JoshBrownI don't get blueprints. When should a blueprint be created, and when should a bug be created?02:19
lifelessfor what projet02:23
lifelesspersonally, I don't use blueprints much/at all.02:23
lifelessbut different projects have different needs02:23
lifelessUbuntu is by far the heaviest user of blueprints02:24
JoshBrownlifeless: Oh, I'm part of a small project called Photostory, they seem to focus heavily on blueprints.03:00
JoshBrownI just can't get my head round them.03:00
wgrantI just had edge send me an incomplete page.03:16
wgrantAnd one of my API cronjobs just died similarly.03:16
wgrantSeems to be working OK now, though.03:16
lifelesswgrant: link glitch?03:34
wgrantlifeless: Hm?03:37
lifelesswgrant: did your internets go boom for a brief period03:47
wgrantlifeless: Well, the browser was on my laptop, and the API script is running in the UK... so I doubt it.03:48
lifelessme too03:49
lifelesshad to ask03:49
MTecknologyedge having issues?04:01
MTecknologyeh.. nvm04:01
wgrantlifeless: API script just did it again.04:32
micahglifeless: if I just had a bug timeout on edge that fits the title of bug 583553 happen, is the one filed sufficient?04:55
ubot5`Launchpad bug 583553 in Launchpad Bugs "Timeout accessing bug with lots of comments and attachments (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58355304:55
lifelessmicahg: whats the oops :)04:56
lifelessI /always/ want the oops04:57
micahgOOPS :)          OOPS-1716ED44604:57
lifelesslp seems sluggish right now,04:57
lifelessI'm going to poke at graphs and see if something is obviously wrong04:57
* micahg just got on from 3 days off, so I'm a little out of the loop04:57
lifeless600 lookups04:58
lifelessand many are memcached04:58
lifelessand many of those are 14ms or so04:58
lifelessmicahg: pleae file a new bug05:00
micahglifeless: will do, thanks05:00
lifelessmicahg: thats not 'many attachments'05:00
micahglifeless: I can't see the bug to tell :)05:00
lifelessmicahg: try now05:00
lifelessmicahg: it just worked for me05:00
lifelessanyhow, please file a bug05:00
* micahg tries in a new tab05:00
lifelessit looks like 'many bugtasks' to me.05:00
lifelessand 'many nominations'05:01
lifelessinclude your OOPS in there.05:01
micahgnope, timesout again on edge05:01
micahgnow I have 2 :)05:01
lifelessworked for me on edge, what can I say :)05:01
lifelessanyhow, OOPS shows:05:01
lifeless - clearly a problem05:01
lifeless - lots of repeated nearly-identical queries05:01
lifeless - fixables05:01
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humphreybcAnyone around who can help me with team mailing list privacy?09:28
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JoshBrownstaging.launchpad.net is down: "The staging server is currently getting a code and db update. If the situation persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode."10:11
wgrantJoshBrown: How long has it been saying that?10:17
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lifeless!ask | humphreybc10:36
ubot5humphreybc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:36
humphreybclifeless: I want to make our OMG! Ubuntu! team mailing list10:41
lifelesswe don't support changing the privacy of teams with list post creation.10:42
wgrantAlso, team privacy and mailing list privacy are linked.10:42
lifelessIts a valid bug that we don't support it, but technically, things blow up when we try, and noone has had time to fix it.10:42
humphreybcso how should I go about it?10:44
humphreybcrecreate a new ML?10:44
humphreybcchange to a google apps ML?10:44
lifelessI think you need a commerical entitlement as well to do private lists10:44
humphreybcwhat do you mean?10:44
LinuxJedi|awayanyone else getting this in Laundpad's bzr? "bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/: Unable to handle http code 503: Service Unavailable"11:55
LinuxJedi|awayboth me and Drizzle's build bots are seeing it today11:55
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JoshBrownwgrant: It's fixed now12:11
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VorpalWhat is the correct way to upgrade a launchpad repo from pack-0.92 to current format?16:13
Vorpalhm launchpad branch I guess rather16:14
ftagasp, the LP API is in a bad shape since yesterday. lots of IncompleteRead from lazr :(16:33
Vorpalbzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/: Unable to handle http code 503: Service Unavailable16:42
Vorpalworked on 5th retry16:42
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LinuxJedi|awayVorpal: yep, I've had that locally and the drizzle test servers have been getting that error all day18:08
VorpalLinuxJedi|away, managed to get the conversion from pack-0.92 to 2a done in the end though. It didn't error out every time. Just some 70% or such18:17
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shadeslayerhi i cant seem to be able to get maverick daily builds for one of my PPA's20:08
shadeslayerare those still disabled?20:09
shadeslayer^ that one20:10
shadeslayerill delete and try again20:11
shadeslayeri get OOPS-1716ED226420:11
slacker_nli have a package and it keeps building and building: https://launchpad.net/~wesleys/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building20:18
slacker_nlE: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes20:19
lifelessshadeslayer:   IntegrityError: update or delete on table "sourcepackagerecipebuild" violates foreign key constraint "sourcepackagerecipebuildjob_sourcepackage_recipe_build_fkey" on table "sourcepackagerecipebuildjob" DETAIL: Key (id)=(544) is still referenced from table "sourcepackagerecipebuildjob".20:59
lifelessshadeslayer: you might like to file a bug20:59
lifelessreferencing that OOPS20:59
=== lifeless changed the topic of #launchpad to: partial / slow pages being investigated | http://launchpad.net/ | Read https://help.launchpad.net/ for help | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: https://dev.launchpad.net/
shadeslayerlifeless: alright.. and yeah LP feels slow :(21:07
lifelessthere is something weird, in th eneighbourhood21:10
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lifelesslbieber: hi22:08
lifelesslbieber: what bzr symptoms were you experiencing22:08
lbieberlifeless: its very very slow and was periodically getting time outs22:23
lifelesslbieber: are you using edge or production ?22:23
lifelesslbieber: what was happening with bzr for you?22:23
lbieberlifeless :  using production22:23
Laneyyeah there's definitely a problem22:25
Laneypull-lp-source (downloading source packages from LP) is extremely slow22:25
lifelessLaney: does it make API calls?22:27
lifelessLaney: if so, what server is it using - lpnet or edge?22:27
Laneylifeless: yes, it uses edge22:31
lifelesscan you please get it to use prod ?22:31
Laneylifeless: yeah that's it, much better on production22:38
lifelessLaney: everything using lp should use production by default :)22:39
Laneyah, a crafty way to enforce this22:40
lifelesswell no22:40
lifelessits a serious issue22:40
lifelessbut whatever it is, could occur to prod too, so we're being careful to really get the guts of whats up22:40
lifelessLaney: anyhow, we're going to eliminate edge soon anyhow22:41
lifelessturn it into a massive redirect22:41
Laneyno more beta programme?22:41
lifelesswe'll still have beta programme22:41
lifelessbut it will be code based not branch based22:41
lifelessfew features actually go from start to finish in one month22:41
lifelessso we already hide them from lpnet when the first months worth of code is deployed there22:42
lifelesswe'll just start hiding by being in the beta group or not22:42
lifelessrather than on the edge url or not22:42
Laneymakes sense22:42
lifelesswe'll get much simpler production environment22:43
lifelesswith less ops-leve variation22:43
lifelessand we'll get fixes for timeouts and issues out to everyone much quicker (because we'll deploy to prod daily or so)22:43
Laneyit seems like there's a convoluted process to push rapid fixes out atm22:43
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lifelessits pretty straight forward but because its the exception not the rule its not as polished or easy, and its not the default22:44
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