duanedesignmorning all08:15
duanedesign /1208:54
duanedesignrye_: hello10:23
rye_duanedesign, hi10:23
rye_duanedesign, have you seen Chipaca anywhere nearby today?10:24
duanedesignnot yet today10:24
rye_duanedesign, will be back in 10 minutes, testing ubuntuone-launch failure to start so need to reboot a lot10:26
rye_Yes! I know the reason of the failure now10:30
duanedesignrye_: was this in regards to andyrogers problem yesterday10:31
rye_ubuntuone-launch does not connect because get_metadata_blah(U1ROOT) fails breaking all the callbacks. The code needs to be running after syncdaemon reaches READY10:31
rye_duanedesign, yes, he told about that and I was like "huh? I tested it and it worked"... well, since there is a 30 second window and I got my U1 cleaned up no wonders that syncdaemon reached READY state in less than 30 seconds10:32
rye_so right now I have 3K files and see the issue10:32
rye_definitely filing-a-bug, my solution will not work in case READY state is reached before -launch is called10:35
duanedesign the ubuntuone-syncdaemon process constantly pegs the CPU, using from 50-80% long after any sync-able files have been modified and successfully synced. <--looking for bug reports that might fit this post on the forum10:38
duanedesigni wonder if it is trying to hash a file that no longer exists...10:41
rye_duanedesign, this can be checked only with logs10:43
rye_duanedesign, https://edge.launchpad.net/~dobey/+archive/ppa/+build/195458610:43
duanedesignrye_: thank you11:02
duanedesignhmm..I have continued exploring my notes at UbuntuOne. It seems to be the case that the old notes which had been synced previous to the problem developing still retain hyperlinks. However the new notes that I was unable to sync yesterday, but which have since appeared at the UbuntuOne site after following the instructions above no longer have active hyperlinks.11:10
duanedesignfrom Launchpad Question 12364611:11
duanedesignoff to get breakfast....afk11:19
duanedesignrye_: is their a bug on the ubuntuone-launch issue?13:31
rye_duanedesign, bug #63563614:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 635636 in ubuntuone-client "[maverick] ubuntuone-launch fails to connect syncdaemon if get_metadata times out (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63563614:08
Nhdbhi, I have a problem, I moved a bunch of folders into a subfolder in my ubuntuone directory14:19
Nhdbbut instead of moving my computer just removed them14:20
Nhdbbut on ubuntuone.com the folders are in the subfolder like how you would expect14:20
Nhdbif I reconnect now with my computer, can I be sure I get my files back? eg. that they won't also get deleted on the server side?14:21
Nhdband/or is there a way I can download those folders from ubuntuone.com without using the desktop client?14:21
duanedesignNhdb: the website does not have a way to downlaod large amounts of files15:21
duanedesignso you would have to download them one at a time15:22
duanedesignNhdb: can you /615:28
duanedesignNhdb: you can use the command  u1sdtool --waiting-metadata & u1sdtool --waiting-content  to see what actions are pending15:31
duanedesignNhdb: their is also a tool called Magicicada that can give you that information and allow you to control connect/unconnect in an easy to use GUI.15:34
duanedesignsudo add-apt-repository ppa:chicharreros/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install magicicada15:36
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mvahi there!18:11
mvaany devs online? :)18:11
mvai want to request adding Nokia N900 to list of supported phones ;)18:11
beunomva, hi18:19
beunoit is not currently supported18:19
mvahi! why not? :)18:20
mvait has out-of-the-box exchange client and syncml in repos. Why not supported? :)18:20
beunomva, there are some bugs with its implementation of syncml18:21
beunothey have been reported, but not acted on18:21
duanedesignbeuno: their are some bugs with Nokias implementation of syncml?19:24
duanedesignahh. Ok, i think i found the info i needed. I am working on answering some ubuntuone forum posts and wanted to make sure I was giving good info :)19:39
rye_bug #600725 needs more votes20:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 600725 in ubuntuone-client "syncdaemon should ping the server to make sure it has not lost the connection (affects: 2) (heat: 15)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60072520:23
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artin35Is the Ubuntu One cloud contacting on port 58863 and uses amazon ec2? Because I didn't start it up, and have this entry in the firewall, and want to know what it is? thx22:21
rye_artin35, ubuntuone-syncdaemon contacts amazon ec instances using 443 port, is 58863 a source one?22:24
artin35what does "source one" mean?22:24
rye_artin35, those machines are actually running the api servers that provide server side for ubuntuone file sync protocol, amazon is only hosting them22:25
rye_artin35, the source port of connection may be 58863 but destination should be 443 for all ubuntuone services, file sync, web api or couchdb replication22:25
artin35how do i find the destination? in firestarter as well? I only see this 58863 port22:27
artin35I knowe what you mean!22:29
artin35yes 443, I started ubuntuone in the browser and it shows https, but the 58863 isn't visible there, only this:
artin35I think this is my address, as I found out from google22:32
artin35but when i go to canyouseeme, to find my IP address, it is a different number, than
artin35is that normal?22:32
artin35oh sorry this isn't a port..22:34
artin35ok i got it22:35
artin35that is the amazon thing, after I type that into google I find a lot of ubuntu entries, so I think this was from ubuntu one okedoky22:42
artin35welcome back Rye_22:45
rye_artin35, sorry, something strange with network connection22:45
artin35no worries, thanks for talking with me22:46
rye_artin35, have you received all my messages? i.e. my reply ended with  "... couchdb replication"22:46
* rye_ is figuring out how to run ubuntuone in headless mode, on the server, thinking about how to trick sso to give out oauth credentials...22:47
artin35do you can see what I was writing right?22:47
rye_artin35, where do you see the connection to 58863 port ?22:50
artin35that's the wrong channel for this question but as we already talk... Do I have an IP adress like but then it connects to this, before it connects to google for example :want to answer your question first. I see this in the firestarter field, maybe translated as"happenings" or "actions" (i do not have the english version)22:51
artin35it says: time, port, source, protocoll, and22:52
artin35the last word I don't know how to translate22:52
artin35I googled a bit, I think it was the system update function. I just thought, because I was reading ec-2 amazon, that it is from the cloud22:53
artin35ah the last word means "service"22:55
artin35and it says "unknown" at the service field22:56
artin35status event rule. and when I click event it shows the port 58863 and tha amazon address23:02
artin35but better I try to find some info for the firewall, not want to go on your nerves23:03
rye_artin35, could you please paste the output of netstat -nt to paste.ubuntu.com and give the URL?23:04
rye_artin35, and i don't really understand your question about the ip address23:05
artin35ok one moment please23:05
artin35The local address isn't the IP address I think23:11
duanedesignartin35: looks like your computers network ip. is our external ip23:13
artin35oih I just read the tutorial about firestarter and I forgot to enable the dhcp thingy23:14
artin35duanedesign: Where do you see
artin35Oh I just invented that23:17
artin35I was posting this above I know now23:17
artin35just as an exapmle for my IP address, that I can see when I look for it. I understand the network address is diffferent than the IP address now23:18
artin35sorry for spaming here with my 0-knowlege :D23:18
duanedesignartin35: you mentioned it earlier23:19
duanedesignoop you already figured that out :)23:20
artin35I think when I enable the DHCP now, it will maybe show the IP address, will try out now :p23:21
rye_artin35, is your address now23:22
artin35this isn't the IP address right?23:23
artin35hey thanks for helping people, appreciate it very much!23:25
hatseflatsevening everyone23:30
hatseflatslooking for some support with desktopcouch, I'm told this is the right place to bug people.23:31
hatseflatsas part of gwibber, I get that desktopcouch is started, but on my box it bails out because gnome-keyring-daemon isn't running23:31
hatseflatsthis makes sense, not running a full Gnome DE, so I start it manually, still no dice23:31
hatseflatssaid error: http://pastebin.com/Uw4P1Kan23:33
hatseflatslooks to me like it's crashing inside some desktopcouch routines, but python's all greek to me anyway, sorry if it's unrelated23:34
hatseflatsah, solved the problem, as I figured, unrelated to destopcouch23:46

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