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blazekdelirc 4:4.5.1 package from ppa/backports and maverick is broken, it contains no binaries07:14
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nixternalScottK: what is the status of the mesa ffe's you talk about on the list? I am starting to get freakin' annoyed at this bullshit already.07:49
shadeslayerjjesse-netbook: great! :D10:20
ScottKnixternal: Release team is looking at it.  It'll probably get approved, but they want more testing.11:41
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nixternalScottK: how do I help with the testing? I have 3 machines to test on :)16:36
* dantti cross fingers while upgrading to maverick :P16:37
ScottKnixternal: Install mesa from the sarvatt/mesa PPA and then report results in Bug 631413 (particularly including what video hardware you tested with).16:38
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/631413)16:39
nixternalyeah, I actually found it :) thanks16:40
afiestashey guys, I just noticed that kubuntu is not shipping with pulseaudio-bluetooth, this may casue false positives on supporting bluetooth headsets for example16:41
nixternalrock on, that worked \o/16:45
nixternalalmost works. seems the screen corruption still occurs with chrome and google reader16:47
bedahrhi. I know packaging questions should go into #ubuntu-packaging but I got no answer there and I think this has to be a common issue; When packaging my KDE application, I run debuild which fails because it runs dh_shlibdeps on my plugins; Looking at the amarok package they override dh_shlibdeps for their plugins with override_dh_makeshlibs in debian/rules; I tried that but it doesn't seem to have an affect. Am I missing 17:10
bedahrsomething simple?17:10
shadeslayerneversfelde: oh boy : http://identi.ca/conversation/49580661#notice-5008877217:27
ryanakcaAnybody have premade Kubuntu posters that can be printed out? I'm setting up a Kubuntu display in my uni's main library tomorrow for Software Freedom Day (I'm making a week long event since few people go to the library on Saturday)...17:42
shadeslayerryanakca: aye17:44
shadeslayerthere are a few on the ubuntu CD17:44
ryanakcashadeslayer: D'you know what package they're in (or if they're also on the Kubuntu CD)?17:44
* ryanakca doesn't have any Ubuntu CDs kicking around17:44
shadeslayerryanakca: theyre not on the kubuntu cd.. and dont know if they have a package ..17:44
shadeslayerone sec... maybe i can mount the ISO and see where they are17:45
shadeslayerryanakca: #ubuntu-devel would know, theyre in the examples folder in home17:47
ryanakcashadeslayer: Thanks18:10
shadeslayerryanakca: you found the posters?18:10
ScottKnixternal: It might be nice to say something about how the new mesa worked for you in the bug.18:11
shadeslayerScottK: we need the new qoauth package ( 1.0.1 ), upstream insists on it18:12
ScottKshadeslayer: They don't get to insist.  File an FFe bug explaining why it's needed.18:13
shadeslayerhttp://identi.ca/conversation/49580661#notice-50088772 18:13
shadeslayerScottK: sure.. will do 18:13
danttialmost there :P http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktopbw175318:16
ryanakcashadeslayer: Not yet18:18
ryanakcaOK. Does anybody have premade Kubuntu posters that use the new logo / artwork? examples-content hasn't been updated since Jaunty / March 2010.18:30
shadeslayersheytan: ^18:33
sheytanshadeslayer you mean the posters?18:35
* ryanakca goes on to trying to figure out the best way to reset the session and home dir to the default after 15 minutes of inactivity18:35
shadeslayersheytan: theres a package called example-content, which has posters of ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu18:35
shadeslayerryanakca: sleep (something);rm -rf .kde18:35
shadeslayeridk what value something will have18:35
shadeslayerand might need to be put in a loop18:36
ryanakcashadeslayer: Yes, but I need inactivity. I don't want to logout && rm -fr ~/.kde && auto-login right in the middle of someone trying it out.18:36
shadeslayeroh :P18:36
ryanakcaAnd I want to make sure it gets reset every now and then so that if someone screws it up or sets the background to something silly, etc., it won't be there forever18:37
sheytanshadeslayer i installed it, what does it do? :D18:38
* ryanakca wonders if he can have a screensaver run a command.18:38
ryanakcasheytan: look in /usr/share/example-content18:38
sheytanpresenting_kubuntu can be changed18:40
sheytanto something cooler18:41
sheytanand logos ofc18:41
sheytandantti:  btw, i tested the new kpk18:42
sheytanworks smooth  :D18:43
danttisheytan: are the animations fine?18:43
danttisheytan: and did you saw the application path?18:43
sheytandantti: yep, nothing bad found ;)18:43
danttisheytan: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktopgb175318:44
sheytandantti: wow! This one is cool :D18:45
sheytandidn't see that :D18:45
sheytandantti: what more does?18:45
sheytanthe 'more' button18:45
danttishadeslayer: :) yep it's really nice... the more button sucks a bit :P18:45
danttisheytan: I was hoping you could find me a better thing for that 18:45
sheytandantti: for what?18:46
danttishadeslayer: you click on it and it has, File list, depends on, required by, share, addons..  18:46
danttithe two last aren't done of course18:46
* shadeslayer nails dantti's finger to the keyboard18:47
sheytanshadeslayer then he can not write anymore :D18:47
shadeslayersheytan: more likely cause would be his keyboard being destroyed18:47
sheytandantti: can you commit the latest changes? :)18:48
sheytanI will play with it in few minutes 18:48
danttiI should be giving linux classes today, but the power went away... so I'll try to make the categories browser work, the problem is that the USC has a not so standard xml format, so appget will have to use a different on18:48
danttishadeslayer: I think I'll already did18:49
danttishadeslayer: though konf is the only app that shows there :P18:49
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evilshadeslayernow you shall feel my wrath!!18:50
* dantti runs18:52
* sheytan starts his virtual machine :D19:04
sheytandantti: downloading windows, details view <- make the progress bar bigger to fit well with text :)19:14
sheytandantti: it crashes when i select a package19:15
danttisheytan: lol, what's the bt?19:15
sheytandantti: sec19:15
sheytandantti: http://pastebin.com/JJpdStZG19:17
danttisheytan: do you have kolf installed? :P19:18
sheytandantti: nope :D19:18
sheytanit's a clean kubuntu install19:18
sheytanon a virtual machine19:18
danttiright, that code is not finished yet :P it's kolf hardcoded19:18
sheytandantti: it crashes with kolf too19:19
danttisheytan: try running kbuildsycoca4 first.. but it shouldn't19:20
sheytandantti: still the same19:21
danttisheytan: I've commited a fix, try svn up :)19:22
sheytandantti: it only shows 'checked revision...' but no new/changed files ;)19:24
danttisheytan: if you're using anonsvn it takes a bit to update19:24
evilshadeslayerdantti: there are different servers for people who can commit and who cant?19:26
sheytandantti: making ;)19:26
danttievilnhandler: yup19:27
danttievilnhandler: maybe with git this will change but I dunno19:28
nhandlerdantti: Tab failure19:28
nhandler\/ninfo kubotu19:28
nhandlerdantti: You have been hilighting me instead of evilshadeslayer 19:29
danttioh! :P19:29
sheytandantti: works, nice one :D19:31
sheytandantti: nope, it doesn't :D19:31
sheytani don't see the menu place19:31
danttisheytan: the -> -> -> ?19:32
danttisheytan: well that's normal since it was crashing because if couldn't find konf19:32
sheytandantti: ok ;D19:32
danttinow it doesn't crash if it doesn't find it :P19:32
sheytandantti: the more button can't have a + icon :D19:33
sheytantry maybe the (i)19:33
* sheytan is going to eat.19:39
danttisheytan: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktopov175319:44
afiestasHey, is Kubuntu 10.10 going to update to KDE 4.5.2 ?19:46
evilshadeslayerafiestas: yes19:48
evilshadeslayersince its just a bug fix release19:48
evilshadeslayermight be a SRU tho19:49
afiestasSRU ?19:49
evilshadeslayerafiestas: Stable release update19:49
evilshadeslayerIIRC Riddell said that Kubuntu 10.10 will come out with KDE 4.5.119:49
evilshadeslayerafiestas: when is 4.5.2 due?19:50
afiestas 30th September19:51
ari-tczew!SRU | afiestas19:51
afiestasso, we have to make a backport19:51
ubottuafiestas: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:51
evilshadeslayerSRU then19:51
evilshadeslayerafiestas: not a backport19:51
afiestassorry, I'm lost on kubuntu procedures19:51
afiestasthere is a bug fixed in 4.5.2 which affects to any remote kio, for example kio_obexftp19:52
evilshadeslayerafiestas: backport would be for lucid.. since lucid is a older release compared to maverick19:52
afiestasthis bug should be applied before release19:52
evilshadeslayerafiestas: if its really really important, can you forward a patch to kubuntu-devel? we can patch our packages then19:53
afiestasook, and yes it is really important19:53
evilshadeslayerplease forward it to kubuntu-devel@lists.launchpad.net19:53
evilshadeslayerwe can release it with our 4.5.1 packages19:53
afiestasbasically dolphin will try to copy remote folders to create previews19:53
afiestasI'm searching the commit19:54
evilshadeslayerohk.. afaik we have turned off previews by default19:54
evilshadeslayeri could put the patch in our packaging branch directly, but im not sure of that, thats why im directing you to our ML :)19:55
evilshadeslayerScottK: if your around ^19:56
lex79you can, but you have to test the patch before19:56
evilshadeslayeroh lex79 is around :D19:56
afiestasanother question, there is a reason why pulseaudio-module-bluetooth is not in the CD ?19:56
evilshadeslayerlex79: we really really really need a new qoauth according to mtux :P19:57
evilshadeslayerno idea19:57
lex79write a ffe and explain why we need a new release19:57
evilshadeslayerlex79: i know, im just telling you :)19:58
lex79just "upstream says we need the new release with the new choqok" or something else19:58
afiestaskubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com <-- is ok this ML ?19:58
evilshadeslayerafiestas: yes... 19:58
lex79afiestas: are you a developer of bluedevil?19:58
* lex79 is a wizard :P19:59
afiestasI've installed kubuntu to be sure that everything is perfect for Kubuntu 10.10 final20:00
afiestasso I will be around for a while :p20:00
evilshadeslayerafiestas: kool :D20:00
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lex79afiestas: great! :) if you want you can also write on our ML that is better have  pulseaudio-module-bluetooth onto the CD20:01
lex79maybe we can do for maverick+120:01
afiestasor maybe, you can install it with an update or something20:02
afiestasthat could be done?20:02
afiestasI can see lots of users complaining because they audio bluetooth devices are not working and filling the bugtracks with bugs :p20:03
shadeslayerwell.. we could patch bluedevil to prompt for its installation20:03
afiestasshadeslayer: that would be awesome, I can point you where to "hook" that20:03
shadeslayerafiestas: would be better discussed on the ML, ill be glad to implement it tho20:04
shadeslayercant do it right now tho... :D20:04
afiestasI'm writting a "BlueDevil in Kubuntu 10.10" email with some points, including pulseaudio thing20:05
sheytandantti: better :)20:13
danttisheytan: a bit :P20:16
sheytandantti: make some more space between the package name and description text. look at extracodecs20:16
shadeslayernight everyone20:31
lex79night shadeslayer20:32
ryanakcaHad anybody gotten anywhere with KDE3PIM?20:46
lex79ScottK: I'm working upstream to improve the docs generation for libbluedevil, maybe tomorrow we can upload the new version21:35
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ScottKlex79: Great.23:40
ScottKafiestas: I just added pulseaudio-module-bluetooth to the seeds so it will be there by default.  No need for shadeslayer to patch it.23:45
txwikingerRiddell: The buttons/badges; http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Qbg02qlAxM2Ltcr5VpMfFg?feat=directlink23:47

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