbind binary on it. (yet)08:23
EmLeXmorning pepz08:23
airtonixDr_Willis, you also want to check that you're allowing all the required ports for SMB protocol to work08:23
ilovefairuzenli: perhaps it wasn't registered in the linker cache (ldconfig)08:24
airtonixDr_Willis, 135-139, 445, one other i forget08:24
Dr_Willisairtonix:  wht gets me is Sometimes - the thing does show up... every once in a great while08:24
enliilovefairuz: that makes sense, thanks08:24
airtonixDr_Willis, does it show up when you use the command smbtree ?08:25
EmLeXhow secure is a ssh tunnel compared to a vpn connection?08:25
valentinohi. the additional drivers program can't find my ati 5770 graphics card08:25
mlqstupEmLeX, enough :)08:25
Dr_Willisairtonix:  no it does not. and findsmb gives...08:25
mlqstupEmLeX, it depends what encryption uses your vpn08:25
Dr_Willisairtonix: unknown nis name08:26
MaahesI'm using a live usb and I'd like to set/change its password. The default password is blank, but its not allowing me to change the password?08:26
Dr_Willisairtonix:  which is part of the 'nmblookup' issue i was noticeing also.08:26
ilovefairuzEmLeX: both relay on an TLS/SSL layer08:26
Dr_WillisI dont know where that ip# is comming from on the NAS08:26
EmLeXits openvpn08:26
willinjai've try to configure the php and mysql and install torrentflux and it still doesnt work any idea why ?08:27
airtonixDr_Willis, i don't know enough about samba and your device to know whats going on08:27
Dr_Willisairtonix:  yea. its a bit beyond my samba level also.  the silly thing is supposed to be just plug in  and it works.08:27
Maaheswillinja: er, you'd have to provide more info as to what's going wrong than that.08:27
airtonixDr_Willis, maybe you can change the FlashRom and use something else08:28
willinjawell i ve install the php using $ sudo aptitude install apache208:28
willinja$ sudo aptitude install php508:28
willinja$ sudo aptitude install mysql-server08:28
willinja$ sudo aptitude install php5-mysql08:28
FloodBot3willinja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
Blue1Dr_Willis: this might help on samba:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=30908:29
Dr_Willisairtonix:  well i can alter the  thing a little.. it has like 64mb for its OS. but its most of the way full. ive no way to do much other then alter what configs i find. and theres not much hacking info on it.. yet. :)08:29
willinjathen i sudo apt-get install torrentflux08:29
besogonDr_Willis: see about samba ports in Backgraund Info of the page http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/integrate-ms-networks.html08:29
Dr_Willisbesogon:  been readuing up on all teh docs.. im not sure if its an acutal samba config issue.. or some other odd networking config issue on this thing.08:30
Dr_Willisthe more pc's advance.. the harder it seems to be to get samba working right on them08:30
Dr_Willisyears ago i could have samba going fine. :)08:30
DagoRedDr_Willis: At least you aren't messing with a mac trying to get samba shares working on it.... it makes regular implementations of Samba look like cake.08:31
Dr_WillisDagoRed:  yea. what gets me - this gizmo DOES work.. works decently well.. its just not seen when scanning..08:32
AdzyHello! Can anyone give me advice on why ubuntu is running mega slow when installed on dual boot system but when i use VMware it runs fine??/ anyideas?08:32
ilovefairuzAdzy: did you use Wubi?08:32
Dr_WillisDagoRed:  Hmm. I think i discovered a hidden bittorrent service on it. :)08:33
DagoRedDr_Willis: You mean your machine isn't seen by a windows machine?08:33
Adzyi installed vista, then used ubuntu live cd to partition then install...08:33
=== [styx] is now known as JackInTheBox_
Dr_WillisDagoRed:  its not seen when network neightborhood, or findsmb, or smbree, or nautilus scan for it..08:33
Dr_WillisDagoRed:  BUT every so often. it does show up.08:34
=== JackInTheBox_ is now known as [styx]
Dr_Willisheres info on the gizmoo -> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r24228293-Equipment-Hitachi-SimpleNET-NAS-Head-USB-20-Portable-Dongle08:34
Dr_Willisfor $50 (or less) it can share 2 usb hard drives to the LAN08:34
DagoRedAdzy: You probably have driver issue. VMware and Virtualbox have a install thing for guest additions that optimizes them for the VM. When running off the hardware directly you will need to make sure you are using the proper drivers.08:34
ilovefairuzAdzy: alt + f2, then type 'gnome-system-monitor' and check around to see what's consuming CPU or RAM08:35
DagoRedDr_Willis: That isn't too uncommon, I'm assuming you're on a primarily windows network?08:35
Adzythanks ilovarfairux ill try that.. ill have to re boot cause i cant get it to pick up my wireless network usb either!08:35
=== jimisrvrox_ is now known as jimisrvrox
ilovefairuz!cn | yinyulong08:36
ubottuyinyulong: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:36
Adzyhow do i install new hardware when it doesnt pick it up automatically?08:36
Dr_WillisDagoRed:  got 2 win machines, 2 linux box's and 2 laptops that can switch :)08:36
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:37
ilovefairuzAdzy: do you have a wired connection?08:37
Adzyno ;(08:37
Adzyotherwise i woulda used it!08:37
anuragandy,how i will resolved my problem08:38
DagoRedDr_Willis: That explains a lot.  There's something about windows network groups that aren't managed by a domain controller that run into issues with finding other computers constantly.  If you set up a domain server I'm sure all your issues should be fixed, but I'm sure it's not worth the effort.08:38
ashiswin[happy]Dr_Willis, i managed to get my windows drive up and running again. and through windows, it seems my ubuntu is fine :)08:39
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:39
Adzyok well ill go see wheats lagging my system n get back to yaz :D08:39
defendguini've got an issue with 10.04...  after a recent update, i can't pin point wich one but i've trilled rolling back to an older kernel and it didn't fix it, when i try to suspend my computer hangs and never gets into suspend it just stays on and the only way out is to hold down the power button08:39
Dr_Willisashiswin[happy]:  that was the one that was dieing?08:39
ilovefairuzAdzy: identify the modem by typing in a terminal: lsusb .. but you'll probably need a wired connection anyway to install updates08:39
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:39
ashiswin[happy]Yes Dr_Willis. both were dying now they work :)08:39
Dr_Willisashiswin[happy]:  i would be doing some backups ... real fast08:40
Dr_Willisashiswin[happy]:  or dod you find a bad cable?08:40
bethebunnyHi, I'm trying to program a GUI in python3; importing Tkinter in python2 works fine, but in python3 it claims the package python-tk isn't installed (it is). Any ideas?08:40
Blue1bethebunny: kill the beast!08:40
ashiswin[happy]Dr_Willis, I just managed to force my com ard 20 time to do chkdsk which was hard, cos it progressed very little each time08:40
ilovefairuz!patience | anurag08:40
ubottuanurag: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com08:40
undeadhi to all08:41
ilovefairuzanurag: how is the phone connected? bluetooth or a cable?08:41
Darthfetthello, new to Ubuntu here, is there any way I can automatically load my windows partition on boot-up?  I have all my music there.08:41
ilovefairuz!hi | undead08:41
ubottuundead: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:41
=== ashiswin[happy] is now known as ashiswin
DagoRedbethebunny: Makes sense, you need new python extensions for Tkinter in version 3. My advice, don't use python 3.x yet and stick to 2.6.08:41
airtonixDr_Willis, 2.80 load average :(08:41
Dr_WillisDarthfett:  you can make a /etc/fstab entry for it to mount it automatcilly08:41
DagoRedDarthfett: Look up fstab and ntfs.08:41
Darthfettcool, thanks08:42
ihatelindsaylohawhat up room08:42
LinuxFetusDoes 64-bit Ubuntu have any issues with Skype?08:42
Dr_Willisairtonix:  yea. i noticed it getting warm. but i got it hanging off a shelf where it gets lots of air. wife watches videos from the gizmo constantly now that i got her player to see it via ip#08:42
ashiswinBut I have to say Dr_Willis, thanks for the help :)08:42
undeadi use ubuntu x6408:42
undeadand i have skype08:42
airtonixDr_Willis, if i had one i would be making a custom box for it so i could put a copper heatsink on the cpu08:43
Dr_Willisairtonix:  load average here is 2.69 it seems08:43
bethebunnyDagoRed: There seems to be a lot of reluctance to switch in the community, but I much prefer python3. Why do you think people are so hesitant? (I solved my problem, apparently there's a separate python3-tk package).08:43
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:43
ihatelindsayloharoom: torrent client of choice?08:43
Dr_Willisihatelindsayloha:  use what you like. with the features you want.08:43
Dr_Willisihatelindsayloha:  most any of them can do the basics just fine08:43
anuragplease an one can solve08:44
besogonProxy ARP. Does someone hear of it?08:44
ihatelindsaylohawell i like tixati and deluge...i was asking your opinion on what you like08:44
frobisherIWhat is the default shell in ubuntu dash or bash?08:44
DagoRedbethebunny: Main reason is that the switch killed a lot of my own code. Also when working with languages that rely on a virtual machine or interpretor people tend to be much more reluctant to switch because they have to get the foundation for the software to work.08:44
rwwfrobisher: bash for users, dash for shell scripts that call /bin/sh.08:44
Dr_Willisfrobisher:  default USER shell is bash.. system shell is 'dash'08:44
frobisherthank you rww08:45
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:45
ashiswinSo, if i go into ctrl-alt-f1, i'm using dash not bash?08:45
DagoRedbethebunny: Plus... when it comes to people like me (computer hardware developers) or long time software developers, we tend to enjoy playing with stuff that is stable and works.  The only reason to jump is due to lack of support.08:45
Dr_Willisanurag:  if you are going to just repeate.. you may want to correct the spelling mistakes. :)08:45
ihatelindsaylohatethering with a nokia?08:45
rwwashiswin: no, you're using bash, because you're presumably a user and not a shell script.08:46
ihatelindsaylohahave you tried google or youtube for the answer?08:46
ashiswinah ok thanks rww08:46
bethebunnyDagoRed: I see, but I would have thought that the 2to3 tool would fix most of this. I recognise that many of the python3 features are implemented in python2, but there are some that are extremely hard to pass up, like set/dict comprehensions.08:46
ilovefairuz!google | ihatelindsayloha08:46
ubottuihatelindsayloha: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:46
ashiswinIs it possible to set my default user shell to dash rww?08:46
bethebunnyDagoRed: Ah, I imagine hardware development is a much different bag :)08:46
willinjagoogle-fu ?08:47
anuraghello i have installed kubuntu latest version,when i will tyr to connect internet via mobile phone(nokia) by wired and bluetooth  ,gives respons as not connected,how i can resolved08:47
ilovefairuzanurag: open a terminal, type 'lsusb' and pastebin the output08:47
ihatelindsaylohaubottu robot08:47
ilovefairuz!paste | anurag08:47
ubottuanurag: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:47
ihatelindsaylohaand google fu08:47
DagoRedbethebunny: We built our own work arounds in 2.x. Hell, I even made a goto function for code using decorators.08:47
ihatelindsaylohai'm just asking08:47
undeadanyone there from the U.S.A08:48
ilovefairuz!offtopic | undead08:48
ubottuundead: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
bethebunnyDagoRed: That sounds very scary :D I'm more on the theoretical mathematics side of coding, so many of the features of python3 appeal to me.08:48
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ihatelindsaylohawell i suppose this is the official help channel...so i'm not here to answer questions, just to point in the direction08:49
ihatelindsaylohaubottu slaying dragons, what out08:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:49
DagoRedbethebunny: Do you know if scipy and numpy are supported by python 3.x yet?08:49
ihatelindsaylohayeah i suppose thats right08:49
ilovefairuzihatelindsayloha: if you're not here to either ask or answer ubuntu-related questions, then leave and/or join #ubuntu-offtopic08:50
ihatelindsaylohaokay bye08:50
=== ihatelindsayloha is now known as helpguy101
helpguy101now that i have my thinking cap on08:50
helpguy101how might i be a service sir08:51
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!08:51
Darthfettalright, I think I got it, thanks DagoRed, Dr_Willis08:51
DagoRedDarthfett: You're welcome.08:52
helpguy101any questions>08:52
duckwarsi'm sorry, but what is the command to update all the packages, not the version itself?08:52
bethebunnyDagoRed: No, unfortunately, although I haven't really used either of these yet. I'm relatively new to python.08:52
helpguy101sudo apt-get update08:52
=== rww_ is now known as rww
ilovefairuzduckwars: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:52
Flannelhelpguy101: Please don't ask that.  Wait for people to ask questions and then answer them if you can.08:52
DagoRedbethebunny: You are missing out, with matplot lib you essentially have a python version of matlab that just screams in terms of performance.08:53
duckwarsi do that, but whenever I start up the computer it says i have like 53 updates and 91 security updates, or something like that08:53
ilovefairuzduckwars: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is what upgrades the whole distro to a newer version if available08:53
helpguy101have you tried the gui?08:53
duckwarsi can't access the gui08:53
Dr_Willisdist-upgrade can also be needed if stuff is held back for some reasons08:53
helpguy101and does that still happen?08:53
Dr_Willisduckwars:  you can update/upgrade from the console. or over ssh if you need to08:54
ilovefairuzduckwars: then use the command08:54
besogonduckwars: sudo apt-get upgrate08:54
duckwarsahhh, i kept doing update not upgrade, thanks gusy08:54
Tm_Tilovefairuz: dist-upgradedoesn't upgrade to newer distro release08:54
besogonduckwars: the upadate option don't install updates08:54
bethebunnyDagoRed: I will likely look into this over the next few months, since I have a few classes in which it is relevant :) Thanks for the help/advice!08:55
helpguy101so why can't we talk to eachother without needing to be unix scientist>08:56
Dr_Willisoops :)08:57
helpguy101and then answer a question if needed08:57
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miningloveI am first to IRC08:57
Guest16197우분투 고수님께 질문이 있는데요08:57
DagoRedbethebunny: You're welcome. Good luck and do yourself a favor and don't switch to python 3.x/ the darkside just yet :)08:57
Emanonbleachbit rocks08:57
mlqstupsomeone proficient in wireless here ?08:57
ashiswinNokorean Guest 1619708:57
ashiswinno korean*08:57
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko08:57
helpguy101nice symbols ubottu08:58
miningloveno Chinese08:58
gryllidaI've installed xubuntu-desktop, logged out, tried logging in an `xfce session` and a `xubuntu session` instead of `GNOME`. However in both of them, titlebars of windows are missing, windows do not appear in taskbar. It is Ubuntu 10.04. How can I troubleshoot/fix this issue?08:58
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:58
ashiswinlol ok08:58
mlqstupsomeone proficient in wireless here ?08:58
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:58
helpguy101your windows decorater is not working08:58
ilovefairuz!details | mlqstup08:58
rww!msgthebot > ashiswin08:58
ubottumlqstup: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:58
ubottuashiswin, please see my private message08:58
gryllida!wireless | mlqstup08:58
ubottumlqstup: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:58
gryllidamlqstup, state your full questionj please08:59
helpguy101try this in a terminal: metacity --replace08:59
Guest16197how to acess ubuntu-ko please08:59
mlqstupi have problem with my broadcom wireless card - airforce one 54g08:59
rwwGuest16197: type /join #ubuntu-ko08:59
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko08:59
mlqstupi can't set it in Master mode08:59
helpguy101that should get your windowz back to normal08:59
mlqstupi did all the b43-fwcutter stuff08:59
mlqstupreloaded the modules08:59
mlqstuprebooted and still nothing09:00
anuragmy kubuntu is not giving respons for conecting or not09:00
=== FusionX- is now known as FusionX
mlqstupi get Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :09:00
mlqstup    SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.09:00
=== mininglove is now known as mining
ilovefairuz!enter | mlqstup09:00
ubottumlqstup: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:00
ilovefairuzmlqstup: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network09:00
mlqstupilovefairuz, http://pastebin.com/MLj7VzeV09:02
FusionXsorry guys09:03
FusionXsorry for the trouble09:03
FusionXfixed now09:03
Four2zeroi need some one to test out a video streaming and to figure out why it not running properly ?09:04
ilovefairuzmlqstup: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#not_working_yet09:04
Four2zeroplease pm me.09:04
Dr_Willisilovefairuz:  on the good news side.. Broadcom is supposed to be opening up some of their drivers09:05
tacomasterok plz help i downloaded wicd and uninstalled network manager and now i cant connect to anynetworks and want some way of getting network manger back09:05
ilovefairuzDr_Willis: yeah but isn't it for N hardware only?09:06
mlqstupilovefairuz, thx though. i wonder why devs wrote that it is supported "14e4:4318 supported BCM4318 b/g G b43"09:06
Dr_Willisilovefairuz:  i dident really read much of #'s - i dont own any broadcom wireless  at this time09:06
Dr_Willistacomaster:  you do have a wired network?09:06
ilovefairuzmlqstup: wrote where?09:07
mlqstupin the chart09:07
tacomasterDr_Willis: no but i have another computer and a usb drive if that helps?09:07
Dr_Willistacomaster:  well you MAY be able to configure your wireless by hand with the proper commands.. but ive not done that in ages09:07
Dr_Willistacomaster:  dare we ask why you removed network manager and switched to wicd?09:07
=== oracle_ is now known as oracle
mlqstupilovefairuz, http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#Known_PCI_devices09:08
tacomasterbecause someone told me it was better09:08
ilovefairuzmlqstup: well a lot of features are working just not master mode on this particular chipset09:08
Dr_Willistacomaster:  so network manager was working  ?09:08
yessir_turanHello, how can i install vim 7.3... ?09:08
tacomasteryea it was working09:08
Dr_Willisyessir_turan:  find a ppa or the latest version. or compile from source.09:08
Dr_Willistacomaster:  why isent wicd working.. it should work just as well.09:09
yessir_turanDr_Willis: Thanks.09:09
Gnea"if it ain't broke, don't fix it"09:09
tacomasterDr_Willis: it says auth and then it goes to obtain ip address and fails to obtain a ip then i went to type in a ip that i know is in the subnetmask and then it wont even talk to the router then09:10
Dr_Willisyessir_turan:  why do you really need 7.3  :)  i doubt if theres any major new features..  (i notice ubuntu 10.10 has 7.2)09:10
ilovefairuzyessir_turan: you could search the PPAs09:10
ilovefairuz!ppa | yessir_turan09:10
ubottuyessir_turan: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.09:10
Dr_Willistacomaster:  well you could bypass wicd and configure wireless by hand with the proper commands.09:10
Dr_Willistacomaster:  but thats often a bit confuseing.. i alway shave to find some guides to do it09:10
Dr_Willistacomaster:  at least wireless was working.. so it should work if you just configure it right09:11
helpguy101if someone msgs you in irssi? how do you find out?09:11
helpguy101that's something i don't know09:11
tacomasterDr_Willis: do you know any sites to configure wireless by command line09:11
Dr_Willistacomaster:  id have to google for them. last diretions i followed i think were from the archlinux wiki's :)09:12
Dr_Willistacomaster:  most directions should be rather Distro-non-specific09:12
Dr_Willistacomaster:  wireless cards can be eth0, (or eth1) or other names, ath0, or wlan0 or .. (proberly others) thats somthing thats often confuseing to people09:12
helpguy101if someone msgs you in irssi? how do you know?09:12
tacomasterDr_Willis: my wireless card is wlan009:13
helpguy101wlan0 is mine09:13
KDC1956cannot get my wireless to work on my acer one any ideas09:13
Dr_Willishelpguy101:  you may want to go to the irssi web page and read its docs/guides/tutorials.09:13
helpguy101thnx Dr_Willis09:13
helpguy101will do09:13
Dr_Willishelpguy101:  i perfer Weechat to irssi09:13
helpguy101i heard of that b409:13
Dr_Willis!info weechat09:14
ubottuweechat (source: weechat): Fast, light and extensible chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 18 kB, installed size 52 kB09:14
helpguy101weechat is basically the same right?09:14
Dr_Willishelpguy101:  if you know irssi, and can get around it.. its very similer09:14
Dr_Willisit has some nicer features09:14
helpguy101like htop to top?09:14
helpguy101like that kinda?09:14
gryllidahow do I add an input locale in xfce?09:15
Dr_Willishelpguy101:  it has 'smart filters' and better scripting features and a lot of other things as well09:15
helpguy101i'll check it out09:16
helpguy101hay mawst09:16
mawstGreetings helpguy10109:16
helpguy101you from mn?09:16
tacomasterDr_Willis: ok new problem may this ill help more my wicd see's networks but when i iwlist wlan0 scan i get wlan0 no scan results09:18
sexcopterhi, i'm trying to change permissions of my mountpoint for a USB harddrive so that all users can read and write to it. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/M4xmy3ic09:18
airtonixtacomaster, don't be fooled by nm-applet or wicds list of available APs (they are cummucaltive over time not realitime)09:19
stercorWhich assembler is more commonly used: nasm or gas?09:20
* [styx] is about to get in a fight in #apple09:20
DagoRedsexcopter: change it in fstab, or go to /media and type "sudo chmod 777 <usb drive mount>09:20
[styx]for some reason its on my auto join09:20
[styx]and the guys started hating on ubuntu so i joined in09:21
JoshuaLall of the sudden my screen is zoomed in, how do i zoom out again? :o09:21
Four2zerodoes anyone have a webplayer plugin i can use for apache2 ?09:21
* DagoRed is a mac user... amongst others09:21
[styx]i have nothing against mac09:21
=== trupheenix_ is now known as trupheenix
Four2zerothat is popular by users ?09:22
[styx]but they were hating on ubuntu09:22
Dr_Willistacomaster:  could be your ssids for the wireless are hidden.  Mine are. :)09:22
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  windows key + mouse wheel09:22
sexcopterDagoRed, hmm, interesting... it doesn't appear in fstab! tried cd'ing to the directory first and didn't make a difference...09:22
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  if you are using that compiz feature09:23
tacomasterDr_Willis: no i just turned off and back on my card and it works for the scan atleast09:23
JoshuaLDr_Willis, ty, that did it :D09:23
DagoRedsexcopter: fstab is for mounting on boot up09:23
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  my wife loves that feature09:23
Dr_Willissexcopter:  this is a NTFS/FAT windows hard drive?09:23
stercorFour2zero: I'm writing a low-level routing for the CueCat that needs to throw away the initial Alt-F10 that changes the screen size, and doesn't echo characters.09:23
JoshuaLDr_Willis, :)09:23
sexcopterDr_Willis, correct09:23
KatsukiI've made a post as theres a lot to read, if any of you get the change glance over this please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157242409:24
Dr_Willissexcopter:  install/run the ntfs-config tool. it Can (i belive) enable access to all users. with a check box.09:24
sexcopterDr_Willis, thanks, I'll take a look09:24
helpguy101yeah good times09:24
Four2zerostercor huh !09:25
Dr_Willissexcopter:  i recall that program being flakey however.. id run it.. then check teh boxxes i needed.. then it never wanted to close properly. but it did work09:26
stercorFour2zero: getpass doesn't work.  At all.09:26
stercorThere's a few Java/Javascript apps but I don't read J/JS.09:26
Four2zerostercor, what are you talking about, enlighten me will ya.09:26
glebihanKatsuki: have you tried running apt-get with the "-f" option09:26
stercorOh...The :CueCat bar code reader.09:27
Dr_Willisstercor:  i got one of those CueCats.. from years back. :)09:27
stercorDr_Willis: Yeah, they are old.  But they work.09:27
Dr_Willisstercor:  i even recall some hacks to them.. but i forget why they were hacking them09:27
Dr_Willisstercor:  perhaps to stop those extra cahracters?09:27
Dr_Willisstercor:  dident they also send some serial #?09:28
stercorEverything I've tried passes the Alt-F10 back to the program.  This messes up the screen size.09:28
Four2zerostercor wtf, that does not relate to my issue.09:28
stercorYou can try it with Alt-F10.09:28
Dr_Willisalt-f10 does nothing here..09:29
stercorFour2zero: I'm sorry...you asked what a cuecat does...09:29
Four2zerodoes anyone have a webplayer plugin i can use for apache2 ?09:29
stercorDr_Willis: It doesn't change the screen size???09:29
Four2zeroi see i meant before that statement09:29
Dr_Willisstercor:  not here.. i am in gnome-terminal09:29
Dr_Willisstercor:  nope nothing..09:30
Dr_Willisstercor:  perhaps you got it as a Compiz binding09:30
stercorFour2zero: You mean: stercor huh !09:30
mr-poisoni have a problem with msn Empathy not sign in09:31
mr-poisongive Solution plz09:31
justinhey, anybody around, I'm having a strange problem with an install and I'm looking for some guidance09:33
willinjamr poison have u try with other apps like emesen ?09:33
tacomasterDr_Willis: ok i tried to dhclient wlano on my laptop and it said no dhcpoffers received so i connected a windows computer to the same ap and no dhcp problems just my laptop09:33
tacomasterDr_Willis: wlan0*09:33
mr-poisonit's sign in09:33
mr-poisonbut I did not like09:34
tacomasterDr_Willis: if i still have my ubuntu cd can i do a repair on it will that reinstall network manager?09:34
willinjai just uninstalled my empathy since it just pure text i cant make anything with it :|09:34
willinjamr-poison mayb this link will explain your question :D http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90545509:35
Dr_Willistacomaster:  in theory you choudl chrootinto  the installed system and install things. but ive never done it that way09:35
mr-poisonDr_Willis just tell me ?09:35
Dr_Willistacomaster:  last time i had this issue. i plugged in a wire.. ran  the dhcpclient  and got an ip.09:35
Dr_Willismr-poison:  tell you what?  I dont use MSN or Empathy09:36
sacarlsonFour2zero:  I just put ovg files in an apache2 dir /var/www/video.ovg and it played in firefox as a video09:36
glebihanmr-poison: have you tried pidgin ?09:36
tacomasteri cant plug in a wire unless i had a key to the network closet09:36
willinjapigdin is a better solution @glebihan09:36
Dr_Willistacomaster:  find a machine thats wried.. and borrow its plug :)09:37
Four2zerosacarlson but would liketo play othe formats .mkv's avi,mpeg4,xvid09:37
willinjabut for msn i rather use emesen since i think it's build for it lol~09:37
Tittiwho can tell me how to upgrade to beta release from shell?09:37
Dr_Willistacomaster:  ive not done wireless over the console enought to even begin to trouble shoot it09:37
Dr_Willis!upgrade | Titti09:37
ubottuTitti: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:37
bazhangTitti, #ubuntu+1 for that09:38
Titti7j #ubuntu+109:38
neha__hi all, i have once heard about a variant of ubuntu distribution which is specifically build for playing movies09:38
tacomasterwould you know how to help me from the repair on ubuntu live disk09:38
neha__does anyone remember it.09:38
sacarlsonFour2zero: I don't know about those.  maybe just convert them?09:38
bazhangneha__, no such thing09:38
mr-poisoni have other problem09:38
Four2zerowhats ovg09:38
neha__bazhang: are you sure?09:39
mr-poisoni can't update and install update package09:39
bazhangneha__, yes.09:39
Dr_Willisneha__:  seen a 'settop' box ubuntu variant the other day.. but i dont recall its name.. it dident work very well09:39
Dr_Willisneha__:  check the disrtowatch web site perhaps09:39
Dr_Willisneha__:  it was not an official ubuntu variant. so is not supported here.09:40
willinjamr-poison : that's wierd have u try to update using terminal ?09:40
glebihanmr-poison: try being specific, what error do you get and when ?09:40
mr-poisonnot in treminal09:40
bazhangmr-poison, pastebin error messages09:40
Loshkineha__: closest I can think of is mythbuntu, not really a variant as such...09:40
=== justme is now known as Guest57001
Guest57001can someone tell me why in ubuntu 10.04 some of my settings change when I log off and reboot?  My buttons are gone again09:41
neha__i am looking for a ubuntu distribution which can be booted from the usb to play just movies.09:42
kimbi have some problem when i make th upgrade09:42
bazhangneha__, no such official distro09:42
tacomasterDr_Willis: is ther any way that i could just download the network manager from apt-get and just pull it to my other computer?09:42
bazhangkimb, upgrade to what from what09:42
kimbfrom 9.0409:43
kimbto 9.1009:43
mr-poisonwhen i log to update manger update not complete it's give me error09:43
elliehello everybody09:43
bazhangtacomaster, why do you need network manager? what about connecting from the terminal09:43
tacomasterbazhang: tried to09:44
bazhangmr-poison, paste.ubuntu.com with errors09:44
bazhangtacomaster, wired or wireless, what issues, what chipset09:44
tacomasterbazhang: intel 5100 agn works with ubuntu out of the box switch from network manager to wicd and now nothing work at all09:45
kimberror d'analyse syntatique dans le fichier (var/lib/dpkg/avaible)09:45
Peloanyone decent with samba ? I'm missing something fairly simple I am sure09:45
bazhangkimb, english please09:45
Pelobazhang, syntax error in the file mentionned09:46
kimberror in (var/lib/dbkg/avaible)09:46
tacomasterbazhang: i have tried to connect from command line and wicd nothing  wont get past the getting ip stage i have tried typing in a ip that i know is valid nothing still09:46
bazhangtacomaster, does ifconfig show it09:46
ellieI can't solve a problem...I have atheros ar2413 (now I'm wired but i want y wireless working) I have lucid Lynx...09:46
tacomasterbazhang: let me get out of the live cd back to my install of ubuntu09:46
bazhangkimb, please pastebin what you tried to do and the resulting error message09:46
mr-poisonW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D2C7A23BF810CD509:48
sacarlsonFour2zero: sorry that was ogv  not ovg  ogv and ogg is the codec that firefox will play with no plugin09:48
tacomasterbazhang: yes ifconfig shows it as wlan009:48
mr-poisonthis is error09:48
mr-poisonthis is error09:49
mr-poisonW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D2C7A23BF810CD509:49
FloodBot3mr-poison: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:49
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tacomasterbazhang: anyother ideas?09:49
bazhangtacomaster, got a wifi hotspot to test on?09:50
sacarlsonellie: I think there is a backport for the atheros wifi in synaptic09:50
bazhangtacomaster, try sudo dhclient wlan0   if so09:50
glebihanmr-poison: run "sudo gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7D2C7A23BF810CD5"09:51
mr-poisonwhere i can run it ?09:52
mr-poisonin terminal ?09:52
tacomasterbazhang: dont i need to ifconfig first?09:52
kimbE:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)09:52
bazhangtacomaster, no, if wlan0 is shown already09:52
tacomasterno DHCPOFFERS recived09:53
bazhangtacomaster, encrypted or open09:53
tacomasterbazhang: encrypted09:53
glebihanmr-poison: yes, and to make it quicker "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7D2C7A23BF810CD5 | sudo apt-key add"09:53
kimbcould someone help me i have this error E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)09:53
bazhangtacomaster, let me find a guide on the forums to get past that09:54
mr-poisoni make it09:54
tacomasterbazhang: http://www.ghacks.net/2009/04/14/connect-to-a-wireless-network-via-command-line/09:54
glebihanmr-poison: did you already do it or are you going too ? If you haven't wait a second09:55
kimbcould someone help me i have this error E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)09:55
tacomasteris ther a way to ad-hog form wireless to wire on windows if so i could hook up my switch to both of my computers09:56
=== help-guy101 is now known as Un-User-Friendly
mr-poisongpg: requesting key BF810CD5 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com09:56
mr-poisongpg: can't open `': No such file or directory09:56
mr-poisoni do it09:56
kimbcould someone help me i have this error E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)09:56
glebihanmr-poison: ok wait a second09:56
glebihanmr-poison: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7D2C7A23BF810CD509:57
glebihanmr-poison: this should be better09:57
HiddenHeroDHsomeone can help me with these errors in make --> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/AZ10iYXw09:57
yakozai'v got a problem with openvpn09:58
mr-poisonExecuting: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /etc/apt/secring.gpg --trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7D2C7A23BF810CD509:58
mr-poisongpg: requesting key BF810CD5 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com09:58
mr-poisongpg: key BF810CD5: public key "Launchpad PPA for Awn Testing Team" imported09:58
mr-poisongpg: no ultimately trusted keys found09:58
yakozais there any body who usess it?09:58
=== [styx] is now known as styx|away
glebihanmr-poison: ok, now run "apt-get update"09:58
glebihanmr-poison: ok, now run "sudo apt-get update"09:58
Aciidis there an guide for setting Quotas for Chroot's09:59
mr-poisonCould not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open09:59
kimbE: Impossible de verrouiller /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:59
glebihanmr-poison: do you have Synaptic or the Update manager opened ? I so ,close them10:00
bazhangkimb, mr-poison sounds like you both have synaptic package manager or something else still running. close them or let the install finish10:00
HiddenHeroDHsomeone can help me with these errors in make --> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/AZ10iYXw10:00
bazhangHiddenHeroDH, making what10:00
kimba karmic i running10:01
HiddenHeroDHbazhang: some files in fortran90, i'm compiling a software10:01
bazhangHiddenHeroDH, what software package10:01
HiddenHeroDHbazhang: it's called nemo10:02
bazhangHiddenHeroDH, what is it, what does it do10:03
HiddenHeroDHbazhang: i need to compile some files, do you know where the errors are refered to?10:04
bazhangHiddenHeroDH, what does the package do10:04
JHoglundSo, I mounted this remote server over SFTP using the "Places -> Connect to server dialogue". The server has dropped the connection, how can I remove the mount so that I can re-connect? If I try to open the mount now, Nautilus just hangs for 30s or so before timing out with an error.10:04
HiddenHeroDHbazhang: it's not necessary this information :)10:05
bazhangHiddenHeroDH, then good luck.10:05
=== david_ is now known as Saint_of_Killers
yakozaaccording to http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation/miscellaneous/78-static-key-mini-howto.html10:05
HiddenHeroDHbazhang: you too10:05
kimbi don't have libldap-2.4-210:05
yakozawhen i get this msg10:06
Dr_WillisJHoglund:  if you are going to do that sort of thing a lot. You mauy want to check in to the 'sshfs' it lets you  do it a little easier. as for reconnecting.. not srue. You could try places -> connect to server.. again10:06
JHoglundDr_Willis: I tried, it seems that I cannot reconnect to the same server with the same credentials as long as the old connection is hanging10:06
ilovefairuzJHoglund: right-click and select umount?10:06
kimbi don't have libldap-2.4-210:06
kimbi don't have libldap-2.4-210:06
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo tacomaster this should do it10:07
JHoglundilovefairuz: Nope, can't right-click, Nautilus hangs when I try10:07
Dr_WillisJHoglund:  if you can ssh in, you could and then kill the other connection.. I imagine it will time out after a while. but never had the issues10:07
ilovefairuzJHoglund: even on the desktop?10:07
JHoglundilovefairuz: Yep, the server does not have any GUI10:07
Dr_WillisJHoglund:  or perhaps just log out/back in  (nasty way to try a fix)10:07
JHoglundDr_Willis: Well, the problem seems to be that the connection is lost10:07
ilovefairuzJHoglund: I mean right-clicking on the icon on the desktop10:07
Dr_WillisJHoglund:  you srue the server is still up?10:08
JHoglundDr_Willis: Maybe I'll need to do that, but I have a lot of programs which I would like to keep running :)10:08
abhijit!ldap | kimb10:08
ubottukimb: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer10:08
JHoglundDr_Willis: Yes, this irssi session resides on the server :)10:08
zerwasI have a .flv file which i can't play with a media player. All i get is "[flv @ 0x3277710]Could not find codec parameters (Video: h264)"10:08
JHoglundilovefairuz: Oh, I didn't notice there was one :)10:08
abhijitzerwas: try with vlc?10:08
ilovefairuz!codec | zerwas10:08
ubottuzerwas: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:08
zerwasabhijit> already tried, same error message10:08
JHoglundilovefairuz: There wasn't10:09
bazhangzerwas, install the codec then10:09
zerwasilovefairuz> already installed all relevant codecs10:09
JHoglundAaaand, the mount has gone away, silently without notice, great!10:09
zerwasilovefairuz> ubuntu-restricted-extras, w64codecs, x264, etc.10:09
bazhangzerwas, then its corrupted10:09
Dr_Williszerwas:  you could convert it to avi.    It may be currupted as bazhang  sugests..10:09
ilovefairuzJHoglund: gvfs-mount -l .. and -u to umount one of them10:09
JHoglundilovefairuz: Great, thanks!10:10
zerwasDr_Willis> i can't convert it to anything with ffmpeg, because i get the same error when i try to play it10:10
bazhangzerwas, re download, convert if you wish (though likely corrupted)10:10
Dr_Williszerwas:  that sounds like its definatly Corrupted then10:10
zerwasbazhang> someone sent it to me who can play it without any problems10:10
Dr_Williszerwas:  have them resend it.. check the md5's of it10:11
bazhangzerwas, got a link? flv play fine here10:11
zerwasbazhang> it's 250 MB10:11
bazhangzerwas, doubt its flv then10:11
Dr_Willisfor a 3 min video. :)10:11
ilovefairuzzerwas: in a termina: file filename.flv10:11
zerwasit is .flv. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=RiqkQthc10:12
ilovefairuzterminal **10:12
zerwasDr_Willis> no, 32 minutes ;)10:12
ilovefairuzzerwas: looks corrupted10:12
bazhangzerwas, then convert with handbrake, or get said individual to resend it. all data point to corruption though10:12
zerwasBut strange, that i can upload it to Youtube and youtube immediately shows thumbnails. Also, the program Aegisub can load and play the file fine (it's a portable version)10:14
ddilingeranyone know an app for ubuntu that works with sql(postgres specifically) and can draw me nice graphs(for exmaple i write a query that outputs x,y and it plots them and shows the distribution)10:15
ilovefairuzzerwas: they have exceptional video processing infrastructure and I'm guessing they do some restoration work on your video10:15
ilovefairuzzerwas: you could upload to youtube and redownload it from there10:16
zerwasilovefairuz> yeah that was my plan. but then i remembered that youtube immediately deletes videos longer than 15 minutes10:16
zerwasthank you very much for your help, everybody. I'll find a way to get that file again10:16
abhijitddilinger: pgdesigner?10:17
tacomasterDr_Willis: ok i got my wireless working :P10:17
Dr_Willistacomaster:  Oh Happy Day! :)10:17
bazhangtacomaster, how10:17
yinyulongApparmor details of the configuration to go there and who knows what troubles tell10:18
tacomasterbazhang: i got on a windows computer and wireless to wire ad-hog and pluged both my linux and windows laptop into my cisco 2500 switch and downloaded network manager again :P10:18
FriarI have two user accounts on my laptop. I'd like to choose between them on login, but have password login disabled. I'd also like to have no password to go between them with the change user option when the laptop is already booted up.10:18
bazhangyinyulong, question in there?10:18
FriarI have different settings from my wife, but there's no reason for us to have to type our passwords all the tim.10:18
tacomasterbazhang: i think the only think i learned from this was i hate wicd lol10:19
matrix64hey, how do I start upstart from recovery console?10:19
glebihanFriar: System->Administration->Login Screen10:19
bazhangtacomaster, glad you got it going10:19
ShinkaIs there an option "Replacing existing Linux" in the 10.04 installer (or in the new 10.10 beta) ?10:19
glebihanFriar: disable autologin there10:19
tacomasterbazhang: lol im just glad i know more about windows then i do about linux atm10:20
ddilingerabhijit: hmm, never heard of pgdesigner going to check it out, thanks10:20
Friarglebihan, I have disable autologin. I'm more concerned about removing the need to enter a password every time.10:20
glebihanFriar: and in System->Administration->Users, you can choose not to ask for password on login10:21
cgahi all, is there any bug that after update of a lucid system makes the system not seeing / partition ?10:21
tacomasterbazhang: so what does wicd not work for me is something wrong with it?10:21
iluminator101i get a k3b error when i try to burn .bin file this is the error  k3b you are running an unpatched cdrecord version and this error occurs with high quality media10:21
bazhangzerwas, that does not look safe, not going to try it, thanks10:21
zerwasbazhang> no problem10:22
zerwasnothing illegal10:22
Friarglebihan, thanks. that was exactly what I was looking for!10:22
glebihanFriar: you're welcome10:22
bazhangzerwas, no, not suggesting that, just the warning I got. that is all10:22
justcchi , everyone.10:23
justccDoes somebody have Eclipse Carbon Edition?10:23
bazhangtacomaster, installing wicd removes network manager as far as I recall, usually sett ing things in the terminal will remove either as an issue10:24
justccSeek for Eclipse Carbon Edition. I failed downloading it from offical site all the time.10:24
bazhangjustcc, pay software?10:24
justccbazhang, free software.10:24
juliohmWhat is Glib unchecked box in compiz-config settings?10:24
bazhangjustcc, some connection to ubuntu there?10:24
tacomasterbazhang: but what caused it to not want to connect to any networks10:25
justccbazhang, not a single relations to ubuntu but all relevant to Mac OS 10.310:25
bazhangtacomaster, could be hidden essid, hard to troubleshoot without more info10:25
mheathjustcc: Why would you join #ubuntu to ask that?10:25
bazhangjustcc, then try in a mac channel10:25
bazhang##macosx or ##apple10:26
justccmheath, because I didn't find a better place to ask.10:26
bazhangjustcc, try above10:26
justccbazhang, is there a channel called #mac?10:26
elliethe wireless doesn't work @sacarlson10:26
bazhangjustcc, not sure; /msg alis list *mac*10:26
elliemsg->sacarlson ar u ok?10:27
sheepzhas anyone experienced this: nicotine starts up randomly when instlling something via apt-get?10:27
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AEONFLUXhi i need to ask ones more  app armor every time i boot up is asking for the password. how to make it not to ask me any more ?10:27
bazhangAEONFLUX, why are you using app armor10:28
naxahi! I have a grub on my sdb5 and I have a grub on sda1. how can I make an entry to the sda1 grub to "redirect" to the sdb5 grub? please don't ask why, just help me do it, if it is possible. :) thanks10:28
justccbazhang, yeah, #mac seems fine.10:28
Dr_Willisnaxa:  this is grub1 or grub2 ?10:28
justccbazhang, thanks , bro.10:28
ilovefairuznaxa: chainloader command10:29
Dr_Willisnaxa:  its possible via chainloading  the bootloaders i recall. but ive never needed to do so10:29
AEONFLUXbazhang,  i think its apparmor or keyring or whatever :) it asking me for password every time i boot up10:29
ilovefairuz!grub2 | naxa10:29
ubottunaxa: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:29
naxaDr_Willis, well sda1 is grub1 and sdb5 is grub210:29
randerzanderWhen I plug in a USB drive, will my 10.04 desktop automatically mount its filesystem?10:29
bazhangAEONFLUX, keyring it is10:29
Dr_WillisAEONFLUX:  you mean after you login? or befor?10:29
bazhangranderzander, should do10:29
glebihanranderzander: if it's configured to do so (default), yes10:29
ilovefairuznaxa: it's okay, chainloading works with any bootloader10:30
AEONFLUXi have auto login so before i see desktop window open and i have to put my password before im able to use desktop10:30
naxailovefairuz, Dr_Willis: thank you, i check the docs then about chainloading10:30
ericblairwhy does it say that ubuntu 64 bit is 'not recommended for everyday desktop usage' ... what's it for?  is it ok for a 64 bit laptop?10:30
randerzanderWhen I try to cd to /media/FantomHD I get Permission denied10:30
Dr_WillisAEONFLUX:  could be that for your encrypted home? If its your 'keyring' i got a video setup to reset that -> http://drop.io/dr_willis10:30
Dr_Willisranderzander:  what filesystem is the HD?10:30
abhijit!64 | ericblair10:30
ubottuericblair: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.10:30
bazhangericblair, badly worded, 64bit is fine10:31
ericblairbut on the website it says 'not recommended for daily use'  why is that10:31
Dr_Willisericblair:  some info on that --> http://ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Marcel-Gagne-Orbiting-Planet-buntu/Stop-Apologizing-For-Linux10:31
ericblairi was just wondering10:31
abhijitericblair: that page is not updated. 64 bit is recommended. use it10:31
mheathericblair: there used to be a lot of minor compatability issues with 64bit. However, most of them are gone now.10:31
ericblairi see10:31
bazhangericblair, some issues with flash, works fine10:31
FloodBot3ericblair: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:31
Dr_Willisericblair:  think of it as 'trying to get it to work for the most people/idiot proofing'10:31
Dr_Willisericblair:  if you understand the diff tween 64bit and 32  - then use what you want.10:31
pocoyoDestine: omg.10:31
ericblairok bye10:32
AEONFLUXDr_Willis,  i dont know it wasnt like that before i think i upgraded or updated apparmor in synaptic and that when it started asking for password10:32
Destinepocoyo, sorry?10:32
Dr_Willisericblair:  if your grandmother got on to download it and had no clue what her hardwaer was, or what she needed...10:32
Dr_Willisranderzander:  if you install/run the ntfs-config tool. you can check some checkbox's and it will enable read/write access to ntfs for all users.10:33
sriramomanhello guys, i am on an Toshiba L500 laptop with core i3 and 4GB. i want to install ubuntu 10.04 64bit as my only OS. when i enter installation, it hangs during boot with "child_rip 0x0/0x20" message. if i select acpi=off and noapic, it boots in but the installed system gives the same error. any guide regarding this issue..?10:34
AEONFLUXDr_Willis,  and in dmesg i have this sort of info there is more thats the fist line about apparmor10:34
AEONFLUXAppArmor DFA next/check upper bounds error fixed, upgrade user space tools10:34
mheathilovefairuz: FYI, incase someone asks the same question as naxa - Grub Legacy often does NOT like to chainload Grub 2. Instead, you usually need a "kernel /boot/grub/core.img" command to boot grub 2.10:35
bazhangsriramoman, md5 the iso, reburn at slow speed, do the disk integrity check; or try the alternate installer10:35
bazhang!md5 | sriramoman10:35
ubottusriramoman: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:35
ilovefairuzmheath: link?10:35
sriramomanbazhang: the md5sum is perfect and the installer works perfect in my other HP laptop10:36
bazhangsriramoman, then try some other boot options, or the alternate installer10:36
bazhang!bootoptions | sriramoman10:36
ubottusriramoman: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions10:36
pocoyoDestine: -b...10:36
bazhangpocoyo, what?10:37
Dr_Willissriramoman:   try making a USB flash drive installer perhaps? (it will install faster then  from a CD also i find)10:37
pocoyobazhang: who are u?10:37
bazhangpocoyo, support question?10:37
pocoyobazhang: no question. :D10:38
glebihan!ot | pocoyo10:38
ubottupocoyo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:38
bazhangpocoyo, then chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , thanks10:38
ilovefairuzsriramoman: it could be a BIOS issue and you'll probably need acpi=off until it's fixed in a kernel update.. please file a bug, join #ubuntu-bugs for help with that10:39
randerzanderI'm getting DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending10:39
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pocoyobazhang: sorry~10:39
mheathilovefairuz: places like http://ubuntu-install.blogspot.com/2010/05/chainloading-grub-legacy-to-grub2.html and http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Grub210:39
sriramomanilovefairuz: how do i permanently make this acpi=off in grub2?10:39
elliesomebody help pls10:39
elliei cant see wireless at all10:40
Bert-con de bot10:40
erUSULellie: what wifi hardware do you have?10:40
glebihansriramoman: you'll have to add the option in /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:40
sriramomanDr_Willis: i am running the installer from an external hardisk10:40
ellieI don't know10:40
ravenvbox: no virtual 64 system on a 32 host possible?10:40
ilovefairuzmheath: thank you10:40
Bert-ellie, what shows lspci | grep -i ether ?*10:41
erUSULellie: is your laptop's integrate wifi ?10:41
sriramomanglebihan: in spite of adding it and issuing grub-install its not booting from laptop correctly...10:41
ilovefairuzellie: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network10:41
ilovefairuz!paste | ellie10:41
ubottuellie: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:42
glebihansriramoman: you already added acpi=off in grub.cfg ?10:42
erUSULsriramoman: edit /etc/default/grub and add it to the string that has splash and quiet. then do « sudo update-grub »10:42
ellie02:07.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2413 802.11bg NIC (rev 01)10:42
ravenvbox: no virtual 64 system on a 32 host possible?10:42
glebihanraven: nope, not with Sun VirtualBox at least10:43
sriramomanerUSUL: while running update-grub its showing the error: "grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /"10:43
erUSULellie: System>Admin...>hardware drivers shows anything about your wifi ?10:43
sriramoman( i issued that from rescue hardisk)10:44
ilovefairuzellie: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:44
Bert-ellie, iwconfig show what ?10:44
erUSULsriramoman: if you are not in the afected system. you will have to chrrot to it to make the changes10:44
ravenglebihan, how would it run?10:44
=== Greyscale is now known as Greysc[a]le
ellieUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...10:44
ellieTry `grep --help' for more information.10:44
ilovefairuzellie: there was kernel bug for this chipset but it was fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/linux/+bug/50618010:44
glebihanraven: sorry, I don't have a solution for this10:45
ellielo        no wireless extensions.10:45
ellieeth0      no wireless extensions.10:45
sriramomanerUSUL: i issed it as root user10:45
ilovefairuzellie: uname -a10:45
mheathsriramoman: grub-mkconfig is likely to break in that setup. I would recommend manually modifying / creating your configuration file.10:45
ellieLinux ellie-laptop 2.6.32-24-generic-pae #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 20 15:37:22 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux10:46
mheathsriramoman: that is update-grub/grub-mkconfig (they're the same thing, really)10:46
Bert-ellie, http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=345803510:46
Bert-check end of post10:46
elliereally guys i tried everything10:46
Bert-ellie, sorry this is a french link :(10:46
sriramomanmheath: what do u mean by manual creation of config file10:46
erUSULellie: what does « sudo rfkill list » say ?10:47
mheathsriramoman: update-grub tries to create a configuration file for Grub by guessing your harware setup. It is a limited and simple tool, and will ultimately fail unless you are booted into an environment almost identical to the environment you are aiming to boot into with Grub.10:47
sriramomanand moreover, guys, horrid part: no matter what timeout i provide in grub2 settings, if ubuntu is the only OS, safe mode option is not present and thus without any timeout it attempts to boot into default kernel:(10:47
Bert-ellie, "sudo modprobe ath5k nohwcrypt" then  "sudo sh -c "echo 'options ath5k nohwcrypt' >/etc/modprobe.d/custom-wireless.conf" then reboot (of corse without the ")10:47
Bert-doest it herlp ?10:47
ilovefairuzellie: and does 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up && iwlist scan' shows any networks?10:48
mheathsriramoman: the tool simply doesn't know enough information to generate a configuration file for a completely different, random type of boot scenario that will depend on an external disk.10:48
sriramomanmheath: i am IN the same system, only that i am booting from an external hardisk for rescue10:48
sriramomanso does it matter, mheath10:48
Bert-ellie, check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982808......This10:48
mheathsriramoman: the grub configuration file, however, is a text file. You can edit it, and find the documentation on the internet that will tell you how to manually create it and edit it as required.10:49
mheathsriramoman: yes. update-grub won't work for you, if I'm understanding your situation correctly.10:49
sriramomanoh fine, mheath. if u could pls tell me the config file name alone (thats generated) then i can check documentation in internet10:50
mheathsriramoman: /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:50
Dr_WillisWould someone useing apt-cacher-ng check their  /var/log/apt-cacher-ng   directory and tell me the permissions of it. For some reason  apt-cacher-ng here cant access the directory, (says to check permissions)10:50
elliesolved guys10:51
elliei don't know how10:51
Bert-ellie, good to hear :)10:51
ellieand when10:51
zerwasbazhang, Dr_Willis and ilovefairuz: Just FYI: With an updated mplayer and mencoder the file playes fine.10:51
ellieor after what..10:51
erUSULellie: you pressed the enable wifi button in your laptop by mistake ;P10:52
ellieno ....really?10:52
Bert-erUSUL, :D10:52
elliewhat a geek...10:52
elliehowever thank you guys10:52
ellieif you ever pass from scotland10:52
elliei'll offer the best coffee10:53
elliein italian style10:53
Bert-coffe in scotland ??? Are you joking ????10:53
ilovefairuzthe wifi kill switch drivers in recent kernels are acting strange10:53
Bert-what about scotch and Ale ?? :D10:53
elliei'm not scottish10:53
ellieok bye now10:53
sacarlsoncool ellie10:53
fsl1unicode test: ółźżćń11:02
Benom1does anyone know of a home-level UPS that can automatically shut down ubuntu in event of a power outage?11:04
Benom1home-level meaning consumer level11:04
Dr_WillisBenom1:  i think ive seen them in stores. the APC brand i think. they are pretty common with a USB port on them.11:05
Dr_WillisI recall there being some APC Demon. but ive never used it11:05
Akiva_AbrahamHello, I have downloaded the latest ubuntu (not beta), does it offer btrfs as an install option?11:05
Benom1awesome. Thanks Dr Willis.. i'll check out the APC brand.11:05
Dr_Willisapcupsd - APC UPS Power Management (daemon)11:05
Dr_Willisapcupsd-cgi - APC UPS Power Management (web interface)11:05
IchatAkiva_Abraham:  - nope.11:06
Benom1legend :) thanks11:06
Akiva_AbrahamIchat: ext4 then?11:06
IchatAkiva_Abraham:  - yep11:06
Ibertechanybody know any good power saving tools for ubuntu, want to save as much power as possible when running on battery11:06
jribIbertech: use a terminal instead of X :)  Try powertop11:06
ilovefairuzIbertech: uninstall flash!11:07
erUSULjrib: but if you use terminal remember to disable cursor blinking ;P11:07
Akiva_AbrahamIchat: am I able to set my /home/uses/music do a different disk? I dont want my music taking up precious space on my new ssd.11:07
jriberUSUL: ha11:07
jribAkiva_Abraham: yeah, just mount a different partition there or use a symlink11:08
Akiva_Abrahamjrib, I can do that in the install right?11:08
kneauxhello comrades, i have a server set up on my lan but i'm trying to use the external ip to connect to it11:09
jribAkiva_Abraham: well not the symlink method, you would create that afterwards.  The first method I said would only work for you if you plan on having a separate partition for your music11:09
kneauxthat is i can connect on 192.168.foo.bar but not on ipv4:port11:10
jribkneaux: if you have a router, they usual don't let you do that for whatever reason11:10
Akiva_Abrahamjrib: Well that is inevitable when using a different disk, isnt it? I am not planning to jbod it~11:10
kneauxreally? that was my whole plan11:11
kneauxport forwarding and such11:11
jribkneaux: I mean they don't let you access it internally (at least my verizon-provided one doesn't and I never looked into why).  People outside your lan can still get to it if you setup port forwarding and such11:11
IchatAkiva_Abraham:  -   i dont wish to be harsh but  all your questions are anwsered in the install manual..11:12
kneauxin other words i should test from somewhere else11:12
antivirtelhello all, I'm looking for an alternate of Ekahau HeatMapper: http://www.ekahau.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102&Itemid=91 for Lucid, is there something?!11:12
Akiva_AbrahamIchat: thats you, right?11:12
jribAkiva_Abraham: well, say you have / as your ssd and you have some other partition mounted on /notssd.  You can have a symlink for /home/aki/music to /notssd/music.  And you could also have some other stuff on that non-ssd partition this way.  Like, for example, /home/aki/docs could be a symlink to /notssd/docs, etc11:13
Akiva_Abrahamhmmm, ok thanks11:13
Dr_WillisPerhaps someday i can afford a SSD..11:14
zirodayantivirtel: kismet or netstumbler?11:15
IchatAkiva_Abraham:  - just one tip...    in the installer use manual install to partition your drives.   -    op  "/"   on  ssd     and put    /var   /tmp   swap     on   notssd11:16
antivirtelziroday they can make me some graph?!11:16
ilovefairuzkneaux: your question is ambiguous (for me at least) are you trying to make a server accessible from outside the router or to make it non-accessible ?11:16
zirodayantivirtel: not a graph, but you can use the xml output to turn it into one11:17
Akiva_AbrahamIchat besides youtube flv.... ohh is it to save data integrity? so it lasts longer?11:17
ilovefairuzkneaux: port forwarding will make it accessible to you and everyone else and should working in most cases, port knocking on the other hand will keep it "hidden" but it's not as straight forward to setyp11:17
antivirtelziroday in to one what?!11:18
zirodayantivirtel: graph11:18
ranthikneaux, keep in mind though..to port forward you will have to setup the pc with a static ip11:18
ilovefairuzkneaux_: to setup **11:18
ilovefairuzkneaux_: ranthi: not necessarily a static ip, you could use a dynamic dns service11:19
ranthiwell, i had to set mine up to be static11:19
ranthior it wouldnt even give me the option to port forward11:19
antivirtelhmm thx ziroday11:20
ranthii suppose though its not really static in a sense..more of address reservation for that mac address11:21
Dr_WillisMy router has the same feature . reserved ip based on mac.. better then 'static' ip's in ways. :)11:23
Dr_Willisi set teh wireless ip's to be at a higher range then the wired ip's that way i can tell whats connected/up/wired/wireless easier11:24
ranthii havent messed with xorg that much..i guess a little..but not as much as i should have i guess but here is my question11:24
ranthii read that ubuntu attempts to autodetect all the hardware and attached peripherals11:25
ranthiis there a program in the repositories or already with ubuntu that would let you generate an xorg.conf file based off of what was detected?11:25
Dr_Willisranthi:  actually i think its X thats doing the detection, not really a ubuntu feature. but an X feature11:26
glebihanranthi: "X -configure" generates a xorg.conf11:26
=== Low- is now known as Low-Sleepz
ranthidr and gleb, i understand..and so..will that --configure only put in the conf what was detected or a bunch of unnecessary stuff?11:27
glebihanranthi: it is then stored in "/root", so to use it, just move it to /etc/X1111:27
glebihanranthi: it should only put the necessary configuration for your hardware11:28
ilovefairuzranthi: unless you need to modify something, you don't need to generate one11:28
ranthiok, i will give it a shot and see what it puts in there..also gonna have another question about video11:28
ranthiwhich is why i want to generate one11:28
jribranthi: it's usually a better idea to just ask about what you want to accomplish in the end :)11:29
buntfalkewhich package does this file belong to?11:30
buntfalke /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/packagekit/backend.py11:30
ranthiX has to be shutdown to do configure?11:30
buntfalkeapt-file find cant find it...?11:30
oCean_buntfalke: dpkg -S /path/to/file will show11:30
buntfalkeoCean_: ah - good idea - thanks11:30
buntfalkedpkg: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/packagekit/backend.py nicht gefunden. <-- "not found"11:30
jribbuntfalke: apt-file search packagekit/backend.py  since that file is generated...11:31
oCean_ah, yes11:31
buntfalkejrib: oh, okay. thanks.11:31
glebihanranthi: yes, or you can run it with another display, with "X -configure :1" for example11:31
ranthijrib, well..i honestly cant remember this specific command used but besides the fact i want to refamiliarize myself with things..11:31
jribranthi: k, just realize that there's really not much point in an xorg.conf these days11:32
ranthii need to verify my video is working properly with opengl11:32
glebihanjrib: by the way, do you have any idea where the configuration that used to go in xorg.conf is now located ?11:32
jribglebihan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config11:33
bullgard4Where is the contents of the file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts explained?11:33
glebihanjrib: ok thanks11:34
ranthithere we go..got the conf file11:35
jribbullgard4: ssh and sshd man pages11:35
ranthialso, incase i want to do some remote admin..and because im lazy and dont want to look it up11:35
bullgard4jrib: I will have a look. Thank you.11:35
ranthiwhat is the ssh flag to run X through it so you can remote run X programs?11:36
glebihanjrib: so basically, there are no more configuration files, unless you overwrite values in xorg.conf or xorg.conf.d, right ?11:36
jribglebihan: yeah11:36
glebihanjrib: thanks, had never been able to find someone to give me a clear answer on this11:37
ranthigleb, its not really that there are no more conf files...there are always conf files if you want them..for instance11:38
ranthiif you are insane like I am and decide one day you want to slim down the kernel to only have the drivers available for your hardware11:39
ranthiyou might want to have that conf file..11:40
ariqzranthi, does that save a lot of memory?11:40
jribglebihan: well there are still a lot of files that you could call "configuration files" (like initially hal fdi files, and now I think most of the stuff has moved to udev rules), but you're right that there's no xorg.conf by default.  And as you said, you can still create an xorg.conf and configure X that way11:40
ranthiariqz, have you ever played with gentoo?  man..you can slim down that kernel to leave almost no footprint so yeah..its eventually not a bad idea11:41
Friarwhat number is drwxr-xr-x for permissions? I've changed a folder recursively to 766 and this is what it was: drwxr-xr-x.11:41
ariqzranthi, no, I haven't played with gentoo11:41
ranthibut only for an either very experienced or very crazy person11:41
FriarIt is my ~/Music folder.11:41
glebihanranthi: yes, I got that  but for most (non insane) users, there's no need to do that11:41
jribFriar: 766 is as you said.  You can use "stat" if you want the octal representation of a file's permissions for some reason11:42
ariqzranthi, you could always download the kernel source for ubuntu and compile that though :)11:42
glebihanjrib: yes, I should have a closer look at udev some time11:42
jribFriar: sorry, that's wrong.  What you wrote is 75511:42
jrib!permissions > Friar11:42
ubottuFriar, please see my private message11:42
Friarok. thanks11:42
ranthigleb, thats true..but personally..i found it a lot of fun.  you learn an awful lot during the process11:42
Friarjrib, I'm trying to use sound juicer to rip a cd. but it gives me a permission denied for creating a folder.11:43
ranthigleb, you can also mess alot of things up too..:/11:43
glebihanranthi: I agree, I myself like to mess up with things like that :)11:43
Friarso I tried to make it 766, but that didn't work...11:43
Werner_hi everyone, i have a quick question about failing a drive in mdadm11:43
jribFriar: paste  "ls -ld" of the directory in question11:43
Werner_does anyone here have some expertise in this?11:43
jribWerner_: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)11:43
ariqzI compiled my ubuntu kernel because I needed to patch it to get packet injection working ;)11:43
castWerner_: sure11:43
ranthigleb, it has been a long long time since i went through that bootstrap to window manager process though..i have forgotten so much..trying to get back into it11:44
ariqzreally, I find that easier than dealing with all my other ubuntu issues, like getting restricted drivers to work properly11:44
Friarjrib, drwxr-xr-x 17 nathan nathan 4096 2010-09-11 10:5511:44
jribFriar: what directory is that?  And what's the exact error from the application?  Are you running the application as nathan?11:44
FriarI just changed it back to 755.11:44
glebihanranthi: same thing for me, and things have changed a lot in the past years11:45
Friarit is the ~/Music directory11:45
Friaryes I am running it as nathan11:45
Werner_ok. My problem is that one of my drives in my mdadm raid 5 array (ubuntu server ofcourse) is failing. I checked in smartctl which basicly said that the drive will die in 24 hours. Now mdadm is resyncing currently. and all drives are active in the array, I want to avoid potential problems and simply mark that drive as failed and remove it from the array so i can later replace it. Is it safe to mark a drive failed during resync?11:45
YankDownUnderA thousand lines - someone called...11:45
Werner_all other drives are reported working correctly under smartctl11:45
marukaz_who help me to connect canon printer with teamviewer program?11:46
iwobbleshi Im using Scream to edit html and it keeps crashing any ideas ? are there better html editors than scream to try out ? whats emacs like I have that installed,, it looks kinda clunky,,11:46
castWerner_: wait.....why is it rsyncing?11:46
sprung!ask marukaz_11:46
ranthiariqz, you know what though..I find doing that to be awesome..you learn where things are how they work, what you can/cant change..far better than a fire and forget way of doing it11:46
YankDownUndermarukaz_, Mate - the local machine connects to the printer - not the Teamviewer program11:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:46
=== ismail is now known as Guest59833
marukaz_!ask who help me to connect canon printer with teamviewer program?11:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:47
glebihaniwobbles: I used to use Scream and it crashed too, using Geany now11:47
Werner_cast: i have no idea.11:47
erghezii cant run wakoopa automatic11:47
owd95when you open a terminal in linux mint it shows some words that tux says, can i get it in ubuntu?11:47
sprungmarukaz_, is English your language?11:47
Dr_Willismarukaz_:  check the cups.org web site to see if the canon printer is even supported11:47
erghezii add wakoopa to startup apps11:47
sprungmarukaz_, we have #ubuntu channels in other languages11:47
erghezibut don run automatically11:47
Werner_cast: i don know why itś resyncing. but i found the server unresponsive this morning and simply rebooted it. now it's resyncing11:47
castWerner_: might want to try to work that out, mdstat might help11:47
castWerner_: /proc/mdstat11:47
erghezii have this problem with conky :|11:48
Dr_Willis!info wakoopa11:48
ubottuPackage wakoopa does not exist in lucid11:48
Werner_i will paste this to pastebin11:48
=== Biolunar_ is now known as Biolunar
sprungmarukaz_, what language do you speak naturally?11:48
marukaz_Canon is supported, i  read about it in ubuntu forum, there are a lot of ideas about how to join it, but it doesn;t work for me11:48
YankDownUndererghezi, #conky is your best bet11:48
ergheziubottu: conky?11:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:48
marukaz_sprung Lithunian11:48
Dr_Williserghezi:  conky needs to be ran from a script or similer  with about a 20 sec delay - for gnome to autostart it properly11:48
Werner_cast: http://pastebin.com/2UysEbNz11:48
ergheziYankDownUnder:  conky and wakoopa run and work very well !!11:48
YankDownUndermarukaz_, Most Canons are WinPrinters - trouble.11:48
sprungmarukaz_, i apologize, you should stay with English then11:49
YankDownUndererghezi, Ask about conky in #conky, this is #ubuntu11:49
ergheziYankDownUnder: i cant just run automatically11:49
Werner_cast: the resync is working and mdadm --detail /dev/md3 reports that all drives are in active sync and the state is "active"11:49
Werner_cast: i dont want it failing unintended in the middle of the resync so i want to fail it manually, can that be done during resync?11:49
ergheziYankDownUnder: do you understand me?  i dont have any problem with conky11:49
marukaz_My printer model is LBP3010, maybe someone could look to pc with teamview?11:49
kneaux_hey how do i shut down from command line11:50
glebihankneaux_: sudo shutdown now11:50
Werner_kneaux_: sudo shutdown -hP now11:50
sprungWerner_, what does the P do11:50
castWerner_: i'd let it finish, since if you lose two disks in raid5 you lose the array, if it's resyncing to the disk that you're not going to yank and you pull it before its done you'll have problems11:50
zetheroodoes anyone know why recordmydesktop takes so long to encode the video? It's like it's only encoding on one of my two CPU cores ...11:51
YankDownUndermarukaz_, Do you want some help setting this printer up?11:51
Werner_cast: but it seems only 1 drive is the problem?11:51
castWerner_: one hopes!11:51
sprungWerner_, nevermind i rftm'd11:51
Werner_cast: the thing is im really nervous because the particular drive is still spouting errors in dmesg11:51
sprungWerner_, i was wondering why my halt command wasnt shutting down a lot of machines with just shutdown -h now11:52
sprungWerner_, you accidentally taught me something, thanks11:52
marukaz_yankdownunder i want that someone help me to seting my printer11:52
Werner_sprung: hehe no problem :)11:52
YankDownUndermarukaz_, PM me11:52
Werner_sprung: it's a confusing command11:52
castWerner_: thats ok, i'd let it finish resyncing then --fail it11:52
Werner_cast: ok!11:53
sprungWerner_, well with a lot of machines the -h actually brings it down11:53
hihihi100when I boot the system from the live cd I see the "ubuntu" intro page with very a small font size. However, when I run the installed distro, I see the same page with bigger fonts. Is there any way I can reduce the size of the font in the introductory ubuntu page? I mean the part with the 5 dots that change color every second11:53
sprungbut many it doesn't11:53
mbn_18Hi, my ubuntu Karmic show black screen after upgrading the AIT drivers. any idea what I can do? Nor I cant ssh from my laptop11:53
castWerner_: #linux-raid will probably know more, like how to work out specifically what it's doing right now11:53
erghezisome programs are not automatically run in Ubuntu11:53
Werner_cast: ah ok. I was gonna do the same and just let it resync but iĺ try there also11:53
Werner_cast: thanks!11:54
Power-InsideHey guy11:54
sprungmbn_18, first thing to check: if  /tmp/.X0-lock exists, delete it and reboot11:54
ilovefairuzglebihan: Werner_: kneaux_: just.. 'halt'11:55
zetheroodoes anyone know why recordmydesktop takes so long to encode the video? It's like it's only encoding on one of my two CPU cores ...11:55
sprungmbn_18, you will only be able to see it using an ls -la11:55
glebihanerghezi: do those programs run with a system tray icon ?11:55
mbn_18sprung: I cant loging. main screen black + cant ssh from laptop.11:55
mbn_18How do I start it in shell mode? init3?11:55
sprungmbn_18, ask somebody else11:55
jribmbn_18: use recovery mode from the grub menu11:56
kneaux_and the banana goes to ilovefairuz11:56
ergheziglebihan:  yes11:56
glebihanilovefairuz: you're right, just used to shutdown as it offers possibility to use timeout and things like that11:57
ergheziglebihan: i can run them manually, but they fail to run at login11:57
=== disco is now known as Crovax
mbn_18jrib: Sadly I dont have that entery for the latest Kernel. Is it possible to start it manualy? using params of some sort?11:57
=== Crovax is now known as Cr0vax
kneaux_now, where's the best place to hit a macbook with a ballpeen hammer11:57
glebihanerghezi: well, you should check, but I think the programs run, but without the icon11:57
jribmbn_18: that's standard on ubuntu's kernels, are you using something else?11:57
=== Cr0vax is now known as TheLord
glebihanerghezi: this happens with some programs because they try to create an icon before the gnome panel is ready11:58
* kneaux_ points to thelord11:58
=== kneaux_ is now known as kneaux
mbn_18jrib: Nope. I recently moved my system to software raid and created a new Grub record. Now I regret I didnt created a recovery too11:58
glebihanerghezi: one workaround would be to set a timeout before starting those programs11:58
jribmbn_18: and you don't have older kernels with it?11:58
mbn_18Though I wonder whats the diffrent. it might be param on;ly11:58
mbn_18jrib: Have, but they point to the old FS11:59
sprungmbn_18, software raid is not as good as hardware RAID11:59
sprungjust FYI11:59
ergheziglebihan: Yes, but I should be able to see it on the desktop if it actually runs!11:59
mbn_18sprung: depend on many thing. though hard raid cost allot11:59
sprungmbn_18, not really11:59
glebihanerghezi: well maybe they crash if they fail to create the icon12:00
sprungmbn_18, i mean what is "a lot" to you?12:00
castsprung: that depends. often software raid is much better12:00
jribmbn_18: looking at my grub.cfg, looks like they just add "ro single" http://pastebin.com/twfJyYA812:00
castsprung: infact some organisations only use software raid12:00
sprungi know a $120 motherboard will have hardware RAID on it12:00
mbn_18sprung: and I dont mean the crappy card that emulate hardware raid12:00
sprungor rather, i know several models that cost that much that have raid on them12:00
mbn_18sprung: its software12:00
Imamihello everyone12:00
sprungmbn_18, that didn't make any sense12:01
s-visorhi, what about here?12:01
* Dr_Willis raids his flash drives.12:01
mbn_18jrib: will try now12:01
glebihan!hi | s-visor12:01
ubottus-visor: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:01
sprungmbn_18, i think you are confusing hardware RAID and having a hot-swappable backplane or something. hardware raid is hardware raid.12:01
mbn_18sprung: All the cheap raid cards are kind software raid12:01
Werner_sprung: mbn_18: there's dmraid which is crappy software raid on hardware. and theres mdadm pure software raid which you can move to every computer. hardware raid is almost always faster but not neccesarily better12:01
mbn_18sprung: go ask #linux-raid12:02
Werner_dmraid -> fakeraid12:02
sprungmbn_18, you're having a fundamental misunderstanding.12:02
sprungmbn_18, Werner_ explains it almost like i would say it12:02
sprungonly i would say lol @ your crappy software raid12:02
ergheziglebihan: but when i enter manual, program run correctly without any crash12:02
sprungdo not want12:02
glebihanerghezi: yes, that's because the gnome panel is loaded and ready12:03
Imamihey guys? I have problem with updating my sources on 10.04 :(12:03
glebihanerghezi: try the timeout thing, I think it should work12:03
Dr_Williserghezi:  some applications need a delay befor they get 'autostarted' for example the conky faq/guides mention about a 15 sec delay befor starting conky12:03
mbn_18Bottom line as I undestand this. the cheap "hardware raid cards" are actualy software. though again, ask at #linux-raid12:03
sprungmbn_18, if it is something that you can actually touch, and its sole function is RAID, that's called "hardware" therefore it's a hardware RAID12:04
Dr_Willisso a single chip raid. that has a 3000mb driver file to do the actial raid... :) is the same as a raid system that dosent need any drivers?12:05
sprungsoftware RAID is this crappy idea where somebody thought they could make the buggy linux filesystem (at the time) redundant, further complicating the issue if there is a problem12:05
Dr_WillisIm thinking this raid ramblings may need to go to #linux-raid soon12:05
mbn_18Dr_Willis: First ill fix my fglrx problem then ill continue this debate :)12:06
sprungDr_Willis, your raid question was too vague to answer, and i suspect was intentionally so12:07
Dr_Willisyou got your hard-raid, semi-hard-raid and then theres the soft-raid like cheeses ?12:07
Dr_WillisIll shut up now.12:08
sprungDr_Willis, that was dirty somehow12:08
sprungDr_Willis,  are you drunk?12:08
glebihanDr_Willis: that may have been quite offtopic :)12:08
Dr_Willissprung:  actually im snacking on some chedder cheese. Im not sure what you are thinking about.12:08
castsprung: how would software RAID make a buggy FS redundant?12:08
sprungcast, you missed the point12:09
castwhat is your point?12:09
sprungcast,  the point being at the time that software RAID was implemented, the filesystem was unreliable12:09
sprungthis was 199712:09
castoh. so what?12:09
bullgard4jrib: The file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generic names of these 3 keys? --  '~$ ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts' lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generich names of these keys?12:09
sprungso you are making something out of nothing go back to sleep12:10
castyou're the one who *said* it, surely there was a point. or am i reading too much into you, and assuming you have some point worth communicating ;)12:10
sprungcast, i don't care12:10
sprungcast, oh and btw :)12:10
cast[211049] Ignoring ALL from sprung12:10
sprungcast, THANK YOU12:10
glebihanyou done ?12:11
sprungglebihan, well i think cast changed her tampon out so yeah we're done12:11
glebihansprung: nice12:11
Miland3rstupid kiddies m(-_-)m12:12
mbn_18jrib: yep, just adding single worked. ro was already there. now for the actual restore12:12
* Imami looks around confusedly12:12
CaneToadWith Lucid, are there known issues with recent X servers?  I am finding regular [every day] lockups where the mouse moves but everything becomes non-responsive.  You can't do anything and have to kill X with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE which is extremely bad.12:12
ranthisince i havent been with linux in a while is there another program or is it samba or something that allows mapping of directories from windows to linux over closed network?12:12
sprungCaneToad, you are behind. we are on Karmic now.12:12
sacarlsonhow do you blacklist the madwifi module?12:12
kneauxhow do i get nautilus to show folders in list view by default12:12
glebihanranthi: still samba12:12
CaneToadsprung, sorry I meant Karmic, not lucid12:13
ksbalajiwhen chroot ing, from root at abc partition  to root at xyz  partition, how do I get command prompt root@xyz instead of root@abc ?12:13
ranthigleb, and is that share from windows..map on linux or share on linux, map on windows?12:13
sprungCaneToad, oh and that shitty deal with the Archive Mounter having all the filenames ending in the ;1? that got fixed in an update i got 2 days ago and now its awesome12:13
glebihankneaux: Preferences->Views->View new folders using12:13
sprungit only took 3 years to fix finally somebody fixed archive mounter12:13
sprungfor iso's12:13
kneauxdon't i feel like a fool, i swear i've looked at that dialogue a dozen times by now and never thought to do that12:14
Imamimy lucid doesn't update the software sources12:14
sprungImami, you should fix that12:14
glebihankneaux: :)12:14
mbn_18brrr, recovery mode does not handle Logitch USB keyboard so well12:14
kneauxguess i was looking for good ol winjoke "apply to all folders"12:14
sprungImami, you're opening yourself to vulnerabilities12:14
Imamii don't know how, which is why i'm here12:14
ranthigleb, and also is there a port foward i have to do on my router and which port?12:14
Imamisee, i just updated it yesterday12:15
sprungImami, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak12:15
sprunglets see if that works12:15
Imamithen, today, while installing git, it throws this error12:15
glebihanranthi: I don't know which ports samba uses12:15
glebihan!samba | ranthi12:15
ubotturanthi: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.12:15
sprungglebihan, 139 and...12:15
Imamisprung: it isn't reading the repositories correctly12:16
Imamisprung: throws up a gpg error12:16
ranthiimma have to check out the swat..didnt know there was a web admin for it now..nice12:16
sprungImami, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu12:16
sprung!ask repositories12:17
OerImami, what GIT did you add ?12:17
glebihanImami: could you pastebin the error message ?12:17
Imamiokay, wait12:17
sprungImami, this is a common problem you should have no trouble getting help with that12:17
tekonimelubottu: init not found12:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:18
Imamii couldn't add git12:19
xukunHI all. I enabled ifw(firewall) and it blocks my sabnzbd programm but I have no idea which role to add the firewall12:19
Imamiand it can't find "ubuntu-tweak" now.12:19
akrcanzonHello, I have 4gb of ram, should I get 32 or 64 bit version? How is 64 ? still not recommended for daily usage?12:20
erUSULakrcanzon: get 64 bit12:21
castthe only reason not to use 64 bit is crap proprietary software12:21
akrcanzonerUSUL,  I tried it once and it was messy, flash had problems...in general it was not going to good.12:21
akrcanzoncast,  In this case I'll stick to the 32 bit.12:22
akrcanzoncast,  Don't want proprietary crap in my system.12:22
bullgard4The file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generic names of these 3 keys? --  '~$ ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts' lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generich names of these keys?12:22
obiwahn_what is debian's sid equivalent in ubutu12:22
castakrcanzon: have a look at the security record of adobe flash :)12:22
obiwahn_or is there a page where it is explained what karmic maverick etc are .. couldnt find it:(12:23
erUSULobiwahn_: none; development style is different12:23
obiwahn_so what is the latest?12:23
akrcanzoncast,  Were exactly I can do that?:) You can pm me if you want.12:23
obiwahn_erUSUL: or are yoou willng to explain how development in ubuntu is done12:24
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:24
obiwahn_i have some trouble with ia32 libs in sid and thoght about apt pinning12:24
ImamiThanks everyone12:24
glebihanImami: try "apt-key add 'http://archive.ubuntu.mirror.dkm.cz/project/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg'"12:24
Imamiproblem solved. :)12:24
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91012:24
glebihanImami: ok12:24
ImamiI did exactly that. :D12:25
miyamotocan any one help me to run webcam on ubuntu12:25
erUSULobiwahn_: ask in  a debian channel12:25
castakrcanzon: google, adobe, flash, vulnerability12:26
akrcanzoncast,  I found it thanks.12:26
obiwahn_erUSUL: i know how to do it .. i am not sure wich ubuntu distri to take12:26
akrcanzoncast,  The sad part is I do not understand why people use this technology.12:26
erUSULobiwahn_: so you are in debian sid and you are using ubuntu repos? or what i am missing here?12:27
Stefanos90hello, how can i tranfer files from ethernet?12:27
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:27
erUSUL!samba | Stefanos9012:27
ubottuStefanos90: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.12:27
Stefanos90no I have entered a Live cd12:28
roffeIs there linux software that records every key you've written the last ~2 hours and if for some reason the text you've written got lost can be found with that software again?12:30
erUSULroffe: look for a keylogger12:30
* erUSUL spying on people is wrong though12:31
mbn_18How do I knw which package use libdri.so ?12:31
erUSULmbn_18: dpkg -S /path/to/libdri.so12:31
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Stefanos90<ubottu> my both computers are running now ubuntu12:33
=== Jameson is now known as Guest61536
glebihanStefanos90: ubottu is a bot12:33
Stefanos90<glebihan> can you help me?12:33
=== Guest61536 is now known as Xpress
roffeerUSUL, sure, thank you. I'm after a keylogger, but it's not for spying, believe me. I was writing a post for a site earlier and I when I printed publish something went wrong, and everything got deleted. So I'm after a keylogger that is accessible from the panel12:34
glebihanStefanos90: what do you need to do exactly ?12:34
Stefanos90<glebihan> I need to transfer some files from one computer to other via ethernet12:34
=== Xpress is now known as Xmark
roffeHow often does it not happen that one has written for 15 minutes a great deal of text that gets deleted and can't be recovered?12:35
glebihanStefanos90: there are several ways you can do that: you can use the "Share" tab of the properties dialog in Nautilus to share a folder, or use FTP for example12:35
lazylisperHi anybody here running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS? Willing to share your /boot/grub/menu.lst file?12:36
Stefanos90<glebihan> which one you can help me?12:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:37
mbn_18Hurray, fixed the damn ATI problem. Now Catalyst 10.8 running. Next time I will pay more attention to dpkg output12:37
glebihanStefanos90: well, both, maybe more with ftp12:38
Stefanos90<glebihan> well tell me :)12:38
glebihanStefanos90: so you'll have to install a FTP server on one of the computers, I suggest installing "gadmin-proftpd"12:38
erUSULroffe: http://www.addictivetips.com/internet-tips/recover-textform-in-firefox-when-browser-crashes-with-lazarus-add-on/12:39
Stefanos90<glebihan> now installing12:39
bullgard4The file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generic names of these 3 keys? --  '~$ ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts' lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generich names of these keys?12:39
Dr_WillisStefanos90: transfering a lot of files? or just a few files?12:39
Stefanos90<Dr_Willis> 40Gb...12:40
Dr_WillisStefanos90:  you could use ssh also.. bt that would be a bit slower. ftp would be faster i imagine. but ssh would be easier to setup.12:40
Dr_Willisso its a toss up...12:40
etfbOh delightful.  IRC spam.12:41
Stefanos90i installed the "gadmin-proftpd" now?12:41
roffeerUSUL, thanks! I use chrome, but I think I can google it better now12:41
glebihanStefanos90: now run it from "Applications->System tools"12:41
JuJuBeeI am using NIS to handle log in for my students.  However, yppasswdd is not running on the server and I cannot figure out why.12:42
erUSULJuJuBee: maybe better help in #ubuntu-server12:42
Stefanos90<glebihan> yes12:42
glebihanStefanos90: on the "Servers" tab, you should have a Default server in the list12:43
Stefanos90<glebihan> it says
glebihanStefanos90: yes, that's normal, select it and scroll down until you find "Upload speed"12:44
mbn_18About the FAKE RAID issue. pls read: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto#What%20is%20fakeRAID?  and http://serverfault.com/questions/9244/how-do-i-differentiate-fake-raid-from-real-raid12:44
glebihanStefanos90: Set both "upload speed" and "download speed" to max values12:44
Stefanos90<glebihan> which is the max? it has as default 25012:45
glebihanStefanos90: just enter "10000000000", and it'll set to max when you leave the box12:46
Stefanos90<glebihan> done12:46
glebihanStefanos90: click "apply" and switch to "Users" tab12:46
Stefanos90<glebihan> done12:47
glebihanStefanos90: now you're going to create a new user : fill the username, password and group fields (the user can be an already existing one of the system)12:48
glebihanStefanos90: then click "New user"12:48
Stefanos90<glebihan>Missing ftp home directory. Scroll down and add one first.  I can't scrool12:50
Stefanos90where is it?12:50
=== Greysc[a]le is now known as Greyscale
glebihanStefanos90: at the bottom, you should have a "Add directory" button12:50
glebihanStefanos90: click on it and select the folder you would like to use as home for your ftp user12:51
Stefanos90<glebihan> done12:51
glebihanStefanos90: check the checkboxes you want to give appropriate permissions (you may check them all)12:52
glebihanStefanos90: then click "New user" again12:52
Stefanos90<glebihan> done12:53
glebihanStefanos90: ok, we're done here, click "Activate" in the top toolbar12:53
Stefanos90<glebihan> done12:53
glebihanStefanos90: now from the other computer, run gFTP (from Applications->Internet)12:54
Stefanos90well to conect them i mus plug out the ethernet.. tell me what is next12:55
marko-_--what would be the best program to make a video, i just want the mp3 file to play and an image to suit as the video to upload it on youtube12:55
glebihanwhen you'll start gftp, you'll just have to enter the IP address of the computer where you installed the server, the username and the password, select "FTP" then connect12:56
glebihanStefanos90: and you'll be able to transfer files between the two computers12:56
Stefanos90<glebihan> ok will try. Thanx a lot for help :)12:56
glebihanStefanos90: you're welcome12:57
andreasWondering, is there a way to install Ubuntu into an existing LV  (the PVs are all crypted volumes)?12:57
=== andreas is now known as yacc
castyacc: yes.12:57
yacccast, how?12:57
castall the magic happens in initrd12:57
yacccast, no I mean I need to install it into an EXISTING volume group12:58
yacccast, I do know that Ubuntu supports encrypted LVM setups, the problem is that I ve managed for whatever reason to trash my root filesystem.12:58
castan install is just a set of files, you can pretty much just extract a tarball and it'll suffice to 'install'12:58
yacccast, yeah but how do I get the tar file?12:59
yacccast, or how do I get the installer to install into an already mounted filesystem?12:59
castwell, nowdays you'd use debootstrap :)12:59
yacccast, well, I feared that, debootstrap does only the package install, but I have to do all the other stuff like GRUB myself?13:00
glaucousDo anyone have NVIDIA GTX 460 (or any other 4xx card), and know if it is possible to downclock in the newest drivers?13:01
castaye, but thats easy13:01
yacccast, well I ve never personally made the mental jump from LILO to GRUB :)13:02
yaccI guess my root filesystem is shoot good, with /usr/bin having migrated to lost+found, ...13:05
LjL... :<13:06
DragonKeeperis there a repo i can add to get drivers ?13:07
yaccOk, so whats the recommended minimum size for a 10.04 desktop system filesystem?13:08
willinjaevery one what is the text editor like notepad++ in ms windows ?13:08
tensorpuddingyacc: I'd say anything less than 10 GB would be too small13:08
yaccwillinja, lol => there is no such thing, there is a sea of all kinds of editors.13:09
willinjai need a text editor that could highlight all the syntax13:09
DragonKeeperunless  willinja installed wine and used the notepad13:09
yaccDo we have a description how to go at installing ubuntu via debootstrap?13:09
ThePaRaDoXhello anyone can help with a network problem?13:09
yaccwillinja, syntax highlighting is in most of Unix-editors nowadays :)13:10
DragonKeeperis there a repo i can add to get drivers ?13:10
tensorpuddingwillinja: geany maybe13:10
ThePaRaDoXi installed some updates and when i rebooted linux doesnt have internet via LAN.the pc is not on the DHCP list of my router and i have no internet access.any ideas?13:10
willinjai will try geany first then13:10
randerzanderI'm running 10.04 on an old Toshiba Tecra 8200. It doesn't recognize the VGA adapter very well and will only display 800x600 resolution centered on the LCD. There is a large black rectangle of unused pixels.. how can I increase the resolution?13:11
WhackaHello, does anyone know of a script I can use to make a microphone mute/unmute hotkey for when I'm using Skype?13:11
tensorpuddinggeany might be slightly more heavy than notepad++13:11
willinja geany doesnt recognize javascript yes?13:13
willinjaups my bad it understand javascript also13:14
ian_Hye, I dont know the protocol here, but can anyone help me with opening up a port for external access??13:14
ThePaRaDoXany ideas?13:15
erUSULian_: in ubuntu there is no firewall by default. so if something is listening in a port that port is open13:15
DragonKeeperslight issue here      ( i have dual monitor)     on  screen 1  the mouse becomes a line of vertical dots ....13:16
damian_necesito cosejo espiritual13:16
erUSULThePaRaDoX: what do youb use to connect? wired? wifi?13:16
NazdraviThePaRaDoX: try ifconfig eth0 up for lan or ifconfig wlan0 up for wifi13:16
erUSUL!es | damian_13:16
ubottudamian_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:16
erUSUL!editor | willinja13:17
ubottuwillinja: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code13:17
BlackToW3xian_ http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-open-ports/13:17
damian_ok , I ned spiritual advice13:17
ian_ok, I am testing a software that uses google earth plugin(no plugin for linux), so My first idea was to install a virtual box Windows XP, then access my host server13:17
erUSULdamian_: then   « /join #ubuntu-offtopic »13:17
ThePaRaDoXNazdravi type ifconfig eth0 up?13:17
yaccHmm, I wonder if installing from net is faster than the stupid CDR13:18
ergheziDr_Willis:  i delay conky  for 15 second . i terminal works great but in startup dont work :((13:18
willinja!html | willinja13:18
ubottuwillinja, please see my private message13:18
ergheziDr_Willis: i write a small script13:18
ergheziDr_Willis:  i use sleep command13:18
Dr_Willistry sleeping longer13:19
Dr_Williserghezi:  pastebin the script ypu are using.13:19
ThePaRaDoXNazdravi i did sudo ifconfig eth0 up but nothing.and the pc i have the problem with doesnt even appear in my router's DHCP table13:20
ilovefairuzWhacka: pacmd set-source-mute 0 1   (to mute it, change 1 to 0 to un-mute)13:20
ergheziDr_Willis: http://pastebin.com/LK8VD47G13:21
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:21
Dr_Williserghezi:  and whats in 'conkystart' ?13:21
ergheziDr_Willis: http://ubuntuone.com/p/Fjl/13:23
ergheziDr_Willis: this is conky !13:24
h4fI have a touch-pad on my laptop like this http://computermonger.com/wp-content/uploads/reviews/acer_aspire_5315/acer_aspire_5315_touch-pad.jpg13:24
h4fthe touch-pad itself is working fine. but the left middle button should open link in new tab in firefox , now its not working. can some one point me where can I configure that ?13:24
Dr_Willis erghezi  yes.. ive used conky for years...13:24
Whackailovefairuz: Is there any way to check if it's muted or not first so I can make a script that toggles it? (pulseaudio)13:24
Dr_Williserghezi:  whats in the 'conkystart' script your other script is calling?13:24
* Dr_Willis is getting disgusted at the huge complex conky configs people are using these days. :)13:24
bullgard4The file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generic names of these 3 keys? --  '~$ ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts' lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generich names of these keys?13:25
Dr_WillisHeh. Conky's popuylarty swings back and forth.. people love it for a while.. then ya dont hear about it.. then it makes a comeback13:25
rooksDr_Willis, im disgusted by custom desktops :) i m cots zealot :P13:25
ergheziDr_Willis:  sleep 25 && conky ;  :)))13:25
Dr_Willis  erghezi  why are you using a sleep scriopt thats then calling another sleep script? somthing seems odd.  My script was much simpiler.13:26
ergheziDr_Willis: i dont know program using delay :|13:26
=== rin is now known as rinhagemi
Dr_Willisyou shoudl be to just run that conkystart from the autostart stuff and it should work.. is conky NOT launching? or is it launching and running wrongly?13:27
Dr_WillisYour conkystart script is executable isent it?13:27
* Dr_Willis has to go chase down a 2 yr old... be back..13:28
h4fwhere can I configure my touchpad buttons. I have touchpad like this http://computermonger.com/wp-content/uploads/reviews/acer_aspire_5315/acer_aspire_5315_touchpad.jpg13:28
ergheziDr_Willis:  -rwxr-xr-x 1 navid navid   32 2010-08-14 19:12 conkyStart13:29
boss_mc!patience | h4f that link's broken and also...13:30
ubottuh4f that link's broken and also...: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com13:30
h4fboss_mc:  ups sorry for link. I will search for another one13:30
mizanursorry guys testing irssi13:30
ergheziDr_Willis: conky don't Launching at all in startup13:31
ergheziDr_Willis: wakoopa is similar conky  or even xchat13:32
randerzanderHow can I enable remote desktop logins are allowed even if no one is signed into the remote computer?13:32
ergheziDr_Willis: but awn is work very well13:32
jarnosWhat should I do, if xrandr can't set all the modes listed by it in 10.04? Intel graphics card of a laptop in question and problem with an external CRT.13:32
boss_mcerghezi: are you using conkystart when you should be using conkyStart (case sensitivity)13:32
estragibWhacka: first find the right PA source and its index with "pacmd list-sources | grep -P '(index|name|port):'". then use "pacmd list-sources | sed -n '/index: <index>/,/index: <index+1>/p' | grep mute", replacincg <index> and <index+1> accordingly13:34
ergheziDr_Willis:  i  enter  "~/.conkycolors/bin/conkyStart -m" and work very well13:35
yaccany way to get apt-get sources.list to autosetup?13:35
Whackaestragib: Thanks a bundle, I'll try making a script now.13:35
estragibWhacka: good luck :)13:35
hepatitweb cameram uçtuuuu13:36
nicofshello! Is there any telephony/sms software for ubuntu/linux? i am not talking about VoIP - i've got an integrated modem and a SIM card...13:40
LjL!info smstools | nicofs13:41
ubottunicofs: smstools (source: smstools): SMS server tools for GSM modems. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.6-1 (lucid), package size 265 kB, installed size 984 kB13:41
ilovefairuzWhacka: here's another and simpler command but first you need to find which index mutes and umutes the device: on my system i mute with 'pacmd set-source-mute 1 1' ( or last 1 to 0 to umute) .. to check if muted:  pacmd list-sources | grep mute | tail -n 1 | cut -d ':' -f 213:41
cba123I need to unrar all the files in a folder.  I tried "find -type f -name '*.rar' -exec unrar x {} \;" but they are all failing to unrar.  Any ideas?13:41
abeekynick abeeky13:42
nicofsLjL: i guess that can't do phonecalls... but sms is a start... thx...13:42
ilovefairuzWhacka: the tail is to select the "second" source (index=1)13:42
h4f nicofs: there are comand line tools which will allow you to send ATM commands to your mode. I tried once but never get it work13:42
LjLnicofs: i'm not seeing anything for phonecalls in the repos13:42
mbn_18cba123: something like: unrar e /dest *13:42
ian_Jeez, Help an African out :) Hye, anyone knows how to open up a port for external use, like from a remote computer?? am using Ubuntu 10.0413:43
bullgard4The file (table) ~/.ssh/known_hosts lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generic names of these 3 keys? --  '~$ ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts' lists keys in 3 columns. What are the generich names of these keys?13:43
jribcba123: failing how?13:43
LjL!info ofono | nicofs maybe this, its scope isn't quite clear to me13:43
ubottunicofs: ofono (source: ofono): Mobile telephony stack (daemon). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-1 (lucid), package size 169 kB, installed size 524 kB13:43
cba123mbn_18, /dest being?  I want them unrared to the same folder.  They are also multi-part rar's, all in part1.rar or part01.rar style.13:43
nagyii88join #ubutu-hu13:43
jribbullgard4: didn't « man sshd » explain the format ?13:44
=== thinkpad_ is now known as NickSerrv
nicofsLjL: thanks... now i've got something to play^^13:44
bullgard4jrib: It does explain it wrongly.13:44
jribbullgard4: why do you say that?13:44
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cba123jrib, It says "failed to unrar" but it tries to unrar each part individually, so I think it was just that it was trying to unrar each file individually.13:45
mbn_18cba123: unrar e *.rar ?13:45
jribcba123: well your glob is not specific enough I suppose, you want only the first part, no?13:45
cba123jrib, I want them all unrared.13:46
ilovefairuzcba123: pastebin the failure error message13:46
jribcba123: and you unrar multi-part rars by unrarring the first part, don't you?13:46
cba123mbn_18, That just said "unraring (the first one) skipping"13:46
abhishekhi thre