marc__I'm trying to install ubuntu server on EC2 following this guide: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-3-p3  , there's a section where we're supposed to edit  /etc/network/interfaces  file to setup static IP, I want to know if I have to do that on EC2 ?  (i'm using elastic ip)01:13
smosermarc__, no, you should use dhcp on ec201:44
jbartusi just started my first instance using the 64bit 10.04 ami06:40
jbartusand i can't ssh it, connection refused06:41
jbartusso this is probably more of an ec2 question than an ubuntu one... but what do i have to do to allow ssh06:41
jbartusthe ubuntu docs assume you already have an ubuntu machine to install the ec2-api-tools but i don't so i'm stuck in a bit of chicken and egg, using the aws console06:42
jbartusah, nvm07:10
jbartusturned out to be a problem with the aws console in chrome, my edits to the default security group actually stuck/worked in firefox07:10
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marc__do I have to edit the hosts file in a ec2 instance?14:55
veenenenmarc__: I don't remember having to15:54
marc__veenenen, I think that tools like ISPConfig use the hostname, maybe it would be nicer to have a hostname like www1.mywebsite.com instead of ec2-xxxxxxx... but I'm not sure how to set the hosts file, I was thinking of using the public DNS?   "ec2-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx..compute-1.amazonaws.com www1.mywebsite.com"  any chance that would work or will I lose the ability to connect to my instance?15:58
veenenenno, you can change the hosts and hostname file as much as you want15:59
veenenenthey aren't used outside the server15:59
veenenenit's really only for internal routing in the server15:59
veenenenat least, in my experience16:00
veeneneni generally switch out the hostname and main record in the hosts file for the domain of the server16:00
marc__alright, I'll try that, thanks veenenen16:03
jbartusis sshd enabled by default on the 10.04 ami's?17:48
jbartusi stop'd and an ebs-based instance, and then started it again, but can't ssh to it now17:54
veeneneni ran into the same issue17:54
jbartusthe ip/dns changed, that took me a moment to notice17:54
veenenenhave they fixed the fstab bug yet?17:55
jbartusoh cool, is it a bug or am i missing something17:55
jbartusi just started with both ec2 and ubuntu last night :)17:55
veenenenthey had a sdb mount in there that stopped the instances from rebooting17:55
jbartushow would you even troubleshoot something like that17:55
jbartusis there really no out-of-band console access?17:56
veenenenon the first boot, i had to go in and remove it17:56
jbartuslike, how did the first person who discovered that do it17:56
veeneneni had ssh on the initial boot, but lost it after a reboot17:56
veenenensmoser caught it for me17:56
jbartusgotcha so i just consider this instance a loss, nuke it, and make sure to comment out that line before rebooting next time17:57
veenenenhopefully they'll fix it at some point17:57
veenenenthey may be a tad busy right now though17:57
jbartuswhats the url for the ami's again17:58
jbartusthat should be in the topic here17:58
veenenenjust keep this bookmark around17:58
veenenenit's pretty helpful17:58
jbartusis there a forum or a mailing list thats keyed in on this17:59
jbartusi just noticed your url ends in /current/ and mine in /release/18:16
jbartusis there anywhere i can read the release policy18:17
jbartuson what the difference is18:17
jbartushmm maybe its this and i just haven't been patient enough18:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 567334 in linux "blocked tasks delay cloud-init for 240 seconds" [Medium,Triaged]18:34
smoserjbartus, the reboot issue is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/63410219:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 634102 in cloud-init "t1.micro instances hang on reboot" [Medium,Confirmed]19:56
smoserjbartus, sorry, i hadn't read all above.  you really shouldn't hit any "can't get to machine" if your security groups are set up correctly.19:59
smoserssh should start by default, but after a stop and start, it will change IP addresses (as you've found).19:59
smoserthe "won't reboot" really only will affect t1.micro, that has no ephemeral storage.19:59
jbartushey, thanks smoser20:14
smoserare you set now ?20:15
jbartusi just tried reproducing it, new instance booted fine, commented out sdb, rebooted fine, un-commented sdb, rebooting right now20:15
jbartusreading the bug report now20:15
jbartusok thats certainly it20:19
jbartusso i just comment it out and presumably it'll be a non issue in some future ami20:20
smoserthat only affects t1.micro20:34
smoserit will be a non-issue in future amis20:34
smoserand, will be fixed in a week or so by doing a "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" after youve launched the instance20:35
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