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shtylmansuperm1: hey... I have a buddy who has an insiron 1720 who is trying to install lucid but is getting some errors regarding /dev/loop0. He says it is a known problem but there doesn't seem to be a fix18:43
shtylmansuperm1: does any of that ring a bell? is there no way to install lucid with this problem happening?18:43
superm1shtylman, doesn't ring a bell to me.  could he file a bug with apport to get all the details and error message in place?19:35
shtylmansuperm1: he says the cd never even boots19:36
shtylmansuperm1: says same problem with meerkat19:37
superm1can he install from USB maybe instead?19:37
shtylmansuperm1: says the computer doesn't support that19:37
superm1i guess it is a bit of an older box19:38
shtylman5 years I think19:38
superm1well i'm guessing he's thrown at an initramfs prompt where its having a hard time mounting the squashfs?19:38
superm1so at that prompt there should be a log file casper.log that should hopefully tell a bit more of this tale19:39
shtylmansuperm1: I think I will ask him to bring me the laptop and I can pull that file off it19:39
superm1shtylman, what did you guys end up deciding on for how to be able to switch between kubuntu netbook and standard?19:40
shtylmansuperm1: iirc riddell modded one of the startup scripts19:41
superm1so the users won't get a choice in the installer then?19:41
shtylmansuperm1: not that I can think of19:41
shtylmansuperm1: but honestly I haven't touched on the subject this cycle so am not aware of all the facts19:42
superm1ah i see19:42
superm1did you see what stgraber ended up doing for edubuntu to be able to enable une?  http://www.stgraber.org/2010/09/10/edubuntu-gets-new-installer19:42
shtylmansuperm1: looks nice19:43
superm1shtylman, a short google says to maybe try booting with 'nousb' http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/f/topic-3-8-19630-0.html19:45
shtylmansuperm1: interesting... will try that19:46
CIA-41ubiquity: superm1 * r4326 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py):21:14
CIA-41ubiquity: Grab focus of the slideshow when it starts, keeping focus off the expander21:14
CIA-41ubiquity: in automatic mode.21:14
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