ubern00bHello! I'm having grub trouble. When I boot I get to a grub prompt, it says "grub>". How do I get it to boot Ubuntu?00:24
uchobbyNot an expert ubern00b, but I am looking it up for you.00:26
uchobbyhow did you end up at the prompt rather then booting?00:27
uchobbythere seems to be instructions about 2/3rd down under Command line, you are at the probt so skip to step 5.00:28
uchobbyI'm no expert, have only done simular thing once, but I would like to know how it goes for you00:29
duanedesignubern00b: yep the link uchobby popsted is a good one00:48
uchobbyhave not herd from ubern00b, wonder if he's trying00:49
aveilleuxuchobby: Evidently01:01
uchobbywhen you use VMWare, to run Ubuntu on Win7, and you have a shared dir setup, where does that show up in Ubuntu? I dont see the dir there.01:04
aveilleuxushobby: You have to connect to it. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-share-folders-with-your-ubuntu-virtual-machine-guest/01:08
uchobbythanks aveilleux, looking now01:10
uchobbyworking now, thanks aveilleux01:23
aveilleuxNo problem, uchobby01:23
meindian523uh sorry duanedesign went off to sleep01:24
* meindian523 checks links duanedesign provided01:24
tcm5025anyone know how i could solve an issue with a blank screen at startup?02:32
stlsainttcm5025: blank screen as in no grub or ....?02:32
tcm5025well it's the only os on here, so i dunno if i'll see the grub screen02:33
tcm5025i had to d/l the alternate installer to be able to install the os at all02:33
tcm5025and now it just does the same thing it did when i tried to run the regular installer02:33
tcm5025it goes blank after the ubuntu logo comes up02:33
tcm5025got any idea??02:34
stlsainttcm5025: yea boot into the livecd and check to see if you are using xorg or not02:37
tcm5025what do you mean xorg?02:46
stlsaintshoudl be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:47
aveilleuxstlsaint, tcm5025: The newest version of Ubuntu doesn't use that anymore02:48
stlsaintaveilleux: true but he may need to02:51
aveilleuxstlsaint: xorg.conf is completely ignored now, to my knowledge.02:52
stlsaintaveilleux: what release of ubuntu are you referring to?02:53
aveilleuxstlsaint: 10.04. I've never been able to get an xorg.conf to stick.02:53
stlsaintaveilleux: well i have used it to trouble shoot 10.10 so i know it is still viable to 10.04 ;)02:54
stlsaintin 10.10 i had a video issue..by removing xorg i was able to get down to the generic driver and wait for the next major update to fix my nvidia issue02:55
stlsaintthats why i ask if xorg is there or not so if it causing issues you can move it to xorg.conf.old or .bak and let the generic driver come into play02:56
phillwaveilleux: IIR, xorg.conf is still read if it exists02:56
stlsaintaveilleux: ^^^02:56
phillwit is not auto generated, as most of the time it is no longer needed02:56
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stlsaintaveilleux: thus it is still useful in some cases ^^02:58
stlsainttcm5025: poke03:11
taboc741I've been looking around and can't seam to find any pre-compiled drivers and software for the Clear usb modems.  Has anyone been terribly successful at getting ubuntu online via Clear?04:48
stlsainttaboc741: sorry i have not04:49
stlsainttaboc741: have you tried connecting via ethernet to the modem or is that what you are doing?04:49
taboc741well if i had the so called home modem that would work, but it's a usb modem (much like 3g service from att, except it's 4g from clear) wich required the software package and the driver for the wimax usb modem the software installs04:51
stlsainttaboc741: oh i see, have you been to their website to see about downloading a different version of the software?04:51
taboc741they've only released software (with drivers compiled into the software) for mac and windows04:52
stlsainttaboc741: yea that has been an issue with other usb internet providers04:53
taboc741i know mac osx is unix based as well is there a good util for importing mac software to linux?04:53
taboc741thanks a bunch i'll hit them up04:55
taboc741well it looks like they have a wimax stack, but since beecom won't release source for drivers they can't build drivers for my clear stick yet.05:03
tdnIs there any way to sort the output of du -sh? I know I can do: du -sm | sort -n, but is there any way to sort human readable sizes? I can not find anything on this in the man page of 'sort'.08:50
Red1i've just installed ubuntu 10.04 using wubi on a laptop with windows 7, but sometimes the mouse and the keyboard don't work. i can move the mouse, but i can't click anywhere but on the firefox icon10:05
Red1what can i do?10:06
suprengrRed1: are you using the touchpad on the laptop... and can you access the menus at all?10:23
Red1i'm using the touchpad. nothing but the firefox icon10:25
suprengrRed1: hover mouse over System menu and press ,enter..  Do same for: System -> Preferences -> Mouse and enable  touchpad 'tap to click' [or something similar]10:26
suprengrRed1: ...& check the other settings while you're there.10:27
Red1i've already enabled the 'tap to click' thing10:28
suprengrRed1: then you have access to more than firefox, surely?10:29
Red1when i'm in firefox i can use the mouse and click10:30
suprengrRed1: are you saying you can access anything when Firefox is open but not otherwise or that you can only access items in Firefox10:33
Red1only access items in Firefox10:33
suprengrRed1: [confused :/  ]10:33
suprengrRed1: how did you set 'tap to click' then... getting more confused here10:35
Red1i noticed the mouse doesn't work when  I put a USB flash drive in for the first time10:36
suprengrRed1: let's try another line here.  Can you right click ok on e.g. the desktop itself10:38
suprengrRed1: 1/ What is the laptop?  2/ Do you have mouse control at login / password screen?10:41
Red1hp dv6 2193/yes/yes10:42
suprengrRed1: ..and this only started since you plugged in the flash drive?  was all ok before the USB was attached?10:43
Red1yes, but then when i rebooted ubuntu and put in the flash drive everything worked fine10:46
Abhishek-17is it neccessory to update ubuntu 9.10 before upgrading it to 10.04 with an alternate cd?12:14
Mohan_chmlhiya hobgoblin13:48
hobgoblinhi Mohan_chml13:50
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin: PM13:50
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pagarhow to expand linux partition15:11
pagarplease help15:12
pedro3005hi pagar15:13
pedro3005pagar, you can boot your live cd and use GParted to expand your partition if you wish15:14
Mohan_chmlpedro3005: I think we need a free space right after the current partition. But really Idk about that15:16
pedro3005Mohan_chml, oh well, he went away15:17
Mohan_chmlpedro3005: But I just need to clarify that15:17
Mohan_chmlcan you do that with having some freespace at the tail?15:18
kosaidpohello guys15:19
kosaidpowhats the differents  on synaptic btw remove and remove compeletly15:20
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: hello. How are you these days?15:20
kosaidpoim fine15:20
kosaidpoMohan_chml: tnx and you15:20
saji89kosaidpo, I think remove leaves back the configuration files, but remove completely removes the configuration files, aswell.15:21
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: "remove" removes the application "remove completely" removes the library files and the dependencies it needed during installation15:21
kosaidposo its like using pruge is it ?15:23
kosaidpoas in sudo aptitude purge remove package ?15:23
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: yes15:25
kosaidpotnx :  }15:25
kosaidpoMohan_chml: can i pick up sumthin from u quickly15:25
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: yes?15:25
kosaidpoas in can u tel me any tip as comande line or w.e15:25
kosaidpow.e in ur mind15:26
kosaidpou think it might be usfulle for me15:26
kosaidpo: ]15:26
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: join -team15:26
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: /join #ubuntu-beginners-team15:27
kosaidpo:D i kno15:27
kosaidpono i mean as a user linux15:27
kosaidpoyou kno15:27
kosaidpowhile using the commadn line15:27
kosaidpoi nver get it what does chroot do ?15:28
kosaidpothe command chroot15:28
Mohan_chmlchange the root permissions15:28
kosaidpoto what ?15:28
Mohan_chmlof a particular file15:28
kosaidpocan you pls explain15:28
kosaidpoim noob tho : D15:28
Mohan_chmlIf I have two accounts/ groups in my machine and If I want to change the owner permissions of a particular folder from one group to another, chroot is used15:29
kosaidpouhm why we cant use chmod ?15:29
kosaidpoor chown15:29
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: ^ Its good to learn after you find the codes by yourself ;)15:29
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: chown is to change the owner access and chroot to the root access15:30
hobgoblinMohan_chml: chroot is "an operation that changes the apparent disk root directory for the current running process and its children. "15:30
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin: aww. I told about chown then..?15:31
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin: ty. Just now googled =]15:32
kosaidpohobgoblin: cus im not native english speaker inever get to uderstand the choot from the man15:32
kosaidpocan you please gimme some example pls15:32
kosaidpoMohan_chml: many tnx : ]15:32
hobgoblinsorry - not really, something I used once or twice only15:32
kosaidpohobgoblin: oh okies tnx15:33
kosaidpowell guys15:33
kosaidpocan you please give any usefull command line that ican pick up from you easily : D15:34
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: http://www.antionline.com/showthread.php?t=156511 that has an elaborate story about chroot15:34
Mohan_chmlkosaidpo: download a tutorial or work in terminal, so that you can learn by yourself ;)15:35
kosaidpoyeh id o15:35
kosaidpobut you kno i cant get to see all the cmmd line15:35
hobgoblinkosaidpo: what it is you are actually after - we'ere not a library :)15:35
kosaidposo its like exchangin knowloage or sumthi15:36
kosaidpocus what i kno you might dont kno n same15:36
kosaidpohobgoblin: hii i kno me too15:37
kosaidpofor example ican tell you a word in french15:37
kosaidpoand im sure you sumthin to tell me too15:37
kosaidpoyou get me15:37
kosaidposo im askin you guys this on commd line15:38
kosaidpo: d15:38
hobgoblinyep - the only real way to learn the command line is in my opinion - need to use it for real to fix or accomplish something15:39
kosaidpoyeh i do use15:39
kosaidpobut you kno somtimes it night be danger15:39
kosaidpolike the other time15:39
kosaidpoi ereased my headers by accident15:39
hobgoblinrun a vm then you can do whatever it is you want to15:39
kosaidpon ipayed it so expensive to get em back i had to do a fresh install cus i messed it up15:40
kosaidpouhm i dont thikn ican15:40
kosaidpoim using lubuntu15:40
kosaidpoi have an old toshiba with 512 ram15:40
hobgoblinoh - no then :)15:40
hobgoblinyou could if you have sufficient disk space then make a new install and play in one and keep one for normal use15:41
kosaidpouhm yeh isee15:42
hobgoblinI've done both in the past15:42
kosaidpowell tnx  n have nice day15:42
kosaidpopeace out : ]15:42
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin: I think we have to tell him to avoid sms type of words. what about you?15:43
hobgoblinsome of it might possibly be down to language  I think15:46
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kosaidpohello guys22:06
kosaidpoits absoluty impossible to rum virtual box on machine with 512 ram under lubuntu ??22:07
seidoskosaidpo, did you try?22:08
aveilleuxkosaidpo: No, why?22:09
aveilleuxkosaidpo: As long as you allocate less than half your physical RAM you should be fine22:09
aveilleuxkosaidpo: To a degree22:09
kosaidpos icant ?22:09
aveilleuxkosaidpo: I'm confused. What do you mean when you say "Can't"?22:10
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Because I've done exactly what you're talking about (run VBox with < 512MB of RAM) before22:10
kosaidpoim under lubuntu with 512 ram so can i use virtual box22:10
kosaidpohow ?22:11
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Y-yes.22:11
kosaidpocus im new22:11
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Um, install it22:11
aveilleuxkosaidpo: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose22:11
kosaidpoi did22:11
kosaidpoi have it22:11
kosaidpo: D22:11
kosaidpoand how abt the virtual hdd22:11
kosaidpohow much shud  give it22:11
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Whatever the recommended size is22:12
kosaidpookies tnx22:12
kosaidpoill go dinner now22:12
kosaidpomany tnx22:12
kosaidpofor ur help22:12
reaper50435question: is their a linux alt to windows alcohol 120 program22:46
aveilleuxreaper50435: Linux can mount ISOs natively. If you want an interface, you can use gmount-iso22:50
aveilleuxreaper50435: sudo aptitude install gmountiso22:50
drubinkos<Tab> I would highly highly recommend *not* running virtual box with only 512mbs of ram!22:52
drubinthat leaves your host os with at max 256mbs of ram which will suck  ;/22:52
drubinaveilleux: How well did that work out running vbox with < 512mb of ram?22:53
aveilleuxdrubin: How *well*? Terrible22:54
aveilleuxdrubin: But he was asking if it was possible, which it is22:55
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