ScottKChipzz: That's one theory I guess.02:30
Kalidarnjust wondering if it'd be acceptable to open a bug for this, encrypted LVM in ubuntu 10.04 seems to break suspend mode05:52
Kalidarnhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto#Some%20Notes it says here "Suspend or suspend2 don't work with this configuration. If you have a working configuration with suspend or suspend2, please append to this article or post a separate one." I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.05:52
Kalidarnit does say there in the wiki that it does not work05:52
KalidarnI'm just wondering if there's a technical reason as to why it doesn't work05:52
Kalidarnie something related to security, the swap file is encrypted so it shouldn't be an issue suspending to it.05:53
Kalidarnit'd be also interesting if someone with a 10.10 release could test it, incase it has been fixed.05:54
Kalidarntoo much info relates t < 8.04 which was back when we had HAL05:54
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riyazhi everyone i am here to get some idea about contributting to open source by the way i am interested to learn core programming ....anybody can help??07:10
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chris_osxriyaz: do you mean kernel hacking?07:16
riyazchris_osx:no no just to contribute some applications ..07:17
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Damascenehi, I made a summary page about decentralized Ubuntu package system https://wiki.ubuntu.com/damascene/Decentralized%20Ubuntu please look at it.09:54
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boniiI had a problem with sound in headphones on my new asus eee pc running lucid, I followed instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules, the module is only available for 2.6.32-24 kernel and currently on lucid I am running 2.6.32-25 kernel, so will the fix be patched into this kernel, please advise14:13
faganbonii: if it doesnt work in maverick then you can make a bug report about it14:17
Chipzzbonii: pls don't abuse this channel for bug reports, especially not for bug reports about stable..14:20
Chipzzerr, s/bug reports/support/14:20
faganChipzz: I was just saying to report a bug if its not in maverick14:23
faganand the channel was quiet so its all good14:23
Chipzzfagan: no. this channel being quiet is no excuse for abusing it14:24
faganChipzz: I wasnt14:24
Chipzzfagan: and my comment wasn't aimed at you...14:24
faganoh sorry14:24
boniiI am sorry if I abused something, I just thought of cross checking with the devs before filing a report, whether the fix was in the process of being pushed14:25
boniiSorry if it went againts the channel policy14:25
faganbonii: well the kernel version should be fine for maverick14:25
Chipzzbonii: it's good practice to read a channels' topic before talking in it14:25
* Chipzz wonders why ppl never do that. *sigh*14:26
* bonii goes to read the topic14:26
faganChipzz: its a bad habit really for people14:26
Chipzzthat last thing was a generic comment, not aimed at you specifically bonii14:26
faganthey see the channel name and think this one can give me the answer14:26
boniiChipzz: :)14:26
ChipzzI am really really REALLY considering a patch to xchat which pops up a big warning to read the channel topic upon starting it, with a greyed out 'ok' button that only gets enabled after 10 seconds, and the only way to turn it off a hidden and undocumented gconf option14:28
faganChipzz: hmmm people would still probably ignore it14:29
Laney...the original query wasn't that bad14:29
faganits one of those things that ive come to accept that its always going to happen14:29
Laneythis is a gross overreaction14:29
ChipzzLaney: I'm just ranting about no-one caring about topics anymore, not so much about the original query ;)14:29
Laneyan off-topic rant about people being off-topic14:30
Chipzzbonii: about your original query; #ubuntu is for general support; if you don't get an answer there, you could try #ubuntu-kernel (not 100% sure if it's on-topic there)14:44
fagan(it is on topic for that channel)14:48
Chipzzsince #ubuntu-kernel's topic doesn't specify wether it's only about stable or devel too, and the wiki page mentions the "The Ubuntu Kernel Team" and "Crack of the Day", I'ld say it is14:49
boniiChipzz: Thanks, I will check that out14:58
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cjwatsonChipzz: honestly, most of these OT questions could be defused with much less noise in the channel if you'd be a little bit less hair-trigger-annoyed in your replies.  A polite redirection suffices and is more within the spirit of the code of conduct.  There's no need to rant at people.17:36
cjwatsonthe person who came in was apologetic and polite when corrected17:40
Chipzzcjwatson: and I did point him in the right direction17:40
cjwatsonyou were unnecessarily vitriolic.17:40
cjwatsonplease try to refrain from that in future17:40
cjwatson(yes, you did point him in the right direction)17:43
Chipzzcjwatson: IMO, much of these OT questions could be avoided by simply setting the channel +s17:45
Chipzzso it doesn't show up in the server list of channels17:45
cjwatsonI don't think that's necessary.  The OT questions are not a significant contributor of noise.  The attempts to police them, however, do seem to be17:46
cjwatsonI frequently read through long backlogs of this channel to find a small amount of OT questions and a huge screed of flamewar about whether it was appropriate or not17:47
cjwatsonbeing a bit more relaxed in directing people to where they can best get help would do everyone a lot of good, I think17:47
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cjwatsonI've bitten my tongue about it for some time because I don't want to be part of the same problem17:48
cjwatsonbut the contrast with some other channels where somebody comes in with a question, we say "sorry, this isn't really the right place, try #whatever", and they say thanks and leave, is quite marked17:49
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faganI tend to do that but if it can be answered in one line anyway I just answer and say this isnt the place17:50
faganif no one answers17:50
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Chipzzcjwatson: I did say it was not the place, and I did point him in the right direction. and the rant wasn't directed at him specifically17:55
Chipzzor is it my use of the word "abuse" you're objecting to?17:58
faganOh yeah I mean say that I was just shortening it17:58
LaneyThe whole diatribe was unnecessary. If you'd have just redirected him in one line then nobody would have got upset.17:59
faganTrue but I answered the question in one line instead and I thought that it was ok17:59
faganbut then 10 mins later it spawned the other thing18:00
Laneyfagan: yes, it should have been the end of it18:00
Chipzzfagan: I don't think this is about you :)18:00
LaneyEnough about this for now though, please18:00
ryanakcaAnybody know which package the Kubuntu posters are in on the LiveCD?18:10
Chipzzryanakca: I don't, but have you tried dpkg -S?18:13
ryanakcaChipzz: I don't have an Ubuntu LiveCD with me, only a box of Kubuntu ones (I'm trying to print one off for Software Freedom Day/week and don't know what package to download to get it)18:18
Chipzzwouldn't the Kubuntu posters be on the Kubuntu CD instead of on the Ubuntu CD? :)18:22
shadeslayerChipzz: youd think so18:23
shadeslayerbut they are on the Ubuntu CD... along with Xubuntu ones18:24
charlie-tcathat's not the "example-content" file, is it?18:24
shadeslayercharlie-tca: aye18:24
shadeslayerits a pretty nice set18:24
Chipzzryanakca: if you know the filename, you can use packages.ubuntu.org18:24
charlie-tcapackage name is "example-content18:24
ryanakcaEw. The example-content still uses old artwork and thinks we use Konqueror as our file manager.18:26
ryanakca(On Lucid anyways)18:27
shadeslayerryanakca: time for a update to that package then i guess :P18:31
ryanakcaQuite :)18:31
ryanakcashadeslayer: I guess I'll have to make my own poster and update the package with it...18:32
shadeslayerryanakca: poke sheytan with the artwork stuff18:32
shadeslayerhe is really really good at it18:33
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lex79cjwatson: can you add libbluedevil and bluedevil to the set of kubuntu packages please? :P21:34
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Jarvisany core devs about? i'm trying to chase somone to take a look at Bug #53981423:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539814 in tar (Ubuntu Lucid) "tar: futimens() with a bad file descriptor (AT_FDCWD) causes bootstrapping failure with kernels < 2.6.22" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53981423:19
dupondjepfft :( sd card on my laptop is so broken in recent kernels :(23:24

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