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glaucousIs there a frontend for lm-sensors so that you can change fanspeed directly?00:40
Lars_GMeerkat is kinda slow on my netbook. I think I'll go with xfce4 :P, dillo, irssi and pine00:43
TDNet|VPSi just installed kubuntu 10.10 beta00:56
TDNet|VPSand how do i get device drivers beta version for kubuntu 10.1000:57
TDNet|VPSso i can use a higher resolution such as 1440x90000:57
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jjman6I have no audio in miro but no problems with all other apps, running in kubuntu 10.04 64bit i noticed the problem in 9.10 also, any ideas.01:33
mika__Evening....can noobs ask questions in this channel?01:34
elslunkomika__: Of course!01:35
progre55mika__: give it a shot )01:35
elslunkoThough you might get noobs like myself trying to answer it :P01:36
mika__well, i am wondering if the 32-bit kubuntu edition would solve my linux problems...01:38
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mika__i keep going back to windows (and a week later reformatting because i can't stand it anymore) because of mostly flash.01:40
mika__where would the 32-bit linux flash be on a scale between the choppy 64-bit performance and regular windows version performance?01:40
elslunkomika__: Couldn't say. I haven't used the 32bit in quite a while. What are your system specs more or less.01:42
mika__ummm... athlon II quad 2.8GHz, 4 gb ram, onboard radeon hd420001:43
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elslunkomika__: I believe it should run okay though I'm not too familiar with ati cards.01:47
elslunkomika__: What flash sites give you the biggest problems? All of them?01:47
elslunkomika__: I'll tell you this, it will not likely ever run as well as it does in windows.01:48
iop I use Akregator to save everyday updates of xkcd.com. Akregator updated the comics only till some date, but i need pr01:49
mika__pretty much, yes. videos on cnn are choppy. i like flash-based facebook games, like farmville, but half the application twitches and flashes randomly and is sluggish01:49
iopI use Akregator to save everyday updates of xkcd.com. Akregator updated the comics only till some date, but i need previous comics as well// how can i do that?01:50
craigI'm having trouble finding reliable info about the current versions of all of the various *buntus.  Where do I find what kernel options are used etc...  I really need to find a reliable Dom0 Xen 4.0.X compatible distro that will just work OOB.  Does such a thing even currently exist or not?  I can't rebuild the kernel due to needing special SledgeHammer related Open64 optimizations yet there's no Kubuntu binary on AMD's Developer Site ):01:52
craigGCC doesn't like this PC: I can't fix it either without patches at the very least...01:54
craigWhat I really need is either a hacked GCC that won't bomb on me or better still a llvm that's capable of accepting SledgeHammer optimization flags...  Surely this must be doable...01:59
craigI even found posts on AMD's on forums saying benchmarks of certain CPU intensive apps run 30-40 percent faster on average when compiled using Open64 with the correct mtune & compiler flags...02:01
iopI use Akregator to save everyday updates of xkcd.com. Akregator updated the comics only till some date, but i need previous comics as well// how can i do that?02:04
craigIf someone could tell me how to do hack apt-get or aptitude based source build I would consider contributing the bins if I can get it to compile correctly without it bombing mid-way through...02:07
craighow to*02:07
craigThe problem is you have to create a .info file & .patch file which has to be referenced properly in the apt-get built-in database.  It works on Macs using an ancient build of apt-get but you have to either use the Apple supplied GCC or a specially built shell script Bash based build which must be Altivec patched...02:10
craigIt would also require an overhaul/upgrade of the Fink apt-get .pl Perl script front-end: the entire build is apt-get automated using apt-get/dpkg based dependency upgrade/downgrade via Gnu Autotools .debs in order to hack the build system...: it's not pretty but at least it works enough to produce a binary...02:13
craigI've coaxed old Macs including a eMac &  a AlBook G4 into building KDE 3.5.10 & KDE 4.4.1 using the automated build system...  So assuming you can install either Fink or tell apt-get to use the .PL script for certain builds it should work in theory at least...02:16
craigThe builds do take forever but the binaries are useable if you can get good enough GCC & Gfortran optimization coverage: big-endian Darwin is about as close to a GNU autotools nightmare as you can get...02:18
elijahI went to system settings/ removable devices and set my ntfs volumes to mount on boot. They mounted before that anyways but I get a password prompt for each volume, everytime I reboot. How can I stop these password nags?02:19
craigThe real issue is making sure the autotools like M4 in particular are current: bugs in GNU M4 have crashed countless Fink builds of mine & I still can't get Xcdroast 0.98 Alpha 16 to build by upgrading the system-wide autotools & linking with bins in /sw manually...02:21
craigAt least yours mount correctly: mine won't even mount at all...02:25
craigWho is the keeper of the apt-get autobuild how-tos for either this community or the main Debian one...  I'm desperate to find the answers that I need to make this PC work correctly...02:27
craigDebian one...?02:27
craigFedora has RPM-build so surely the apt-get build machinery must work to some extent anyways...  Isn't that where packages for Stable/Testing/Unstable & all the varoious *buntus come from...?02:29
craigOr do I need to fill out some Open64 autobuild request waver/form to request a *buntus compatible build...?02:30
craigOr better yet a Sid compatible build so AMD64 Sidux might work better on this PC...  I would say Testing except it has it has already been frozen for a big upcoming release...02:33
elijahcraig: I can't help you much, I am a noob still02:36
craigRight: I may have to buy a license or RHEL for this PC: AMD only currently offers binaries for that distro ATM.  Ugh...!02:38
craigfor RHEL*02:38
elijahI like Kubuntu but can't wait till I understand it better so I can submit usability improvement suggestions to make it even better.02:39
craigGood news: I just found out there's a RHEL 6 Beta 2 download available...  I hope it's actually usable for desktop use...: that's what scares me to be perfectly honest...02:41
jmichaelxcraig: btw, you can almost without doubt use CentOS instead of RHEL. it should be 100% compatible, with no need for purchasing support license02:43
craigI tried CentOS already: the installer crashed/stalled on me...02:44
jmichaelxcraig: if the CentOS installer crashes on you, the RHEL installer will very likely do the same, as they are probably identical02:45
craigThis thing hates every distro I've tried including Fedora Core 13: I tried burning Rawhide too & it doesn't seem to like this PC's hardware at all one bit: what a disaster...02:45
jmichaelxcraig: what sort of hardware does it have that gives you so much grief?02:46
craigBroadcom BCM2045 & a Validity VSF201 fingerprint reader/scanner...  If the distros were SledgeHammer optimized I suspect it would run anything out there well but they refuse to do so because of the ensuing backwards compatibility nightmare that would result for other users...02:48
jmichaelxis the broadcom your ethernet or wireless adapter?02:49
craigNot just any Broadcom BCM2045 either: a HP Integrated module that requires periodic firmware upgrades...: which reminds me: I still haven't found any .dfu files for this thing to upgrade it to Bluetooth 2.1+EDR...02:50
craigIt's a Bluetooth module if you must know...02:50
jmichaelxok, gotcha.02:51
craigI also can't figure out if the GPU firmware is being loaded properly/at all either...02:51
jmichaelxi tend to avoid HP consumer-grade PCs as much as possible02:52
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craigAlso it uses a special Mobile version of the AMD/ATI M780G/SB750: the hardware PCI IDs that Windows reports are different from its Desktop counterpart too...02:54
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger02:55
jmichaelxcraig: have you managed to get any gnu/linux variant installed on this machine?02:55
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger02:56
craigYeah: but it never works right: something hardware/software related eventually breaks over time: bit rot ensues...02:56
jmichaelxwer: are you seeking to get banned?02:56
Piciwer: yes?02:56
bazhangwer, dont do that02:56
werbazhang: What?02:57
werjmichaelx: Its offending to be asked that02:57
werjmichaelx: I would certainly ask for help02:57
Piciwer: Why are you calling for ops?02:57
bazhangwer, unnecessarily call that command in multiple channels (now 3)02:57
craigMaybe for some hardware tech support for me: beats me...02:58
jmichaelxwer: that you are offended does not matter. you should not do that unless there is some sort of emergency in the channel02:58
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werPici: jmichaelx: Let me come to quetion02:59
werbazhang: I use a router connected to desktops and netbooks, on the other side my other memebers are connected. They are asking for me03:00
jmichaelxcraig: may i ask what the model number is for your machine?03:00
craigPavilion dv6z-1100.  I can't even get PC-BSD installed: it installs but fails to boot upon Reboot: utterly rediculous I tell you...03:00
werbazhang: And i am not interested in seeking help from you. Thank you.03:00
werPici: jmichaelx: How can i connect to #ubuntu?03:01
werqwert: Please close that channel03:01
jmichaelxwer: you are not to call for the ops for support questions. you WILL get banned. how to connect to that channel depends on your irc client. try clicking on #ubuntu .03:01
werjmichaelx: Its not responding03:02
jmichaelxwer: try entering '/join #ubuntu'03:03
werjmichaelx: No its not03:03
craigOr do you want the other model number: NT593AV...?03:03
jmichaelxno, the number you gave is fine. i was just curious03:03
werPici: jmichaelx: bazhang: Trust me I'm not a spammer/cracker/ ..03:05
IceC0LDhulllo there .03:05
jmichaelxwer: it is nothing personal against you, but calling for ops to answer tech support questions is asking for trouble.03:06
craigHow can I test for a failing hard drive: the UBCD in its current form is useless as is the WD Windows based Diagnostics software: I ask because the Restore Discs for this PC no longer work: I keep getting a error 1005 which according to the HP community indicated my HD is bad: the only gotcha is that it & the Quanta 3061 mobo were just replaced last June/July right before the warranty was up...03:06
IceC0LDgot an issue with Kubuntu , when I try to pair my blutooth phone with Kbt it discovers it but it says "this device does not support input services"03:06
werPici: jmichaelx: bazhang: THank you. I only need to join #ubuntu03:06
IceC0LDwhat should I do ..03:07
jmichaelxwer: google is your friend03:07
jmichaelxcraig: have you tried using the smartmontools?03:08
craigI also had to fix the BIOS: i.e. patch it manually in order to get SLIC 2.1 support for Win 7 (considering it was a free upgrade...).  No: I haven't tried that yet...03:08
jmichaelxsadly, there can sometimes be major compatibility issues between linux and certain laptops03:09
werjmichaelx: For example?03:10
craigThat & AHCI is unreliable with AMD's Win 7 x64 drivers too: the PC fails to boot Win 7 x64...03:10
jmichaelxwer: we are talking about an HP laptop that craig is struggling with03:10
craigAfter injecting the drivers manually...03:10
craigThat & I can't use the NT Installer which no longer exists to load them via a USB floppy either...  Legacy USB support is broken too...03:11
werjmichaelx: craig: I suppose this may help03:12
werjmichaelx: craig: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks03:12
jmichaelxcraig: hate to say it, but you might want to consider selling it, and purchasing something with fewer compatibility issues... it all depends on how much patience and experience you have03:14
craigWould using the Netbook version remixed for AMD64 help...?03:14
craigI've been considering that option for quite a while now...03:15
craigI mean doing a manual remix...03:15
elijahHas anyone used the downloadable dolphin service "mountiso", I installed it but it is not showing like it says it should in the context menu.03:16
jmichaelxmy original netbook was an everex cloudbook with a VIA MB and CPU. it even came with ubuntu pre-installed, which natually influenced me to think that it would be nicely compatible. it wasn't. after much fighting and days worth of driver patching & compiling, i sold it on ebay, and purchased a dell mini-9. problem solved...03:17
werHow to have Akreagator save old feeds (which it couldn't save) as well?03:19
werjmichaelx: *03:19
craigWhat about submitting a Open64 build request...?  I've been looking for an excuse to do LFS on this thing for some time now anyways...  That might fix some of the optimization related issues...03:19
jmichaelxwer: my knowledge of akregator is minimal, although i intend to spend some time with it soon.03:19
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werjmichaelx: I have xkcd.com loaded as feed in it. But i cannot find previous posts of it.03:20
jmichaelxcraig: you might also consider installing gentoo03:21
werjmichaelx: Secondly, i was wondering if there is any program/package that saves pdf files from webpage (as in newsletters update)03:21
craigMaybe this PC might respond better to Xubuntu...?  There's a lot of KDE related bloat that might be causing issues on this thing...: I'm just grasping at straws here but it's just so crazy it might actually work...03:22
craigI could live without some of the KDE extras like the PIM stuff & Digikam too...03:24
jmichaelxcraig: you could try it, but if this is all hardware related, i am not sure it would make much difference..... also, although i am a fan of xfce, i'm not much of a fan of xubuntu... it can hardly be called a lightweight distro03:24
werjmichaelx: Is there any?03:25
craigWhat about PC/OS Workstation 10.1.1?03:25
jmichaelxcraig: i have no experience with PC/OS. it almost seems to me that you may want to check out gentoo, and spend time playing around with optimizing your kernel for you specific hardware03:27
elijahDoes anyone use NTFS partitions with Dolphin?03:27
werelijah: yes03:28
werelijah: Whats the issue?03:28
elijahwer: Do you get asked for a password everytime you initially access them after reboot?03:28
elijahVia Dolphin03:28
werelijah: Only for once03:29
craigI also have a proprietary Meade DS-90 computer controlled telescope that I need to get working with Stellarium or Kstars if they would just port it already...  I need to quit using Windows if I possibly can: I only installed it for WINE really...03:29
elijahThe password prompt doesn't say it is for them but it is03:29
elijahcraig: Good idea on Xubuntu03:29
werelijah: It says - Please enter your password to use this device03:30
elijahwer: Hmm, okay, thanks. I am trying to figure out how to get Dolphin to stop asking after boot03:30
elijahwer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=983509803:31
elijahI just posted there03:31
werelijah: Its by default to ask and it asks for external same drives only once03:31
elijahwer: YEah, but where do we turn it off?03:31
jmichaelxelijah: i am not sure, but could you just 'chown' that particular drive? i assume this wold work for an NTFS drive, but am not sure03:31
craigShould I go with Stable or the 10.10 Beta?  I must admit the Beta is quite tempting...03:32
werelijah: Are the two partitions from different hds?03:32
elijahjmichaelx: Is that a hack?03:32
elijahwer: Two partitions, same HDD03:32
elijahFrom my windows install03:32
jmichaelxelijah: not a hack. it just changes permissions. i just don't know much about NTFS permissions03:32
elijahI want to migrate data eventually to my ext4 partitions03:32
werelijah: Yeah right - try gksudo dolphin to change permissions for those drives if required03:33
jmichaelxelijah: youi may not want to try chown-ing that partiotion if it has a windows installation on it, though03:33
elijahjmichaelx: I have an external HFS+ partition mounted via USB also and it doesn't prompt for a password via dolphin, just the ntfs03:33
werelijah: chown will not work03:33
jmichaelxwer: will chown only work on linux file systems?03:34
werelijah: Only ntfs does it, right03:34
elijahwer: Yes03:34
craigNTFS can be quite a pain to administer too: i.e. doing Security Audits on the USN Journal & all...  WinNT 4.0 through WinXP doesn't even include a USN Journal Viewer...03:34
elijahwer: My main goal is to not have password prompts at startup03:35
werelijah: Its not that its not possible to work it upon ntfs but chown primarily works for unix-like systems to alter owners with root active else chgrp03:35
elijahI had three, I put a blank password in for my KDE wallet because it kept wanting it for Wifi03:36
elijahwer: I think chowning it is a hack, I don;t want to do that.03:36
werelijah: No its not hacking. Certainly not. regular users can use chgrp03:37
werelijah: Did you try gksudo dolphin03:37
terran4000the 10.4 install cd isn't liking my ATI 5x00 ... is there a way to get to 'safe graphics mode' like in the olden' days?03:38
elijahWhat would gksudo dolphin do?03:39
elijahAlso, how does gksudo differ from kdesuodo03:39
elijahI don't have gksudo, it wants me to install it03:39
bazhangkdesu dolphin03:40
bazhangelijah, use it with care though03:40
werelijah: install and you can change permissions for user03:40
werelijah: under ownership03:40
bazhangelijah, no need to install gksudo03:40
elijahwer: K, I will try03:40
elijahbazhang: kdesu not found03:41
bazhangelijah, what about kdesudo03:41
elijahbazhang: that works but I don't know how to use it to change user permissions03:41
elijahkdesudo dolphin just opens dolphin03:42
bazhangelijah, for ntfs?03:42
elijahMy problem is that Kubuntu/Dolphin asks me for a password everytime I reboot for each NTFS partition. I know the password, I just don't want to have to enter it every reboot.03:43
elijahI want to boot my computer and be up and running03:44
bazhangelijah, added it to fstab?03:44
werelijah: click on that drive03:44
elijahadding it to fstab is just for mounting right, I tried that too03:44
elijahthe drives are mounted just fine03:45
werelijah: open it and then within the same gksudo window got to root> media> disk03:45
elijahif i cancel the password prompts03:45
elijahwer: Ok, I did that03:46
elijahthat works03:46
elijahwhat do I do next to ignore password at boot?03:47
werjmichaelx: now right click that drive within gksudo window and change the owner03:47
werelijah: It asks because its for root and not for user03:47
elijahwer: Well, I am not actually in gksudo03:47
elijahI typed kdesudo dolphin03:47
elijahShould I get gksudo?03:47
wergo back to konsole and type gksudo dolphin03:48
elijahit isn't installed03:48
elijahI will get it now03:48
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werelijah: Its less than 1 mb, install and get into media and right click the disk which is mounted(ntfs)..03:49
elijahwer: I can't install it, package manager doesn't show it in a search and if I do sudo apt-get install gksudo it says it isn't available03:50
jmichaelxgksudo is for gtk apps, not qt apps03:50
elijah"but is referred to by another package"?....03:50
wergksu gives graphical interface for sudo03:51
bazhangfor gtk apps03:51
jmichaelxgksu is ONLY for gtk apps. for qt apps, use kdesu03:51
bazhangthis is #kubuntu  thus qt and kdesu/kdesudo03:51
werjmichaelx: But it works for dolphin03:52
elijahIf I just type kdesudo, it says " no command larguments supplied!... kdesudo will now exit"03:52
jmichaelxwer: dolphin may go ahead and start, but you should not use gksu with qt apps03:52
werelijah: did you try gksu for dolphin alone?03:53
elijahI right clicked in dolphin via kdesudo and have a permissions tab where it lists root as owner03:53
jmichaelxelijah: did you type 'kdesudo doplphin'?03:53
wersudo apt-get install gksu03:53
elijahjmichaelx: yes03:53
elijahwer: That doesn't work03:53
craigI couldn't help but notice that the newer Xubuntu 10.10 Beta features a 2.6.35 Kernel...  Should I burn the stable Release or the Beta: I'm just not sure which one would work better...03:54
werokay.. i am surprised though. Try what jmichaelx says rest is same what i suggested..03:54
elijahwer: http://typr.in/7wjy03:54
jmichaelxelijah: 'kdesudo dolphin' works here, though it takes a bit to start03:54
elijahjmichaelx: Yeah, that works fine for me, I get dolphin, as root I  suppose03:55
werelijah: Right03:55
werelijah:Now go to media03:55
elijahI navigate to my ntfs part. and right click, properties, permissions, that is where I am03:55
werelijah: okay03:55
jmichaelxelijah: however, i think i would have tried using 'chown' from the command line, as i presume that is what dolphin is going to be using anyways03:55
werdo you see ownership?03:55
elijahownership says "root"03:55
werit would be for the drive03:56
elijahfor user03:56
werelijah: you can change it for your username, now it won't ask03:56
elijahwer: K, I will restart now to test, brb03:57
werelijah: If you think you want to chown/chgrp, we may help on that03:57
werjmichaelx: I guess that should work for the whole drive03:57
jmichaelxwer: i think chown is what dolphin would have used to do what you just instructed him to do03:57
craigAre there any big hardware related changes that 2.6.35 brings to the table...?  I've heard on kernel.org that my Atheros Wi-Fi might work better with it: should I ever feel the need for full 802.11n support...03:57
jmichaelxwer: it would work for a file, a dir or a drive... whatever you tell it to do03:58
werjmichaelx: yeah.. but its quite risky with chown rather with chgrp it would be easy03:59
werelijah: Did it work?03:59
jmichaelxwer: why is it risky with chown?03:59
werjmichaelx: Risky for non linux filesystems03:59
craigDue to the NTFS USN Journal: it's considered to be a NT Security Hazard...03:59
jmichaelxwer: that may very well be.03:59
werjmichaelx: risky for NTFS alone04:00
werelijah: Did it work?04:00
werSorry for repition04:00
elijahwer: I think I have to do a full reboot and not just logout, but either way I just checked to see if the user change stuck and it doesn't appear to have stuck, it is back to root now.04:00
jmichaelxcraig: i'd say give the beta a spin. it couldn't hurt04:00
werjmichaelx: Shall we suggest chown/chgrp?04:01
elijahwer: Yeah, I change it via rooted dolphin and as soon as I leave it gets changed back04:01
elijahI still want to boot my one partition04:01
jmichaelxcraig: i know that ndiswrapper is still often used with certain atheros wireless chipsets, maybe that will be less necessary with the new kernel04:01
elijahif I have to for some reason04:01
werelijah: It would neve affect mbr for booting04:02
jmichaelxwer: if chowning an NTFS drive is discouraged, we probably should just not use it04:02
werjmichaelx: but chgrp?04:02
jmichaelxwer: i have seldon used chgrp, but that *might* be the way to go04:02
elijahAlright, I am going to give up on this for tonight04:02
werelijah: It would neve affect mbr for booting Windows, if thats what you are worried about04:02
craigI've got a problem here: the DistroWatch ISO Download link is broken...04:03
craigIt redirects to the 10.04 stable release...04:03
werelijah: Oh.. I guess chgrp would help if you need04:04
elijahSmall question though, is it possible to get an "up one level" button in the dolphin toolbar?04:04
elijahwer: maybe I will just sleep it forever and never reboot :)04:04
elijahNot ideal but a workaround for now04:04
werelijah: You have non-editable Location for that04:04
jmichaelxcraig: there are a lot of mirrors. also bittorrent. here is one mirror: http://mirror.mcs.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/ubuntu/10.10/beta/04:05
werelijah: Whats the problem if it asks for only once?04:05
elijahwer: Ok, I guess that works,04:05
elijahwer: It is a poor user experience04:05
elijahfor the second question04:05
werelijah:Umm.. I mean its upto you :)04:06
elijahWhen I first installed Kubuntu, I had three password prompts, 4 if you counted wifi04:06
elijahafter login04:06
werelijah:Second question - You have non-editable Location for that04:06
elijah2 for the ntfs partitions, 1 for kdewallet04:06
craigActually BitTorrent works where as Konq lacks a built-in file downloader...): I found that out the hard way before...04:06
elijahwer: Oh, sorry, I mean the non-edotable location wokrs good!04:06
jmichaelxcraig: i tend to just use wget for large ftp and http downloads04:07
elijahwer: I finally gave up trying to figure out KDEwallet and wifi and just gave kdewallet a blank password even though it is discouraged04:07
jmichaelxcraig: much nices than using a browser... can be paused or restarted if connection is lost04:08
craigActually KGet appears to be much faster than Wget anyways on this PC...04:08
craigErrr: I meant to say KTorrent...04:08
jmichaelxcraig: i have use kget some, but not that familiar with it. i would have assumed that at least to some extent, it was just a wget frontend04:09
werelijah: oh..04:09
werjmichaelx: Am i doing any ettiquites misatakes?04:09
jmichaelxcraig: yeah, torrenting can be much faster04:09
jmichaelxwer: not at all...... sorry, i am just doing several things at once04:09
werjmichaelx: Oh.. no its fine. And thanks for reminding about kdesudo over gksudo :)04:10
craigNow if only they had a .jigdo file available & jigdo came pre-installed: hmm: that might be a good feature request for the upcoming *buntus releases...04:11
jmichaelxcraig: i've never used jigdo, but it seems to me that jigdo downloads were once available, and possibly still are04:11
craigI only wish they would fix that horrible broken Jigdo-file GUI front-end...: the AMD64 one is missing in both dirs...04:12
wercraig: Could you link me to the iso download link?04:12
wercraig: 32/64? intel?04:13
craigWhenever MacPorts tries to build the Jigdo GUI front-end I can't get it to work right in 10.4.11 or 10.5.8...04:15
wertorrent is working perfect with me here04:15
craigNo: the .jigdo file is misssing...04:15
craigI love using Jigdo for long Fedora Core or Debian Stable/Testing downloads...04:16
wercraig: you will have to use zsync.. its pretty good04:17
wercraig:you will have to untar if you wish to use that client04:18
craigWhat the heck is zsync...?  Another Jigdo UI?04:18
elijahwer jmichaelx: got it04:18
elijahI downloaded ntfs-config and it worked04:19
BajKWhat kind of iso image of Kubuntu do I need for installation on an EFI configuration?04:19
werelijah: Thats great :)04:19
wercraig: Do you have zsync installed?04:22
craigNo: what is it exactly?04:22
wercraig: I tested zsync on the beta release and its working04:22
werand speed is perfect as well04:23
craigI just want a GUI for Jigdo for Mac OS X...04:23
werWhich os you are now on?04:23
craigThat doesn't matter: both of my Macs are also equipped with DVD burners...04:24
werSo if you need xubuntu, i can suggest for zsync now04:24
werfor mac as well04:25
wer!info zsync |craig04:25
ubottuNone: zsync (source: zsync): client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 104 kB, installed size 244 kB04:25
craigNo: Jigdo is wget based so that won't exactly work with jigdo-file...04:26
wercraig: I'm quite confused now. What do you need exactly? Xubuntu beta 10.10 release iso right?04:27
craigNo: I need a working cross-platform GUI front-end to jigdo-file...04:27
craigI'm trying to avoid using the Terminal whenever possible...04:28
wercraig: is your mac intel based?04:29
craigNope: PowerPC...04:30
craigI've tried that too: it's horribly broken...04:31
werin binary04:31
craigYes: broken too.04:31
werdid you check file size downloaded to be same as intended?04:32
craigYeah: Only the CLI jigdo-file works for me without stalling mid-way through.04:32
werelijah: Why you had to go for ntfs-config?04:32
elijahEven though mount iso is marked as implemented in Nautilus that doesn't mean KDE and dolphin right -->> http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/194/04:32
elijahwer: Why? Cuz I was desperate for a solution! :)04:33
elijahNow I am trying to eaisly mount iso images04:33
werelijah: Yah.. but okay.. thats good :)04:33
elijahDolphin should do this out of the box04:33
elijahwer: Why, was there a better way?04:34
werelijah: whats your question exactly?04:34
elijahI want to double click an ISO and have it mount04:34
werelijah: Do you have ark?04:34
elijahI went to Dolphin config > services > downloaded mountiso and it doesn't work04:35
werelijah: oh to have it mount..04:35
elijahI don't know what Ark is?04:35
werelijah: if you want to open iso to see contents thn its easy with Ark-KDE archiving tool.04:35
elijahmaybe mountiso doesn't work with new Kubuntu04:35
elijahI guess that sort of works, but ideally I would like it as a disk on the left side of Dolphin04:36
werIf you want to mount.. there is an easy way04:36
elijahOk, ark is on my context menu04:37
elijahThat works for  now04:37
werI can suggest for mounting it via scripts other via terminal commands.. what do you prefer?04:38
werElse there is a GUI based to mount image file using Gmount-iso04:38
werelijah: ??04:41
elijahwer: Neither of those are what I am looking for, I am looking for double click ideally, worst case right click contextual menu.04:43
werelijah: Use Gmountiso from package then04:44
werelijah: Its what you need04:44
elijahwer: K, it's installed04:45
elijahwer: Where is it located?04:45
wer!info gmountiso | elijah04:45
ubottuelijah: gmountiso (source: gmountiso): This is Gmountiso, a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 16 kB, installed size 176 kB04:45
wersystem tools04:45
werin System from applications04:46
werelijah: It worked for you?04:46
elijahwer: Closer, it shows in "open with" and I click it then hit mount and it throws error, "an error occured not found"04:47
elijahmount point is blank04:47
werelijah: Could you find gmountiso from Applications>System?04:47
elijahwer: Yes04:48
elijahwer: It gives the same screen as context menu04:48
werelijah: Same screen as context menu?04:48
werelijah: Do you see option to chose image file, mount point?04:49
elijahwer: Yes, when I open via system tools it gives me the same screen as when i open through context menu04:49
elijahyeah, I see all those04:49
elijahWhen I open through context menu ut files in the image file path04:49
elijahI hit mount, then it gives error04:49
werelijah: What mount point point did you choose?04:49
elijahmount point is blank04:50
werelijah: lol.. how will it mount then?04:50
elijahwer: I don't know04:51
werWell.. its not exactly you wish to have as in nautilus but its very close to that04:51
elijahI tried entering a path but that didn't work04:51
werWhat path did you type?04:51
elijahCan I install Nautilus in KDE?04:51
wersudo apt-get install nautilus04:51
werbut its not advisabel04:52
elijahI typed /media and /home/elijah/Videos04:52
werThe package whih we works as well04:52
elijahneither worked04:52
werhold on04:52
werit need an empty folder04:52
werTry: /media/hello/ (where hello is empty folder) and same for the other... /videos/disk/04:53
werwher disk "in Videos" is empty folder04:53
werelijah: Worked?04:54
elijahit won't let me create anything in media04:55
elijah/home/elijah/Videos/disk failed too04:56
elijahThe folder is capital V04:56
werelijah: you shouldn't as it needs permission. Create a new folder in Videos and follow /home/elijah/Videos/(New folder name)04:56
elijahI created teh folder disk04:56
werTry this /home/elijah/Videos/Hello04:57
werHello as new folder04:57
elijahAn error occured not found04:57
weris Hello folder created?04:57
werWhats the error?04:58
elijahexactly " An error occured not found"04:59
werIts working properly here with me04:59
werYou need to try proper location04:59
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:01
elijahwer: Thanks for all your help tonight!05:01
elijahI am going sleepy05:01
werelijah: it worked? :)05:01
elijahwer: No, but I give up05:01
werelijah: okay.. next time. :)05:02
elijahwer: Yup!05:02
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.05:24
wer_!ops | nhandler05:25
ubottunhandler: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger05:25
wer_I want Mamorok help05:25
nhandlerUh, what's up wer_ ?05:26
wer_for Amarok... if you remeber you've helped me before05:26
bazhangwer_, why do that again?05:26
bazhangthat's 4 times in the past hour or so05:26
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DaveWMwhat's the best way to completely disable kdm ?06:26
DaveWMfrom starting automatically anyway06:27
DaveWMi just wanna use startx to start kde if i choose to06:27
redwolftrippy, amorak is playing sounds at a slower than normal speed06:35
redwolfsounds like I have a dying tape deck...06:35
jmichaelxDaveWM: would it be possible to just remove kdm and then install xinit?06:41
DaveWMjmichaelx :  probably,  but i'm not sure how to remove kdm without it wanting to remove the entire kde desktop06:42
DaveWMi think i may have figured out a way though06:42
DaveWMjust renamed the kdm.conf in /etc/init06:42
DaveWMtakes me straight to tty1 login now06:42
DaveWMstill shows the plymouth splash for a sec,  but that's ok i suppose06:43
DaveWMit was getting stuck on the plymouth splash about every other reboot,  not sure why,  i'd rather login at console anyway06:43
jmichaelxDaveWM: it may say that it is going to remove 'kubuntu-desktop', but it is only that meta-package that will be removed... i do not think anything on your system will have changed, except that kdm was removed06:44
DaveWMi don't really see much use in login managers06:44
DaveWMjmichaelx : ah,  yea I didnt think about it possibly just being a meta package06:44
jmichaelxDaveWM: i just finished making an ubuntu forums post about the same problem with plymouth getting stuck about 1 minute ago06:44
DaveWMoh well,  works this way06:44
DaveWMjmichaelx : link ?06:45
jmichaelxDaveWM: here is the link, but there has been no solution posted: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147444406:45
DaveWMalthough i suppose it doesnt matter too much now anyway,  i like the console login,  since sometimes i won't be using the desktop06:45
DaveWMjmichaelx :  yea same exact thing here06:46
kalgDaveWM, remove plymouth at boot06:47
kalgusing grub06:47
DaveWMjmichaelx : can't even change to other tty's,  but i noticed every so often it would go to the login,  after a few reboots06:47
DaveWMkind of random06:47
jmichaelxDaveWM: are you also using proprietary graphics drivers?06:47
DaveWMjmichaelx : yeah,  for nvidia06:47
DaveWMGTX 27506:47
jmichaelxDaveWM: yeah, i just reboot.... sometimes it takes 2, 3 or occasionally even 4 reboots, then it eventually works06:48
DaveWMkalg :  what's the setting for that ?  i know its something in grub_cmdline_linux in the configuration file just don't remember what it is ?06:48
DaveWMjmichaelx :  well if you don't mind console login like i do,  renaming the kdm.conf seems to work wonderfully06:49
jmichaelxto me it seems like there should be info on kubuntu.org when major things like this come up. with kubuntu, things like this seem to never get addressed06:49
jmichaelxDaveWM: i think i may just disable plymouth instead06:50
kalgI just commented out the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash"" in /etc/default/grub06:51
kalgand ran update-grub06:51
kalgnow splash screen won't pop up and no hang ups since then06:51
jmichaelxi would never recommend kubuntu to a new linux user06:52
sea4everHuh..hey for some reason amarok refuses to use the mySQL database of tracks on my laptop06:53
jmichaelxkalg: i just followed in your footsteps06:53
jmichaelxDaveWM: i will keep that in mind06:54
sea4everAh, I think I figured it out. Nevermind.06:54
DaveWMjmichaelx :  i think what annoys me sometimes is that there's just too many ways to go about anything,  each with pro's and con's,  i never know what is the preffered method of doing something06:55
DaveWMkalg :  ah,  i didnt realize that could all be handles from grub,  so putting text that option takes me to terminal login,  basically it disables kdm from starting i guess,  using "nosplash"  doesnt seem to matter though,  still has the kubuntu splash up and is getting stuck atm,  so i guess i'll just go with the text option and stick with the console login06:57
jmichaelxDaveWM: that is why i think kubuntu.org should provide guidance with issues like this... there were some major issues in 9.10 for a while for anyone who also had gnome installed. the only way around for me for a while was to switch to GDM. a new user would have just been stuck06:57
DaveWMthanks for that tidbit06:57
DaveWMjmichaelx :  yeah its one of the reasons i've gotten to dislike login managers,  just another process running between you and what you're wanting to do that doesnt really provide for very much06:58
DaveWMmost of the time i end up just installing a bare console / server style system,  without any packages,  and then just install the core packages for the x server and desktop06:59
DaveWMleaving out the login managers06:59
DaveWMthere's still ways to get to startx automatically after you login,  and still don't need a login manager06:59
jmichaelxDaveWM: there is also value in seeing some of what is flying by upon booting up and shutting down... although with quicker boot and shutdown times, not as much is seen anymore06:59
DaveWMjmichaelx :  i think even somebody who isnt technically inclined and coming off of using windows or os x will still know what the console login is for,  not much else to be said when it asks for a username and password07:00
DaveWMi mean i guess some of the accessibility options of the login manager are handy for many people,  and being able to choose between different desktop environments if you have more than one07:01
jmichaelxyeah, using startx, switching between different wm's and de's gets slightly more involved07:02
DaveWMok,  so jmichaelx :  instead of renaming kde.conf,  just putting text in the /etc/defaults/grub LINUX_CMDLINE_DEFAULTS="text"  seems to be a better option07:03
jmichaelxDaveWM: i just did what kalg did, and commented out GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT07:04
DaveWMthnx kalg ,  grub2 does have some nice features,  but coming from grub1 it seems a bit of a convoluted thing to me,  but many things in linux to me still feel that way,  lol07:04
DaveWMi wonder why "nosplash" has no effect07:04
DaveWMthat i can tell anyway07:04
DR_PlanПарни , как поднять прокси на кубунте?07:04
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ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:05
kalgyou are welcome DaveWM, nice to hear that helped you.07:05
jmichaelxDaveWM: well, we went from grub1 to grub2, and threw plymouth into the mix shortly thereafter, so there are a few variables which have changed07:05
DaveWMkalg :  yeah *buntu does have a handy community for people that arent strictly linux users,  i think that's what's driving it07:06
DaveWMi find it interesting that grub2 automatically finds kernels and adds them to the list07:07
jmichaelxi like grub2, although i still need to gain a bit more familiarity07:07
DaveWMi guess most of my issues stem from the fact that i have to mess with how things are setup by default,  and in linux with different things coming from different sources and working together and sharing different configuration files,  i guess things can get hairy sometimes07:08
DaveWMbut that's also part of the fun for me,  just figuring it out07:08
DaveWMi never leave "well enough" alone,  lol07:08
jmichaelxsame here.... i think this is something that plagues many linux users.... it's specifically that tendency which influenced them to start using linux to begin with , lol07:10
DaveWMvery true,  i'm slowly working my way towards using linux more than windows,  i have learned from my many years of windows usage how to get most of what i want out of it,  but  its certainly not as easily customized in certain ways compared to linux07:11
jussiDaveWM: jmichaelx, nice discussion, but perhaps more appropriate for #kubuntu-offtopic07:11
DaveWMsorry jussi ;)07:12
jmichaelxjussi: i just assume that since this channel is barely used these days, and since there ISN'T anyone asking for support ATM, nothing is being harmed07:12
jmichaelxbtw, #kubuntu was very active at one time07:13
jussijmichaelx: please use the offtopic channel for offtopic - filling up this channel (logged channel) makes he tlogs harder to read and can discourge people from talking07:14
jmichaelxjussi: you do have a point there07:14
jussijmichaelx: Ive been around a long time ;)07:14
DaveWMjussi :  that was the best reason i've ever heard in any of the ubuntu channels for not talking off topic ,  you have my respect now ;)07:15
jmichaelxas dead as this channel is, i can just imagine what #kubuntu_offtopic isl ike07:15
jmichaelxDaveWM: i have taken discussions to off_topic before.... seldom works, convo dies right off07:15
jussijmichaelx: if you join and DaveWM and I are there, thats enough for a discussion. :)07:16
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
jmichaelxjussi: will do my best07:16
jussijmichaelx: feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic if you prefer, its definately not dead07:17
macojussi: unfortunately07:17
jmichaelxyeah,,,, even if i were a gnome user, i had always liked #kubuntu because it was not as crazy. that was when #kubuntu was still MUCH more active than it is now07:18
sabgentonis there any reson to have ubuntu netbook if you prefer plasma-deskop over plasma-netbook?08:02
bazhangsabgenton, not really; whatever you like best08:03
sabgentonso the drivers for every thing I need on my netbook should be there for the normal kubuntu?08:04
bazhangsame for all variants, just the top bits are changed08:04
sabgentonI'm on nebook edition at the momennt and I don't really think I need the netbook ness08:04
sabgentonwhats the point of having it?08:05
sabgentonwhy don't they just put plasma-netbook on the desktop edition08:05
sabgentonif that's the only differents08:05
sabgentonin the installer they could have do you want the  plasma-desktop or the plasma-netbook08:06
* sabgenton goes to download desktop08:06
bazhangwhy not just install over it08:07
bazhangie then choose from login window08:07
bazhang!info kubuntu-desktop08:07
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.174.1 (lucid), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB08:07
bazhangwell alongside, not over08:07
sabgentonyou just mean the plamsa-desktop component?08:08
bazhangsabgenton, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop will pull that in08:08
bazhangsabgenton, then choose at login window08:09
sabgentondoes that package just add plasma desktop?08:09
bazhangwell and all the stuff with it08:10
sabgentonwill my install match the deskop.iso08:10
sabgentonafter that08:10
bazhangno need to get that iso08:10
sabgentonok and boot it and install over the top?08:11
bazhangsabgenton, well choose in the login window08:11
bazhangyou could install any of the -desktop packages and do that08:11
sabgentonmeah I only just installed08:12
bazhangubuntu , xubuntu, lubuntu, edubuntu, ubuntustudio, etc08:12
sabgentonyour making think it's not worth it08:12
sabgentonI'll just download the deskop ISO format and start again08:12
bazhangdepends on you.08:12
sabgentonyeah but my choices depend on the way things are08:13
phoenix_can anyone help me to configure my alsa settings to get a lowpass filter08:13
sabgentonhm sources.list seems ok but I can't even install vim08:18
sabgentonPackage vim is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:19
bazhang!find vim08:20
ubottuFound: vim, vim-common, vim-dbg, vim-doc, vim-gnome, vim-gui-common, vim-runtime, vim-tiny, jvim-canna, jvim-doc (and 11 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=vim&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all08:20
bazhang!info vim08:20
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 844 kB, installed size 1672 kB08:20
olskolircis anyone here fond of Maverick?08:27
olskolircnot Maverick08:27
olskolirci mean Lucid08:27
sabgentonsorry juping the gun I'm doing an apt update then see08:27
sabgentonis there ubuntu package search online08:28
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:28
sabgentonhow do you do a download only with apt?08:47
bazhangsudo apt-get install packagename08:47
sabgentonno I meant fetch with out install08:47
=== Zvezdichko` is now known as Zvezdichko
bazhangthe manual for apt-get has that08:47
sabgentonyeah couldn't figure it08:48
sabgentoni thought it was -f08:48
bazhangopen a terminal, type man apt-get08:48
sabgentonbut the man says thats  fix-broken08:48
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phoenix_i want to install xmms gui version09:13
zetheroo(19:00:08) zetheroo: I am trying to install recorditnow in Ubuntu Lucid and am getting a message in SPM regarding 3 packages that need to be installed but won't be due to unresolved dependencies ... how to fix?10:02
zetheroothe three packages are: kdebase-runtime, kdelibs5, libqt4-svg10:03
wazza46From ?10:11
zetheroowazza46: you talking to me?10:17
zetherooseems I can't install any KDE apps .. I keep getting dependency issues10:17
zetheroowazza46: sorry, what are you asking me? (From ?)10:18
wazza46have you got the classics apps ?10:18
wazza46from what country ? what language ?10:18
zetheroowazza46: classic?10:18
wazza46default apps10:18
zetherooI am in Australia ..10:18
zetheroodefault Ubuntu apps?10:19
wazza46kubuntu apps10:19
zetherooI am not running Kubuntu10:19
wazza46you have got Ubunu10:19
zetherooas I said above: "I am trying to install recorditnow in Ubuntu Lucid and am getting a message in SPM regarding 3 packages that need to be installed but won't be due to unresolved dependencies ... how to fix?"10:19
zetherooSPM = Synaptic Package Manager10:20
wazza46why are you on :#kubuntu ?10:20
ubuntuhello all10:20
=== ubuntu is now known as TheWizzard
TheWizzardi want a little help10:20
zetheroowazza46: because the dependencies are KDE ones ... and #ubuntu is overrun10:21
wazza46oook sorry10:21
wazza46im french10:21
zetheroowazza46: ok ... ;-)10:21
TheWizzardmay i get help here?:D10:22
TheWizzardi need a good scan archive:D10:23
wazza46zetheroo: http://jacekfurmankiewicz.blogspot.com/2007/05/integrating-kde-applications-into.html10:24
TheWizzardnot this..... a scan archive for my terminal(root)10:25
wazza46don't have sorry10:26
TheWizzardits hard to find on internet10:27
wazza46i see10:27
TheWizzardall results is no good10:27
Zensursula Hi all, I can't switch to fullscreen. ATI : http://pastebin.ca/193872810:28
ZensursulaAny ideas?10:28
ZensursulaKDE 4.5.1  |  Linux mobiLX 2.6.32-25-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 1 09:46:13 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:29
zetheroowazza46: thanks but I have dependency issues ... not really mentioned there10:31
Mamarokzetheroo: why don't you just install those packages?10:32
MamarokSearch them in Synaptic and mark for isntallation10:32
zetherooMamarok: which packages?10:32
zetherooMamarok: I have been10:32
TheWizzardany unixcod scanner.....HELP ME PLEASEEEE:((:((10:33
Mamarokthe missing packages10:33
zetherooMamarok: I cannot even install plasma-desktop10:33
Mamarokzetheroo: which ones are missing exactly?10:33
MamarokTheWizzard: please do not shout!10:33
Mamarok!patience | TheWizzard10:33
ubottuTheWizzard: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.10:33
zetherooMamarok: well it's like a maze ... whatever I try to install it tells me there are more unresolved deps10:34
Mamarokzetheroo: tll me exactly which packages are missing, and I tell you the line to enter in the console10:34
Mamarokzetheroo: try installing the package kde-minimal10:36
Mamarokzetheroo: which exact Ubuntu version are you running?10:39
zetheroofresh install ...10:39
Mamarokhm, very strange, that should work out of the box10:39
Mamarokplease make sure in the package  manager that you have all repositories activated, backports, proposed, updates and security10:40
zetherooproposed is not ...10:40
Mamarokthen run 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'10:41
Mamarokonce you have this repo activated10:41
zetheroobut proposed is pre-release stuff ...10:42
zetherooI never needed it ... nor did I need backports I don't think ...10:43
zetherooupdating ....10:44
zetheroo190MB downloading ...10:44
Mamarokzetheroo: not at all, proposed is not pre-release stuff10:45
zetherooMamarok: that is the definition in Software Sources :)10:45
Mamarokthese repositories bring you only stable packages10:45
Mamarokthe definition is pretty wrong and misleading10:45
zetherooshould be changed ...10:46
Mamarokyeah, but nobody found a correct wording so far10:46
Mamarokit's packages that are proposed for inclusion10:46
Mamarokpre-release in regard to the next Ubuntu version10:46
zetherooso "Proposed packages" sounds right ... ha10:46
Mamarokbut not for Lucid, as Lucid is released already10:47
zetheroogeez ... this is slow ..10:47
zetheroousually it's about 150kB/s ... now it's under 50kB/s ...10:48
zetheroois this going to fix the issue?10:48
MamarokI don't know yet, you need to run the commands I told you first10:48
zetheroowhich commands?10:48
Mamarokthen run 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'10:48
zetheroo'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'10:48
zetherooit's updating ...10:49
zetherooupgrading ...10:49
zetheroobtw ... whats the diff? sudo apt-get update vs sudo apt-get upgrade ....? I thought "upgrade" was to upgrade from one release to another ...10:49
Mamarokupdate brings you the new package list only, upgrade upgrades all packages upgraded sinc the last release10:51
Mamarokbut you have the repositories for Lucid, so you stay in Lucid, no risk10:51
MamarokYou have a frsh install of Lucid which came out in April, there have been many updates since10:51
zetheroowell I did update immediately after installing ... so it's not that old ... I guess all these updates came from backports and proposed10:52
Mamarokthose commands don't install new packages, only if there are new dependencies10:53
=== tommy is now known as Guest45345
Peace-hi guys :)11:04
Mamarokzetheroo: any news?11:08
fhcdoes anyone here know how to make the network manager applet work corrrectly in kubuntu11:08
fhcthe vpn section is disabled in kubuntu... where as in gnome desktop the vpn optoin is avaialbe in network manager applet11:09
Peace-fhc: there wicd11:10
Peace-and now wicd-qt11:10
Peace-but only if you know to compile11:10
Peace-if not use wicd gtk11:11
fhci dont understand11:11
Peace-fhc: use wicd if knetworkmanager doesn't fit for you11:11
fhcthe network manager appolet works fine in xubuntu and gnoome desktop but in kubuntu the vpn option is disabled11:11
fhcwhere can i get wicd11:12
fhcdoes it have vpn option>11:12
fhci connect to the internet via vpn11:13
fhcvpn option doesnt work in knetwork manager11:13
Mamarokfhc: I don't think wicd is a solution, you don't have problems with wireless connections11:13
Mamarokfhc: use the gnome network manager instead11:13
fhci dont have problrms with wirelesss11:13
Mamarokfhc: I know, read what I just said11:14
fhchow do i use gnome networm maangwer in kubuntu11:14
fhckubuntu has its own network mangner11:14
Mamarokfhc: start it in the konsole11:15
fhchow do i do that11:15
Mamarokbut you need to stop the knetworkmanager first11:15
fhci will uninstall knetwork mananger11:15
Mamarokfhc: you don't need to unistall it, just close the applet11:16
Mamarokthen use the netwrok manager in the systemTray11:16
fhcto start it from konsole11:17
Mamarokfhc: please don't shout!11:17
Mamarokfhc: normally it should already be running, check the systray Icons11:18
fhcthe network manager runs11:18
fhcbut the vpn option is disabled11:18
fhcthats the problem11:18
fhcit wont let me creat e a vpn connection in kubuntu11:18
fhcin gnome it works fine11:18
Mamaroklet me check11:19
wazza46Help me please tuxguitar doesent works with the MIDI system : timidity11:20
Mamarokfhc: well, it is enabled here for me, don't know if that is a version problem11:20
Mamarokfhc: which KDE version do you use?11:20
fhci am on ubuntu 10.411:20
fhclatest version11:20
Mamarokthat is not the KDE version, please check in a KDE application, in the help menu -> About KDE11:21
fhckubuntu doesnt let me create vpn connections11:21
fhcbut i am logged into gnome riht now11:21
Mamarokwell, start any KDE application then and check :)11:22
fhci think this should be a bug repoirt11:22
fhcthat vpn is disableed in knetworkmananger11:22
fhcmy kde version is 4.4.211:23
zetherooMamarok: only 55% done ..11:23
Mamarokzetheroo: ah, OK11:23
Mamarokfhc: yep, please file a bug then11:23
fhcthis definitely needs to be a bug report for kubuntu11:24
Mamarokfhc: wait, I fond the solution: http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=89503&start=0&sid=0f1e4caab37c4652120573f1e61100b011:24
fhchow do i file a bug report>11:24
Mamarokyou are missing a plugin11:25
Mamarokread that thread11:25
Mamarokfhc: you need to install the network-manager-openvpn-kde package11:26
Mamarokfhc: and network-manager-vpnc-kde11:27
Mamarokdepending on the vpn version you are using11:27
fhcok thanks alot11:28
fhcthat helps11:28
Mamarokfhc: you are welcome, I found just by googling for that :)11:28
daniel__Is anyone familiar with Wubi and the dsk files?11:29
fhci tried but couldnt find any relevant threads11:29
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DaveWMok,  in kde desktop settings,  if i go to "Desktop Effects"  compositing is active,  and then i go to all effects,  and change settings for "shaddows"  yet i don't see any changes in the shadows under windows ?11:30
daniel__I had Linux installed via Wubi.  Windows crashed and I had to re-install.  Now I cannot get into my old install.  I tried making a new one but how do I access the old files?11:30
DaveWMi even did like 10 / 10 x/y offset,  and made it more opaque,  no changes show up on the windows shadows though11:31
DaveWManybody have any clue what i'm doing wrong ?11:31
daniel__I tried to replace the root.dsk with my old copy and that just gives an error messages.11:31
DaveWMdaniel__ : what version of windows ?11:31
fhclet me try now to use vpn in kubuntu11:32
daniel__Is there a way to mount the old dsk files and access them in Linux or Windows?11:33
DaveWMdaniel__: xp is booting right,  you just can't get into linux ?11:34
daniel__I re-installed XP as it was before and I can access Windows but not the old Linux install.  I created a new Linux install and running that now.11:34
DaveWMhmm,  wubi doesnt create partitions does it ?  i mean it just installs in an image somehow,  and adds itself to windows bootloader ?11:35
daniel__It creates files called root.dsk and swapfile.dsk that it uses for the Linux system.11:36
DaveWMyou didnt happen to keep a copy of your boot.ini from before did you ?11:38
daniel__Yes and I tried that.11:38
daniel__I saved the Wubi folder and the 3 files on the root drive and tried putting everything back as before.11:39
DaveWMi suppose you could move your saved wubi stuff somewhere,  run through a wubi install again,  then just replace the .dsk image with your old one11:40
daniel__I tried that also without success.11:40
DaveWMi dunno,  i never used wubi,  wish i could help more,  i was looking up some things reguarding it,  but sounds like you tried most things11:40
DaveWMdo you even have ubuntu option for it in your boot up menu at all ?11:40
daniel__It looks like it would work but gives error messages when I select the Linux menu item.11:40
DaveWMprobably a UUID thing,  dunno11:41
daniel__File might be bad.  I want to try to load and read the file.11:41
DaveWMdaniel__ : do you ever see a grub screen after selecting linux ?11:42
daniel__Well, what happens after the selection it tries to load with the Ubuntu load screen and then a text screen appears with a prompt.11:43
DaveWMmight wanna try hitting e on the main item and editing where the root file system is11:43
DaveWMits probably something like UUID="some crazy stuff here"  could delete that and try /dev/sda1 or something in its place11:43
fhcHey thanks alot mamarock11:45
fhcits worked11:45
fhci had to install nother packege as well  for pptp11:45
fhcten it worked11:45
fhcthese packeges should have been shipped by default with kubuntu11:46
fhcbut they werent11:46
fhcanyway thanks alot11:46
fhcnow i got internet working on kubuntu11:46
fhcthe only problem now is i cant connect to irc.dal.net11:47
fhccan anyone else connect to dalnet11:48
DaveWMdaniel__ :  follow some of this info http://folfje.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/installing-wubi-9-10/  for changing grub to work with your saved disk image11:48
DaveWMits a bit convoluted,  but should get you there11:48
daniel__Okay.  Thank you.11:48
DaveWMsorry,  bad url11:48
tjingboemall the icons on the taskbar are gone. how can i make them visible again?11:49
daniel__That is okay,11:49
Mamarokfhc: nice it works :)11:49
Mamarokfhc: I never used dalnet11:49
DaveWMdaniel__ http://rolfje.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/installing-wubi-9-10/11:49
DaveWMthat's it11:49
DaveWMproblem is after reinstalling windows the UUID was changed,  so your root filesystem can't be found atm from grub11:50
DaveWMi guess anyway11:50
Mamaroktjingboem: could you maybe make a screenshot? knsapshot allows you to do that, and imagebin-ca allows you to paste it11:50
Mamaroktjingboem: since I don't know what icons you are talking about11:51
surunveriIm using Kubuntu 10.04 and trying to run a jawaws program for playing go. the program works fine but audio doesnt11:52
surunverisomeone using linux and the same go program11:53
surunveriadvices that using commands "padsp" or "aoss" before executing the "javaws" command11:53
Mamaroksurunveri: check you have nothing muted in KMix11:53
surunverino that's not it :D11:54
Mamaroksurunveri: you have all channels visible in KMix? SOmetimes not all channels are shown11:55
Mamarokand the advice for aoss doesn't work in Kubuntu, as the Ubuntu distros use alsa, not oss11:55
tjingboemMarnarok, i am talking about those little creatures that should live beside the digital clock11:56
tjingboemon the left of it11:56
surunverino idea how to fix this then? :<11:56
Mamaroktjingboem: the system tray in that case, so you might have removed the widget:11:57
Mamarokclick on the icon on the extreme right so you can readd the systray widget11:57
Mamarokyou might have to unlock widgets first11:58
Mamaroksurunveri: unless you install pulseaudio, but that is not really a good idea in Kubuntu Lucid11:59
Mamaroksurunveri: there is a forum thread about that: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7869811:59
surunveriso the audio doesnt work and it cant be fixed?12:00
surunverii'll try that then12:00
tjingboemMarnarok, okay, thanks, i'll chech that out12:00
surunveribut how do i create a shellscript12:01
Mamaroksurunveri: copy that lines in a text editor, name it soundgoscript.sh, then make it executable with this command12:02
Mamarokchomd +x soundgoscript.sh12:02
zetherooMamarok: wow ... finally done ...12:02
Mamarokthen you can just run it in a konsole with that command: ./soundgscript.sh12:02
zetherooMamarok: I guess I have to reboot now12:02
Mamarokzetheroo: that was long12:03
zetherooMamarok: :)12:03
Mamarokno, only if you want to change kernel12:03
zetherooMamarok: it installed a new one12:03
tjingboemMarnarok, they are caleed Trayicons. is that a widget too?12:03
Mamarokzetheroo: try just restarting KDE for now, you can restart the computer later12:03
Mamaroktjingboem: let me check the name, second12:03
zetherooMamarok: should I install KDE now?12:03
Mamarokzetheroo: just try installing the package you wanted first12:05
Mamaroktjingboem: the widget is called SystemTray12:05
zetheroosudo aptitude install recorditnow12:05
zetherooseems to be working12:05
Mamarokzetheroo: I guess you were missing some updates12:06
zetherooyes ... or sources ...12:06
zetheroosays it's downgrading some packages ...12:06
tjingboemMarnarok, yes you are right, that the one, thanks!12:06
Mamaroktjingboem: you are welcome :)12:06
surunveriit doesnt seem to work12:07
surunveriwas i supposed to remove the firts and last line12:07
fhccan anyone tell me how to use netowrk manager applet in fluxbox12:07
fhcits would be a great help12:08
surunveri/home/surunveri/Desktop/soundscript.sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `/usr/local/bin/javaws-aoss'12:08
surunveri/home/surunveri/Desktop/soundscript.sh: line 1: `--(/usr/local/bin/javaws-aoss)--'12:08
surunverisays like that.. it was only 2 lines so i figuredi could paste12:08
Mamaroksurunveri: let me check again12:09
fhccan anyone tell me how to use netowrk manager applet in fluxbox???12:09
fhcit would be a great help12:09
Mamaroksurunveri: only these two lines:12:09
Mamarok#! /bin/sh12:10
Mamarokaoss javaws $112:10
Mamarokfhc: I don't know, I don't use fluxbox, sorry12:10
surunverinow it opens a box that says 'certificates'12:10
fhcok thanks anyway12:10
surunveriwith 2 columns "issued to" and "issued by"12:12
surunveriand 5 buttons saying import, export,, remove,details and close12:12
surunveriwell and audio doesnt work either yet so12:13
surunverii've no idea12:13
surunveriI was supposed to replace the $1 with the command to run12:16
surunverii tried that and itw orks now12:16
Mamaroksurunveri: sorry, should have told you12:18
jussihrm, If Im using sdolphin and sftp, and I have sudo permissions on my user, is there any way to copy files that would normally require sudo to look at?12:51
rorkjussi: use `kdesudo dolphin` to use dolphin in root mode13:05
jussirork: but I dont think that helps if the host is a remote one.13:05
jussi(ie. using sftp)13:05
rorkjussi: sorry, I thought the local files required sudo, I think you're only option is to login as a user that has reading rights for those files then13:07
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JeepmanI am new to kubuntu13:58
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Guest55581Hi all here.. I finally installed 10.04, but I couldn't install some -dev pkgs with apt-get (probably now they are not here anymore).. Can someone here help to find a solution me please?14:36
Guest55581to be specific: I need libglib1.3-dev but apt-get install libglib-1.3-dev returns this error "Package libglib1.3-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source". Then it suggests to install the 2.0 version. but I really need 1.3. Is there any repository for this? Thanks14:42
v3nd3tta``i think i had the same with a thing i needed for configuring sth about terminal... still not solved, just dropped :/14:45
Guest55581What about If I compile glib from sources and install it? will it conflict with the currently installed 2.0 and will it break something?14:47
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Freddy2anyone can use translatoid with 4.5.1? i get no result by clicking the translate button no matter what i'm trying to translate15:49
svasisthi)i'm user16:16
erigais_hi user16:16
terran4000Hey, when I put in the x64 kubuntu cd and try to boot from it (install or try before install) ... all I get is a blank screen.16:30
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terran4000the lcd power led blinks on and off ... no clue what could be wrong16:30
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
terran4000is there a way to force 'safe graphics mode' on the 10.4 cd?16:31
terran4000hm, darn. Forgot all geeks are still asleep at 10:30am CTS16:34
rorkterran4000: did you check the disk for errors?16:35
terran4000ooo, someone lives!16:35
terran4000no errors16:35
FloodBotK2terran4000: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:35
terran4000after the logo it just goes blank16:35
terran4000the power button (on the lcd) blinks on/off and that's all.16:36
terran4000I once got into some sort of version of kubuntu, when I tried the 'nodep' (or whatever that option was)...16:36
terran4000but then the screen was more distorted than a picaso painting16:37
rorkwhat gpu do you have?16:37
terran4000Ati (yea, I know, already a mistake there) HD 5x0016:38
terran4000I don't remember which model at the moment though16:38
Scherenhaendenhi everybody16:39
Scherenhaendeni have a problem... my computer doesnt mount a usbstick... i can see the others but this one in kubuntu not... but it works16:40
sascha_hi, is there a german supportchannel for kubuntu?16:41
rork!de | sascha_16:41
ubottusascha_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:41
Scherenhaendensascha_: was für ein problem hast denn du?16:42
Scherenhaendenalso ich könnte dir helfen16:42
Scherenhaendenwenn du es so möchtest16:42
sascha_ich hab ein prob mit meinem 1und1 surfstick16:42
sascha_kennst dich damit aus?16:42
ScherenhaendenXD lüstig... 1und1 benutzt fast kein mensch16:43
Scherenhaendenok... erzählt mal was genau ist mit dem stick16:43
Scherenhaendenwird nicht erkannt oder so?16:43
rorkplease both join #ubuntu-de if you want to talk german and keep this channel english16:43
sascha_Kubuntu erkennt ihn, aber ich bekomm keine Verbindung ins Netz16:43
Scherenhaendenhey who could help me with one usb sitck that ubuntu doesnt wanna see :XD?!!16:44
rorkterran4000: http://www.overclock.net/linux-unix/732545-how-install-ubuntu-10-04-ati.html16:47
terran4000rork: thanks man!16:48
rorkScherenhaenden: if you plugin your usb stick does it show up in lsusb?16:48
terran4000sadly that's the odd ball thing ... on my love cd there is no 'safe graphics mode'!16:49
terran4000pesky x64 >_>16:49
Scherenhaendenbut... i did an image on it... with image writer... that i have problems on kubuntu after that... with that usb stick16:49
Scherenhaendenbut im not sure what could be doing that16:50
Scherenhaendensorry i fixed16:50
Scherenhaendeni know what that was16:50
Scherenhaendeni was trying to make an image from freebsd... n that format was not readable for linux i dont know why16:51
Scherenhaendenrork: thanks16:52
rorkterran4000: Did you try this also? http://www.overclock.net/9578752-post9.html16:55
terran4000oo, I'll try that!16:56
terran4000You rock rork!16:56
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PolyCI have a networking problem here. since i connected my phone to the pc it seems to be a little irritated17:04
PolyCI am able reach servers out there via their ip addresses (ping and http)17:04
PolyChowever the local dns here does not seem to work17:05
PolyChow can check whats wrong with the dns (i use one provided by my uni)17:05
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oxymoronDoes anyone know how to copy files into iPhone 4 device in Kubuntu? Dolphin doesnt mount it at all and I cannot found it. Kubuntu detects it, but it doesnt work.17:45
urgenthat's odd oxymoron, maybe there is a switch/setting inside the phone that activates use as a storage device18:02
oxymoronurgen: I dont think so, but probably Apple block outside access ... maybe remotely I dont know xD18:03
urgendid you look at that page?18:03
urgenIf you have a password set up on your device, unlock it first before connecting the USB cable, otherwise Ubuntu will not recognize it.18:04
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urgenif you still have trouble then check the currency of those supporting libraries18:05
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
oxymoronurgen: Yes I have.18:13
oxymoronurgen: And I dont have password as far as I know.18:13
qwertHow to bookmark a file? (as in an mp3 file in nautilus)18:13
urgenI don't use nautilus18:14
=== Earthwings_ is now known as Earthwings
qwertHow to bookmark a file? (as in an mp3 file in dolphin)18:15
urgenmake a new folder create a shortcut18:15
urgenfolder called favez18:16
urgendolphin is the file manager, right?18:16
qwertyes certainly18:16
urgen'bookmarks' are a browser thing18:16
urgenbut it's just an easy to manage file18:17
urgenmaybe there is a file manager tool that does this18:17
qwerti want to tick/star a file..18:17
urgenQuick Bookmarking18:18
urgen To quickly create a bookmark in the Places panel for the current folder, right click in the work space and click Add to Places in the context menu.18:18
urgenthat's what help says for making a bookmark in dolphin18:18
* urgen tries it18:18
qwertbut not rating thing as in dolphin.. I want to be able to view in columns with size, date, name etc18:18
qwertWhere is the "Places" Folder? By that i can only bookmark a folder and i want to bookmark a file18:19
urgenthe right click option is there on mine and now shows up in the left column18:19
urgenPlaces is what they call the column on the left18:20
urgenthe folder style nav18:20
urgenwhere you see your USB drive or your Root directory or Home18:20
qwerturgen: I am not asking for that18:21
urgenso, thanks for the question because I was starting to get tired of having to dig around to find stuff18:21
urgenwhy not?18:21
urgenbookmark for what function?18:21
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qwerturgen: I want to bookmark a 'file' and not a folder. And by columns i mean the columns in Folder panel (like Name,Type,Owner etc, when in Details view)18:22
urgenok, so my first idea would work then18:23
urgenyou'll have to make a folder and fill it with shortcuts18:23
qwertNo no that18:23
apparlehow to install microsoft office?18:24
apparlewine doesn't function very well18:24
qwert!info openoffice | apparle18:24
ubottuapparle: Package openoffice does not exist in lucid18:24
urgenyes wine is a little bit whimpy18:24
apparleqwert: :)18:24
apparleqwert: I know openoffice18:24
apparleqwert: but whatever you may say..... it is nowhere near msoffice18:25
chuckfapparle: under kubuntu you may want to look at codeweavers18:25
apparlechuckf: I don't think it is free?18:25
chuckfapparle: its not, but neither is MS Office18:25
qwerturgen: I want a easy way to tick file as file putting star on a file18:26
urgenyou'll want to talk to dophin dev then18:26
apparlechuckf: its is rather too much to pay both for codeweaver and office18:26
urgensometimes you will get the ear of someone interested and it shows up right away18:26
urgenapparle, use openoffice.org18:27
apparlehas anyone tried play on linux...18:27
urgenit does anything microsoft does18:27
qwerturgen: what you are suggesting iis fine as well18:27
qwerturgen: What? was that statement on me?18:27
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urgenI can't find how to make a shortcut???18:27
apparleurgen: I have tried it quite a lot... so I want MS office18:27
urgenopenoffice.org is for the "microsoft office" question18:27
urgenthen use Windows18:27
qwerturgen: I mean what you suggested is helpful :)18:27
urgenI hate Office18:27
apparleurgen: why18:28
urgenit is stupid18:28
urgentakes a half hour to find the simple easy change I want to make18:28
apparleurgen: you mean you hate the new interface?18:28
urgenthe new interface is horrible18:28
apparleurgen: it depends actually, I got used to it and now I can do things even faster18:29
chuckfapparle: you have very few choices here. Try to get wine to work for your MS Office, pay for codeweavers or use Windows18:29
urgenor virtualbox18:29
urgenand use a licensed windows in linux18:29
urgenwhich is also kind of stupid18:29
urgenjust get windows if you need it so bad18:29
apparleurgen: I am no M$ fan, but I agree on one thing, nobody beats MSoffice18:29
apparlenot so bad...18:30
apparlewas just wondering18:30
apparlewhich is better virtual box or vmware18:30
urgenboth get good reviews18:30
apparlehas anyone tried playonlinux?18:30
chuckfnever head of it18:30
apparlechuckf: google it18:31
chuckfapparle: why?18:31
urgen(maybe apparle is spam)18:31
chuckfwhat is it?18:31
apparleI am in this channel for 2 years..... how dare you call me spam18:31
apparlechuckf: supposed to be a collection of scripts to get office working in wine18:31
urgenthereya go18:32
apparleurgen: so I asking has anyone tried it18:32
chuckfapparle: well I have no interest in doing so, so I'm not going to search for it18:32
apparlechuckf: cool18:32
chuckfand again, that option leads you back to one of the three choices I mentioned before18:33
apparlewhich is better virtual box or vmware... or are there any other such softwares?18:34
chuckfits a toss of the coin which is better. Depends on the features you need. I tend towards vbox in almost every case for my uses18:35
cgahi all, i want to upgrade to maverick beta. update-amanger-kde and update-notifier-kde are installed but won't run from ALT+F2 (nor from console. comand not found). help please.18:36
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MirrakorIs Digikam part of the standard Kubuntu(LU)?18:37
gaudamirrakor: no you'll have to install it from repo18:39
cgagauda: any idea on my issue? please.18:40
gaudacga: why not apt-get install digikam18:41
cgagauda: uhu?18:41
Mirrakorgauda: Can you give me a ca. amount of MBs that I'll need to install digikam/dependencies?18:41
gaudacga: sorry this was for mirrakor18:42
cgaMirrakor: apt-get will tell you18:42
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
gaudamirrakor: well, apt-get sauys you'll need 14mb but i dont know if this is with dependencies18:42
MirrakorI guess no - think is I'm trying to create a live-usb-stick and I need to know in advance how much additional dependencies I'll need to create something called presistant memory :)18:43
MirrakorBut I guess, there's only try and find out :)18:43
gaudacga: sorry, no idea. did you try googling? shouldnt be so hard to do the upgrade18:44
gaudamirrakor: think so, too ;)18:44
=== peter is now known as Guest25874
gaudacga: did so for you: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta18:46
gaudaTo upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a desktop system, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d"18:47
cgagauda: do you read what people write when asks for help? anyway thanks for trying.18:48
urgen:-) no love18:49
gaudacga: which update-manager-kde18:51
cgagauda: the kubuntu one :P18:51
urgenalt f2 pulled up a panel thingy18:51
gaudano, run this on your command line. it will tell you where it is installed18:51
cgagauda: this is part of the problem (which i wrote above: command not found). so which won't return a thing.18:52
gaudawell then how do you know it is installed? apt-get says so?18:52
urgenfrom command line: locate update-manager18:53
urgenshows me /usr/share/update-manager18:53
cgagauda: i know because i reinstalled them already. and both apt-get and dpkg -l say so18:53
gaudai see, its the same on my machine18:54
urgenand.. when I type update-manager -h18:54
cgaok then it's not only my problem18:54
urgenI get: update-manager -h18:54
urgenThe program 'update-manager' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:18:54
urgensudo apt-get install update-manager18:54
cgaurgen: /usr/share/pyshared-data/update-manager-kde with locate18:54
urgenit's a sudo thing?18:54
urgenya update-manager-kde is not installed, I have help files only18:55
gaudawell, just installed update-manager18:56
gaudanow i can run update-manager -d to get the beta18:56
gaudaits not kde based, but i think it will work18:56
cgathat is a solution, but this got to be fixed.18:56
urgen:-) it does?18:57
cgawhat you think?18:57
urgenI never expect anything 'easy' to work ever18:57
cgai do since i did upgrade to lucid with it18:57
urgenit's cute sometimes, but next time it won't work18:57
cgaand you can keep "easy" for yourself18:57
urgentechnology changes too fast18:58
cgakind of18:58
gaudawell, cga please tell me if it worked for you :)18:58
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cgagauda: ok i will, but i want to get the intended package working as it should18:59
gaudai understand19:00
Guest60825anybody help me to configure serial mouse in kubuntu 10.04 LTS.19:02
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cgaGuest60825: what is a serial mouse?19:04
Guest60825a mouse connected to serial port19:05
cgaand why you use it? (say, instead of a ps2 or usb or anything newer than that)19:06
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cgai just want to understand eh19:06
Guest60825serial port19:07
cgathat doesn't tell much19:07
Guest60825com port in windows19:07
cgathat doesn't tell much either19:07
Guest60825ex: com1 ,com219:07
cgai asked you WHY use it19:07
cganot what is serial port19:07
Guest60825because my ps2 mouse complaint n i got a serial mouse from friend19:08
Guest60825its working fine in windows19:08
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
cgayou didn't try changing to a new ps2 ?19:08
cgawhat is the complaint there?19:09
Guest60825none of kubuntu versions i used are not detecting a mouse connected to serial port19:09
cganone of my neurons is going to be useful with your serial mouse problem, it is just absurd to want to use that when you have other options. i could understand if you ojnly had serial ports.19:10
Guest60825any experts here to help me?19:11
gaudaa cheap usb mouse costs 5 euros?!19:12
erigaisi bought mine on ebay for 30 cents and 2.95 shipping, USD19:12
Guest60825only 2 usb ports in my pc, old pc bought in year 199919:12
cgathat is understandable19:13
cgabut why not try another PS2 mouse?19:13
cgaand we get back tpo my question: what is the complaint there? is it the mouse? the port?19:13
Guest60825i have no much money since im a student19:14
cgadid you actually try another one?19:14
cgawe can understand that you can be poor dude. but please answer the question. you can find a ps2 mouse in every trash nowadays19:14
Guest60825yaa an old ps2 mouse is working but it has some complaints while scrolling19:14
erigaisare you also using a ps2 keyboard? try a ps2 keyboard in that hole to make sure your port is good19:15
cgai'll send it to you if you are in italy19:15
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Guest60825im in india19:15
cgaGuest60825: ok , scrolling is the problem.19:15
cgaboth on linux and windows?19:15
Guest60825actualy mouse is too old and internally damaged19:15
cgai see19:15
Guest60825ya both os19:16
cgaok then it's mouse hardware problem19:16
Guest60825ya right19:16
cganone of your friends can really give you a used ps2 mouse?19:16
cgabecause setting a serial mouse: 1) i don't know where to start. 2) it's going to be hard (i guess).19:17
Guest60825my friends are too students and they are useless ,they waste money only for alcohols19:18
cgaGuest60825: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto19:18
Guest60825but mine is kubuntu19:18
cgait's teh same19:18
cgathe "core" it's basically the same19:19
cgathey differ for interface a few tools19:19
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cgathey differ for interface and few tools19:19
Guest60825no . . .litle diffreces , i cant see a xorg.conf file in /etc/X1119:19
cgawhich version are you using?19:19
Guest6082510.04 LTS19:20
cgai see19:20
Guest60825any help in that site is not working for me, itried it earlier19:21
cgaGuest60825: try this http://onubuntu.blogspot.com/2010/05/getting-serial-mice-to-work-on-ubuntu.html19:21
Guest60825i may try but i think its for older releases19:22
cgaGuest60825: the date is May 2010. i think it's good for you19:23
Guest60825im gonna try it out . .19:23
cgagood luck19:23
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cgaGuest60825: i'm going for dinner, let me know if you managed19:28
elijahDoes Kubuntu have an official Twitter page?19:28
Guest60825ok c u later n thanx , im trying19:29
* BluesKaj wonders why kubuntu would need an official twit-ter page19:30
avihaytwitter is a type of RSS feed, right?19:33
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=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
sergiycan somebody help me translating kubuntu?19:39
erigaisfor putting in text or reading text?19:39
sergiyin programs19:39
erigaisi think it depends on the programs language settings19:40
erigaisdo you need someone who speaks the language to help you?19:40
sergiyno? i think english would be good enough19:40
sergiyi just have bugs in my translation and i'd like to correct it19:41
erigaisah.. i dont think i can be of much help sorry19:42
erigaisi thought you were talking about installing ibus or something19:42
elijahWhat is *ubuntu's name for the system tray (as Windows calls it)?19:45
erigaiskickoff application launcher?19:47
avihayelijah: system trey19:47
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avihaywell, atleast in kubuntu19:47
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Fleckmy xorg process takes 1.1GB of RAM19:50
elijahIs there a way to "minimize to system tray"?20:03
elijahI just lost all respect for Netflix, I knew they used Silverlight but when I was on XP that didn't bother me since most of my stuff was closed. But now, I just tried using Netflix and Silverlight is not supported for Linux, obviously. Moonlight is not an option since it lacks DRM. Now I am in a sticky position, give up my Netflix addiction or boot into XP every now and then?20:05
elijah^ Rhetorical question...20:06
v3nd3tta``give up Netflix addiction20:06
v3nd3tta``NEVER BOOT XP AGAIN20:06
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Buckyhi my composition is active but the bar is still grey. before this afternoon all was ok... i swear i didn't touch anything!20:08
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fadeyвем здрасти20:41
Tm_T!ru | fadey20:44
ubottufadey: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:44
apparleyay I got office 2007 working on kubuntu20:44
fadeyздесь по русски кто нить говорит?20:50
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dan_lGrrr.  Anybody want to guess why my laptop speakers dno't work on a fresh install?  headphones work.  Internal speakers do not.21:27
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binary1anyone know why importing bookmarks.html is not allowed from network drives?  I get an error msg box titled: Remote files not accepted... msg is:you can only select local files.  This same error occurs in konqueror and firefox using 10.0421:38
=== codolio is now known as dolio
dan_lthat _kind of_ makes sense binary21:44
dan_ljust move the file locally21:45
doheitrying to boot 10.04 live cd, getting "mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: input/output error" any ideas?21:53
gaudadohei: did you check for cd errors? there should be a menu point when booting the live cd21:54
doheiyes, i verified the cd and the iso21:54
doheii couldnt use the live cd for it though.... same problem21:54
gaudachecked the iso by md5sum?21:55
gaudawell, thats strange ;) i had good experience when using usb stick. did not burn a boot-cd for ages21:57
doheiheh, okay, thanks21:58
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:14
elijahhas anyone download the Android SDK on Kubuntu?22:16
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sea4everThe translator plugin in kopete does not work, any idea why? Maybe I'm missing a package it needs and it just won't say.23:09
=== alberson is now known as Alberson
zapperi cant get kopete to connect to WLM in Karmic23:24
andybikerHow can I get my local ip address?23:25
andybikergoogle is really slow!23:31
The_shark_001hello all23:39
andybikerNew problem. How do I configure firewall settings to allow samba shares?23:41
cato37i was talked into leaving blogspot and bought a domain name. what would be a good prog for making web pages (for a newbie)?23:48
j0hnnyG00dF3LLAkoi hai?23:51
j0hnnyG00dF3LLAanybody listening/?23:51

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