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ludo6431_hello, i'm testing the ubuntu 10.10 maverick beta (up to date), i'm asked to 'enter the "Default" keyring password to unlock it' when i wanna change some things. The problem is that i don't konw this password and it appears to be different than my account password. How can i know it ? or reset it ? (i just installed the beta yesterday)16:47
ludo6431_is it a setup problem ?16:48
ludo6431_i should reinstall ubuntu ?16:48
kuleszdl[17:57:29] <kuleszdl> Hi there.17:07
kuleszdl[17:58:37] <kuleszdl> I just tried to run a few Laptop Test Cases on my Thinkpad T30, and I am sorry to say, but the existing test plan and especially the wiki templates really suck.17:07
kuleszdl[18:00:27] <kuleszdl> There is a huge lack of standardization, the "template" (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Reports/Template) lacks essential stuff like a remarks section or some system specification details. It's even not clear how to name the system under test, since the start page uses different namings etc.17:07
kuleszdl(propably here is the proper place for discussing this)17:07
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