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erahi, is radeonhd still in the universe?17:05
eraalso, what is the diff between -ati and -radeon?17:08
jcristauno, and ati is a wrapper that loads radeon, mach64 or r128 depending on your hw17:11
eraok. thanks.17:20
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pavpanchekhaI have an nVidia issue on Maverick21:35
pavpanchekhawho should I ask?21:35
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Nekohi guys22:45
Nekois this in the maverick xorg yet?22:52
NekoI don't see it in the bzr but I figure I might be blind. it seems to fix this 100% CPU bug I had with xfce terminal..22:59
Nekoabout to test it against yesterday's xorg-xserver..23:04

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