MadnessRedI have got a script to read the gtkrc00:08
MadnessRedok, it now used the gtkrc theme to dynamically generate css :)00:42
MuscovyMadnessRed: the gtkrc mod is causing the tour to crash.00:52
MadnessRedwhat theme?00:53
MuscovyAmbiance, with custom icon theme.00:53
MadnessRedcan you paste your gtkrc file00:54
MuscovyWait, ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml or the gtkrc?00:55
MuscovyI would think our gtkrc's would be the same.00:55
MuscovyHere's gtkrc: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/492411/00:57
MuscovyHere's my theme settings: http://pastebin.com/7DR4wtxZ01:00
MadnessRedok thanks01:00
MuscovyThe Ubuntu pastebin didn't seem to like the xml.01:00
MuscovyAre you on Maverick or Lucid, MadnessRed?01:01
MuscovyI'm going to chroot into my maverick partition and see if it works there.01:02
MadnessRedwait, the bug was my fault01:02
MuscovyMaybe it's just the different light-themes.01:02
MadnessRedI was being stupid01:02
MadnessRedIt because your gtkrc started with a comment01:02
MadnessRedI pushed a fix, see if it works01:03
MadnessRedno wait,01:03
MadnessRedneed to push another fix01:03
MadnessRedrevision 22 should work01:04
MuscovyNope, still not working.01:05
MuscovyIt works fine in Maverick for me.01:06
MadnessRedwhat error Muscovy?01:12
MuscovyDoes anyone know how to edit the side buttons? I can't find where to do that.01:14
MadnessRedwhat about them?01:14
MuscovyI was trying to edit "Ubuntuone" to "Ubuntu One".01:15
MuscovyI replaced all text instances, but the button is still old.01:15
MadnessRedyou need to rename the folder01:15
MadnessRedto ubuntu-one01:15
MadnessRedin tour.py, line 220, can you add, print self.colours01:16
MuscovyOh, thanks.01:16
MadnessRedand tell me what the output is01:16
MuscovyTwo lines of {} before the error.01:17
MadnessRedok, in get_theme.py01:18
MadnessRedafter line 30, before line 31, add this...01:19
MadnessRedprint line01:19
MadnessRedthe line should start with 3 tabs01:19
MadnessRedthats interesting01:20
MadnessRedin maverick its gtk-color-scheme01:20
MadnessRedin lucid it gtk_color_scheme01:20
MadnessRedok try the lastest revision01:26
MuscovyMadneddRed: Works now. :D01:34
MadnessRedit works for Ambiance, we could do with some other testers01:49
MuscovyI'll try out some other themes.01:49
laurent_what is the new branch?01:50
MuscovyThere's lp:ubuntu-tour, which has stable code and latest edits.01:51
Muscovy~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development is latest code.01:52
laurent_how different are they at the moment?01:53
MuscovyNot too much.01:53
MadnessRedI though the stable code was missing a lot01:55
laurent_ooh no wonder I can't see much different I'll pull the development01:55
MadnessRedI may be wrong01:56
laurent_The dev looks fine on my theme which is equinox01:59
laurent_except the text is huge and those buttons on the left still look odd01:59
MadnessRedhow hufe?02:00
MadnessRedit should be basic html02:00
MadnessRedand those buttons I have a plan for :)02:01
MadnessRedbut gonna wait till everyone is online so we can discuss it02:01
MuscovyMadnessRed: Thanks for your coding expertise. :D02:02
MadnessRedno problem, glad I could help02:02
MadnessRedthough I think I will go to bed soon :) its 2am02:03
MuscovyYEEEAH, I did the same thing when the project started.02:06
laurent_So with the use of HTML, this could essentially become an HTML5/css3 slide show?02:10
laurent_That could allow for a really nice design too02:10
MuscovySince html and css would be a lot nicer for formatting.02:10
MadnessRedit uses the webkit engine, which is the same as chrome/safari so you be able to do html5 and css3 fine02:11
MuscovyAnyone here know anything about Quickshot? I'm guessing it'll be the easiest way to do our screenshots.02:12
MadnessRedhow does it differ?02:14
MadnessRedfrom the standard app?02:14
MuscovyWhat do you mean?02:14
MadnessRedhow does quickshot differ from the default screenshot application in ubuntu?02:15
MuscovyI'm not entirely sure.02:16
MuscovyI\m pretty sure it crops applications.02:16
MuscovyAnd I _think_ it scrolls through syslanguages or something for you.02:16
MuscovyMaybe we're ready for a merge? The current code branch seems stable.02:30
MadnessRedtest with more skins first02:32
MadnessRedI a worried about it02:32
MadnessRedI also need to put the code into a try statement so it dies gracefully02:32
MuscovyIt's fine for me with Ambiance/Radiance (and derivatives), Clearlooks, and Dust.02:33
laurent_it works on equinox too02:33
aprilggood morning everyone! :)02:42
aprilgwiki page is now up, thanks to fieldse02:42
aprilguploaded the content just now02:42
MuscovyWelcome back.02:43
MuscovyApril: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour02:45
Muscovyaprilg: We seem to be able to create /pages now, do you think we should move wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Project up a level and redirect?02:45
aprilgoh, we already have a page! lol :)02:50
aprilgi'll move the content from what i created to that02:51
aprilg1got disconnected again. :(02:53
aprilg1just moved all content from UbuntuTour/Project to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour02:53
aprilg1also, deleted the other page02:53
=== aprilg1 is now known as aprilg
MadnessRedkept happening to me all today, whenever I got a phone call02:56
aprilgmoving ToDo list to a wiki page02:59
MadnessRedanyway, I'm off, its 3am here03:02
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laurent_giselher, how is your code going?08:11
laurent_there is a second branch /ubuntu-tours/code-development now08:11
giselherlaurent_: still trying to figure out how to do things in pygtk08:21
laurent_have a look at the branch, they've done quite a bit08:22
giselherlaurent_: oh they have done quite much, I think I will be useless then, because after I figured out pygtk they already finished it :)08:27
laurent_have a play08:29
aprilgis there anyway for me to look at the tour? :)08:51
BillynkidIf you download the bzr tree and click ubuntu-tour08:55
aprilgok :) i'll try that. thanks!08:55
BillynkidI have just joined the team08:55
BillynkidI have a quick query regards not doing this as videos?08:56
aprilgwhat do you mean? :)08:57
aprilgi think we're gonna be working on a slideshow for each of the topics08:57
BillynkidI mean currently it loads images and text08:59
BillynkidYou can click forward and back etc08:59
BillynkidWhich is more like help than a tour08:59
BillynkidIMHO ;-)08:59
aprilgyep. i get what you mean :)08:59
aprilgwe're still working on that :)08:59
BillynkidSo what about using ogg files instead of images09:00
aprilgwhat you see right now actually just came together yesterday09:00
aprilgwe'd love for you to help though09:00
aprilgwe really are just starting out09:00
BillynkidCool, sorry I kinda followed this conversation at the last UDS09:00
Billynkidand thought I'd love to help09:00
aprilgplease do! :)09:01
BillynkidSo looks like I have landed on the first day ! ;-)09:01
aprilgmost of hte developers aren't around right now. maybe still sleeping09:01
BillynkidDo we have a blueprint document?09:01
aprilgyou may want to talk with laurent_ giselher brandonj, MadnessRed09:02
aprilgi don't think we have a blueprint document yet..09:02
aprilgthere may be one on launchpad, but i'm not really sure what's currently on that09:02
aprilgBillynkid we just set up the wiki page as well. some of the details are there. wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntutour09:03
aprilgalso, http://openetherpad.org/GUNcK2dx75?|09:03
aprilgthat's pretty mcuh where all the project notes are right now09:04
laurent_I don't think there will be any solid blueprints until the meeting planed for about saturday09:05
Billynkidaprilg: that wiki page is empty?09:11
Billynkidcase sensitivity ;-)09:13
fieldseHey, our wiki's up!09:19
fieldseIt's 4:19AM where I am. So yeah, mostly everyone's prob. asleep09:20
BillynkidAhh its 11.20am here ;-)09:20
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aprilgjust created desktop-customization topics. committed as revision 43 on lp:ubuntu-tour09:43
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GiulioCI'm random0311:22
GiulioChi all11:22
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Tomynhohey ppl12:55
=== aprilg1 is now known as aprilg
Tomynhowho's the admin?12:58
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OmegaGood day guys.13:58
abr4xasgoog day Omega !! :)14:09
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SilasleSeems to be an little more quiet in here then yesterday.15:41
Omegacommited getting help chapter15:52
BillynkidOmega seems you have html tags in the text16:10
OmegaThe syntax is going to be implemented16:11
BillynkidWondering about if we can embed video?16:14
OmegaWe probably could16:15
BillynkidJust thinking that allows us to have talk overs?16:21
BillynkidWe also can redo some from screencasts?16:24
SilasleMadnessRed: I found an bug in the "new" program16:25
BillynkidSilasle: if your quick you can file the first bug report16:26
MadnessRedooh, go on?16:27
SilasleNah, i think i know how to fix it16:27
SilasleBut you have done it rally nice16:28
SilasleIt's that one:16:29
Silaslegtkrc = open('/usr/share/themes/' + theme + '/gtk-2.0/gtkrc').read()16:29
SilasleIt needs to be something like16:29
Silaslegtkrc = open('/usr/share/themes/' + theme + '/gtk-2.0/gtkrc').read()16:29
Silaslegtkrc = open('/home/silas/.themes/' + theme + '/gtk-2.0/gtkrc').read()16:29
SilasleBut ~/.themes doesent work16:30
SilasleOk, it's fixed16:31
MadnessRedok thanks :)16:31
OmegaMadnessRed: the getting help chapter uses html16:32
OmegaSo when it's implemented you can test on that16:32
MadnessRedok, btw here is a basic guide as to what files will be read16:32
Silasle(I'll update  the testing branch to get  the latest text too)16:32
MadnessRedfor page 0 it will load all files beginning 0_16:32
MadnessRedthen generally, the first file which ends .html will be loaded for html view, and the first file which doesn't will be loaded as text16:33
MadnessRedif there is not a html file, it will load the first plain text file and convert it to html16:33
MadnessRedif there is no a text it will try and convert the html file16:34
SilasleWhat is that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/492638/16:34
MadnessRedalso for html, you don't need to include the <html> <head> <body> stuff, that is all done by the scripts16:34
SilasleMadnessRed: Can you push?16:35
MadnessRedcan I, or may I?16:35
SilasleBazaar seems  to be down?16:35
MadnessRedI can't pull16:35
SilasleAhh, now its working16:35
MadnessRedhm, I have an un pushed commit16:37
SilasleSo, everything is updated16:38
SilasleExcept that i removed the html directory and now it's not working ;)16:38
SilasleNow everything is ok16:41
MadnessRedcan I suggest something16:42
SilasleIs it an good idea to use the built in browser for the links?16:42
SilasleMadnessRed: Sure16:43
MadnessRedrather than using the getpass.getuser() to get username and then doing '/home/'+username ...16:43
MadnessRedit is a bit more reliable to use os.path.expanduser('~/')16:44
SilasleI change that16:44
MadnessRedi can do it, dw, I jsut need to push16:44
MadnessRedI want to be a second fallback in aswell16:44
SilasleIs it possible to have html5 in that?16:47
MadnessRedit uses the webkit engine16:47
SilasleThere we solved the video problem16:51
Silasle<video controls src="http://people.opera.com/howcome/2007/video/A_New_Computer--small.ogg" id="myVideo">Video not working</video>16:52
SilasleFor example16:52
SilasleGives you that http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4997718/Screenshot-17.png16:53
OmegaI think we need a better interface16:54
OmegaThe buttons are kind of uninviting.16:54
SilasleThat can be scripted16:55
MadnessRedvideo works, check out tests in the latest revision16:55
SilasleI already have it working16:56
MadnessRedlol nice video btw16:57
SilasleDemo video for opera16:57
Silasle*by opera :P16:57
SilasleThat volume button is an bit confusing16:58
MadnessRedits a mute button isn't it?16:59
SilasleYea but --- is playing and ((( is muted16:59
SilasleIt's the wrong way16:59
MadnessRednot for me16:59
SilasleOk, but what do we need more?17:00
SilasleSomething to do better17:00
MadnessRedI think the left buttons17:00
MadnessRedcould maybe be done as a tree17:00
OmegaOpera is awesome17:01
MadnessRedand we could catagorise the things somehow17:01
OmegaExcept for being nonfree17:01
MadnessRedI have opera on my phone :)17:01
SilasleOpera is free but not open source17:01
OmegaSame here17:01
MadnessRedprefer chom(e/ium) for pc though17:01
OmegaI use Chromium too17:02
SilasleYep, about ubuntu should be the first in the list.17:02
OmegaBut Opera has some nice features17:02
MadnessRedalso, regard html17:02
SilasleI used chromium for some time, until i needed an irc client17:02
MadnessRedall web pages act like they are in the same folder as ubuntu-tour.py17:03
SilasleAnd i love that one built in in opera17:03
OmegaI use irssi17:03
MadnessRedi use xchat-gtk17:03
OmegaI love Opera Unite17:03
SilasleUnite could have been better17:03
MadnessRedignore the columns for now, how about something like that for grouping the tours17:04
SilasleHmm, no17:04
OmegaSilasle: Well yeah but everything could be better :P17:05
MadnessRedwhat about the treeview?17:05
SilasleI would like, Clicking on internet gives you an list to chose from in the big info box17:05
SilasleOmega: I like real web servers17:06
MadnessRedyes that was what I was thinking of doing :)17:06
SilasleAnd, cant we have one standard tour that sends you through everything?17:06
MadnessRedwe could just send the next button to become next toor at the end17:07
MuscovyHello all.17:07
OmegaHey Muscovy17:07
SilasleYes, that sounds perfect17:07
SilasleHi Muscovy17:08
SilasleFirst, about ubuntu. Then internet. Then multimedia. Then Office17:08
MuscovyKeeping it in the menu order?17:09
SilasleMenu order?17:09
MadnessRedthe order in which things appear17:09
SilasleNo, in that order too.17:10
MuscovyI meant it looks like we're trying to use the same order as the Applications menu.17:10
MadnessRedI mean you may not want, Adding Repositories to come before Connecting to the Internet17:10
MadnessRedso we need some way of choose where the items appear17:10
SilasleIn the order Ubuntu-->Internet-->multimedia-->office-->Rest17:10
MadnessRedAlso, I have extracted the pathbar from the software centre source17:11
SilasleAnd the button for the current tour should be marked in some way17:11
MadnessRedwe could have it pressed17:11
SilasleYep, pressed17:11
MuscovyIs there a way we could shrink the side buttons to about 75% of the size?17:11
MadnessRedbut do we want buttons?17:12
MuscovyI'm not sure.17:12
SilasleNot really17:12
MuscovyIn our original mockups it was just next/previous.17:12
SilasleBut it's the best i can think of now17:12
MuscovyMaybe show the current, previous, and next, with some sort of expand button to show all? I think that would be cool.17:12
SilasleMaybe an home button?17:12
MuscovyTo go back to the front page?17:13
SilasleTo get the buttons to choose from17:13
SilasleAnd the front page should show you options, go trough the whole tour, to one category, or skip everything.17:14
MadnessRedI think we should get some definite designs, and decide what we want first17:16
SilasleSo, everyone, create mockups.17:16
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OmegaHow do I pull from a different branch?17:18
OmegaI'm a git person17:18
OmegaI want to use the experimental one17:18
Silaslebzr branch lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development17:18
SilasleIn another folder17:18
Muscovybzr branch lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development17:18
MuscovyActually, I think we can bind lp:ubuntu-tour/maverick-dev or something to it.17:20
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MadnessRedinteresting, brb17:27
=== MadnessRed is now known as MadnessRed_brb
MuscovyOmega, do you think you could put ubuntu-tour-admins as maintainer of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-tour ?17:27
OmegaI thought I did17:27
MuscovyYou just did the team ownership.17:28
MuscovyI didn't want to bug you when you did that because you were afk.17:28
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OmegaIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/omega/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml'17:37
OmegaI don't have the interface dir17:38
BillynkidThe progress bar is out of order with the menu?17:44
MuscovyOmega, what desktop environment do you use?17:48
OmegaI use bluetile as my wm though.17:49
MuscovyTry checking how much of the file path exists.17:49
MuscovyThough I think we should put an if_file around that anyways, for people who use KDE and so on.17:50
OmegaI did17:52
Omegainterface doesn't17:52
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MuscovyI wonder how we should make the interactivity framework.18:35
MuscovyI hadn't thought about making topic/page detection automatic.18:36
MuscovyI figured about-ubuntu/en/0_about-ubuntu and so on would be built into the .py.18:39
MuscovyTherefore, I thought tests like "pgrep firefox | xargs ps" would be easy to build in.18:40
brandonjthose files should not be built into the py18:45
Silasle_awayMadnessRed: Can we check which page we are on?18:46
=== Silasle_away is now known as Silasle
SilasleAnd  can we change the page?18:47
MadnessRedhi, yes we can18:47
MadnessRedtour.page, and tour.folder18:47
brandonjabout-ubuntu and each of the other tours should each be made into single files.  .tar or something18:47
MadnessRedwell we could get python to extract them18:48
brandonjyeah, thats no problem18:48
MadnessRedand allow them to be imported18:48
brandonjUsers should be able to download tours from the internet18:48
OmegaIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/omega/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml'18:48
brandonjin a single file18:48
OmegaI don't have the interface dir in /home/omega/.gconf/desktop/gnome/18:48
SilasleOmega:Which row?18:48
brandonjinstead of reading %gconf.xml, isnt there a python interface to gconf?18:48
OmegaI get that error on launch18:48
MadnessRedI am not sure, I haven't done much with gconf18:49
MadnessRedif so it would definately be a better way of doing it18:49
Omegaline 24 calls line 718:49
MadnessRedits in get_theme.py18:49
MadnessRedok, i'll investigate18:53
MuscovyIs anyone else having trouble pushing to bzr?18:57
MuscovyOh wait, it's fine now.18:57
MuscovyIt kept saying 503 error.18:57
SilasleI had  problems about 2 hours ago too18:57
SilasleThat 503 and  one more18:58
brandonjsometimes the launchpad servers get a bit slow/overloaded18:58
MuscovyI'd like to some sort of titling system for the window.18:59
MuscovyLike "Ubuntu Tour - Applications menu".19:01
SilasleMuscovy: Thanks for the idea19:01
MuscovyI'm perhaps from taking the page file's name, and convert - to ' ' and capitalize it.19:02
MuscovyOr have a <!-- title:Page Title --> tag.19:02
MuscovyI assume it doesn't render html comments?19:02
SilasleI think we can get that whit the tour.page command19:04
SilasleIf i understood MadnessRed right19:04
MuscovyI confess I haven't given the Python a good read yet.19:05
SilasleMuscovy: That's done19:07
SilasleTitle is now foldername - Ubuntu-tour19:08
MuscovyI'm not sure about the - in the name. We called it ubuntu-tour on Launchpad just for readability (no spaces doesn't look quite as nice).19:11
SilasleSo should it be ubuntu-tour, ubuntutour,or ubuntu tour?19:14
MuscovyUbuntu Tour I think.19:14
SilasleOther opinions?19:15
SilasleI'm for Ubuntu Tour19:17
OmegaUbuntu Tour19:18
SilasleOk, i'm pushing  :D19:18
MuscovyWhat's tour.folder?19:19
SilasleThe name of the folder that the current page is in19:19
Muscovytour.folder.replace("-", " ") seems to be failing.19:20
MuscovyI'm not sure. It just uses about-ubuntu or whatever the unmodified folder.tour was.19:21
SilasleAh, ok19:21
MuscovyWait, found it, I wasn't doing it in all instances.19:22
SilasleI found one more bug when i tried another theme: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492711/19:25
SilasleIt looks really nice whit the standard themes19:26
MuscovyI can't find a good way to capitalize tour.folder - tour.folder.capitalize() only does the first letter.19:27
SilasleWhitout the .19:28
SilasleI'm just guessing...19:29
MuscovyNot defined.19:29
SilasleAh, i remember something19:30
Silasletry tour.folder.uppercase()19:30
OmegaThat makes it all uppercase19:30
SilasleWasn't that what you wanted?19:31
Muscovy' '.join(i.capitalize() for i in S.split(' ')) works.19:31
SilasleWhat do you want to do?19:31
MuscovyTurn "this is a test" to "This Is A Test"/19:32
SilasleAh ok, the first letter in every word19:32
SilasleI found it19:33
MuscovyWell that's easy.19:34
SilaslePython is easy19:34
SilasleDoes someone know where the color for the background comes from?19:37
* devildante will work on a command system over the next week19:37
SilasleCommand system?19:38
devildanteSilasle, "command" means like "guide the user through opening software-center from the menu"19:39
SilasleThe arrows pointing at the buttons and things like that?19:39
SilasleHas any translations been done yet?19:44
devildanteSilasle, arrows?19:48
MadnessRedthe background colour is read from the gtkrc file20:03
OmegaWe've been video blogged20:05
aprilghi everyone20:08
Silasledevildante: Wasn't the idea to have arrows pointing, "Hey you, here is the system menu" ?20:08
aprilgquick question. do you guys want the content in plain text, html or some other makrup?20:09
SilasleMadnessRed: How?20:09
devildanteSilasle, ah, wasn't aware of this20:09
MadnessRedhtml please20:09
MadnessRedbut you don't need to do the full page,20:09
devildanteSilasle, but there are other uses, like "wait for update-manager to finish checking for updates"20:10
SilasleMaybe it was my idea, but i think i saw it somewhere.20:10
devildanteSilasle, so it's more interactive20:10
aprilgMadnessRed ok.20:10
SilasleThat would be nice, but is it possible?20:10
aprilgwe can start converting the text to html20:10
SilasleMadnessRed: What color is it that is used?20:11
SilasleIt's not the window background  color20:11
MadnessRedisn't it?20:11
MadnessRedit should be the general background colour20:12
MadnessRedor if it can't find it white20:12
devildanteSilasle, this would probably require hacking other applications to support dbus or something20:12
SilasleNo, my background color is fbfbfb and the color used is d6d6d620:12
brandonjOmega: The doodle poll suggests the best time for the meeting is Saturday the 18th at 11AM New York time20:12
MadnessRedwhats that gmt?20:13
Silasledevildante: I wouldn't hack the update manager :P20:13
brandonjMadnessRed: 15:00 I think20:13
devildanteSilasle, well, I could hack update-manager, since I'm familiar with it20:14
Omegabrandonj: What time is it now in new york?20:14
devildanteSilasle, and also software-center and software-properties20:14
MadnessRedI think with the html interface we should just leave it white, and a text background, rather than trying to make it match20:15
devildanteSilasle, "Software Sources"20:15
brandonjOmega: right now its 15:1520:15
Silasledevildante: Ok20:15
SilasleMadnessRed: No, white would look crazy for dark themes20:15
devildantebut not today, I'm a little busy :p20:15
MadnessRedSilasle, what does xchat look like on a dark theme?20:16
SilasleI don't know20:16
MadnessRedlol, watching the video about us20:17
Silasle the color is in desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme/bg_color20:18
MadnessRedim back, internet died :/20:27
MadnessRedI'll take some screenshots using nox, see how it looks20:27
SilasleMadnessRed: Where in the code is the color set?20:27
MadnessRedtour.py near the bottom20:27
MadnessRedand the colours are read in get_theme.py20:27
SilasleI think i have an solution20:28
MadnessRedgo on...20:28
SilasleFor me it seems to work20:30
BillynkidOk, am adding some icons to the menu buttons, but am thinking that we might need to have multiple levels in the menus20:30
Billynkidi.e. being able to group20:30
BillynkidFirefox under Internet20:30
SilasleCan you test to replace it whit this :http://paste.ubuntu.com/492731/20:30
SilasleIn tour.py20:31
MadnessRedYes Billynkid, I think so too20:31
SilasleYes, we need some sort of groups.20:31
BillynkidI was wondering if we should try modelling along the lines of the software centre?20:31
BillynkidI think that way maybe as you add apps, people can include the relavent tours?20:32
BillynkidSo it's dynamic20:32
BillynkidBut that would also mean tracking the apps that are installed etc20:33
SilasleMadnessRed: I'll push my changes up so that you can test if it works.20:33
SilasleWe can always change back :P20:34
MadnessRedI tried with nox and it didn't work20:34
MadnessRedwith my one20:34
MadnessRedI am waiting to pull yours, let me know when its up20:35
Silaslewhat's nox?20:35
SilasleUp now20:35
MadnessRedTraceback (most recent call last):20:35
MadnessRed  File "./ubuntu-tour.py", line 150, in <module>20:35
MadnessRed    Window()20:35
MadnessRed  File "./ubuntu-tour.py", line 146, in __init__20:35
MadnessRed    tour.load_page('about-ubuntu',0,self)20:35
MadnessRed  File "/home/anthony/Projects/Ubuntu Tour/code-development/tour.py", line 142, in load_page20:35
MadnessRed    gui.html.load_html_string(self.parse_html("Nothing written yet."), 'file://' + os.getcwd())20:35
MadnessRed  File "/home/anthony/Projects/Ubuntu Tour/code-development/tour.py", line 225, in parse_html20:35
MadnessRed    bg_color=(c.split("bg_color:#")[1]).split("\n")[0]20:35
MadnessRedIndexError: list index out of range20:35
jasonoPLease help me, someone.20:35
SilasleMy code?20:35
MadnessRedI think I know why though20:35
MadnessRedI think gtk_color_scheme became gtk-color-scheme in maverick20:36
SilasleI'm in lucid20:36
MadnessRedno thats not ir20:37
MadnessRedI'll do some searching around20:37
SilasleRun gconftool-2 --get /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme20:38
SilasleOr whit - instead of _20:38
MadnessRedno doesn't work either20:39
MadnessRedI'm gonna try and find the source for the appearance program20:39
MadnessRedthat should show what they are editing20:39
SilasleIt is that one that is being edited.20:41
MadnessRedbut not on maverick20:41
SilasleCheck in gconf-editor20:42
MadnessRedi did20:42
SilasleFound something20:42
SilasleHi celsojunior20:43
MuscovyHello all.20:44
SilasleHmm, i don't know where to find it.20:45
celsojuniorSomeone from Brazil?20:45
MadnessRedI have the code for the appearence window20:47
SilasleOk, where is it saved?20:47
MuscovyI'm getting weird crashes in Maverick and Lucid, I assume this is known?20:48
SilasleI have created an fallback to your system for now, pull20:48
SilasleMuscovy: Which sort of crashes?20:48
SilasleIndexError: list index out of range ?20:48
SilaslePull again20:49
MadnessRedI think I have got an answer20:49
MadnessRedif you have changed the theme colours then they are stored in gconf and should be extracted your way20:49
MadnessRedif not they are in the theme file, and should be extracted from there20:50
SilasleAs i did now20:50
celsojuniorI wonder if I can already test the Ubuntu Tour20:50
Silaslecelsojunior: You can test an very early version of it.20:50
celsojuniorI wonder if I can already test the Ubuntu Tour?20:51
SilasleMadnessRed: Muscovy, Working whit that last fix?20:51
MadnessRedill pull it now20:51
MuscovySilasle: Yep, it's good.20:51
MuscovyOn Lucid, haven't tried Maverick.20:51
grymanI'm new to contributing to the community and have no idea where to start20:53
MadnessRedok, I am gonna move the colours stuff back into get_theme.py20:53
MadnessRedthat way we can work on them without causing conflicts with the rest of the code20:53
MadnessRedand in hind site, picking bright red as a colour to test was a bid idea20:54
SilasleI did the same, was an nice desktop :P20:54
MadnessRedIt's my insentive to get it sorted quickly :)20:54
Silaslegryman: Check what you can do here: http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/20:55
grymanI can either Author or Edit at this time20:55
grymanI'm just leaning C++, so I won't be much help with the Python20:55
SilasleMadnessRed: I get scrollbars at the start page, but not after changing20:56
MuscovyI'm just making a push that changes the capitalization on the window border.20:56
MadnessRedscrollbars are automatic, they appear if needed20:56
MadnessRedor they should anyway20:56
SilasleThey are not needed.20:57
SilasleMuscovy: Ok, pulling20:57
SilasleI'm going to bed now, back tomorrow.20:58
MuscovyAlright, talk to you later.20:58
MuscovyWeird, that scrollbar is showing at launch.20:59
Silaslelooks crazy ;)21:00
SilasleOk, i'm of now.21:05
grymanI think a tour of the office suite is a good idea21:06
BillynkidIs anyone on the Kubuntu side looking at doing a Kubuntu version21:07
MuscovyI'm sure we will eventually.21:09
MuscovyHowever, we'll probably want to get this stable and have a final UI first.21:09
MuscovyYou know, an ubuttu would be handy.21:12
MadnessReda what?21:13
grymanYou know, a ubottu... They grill a great burger!21:14
MuscovyIt's the freenode bot.21:14
MadnessRedok kl21:14
MuscovyYou can give it triggers to react to.21:14
MuscovyLike listing bug reports and descriptions and so on.21:15
MadnessRedI'll be back, in a bit, gtg, can you avoid editing get_theme.py as I am half way through re-writing it21:15
=== daker_ is now known as daker
MuscovyCan anyone think of any changes the website should have?21:16
grymanIs en supposed to be American English, British English, or a combination of the two?21:29
MuscovyAmerican I believe.21:29
grymanOk, because the word organise is bothering me, but apparently 60% of British prefer ise instead of ize21:30
Billynkidgryman we do21:53
Billynkidand colour21:53
grymanWell, since Americans are always right, I changed it to ize21:54
MuscovyThe Canadian in me is simmering. XD21:55
grymanIt's aboot time, eh?21:56
BillynkidDo Canadian's simmer? Wow!21:57
grymanI figured if I tried to add Python code you'd guys would get mad at me, so instead you can be mad about my spelling choices.21:58
CriscoCanadians are just adapted Americans21:59
grymanAnd I think my switch is acting up as my NAS disappeared.22:01
kandrex_Hello to everybody! I'm glad to join this proyect22:11
kandrex_let me introduce myself, my name is Carlos and i'm from Venezuela22:12
grymanDoes music purchased from the UbuntuOne store count against your total storage?22:12
grymanI understand that you can go over the 2gb's of free storage with purchased music, but I'm unclear on if any/all music counts against your storage22:12
CriscoI wouldn't think so22:12
kandrex_so, i would like colaborate as a translator22:13
Criscoso I forgot is this going to be in a compiled language or interpretive language?22:13
CriscoI know a bit of python but I'm learning C++22:13
grymanI think the tour is PyGTK22:14
grymanI'm learning C++ as well, but my Python knowledge is minimal22:14
grymanI'm sticking to authoring and editing22:14
grymanHow does the tour know the categories?22:19
Criscois this going to be compatible with Ubuntu based distro's like Mint?22:19
BillynkidCrisco: I think it could be eventually22:23
BillynkidCrisco: I think the focus is on vanilla Ubuntu right now22:24
Criscovanilla == plain?22:28
BillynkidYes, when I say focus though no real blueprint documents exist as this project is only a few days old22:30
=== daker_ is now known as daker
BillynkidI am adding new ideas to the blueprint page under launchpad right now.22:31
BillynkidI think that would be the best idea22:31
kandrexHey I've a few questions. Who can help?22:35
MuscovyI can, kandrex.22:36
kandrexThis is the first time that I colaborated in a proyect, so I'd like how can I start the translation to spanish22:39
MuscovyUnfortunately, we don't have translation plans in place right now, because we've not finished writing the guide.22:40
MuscovyWe don't want translators to constantly update their languages.22:41
MuscovyMaybe stick around, I'm sure someone knows more than I do on the matter.22:41
kandrexMmmm... but in the launchpad it looks like there are a brazilian translation on course22:42
grymanEventually we'll want the tour translated into any and all languages22:44
MuscovyHmm, so there are.22:44
grymanI don't see how the translation can be going on at the same time as main content being added22:44
MuscovyYou're perfectly welcome to start translating now, but keep in mind the translations _will_ need a lot of updates.22:44
kandrexno problem with that22:45
kandrexbut as I said before I would like to know how the procedure is to begin the translation or where can i find information about that22:48
MuscovyEach section contains language folders.22:51
MuscovyFor example, en and en_CA.22:51
MuscovyThe folder with no '_' is the default of that language. In en's case it's US English.22:52
MuscovyThe '_' ones are variations of the language.22:52
MuscovyInside the appropriate folder, place the translated files.22:53
MuscovyWe'll have a better system eventually. :P22:53
grymanShould I make commits often, or wait until I'm completely done with my adding of content?22:53
Muscovygryman: What are you working on?22:53
MuscovyModerately frequently I guess.22:54
MuscovyWe want to avoid collisions.22:54
MuscovyIf I edit Firefox and you edit OpenOffice, we can merge them easily.22:54
grymanWhat's the bzr command to commit?22:54
grymanSame as svn?22:54
Muscovybzr commit -m "Message"22:54
MuscovyThe more files you edit, the more often you'll want to commit.22:55
grymanOk, all commited now22:56
wojtekkHi, I also have question. I should work on branch:  lp:ubuntu-tour? Or  lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development?22:57
wojtekkI'm translator22:58
Muscovywojtekk: lp:ubuntu-tour.22:58
MuscovyThe other one is for code.22:58
kandrexOk, I already have the branch, So Will I have to create a new folder like "es_LA" (Latinoamerican Espanish) for example and then copy the txt's of the default "en" folder and begin the translation?22:59
MadnessRedhi all, I got the theme detection sorted, nearly23:02
MuscovyOh good. :D23:02
MadnessRedonly problem, is I am getting this: <body style="background-color:#FFFF00001212; color:#EEEEEEEEECEC;">23:02
MadnessRedso I need to write a quick script to convert it to 256 colours23:03
MuscovyIs that including alpha?23:03
MadnessRedno, its giving 16^4 colours, not 16^223:04
MuscovyI've got a random rgb/hex converter, want the script?23:04
MadnessRedurm, ok23:05
kandrexAre there some kind of standards before uploadind the changes that I do?23:06
grymanDon't mess it up23:06
MuscovyThat just about covers it.23:06
MadnessRedmake sure it works first23:06
grymanIs the language auto-detected?23:07
grymanI'm writing the Network tour right now23:07
MadnessRedok kl23:07
MadnessRedactually Muscovy I think it can be done with splices23:10
MadnessRedif len(l[1]) = 13:23:12
MadnessRedl[1] = l[1][0:3] + l[1][5:7] + l[1][9:11]23:12
MadnessRedthat should be == in the if23:12
MadnessRedwoo it works :)23:13
MadnessRednow I can get rid of this garish red :)23:14
MuscovyI've got issues with starting revision 40.23:18
MadnessRedwas ist los?23:19
grymanJa, was ist los?23:19
MuscovyNo value set for `/desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme'23:19
MuscovyTraceback (most recent call last):23:19
Muscovy  File "./ubuntu-tour.py", line 152, in <module>23:19
Muscovy    Window()23:19
Muscovy  File "./ubuntu-tour.py", line 146, in __init__23:19
Muscovy    tour.load_page('about-ubuntu',0,self)23:19
Muscovy  File "/home/alex/Desktop/code-development/tour.py", line 142, in load_page23:19
Muscovy    gui.html.load_html_string(self.parse_html("Nothing written yet."), 'file://' + os.getcwd())23:20
Muscovy  File "/home/alex/Desktop/code-development/tour.py", line 223, in parse_html23:20
Muscovy    start = start.replace('{{BACK-COLOUR}}', self.colours['bg_color'].upper())23:20
MuscovyKeyError: 'bg_color'23:20
MadnessRedget you run get_theme.py23:20
MadnessRedtell me what the terminal output of that is23:21
MuscovyNo value set for `/desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme'23:21
MuscovyThe path ends for me at /desktop/gnome/interface23:21
MadnessRedgonna push again, see if that works23:26
MuscovyMadnessRed: Since we're using webkit, are we just going to use html to insert images?23:34
MadnessRedbut the html files act like they are in the same dirctory as ubuntu-tour.py23:35
MadnessRedok, pushed a fix to bzr23:36
MadnessRedrevision 4123:36
MuscovyI wonder why that one failed?23:37
MuscovyBecause I tested it on Maverick too.23:37
MuscovyWorks now.23:37
MadnessRedI did an elif where I meant if23:39
Criscothat messes up everything doesn't it23:40
MadnessRedwell I meant to do several tests, by doing if, then if again with the same conditions, until it gave up23:41
MadnessRedbut I put elifs, so it did't even give up, it just returned nothing23:41
MuscovyAny objections if I toss the latest writing into the code branch?23:42
MadnessRednot by me23:42
grymanCan I commit networks?23:44
grymanI added a bit there23:44
grymanok, one sec23:45
grymanwhat is it to add a dir?23:45
Muscovybzr add to add new files.23:45
MuscovyI suppose that's to prevent compiled data from being uploaded accidentally.23:46
grymansorry, there's just so many versioning systems23:46
MadnessRedI know23:46
grymanNetworks should be added now23:47
grymanand commited23:47
MadnessRedok kl23:47
MuscovyUpdated content is committed to the dev branch.23:48
MadnessRedyou just wiped out portuguese brazilian23:51
MadnessRedthe latest revision deleted it23:52
grymanWas it me?23:53
MadnessRedi think it can be fixed easily, dw23:53
Muscovydev branch or normal?23:53
MadnessReddev branch23:54
MuscovyThat's odd, I see them locally.23:54
MadnessReddo bzr add23:54
MadnessRedand commit23:54
MadnessRedanyway im off, be back tomorrow23:56

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