bazhanggreeper/grexo/etc making death threats in -ot00:16
bazhangnogo  gobo chonema ban evading in -ot00:26
bazhang<nogo> happy 9/11  <nogo> chinese say it's a great victory of the motherland00:26
ubottuRandom832 called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()00:27
bazhanguh oh00:28
bazhangplease check greeper/grexo in -ot00:30
bazhangyep ban evading as well (just hope he doesnt get ops)00:31
jpdsI would be surprised if he got operator status.00:45
bazhangnogo did00:47
markusehey guys01:00
markusewant to get to ubuntu01:00
markusecan someone help?01:00
bazhangmarkuse, hi01:01
bazhangmarkuse, you are still banned there01:01
markusebazhang: not sure why only here a few times01:02
bazhangmarkuse, multiple ban evasions from that very IP01:03
markuseits my second hard drive thats causing me problems01:03
bazhangmarkuse, this is not a support channel.  try the ubuntuforums01:04
markusebazhang: sorry   but I wanted to goto ubuntu01:05
bazhangmarkuse, as I have explained, you have been there and repeatedly ban evaded from that very IP address.  that wont be lifted. try the ubuntuforums01:05
markusebazhang: got put here for some reason01:06
markusenot sure what you mean01:06
markuseso where is ubuntu forums irc?01:07
bazhangmarkuse, you are banned in #ubuntu . that wont be lifted.01:07
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.01:07
markusebazhang: so why am I banned and for what?  its only my second time here01:09
bazhangmarkuse, repeated inappropriate commentary, violating the code of conduct and guidelines, ban evading.01:10
bazhangmarkuse, every time you come, it's only your second time here.01:11
bazhangmarkuse, please part the channel. your ban in #ubuntu won't be lifted.01:11
markusebazhang: well this is very strange   (not as I expected)01:13
markusebazhang: so its the IP address youve banned?01:14
bazhangmarkuse, not going to go on with this. please /part the channel01:15
markusebazhang: have you told my ISP that?01:15
markusebazhang: as they never mentioned it01:16
markusebazhang: ok but I dont choose my IP address01:17
markusebazhang: anyhow never mind I go eleshwere01:18
bazhangmarkuse, we dont have anything further to discuss. please /part the channel01:18
bazhangHomokonia, bacta?02:16
IdleOnebazhang: yes02:17
bazhangIdleOne, thanks02:17
bazhangHomokonia, please exit the channel.02:17
IdleOne!ops | Homokonia aka Bacta02:19
ubottuHomokonia aka Bacta: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!02:19
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (Homokonia aka Bacta)02:19
ubottuiop called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:31
bazhangheads up on guysguys02:35
bazhang<iop> This is the first time being kicked on any server (that alone for no proper reason).02:47
bazhangafter how ever long of a PM (still ongoing)02:47
ubottuwer called the ops in #kubuntu ()02:55
ubottuqwert called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:55
ubottuwer called the ops in #kubuntu ()02:56
bazhang* [wer] (~quassel@triband-mum- wer same as qwert02:56
bazhang* [qwert] (~hsr@triband-mum- qwert02:58
* Pici shrugs02:59
bazhanghe knows he's banned in #ubuntu .03:01
bazhangjust had a lengthy PM about it03:01
bazhangDilberto, hi03:08
bazhangDilberto, was there something you needed ?03:09
Dilbertoi was wondering why I was banned from all Ubuntu Channels.   A couple of your ops might be niggerlovers.03:09
Dilbertojust kidding03:09
bazhangnot funny03:09
IdleOneyou can leave now.03:09
bazhangthe above would be the reason.03:09
IdleOneDilberto: YOU can leave now.03:10
bazhangDilberto, please part the channel.03:10
Jordan_Uzulgaban and Niamor in #ubuntu appear to be bots.03:17
bazhangor running scripts03:18
IdleOneI should of put no scripts as a message03:18
IdleOneoh well03:18
bazhangusers can rejoin though :)03:18
IdleOnethey are welcome to :)03:20
IdleOnejust without that uptime script printing03:20
IdleOne091110-[22:11:17] <Dilberto> Just wait until the proxies.  :)03:21
IdleOne091110-[22:11:51] <Dilberto> I bet you would allow fiddy cent to ream your daughter's coochie03:21
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Viking667 said: !ops swearing is objectionable03:22
jacvkieehey whats with a ban from ubuntu?03:28
jacvkieeso It  was suggested I come here03:29
jacvkieedidnt expect this03:30
bazhangjacvkiee, who suggested it03:30
jacvkieemy  friend03:30
bazhangjacvkiee, name of your friend?03:30
bazhangjacvkiee, there has been multiple abuse from that address.03:31
jacvkieenot sure what that means03:31
bazhangjacvkiee, multiple problems from a user with that address.03:32
jacvkieebut my hard drive is acting oddly03:32
jacvkieeand its got ubuntu on it03:33
bazhangjacvkiee, sounds like a hardware issue. try ##hardware03:33
IdleOneseems everybody with that ip range has hard drive problems03:33
IdleOne091110-[20:04:16] <markuse> its my second hard drive thats causing me problems03:34
Flanneljacvkiee: We've placed a ban on addresses similar to yours due to a problem user abusing the channel in the past.  I don't mind making an exception for you, but just to be on the safe side, please take a moment to read over our channel guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:35
jacvkieeso I cant go to ubuntu? why?03:35
Flanneljacvkiee: you can.  Please read over that document.03:36
jacvkieeFlannel: I havent abused anyone03:36
Flanneljacvkiee: I know.  That document is what everyone needs to be aware of in the channel, not just trouble makers.03:37
jacvkieeFlannel: and I wouldnt do that03:37
Flanneljacvkiee: I'm not saying you would03:37
jacvkieeFlannel: well it seems like you are  but Im not sure why03:38
IdleOnejacvkiee: do you want help with your issue?03:39
Flanneljacvkiee: I'm not.  It will take me a moment to set up the exception, please take that moment to read through that document.03:39
jacvkieeIdleOne: yes please03:39
IdleOnethen follow Flannel's instructions03:40
jacvkieeIdleOne: not sure what I did wrong03:40
Flanneljacvkiee: You haven't done anything wrong.  Please just read that document and let me know when you've done so.03:40
IdleOneFlannel: it is my opinion that this is the same user as serit who also did not have a registered nick.03:41
IdleOneand markuse03:41
IdleOnejust wasting our time.03:41
jacvkieeIdleOne:Im not here to waste anyones time03:42
Flanneljacvkiee: pay no attention to him right now.  Have you had a chance to look over that document?03:42
jacvkieeFlannel: yeah ok03:43
Flanneljacvkiee: Alright.  Please join #ubuntu right now so I can verify I did it correctly.03:44
jacvkieeFlannel:  but whats that got to do with me getting into ubuntu?03:44
Flanneljacvkiee: What?03:44
Flanneljacvkiee: Those guidelines are what we expect for people to follow in Ubuntu, we appreciate it if everyone in #ubuntu is aware of them.03:45
jacvkieeFlannel: sure but thats where I tryed to go to03:46
Flanneljacvkiee: Right.  You should be able to join #ubuntu now.03:46
jacvkieeFlannel: but why these problems?03:47
Flanneljacvkiee: What problems?03:47
jacvkieeFlannel: feels like Im been judged03:48
jacvkieeFlannel: I was told  ubuntu is open source03:48
Flanneljacvkiee: No one is judging you.  Someone who shares your ISP has made a habit of causing trouble, which means we had to expand our restrictions from your ISP.  Unfortunately, there are some people on your ISP who aren't looking to cause trouble, but we only have so much control.03:49
Flanneljacvkiee: You should be able to join #ubuntu now, please do so to verify I changed the proper settings.03:49
jacvkieeFlannel: seems like you have painted all with one brush03:50
jacvkieeFlannel: anyhow I will try to join ubuntu now03:51
Flanneljacvkiee: You're welcome to have whatever opinion you would like about the situation.  I agree that it's not ideal, but we can only do so much.03:51
jacvkieeFlannel: so your telling me my ISP address is enough to get banned?03:52
Flanneljacvkiee: I'm not saying that, no.03:52
Flanneljacvkiee: but most bans are based on IP addresses and ISPs.03:53
jacvkieeFlannel: ok then so what should I say to my ISP if youve bannend them03:53
Flanneljacvkiee: We haven't banned your ISP.  Nor do I think they particularly care.  You should be able to join #ubuntu and get the help you're looking for though.03:54
jacvkieeFlannel: so much for "open source" help then03:55
jacvkieeFlannel: so can i go to ubuntu then?03:56
Flanneljacvkiee: Yep.  Have been able to for 10 minutes now.03:57
jacvkieeFlannel: so can I go to ubuntu in a weeks time?03:57
Flanneljacvkiee: You should be able to, yes.  If you find that you can't, just come here and let someone know, and we can fix it.03:58
jacvkieeFlannel: so thats a nop then03:58
Flanneljacvkiee: There is another way we can handle it if you'd prefer to not have to do that, but it would require you to set up an account on this server, and I don't want to force you to do that.03:58
Flanneljacvkiee: No, it's a yes.03:58
Flanneljacvkiee: Can you please join #ubuntu now to verify I did it properly?  I can't stick around much longer and would feel better knowing it was correct.03:59
jacvkieeFlannel: sure but if next week I have to do the same grovelling (which is really sad) for some unknown reason04:01
Flanneljacvkiee: You don't need to do any grovelling, nor did you need to do any today.  Just let someone know that they need to update your exemption.04:01
jacvkieeFlannel: update your exemption   what does that mean?04:02
Flanneljacvkiee: Don't worry about it.  The people here will know.  It's basically updating the setting that will allow you to join.04:02
jacvkieeFlannel: ok but what does it mean to me?04:03
Flanneljacvkiee: It doesn't mean anything to you.  The folks in this channel will know what it means and will be able to fix it.04:03
jacvkieeFlannel:this is very odd for a chat room04:03
Flanneljacvkiee: It's not ordinary, yes.04:04
jacvkieeFlannel: every time I connect I will need an exemption?04:04
Flanneljacvkiee: No.  Very rarely will it need to be updated.04:05
jacvkieeFlannel: updated?04:05
Flanneljacvkiee: You will rarely have to come here and ask people to update your exemption.  And again, I need to leave.  Please join #ubuntu so I can verify it works.04:06
jacvkieeFlannel: whats that then if not excemption04:06
Flanneljacvkiee: Just trust me on this one.04:06
jacvkieeFlannel: ok but if I join here tomorrow am I going to havew to go through all this?04:07
Flanneljacvkiee: You shouldn't, no.  I already said that.04:07
jacvkieeFlannel: so what is meant by excemption?04:08
jacvkieeFlannel: it seems very harsh04:08
Flanneljacvkiee: Don't worry about it.   I need to leave.  Please join #ubuntu now, or I'm going to be unable to help you.04:08
jacvkieeFlannel: well you could please explain excemption to me04:09
Flanneljacvkiee: No, I do not have time right now.04:09
jacvkieeFlannel: I havent caused you any problems04:10
Flanneljacvkiee: You're right, you haven't.  Nor did I say you have.04:10
jacvkieeFlannel: ok sorry   but you make me think Ive done something wrong04:11
Flanneljacvkiee: If you do not join #ubuntu right now, I will not be able to help you and you may be unable to join #ubuntu until I return in a few hours.04:11
jacvkieeFlannel: right now? what if I try tomorrow   or next week?04:13
bazhangcan he even join? dont see him in there04:13
Flannelbazhang: I have no idea, he hasn't tried yet.04:13
IdleOnebecause he hasn't tried yet04:13
bazhangjacvkiee, try to join04:13
IdleOne30 minutes he has been able to04:13
bazhangjacvkiee, /join #ubuntu04:13
Flanneljacvkiee: If everything is set up properly, yes.  If not, then no.  I want you to join right now to make sure I have set things up properly.04:14
Flanneljacvkiee: Alright.  I hope everything is set up properly, but you have not allowed me to verify that, so I cannot guarantee you can join #ubuntu now, or in a week.  If you have difficulty right now, please come back in four hours.  I should be back by then.04:16
jacvkieeFlannel: this is very embarrision04:16
bazhangjacvkiee, you're in04:19
jacvkieeFlannel: conbination of rain man and forest gump!04:20
IdleOnewhat does that mean exactly?04:20
IdleOneyou trying to describe yourself or saying that Flannel is autistic?04:21
bazhangjacvkiee, as you are in, would you please kindly part this channel?04:21
IdleOneeither way, please part this channel04:21
jacvkieebazhang: as long as I can visit here whenever04:22
bazhangjacvkiee, whenever there is an issue. yes. just for chat, not really.04:23
jacvkieebazhang: or are the conditions?04:23
bazhangjacvkiee, please read the channel topic here by typing /topic04:23
jacvkieebazhang: I havent presented with any issues04:24
bazhangjacvkiee, then no need to join here. as you are in #ubuntu please part this channel, thanks.04:25
jacvkieebazhang: ok but am I going to be banned every time I vist here?04:27
bazhangjacvkiee, you had some support issues? #ubuntu is the place and you are in. so please /part the channel as the issue has been resolved for now.04:28
jacvkieebazhang: ok but if I join tomorrow   will I be banned?04:29
IdleOnejacvkiee: if you don't leave within the next 30 seconds from this channel. yes you will be banned in #ubuntu.04:29
bazhangjacvkiee, haven't seen you ask a support question in #ubuntu04:29
IdleOnegoing to take a break.04:30
jacvkieebazhang: ok but if I join tomorrow   will I be banned?04:30
bazhangjacvkiee, you are not currently banned in #ubuntu04:32
jacvkieebazhang: ok but if I join tomorrow   will I be banned?04:32
bazhangjacvkiee, please proceed with your support issues there. and please kindly /part this channel thanks.04:32
jacvkieebazhang: ok so what about tomorrow?04:33
jacvkieebazhang: I have a reason for asking04:34
bazhangjacvkiee, you seem overly concerned with this, and have been able to get support for more than 30 minutes now, but have yet to ask a single question in #ubuntu .04:34
bazhangjacvkiee, please /part the channel, if you would be so kind to do so, thanks very much.04:34
jacvkieebazhang: only because I havent recieved an answer04:35
bazhangjacvkiee, support in #ubuntu please04:35
jacvkieebazhang: idf I ask that in there Ill be asked to come here   so ?04:37
bazhangjacvkiee, excuse me? that was not clear.04:37
jacvkieebazhang: i*f I ask that in there Ill be asked to come here   so ?04:37
bazhangjacvkiee, ask what?04:38
jacvkieebazhang: ok but if I join tomorrow   will I be banned?04:38
bazhangjacvkiee, this channel is for users' issues in the present time frame. we cannot prognosticate about future events with any degree of certitude04:39
Flanneljacvkiee: As far as I can tell, you will not be banned.04:39
jacvkieebazhang: so I will be  banned then?04:39
bazhangjacvkiee, and as your issue in the present has been resolved, then you should proceed in #ubuntu04:39
jacvkieebazhang: in the present?04:40
bazhangjacvkiee, as you have yet to say a single thing in #ubuntu it seems unlikely. there are no guarantees. you of course need to follow the code of conduct and guidelines in all Ubuntu channels.04:41
jacvkieebazhang: Im really just trying to understand why youve banned my IP address04:41
bazhangjacvkiee, repeated abuse and misuse from that IP address. as I said some 50 minutes ago now.04:41
jacvkieebazhang: how long do you plan to ban me for?04:42
bazhangokay, I'm out.04:43
jacvkieebazhang: how long do you plan to ban my IP for?04:43
Flannelbazhang: You're not banned, for all we know, your neighbor is banned.  You are specifically not-banned.04:44
bazhangFlannel, good to know04:44
Flanneljacvkiee: You're not banned, for all we know, your neighbor is banned.  You are specifically not-banned.04:44
jacvkieeFlannel: whos my neighbor  whos my friend!04:46
Flanneljacvkiee: I don't think it's actually your neighbor, but someone in your general vicinity.  So yeah, in summary, you're in #ubuntu now, you should be able to join just fine tomorrow and in the future, but if you can't, it's an easy fix.  Is there anything else we can help with tonight?04:47
jacvkieeFlannel: ok Ill stop ranting now (but I dont understand why I got banned)04:48
Flanneljacvkiee: you personally were never banned.  But yes, this is moot.04:48
jacvkieeFlannel: so Im not banned but my IP is?04:50
Flanneljacvkiee: Not even your IP specifically, but yes.04:50
jacvkieeFlannel: thats just weird04:50
Flanneljacvkiee: It is indeed strange.  But it's the fact of the matter.  enjoy your stay in #ubuntu04:50
jacvkieeFlannel: anyhow I will let it go!04:51
Flannel!conduct > bazhang04:52
ubottubazhang, please see my private message04:52
Flannel!conduct > IdleOne04:52
ubottuIdleOne, please see my private message04:52
IdleOneI know the CoC04:52
FlannelRead it.  Re-learn it if necessary.  Stop being rude.04:52
bazhangFlannel, I was not rude.04:52
IdleOneI also know he wasted 1 hour + of your time and you let him.04:52
Flannel80% of that conversation was due to the fact that you two were over-eager to paint the troublemaker.04:53
FlannelIdleOne: no, you helped.04:53
IdleOneHe was clearly trolling. He called you retarded for Christs sake04:53
bazhangokay. not going to argue on this.04:53
IdleOnebut ok. I am going to drop it04:53
IdleOneand I will re-read the code of conduct.04:54
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ubottuwer_ called the ops in #kubuntu (nhandler)05:25
bazhangIdleOne, around?05:27
IdleOnewhat's up?05:28
mneptokget a room!05:30
IdleOneright next to yours05:30
mneptoksure, taunt me.05:30
IdleOnemneptok: summer is almost over here, when you coming back?05:32
IdleOneI know you miss the winters!05:32
FlannelHe's pining for the fjords!05:34
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mneptokIdleOne: winter? wuzzat?05:40
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bazhang* [bobbrown] (~bb@2001:470:23:bf:1488:1488:1488:1488): Jussi Schultink   that cant be right06:51
jussihim again...06:51
bazhangchanserv.py is broken or I'm no longer +o in #ubuntu06:54
jussihe had his chance06:54
jussibazhang: its yor client06:55
bazhangjussi, okay06:55
bazhangjussi, worked a short time ago, odd06:56
jussibazhang: weird, access list says you are still there06:56
bazhangjussi, and voiced here. oh well its in beta still06:57
bazhangneither chanserv.py nor /msg chanserv #ubuntu nick +o works06:58
ubottuilovefairuz called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:58
macojussi: weird06:58
jussiI love people copying my publically available whois info...06:59
jussibut I guess I should go and update it..06:59
* jussi wonders wht I did now to get the personal attacks on me. 07:00
macojussi: exist07:01
bazhangseems to be the same as zweb07:01
jussssiyes hello07:03
jussssijussi here07:03
bazhangzweb hi07:03
jussssiSchultink, Jussi  jussi01@gmail.com07:04
jussssiKahvankarintie 507:04
jussssiOulu,  9058007:04
jussi!staff | please look at that guy07:04
ubottuplease look at that guy: hey Christel, Dave2, Gary, KB1JWQ, Levia, Martinp23, Pricey, SportsChick, VorTechS, jayne, jenda, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew or tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)07:04
bazhangwell still on access list there, but so are nickrud and jacksparrow, so yeah07:04
bazhangwhoops mixed it up. chanserv.py does not work right now with maverick beta xchat (or not consistently) but manually does07:12
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
bazhanglooks like cyberwolf92 as well "which linux has the best support for autism"07:26
mneptok00:24 < ilovefairuz> terminalvelocity: it means the flash plugin crashes, and it crashes so often, and there's barely anything we can do about it because it's proprietary/closed source07:29
* mneptok wonders who that "we" is :)07:30
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bazhanggnaa troll08:19
ikoniajussi: I need you to ping me urgently08:51
jussiikonia: pong09:20
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macoi +q'd him, but im leaving for a folk festival about now, so... ping *everyone else*14:41
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Tm_Tmaco: thanks14:53
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ubottuMichealH called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntu)16:44
ubottuMichealH called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntu is trolling and has been playing up. He is now !ot after being told to stop)16:45
MichealHIs anyone keeping an eye out for ubuntu on #ubuntu?16:46
MichealHHe was trolling then said that lubuntu sucks16:47
MichealHthen he went offtopic after being told to stop16:47
MichealHPlease? He is getting real bad16:49
ubottuilovefairuz called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:49
oCean_anyone around?16:49
MichealHoCean_, Apparently not16:50
oCean_too bad16:50
oCean_the troll in #u is really annoying16:51
MichealHI pleaded for help16:51
IdleOneoCean_: which one?16:52
MichealHThey got pinged lots of times from the 1ops calls16:52
IdleOneoCean_: MichealH Please part the channel.16:53
oCean_yeah, sure :(16:54
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