djwattzdoes ubuntu studio have vst support03:23
sobersabreI'm considering to setup dssi-vst08:13
sobersabreI see the curr. version of dssi-dev on  lucid is 0.9.108:13
sobersabreand the source is 0.9.208:13
sobersabreis it ok to apt-get install 0.9.1 headers while having 0.9.2 sources compiled ?08:14
sinmanquestion on ubuntu studio installation, toward the end of the installation I'm giving 4 things to pick from to install. how do i select what I want out of the 4 things?17:00
sinmanI know they deal with audio and video editting17:00
holsteinsinman: the list of meta packages?17:06
holsteinaudio whatever17:06
holsteinvideo whatever?17:06
holsteinwell, i bet thats it17:07
holsteinyou select them with the spacebar17:07
holsteinyou dont have to do it then, though17:08
holsteinyou can select none of them17:08
holsteinand install them later17:08
holsteinand acutally, depending on the version, that might be the preferred method17:08
sobersabreguys, a Q: in the kernel changelog there are many patches labelled as "CVE" and some labelled as "LP"17:31
sobersabreLP == Launchpad ?17:31
sobersabreand what does CVE mean ?17:31
sinmanholstein: yes17:33
holsteinsobersabre: i would ask in #ubuntustudio-devel17:34
holsteinor on the mailing list17:34
holsteinsobersabre: if you dont get an answer here in a day or so17:35
sinmanholstein: k, after i had updated ubuntu studio I went into the synaptic package manager since I knew none of them got installed. I'll remeber now that the spacebar to select during the installation17:38
holsteinsinman: just search ubuntustudio17:38
holsteinsudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio17:39
sinmani'm uswing the current version of ubuntu studio17:39
holsteinor in synaptic17:39
holsteinsinman: there was a little glitch17:39
holsteinwhere if you chose a certain meta package during the installer17:39
holsteinthe installation would fail :/17:39
sinmanI did and downloaded the the meta package with synaptic17:40
holsteinbut, if your installed, just search, install, and enjoy :)17:40
sinmanI do have a question about editting digital pictures. do you know what software is equilavent to adobe light room, because thats the software i used in windows when i edit my pictures from my camera17:42
holsteinsinman: in my opinion17:43
holsteinthe question 'what is equivalent too..'17:43
holsteinnot the best way to approach it17:43
holsteinthere are all kinds of tools though17:43
holsteinthe GIMP has always done what i need it to17:44
holsteinif your looking for something with more photo managment as well17:44
holsteinmaybe f-spot?17:44
sinmank i'll give f-spot a try17:45
holsteinpicassa too17:45
holsteinive used that with my gmail account17:45
sinmanI use gimp for photos in windows but I didn't have the fine tuning adjustment that i love in adobe lightroom17:45
holsteini think picassa runs in wine though :/17:45
holsteinbut it worked well for me17:45
holsteinsinman: you'll find something im sure17:46
sinmanthe last thing i could do is use wine and put adobe lightroom in, afgter i learn how to use wine17:46
holsteinsinman: i heard about this too17:47
holsteinfrom this podcast http://www.sourcetrunk.com/17:47
holsteinlooked great, and easy to get running, but i just dont need that17:47
sinmank i'll check those links out17:47
holsteini was also thinking about building one of these17:48
holsteinfor my parents17:48
holsteinbut i dont think you get manipulation17:48
holsteinor at least the level your looking for17:49
holsteinsinman: you should check http://www.winehq.org/17:49
holsteinbefore wasting a lot of time messing with some .exe17:49
sinmanI'm planning on checking winehq out17:50
holsteinnot looking good :/17:51
sinmanI need to learn how to use it to play certain games that I was playing on windows before i switch to ubuntu17:51
sinmanmy plans is use ubuntu for everything else and ubuntu studio for editting pictures, and want to get into video also and figure ubuntu studio would be great for that also17:54
sinmanso i'm dual booting ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS and ubuntu studio 10.0417:55
sinmanspent the pass week learning how to partition for dual booting, so far it's great, just gotta learn to edit the grub so I know which OS I'm booting into. lol17:56
holsteinthats cool17:58
holsteinbut really17:58
holsteinubuntu = ubuntu studio17:58
holsteinyou can add those meta packages to your current ubuntu install if you prefer17:59
holsteinin your normal install17:59
holsteinif you run sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-graphics17:59
holsteinthat should get you all the grahpics manipulation stuff you want18:00
holsteinthat should get you all the grahpics manipulation stuff * thats available in the meta-package **18:00
vattsYes, overwriting files sucks =P18:26
vatts*pain* *headache* *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh* this install is taking years *sight*19:31
vatts*YAY* its done19:31
holsteinsobersabre: i have an answer23:12
holstein17:09 < JFo> holstein, CVE are security bulletins23:12
holstein17:09 < JFo> that the sec team works23:12

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