bazhangKendalja, unetbootin00:01
bazhangunetbootin.sourceforge.net for windows, in the repos for ubuntu00:01
KendaljaI am in windows 700:01
bazhangKendalja, see above00:01
KendaljaI used unetbootin00:02
Kendaljabut got an error00:02
bazhangthen md5 the iso00:02
bazhangand 'reburn'00:02
Kendaljano an error when I booted00:02
penguin42what error?00:02
bazhangI know. md5 it00:02
KendaljaI will run again and see00:03
penguin42Kendalja: I've not used unetbootin (I've only done it from Linux) but if it gives an option to store persistent data, turn it off00:03
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Kendalja1on other machine here00:04
Kendalja1so when it finishes I can still talk00:04
Kendalja1 :P00:04
Kendalja1finishing up now going to reboot00:06
Kendalja1says default when I first boot00:08
Kendalja1then I get "no init found. Try passing init = bootarg.00:08
penguin42Kendalja1: Does it say anything above that?00:08
Kendalja1and Inope00:08
Kendalja1BusyBox v1.15.300:09
Kendalja1I am at a prompt00:09
Kendalja1think I might have it...00:10
Kendalja1or not00:10
bazhangKendalja1, what file system did you choose00:10
penguin42sounds like something related to etiher your iso download or the unetbootin thing, I've had a 32bit 10.10 beta usb thumb work OK for me today but that was written from Maverick00:10
bazhangthe alternate cd did that for me as well00:11
bazhangchoosing btrfs00:11
Kendalja1should I redownload the netbook iso?00:11
bazhangmd5 it00:11
Kendalja1in the dropdown for unetbootin there is no option for 10.1000:13
penguin42Which iso did you download?00:19
penguin42sounds reasonable (not tried netbook myself but still)00:20
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:20
Kendalja1md5 checks out00:22
Kendalja1I will try again and if not then I will download again....00:22
penguin42if md5sum says it's right it's right00:25
Kendalja1rebooting again00:25
Kendalja1when I boot to usb I get two options00:26
Kendalja1Default and ...back00:26
penguin42not sure what that is00:26
Kendalja1I will re d/l00:28
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KendaljaI will try 10.04 instead00:32
Kendaljainstead of beta00:32
Lars_GHas anybody noticed merkat significatively slower than Lucid on netbooks?00:51
Lars_Gis it debugging suymbols? or simply nos being larger?00:51
penguin42someone before was having speed issues (not sure if it was netbooks)00:51
Lars_GNetbook UI 3d, Netbook UI 2d and kde for netbooks are all slower, larger.00:51
penguin42what type of thing?00:51
Lars_Glet's see my cpu00:52
Lars_GOk both cores are working, and speed's not reduced so it's not that00:52
Lars_GAn offside comment. how do I change daemons run in each initlevel with upstart?00:54
bazhangis there method to remove the "sync with Ubuntu One' in the nautilus folder views?00:55
duffydackhide ribbons?01:24
bazhangokay thanks01:25
duffydacksorry for long response lol01:25
bazhangjust installed it, sorry for the laziness in not searching it out myself01:26
duffydacki`m not booted in it at the mo.. just something about ribbons...01:26
bazhangokay,will research. much appreciated duffydack01:27
bazhangKendalja, hi01:27
Kendaljatrying to install ubuntu01:27
bazhangKendalja, unetbootin still failing?01:28
Kendaljawell I am downloading 10.0401:29
duffydackgujin ftw01:29
Kendaljadl wont finish01:29
Kendaljasays 700mb of 700mb01:29
Kendaljabut sill going01:29
duffydackin browser?01:30
Kendaljafingers crossed01:30
Kendaljamaking it now01:30
Kendaljabootable flash drive01:30
duffydackI skip this part and just cat the iso across.. its just easier when working with changeable isos all the time01:31
duffydackI trust cat iso more than unetbootin or other program.01:32
duffydackKendalja, did you md5sum the iso first?01:33
Kendaljatrying again now01:34
Kendaljagot it!01:35
Kendaljaloading live version now off usb01:35
Kendaljashould run on a netbook ok eh?01:35
bazhangKendalja, sure. if 10.04 hop back to #ubuntu for support though, please01:37
Kendaljathis is for 10.10?01:38
bazhangthus the +101:38
Kendaljacan I upgrade to 10.10 later?01:38
bazhangof course you can01:39
Kendaljathanks for the help thus far guys01:39
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Sir_Brizzwtfh happened to the sun java package in 10.10?02:15
Quutarhello... I am running 10.10 desktop on an acer revo (aton cpu, ion gpu) with the nvidia restricted drivers...02:28
Quutarhow do I make it so that my gui, mouse, etc... are resitrcted to display :0.1 with out taking down my :0.0 display?02:29
QuutarI basically want one monitor to be the target output of mplayer, with all of my gui on the second monitor02:29
Quutarand while i can do that now... the "second" monitor (:0.0) has all the normal gui trappings, a menu, etc... and my mouse can wonder over to it02:30
bazhangQuutar, likely an irssi mistab02:33
Quutarwell... i installed 10.10 ... installed the nvidia binary drivers... did a system update with apt-get and then in the nvidia driver gui i enabled the second monitor (not with twin view, each as a seperate display)02:35
bjsniderSir_Brizz, that is normally added to the parter repo upon the actual release instead of during the dev cycle02:35
Sir_Brizzokay that makes sense02:35
Sir_BrizzI just used the id version for now02:35
Quutarso all that part is working.... now i want to do something "wierd" and don't know how02:35
Quutarbasically... i want my user experiance to be limited to one of my two monitors... while the second monitor be the targeted output of mplayer "DISPLAY=:0.0 mplayer file.mp4"02:38
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Quutarmeow? anything... does what I want to do sound possible... i am told by people more knoledgeable about linux that I it is possible, they just don't know how02:55
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coz_ah oh I just found that I cannot compile my alsa driver without errors  on maverick....ooo I have to look into this one03:22
crimsun_coz_: eh?03:27
crimsun_coz_: why do you need to compile your alsa driver, anyhow? :)03:27
coz_crimsun_,  well...although pulseaudio now recognizes my card for the first time03:27
coz_crimsun_,  it wont work with games and a few other applications  so03:28
coz_I compile it since there is alsa a mixer specifically for my card in the repositories03:28
coz_but on maverick it will not compile   I will have to try again to see what the errors are exactly03:28
crimsun_coz_: sorry, but I'm having problems parsing your previous sentence.03:29
crimsun_what does "since there is alsa a mixer" mean?03:29
crimsun_coz_: sorry, but I'm having problems parsing your previous sentence.03:29
crimsun_what does "since there is alsa a mixer" mean?03:29
coz_crimsun_,  one for echoaudio cards03:30
voidmagewhere did the samba right click->share in nautilus move to?03:30
crimsun_coz_: are you saying it isn't available in l-a-d-m available from https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=maverick ?03:31
crimsun_ah, I'll fix that ftbfs03:31
coz_crimsun_,    well I havent tried the ppa03:31
voidmageis it missing for anyone else?03:32
coz_crimsun_,  but I prefer compiling the driver ...it works far better than pulseaudio for me   so far anyway03:32
crimsun_coz_: mmkay, but that isn't really going to help us fix pulse [if there is something broken with pulse]03:33
coz_crimsun_,  this is true  ok  I will reinstall at some point...maverick...and go from there03:34
coz_I havent gone "pro audio" on linux yet anyway  so its not really absolutely important but I will eventually and for me.to do that .. I will most likely only want the compiled driver03:38
bjsnidercoz_, what's an echoaudio card? is it a particularly odious piece of crap or something good or somewhere in between?03:39
coz_bjsnider,  pretty much a pro audio card03:40
bjsniderso it's worth all the trouble?03:40
coz_bjsnider,  oh yeah for me it is indeed :)03:40
coz_bjsnider,    http://www.echoaudio.com/03:40
coz_bjsnider,  they have many newer cards there mine is a layla24 at this point03:41
bjsniderand they don't have much linux support at this point?03:41
crimsun_they do.03:42
coz_bjsnider,   the drivers are open source I believe03:42
crimsun_they are.03:42
crimsun_they're in the alsa tree proper and have been for many years.03:43
Quutarif I am running 10.10 desktop in a VirtualBox... how do I get the shared folders to work?03:43
bjsnidercoz_, maybe if you're creating audio with that card you should use jack instead of puse03:46
bjsnideror pulse03:46
coz_bjsnider,  yeah I can also do that ...at this point I am just happy the driver was compiling properly :)  I do most of the pro audio on windows  but really need to switch over to linux for this03:47
coz_bjsnider,  so that was my concern with the compiling on linus in maverick  but I will try again tomorrow to get the errors reported properly03:47
coz_linux not linus03:48
bjsnideryou can't do the pro audio on linux?03:49
coz_bjsnider,  yeah I can but I have been using the applications on window so long...I have to take time to learn the linux equivelents  ie  ardour etc  ... a bit of a learning curve03:50
coz_bjsnider,  at this point...there is nothing really important I have to do audio wise... well...I am creating sets of new sounds for ubuntu but not doing any real pieces at this point03:51
bjsnideri bet you could learn ardour if you took one weekend and spent every waking hour on it03:53
coz_bjsnider,  yeah  you are absolutely right :)  with support  etc etc I do ... I should take one weekend to work with it03:54
coz_bjsnider,  I will also probably want the low latency kernel at some point03:55
coz_rt kernel I believe it is labled now03:56
bjsniderrealtime yeah03:56
rippseverytime liboobs updates, i read it as lib-boobs03:57
coz_same here ^^ lol03:57
Quutarhow do I disable desktop compositing in ubuntu 10.10 desktop?04:01
coz_Quutar,  for compiz or metacity?04:02
coz_Quutar,  for compiz  it is /system/preferences/appearance   Visual effects tab  choose "None"04:03
coz_Quutar,  for metacity  open gconf-editor  maneuver to /apps/metacity/general and in right pane  disable compositing04:03
Quutarit was compiz04:05
coz_Quutar,  cool...why did you disable it??04:06
Quutarwas getting allot of tearing when playign back videos with mplayer and the vdpau video out04:08
Quutarnow... i think i see an occasional tear... but i can't be sure... before it was blatant and all the time04:09
coz_oh ok04:09
Quutarnow... i am running only one monitor with ubuntu... the second monitor is disabled... is there anyway I can bring it up so mplayer could use it as a display... but keep my normal gui out of it?04:11
Quutardoes that make sense? i want to enable my second monitor... but don't want the gnome gui and the mouse to go onto it04:12
toddcneed info toshiba nb205-210 under 10.04 had 4 minute boot time so I formatted tried 10.10 unr installer keeps freezing unless I tap buttons or mouse and still install fails any ideas?05:42
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eeeekyellowsnowfirefox not working, i just upgraded to 10.1006:06
eeeekyellowsnowwhat do i do? i removed icedtea plugin but it still won't start06:07
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Tsimsanyone have any idea why the ubuntu one music store rwont connect06:32
bazhangokay its in folder ubuntuone submenu hide ribbon06:42
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Leman_RussHi, I have a problem with SCIM and Anthy.07:45
Leman_RussI installed both, but I can not get Japanese input to work07:45
bazhang!info ibus-gtk07:46
ubottuibus-gtk (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.7-1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 76 kB07:46
bazhangLeman_Russ, you'd want that^^ as scim has been replaced by it07:47
Leman_RussI have ibus installed now07:47
Leman_Russhow do I access it?07:47
bazhangthen configure it with the proper language support packs07:47
bazhangadd it to top panel? then configure after installing ibus-kanji or whatnot?07:48
Leman_RussI got it!07:48
Leman_RussThanks so much!07:48
Leman_RussI never realised ibus replaced SCIM07:49
bazhangnot going to google translate that07:49
Leman_RussThanks.  I will pass this info about07:49
Leman_Russ..ahh, that just says 'thank you'07:49
bazhangI know, just kidding07:49
Leman_RussThanks again07:49
bazhangnp :)07:50
Leman_RussYou in the US_?07:50
Leman_RussAh, really?  I am in Japan07:50
bazhangyep but we're getting waaaay offtopic here07:51
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic is fine though07:51
Leman_RussRight, I will keep playing and see what other questions I can come up with!07:52
voidmagehuh i have an unkillable nautilus window08:13
voidmageif i close it it opens again08:13
voidmagehas anyone else ever seen that?08:14
bazhangvoidmage, not yet, it was thunderbird here08:15
voidmageyou close it and it reopens?08:16
bazhangvoidmage, try to, it comes back incessantly08:18
* zniavre is waiting for nvidia 173.14.xx update ...08:49
walterj89_Hey,  I'm trying to figure out utouch for a 3m touchscreen09:10
mrpis ubuntu one currently broken in the beta?09:41
zetheroodoes anyone here use gtk-recordmydesktop?09:43
AlanBellhi all09:46
AlanBellat the moment adobe-flashplugin is not available in the canonical partner archive, how do I file a bug about this?09:47
popey__AlanBell: i'd ask in -mout09:48
popey__er -motu09:48
AlanBellthe problem it causes is that if you get guided to the adobe site to install flash it tries to use apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$dist-partner09:48
popey__zetheroo: yes, i do09:48
AlanBellthanks popey__09:49
zetheroopopey__: I am wondering why the video file size is kinda random and why it takes so long to encode the video?09:49
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zetheroopopey: I recorded 3 videos each different in length ... 20 min vid is 104MB, 14 min vid is 43MB and the 10min vid is 20MB .... this just doesn't seem right to me ...09:50
popeyzetheroo: depends on the content I guess09:51
popeylots of still stuff vs lots of zooming in/out etc09:51
popeythe more complex the video the bigger the compressed file will be09:51
zetheroopopey: no zooming ... all capturing the exact same area and desktop09:52
popeyaudio too?09:52
zetherooall of them09:52
zetheroopopey: just the difference in time and size does not make much sense ...09:52
zetheroopopey: but the strangest thing is the amount of time it takes to encode the video ... I recall it being MUCH faster in previous releases09:53
zetherooI recently install Lucid fresh and have never seen it encode this slow09:53
popeyi wonder if maverick has the new09:54
popeyimproved ogg video encoder09:54
popeywhich is indeed slower but much better09:55
JoshuaLanyone else experiencing issue where gwibber does not remember the opened streams after a reboot?11:29
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robotti^_how good is that new ubuntu?12:36
robotti^_how stable it is?12:36
penguin42robotti^_: It's still got some problems, it's starting to get better12:37
robotti^_should I try it? :)12:38
penguin42robotti^_: If you did and it broke horribly could you recover?12:38
robotti^_maybe :)12:38
bullgard4_Empathy still does not perform file transfer correctly. Is this a known phenomenon?12:39
bullgard4_mrp: If you consider the last 24 hours as "currently", the answer is: No.12:40
AceKingI upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 on my Toshiba Laptop. Seemed like everything went well, but upon reboot it came up to a prompt to enter username and password. I entered it and it brings me to a command prompt. Is there any way to access the desktop at this point?12:47
penguin42AceKing: Sounds like a graphics driver type problem; what graphics card does it have?12:52
penguin42AceKing: If you're not sure then   lspci | grep -i vga   should give the answer12:53
realburbhi I have an odd problem with maverick: after rebooting, my PC changes drive numbers, what once was sda is now sdb and vice versa, what can I do to give the drives fixed names?12:54
BUGabundoman, I'm soooo fuuuu12:54
BUGabundoright now12:54
BUGabundocan't get my toshiba to boot from USB12:55
penguin42realburb: sda, sdb etc order hasn't been defined for 3 or 4 versions of ubuntu12:55
BUGabundowant to do a clean install of MM12:55
penguin42realburb: It does the initialisation in parallel; use uuid's or labels instead of the sd* names12:55
BUGabundothis shouldn't be happening12:55
realburbpenguin42 mhm can this somehow be combined with mdadm?12:55
penguin42realburb: Yeh, if you give mdadm the disks in /dev/disk/by-uuid then it'll work12:56
realburbpenguin42 thanks Ill try it12:56
penguin42realburb: And blkid can be used to figure out which one is which (as can udisks --enumerate-device-files12:57
AceKingPenquin, sorry I just went to get a cup of coffee.. Let me check13:02
realburbpenguin42 that would be /dev/by-uuid/a67dcb96-a9d2-5c10-9bfe-9c004878ee4b instead of /dev/sda1 right?13:02
BUGabundosudo ionice -c3 zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/maverick-dvd-amd64.iso.zsync13:02
BUGabundohere we go13:02
BUGabundoburning media cause stupid laptop won't boot from usb13:03
AceKingpenguin42, ATI RS780 MC13:04
AceKingpenguin42, is there anyway around that?13:07
BUGabundoisn't there a simple metapackage to take care of all TFTP stuff?13:14
penguin42realburb: Yeh something like that13:24
penguin42AceKing: I'm guessing you previously had the fglrx/proprietary drivers installed?13:24
AceKingpenguin42, yes13:25
penguin42AceKing: If so, it doesn't yet work on maverick, but the open source driver should be OK except for heavy 3d, first try just moving /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way and see if it works, if not then you'll need to remove any of the fglrx packages; you might be able to use the    jockey-text command to do that, or failing that remove the packages13:26
AceKingpenguin42, Thanks, I'll give it a try13:27
realburbpenguin42 works great now, thanks13:49
penguin42no problem13:49
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tekonivel^^desktop weirdness on Meerkat :\14:19
tekonivel^^warnings of not being able to contact gnome-settings-daemon are piling up in ~/.xsession-errors14:20
tekonivel^^plus plenty of these: "(mutter:30120): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-CRITICAL **: id_prop_update: assertion `priv->root != NULL' failed"14:21
BUGabundohttp://www.netboot.me/257001 eheh14:28
penguin42hmm Maverick!=10.0414:30
* BUGabundo tries to edit14:31
BUGabundodarn copy paste14:31
BUGabundothanks penguin4214:31
BUGabundoseems to me this is one of the nicest way to install and test stuff14:34
BUGabundoonly one media (one netbootme iso) and then just point to what ever conf you want14:35
BUGabundoeven your own14:35
BUGabundojpds: what's the fastest oficial mirror close to portugal?14:37
BUGabundoyou said the other day pt.ubuntu was limited14:37
lotuspsychjehi all14:41
lotuspsychjeanyone got STA broadcom wifi drivers?14:41
lotuspsychjemaverick doesnt install it by default14:42
duffydackthe only one that installs and works for me.14:50
lotuspsychjethe strange thing is, that driver is on the install cd14:50
duffydackboth are14:50
lotuspsychjewondering why it doesnt install by default14:51
duffydackbecause you have a choice between b43 and sta14:51
duffydackand sta is non-free14:51
lotuspsychjeall the rest works fine for me on maverick14:52
lotuspsychjesystem halt@ 4sec14:52
lotuspsychjeits really fast14:53
lotuspsychjeon SSD drive14:53
AceKingpenguin42, I had to boot in using a 10.04 Live CD. I renamed the xorg.conf file and restarted my laptop. Everything appeared a lot smaller visually, but I still came to the prompt for my username and password. Same thing, went to the command prompt. I rebooted back into 10.04 and tried using "jockey-text" but I'm getting nowhere with that. If I'm in Live CD, how do I remove the fglrx packages?14:54
penguin42why did you go to the live cd ?14:54
AceKingpenguin42, so I could rename the .conf file14:55
lotuspsychjewhat the hotkey to enter grub at boot on maverick?14:55
penguin42AceKing: But I thought you said you could log in on the installed version at the text prompt?14:55
charlie-tcalotuspsychje: hold the shift key14:55
penguin42lotuspsychje: Shift14:55
penguin42lotuspsychje: *right* after the bios14:56
lotuspsychjeok tnx alot14:56
AceKingpenguin42, It asks for my username and password, when I enter them it brings me to a command prompt and wont go any further14:56
penguin42AceKing: But it gives you a $ prompt ? and you can issue normal commands like ls etc there?14:57
AceKingpenguin42, yes14:57
penguin42ok, so you don't need the rescue disk14:58
penguin42AceKing: So lets just check the xorg.conf, at that $ prompt if you do   ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf does it say it's not found ?14:58
AceKingpenguin42, it says "No such file or directory"15:00
penguin42AceKing: try sudo jocket-text -l15:00
* penguin42 admits at this point to not having used jockey before and normally doing this with dpkg, but if jockey can be made to work it's probably safer15:00
AceKingpenguin42, it says "warning, could not open display warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.warning15:02
penguin42is that all it says?15:03
AceKingpenguin42, Sorry, I didn't see the line above.. "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py57:gtkwarnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.warning)15:05
penguin42AceKing: OK, lets give up on jockey and do it the old-school way   -  dpkg -l \*fglrx\*15:05
AceKingpenguin42, Ok, it brought up a whole bunch of stuff. Name version description15:07
AceKingpenguin42, First line after I typed and hit enter says: Desired=Unknown/install/remove/purge/hold15:10
AceKingpenguin42, do you need me to type out all of it?15:10
penguin42AceKing: OK, just do it again slightly different, dpkg -l | grep ^ii      now for each line you should get something like     ii   fglrx-something  description version15:11
lotuspsychjeis there a way to backup wifi drivers on usb stick in .deb?15:12
AceKingpenguin42, Ok, that just ran pages of stuff for about 5 seconds15:13
penguin42AceKing: Oops, I know why15:13
penguin42AceKing: dpkg -l \*fglrx\* | grep ^ii15:13
penguin42that should only have 2 or 3 lines15:13
AceKingpenguin42, I ran the fist one again and I got 3 things with ii15:14
AceKingpenguin42, fglrx 2:8.723.1-0ubuntu415:15
penguin42ok, great now do apt-get remove fglrx15:16
AceKingpenguin42, Ok, that just completed15:20
penguin42AceKing: OK, reboot and there's a 50/50 chance it might start X15:20
AceKingpenguin42, you are a genius! IT WORKED!!!15:22
penguin42Hey no problem15:23
AceKingpenguin42, Thank you so much for your help15:23
penguin42no problem15:23
zj3t3mjuI have one package in maverick15:25
zj3t3mjubut it need to rebuild to work (just that)15:25
zj3t3mjubut I also release 0.5.1 (from 0.5)15:26
zj3t3mjuwill it be in 10.10?15:26
zj3t3mjuif that I won't need to request rebuild15:27
penguin42zj3t3mju: Pretty much all the package versions have settled down, some might get updated for release but it'll be unusual15:27
BUGabundofor the 1st time I'm seeing IO on this SSD15:33
BUGabundocopying 11GB of photos from an usb external 5400disk to then internal ssd15:33
zj3t3mjupenguin42: thanks15:35
* penguin42 has just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/63641815:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 636418 in jockey (Ubuntu) "update should clean up/warn about jockey" [Undecided,New]15:45
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Dinkhmm with the latest updates X freezes often and all I see in the Xorg logs are ... (EE) intel(0): Couldn't create pixmap for fbcon16:01
penguin42hmm not good16:03
DinkYeah, haven't had an issue in the past. Even during the crazy Xorg upgrade period.16:03
Dinkha using term makes it worse for some reason. Kinda hard to look at the logs for relevant info to file a bug when it hangs while you are trying to use it.16:16
Machtinhttp://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-Asus <- i'm pretty sure i have xonar dx, but alsamixer says "AV200" - why's that?16:22
penguin42Machtin: My guess is that a Xonar DS is a board/motherboard/marketing name for somethign which nhas an AV200 chip on wired in a particular way16:24
penguin42sorry, DX16:24
Dinkhmm the other interesting part I don't think there was any updates to xserver-xorg-video-intel recently16:24
Machtinpenguin42: but, on that alsa-site i posted it says it has a av100-chip, not av200?16:27
penguin42Machtin: Hmm so it does16:27
penguin42Machtin: OK, I don't know the Asus/Xonar stuff, but  1) That page could just be wrong, 2) It's not too unusual for vendors to change stuff and keep the same marketing name16:28
Machtini see.16:28
Machtinjust thought it might be a lead on why my sound's b0rked.16:29
penguin42If you see Crimsun around he's the sound guru16:29
Machtinah, nice to know :)16:29
eponymI just installed 10.10 and I have the mouse sensitivity and acceleration cranked all the way down, but I'd like it even lower. It isn't too fast where it's at, but anything higher than the lowest setting is.16:33
penguin42eponym: OK, I'd submit a bug against the setting thing that adjusts it, you might be able to fiddle in gconf to set it slower16:37
eponympenguin42: thanks! where in gconf should I be looking?16:39
penguin42eponym: Try /desktop/gnome/periphers/mouse16:40
penguin42hmm htat's only really acceleration not base speed16:40
eponymIt's a Logitech bluetooth wireless mouse, if that's any help.16:42
penguin42eponym: Well, I'd try tweaking the values in there - possibly keep that open while you've got the gui open you should see which value changes16:44
eponymI see, the sensitivity setting is having no effect, but if the acceleration is higher than the lowest setting it is too fast. I'm seeing similar bug reports to this.16:46
eponymIf I make changes to my xorg.conf, what do I need to do to get them to take effect?16:55
Ian_cornesudo service gdm restart should take care of it16:56
penguin42restart X16:56
eponymRight, thanks.16:56
voidmagedoes anyone else have a problem with a window when they close it it reopens?17:06
voidmagefor me it's a nautilus window, for someone else it's thunderbird17:06
=== Sary is now known as S|away
penguin42voidmage: No, that's a bit weird17:16
voidmagepenguin42: any ideas? the window this is happening to me with was saved in a session save17:17
voidmageand i forget how to remove it from my session save17:17
penguin42well system->preferences->start up applications let you remove some stuff, but it's not really the same - for example it doesn't list the terminal that it's saved17:18
voidmagei guess i could hand remove it from ~/.config/session-state...17:19
rblsthello all17:22
voidmageoh god that was not the best idea17:22
voidmagenow i have infinitely spawning nautilus processes17:22
rblstdoes 10.10 have multitouch support for synaptic touchpads?17:23
rblstif yes, can it be set up in 10.04 somehow?17:23
charlie-tcarblst: I think it does, but not yet17:30
rblstcharlie-tca, cool, thanks17:32
jpdsBUGabundo: Fastest mirror close to Portugal?17:40
jpdsBUGabundo: Probably the Spanish ones.17:40
BUGabundodone now17:40
BUGabundoset up to use mirrors17:40
DaekdroomI don't like using mirrors in development versions17:40
BUGabundoDaekdroom: then get out of here17:41
jpdsI do, they just work.17:41
BUGabundoand when they don't, we blame jpds17:41
DaekdroomSometimes they lag behind too much17:41
DaekdroomSpecially because the development versions gets new packages everytime17:41
jpdsDaekdroom: Most of them are set to update every six hours, is that not enough for you?17:42
Daekdroomjpds, it has proven to not be enough 2 or 3 times in the past, but every six hours sounds reasonable..17:43
jpdsDaekdroom: Ah, you're based in Brazil, there are two mirrors that update every 6 hours there. :)17:45
jpdsbr.archive.u.c being one of them.17:45
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=== Seeker` is now known as Guest11365
tgpraveenis it just me or do bubble notifications dont work well with empathy18:13
nanomadwhich is the correct channel to help devs triage xorg bugs in maverick?18:13
kulightany one managed to get compiz 0.9 working on 10.10?18:23
tgpraveenis it just me or do bubble notifications dont work well with empathy18:27
penguin42kulight: The question is normally related to exactly which graphics card/driver is used18:37
kulightpenguin42: 8600gt18:37
penguin42kulight: So do you have the proprietary drivers installed (I'm an ATI user)18:38
kulightpenguin42: yes  i also got compiz to install but i get no effects at all (and no copositing) when rebooting to compiz 0.918:39
kulightalso no windows decoration18:39
penguin42do other 3d things work?18:39
penguin42e.g. something simple like glxgears18:40
kulightpenguin42: no, screenlets stops working correctly18:40
penguin42Sounds like the proprietary driver isn't that happy - can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:41
penguin42although as I say I'm not an Nvidian, maybe there is one around18:41
kulighti removed compiz 0.9 so ill hve to find the correct log...18:42
penguin42compiz won't make any difference to the Xorg.0.log18:42
kulightpenguin42:  when using compiz 8.6 evrything works18:46
penguin42o hok, so it sounds like compiz is broke not the X server then18:46
kulightpenguin42: i got nothing i the logs18:46
kulightpenguin42: that was my line of thought18:46
penguin42hey well, the maverick one is 0.86 isn't it?18:47
=== Guest11365 is now known as Seeker`
kulightyes ill keep using it for now18:50
=== shadeslayer is now known as evilshadeslayer
Dinkhmm yeah gnome-terminal is causing X to hang interesting. I just went 2 hours fine and once I opened up terminal and starting moving it around, typing etc BAM19:05
Dinkls -lrt19:05
lotuspsychjelotuspsychje@RooTBoX:~$ uname -a19:24
lotuspsychjeLinux RooTBoX 2.6.35-19-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Sun Aug 29 06:34:38 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:24
lotuspsychjeyow dupondje19:49
lotuspsychjeyou should try maverick 64 bit mate19:54
SaguaroI'm on 10.10 64-bit19:54
lotuspsychjesystem halt@4sec19:54
lotuspsychjeyes me219:54
lotuspsychjeits all working19:55
lotuspsychjeflash, compiz, full effects19:55
pavpanchekhahelp with lvm?19:55
penguin42lotuspsychje: Out of interest what's the system/graphics card/etc19:55
penguin42that's very purple19:56
lotuspsychjeis there a terminal command for that pengiun4219:56
penguin42pavpanchekha: What's up?19:56
penguin42lotuspsychje: Well I guessed you would know, lspci would be a start19:56
Saguarohaha, that screenshot makes me realize I need higher resolution monitors19:57
Saguarorunning at 1440x900 sucks19:57
alex_mayorgais Bug #581385 alive on Meerkat?19:57
pavpanchekhapenguin42: I'm trying to set up the beta with lvm19:57
penguin42bug 58138519:57
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/581385)19:57
pavpanchekhapenguin42: it fails into a busybox shell19:57
pavpanchekhapenguin42: LVM is not present in the busybox19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 581385 in nouveau-firmware (Ubuntu) "nouveau doesn't work on a Sony VAIO VPCCW (GT 230M)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58138519:57
lotuspsychje01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS780M/RS780MN [Radeon HD 3200 Graphics]19:57
penguin42pavpanchekha: Hmm that sucks; was that from the alternate or main cd ?19:58
pavpanchekhapenguin42: main19:58
pavpanchekhaI installed from the live and then chrooted in to install lvm19:58
pavpanchekhapenguin42: it was a live CD, don't know if that changes things19:58
penguin42pavpanchekha: So you did live, did the lvm yourself and then told it to just install ?19:58
pavpanchekhapenguin42: My lvm partitions were already set up19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: I installed lvm on the live19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: installed to lvm19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: that worked flawlessly19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: and then chrooted in to install the lvm2 package19:59
penguin42pavpanchekha: Ah OK, hmm - you might try to update the initrd's and grub now you've installed the lvm package19:59
penguin42pavpanchekha: update-initramfs -k all -u19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: uhuh19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: umm19:59
pavpanchekhapenguin42: It doesn't want to update initramfs on a read-only medium20:00
pavpanchekhapenguin42: the problem, perhaps?20:00
penguin42pavpanchekha: Hmm hang on this is tricky, you're going to have to boot from the livecd, get lvm going and mount the root and boot filesystems (and proc and sys) and chroot into them and try and do that20:00
pavpanchekhapenguin42: One sec, I'll boot back into the live CD to test your command20:00
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alex_mayorgapenguin42: does the GT 230M card work?20:00
penguin42alex_mayorga: Don't know - I don't do Nvidia, but I think some people have had Nvidia working20:01
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alex_mayorgapenguin42: thanks20:02
alex_mayorgaother horrific things that might happen?20:02
penguin42pavpanchekha: My guess is that the suggested way to do lvm would be from the alternate CD, but I run a normal / and just use lvm for extras20:03
alex_mayorgahow can I setup X to fall back in case something goes awry?20:03
penguin42alex_mayorga: I'm not sure if it's fixed but with the closed nvidia drivers there was a thing you had to put an IgnoreABI in the xorg.conf to load the older drivers - that was a few weeks ago20:03
BUGabundoanyone here ever installed crashplan? it can't find java in MM20:05
BUGabundoguess it doesn't like openjdk-6-jre20:05
penguin42alex_mayorga: Put a large paper bag over your head and DON'T PANIC20:06
penguin42other than that, you could try asking here20:06
alex_mayorgapenguin42: :D20:06
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: http://bcrashplan.com/20:07
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: http://crashplan.com/20:07
=== JoshuaP is now known as Guest22275
BUGabundoits a close source paid backup service20:07
pavpanchekhapenguin42: Sorry about leaving, I have only 1 internet connection for both the desktop I'm rescuing and the laptop I'm using [bleh]20:07
lotuspsychjeon a edu line :p20:07
pavpanchekhapenguin42: what was the command? `update-initramfs -k all -u`?20:09
penguin42pavpanchekha: Yeh I think that has a chance20:09
pavpanchekhapenguin42: rebooting I go!20:09
=== Guest22275 is now known as thatjoshdood
=== thatjoshdood is now known as Guest66327
pavpanchekhapenguin42: It worked, and you now have my infinite gratitude20:11
pavpanchekhapenguin42: Please leave an address or telephone number and our agents will ship it to you within 10-12 business days20:12
sevenseekeranyone have a ATI Radeon HD 4650 or that series and have it working with 10.10?20:13
penguin42pavpanchekha: So just checking, your lvm partitions were there already, you installed and then chroot'ed in to add lvm packages?20:13
penguin42sevenseeker: I have the HD4350 which I think uses the same drivers20:13
penguin42pavpanchekha:Hmm, I'm trying to think whether it should have done the update-initramfs for you20:14
sevenseekerpenguin42, hello again :) are you using the latest fglrx or the radeon drivers?20:14
penguin42sevenseeker: Radeon drivers plus the latest mesa from sarvatt/mesa ppa20:14
pavpanchekhapenguin42: When I chrooted in, I mount -o bind'd /proc, /dev, and /sys20:14
pavpanchekhapenguin42: So it might have detected that I was on read-only media20:14
sevenseekeraha, that could be my problem then...20:14
pavpanchekhapenguin42: And refused to regenerate teh initramfs20:14
sevenseekerno mesa20:14
penguin42sevenseeker: I only put those in because other wise I get a load of weird flickering on 3d games20:15
lotuspsychjesevenseeker my HD3200 ati worked by default, no alternate drivers20:15
penguin42pavpanchekha: But didn't you have to chroot to get the lvm2 installed anyway?20:15
penguin42lotuspsychje: If you run google earth or assaultcube do you get flickering?20:15
sevenseekerpenguin42, ahh... well when I mv my xorg.conf it reconfigures or attempts to, and hangs20:15
duffydacksevenseeker, 4650, working.20:15
pavpanchekhabut as part of the apt-get, even though it might have wanted to update-initramfs, that would have failed20:15
lotuspsychjepenguin42: lemme go check20:16
penguin42sevenseeker: I don't have an xorg.conf20:16
duffydacksevenseeker, no xorg.conf, just works OOTB.20:16
pavpanchekhapenguin42: just update-initramfs failed (I tried that)20:16
penguin42pavpanchekha: OK, the -u is update and the -k all does all kernels20:16
pavpanchekhapenguin42: somehow, the arguments you gave forced it to update it20:16
pavpanchekhapenguin42: uhuh20:16
pavpanchekhapenguin42: ok, hmm20:16
sevenseekerduffydack: hmmm, I updated 3 days ago and have stayed current but I get errors, lemme pastebin them real quick (gotta transfer)20:16
pavpanchekhapenguin42: I'm offline for a sec again20:18
* penguin42 is going20:18
duffydacksevenseeker,  you upgraded from lucid?  well, I dont know then, this is fresh.. I cant stand upgrades.. pff20:18
* penguin42 has to go and turn his brain off and watch some TV, other wise I won't sleep properly!20:18
sevenseekerduffydack: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/261102/20:19
sevenseekerduffydack: that is my next step20:19
duffydackyou upgraded while using the fglrx driver though didnt you.20:20
sevenseekerduffydack: yes, however I since purged it and installed the latest driver (by creating a maverick package from the binary installer from ati)20:21
duffydackstick with free driver till fglrx becomes stable/packaged20:22
ChogyDanhmmm, my upgrade is locked up20:22
sevenseekerok, not sure how to do that though... deleting xorg.conf and doing startx (or rebooting) causes a blank screen20:23
ChogyDanmissing window borders, any ideas?20:23
sevenseekerthat I can't ctrl-alt-F# to a term20:23
duffydackChogyDan, using compiz?20:23
ChogyDanduffydack: I wasn't, but I can't really check20:23
duffydackChogyDan, I sometimes get booted into a desktop with no window controls/border, I have to reload compiz20:24
ChogyDanduffydack: yeah, but this is happening mid -upgrade20:25
duffydackhappens in lucid as well.. that and another little bug they dont seem to wanna fix20:25
duffydackNot sure then.  I stay away from upgrades.  not worth my time.20:25
lotuspsychjecoompiz never workd better for me20:25
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ChogyDanoh well, I don't think compiz is running: ps aux | grep compiz turned nothing20:26
duffydackpgrep -l 'compiz'20:27
alex_mayorgalooks like I have a "gift" to pick video cards bug 57612520:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576125 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "[RC410] Radeon X200m poor graphics performance with KMS+DRI" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57612520:31
ChogyDanhah!  the problem was that there was a popup about grub and a device.map.  Metacity is crashed, so I couldn't click.  But I was able to use ctrl+c within the terminal window of upgrade manager...20:32
=== virtuald_ is now known as virtuald
alex_mayorgahow many betas would happen?21:02
alex_mayorgalet's see how the beta fares now21:04
duffydackanyone thinking oct 10th wont be the release date.21:04
alex_mayorgaduffydack: it will be, SABDFL said so21:08
sevenseekeralex_mayorga, what does the SA stand for?21:09
duffydackI just dont want em to rush out something..21:09
duffydackits a lot earlier on in the month than previous releases, is it not21:09
Daekdroomduffydack, the point is not having to rename future versions if they delay them21:14
duffydack10.10.10 it is then :021:16
alex_mayorgaduffydack: our dictator, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Shuttleworth#Involvement_in_Linux_and_FOSS21:18
duffydackI guess there wont be any issues come release day, due to the gap between lucid-maverick isnt as wide as with karmic-lucid, in terms of tech21:19
duffydackanyhoo.. Anyone else using empathy and it only displaying notification when you actually view the message thats waiting.21:22
lotuspsychjeyes duffydack same here21:22
lotuspsychjenew message pops up but no tray icon21:23
duffydackerm.. with me its showing message in the message menu, and the contact list is flashing it, but when I view the message, its only then I get the indicator bubble displaying the message21:25
pavpanchekhaNVidia problems, who should I ask?21:30
pavpanchekhaI installed nvidia-current and now my monitor declares "Out of Range"21:31
pavpanchekhaNvidia issues help, anyone?21:33
jpdspavpanchekha: Try #ubuntu-x21:34
lotuspsychjeduffydack: disable 'show incomming messages in menu'21:35
alex_mayorgapavpanchekha: what's the faulty card?21:35
=== Daviey_ is now known as Daviey
duffydacklotuspsychje, that makes it show the fancy onsceen bubble but also now shows me the window21:37
duffydackthe point of me wanting the message show in indicator style bubble is to not see the window until I want to21:38
duffydacknevermind..  its fine in lucid.. and this is just  test install.21:40
ramburgsunhi 2 all. I can not create a bootable flash Maverick beta and daily build. I tried ultraiso and Universal-USB-Installer and fix syslinux.cfg. What is the problem? sorry for my english21:45
yongramburgsun, unetbootin works for me to create maverick liveusb21:46
slipperychicken<3 unetbootin21:47
duffydackiso`s ftw21:47
ramburgsunit should rename the isolinux-> syslinux manually?21:48
duffydackgujin loader and a few partitions for each iso I cat over, all I use these days.,21:57
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: I have a 7600 GT21:58
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: At this point, if I could switch to a different driver, I'd be happy21:58
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: Alternatively, if I could figure out how to get xrandr to fix it21:58
alex_mayorgapavpanchekha: what's the driver that doesn't work21:58
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: I just installed nvidia-current from the restricted driver manager21:59
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: how do I get the version?21:59
magicianlordinstall it from synaptic21:59
magicianlordand then run from root, "sudo nvidia-xconfig"21:59
pavpanchekhamagicianlord: That worked!22:00
pavpanchekhamagicianlord: Thanks!22:00
alex_mayorgapavpanchekha: can you summarize for me please? about to restart into 10.10 with nvidia card22:06
pavpanchekhaalex_mayorga: I did what magicianlord said (nvidia-xconfig) and it worked22:07
alex_mayorgapavpanchekha: aptitude install first?22:08
magicianlordit should be better documented.22:08
magicianlordafter nvidia drivers are installed (sudo apt-get install nvidia-current), you need to configure x (sudo nvidia-xconfig) and log out and back in.22:09
bjsniderjockey installs the xorg.conf file for you in a way that's compatible with ubuntu22:10
bjsnideri'm not as confident in nvidia-xconfig22:10
ramburgsunI try with unetbootin. Startup endless reading flash (_8 (|)22:12
magicianlorddoes it? then use that. from what i remembered, i had to run xconfig either way22:12
bjsniderit's easy to check for the existence of xorg.conf and its contents before rebooting22:13
magicianlorddebian does document a manual way of configuring xorg.conf with nvidia22:15
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest65204
alex_mayorgawell my dist-upgrade is done, final tips to try recovery if something goes awry?22:33
magicianlordrestoring xorg.conf22:35
magicianlordis everyone enjoying maverick so far?22:52
Sir_Brizzfor the most part, yes22:55
duffydackbugs still, but it will be installed in place of lucid soon enough22:55
magicianlordit's almost time for a reinvention of the desktop managers23:07
linkinxI am following this bug, and deleting "ui" is not helping.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/+bug/60838223:09
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/608382)23:09
alex_mayorgahello all!23:18
alex_mayorgaback up and running23:18
alex_mayorgastill no way to dismiss all notification from the green folder thingie?23:22
alex_mayorgaerr, green envelope23:23
SalminenHello. I was guided to try 10.10 after 10.04 for some reason lacked the gfx drivers for my laptop. I did, but apparently i must have downloaded the wrong version since i have no GUI, just command line interface.23:26
SalminenHow can i change to the correct version now, using the command line?23:27
Salminen(if i can)23:27
alex_mayorgaSalminen: what's your card23:28
Salminenwish i could say, some sis graphics chip23:28
Salminenesprimo mobile v551523:28
Sir_BrizzSalminen: you should be able to install ubuntu-desktop23:29
Salminenhmm sorry for being such a noob but using which command?23:29
Salminensudo apt-get?23:29
Sir_Brizzsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:29
Salmineni'll see if that works23:29
Salminenubuntu-desktop is already up-to-date23:30
Sir_Brizztry sudo gdm restart23:30
Salminen(for some reason it's in finnish, my translation might be lacking)23:30
Salminenfailed to acquire org.gnome.displaymanager23:31
Salminenwish i was paying more attention when installing this23:31
Salmineni used sudo update-manager -d in my 10.04 terminal and installed the 10.10 from there23:32
Salminenim confused as to what i might have done wrong to install the incorrect version23:32
alex_mayorgahow borked is nvidia-current using jockey?23:33
Sir_Brizzalex_mayorga: it worked for me23:34
Sir_BrizzSalminen: try this23:34
Sir_Brizzsudo aptitude update23:34
Sir_Brizzthen sudo aptitude safe-upgrade23:34
alex_mayorgaSir_Brizz: thanks! What card?23:34
splashotehi, ambiance maverick-beta stopped workind, the configurator says it's not installed, there is a conflict with phase-themes, which i don't find as a package. what can i do?23:34
Salminen0 packages 0 newly installed 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded23:35
Salminenso it ran a check and ended up doing nothing23:35
Sir_Brizzis it checking the maverick repositories?23:35
Salminenbtw i tried to just use gdm, said something about connection not allowed in security policy23:35
Salminenyeah it is23:36
Salminenthere's at least four option in grub about which ubuntu to run, could i just be running the wrong one?23:36
Salminen(propably not)23:36
Sir_Brizzit's possible23:37
Salminenand all this started from me wanting to upgrade my 9.04 to 10.04 while i was playing a game23:39
Salminendamn fujitsu laptops23:39
Salmineni found the GUI version i think23:39
Salminenfor some reason it was in the middle of multiple other options23:39
Salminenwell i quess that means it works23:40
Salminenstill no drivers for my gfx chip though23:40
Salminenjust flashing white and black on the screen, propably getting the pop-up about "low graphics mode" soon - i hope23:40
Salmineni quess i'll have to format and reinstall older version, it worked fine in 9.04 and 9.1023:41
Sir_Brizzyou might want to try something like that23:42
Salminentried running recovery mode, instead of flashing balck and white i get blue, red, white and black23:51
Salminenit's an improvement23:51
magicianlordi wonder if qwebirc works on kindle then23:52
sevenseekerduffydack: so I installed from scratch... video is beautiful now :)23:57

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