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dakergodbyk, ping18:29
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jenkinsso version 0.9.0 of quickshot flan?21:40
dakergodbyk, ping21:41
dakerhey jenkins21:41
dakerwhat's up ?21:41
jenkinshey daker, not much going to try and build quickshot21:41
jenkinshows u?21:41
dakerfine :)21:42
dakerwe still have exactly 4 weeks21:43
dakeruntil the 10.1021:43
jenkinsnot much time then. any idea who is deciding on what screenshots for this release?21:44
dakerno, btw we should have a meeting very soon21:46
jenkinswe should i agree21:50
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dakerjenkins, we can make it next Saturday22:31
jenkinsI don't see why not go for it!22:32
jenkinsyey flan quickshot is released for maverick, lucid and karmic along with disper builds for each22:46
dakerjenkins, mail sent22:59
jenkinsgreat daker23:01
brettaltondaker: did you have a look at the contact us section of the website yet?23:09
brettaltonalso, I think I have a branch ready to be merged23:09
dakerbrettalton, give me the link23:09
brettaltonI fixed my problem though so I started editing the main branch, instead of making my own and requesting branches23:09
brettaltonit's all in the main branch23:10
dakeri'll take a look23:10
brettaltonI did all the html/css and tried to do some django23:10
brettaltonbut I need your help finishing it23:10
brettaltonand then the site is good to go23:10
dakeri alerady merged you branch in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/quickshot/website/revision/423:12
dakerbrettalton, also if you want to help with the ubuntu manual website you are welcome23:13
brettaltondaker: maybe I didn't upload it... it was a minor, unimportant change anyway23:14
brettaltonbut nonetheless, I still need django help on the contact form23:14
dakeri'll start working on that23:14
jenkinsdaker and brettalton https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/quickshot_art has the new quickshot logos / icons23:17
dakerjenkins, oki23:21
jenkinsthanks :)23:21
* jenkins has given the launchpad page them new branding23:22
brettaltonjenkins: hmm, okay I'll work on that23:31
jenkinsI am happy to change them over if you like, just show me how23:31
jenkinsis is case of just wirting the new ones over the old ones?23:31
jenkinsthanks for all your work so far daker and brettalton23:33
brettaltonjenkins: no prob. I'm sure that's all that needs to be done, but need not waste your time23:33
jenkinslet me know if there is anything i can do.23:33
dakerjenkins, how can we test qs ?23:37
jenkinshttps://edge.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/+archive/quickshot-release and use the url http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/test thats the test project. qs still needs some gui tweaks but it all workds23:39
dakeroh next Saturday is the SFD23:42
jenkinsscreen shot final deadline?23:44
dakerSoftware Freedom Day23:45
jenkinswe just need to add the screenshots to the server but we don't know what ones are needed23:45
jenkinso right silly me23:45
dakerthe meeting should be reported to Monday instead of Saturday23:46
dakerbtw qs has a nice ui23:47
jenkinsthanks, it still needs tweaking. when i get a moment or two23:49

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