parthmhello. do blackbox tests to something special to cause hooks to not get invoked? i am trying to write a test for bug #40368704:27
ubot5`Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/403687)04:27
parthmit works well on command line but test case doesn't show the status info. http://pastebin.com/98h4RSMG04:27
parthmbug #403687 is to add shelve summary in status.04:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 403687 in Bazaar "bzr status should show shelved changes (affected: 6, heat: 24)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40368704:28
parthmor am i doing something wrong in the test case?04:28
parthmnevermind. found setUp(): self._clear_hooks() in class TestCase05:04
parthmwill add the hook specifically in this test case.05:04
lifelessparthm: thats almost certainly wrong05:06
lifelessparthm: the hook should be in the hooks registry or it won't show in bzr help hooks either05:06
parthmlifeless: oh. so it looks like i added the hook in the wrong place. where is the hook registry?05:07
parthmlifeless: ah. hooks.known_hooks.05:08
parthmlifeless: thanks :-)05:09
parthmlifeless: hmm. i think i am confused now. the StatusHook is already added. i am just looking to add a predefined show_status_summary hook using installed_named_hook. whats a good place to do that.05:11
parthmlifeless: right now i am just calling install_named_hook at the bottom of status.py05:12
lifelessparthm: Installed hooks are cleared before/after tests05:20
lifelessif you want/need a hook to always be installed, do that in the constructor of the relevant class, or in the relevant tests05:21
parthmlifeless: will do. for status.py there isn't a class so i suppose that will have to be module level. for the tests i will do it in the constructor05:23
lifelessthere should be a Hooks class still05:25
parthmlifeless: yes. i could add it there. i looked at smart.request. that seems to be adding the its jail_info handler at the module level. i wonder whats the suggested practice for pre-defined hooks that ship with bzr05:29
parthms/pre-defined hooks/pre-defined hook handlers/05:29
parthmclass Hook mainly defines the hook. adding a handler there doesn't seem clean.05:30
lifelessthats right05:32
parthmlifeless: ok. so for the tests i will do it in the constructor so that all status tests get the behavior. thanks.05:34
lifelessparthm: I don't know what you mean by that05:37
lifelessparthm: but I'm sure it will get sorted in review :P05:38
parthmlifeless: yes :-) ... basically, for the bb test i am writing i can either add the hook in the test itself, or on the test class level (__init__). doing the latter seems correct as all status tests will get the behavior of bzr as seen by the user.05:39
lifelessparthm: __init__ on test classes cannot be used.05:44
lifelessparthm: perhaps you mean setUp ?05:44
parthmlifeless: yes. setUp :P05:45
parthmlifeless: perhaps, _clear_hooks shouldn't be clearing the default hook handlers? i suppose thats a topic for the mailing list :-)05:46
parthmlifeless: thanks.05:46
lifelessparthm: it totally should clear them05:55
lifelessparthm: test isolation05:55
lifelessIf you want to test something with a specific thing installed; install that thing in the test.05:56
parthmlifeless: but if bzr always hooks in some handlers than thats default behavior?05:59
lifelessparthm: that sounds weird06:02
lifelessparthm: take the command hooks for instance; the ones to return bzr commands are *not installed* in tests.06:02
lifelessparthm: run_bzr calls through the codepath that installs them at process startup; calling the public functions directly in a test that hasn't registered them or called run_bzr will find 0 bzr commands instaled.06:03
parthmlifeless: ah. yes. that makes sense. thanks.06:05
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jmljelmer, exactly that. " the new revision does the copy *and* the changes as opposed to creating the branch in a separate revision"10:03
lifelessjml: welcome back to the land of the living10:30
jmllifeless, thanks.10:31
jmllifeless, although technically work doesn't start for another day :)10:31
lifelessjml: can we have a work catchup your tomorrow evening then ?10:33
jmllifeless, definitely10:34
jmllifeless, what time?10:34
lifelessmy 8am is free, as flacoste is still awl10:34
jmlyou're still in NZ, right?10:35
lifeless35 1/2 hours from now10:35
jmllifeless, ok. 9pm my time. we'll talk then.10:36
lifelesson testtools10:37
lifelesshave you seen fixtures 0.2 ?10:37
lifelessjml: ^10:37
jmllifeless, no, I haven't.10:38
lifelessso there is a limit with addCleanup that became clear10:38
lifelessjames_w felt that fixtures that swallowed exceptions would be unusable, and in fixing that I realised I swallowed exceptions because delegated cleanups can only report one exception10:39
lifelessbut non-delegated cleanups can report all exceptions10:39
lifelessjml: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~python-fixtures/python-fixtures/trunk is the branch10:40
lifelesshave a look at the last two commits10:40
jmllifeless, looking10:41
jmllifeless, I used a nasty hack to get around this in the Launchpad fixtures code10:41
lifelessspecifically, I want a way, with testtools cooperation, to do self.addCleanup and when the cleanup runs be able to report on multiple exceptions10:42
lifelessrather than just one10:42
jmllifeless, right. I see the diffs now.10:43
lifelesswhats in fixtures will work I think, but its only a first sketch.10:43
jmllifeless, I've a got a "fail last" behaviour in Launchpad's fixtures model.10:44
jmlerrr raise last.10:45
* jml is still pre-cofee10:45
lifelessjml: I chose the first one because its more likely to be the trigger10:46
jmllifeless, yeah. I wanted to make sure that everything got run.10:46
jmlanyway, I'm not too clear what recursive finally behaviour is anyway :)10:46
lifelessjml: me too :)10:46
lifelessto both :P10:46
lifelessso, I'm proposing we change run_cleanups to look for a return value of a list, and if there is one, pass each element to record_traceback10:47
jmla return value of a list?10:53
lifelessyeah, as I did in fixtures10:55
jmlok. the last two revisions you pointed me at seem to have little to do with what you're talking about :)10:59
jmlhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~python-fixtures/python-fixtures/trunk/revision/4 ; http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~python-fixtures/python-fixtures/trunk/revision/511:01
dsuchHi, I'm not sure if I understand it corectly in the sample workflow http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.2/en/user-guide/organizing_your_workspace.html#local-sandbox, the 'sandbox' checkout isn't ever actually used for anything directly, right? It's just just a temporary name before I make real branches and switch what 'sandbox' is pointing to?11:02
lifelessjml: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~python-fixtures/python-fixtures/trunk/revision/311:10
lifelessdsuch: sorry, its late here and I've a million things to do before sleeping, hopefully someone else will answer11:39
dsuchsure thing11:47
knittlcould a bzr revno like exist?12:41
knittlthird rev of second branch of fourth revision of first branch of rev 123?12:42
spivknittl: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-guide/zen.html#understanding-revision-numbers13:48
knittlspiv: yes, i'm reading that, but i'm still in doubt13:48
spivknittl: as it says, "Dotted revision numbers have three numbers"13:57
knittlspiv: so what happens to the branch of a branch?13:57
spivknittl: (unless you are using a > 2½-year-old version of bzr)13:58
knittlthat's in the docs. but i still don't know how they would be represented?13:58
spivor x.3.y, etc.13:59
knittlbut that when they are branched from the same commit13:59
spivIt might be easiest to experiment with some toy branches?13:59
knittlhm no, it isn't13:59
spivOk :)'13:59
knittlspiv: yes i did. but having only one branch in a dir is confusing13:59
spivThere have been some posts on the mailing list about this, with ascii art diagrams, hopefully google can find them.14:00
* spiv -> zzz14:00
janisozaurI have a (svn-imported) project that in its master branch has "a" and "b" directories. is it possible to split "a" and "b" into separate branches, keeping revision history? there aren't many commits to "b", so manual solution is plausible. using bzr 2.2.14:52
jelmerjanisozaur: see the "bzr split" command14:56
janisozaurjelmer, thanks14:57
janisozauranother question: is it possible to see the commit log (also diffs?) for the incoming changes? equivalent of "hg incoming" or "svn log -r BASE:HEAD"14:58
janisozaurI've performed a "bzr split a" and "bzr split b" but the commit log for "a" and "b" still lists diffs as "a/somedir/somefile.cpp" while it should list it as "somedir/somefile.cpp" (disregarding top-level "a" or "b" respectively, also splitting diffs where they change both "a" and "b"). do I have to execute any other command to fix it (repack, update or whatever?), can it be fixed or should it be considered a bug?16:45
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jasonoI am trying to use bzr now that I have let bzr know who I am. But it20:26
jasonodidn't work, it's not trusted. It gave me this:20:26
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr whoami "Jason Odoom <jasonodoom@gmail.com>"20:26
jasonoPLEASE HELP!20:26
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom20:26
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr whoami "Jason Odoom <jasonodoom@gmail.com>"20:26
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom20:26
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour20:26
jasonoThe authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be20:26
jasonoRSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.20:26
jasonoAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? y20:26
jasonoPlease type 'yes' or 'no': yes20:26
jasonoWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to20:27
jasonothe list of known hosts.20:27
jasonoPermission denied (publickey).20:27
jasonobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check20:27
jasonoconnectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.20:27
beunojasono, so20:27
beunodo you ave your ssh key up on launchpad?20:27
jasonoYes, I do.20:27
beunojasono, so the "whoami" command isn't used for authentication20:28
beunothe lp-login one is20:28
jasonohow do i do it20:28
beunowell, it looks correct20:28
jasonoIt didn't work.20:29
beunois this a new ssh key?20:29
beunohave you ever used it?20:29
jasonoI guess so. I took it from the Ubuntu Project on Launchpad.20:29
janisozauris it possible to see the commit log (also diffs?) for the incoming changes? equivalent of "hg incoming" or "svn log -r BASE:HEAD"20:43
lbieberare there known problems with bzr/launchpad today?20:46
janisozaurboth are fine here20:46
jasonoI am trying to use bzr now that I have let bzr know who I am. But it21:00
jasonodidn't work, it's not trusted. It gave me this:21:00
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr whoami "Jason Odoom <jasonodoom@gmail.com>"21:00
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom21:00
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr whoami "Jason Odoom <jasonodoom@gmail.com>"21:00
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom21:00
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour21:00
jasonoThe authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be21:00
jasonoRSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.21:00
jasonoAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? y21:00
jasonoPlease type 'yes' or 'no': yes21:00
jasonoWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to21:00
jasonothe list of known hosts.21:00
jasonoPermission denied (publickey).21:00
jasonobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check21:00
jasonoconnectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.21:00
lifelessjasono: please answer beuno's questions21:01
lifelessjanisozaur: 'bzr missing' may do what you want21:01
lifelesslbieber: there was something going on last night21:01
lifelesslbieber: are you having issues? #launchpad if so21:02
beunojasono, have you ever succesfully used the key to connect to anything?21:03
jasonoI just tried it yesterday to join the Ubuntu Tour project on Launchpad. I got it from: http://www.ubuntutourproject.org21:03
beunojasono, and how did you generate the key?21:04
jasonoINto the terminal. C + V21:04
jasonoThese were the instructions: Set up a Launchpad account21:05
jasonoIf you don't have a Launchpad account yet, you can register here.21:05
jasonoYou'll need to set up an SSH key. To do so, run:21:05
jasonosudo apt-get install openssh-client21:05
jasonoto install openssh. Then, make a key with:21:05
jasonossh-keygen -t rsa21:06
jasonoPress enter to use the default name. You will need to provide a password and confirm it to protect the key. You now have your SSH keys. Upload the public key to Launchpad. To do this, open ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub in a text editor, and paste it into the text box on your SSH keys page.21:06
jasonoThen, join our team here.21:06
lbieberlifeless:  ok, will check there21:07
beunojasono, that sounds about right, but something seems wront with your ssh key set up21:07
beunowhat's the output of:  sftp bazaar.launchpar.net21:08
jasonoThe Terminal told me it was a security problem.21:08
jasonoOutput: sudo apt-get install bzr21:08
jasonoNow you'll need to tell bzr who you are. To do this, run:21:08
jasonobzr whoami "Your Name <youremail@domain>"21:09
jasonobzr launchpad-login your-launchpad-username21:09
rumbertwhat is the tool or command to delete any file in the tree which is not in the repository?21:19
lifelessrumbert: bzr clean-tree ?21:20
rumbertlifeless: yes, thanks.21:21
lifelessjasono: you need to answer beuno's questions, he is trying to help you.21:22
rumbertUnfortuneately, that does not seem to suffice to do the merge i wish.  I don't think any files are changed by me, I'm only using bzr to mirror. there could be additional files created by a build.21:22
lifelessrumbert: that shouldn't worry bzr21:23
jasonoSorry, everything's going too fast. I missed it then. What was it?21:23
lifelessrumbert: you could do bzr ls --ignored | xargs rm too ?21:23
lifelessjasono: 08:09 < beuno> jasono, that sounds about right, but something seems wront with your ssh key set up21:23
lifeless08:09 < beuno> what's the output of:  sftp bazaar.launchpar.net21:23
jasonoI gave him the output, atleast I tried to.21:24
jasonoOr did.21:24
rumbertlifeless: interesting idea.21:24
lifelessjasono: you need to run the command21:25
lifelessand paste hwat it shows21:25
jasonoCan you please give me the command?21:25
lifelessrumbert: or add --ignored to clean-tree, its already there ;)21:26
lifelessjasono: 08:24 < lifeless> 08:09 < beuno> what's the output of:  sftp bazaar.launchpar.net21:26
lifelessjasono: sftp bazaar.launchpad.net21:26
rumbertto only maintain a mirror and make no changes, does one still need to use 'merge'?21:27
lifelessjust bzr pull21:27
rumbertlifeless: pull won't change the working tree though.  I need to update the working tree.  Maybe 'switch' ?21:28
lifelesspull will change the working ree21:29
jasonoThe output: jaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom21:29
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr whoami "Jason Odoom <jasonodoom@gmail.com>"21:29
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr launchpad-login jasonodoom21:29
jasonojaso@Familyroom:~$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour21:29
jasonoThe authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be21:29
jasonoRSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.21:29
jasonoAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? y21:29
jasonoPlease type 'yes' or 'no': yes21:29
jasonoWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to21:29
jasonothe list of known hosts.21:29
jasonoPermission denied (publickey).21:29
jasonobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check21:29
jasonoconnectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.21:30
jasonoopps sorry21:30
jasonolifeless Output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492755/21:31
lifelessjasono: you need to run 'sftp bazaar.launchpad.net'21:32
jasonoOkay. I'll try.21:32
jasonolifeless Can you help me with that command? http://paste.ubuntu.com/492757/21:33
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beunojasono, so, what we need to do is debug why your ssh key isn't working21:35
beunoit is not a bzr issue21:35
beunoin order to get more information21:35
jasonoHow do I do that?21:35
beunoI need you to type in a terminal the following command, and pastebin the result:21:35
beunosftp -vv bazaar.launchpad.net21:35
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beunojasono, did that make any sense to you?21:38
jasonoYeah it did. I figured out what paste bin was for. :) Here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492760/21:39
beunojasono, ok, so it seems you are sending launchpad the wrong username21:40
beunotry running this command:21:40
beunobzr launchpad-login jasonodoom21:40
beunoand then21:40
beunoagain: sftp -vv bazaar.launchpad.net21:40
beunohold on21:40
beunoignore that21:40
beunotry this instead: sftp -vv jasonodoom@bazaar.launchpad.net21:41
beunojust that command21:41
jasonoIf it helps, my Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~jasonodoom21:41
beunoand pastebin the result21:41
jasonoResult: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492762/21:43
beunolifeless, do you know what this means?21:45
beunodebug2: we did not send a packet, disable method21:45
lifelessjasono: can you try beuno's new one21:46
lifeless'sftp -vv jasonodoom@bazaar.launchpad.net'21:46
jasonoWith the '21:46
beunolifeless, he did21:46
jasonoQuick question. So if someone gives me a command with ' and ends with' don't copy and run '?21:46
lifelessbeuno: check the command at the top of the pastebin21:47
beunothat pastebin is both times21:47
beunojust smashed together21:47
lifelessoh I see21:47
beunothrew me off for a bit as well  :)21:47
lifelessbeuno: the disable method - note that the dsa key is nill21:48
jasonoGave me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492765/21:48
lifelessdefault is rsa for new keys isn't it ?21:48
beunoyes, and he ran: ssh-keygen -t rsa21:49
lifelessand the one on lp is rsa21:49
lifelessso there are two possibilities21:49
lifelessjasono: did you run ssh-keygen more than once ?21:50
jasonoYes I did. Before, I thought I was suppose to run these commands in the password encryption tool in accessories. When I found out (realized) what I was doing was wrong I ran it. When I typed the commands and it didn't work I retried the processed over.21:52
lifelessssh-keygen makes a new key; its like going to the locksmith and changing all your locks21:52
lifelessso we need to check that the key you are using is the lock that you have given launchpad21:52
lifelessthat page shows the key(s) that launchpad knows about21:53
lifelessif you run21:53
lifelesscat .ssh/id_rsa.pub21:53
lifelessit shouls show you some similar text21:53
lifelessplease see if they are the same.21:53
jasonoYeah it does.21:53
jasonoGave me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492769/21:54
lifelessok they are differnet21:55
lifelesswhat you need to do21:55
lifelesson your https://edge.launchpad.net/~jasonodoom page21:55
lifelessgo edit ssh keys21:55
lifelessand paste in what you have in .ssh/id_rsa.pub21:56
jasonoHow do I edit? And edit to what?21:56
lifelessin the 'add an ssh key' box21:57
jasonoGot it.21:57
jasonoType what?21:57
jasonoThe pub........21:57
jasonoType this: .ssh/id_rsa.pub21:57
lifelessssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAuyiffpiyaanm4 (and all the text that followed21:57
lifelesscopy and paste is probably easiest21:57
jasonoThe one from the Terminal?\21:57
jasonoCoo. OKay.21:58
jasonoI hit import and it added the Key.21:58
lifelesssftp jasonodoom@bazaar.launchpad.net21:59
jasonoGave me this:http://paste.ubuntu.com/492772/22:00
beunojasono, you didn't run the command lifeless just told you22:00
beunorun:  sftp jasonodoom@bazaar.launchpad.net22:00
jasonoOkay I'l do it22:00
jasonowants my password22:01
beunothat is good news22:01
beunoit means it's fixed22:01
jasonocan i check automatticall yunlock when im logged in?22:02
jasonoso type my password right22:02
beunoso, the bzr command should work now22:02
jasonogave me22:02
beunoclose the terminal22:03
beunoand now try the bzr command again22:03
jasonolifeless and bueno sorry i crashed22:05
beunothat's fine22:05
beunoI was saying that it should all be fixed now22:05
beunotry running the bzr command22:05
jasonothe one that lets it know who iam right22:06
beunothe last one that was failing22:06
beunobzr branch lp:ubuntu...etc22:06
jasonobueno not sure if ican find it, let me see22:10
beunojasono, all this stared because you wanted to get a bzr branch22:11
beunobzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour22:11
beunothat was the command22:11
jasonoFrom here: http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/branch/ JUst wanted to join the project22:12
jasonogave me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/492782/22:13
beunojasono, ok, so run: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour --use-existing22:13
jasonotold me theirs already a branch ubuntu tour22:14
beunook, so lets remove it:22:14
beunorm ubuntu-tour -r22:14
beunoafter that, run again:22:14
beunobzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour22:14
jasonoFetching revisons...................22:15
jasono52 branched revisons22:15
beunoit works22:16
beunoyou can go back to what you where doing now  :)22:16
jasonoI didn't register22:17
jasonoNow you'll need to tell bzr who you are. To do this, run:22:17
jasonobzr whoami "Your Name <youremail@domain>"22:17
jasonobzr launchpad-login your-launchpad-username22:17
beunojasono, that is done22:17
beunodon't worry22:17
jasonodidnt do this22:17
beunoyou did that previously22:17
jasonowhat about................. hod on22:17
jasonoPress enter to use the default name. You will need to provide a password and confirm it to protect the key. You now have your SSH keys. Upload the public key to Launchpad. To do this, open ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub in a text editor, and paste it into the text box on your SSH keys page.22:18
jasonodid i do it22:18
beunojasono, yes22:18
beunoyou're done with all that22:18
jasonoThanks man. But how do I upload and edit?22:19
beunojasono, those instructions should be on the project page22:19
beunoI don't really know how that works22:20
jasonodont get it22:20
jasonoi dont know how to revise and where this all goes22:20
jasonothank you bueno22:24
jasonoare you on launchpad?22:24
beunojasono, I work for Canonical22:25
beunoon the Ubuntu One team at the moment, but I've been in different places :)22:25
jasonooh cool. okay so i guess you were trained on this?22:25
jasonoI have to learn all this stuff. Thanks. :)22:26
beunojasono, np22:26
knittlwhere can i find docs on bzr inventory and such?22:53
lifelesspydoc bzrlib.inventory22:53
knittllifeless: looks good. thanks22:54
knittlhow can i make bzr display all untracked files in a working dir?23:47
beunoknittl, bzr ls --unknown23:57
knittlbeuno: i deleted everything and did bzr revert23:58
pooliehello beuno23:58

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