dewmanqwebirc98270, you using dhcp assignments? or using a static ip?00:20
qwebirc98270default settings00:20
qwebirc98270its a frontend/backend setup00:21
dewmangotcha, I have the same thing... First thing I did was set a static ip, that way I know for sure I always have the same address. even though you can do dhcp assignments...00:22
qwebirc98270oh, I have that already00:22
qwebirc98270just left it set to the ip it started at though00:23
qwebirc98270should I put my specific ip in?  I tried that before with no luck00:23
dewmanI have the static ip set in general for the local backend and the master backend.00:25
qwebirc98270oh, actually this may be my only problem...00:25
qwebirc98270where in the front end do you enter an ip?00:26
dewmanin the backend setup00:30
dewmanso exit out of your fe, then goto the backend setup00:30
qwebirc98270ok, im there00:31
dewmanthe other thing that I did was set the ip in mysql.txt under /etc/mythtv to the static ip so myth can talk to mysql00:31
dewmanok, so number 100:31
dewmangeneral settings00:31
qwebirc98270local backend and master backend are both set to
dewmanyep change it to the ip address of the backend00:33
dewmanyour not on dhcp correct? or you have dhcp assignments setup?00:33
qwebirc98270router assigned dhcp00:34
qwebirc98270changed both to ip assigned to computer00:34
qwebirc98270also confirmed with network connection info00:35
dewmanok...if your ip changes...... then.....you will have connection issues.00:35
dewmanthats why i dont mess with dhcp.... =)00:35
dewmanok, so... now that you have that changed...00:36
qwebirc98270oh, mine wont change... got a dual wan router setup00:36
qwebirc98270not that dual wan has anything to do with it, but it points out that its a good one00:36
qwebirc98270my ip has not changed for 3 years00:37
dewmangood deal..00:37
qwebirc98270but, still cant connect?00:37
dewmanno.... you dont need to reboot.00:37
dewmanthats the glory of linux. =)00:37
qwebirc98270everything was fine before I did the .24 update00:37
dewmanok, so next you will want to more then likely look at mysql.txt in /etc/mythtv00:38
dewman(now i could be totally wrong on all of this) I am by no means a expert on this....00:39
dewmanbut this is what I have working on mine.00:39
qwebirc98270ok, I have the file open00:40
dewmanhere you should see the ip at the top00:41
dewmanand your dbname and dbpassword, etc,etc00:41
qwebirc98270hmm, nope00:41
qwebirc98270should I just add the ip up top?00:42
qwebirc98270no specific format?00:42
dewmanthats what I did...00:42
dewmanor what ever your ip schema is00:43
qwebirc98270ok, now when I opened frontend, it asked me to pick a country, and language00:45
qwebirc98270then said no unp?00:45
dewmanok so now what you will want to do is restart mysql00:45
qwebirc98270not exactly sure on what it said exactly00:45
qwebirc98270but something close to pnp00:46
dewmansudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop00:46
dewmanand then start it00:46
dewmansudo /etc/init.d/mysql start00:46
dewmanand then stop the backend and restart it00:47
dewmansudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop00:47
dewmansudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start00:47
qwebirc98270no upnp00:49
qwebirc98270each of the 4 lines you just gave me returned "since the script you are attempting to invoke........."00:50
qwebirc98270that seem right?00:50
dewmanyou might have multiple mysql.txt files laying around00:51
christiphi, back again... i know again how I solved this problem. I just did a backend restart with "sudo service mythtv-backend restart" but since you've done this already this can't be the solution...00:52
qwebirc98270yeah, didnt seem to work00:54
dewmanqwebirc98270, find / -name mysql.txt00:54
dewmanor do a locate mysql.txt00:56
qwebirc98270yeah, got 300:56
dewmanok, I am not sure which one its using...00:57
qwebirc98270all 3 are the same01:00
qwebirc98270same info same ip01:00
dewmanok stop and start mysql and the backend01:00
dewmanok, try the fe01:02
qwebirc98270ok, asking for country and language01:02
qwebirc98270and... "No UPnP"01:02
qwebirc98270thankyou very much by the way01:03
qwebirc98270your efforts are greatly appreciated :)01:03
christipSo does it work now?01:04
dewmanwell I am getting dragged away at the moment, I will be back in a little bit (wife cant watch one of her shows) maybe o broke something. =)01:06
christipThat's really odd. I always got this problem after updating and fixed it with a backend restart... what does it say wehen you type sudo service mythtv-backend restart?01:07
qwebirc98270mythtv-backend start/running, process 736701:08
christipthat's ok... and your fe still can't connect to your be?01:09
qwebirc98270now it just asked for country and language01:10
qwebirc98270then says "NO UPnP"01:10
qwebirc98270idk somehow the update to .24 jacked everything up01:11
qwebirc98270and I did a format/clean install 3 times01:12
qwebirc98270the only thing that changed between it working, and not working is the update01:12
qwebirc98270but I need the update for sound01:12
qwebirc98270what a predicament I'm in here01:12
qwebirc98270is there maybe another way to get hdmi working?01:14
qwebirc98270then I can clean install, and "not get that update"01:14
christipI don't know another way... sorry. But I'm not an experienced user so maybe someone has a hint.01:15
christipIf you have enough time you could do a clean install again, do the update and type "sudo service mythtv-backend restart". Maybe the IP-changing caused a problem.01:16
christipBut that's just the way it worked for me.01:16
christipAnyway, I have to go now... Sorry I couldn't help =(01:17
qwebirc98270I'm off work till monday, and I'm not getting up till I either get this working, or have to go to work01:17
qwebirc98270thank yo very much for you efforts01:19
christipI wish you good luck ;) You're welcome. Wish I could help you =(01:20
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Gibbyanyone do nic bonding/teaming here with ubuntu?20:36
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