chewbrancahow can I install lucid server with no gui?00:48
lifelessgrab the server install cd and install from it00:51
chewbrancabah... used the wrong iso to mount on the thumbdrive :/00:57
chewbrancaahhhh... I see what happened now, when you add a new iso to usb-creator-gtk it doesn't automatically select it00:58
chewbrancaahhhhh much better, thought it was a little weird I had to keyboard tab through the mouse based install process01:02
[R]how do i make upstart's output on tty1 instead of tty7?01:10
marc__anyone here having experience with ubuntu on Amazon EC2?01:17
tucemiuxHow do I update packages??? -->19 packages can be updated01:25
tucemiuxnevermind, I figured it out01:27
chewbrancamarc__, do NOT run 10.04 on EC2 if you're going to use EBS01:43
chewbrancause 9.1001:43
marc__chewbranca, why?01:44
chewbrancawith 10.04 there is a serious bug that sky rockets load averages01:44
chewbrancaI've got 2 boxes running in production with on EC2 with EBS and both are sitting at a load average above 10 with 99% idle cpu01:45
marc__chewbranca, I see... even with the AMI launched last month?01:45
chewbrancaabsolutely stay away from this until its fixed01:45
chewbrancathe bug still hasn't been resolved01:45
[R]chewbranca: do you have a #?01:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 574910 in linux-ec2 "High load averages on Lucid while idling" [Undecided,In progress]01:45
chewbrancaI posted on it back until july01:46
marc__chewbranca, maybe you can answer a question I have... I was following this guide  http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-3-p3  and there's a part about edition the file  /etc/network/interfaces  to setup static IP... Is it also required on EC2 ?01:47
chewbrancamarc__, this only appears to be affecting EBS instances, so if you're planning on running EBS (which you probably want to because its very nice) then stay on 9.1001:47
chewbrancano you don't need to set the ip address with EC2, amazon handles elastic ip addresses for you, so you can actually have a static public facing ip address and move that around internally to whatever instance you move to01:48
chewbranca$ uptime 00:49:22 up 65 days,  1:11,  1 user,  load average: 14.61, 14.86, 14.2401:49
chewbrancathat's rather annoying01:49
chewbrancalive production server01:49
chewbranca97.7% idle01:50
marc__thanks for the info chewbranca01:52
chewbrancamarc__, no problem, 9.10 is solid and still new enough to run most of what you want, so I would run with that, 10.04 on the other hand I've had multiple issues with01:54
marc__chewbranca, if I check the info using "top" it tells me load average of 1.4301:55
chewbrancamarc__, load average on what?01:56
marc__ubuntu 10.04 ebs on ec201:57
marc__using ami 099720109477/ebs/ubuntu-images/ubuntu-lucid-10.04-i386-server-2010082701:57
chewbrancaand that load average is at complete idle right?01:58
chewbrancagive it a minute or two01:58
chewbrancafyi, I'm doing a new install locally on a server here, after a few minutes the load average is 0.0201:59
chewbrancaversus 1.4301:59
chewbrancaread that bug link I posted, that's the exact issue01:59
chewbrancadon't use that 10.04 ami01:59
* Psi-Jack is back. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :)02:02
marc__dunno... I used that ami, then installed lamp package and ispconfig3:     top - 01:02:43 up  5:30,  1 user,  load average: 1.63, 1.56, 1.48 ... but then again I'm a noob with linux servers :P02:03
chewbrancamarc__, my current load is 0.0002:03
chewbrancathat's what it should be on a new install02:03
chewbrancayour's is 1.6302:03
chewbrancaread that bug thread, its not good, you're running into the EXACT issue I am talking about, don't use it until its fixed02:04
chewbrancagrab 9.10 and use that02:04
marc__ok, thanks, then I'll go try with 9.1002:04
chewbrancamarc__, no problem02:05
marc__chewbranca, can you have a look at http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-9.10-ispconfig-3 ?  do you think that it's a good guide to setup a web server?02:06
MTecknologychewbranca: probably not.. howtoforge and 'best' usually fall far aprt02:08
MTecknologyit usually covers hacks that people have accepted as a good way to do things - in my experience02:09
MTecknologymarc__: **02:09
MTecknologymarc__: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/02:09
marc__MTecknology, thanks.02:12
marc__I've read that it was not recommended to send email from an ec2 instance as it might be considered as spam (something about reverse dns), do you know if the elastic ip fixes that problem?02:16
marc__chewbranca, ^^02:16
ph8my mysql doesn't star02:17
ph8* start02:17
ph8i'm struggling to find the caus02:17
ph8this is post hardy->lucid upgrade02:18
chewbrancamarc__, I'm hesitant to trust anything described as 'perfect', but if you're just trying to get a lamp stack going most tutorials will be fine, just need to get apache/mysql/php installed, and that's fairly straightforward with ubuntu02:27
chewbrancamarc__, the serverguide MTecknology linked looks like it covers everything you would want to do02:28
marc__chewbranca, yeah, I'm reading it right now, but his link was for 10.04, but I found the doc for 9.1002:29
chewbrancaI'm not familiar with issues related to sending email from EC2, I've been sending emails through gmail hosted domain email without any issues02:29
chewbrancamarc__, oh ok cool02:30
chewbrancaalso, for email, you can't go wrong with http://www.mailchimp.com/02:30
chewbrancafree outgoing emails up to 3000 a month02:30
marc__chewbranca, I want a lamp stack that I'll use for development, but I would like to be able to make a production after so I'm trying to find good example :)02:31
ScottKmarc__: Lots of spam is sent from EC2 IP space so it's not unusual for receivers to treat it suspiciously.02:32
chewbrancamarc__, I highly recommend reading that server guide (or the 9.10 version), its a worth while investment of your time and in the long run is better than just following a tutorial02:32
marc__chewbranca, if I want to setup a webmail on my ec2 server, I can use mailchimp to forward sent messages?02:32
chewbrancamarc__, mailchimp handles sending out newsletter emails and what not, not sure what you mean by 'forward sent messages'02:34
marc__chewbranca, well, maybe I didn't understand correctly...   I want to create a ec2 instance that will be used for development, but I want to use my domain (already using dnsmadeeasy.com to forward my domain to the elastic IP I got). on that instance I want to setup a mail server (pop/imap)... I want to move my email out of my shared hosting account... once I do that, if I send an email to someone, I don't want it to be conside02:38
marc__red as spam.02:38
marc__so I thought that I needed to forward all emails sent from my ec2 instance to another trusted service?02:39
chewbrancayeah I hear you, I'm just saying I'm not familiar with the issues surrounding EC2 based email as I haven't run into them, as ScottK pointed out, lots of spam shows up from EC2 so its definitely possible it could be considered spam02:39
chewbrancahonestly, if you're not doing a huge amount of outgoing emails, just use google's hosted email service, not even worth your time to manage email when google does a great job of it for free02:40
chewbrancathen all your email will be coming from google's servers, and its not even an issue02:40
marc__chewbranca, hmmm, yeah, good idea... up to 50 email address02:45
marc__chewbranca, thank you very much, you've been a great help for me tonight :D02:49
Psi-JackGoogle Mail... Yeaah. when you run servers and such that send email of their own, google mail is bad.02:50
Psi-JackTrust me.02:50
Psi-JackIt's Bad. ;p02:50
marc__Psi-Jack, why?02:53
marc__Psi-Jack, I want my server to send me email on certain events  (web app logging)02:54
Psi-Jackmarc__, Why? Heh. Because your origin endpoint isn't google-apps.03:57
Psi-Jackmarc__, So not only do you have to STILL use your SMTP servers your own self, but you have to make sure it accepts mail and delievrs it to the proper gmail servers as well.03:57
marc__Psi-Jack, I guess that would work:  http://serverfault.com/questions/54069/how-to-setup-ubuntu-mail-server-with-google-apps04:04
Psi-Jackmarc__, That's only about 25% of what you need.04:06
ruben23guys i have ubuntu server version 10 but i want to install a lower package version of php please help me...its been weeks figuring it out.04:19
ruben23guys any idea and help please04:37
auruben23: no idea :/04:44
auruben23: http://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=php+5.2+on+ubuntu+lucid04:44
ruben23how do i cehck what version of ubuntu server i have..?04:51
lifelesslsb_release -a04:52
blackmatteris there any way to transmit on submission port with postfix?05:00
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aarcaneso I'm running ubuntu server, how do I find the funky text name of my release ?05:49
blackmattercat /etc/issue05:51
aarcane/etc/issue has the numerical release, Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \05:56
aarcanebut not the named release05:56
blackmatterif lsb not present then idk05:56
aarcaneit's tucked at the bottom of lsb_release -a05:57
blackmatteru can uname -a05:58
blackmatteras well05:58
blackmatterforgot to mention XD05:58
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JasonMSPim installing postfix and need to telnet to test it out.  telnet is installed but when I type telnet localhost 25 i get  -bash: telnet: command not found06:09
blackmatteron /etc/postfix/master.cf do u have smtp as chroot?06:10
JasonMSPits got a dash (-)06:12
blackmattertry telnet smtp06:13
JasonMSPthats not going to work because telnet command is not even found.06:13
JasonMSPtelnet is installed though.06:13
blackmattersudo apt-get install putty06:14
blackmatterputty smtp06:14
JasonMSPim ssh into my server from the house06:15
blackmatterplz cat /etc/postfix/main.cf06:15
JasonMSPok and?06:17
blackmatterpm me that06:17
JasonMSPtelnet is my problem.  not postfix though06:18
blackmatteru can remove completely then reinstall06:19
blackmatterif that wont work download putty06:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #636195 in autofs5 (main) "Autofs for LDAP doesn't contain ldif file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63619507:36
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JasonMSPapt-get install libmd5-perl comes up "Couldn't find package libmd5-perl"  ?????08:10
auapt-get update && apt-get upgrade08:12
authen do it08:12
aualso, I checked in ubuntu 10.04 lts, dosen't exist.08:13
JasonMSPhmm...  thats what im running08:14
auapt-cache search perl | grep 'md5'08:18
aulibcrypt-passwdmd5-perl - interoperable MD5-based crypt() for perl08:18
aulibdigest-md5-file-perl - Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls08:18
JasonMSPhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenWebMail  - im doing this08:20
JasonMSPsudo dpkg -i owm2.53-2.deb is failing08:21
JasonMSPdpkg: error processing owm2.53-2.deb (--install):08:21
JasonMSP cannot access archive: No such file or directory08:21
JasonMSPErrors were encountered while processing:08:21
JasonMSP owm2.53-2.deb08:21
JasonMSPnvm that last08:26
joschiJasonMSP: why don't you just install squirrelmail or roundcube webmail?08:32
joschiJasonMSP: there are *working* packages for them for ubuntu, in contrast to openwebmail08:32
JasonMSPjust got it working.08:39
ph8morning all, does anyone know a little about mdadm? When I boot I get /dev/md0 could not be configured, it drops to busybox. If I use the mdadm binary in busybox to reassemble my arrays manually (by uuid) and then simply exit, it works. So the array is fine it's just an issue with the boot process. While i'm in busybox, if I look at /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf it's got all the directives twice, in two identical blocks. This isn't the mdadm.conf that i have on09:18
ph8 my machine so i'm guessing it's auto generated - does anyone know how i influence this auto generation process and get it fixed? I think this is what's stopping the boot. Running Lucid09:18
ph8maybe worth copying to the forums :)09:18
simplexioph8: hmm09:22
ph8it is a puzzler09:23
ph8i'm guessing that's how mdadm works with 'automatic detection' on boot09:23
ph8ah it would appear i can modify my initrd09:24
ph8and repack09:24
ph8but what happens when i upgrade?? :-s09:24
simplexiomy best quess is that mdadmd dosnt have anough time to figure what device belongs to which array09:24
simplexioph8: what fdisk says about your partitions ?, mine says linux raid autodetect09:26
ph8yes mine are autodetect09:26
ph8well it knows the uuid's09:26
ph8so they're in the boot time mdadm.conf somehow09:27
ph8in fact maybe i just need to do an update-initramfs09:27
ph8after modifying my own mdadm.conf09:27
ph8and it packages it then09:27
simplexioi have 2 raid1 and one 4disk raid5 set, usually raid1 come online without problem, but raid5 usually just finds one disk and i have to mdadm --assemble --scan09:28
ph8mine is raid109:28
ph8:o what does scan do09:28
ph8should i be able to do that to fix the issue rather than mounting each device manually by uuid?09:29
ph8hmm looks like that initramfs hasn't fixed it09:29
ph8oh wait i'm lying09:29
ph8that's got it09:29
ph8so the mdadm in initramfs was bad09:29
ph8i had altered the one in /etc on my system but hadn't run update-initramfs09:29
simplexioph8: --assemble --scan scan all disk and figures whihc goes to own raid array09:30
simplexioeven if you dont have mdadm.conf09:30
simplexioone solution to your problem is define all devices in mdadm.conf09:31
ghalebhello, I've compiled PAM from source code and now I'm not able to log into the system, I got the source code from apt-src install pam. I have a preconnected session I can work with, any help ?10:15
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
denysonique_lubuis there a complete solution to control everything via a gui?10:26
denysonique_lubue.g. a mail server, firewall, etc10:26
joschidenysonique_lubu: webmin10:27
joschidenysonique_lubu: maybe ebox10:27
denysonique_lubujoschi, is there a way to setup everything without actually touching the cli?10:30
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
joschidenysonique_lubu: yes. pay someone to do it for you ;)10:39
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, to be honest I am not a fan of gui's but I would like to try something like that just once10:40
denysonique_lubufor fun10:40
jo-erlendjoschi, hey! You stole my nick! :)10:43
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, there is nothing preventing you from running all the services on Ubuntu desktop. If it's a headless server, you can still use ubuntu desktop with a terminal server solution, like x2go or freenx.10:50
yann2jo-erlend, yes you can, but when XDMCP was supported in GDM, you could even use freenx on another server to connect to a server without freenx installed :)10:51
jo-erlendyann2, right. I thought the removal of xdmcp was just a temporary thing?10:51
yann2not as far as I know10:52
jo-erlendthat was a great feature for me. I really miss it.10:52
yann2so do I10:53
yann2you might replace gdm with something else though, but havent tried it yet10:53
jo-erlendyes, but then I could just as easily install x2go or freenx... :)10:54
yann2been using 8.4s, and xdmcp was broken in KDM back then, not sure about now10:54
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, I just fired up lubuntu now and I     have a feeling to try some server apps via gui10:54
yann2well I use Nomachine NX to "tunnel" to other servers via xdmxp10:54
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, cool.10:55
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, 'If it's a headless server, you can still use ubuntu desktop with a terminal server solution, like x2go or freenx' If it is headless there is no X so I can't run freenx or anything like that10:56
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, why is there no x on a headless server? I have that on most of mine.10:56
yann2I thought headless meant "without X server" :)10:57
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, well if it is headless why should I install X on it? ;p10:57
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, because you have ssh?10:57
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, are you talking about xforwarding?10:57
jo-erlendyann2, I thought headless meant a server without a screen.10:57
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, well. Sort of. Pure x forwarding is way too slow to be of any practical use, but freenx and x2go is much faster and does much more.10:58
yann2right  - my english isnt perfect, sorry :)10:58
denysonique_lubuanyway headless == no X10:58
denysonique_lubuhmm I think I will give ebox a try10:59
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, I don't understand that. Headless usually means no monitor, not no x.10:59
jo-erlendbut yes, ebox is nice.10:59
jo-erlendyann2, have you tried spice yet? Seems awesome, but I haven't figured out how to install it on Ubuntu yet. Only Fedora. :(11:01
yann2not yet now - is in the latest kvm though, really looking forward to it11:02
yann2if you manage to install it on a server then I have interest yes :)11:02
jo-erlendthe whole point is to install it on a server. :)11:02
yann2have nomachine tunnel to NX would be nice too11:02
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, spice?11:03
jo-erlenddenysonique_lubu, it's a pc-over-ip solution that's perfect for kvm. I've been longing to move my desktop into a data center for many years.11:04
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, just build it from source ;p11:07
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, its bad it is propriatary11:07
jo-erlendit isn't. Why do you say that?11:07
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, better just set up xen11:07
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, is it free software?11:07
jo-erlendof course.11:07
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, btw show me a link to that spice11:08
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, you are right11:11
denysonique_lububtw this is spice not pcoip11:11
denysonique_lubui thought spice was a client to pcoip11:11
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, you can't install on ubuntu?11:11
jo-erlendwell, there is no packages yet. You could always compile it yourself, but I suspect it's fairly complicated. Anyway, I've had other things to do. :)11:12
ghalebhello, I've compiled PAM from source code and now I'm not able to log into the system, I got the source code from apt-src install pam. I have a preconnected session I can work with, any help ?11:14
joschighaleb: why did you do that?11:16
ghalebjoschi: I read a tutorial to wright a PAM module11:17
ghalebbut by mistake a compiled the entire PAM modules11:17
joschighaleb: since you still have an open shell just reinstall pam11:17
ghalebjoschi: through apt ?11:18
joschighaleb: yes11:18
ghalebbut the modules in /lib/security are exists11:18
ghalebjoschi: when I type sudo su, it gives me sorry try again three times without even letting me enter password11:20
joschighaleb: in this case you'll need to boot from a linux live cd/dvd/usbstick and fix your system from there11:21
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, no its not, it usually is ./configure && make && make install11:22
jo-erlendwe really are different people. .)11:23
denysonique_lubujo-erlend, lol, in terms of what?11:23
jo-erlendjoschi is not me.11:24
ghalebjoschi: yep, but I still have a way to the system11:24
ghalebjoschi: a preconnected session with root access11:24
joschighaleb: well, then reinstall pam through it11:25
=== klaas- is now known as klaas
ghalebI'm looking for PAM in apt repo, do I have to apt-get all libpam packages ?11:25
joschighaleb: just the ones already installed: `dpkg -l 'libpam*'`11:29
ghalebjoschi: it's not working :(11:48
ghalebI reconfigured dpkg-reconfigure libpam0g11:48
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joschighaleb: if you really reinstalled (`aptitude reinstall`, `apt-get install --reinstall`) all the pam libraries and pam was the only thing you broke, it should work11:53
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ghaleb_joschi: even though, it's not working. There is something happened, I can't do anything related to pam, even setting new password for users11:59
joschighaleb_: what's in your logs?12:01
ghaleb_permission denied12:01
ghaleb_I'm afraid to reboot12:02
ghaleb_maybe I'm reconfiguring a wong package12:03
ghaleb_joschi: YEP IT WORKED!12:14
ghaleb_joschi: I reinstalled libpam0g12:14
ghaleb_I've been reinstalling libpam-modules12:14
ghaleb_thank you very much!12:14
joschighaleb_: you're welcome12:16
ruben23hi guys how do i check disk space particular on my / directory...12:38
simplexioruben23: df -h12:38
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ecelisRoyK: ask your question13:03
ecelisoh! sorry, I confused that with an s.o.s13:04
ruben23guys how do i uninstall a source install without mke uninstall script..?13:09
ghaleb_guys, I have a problem installing pam from the source code, I compile and make install but then the system doesn't accept login nor sets passwords, any help ?14:00
autry the mailing list ghaleb_14:01
CrankygeekI am running a Ubuntu 10.4.1 server installation, I would like to install and run a Teamspeak server. Does anyone know what the file name is for teamspeak version 3 and is it available through the repositories?14:01
ghaleb_au: which mailing list, is there a pam mailing or ubuntu-server mailing list ?14:02
auubuntu server14:02
\shCrankygeek, apt-get install teamspeak-server14:04
ghaleb_anybody knows how to verbose the log more to see what happens at syslog ?14:04
\shCrankygeek, apt-cache search teamspeak would have helped you14:04
\shCrankygeek, oh and version 3 is not in the repositories...I would go then with the upstream version...and then you are out of support on ubuntu14:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #636363 in openldap (main) "After importing backend.ldif I get "Invalid credentials (49) "" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63636314:06
auhehe ghaleb_ :) *above*14:07
ghaleb_au: I see openldap bug14:09
gathraiginhi all, does anyone have an idea, why I get an "postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory" error when I restart networking?14:15
\shgathraigin, is /etc/postfix/main.cf available or is it really missing?14:18
gathraiginis really missing, ther is only a master.cf14:19
\shgathraigin, there you have your problem...apt-get install --reinstall postfix eventually fix the problem14:20
\shgathraigin, if not, you have to recreate main.cf manually14:20
gathraiginok, I try that... it is a little bit unfortunate because I do not want postfix, but it was installed when I installed ubuntu-vm-builder...14:21
\shgathraigin, no it's installed because some dep of ubuntu-vm-build needs "default-mta"14:22
gathraiginah ok... I have a lot to learn ;) thanks14:23
\shgathraigin, if you do an apt-cache search mail-transport-agent you'll find some replacements for postfix14:24
gathraiginhm, is postfix not a good choice as mta? or is there a better one with a smaller footprint?14:27
\shgathraigin, ssmtp is a mta replacement with a small footprint..but it depends on you what you want to do ... if you need a good mta...use the ubuntu default aka postfix14:29
gathraiginok, I found the problem with main.cf14:29
gathraiginah all right, I will research ssmtp and postfix to see which will suit my needs better... thank you \sh14:31
marc__anyone know if I have to edit the hosts file in an EC2 instance?14:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #632934 in apache2 (main) "apache2 crashed with SIGSEGV in invoke_cmd()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63293415:36
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dv_is there any reason why ubuntu server doesnt automatically install acpid in the installation=?16:04
dv_i mean, I have to install it manually afterwards16:04
joschidv_: same reason why apache httpd is not preinstalled or vim or Postfix: because it's no core package which would be needed by every user16:15
dv_but *acpid*?16:21
dv_this is such a basic package16:21
joschidv_: I don't use acpid on *any* of my servers16:22
padhuanybody dive me a link for Drupal startup guide16:24
sailerboydoes anyone have a recomendation for a lightweight ftp client?16:43
sailerboyi tried vsftp, but half the time i cant connect16:43
=== unreal_ is now known as unreal
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joschisailerboy: vsftpd is a ftp server16:50
joschisailerboy: try lftp or ncftp if you want a good CLI ftp client16:51
sailerboyi meant ftp server16:51
joschivsftpd is a good lightweight ftp server16:53
joschisailerboy: and I doubt that your connection errors are caused by it ;)16:54
sailerboymost of the connections just time out16:55
sailerboyi'll try purging and reinstalling16:55
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yann2is it possible to create preallocated images using vmbuilder? I/o are horrible as long as the size of the disk images grows17:04
\shyann2, you should be able too17:07
yann2\sh, cant find the appropriate argument17:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #636573 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 128" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63657319:36
blackmatterquick question, what is xshm?19:50
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blackmatterwith a php rfi it can work with the known php_include() from the msf framework?20:03
blackmatterok now i got it... cheers nahlawi20:04
nakhlawiblackmatter: I can't help. Maybe someone else in this room can?20:04
nakhlawiblackmatter: no problem.20:04
amstanhey guys, you know in htop21:11
amstanon the cpu meter, there's a red bar, for some reason it stays at 100%21:11
amstanapparently that's kernel usage21:11
amstanwhat could cause that?21:12
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jpdsamstan: iowait?21:34
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arrrghhhfigured i'd ask here too... is it possible to use the pxe boot server on my ubuntu server to image windows machines?  I got it to drop ubuntu images on workstations...22:21
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qman__theoretically, but IME the windows installer is too smart/stupid for that, you'd have to disk image for sure22:33
holsteinis this bad?22:35
holstein System information disabled due to load higher than 122:35
qman__could be22:37
qman__if you are running a single core/single CPU system and your load is consistently higher than 1, you're underpowered and should upgrade22:37
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hggdhDaviey: just FYI, since your day starts much earlier than mine: 2.0+bzr1239 failed absolutely. See revision 55 on ~/+junk/uec-qa22:42
hggdhDaviey: also, bug 63610122:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 636101 in eucalyptus "Server ISO 20100911 failed to install eucalyptus -- eucalyptus.udeb failure" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63610122:43
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aarcaneheya, so on my ubuntu server, my printers are shared via samba, so it works alright, except that after rebooting my system I have to restart smbd to make the printers show up23:16
_Techie_aarcane, im not sure what the others would recommend, but i would just bandage it up with a cron job23:17
_Techie_@reboot /etc/init.d/smbd restart23:18
aarcanehrrm, if noone else has any better ideas, I'll give that one a try.23:19
aarcaneI think it may have to do with cups needing time to bring the printers live though, can cron handle @reboot + however many minutes somehow ?23:20
_Techie_gimme a min to find what im after23:20
_Techie_gotta brave #ubuntu to find the command, because i cant remember it23:23
holsteinqman__: i am on a single core box23:23
holsteinbut the percentage is low23:24
holsteinCPU useage23:24
holsteinin top23:24
_Techie_aarcane, got the command23:24
_Techie_add this to your crontab -e23:25
_Techie_@reboot sleep [seconds] && /etc/init.d/smbd restart23:25
_Techie_give it 30 seconds to be on the safe side23:26
_Techie_so @reboot sleep 30...23:26
aarcaneI'm thinking @reboot; smbd start instead of restart, and only adding k20s to runlevels 0 1 6...  that way it won't be started twice.23:27
_Techie_aarcane, nah, issue restart that way any current PID is killed and if theres no current PID then its started anyway23:28
_Techie_also means you dont have to do more than you have to23:29
aarcaneseems kinda wasteful to start it twice.23:30
_Techie_aarcane, it wont be started twice23:30
_Techie_on boot when smbd is launched it will creat a PID file, when the restart is issued, then the old process will be killed safely, and then started again... one smbd at a time, nie and clean23:32
aarcaneyeah, but started->stopped->started, instead of started only once.23:33
_Techie_id rather have it start stop start instead of possibly screwing up all together23:34
_Techie_is there any disk cloning utility that i can control via a web panel, preferably AJAX23:40

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