xoveralraune,  ran it, what am i looking for? fans?00:00
madch0zk thx yall00:00
al__whats the notation to "allow" all addresses in range 192.168.1.x ?00:00
alraunexover: it should have found some modules, you first have to load00:00
jribal__: we need some context...00:00
xoveralraune, it found the cpu and gpu, i have applet that shows my temps on the toolbar on my desktop00:00
th0ral__: :
alraunexover: also (for next reboot) they got to be in /etc/modules00:01
al__jrib: its for a for a firewall00:01
kneauxglebihan, cool, all finished. Now I just need to figure out how to run an 386 package on x64. idletask said something about linux32, but I get:00:01
al__th0r: why 24?00:01
kneauxNote, selecting util-linux instead of linux3200:01
kneauxutil-linux is already the newest version.00:01
th0ral__: because you are only considering the first 24 bits of the 32 bit ip address00:01
pwnthow to log in00:01
glebihankneaux: won't be able to help you there, running on i38600:02
alraunexover: sudo modprobe NameOfModule to get them to the kernel,  where NameOfModule is the name(s) sensors-detect found00:02
al__i think i need to read up on bits and ip addresses....00:02
idletaskkneaux: the syntax is: linux32 your32bitbinaryhere00:02
xoveralraune, those modules have been there since june when i installed the OS00:02
xoverit just added the same module again00:03
glebihanwell, think I played enough for tonight, need some sleep now, have fun all !00:03
al__so what does allow?00:04
th0ral__: the same thing00:04
kneauxidletask: i don't have a command "linux32"00:04
prajul_alraune:bye thanks very much00:04
kneauxidletask, just kidding, i do. hold on00:04
idletaskkneaux: that's strange, since it's part of util-linux00:04
fenn_how can i get gdm working after lucid upgrade?00:04
xoveralraune, how can i tell at what temperature the fans will increase and to what rpm?00:05
kneauxidletask, I'm getting "permission denied"00:05
xoveris 80 80 80 degrees bad?00:05
al__th0r: is is somethign to do with the fact that each number in .xxx is a bit, and each bit is 8 bytes, thus 3 x 8 = 24?00:05
xoverfans are sat at 2000rpm00:05
idletaskkneaux: does your 32bit binary have execute permissions?00:06
th0ral__: not quite...you do need to read up on bits and bytes00:06
al__th0r: got the bits and bytes the wrong way around but you know what I mean00:06
th0ral__: yes, that is about it, the first three sets of 8 bits are processed, the fourth set of 8 is ignored00:07
xoveralraune,  I have this is messages00:07
xoverACPI: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver00:07
alraunexover: as said, I have low experince with aplle; seems they got a SMC-Chip , and ubuntu has an applesmc-driver, but to be honest, I never worked with it00:07
kneauxidletask, good point. one second...00:07
pwntwinblows fail me again, going back on ubuntu! brb ;-)00:07
al__th0r: so does that style of notation allow you to be more specific, lets say you just wanted to allow - 192.168.100?00:07
thune3bobo123: i'm not 100%, but for ubuntu setup,I beleive you can create a file say /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02custom , and put two lines 'APT::Install-Recommends "false";' and 'APT::Install-Suggests "false";' to make this the default behavior00:07
al__that last set should be
idletaskal__: no, that won't do it, there's no power of 2 range that would exactly cover 1 to 10000:08
* h-bomb wishes that xchat would be update on the repos00:08
kneauxidletask, now i get:00:08
kneauxsudo linux32 ~/Downloads/gnaural_1.0.20100707-1_i386.deb00:08
kneaux/home/sgravn/Downloads/gnaural_1.0.20100707-1_i386.deb: 1: Syntax error: newline unexpected00:08
idletaskYou have to specify the range00:08
pwntwhy am I still in -unregged?00:08
pwntwhat does that even mean.00:08
idletaskkneaux: oh, that's a deb file?00:08
idletaskkneaux: and you can't install it?00:08
kneauxidletask, yeah00:08
idletaskEven with dpkg -i?00:09
newbuntuHello all.  I'm still struggling with a dual-boot installation on a laptop.  I've freed a big chunk of space on the internal drive, but the installer says it's "unusable," and the utility I used to free the space won't initialise it - saying something about there being no slots in the MBR.  i wonder if the fact that the installer previously overwrote the Win7 boot loader in the MBR with GRUB00:09
newbuntuhas something to do with the problem.00:09
newbuntumake that "no free slots" - sorry00:09
niteshadeI just updated my ubuntu version, before which my ipod shuffle worked happily with it and i could even load music onto it, but now the green and amber lights just flash when i plug it in. [http://www.pcworld.com/article/126146/if_lights_blink_on_your_ipod_shuffle_it_could_be_bad_news.html]00:10
drewbertHi guys, I was wondering if anybody had a solution for getting hibernate in 10.04 working with the nvidia drivers.00:10
drewbertThe first page of google was not helpful.00:10
niteshadeit plays on its own tho.  Could anyone help me with this?00:10
* idletask avoids proprietary drivers like the plague they are00:10
drewbertIn fact, hibernate does not work for me even with the free nv driver.00:10
idletaskdrewbert: the nv driver never has had proper power management, use nouveau00:11
idletasknouveau _has_ PM support00:11
drewbertUsing the main menu hibernate, s2disk, or hibernate-disk.  None of them work.00:11
drewbertI'll try novoue00:11
FloodBot4drewbert: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
kneauxidletask, package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)00:11
thune3newbuntu: msdos partition format allows 4 primary partitions, where one primary partition can be "extended", and can have 4 (i think) paritions inside that. I'm guessing you are trying to make a 5th primary partition.00:11
idletaskkneaux: ah yeah, now I remember this is a deep flaw in the .deb format - which RPM doesn't have00:12
newbuntuthune3: Well, I did, but I think I fixed that problem already.00:12
idletaskkneaux: you may want to try and extract it by hand somewhere, and ensure you have a 32bit glibc and libs installed00:12
alraunexover: fo that message make sure it's enabled in bios (acpi) and check dmesg  /var/log/syslog  for additional hints00:12
kneauxidletask, what are the package names?00:13
newbuntuthune3: The "Partition Wizard" (Windoze) utility I used let me convert two partitions to what it calls "logical," which I assume is the same as "extended."00:13
funkiwanrsync question: i'm getting a "Permission denied (13)" error attempting to rsync my hard drive. i've narrowed down the problem to my ~/.gvfs directory, but I'm rsync'ing using sudo. Also, I'm using the -x flag, which i thought should prevent attempts to copy mounted directories, which ~/.gvfs appears to be. Anyone have any ideas? Link to command output here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Puic3T1G00:13
idletaskkneaux: a quick Google search indicates that ia32-libs would install the basic ones00:13
newbuntuthune3: So now there are two physical, two logical partitions, plus the unallocated space.00:13
idletaskI'm not fluent with apt* commands, I'm an RPM and Gentoo person00:14
scottjI downloaded murrine from git and sudo make installed it, how do I set gtk to use murrine in /usr/local instead of the deb one?00:14
idletaskSo I can't list the file in a package, nor find its description00:14
frxstremis it possible to open/mount .wim (Windows Imaging Format) files in Ubuntu?00:14
niteshadeI just updated my ubuntu version, before which my ipod shuffle worked happily with it and i could even load music onto it, but now the green and amber lights just flash when i plug it in. [http://www.pcworld.com/article/126146/if_lights_blink_on_your_ipod_shuffle_it_could_be_bad_news.html]00:14
niteshadeit plays on its own tho.  Could anyone help me with this?00:14
crazy2bescottj: If it's a binary, it should happen automatically00:14
xoveralraune, I have no BIOS, it uses EFI and its not accessible00:14
idletaskkneaux: and there's a --force-architecture option to dpkg, it seems00:14
xoveryou get this stupid grey sceen, you cannot change any settings pre bootloader00:15
kneauxidletask, already have ia32-libs00:15
thune3newbuntu: right, the "extended" partition contains "logical" partitions. You would need to pastebin the output of "fdisk -l" or other parition information, in order to see what your issue is.00:15
scottjcrazy2be: if what's a binary? I have two versions of murrine installed, one in /usr and one in /usr/local00:15
alraunexover: hehe, my apple-knowledge... better ask again for someone else running a macbook, sorry00:15
idletaskkneaux: dpkg --force-architecture the.deb would seem to do the trick00:15
idletaskkneaux: but you'll need to ldd the executable after install00:16
alraunekneaux: there you go.: http://tinyurl.com/327drec , and again, which package ??00:16
newbuntuthune3:  There's something else going on.  I'm running in Windoze mode now - any info I can collect that might be useful in diagnosing the problem you can think of?00:16
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kneauxalraune, gnaural00:16
niteshadenot to be rude people, but i would like to be able to update my ipod before the end of the night00:17
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crazy2bescottj: If it doesn't do it automatically, i always just back up the relevant files from /usr and move the ones from /usr/local into /usr. However, it should pick up on it automatically.00:17
crazy2bewhen it tries to load murrine that is00:17
alraunekneaux: native for 64 bit available00:17
scottjcrazy2be: so gtk prefers /usr/local over /usr by default?00:17
kneauxalraune, what where? i couldn't find it :<00:18
alraune!info gnaural | kneaux00:18
crazy2besocttj: most applications will in my experience00:18
ubottukneaux: Package gnaural does not exist in lucid00:18
thune3newbuntu: i'm not sure how to get info in windows. i would like to see the partition layout information (partition start/size) info.00:18
bazhangniteshade, what make and model, what player00:18
alraunekneaux: second, I'll fetch it00:18
kyanKernel panic on boot. Same exact scenario as http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151547100:18
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SQLShellhi all00:18
niteshadethe old shuffle.  It's white and about the same size and shape as a pack of gum kinda00:18
kyanThe thread didn't solve the problem.00:18
crazy2bescottj: do you know for sure which version it is using?00:18
kyanAny advice?00:18
bazhangniteshade, what player00:19
thune3newbuntu: another common issue has to do with trying to make modifications on a disk where a parition is mounted.00:19
niteshadeipod shuffle00:19
newbuntuthune3:  OK.  I'm not very adept in Windoze.  Is there an easier way than using PrtScrn to take a screen shot?00:19
alraunekneaux: you can get it from the getdeb repository, own your own (slight) risk00:19
bazhangniteshade, ubuntu music player00:19
scottjcrazy2be: nope, but I got an error w/ a theme that requires git version and searching showed that feature is a recently added one00:19
niteshadeoh, rhythmbox00:19
alraunekneaux: want the walktrough for apt ?00:19
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SubCoolcan anyone suggest Webcam recording software- you know i record myself and edit it. I found Cheese- but its horrible.00:19
newbuntuthune3: The partition can't be mounte3d, since it has no file system on it.00:19
bazhangSubCool, camorama?00:20
bastidrazornewbuntu: Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot00:20
bobo123thune3: I try the 'APT::Install-Recommends "false";' and 'APT::Install-Suggests "false" thing. Only bad thing is it wil probably not imform me (ask) about the recomended packages00:20
niteshadebefore, it would see it and let me update it and now it won't even access it like a drive like it did00:20
niteshadei think the "update" deleted the driver that let me do that00:20
funkiwancan anyone recommend where i should look (e.g., irc channel, forums, etc.) for my rsync question?00:20
kyanThe exact output is : [     1.496018] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)00:20
thune3bobo123: some partition editors will refuse to make mods on a disk where ANY parition is mounted.00:21
kneauxalraune, no i'm good. if you have the sources.list line for getdeb at hand, it'd save me some time, though00:21
SubCoolbazhang, trying it now- ty00:21
thune3thune3: bobo123 sorry newbuntu00:21
bazhangniteshade, yes?00:21
newbuntubastridrazor - thanks00:21
kneauxalraune, nvm, got it00:22
thune3bobo123: i see what you want. not sure if that's possible...00:22
DasEi1kneaux: deb http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu lucid-getdeb apps00:22
estragibniteshade: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147308200:22
kneauxDasEi1, thanks00:22
DasEi1kneaux: wget -q -O- http://archive.getdeb.net/getdeb-archive.key | sudo apt-key add -00:22
alraunekneaux: that's me, another box00:23
kneauxunderstood, sir00:23
kneauxsprechen sie deutsch?00:23
alraunekneaux: yes, but in here00:23
kyanwhat could the cause of that be?00:24
catyHeya, I have Ubuntu 10.04 and NVIDIA on a dual screen setup. I would like it so when I maximize a window it only fills up one screen, at the moment it fills up 2 of the monitors when I maximize a window. How do i do this? Thanks.00:25
madjoehi! How could I change those weather icons in my taskbar?00:25
ruffleShi everybody. how can i start up ubuntu (10.04) without turning bluetooth on??! should i use blueman instead of bluez?00:25
thune3bobo123: i don't see a way to make it ask. you could just run apt-cache show <pkgname> and make decide to run with --install-recommends or not.00:26
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niteshadewell, that still didn't solve anything, but now i know i'm not the only one with the problem00:26
niteshadeis there any way to go back to the old version?00:26
estragibniteshade: the way i skimmed it, it certainly read as if there were a few suggestions.00:27
aguitelanyone use aspireone d260 with ubuntu ?00:27
niteshadeno, after i read it, they just wound up filing a bug report.  And, i think one dude might have gotten his to work as it was a different ipod from the other ones'00:28
niteshadehe really just said that it already worked for him and he didn't have to do anything.00:28
artin123I gave my computer to a security professional and want to make sure that I do not have a FUD RAT on it. How can I check that? Firewall?00:28
guest83763how do i leave a message for someone who is no longer in the channel?00:29
niteshadewhat's a fud rat?00:30
artin123niteshade: a remote tool like a trojan00:30
idletaskartin123: netstat -ltupn00:30
niteshadeso it's like a virus?00:30
tensorpuddingyou're worried the security professional violated your security?00:31
estragibniteshade: i count five "this worked. yay". there might be more in the bug report itself.00:31
artin123niteshade: like especially encrypted so u cannot detect it with a anti-virus scanner00:31
artin123idletask: thanks00:31
idletaskBut a "fud rat" with Linux?00:31
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artin123idletask: I am not sure if this is possible but when someone has root access this might be possible?00:32
tensorpuddingif you give your computer to someone else they could rootkit it00:32
niteshade"Im not sure what i did different when upgraded or if that even matters but I upgraded using the update-manager -d option." - (the "solver") This seems to be what he used, but it seems a tad late for that00:32
idletaskartin123: if by "someone" you mean someone different than you, then yes00:33
SunderphonHow do I replace thunar with nautilus?00:33
Four2zeroI have configured to share some media over my home network, can ubuntu index the files so i can direct windows directory.?00:33
artin123tensorpudding: so I will try the netstat -ltupn00:34
artin123idletask: yes00:34
idletaskartin123: check user accounts too00:34
tauren_if I want to set up a postfix mail server only to relay sent mail from systems in my local network out to the internet, all I need to install is postfix, right?00:35
tauren_I don't need courier, any tls packages, or other stuff?00:35
idletasktauren_: install and configure, but yes, only postfix00:35
artin123idletask: what do I have to look for, that only my user and the root account are there or something else?00:36
idletaskartin123: yes, that's it00:36
bendalswats up00:36
tauren_idletask, thanks. if I want it to catch bounces as well, I still don't need anything else?00:36
estragibniteshade: 1) "I found a way around. I did install Pysdm." 2) "removing the libgpod-common solved the problem for me" 3) "Thank you for the tip! That worked" 4) "It worked for me!!! Many thanx!" 5) "Removing libgpod-common worked for me" 6) "After a recent upgrade of podsleuth. My Ipod can now be synced"00:36
ruffleSmy bluetooth is always enabled on every boot and i always have manually to disable it. does any1 know of a workaround for this lil problem?00:37
hsrbazhang: In that case nothing is deleteable00:37
idletasktauren_: you mean DSNs? Why would they come to your Postfix server anyway? You're not the MX for any domain, right?00:37
tauren_idletask, yes, I control the MX00:38
hsrWhat is the use of /tmp folder?00:38
hsr!info /tmp00:38
ubottuPackage tmp does not exist in lucid00:38
hsrOh ubottu tells only about packages!00:39
alraunehsr: temporary files00:39
hsralraune: Why can't they be deleted?00:39
idletasktauren_: no, I mean, will the Postfix server you want to configure/install also be the MX or not?00:40
tauren_idletask, basically, I'm setting up a send-only mail server for a web service, like e.mydomain.com. I already have a regular mail server at mail.mydomain.com for receiving regular mail.00:40
alraunehsr: they can , and they get automated anyway00:40
idletaskOK, so no worries, your Postfix server will never see any bounces00:40
hsralraune: But they don't. isee the same folders and files everyday00:41
alraunehsr: http://tinyurl.com/34x97l200:42
tauren_idletask, but I need to process DSNs/bounces to automatically remove people from the mailing list if they bounce. I'm using VERP for bounce management, so the return path for bounces is e.mydomain.com instead of the regular mail host.00:42
alraunehsr: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/01/19/changing-the-tmp-cleanup-frequency/00:42
hsralraune: Thanks00:42
idletasktauren_: ah, I see - then you'll need a lot more than basic configuration00:42
hsrHow can i learn about filesystems?00:43
niteshadeawesome, that worked00:43
ScribbleJWhat's the "proper" way to install postgresql-8.1 on Lucid?00:43
alraunehsr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemsExplained00:44
hsralraune: Thanks00:45
idletaskThis page misses btrfs00:45
alraunehsr: or do you talk about the different dirs and their meaning ?00:45
elitexrayI need a ubuntu professional to help with me an video driver issue00:45
jpdsScribbleJ: There isn't, use 8.4.00:46
Spaztic_OneDoes linux, ubuntu specifically, have and problems with webcams in general?00:46
ScribbleJjpds, I'm in the process of upgrading to 8.4 but the best path I'll have to do so involves running 8.1 on the machine temporarily.00:47
alrauneSpaztic_One: no, check list before buy00:47
Spaztic_Onealraune: What list is this?00:47
SunderphonWhen I open folders via the Places menu, they always open in thunar. How do I set them to open with Nautilus?00:48
alrauneSpaztic_One: there are few compatibilty lists, a start : http://tinyurl.com/32bkllx00:49
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:49
xoveralraune, If you do a /etc/init.d/fancontrol status does it read running on your system?00:52
xovermine is saying not running00:53
amabois there a way to install helvetica on ubuntu?00:53
artin123idletask: can you give me a command to show all users please, cannot find it00:53
SunderphonHow do I re-assign the file:// protocol to nautilus?00:53
idletaskartin123: getent passwd00:53
artin123thank you00:54
alraunexover: I haven't installed it, since I use thermal resistors for it00:54
zer0rezhow do i get byobu/screen to automatically start when i launch gnome-terminal or terminator00:54
estragibxover: mine isn't00:55
xoveralraune, what does that mean?00:55
alraunexover: I don't have fancontrol installed00:55
xoverif i have temperatures readings, why can i not just set my fans based on them00:55
xoverif 80defrees, fan - 4000rpm or equivalent pwm.00:56
alraunexover: did you try the apple-module ? does sudo pwmconfig no find a suitable fan ?00:57
xoveralraune, applesmc was always running00:57
xoveralraune, pwmconfig find no suitable sensors00:58
xover/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed\00:58
newbuntu2Hello again.  Lost my connection.  I was having partitioning problems, trying to do a dual-boot install on a Windoze laptop.  I've created a screenshot showing the partition table:  http://s1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc389/gst12c41/?action=view&current=partitions.jpg00:59
alraunexover: what macbook was it ?00:59
zer0rezany screen or byobu users?01:01
alraunexover: output of: cat /sys/devices/platform/applesmc.768/fan1_manual  ?01:02
xover0 and 0 for 201:03
alraunexover: good sign! http://tinyurl.com/34ke9hb01:03
artin123idletask: can I paste you the results please so you check it?01:03
alraunexover: thing is, the recent distros changed from hal to acpi and upstart, and I didn't follow that for mac01:05
xoveris it because i do not power off?01:05
artin123can I paste the results of "getent passwd" publicly, so someome can tell me how many users I have, or is there some sensitive information in it?01:06
alraunexover: power off ? you mean stress the cpu ?01:06
xoveralraune, there was a mention of rebooting instead of powering off01:09
elitexrayI just realized ubuntu 10.10 is out01:09
xoverI think this is the reason why, as yesterday i did an SMC reset, which i think is just powering off the laptop. holding down the power button without the batter on power in isnt going to do anything right? its just a complete power off!?01:10
xoveri had my cpu up to 90degrees and the fans still didnt move01:10
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idletaskI cannot get virt-manager/kvm to work01:10
alraunexover:same in view of installs01:10
alraunexover: tried to higher fan speed as described ?01:11
bazhangelitexray, no its beta, #ubuntu+1 for discussion01:12
xoveralraune, how do you mean01:12
alraunexover: read the link I gave you01:12
xoverI have01:12
alraunexover:  http://tinyurl.com/34ke9hb01:12
xoveri know how to manually set them01:12
xoveri want it to happen automatically.01:12
elitexraynice job bazhang01:13
xoveri think i need to power off the machine, rebooting from windows into linux i think is the cause of the issue. i have a feeling it is today with the NVRAM registers as described.01:13
elitexrayUbuntu is pretty unsupportive01:13
elitexrayIve been in here mentioning about my video driver issue01:13
alraunexover: if that module works corectly it should, ;; to test I'd higher the speed to protect cpu and then stress the cpu to see if temps stay fine01:14
bazhang!details | elitexray01:14
ubottuelitexray: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:14
glaucousI doesn't seem like I can get cron working properly. Any command I use doesn't work. "12 * * * * kate ~/shiiit.txt" - should have been executed 02:12, but it didnt01:14
ScribbleJI've been in here for a half hour, elitexray, and I don't know what your video driver issue is.01:14
JantireWhat does one suggest in the area of databases01:14
artin123How can I show all accounts using getent passwd, but without all the extra information? I just want to see the account names01:14
ScribbleJJantire, that depends a lot on your needs... but postgresql does rock.01:15
JantireAnd eventually it would be a rather large database01:15
Cmdr_W_T_Rikerglaucous: are you sure that ~/ will point to the right location, as this is probably run as root01:15
idletaskglaucous: there's one star too much01:15
elitexrayI have a problem with getting a visual on my games during start up running on wine.01:15
elitexrayTheres audio but no visual01:15
=== lulz is now known as Cream
idletaskglaucous: and what's more, kate is a graphical program, it cannot be launched via cron01:15
ScribbleJelitexray, what makes you think that's a video driver issue?01:16
elitexrayThat's as far as my knowledge goes.01:16
douglI am running ubuntu 9.04 I believe and I had it config'd for long time and it had firefox installed an compiz effects working after a recent partial update firefox is missing and compiz is not working... does anyone know why this windows like behavior is manifesting itself?01:16
bazhangelitexray, that's a problem with wine games  try #winehq01:16
elitexrayI've been told the same thing, I've been to winehq01:16
elitexraythey cant help01:16
bazhang!appdb | elitexray and check this01:16
ubottuelitexray and check this: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:16
ScribbleJSounds like a wine issue.  Wine is tricky and personally I keep a copy of Windows around just for the games.01:16
glaucousidletask: Oh, and what about a command that requires root (and is run as user), will there pop up a sudo terminal, or it won't display anything?01:17
elitexrayI give up01:17
ScribbleJGood idea.01:17
elitexrayYeah thanks01:17
soreaudougl: 'a recent partial update'?01:17
idletaskglaucous: it will never display anything, cron doesn't have the necessary environment and/or file descriptors to achieve what you want - or maybe if you pass DISPLAY to it and do xhost +localhost, then that may work01:18
idletaskBut no guarantee01:18
elitexrayUbuntu is lacking professionals01:18
idletaskglaucous: try that with the at command first01:18
douglsoreau, yes got message from system saying only partial up date was available so I did partial update - system dl 150 or so packages and requested restart01:18
glaucousidletask: Alright, no need. All my commands are text based.01:18
bazhang!attitude | elitexray01:18
ubottuelitexray: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:18
glaucousidletask: That just means I have to run it as root01:18
Jordan_Unewbuntu2: I can't tell for sure from that screenshot but I'm guessing that the problem is that the free space is not within your extended partition, and you've run out of primary partitions.01:18
=== HEADSHOT is now known as HEADSHOT|afk
glaucousidletask: The crontab jobs01:19
idletaskglaucous: what are you trying to achieve exactly anyway?01:19
soreaudougl: Hm, hopefully that wasn't a dist-upgrade01:19
douglsoreau, how can I tell?01:19
glaucousidletask: Backup scripts to run every day/week etc. Some for some reason require sudo, otherwise the fail (even when reading, which is odd)01:19
soreaudougl: Check that firefox is installed, run apt-get update/upgrade and make sure it returns without error. For your compiz issue, pastebin your X log to pastebin.com01:19
douglsoreau, synaptic says firefox is installed01:20
will_Hi. Running xubuntu on an older machine (P4/512MB). Moving around any of the windows (like Firefox) cause a bit of CPU usage and the window is a big laggy to move. Is this a CPU or video card bound thing?01:20
idletaskHow do I list the files in a package at the command line, please?01:20
bazhangwill_, ram more likely01:20
victorhugohi, i'm using auctex to edit my latex files. but, the indentation is not working well. E.g.: auctex does not indent \sections from subsections. Is there a way to do that?01:21
idletaskglaucous: well, consider that some files you want to read may indeed not be readable by a normal user, and/or some directories not traversable01:21
ScribbleJwill, check the output of "top" in a terminal while you're moving the windows... if it's a CPU issue you'll see it there.  Or use any GUI based cpu monitor I suppose.01:21
soreaudougl: Well my guess is that it was a failed dist-upgrade. You better concentrate on backing up any important data in the event you will need to perform a fresh install01:21
will_bazhang: Hmm... ok. Going to get it upgraded to 1.5GB (the max of the system... just waiting on my ebay purchase... :)01:21
Jordan_Uidletask: dpkg -L package01:22
nabin_rajhey everybody01:22
aeon-ltdwill_: what gpu?01:22
idletaskJordan_U: thanks01:22
Jordan_Uidletask: You're welcome.01:22
douglsoreau, ok - thanks for info appreciate your help01:22
will_aeon-ltd:  VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter01:22
aeon-ltdwill_: just wondering, how much did you spend on the ram?01:22
bazhangwill_, xubuntu is not that much lighter than ubuntu; lubuntu is though, by quite a margin (lubuntu-desktop to try)01:23
* h-bomb is away: I'm busy01:23
nabin_raji have a problem, i changed my desktop with the compiz configuration settings manager . but after i shutdown my laptop.....the settings are no longer there, when i check the compiz manager again ..... then it is all there and i cannot use it again01:23
will_aeon-ltd: $22+5 shipping, DDR RAM 2x51201:23
idletaskWhy won't KVM work, and why is virt-manager written in python? :(01:23
glaucousidletask: Yeah I guess. just seems a bit odd that some files are not readable. I can understand readonly, but what harm can reading do?01:23
Jordan_Uwill_: It's CPU bound, but only because SiS cards are notoriously bad WRT linux support.01:23
soreaudougl: I don't know about your firefox issue but if you pastebin your X log from /var/log/Xorg.0.log to pastebin.com I could look and see what's wrong with your graphics drivers01:23
aeon-ltdwill_: to go further on what bazhang said, openbox on top of a ubuntu cli/server install is even lighter than xu/lubuntu01:23
will_Jordan_U: So if I got an AGP ATI or nVidia card, it should be better?01:24
aeon-ltdwill_: already paid?01:24
nabin_raji would be so happy if somebody could help me01:24
Jordan_Uwill_: Yes.01:24
soreaunabin_raj: Enable the effects in gnome-appearance-properties?01:24
will_aeon-ltd: yep01:24
bazhangwill_, there is lubuntu-core as well if you wish to not use openbox or HAL01:24
idletaskglaucous: well, it's not harmless, and some files normal users just have no point in reading, so it is as well they cannot read them01:24
will_Jordan_U: How about a matrox card?01:24
Jordan_Uwill_: From what I remember those are pretty abismal in linux as well.01:24
douglsoreau, I dont thinks is a driver issue compiz no longer starts.... I still get my nvidia splash screen when starting x01:24
will_Jordan_U: Ok. ATI or nVidia is better? So many choices heh01:25
aeon-ltdwill_: not sure about sis support, but i think you could've saved that $22, just by looking into alternative software or distro versions, but meh more ram couldn't hurt in the long run01:25
nabin_rajsoreau: so how do i do that01:25
will_bazhang: aeon-ltd: alright, I'll also look into those as well. :)01:25
soreaudougl: Did you try re-enabling it in the visual effects tab and save your session by clicking Remember Currently Running Application in sys>prefs>startup programs>options tab?01:26
soreaunabin_raj: ^^01:26
will_aeon-ltd: Eh... more RAM isn't a bad thing hehe01:26
idletaskOK, other command line question: I have a package name, how do I know its installed version?01:26
soreaudougl: nabin_raj: sys>prefs>appearance>visual effects tab01:26
* idletask only just starts with dpkg/apt and friends01:26
Jordan_Uwill_: If you don't mind proprietary drivers then nvidia is generally better, especially with older cards.01:26
will_Jordan_U: Don't mind :) Ok, I'll look into that one. Thanks! :)01:27
Jordan_Uidletask: apt-cache policy package01:27
Jordan_Uwill_: You're welcome.01:27
idletaskpolicy? To know the installed _versions_?01:27
idletaskHow logical is that?01:27
Jordan_Uidletask: It gives other information as well as just the currently installed version.01:29
idletaskJordan_U: that works, but I've found dpkg -l01:29
idletaskwhose output is equally confusing :/01:29
idletaskIs there an equivalent of rpm -q?01:29
idletaskOr even better, rpm -q --qf01:30
douglsoreau, sys>prefs>appearance>visual effects message comes after some activity saying cannot enable effects01:30
bazhangidletask, what does those signify01:30
drewbertI hate xorg.conf problems.01:30
idletaskbazhang: rpm -q pkgname will show pkgname-version-release01:30
nabin_rajsoreau: :) :) :) thanks a lot01:31
idletaskbazhang: as to rpm -q --qf, an example is rpm -q --qf "%{version}.%{arch}\n" pkgname will show version.arch only as an output01:31
drewbertmaybe I should reinstall nvidia drivers and restore backup xorg.conf and say to hell with hibernate.01:31
glaucousidletask: Ah, this is the reason it wasn't working correctly. crontab didn't recognize the file in /home/user/bin/<script> properly, I had to write out the whole path01:31
idletaskVery, very convenient01:31
soreaudougl: Pastebin the output of 'compiz --replace' from your terminal to pastebin.com01:31
idletasksoreau: isn't there wgetpaste on ubuntu?01:32
drewbertSo I have two cards in my system, with 2 monitors attach to one of the them, no monitors attached to the other.  They are both geforce 9500gt's.  My xorg.conf is fubar and I'm trying to get hibernate to work.01:33
soreauidletask: I don't know or care01:33
bazhangidletask, apt-cache showpkg package ? something like that?01:33
drewbertDoes anyone have any suggestions.  configurations created by xorg -configure and w/ the low graphics reconfigure utility uses do not work01:33
idletasksoreau: well, "Pastebin the output of 'compiz --replace' from your terminal to pastebin.com" becomes "compiz --replace|wgetpaste"01:33
bazhangidletask, pastebinit01:34
artin123How can I show all user accounts, using "getent passwd" or something, but without all the extra information? I just want to see the account names, thx01:34
xoveralraune, I think the fans are working, just didnt want to move until they reached 85degrees01:34
bazhangcommand | pastebinit idletask01:34
alraunexover: if that module works corectly it should, ;; to test I'd higher the speed to protect cpu and then stress the cpu to see if temps stay fine01:34
douglsoreau, http://pastebin.com/ZjBaeTsT is log file for x start up...01:34
idletaskbazhang: OK, I figured out there should be something like that01:34
xoverwhat would that prove?01:35
bazhangidletask, I'd suspect that somewhere in apt-cache would be the answer for the rpm -q01:35
soreaudougl: You have the nvidia driver installed and in use but using the X.org glx module. Try reinstalling the nvidia glx module to restor it01:35
alraunexover: if temperature-guided steering works or not01:35
Jordan_Uidletask: man dpkg-query, specifically the -f option.01:36
xoveralraune, so i should set the manual setting?01:36
soreauIdleOne: You are free to do support however you want. I do not choose to tell anyone to use wgetpaste or similar programs01:36
douglsoreau, how do I do that? and http://pastebin.com/TdeiNEi8 is my compiz --replace output01:36
bazhangsoreau, mistab I bet01:36
snxsAny bugs reported for adobe flash player on 10.4 ? im having serious problems, it won't load any vid on any page, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't anyone seen this before?01:36
soreaudougl: No, reinstall nvidia-glx-current or whatever it is01:36
soreaubazhang: eh?01:36
bazhangsoreau, idletask idleone01:36
soreaubazhang: Oh yea I hate this wretched channel01:37
soreauwill all these people01:37
xoveralraune, ?01:37
alraunexover: 80 degerees semms quite hot to me, for idle, and before I would recommend a stress test, better have it cooler.. or else could be the last test01:37
idletaskJordan_U: yep, that's very close, thanks!01:37
Jordan_Uidletask: You're welcome.01:37
xoverthey are 50 degrees at idle01:37
xoverwhen i stress tested, the fans started accelerating at 85degrees01:38
alraunexover: aahh, fine then01:38
alrauneaaaha, so you're fine01:38
xoveralraune, cheers man01:38
xoveralraune, see you01:38
alraunehave a good time01:38
elitexrayIf its not video driver issue, then what could it be?01:39
alexandernstI think that there is a really big security hole in 8.04, or maybe I'm wrong...01:39
alexandernstsudo -k && echo "fakepassword" | sudo -p "" -S bash -c 'whoami > output' > /dev/null && cat output01:39
alexandernstThis will print "root", but it shouldn't! Why is the 'whoami' ran with su privileges when I didn't gave it my real root password?01:39
=== hsr is now known as iop
bazhangalexandernst, you enabled root?01:39
iopHow can i have old feeds of a RSS in Akregator?01:40
alexandernstbazhang: what do you mean?01:40
bazhangalexandernst, there is sudo by default, only01:40
andrewfreeanyone used ffmpeg server before?01:40
alexandernstbazhang: yeah, I can do sudo. I mean, I can do sudo su in console01:40
bazhangalexandernst, so the security breach was by enabling root yourself then?01:41
victorhugoalexandernst: I tried it here, and I got "Sorry, try again.Sorry, try again.Sorry, try again. sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts"01:41
iopDoes anyone uses Akregator?01:41
alexandernstbazhang: the point is that with the command that I pasted, the 'whoami' command shouldn't be ran with root privileges.01:41
alexandernstvictorhugo: Yeah, same error on latest arch01:41
bazhangalexandernst, you shouldn't enable root01:41
alexandernstvictorhugo: but on what version are you?01:41
victorhugoUbuntu 10.0401:42
snxsso anyone ?01:42
douglsoreau, uh-oh... what did I do... used synaptic to install (re install) nvidia-glx and restarted x and now every thing is huge and does not fit on my monitor?01:42
bazhangalexandernst, sudo -i for a root shell01:42
victorhugoalexandernst: Ubuntu 10.0401:42
Jordan_Ualexandernst: You shouldn't even be able to pipe a password to sudo.01:42
alexandernstbazhang: Once again, sudo -k will timeout all root sessions, and then sudo must ask the password again01:42
soreaudougl: Probably means it worked. Can you pastebin your X log again now?01:42
alexandernstI invite you all to test that on a vbox with 8.0401:42
alexandernstJordan_U: why not?01:42
douglsoreau, ok = sec01:43
drewbertopen source drivers hate me :-(01:43
victorhugoalexandernst: I will try01:43
Jordan_Ualexandernst: To prevent people from doing insecure things like "echo mypassword | sudo foo" in scripts.01:43
iopDoes anyone uses Akregator?01:43
soreaudrewbert: Which one?01:43
alexandernstJordan_U: sudo -S is there for some reason, and I like testing stuff01:43
alexandernstvictorhugo: Do you have a vbox with 8.04?01:44
Jordan_Ualexandernst: I guess it's su that refuses to read from stdin when it's not a terminal. I hadn't seen the -S option before.01:44
Kendaljabooting netboox 10.04 to "install to hard drive"01:44
douglsoreau, http://pastebin.com/ASbdasS201:44
drewbertsoreau: nouveau01:45
victorhugoalexandernst: No, I will have to try it tomorrow in my lab01:45
DarkAntI'm having trouble getting iptables running. line 19 failed: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/5bvgSLFx01:45
alexandernstvictorhugo: ok, try it on a default instalation. don't change anything01:45
Paddy_NIvictorhugo, Do you have flying gorillas in your lab?01:45
alexandernstvictorhugo: ping me once you have found something.01:45
victorhugoalexandernst: Ok!01:45
iopbazhang: I use Akregator to save everyday updates of xkcd.com. Akregator updated the comics only till some date, but i need previous comics as well// how can i do that?01:46
soreaudougl: (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)01:46
drewbertsoreau: do I type in something other than Driver "nouveau" if I want to use the nouveau driver for a geforce9500 ?01:46
soreaudougl: It's using the vesa driver because you managed to uninstall the nvidia driver. See if 'gksu jockey-gtk' can help01:46
will_Ah. Openbox is the new blackbox...01:46
Paddy_NIiop, you would really be better of asking on #kubuntu or #kde01:46
victorhugoPaddy_NI: No, why? hahah01:46
Paddy_NIvictorhugo, hehe01:46
soreaudrewbert: Oh yea, nouveau isn't that great because nvidia does not release their hardware specs for their gpus01:47
soreaudrewbert: So they have to reverse engineer the driver which is extremely difficult and possibly yielding poor results01:47
soreaudrewbert: But they still are working on it and it's getting better01:47
Jordan_Ualexandernst: Please file a bug report.01:48
snxsAny bugs reported for adobe flash player on 10.4 ? im having serious problems, it won't load any vid on any page, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't anyone seen this before?01:48
soreaudrewbert: If you have no xorg.conf, it should pick the nouveau driver for nvidia hardware by default01:48
iopPaddy_NI: Yeah right.01:48
soreaudrewbert: also a newer kernel and xorg-edgers repo will help get you latest nouveau driver bits01:48
alexandernstJordan_U: Anyways, this is already fixed, I tried it in my arch (updated yesterday) and I get an error.01:48
drewbertsoreau: I have dual screens and everything keeps crapping out on me...01:48
drewbertsoreau: I'm up-to-date w/ synaptic01:48
alexandernstJordan_U: but yeah...if victorhugo confirms it, that would be an epic fail01:49
soreaudrewbert: To update nouveau, you have to update the kernel and userspace. Newer than what is in synaptic01:49
drewbertsoreau: do you think that will save me and that this isn't just an xorg.conf misconfiguration?01:49
DarkAntI need a little iptables love. line 19 failed: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/5bvgSLFx01:50
douglsoreau, there is no nvidia drivers in there...01:50
=== BlinkyToon is now known as Don_Miguel
Jordan_Ualexandernst: Did sudo -k in other situations work? Are you sure your /etc/sudoers wasn't set to not ask for a password at all for that user for instance?01:50
soreaudrewbert: Well you haven't made it clear what the problem is exactly but 'crapping out' I guess you mean crashing or some other issue01:50
alexandernstJordan_U: It's a default installation. I haven't touched anything01:50
soreaudougl: That's because you don't have an nvidia modalias packages installed01:50
douglsoreau, googled for installing nvidia on ubuntu but results gave the same info you did and no nvidia showed up there01:50
kavurtin openoffice calc, can i change the view of the chart labels? i want to see them vertically instead of horizontally.01:50
soreaudougl: apt-cache search nvidia|grep modalias01:51
seidosis there software in ubuntu for creating animations?01:51
soreaudougl: Install the modalias packages for the versions of the driver you want to appear in jockey01:51
soreaudougl: Then use jockey to reinstall the driver01:51
douglsoreau, k - thanks for this help = will try now01:52
Kendaljafinally its installing!01:52
drewbertsoreau: well, I'm been trying things and getting a number of different bugs.  One it gives me some error and the system doesn't respond at all and I have to hard shut down.   Currently I managed to get the system to boot to low graphics mode, tell it to reconfigure x for this hardware, and boot up to having 1 screen working, where I am right now.  But when I reboot it won't work again.  Whatever is "reconfigureing for this hardware" is01:52
soreaudrewbert: I don't know man, I'm more familiar with radeon drivers and hardware. Maybe try #nouveau01:53
drewbertsoreau: good idea, thanks01:54
iopAll RSS feed reader stores webpages(whenever updated). Is there a way to store pdf files from a webpage?01:55
IzinucsIs the indicator appelate the mechanism that displays the wireless connectivity icon and Open Office quick launch icon?01:55
hanasakiany support for hdmi input with audio/video capture? 1080p?01:55
idletaskBlast it, KVM won't work and the error is unfathomable01:55
trismIzinucs: those are in the notification area I believe01:56
CoronadeHai guise!01:56
dougielsoreau, I "sudo apt-get install nvidia-180-modaliases" and restarted x and when to that place to select driver and was not there still... hrmm?01:56
soreau! hi | Coronade01:56
ubottuCoronade: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:56
soreaudougiel: I don't know man, I guess it's broken01:57
Izinucstrism: do you know anything about how to move the placement of it?  mine seems to have shifted from right of the clock to the middle of the deskbara01:57
Paddy_NIiop, Hmm that would be handy although I have not come across such functionality01:57
soreauIzinucs: To move something on gnome-panel, right click it and select move (after unlocking it)01:57
dougielsoreau, did I miss something... I mean we knew it was broken, are you funning me :) ?01:58
Izinucssoreau: this section doesn't seem to have that option..01:58
iopAll RSS feed reader stores webpages(whenever updated). Is there a way to store pdf files from a webpage? (In cases of newsletter updates, say))01:58
Paddy_NI!repeat | iop01:58
ubottuiop: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com01:58
Izinucssoreau: other things on the deskbar do have that option but the nm icon doesn't nor the OOo icon01:59
Viking667hello there. Quick question: how do I tie together two wav files (or for that matter, two mp3 files) so that they end up in one destination file? A bit like cat a b >> c01:59
iopPaddy_NI: WAS THAT a repeat or update??01:59
IzinucsViking667: cat.. you got it :)01:59
Paddy_NIiop, repeat01:59
soreaudougiel: My assumption was that modaliases packages were installed for any hardware detected that has a proprietary driver available01:59
Viking667Izinucs: doesn't work for mp3 files. You get two separate sets of headers, breaking some mp3 playing programs.02:00
soreaudougiel: I haven't really looked into what files it installs and all of that because it's a ubuntu specific thing02:00
iopPaddy_NI: Update. Read the last part.. its annoying to be reminded or warned by ubottus for no reason02:00
osotogarii am getting an error message trying to boot the live usb of maverick. When i try and boot it tell me that it can not find init.  anyone seen this beore?02:00
aeon-ltdViking667: is it just the two or do you need batch?02:00
Viking667You even get two sets of headers if you cat two wave files together.02:00
IzinucsViking667: hummmmmm... audicity will let you but that's a gui app02:00
soreaudougiel: What you can do is install the nvidia driver packages, namely nvidia-glx, and then make sure xorg.conf has Driver "nvidia"02:00
Paddy_NIIzinucs, its at the left of that notification area with nm applet and OOo icon almost invisible depending on your theme02:00
Kendaljaye osotagari02:00
Viking667I'm trying not to use gui02:00
KendaljaI just had that problem02:00
soreaudougiel: That is what the jockey program is supposed to do for you02:00
Coronadeso.. any of you guys interested in an IRC client with 3D text?02:00
Paddy_NIIzinucs, right click around that area and you will find it02:00
aeon-ltdCoronade: no, sounds pointless02:01
Viking667Coronade: yawn02:01
alrauneViking667: http://ubuntuhowtos.com/howtos/merge_mp302:01
serithey I fixed my usb drive02:01
Viking667alraune: thank you.02:01
osotogariKendalja : Any luck sorting the issue?02:01
dougielsoreau, ok - thanks very much for all the help I appreciate it much02:01
Kendalja<osotogari>: what iso?02:01
Coronadeahh yes.. pointless...02:01
iopIRC crashes on almost every startup// Help?02:01
soreaudougiel: no problem02:01
Coronadeinternational standards organization02:01
soreaudougiel: let me know what happens :-)02:01
Paddy_NIiop, which client?02:01
aeon-ltdiop: run it in terminal and !paste the output02:01
osotogari<Kendalja>: maverick-desktop-i38602:02
Coronade:P not _my_ client!02:02
idletaskHas anyone managed to get kvm/virt-manager running on Lucid?02:02
iopPaddy_NI: xchat-gnome02:02
Kendaljaosotogari:what did you use to make the installed?02:02
IzinucsPaddy_NI: that did it.. very hard to find.. It's been driving me nuts for about a week.. just haven't had time to ask .. Thanks!02:02
osotogari<Kendalja>: unetbootin02:03
Paddy_NIiop, do as aeon-ltd suggested02:03
Paddy_NIIzinucs, no probs02:03
iopPaddy_NI:aeon-ltd: The o/p is the same client opening w/o any eroors or comments02:03
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:03
osotogariKendalja: I may also try universal USB Installer02:03
Kendaljaosotogari: thats what I was going to suggest02:04
KendaljaI had luck with that one02:04
osotogariKendalja: Ill try that one and report back02:04
aeon-ltdiop: are you sure?, how immediately does it close?02:04
Viking667so. Is there a way to do the same thing for wave files? Oggs?02:04
Viking667(combine them)02:05
iopaeon-ltd: often immediately just after loading #ubuntu after freenode of ubuntu servers02:05
aeon-ltdiop: anything else open, high cpu usage?02:05
seritso hey thank guts02:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:05
alrauneViking667: I only tried with mp3, but least can convert others to it02:05
iopaeon-ltd: Nah.. only Okular is open02:05
seritso hey thank guys!02:06
idletaskViking667: at the command line, I don't know, but audacity has it all (althought using it only to merge two files is like using a firehose to fill a glass, admittedly)02:06
aeon-ltdiop: just try a complete removal then a reinstall, see if it helps02:06
iopaeon-ltd: Nah.. only Okular is open and firefox02:06
iopaeon-ltd: Done it b4 asking here02:06
Viking667alraune: yup yup. I'm trying not to have to use a GUI program, because I want to programattically combine stuff as I'm doing some length testing with another program that'll use the sound file.02:06
nogowhat's the bootdisk maker for? it never works for my mobo02:06
nogoit doesn't boot at all02:07
aeon-ltdiop: ok, go to your home directory, show hidden files, delete any dot folder that contains xchat-gnome data02:07
iopaeon-ltd: I've done that as well :)02:07
nogolol, remove xchat?02:07
aeon-ltdiop: hmmm. any other apps do this?02:07
iopaeon-ltd: No02:07
IzinucsViking667: I was right.. check this out http://www.slunked.com/blog/linux/2010/02/how-to-join-combine-mp3s-for-free-using-linux-and-cat02:07
aeon-ltdiop: compiz on?02:08
iopaeon-ltd: Only recently xchat started this behaviour02:08
iopaeon-ltd: Desktop effects disabled02:08
nogomy compiz is working fast02:08
aeon-ltdiop: anything happen prior, eg crash/update/etc02:08
iopaeon-ltd: No02:09
IzinucsViking667: did that help?02:09
aeon-ltdnogo: please don't comment needlessly02:09
yayoHello Ubuntu, first time using irc.02:09
aeon-ltdiop: really not even a package update?02:09
ubottuyayo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:09
yayowhat the heck is for people02:09
Izinucsyayo: It work!!!02:09
soreauiop: Did you try running any offending app from your terminal and look for any interesting messages?02:09
yayomy bad i meant to say what is this for02:09
iopaeon-ltd: I do that once a month02:10
Izinucsyayo: tech support here.02:10
iopsoreau: er...huh?02:10
yayoany body know java programming on here?02:10
soreauiop: You said xchat crashes sometimes right after you start it, right?02:10
iopsoreau: Yes02:10
aeon-ltdiop: what about running as root, does it still happen?02:10
=== Quutar|AWAY is now known as Quutar
nogorm -rf .xchat02:11
Izinucsiop: don't run xchat as root02:11
iopaeon-ltd: using sudo02:11
aeon-ltdIzinucs: we are just testing if it launches02:11
iopaeon-ltd: using gksudo?02:11
soreauiop: So run 'xchat' in your terminal and look for any interesting output after it crashes02:11
aeon-ltdiop: yes try, but don't join any channel02:11
Izinucsiop: better to use nogo 's suggestion..02:11
iopno i won't remove xchat02:12
nogoi amusing xchat02:12
Izinucsiop: actually it's rm -rf ~/.xchat02:12
iopoh... that i have done already02:12
nogouninstall it then reinstall it02:12
Izinucsiop: the line I gave you doesn't remove xchat it just looses the configuration file in your home directory.. on the next launch it get's recreated automatically02:12
nogosynaptic can help you to remove xchat then reinstall it02:13
iopIzinucs: I have done that.. read aeon-ltd and mine conversation02:13
=== root is now known as Guest74552
Guest74552Hello iop02:13
iopThe guest is root here02:13
iopaeon-ltd: yes working02:14
soreauiop: Did you rm -rf ~/.xchat to reset all xchat settings to default?02:14
Izinucsiop: sorry wasn't following earlier.. do you have xchat or xchat-gnome installed?  if it's the gnome version, uninstall and install the other version..02:14
iopsoreau: Yes02:14
soreauiop: Did you run xhat in your terminal and look for any interesting message?02:14
aeon-ltdiop: you can close the root session now02:14
iopaeon-ltd: Done02:15
iopsoreau: Yes02:15
soreauiop: Oh yes, don't run it as root02:15
iopsoreau: done02:15
nogoha ha, who the hell is using the root account to use xchat?02:15
aeon-ltdnogo: it was a test02:15
soreauiop: Now if you run any user program as root one time, it can mess up your permissions in ~/ so the program may not be able to write to disk02:16
soreauiop: So make sure to remove ~/.xchat since running it as root02:16
soreauiop: Then run xchat in your terminal as your regular user02:16
iopsoreau: Yes// i was expecting some one to say that... Done that before:)02:16
soreauiop: Look for any interesting output messages in the terminal if there's any problems02:16
Viking667Izinucs: haven't tried yet, as it's probably easier to work with wave files in my case.02:17
iopsoreau: No problems02:17
soreauiop: So it's fixed?02:17
IzinucsViking667: should work for both02:17
Viking667Izinucs: but thanks for that.02:17
iopsoreau: No its not.. no message in terminal02:17
soreauiop: but still crashes?02:17
aeon-ltdiop: ok, watch top while opening it, and check if any other process gets spawned prior to xchat being killed02:17
iopsoreau: At times... till now its running02:17
Viking667I'm a bit wary of what certain programs will do, I don't know their behaviour when presented with mulitple wave headers (as I would get just using cat)02:17
* Viking667 tries anyhow02:18
soreauiop: So it was crashing randomly then..?02:18
IzinucsViking667: worth a shot..02:18
douglsoreau, manually installed Nvidia drivers and all is well now - and thanks for your help again :)02:18
iopaeon-ltd: I use sudo with system activity on.. no other process execpt threeads of xchat start02:18
iopsoreau: Quite so02:18
Izinucsiop: you might consider checking out irssi .. a cli based irc client.. very popular.. good backup for you02:19
soreaudougl: did it somehow magically fix your firefox issue?02:19
iopIzinucs: I did that after xchat gave problems02:19
douglsoreau, nope... now what did I do to fix that... I think remove firefox then install it again with synaptic package manager02:20
Izinucsiop: good.. if you run screen before starting irssi you can get to it from CTRL+alt+F2 (tty) if your gui bombs..02:20
iopIzinucs: soreau: aeon-ltd: nogo:Paddy_NI:  Now what?02:20
soreaudougl: ok02:20
soreauiop: You said it's not crashing anymore02:20
iopsoreau: It is02:21
soreauiop: so maybe resetting the settings fixed it already02:21
iopsoreau: No.02:21
nogoiop, launch your synaptic in your manual02:21
soreauiop: So when it crashes, what does it output in the terminal?02:21
nogoiop, it's time to remove some default garbage carefully now02:21
iopnogo: like?02:22
iopnogo:  from /tmp?02:22
Ratty_sudo has stopped using my current user settings. e.g. 'sudo vim' doesn't use ~/.vimrc. Any ideas what could cause this?02:22
nogoiop, this question can be answered by yourself02:22
aeon-ltdRatty_: root has its own settings02:23
iopnogo:  Done!02:23
aeon-ltdRatty_: hence why it has its own ~/02:23
nogoiop, nice02:23
kallethhey, i have a new system with an ATI 5870 AND an ATI 3450 graphics card, but the CCC is only picking up one of the cards. How do i enable both cards and hence drive my quad monitor setup ?02:23
Ratty_But it didn't used to work that way02:23
kallethanyone know? :p;02:23
iopnogo:  That was crazy? Are you a newbie?02:23
Ratty_Bit crap if everyone has to use the same settings02:23
aeon-ltdRatty_: yes it did02:23
Ratty_Nope, because my other box doesn't work that way02:24
aeon-ltdRatty_: it can be, universal settings are usually in /etc02:24
nogoiop, maybe, i am younger than you02:24
Ratty_Seems an update caused 'sudo' to change $HOME to /root rather than preseve the current users02:24
iopnogo:  (This may go off topic)02:25
nogoha ha02:25
iopsoreau: I??02:25
lahwranwhat is a way to send a mouse click event from the command line to Xorg?02:25
soreauiop: I asked you what the output is when the program crashes while you're running it from your terminal. You said <iop> Argggggggggggg. I have a feeling that was not the output02:26
iopsoreau: No that was not :)02:26
soreauiop: So I'm still waiting for a valid answer02:26
iopsoreau: Well, it never crashed with terminal open02:27
Quutarwith ubuntu 10.10 desktop... I have two displays :0.0 and :0.1 and using the nvidia restricted drivers... how can i limit the gui (and the kayboard/mouse) to :0.1 but still keep the second monitor (:0.0) running so an app like mplayer can display on it?02:27
bazhangQuutar, #ubuntu+1 for that02:27
soreauiop: Well you need to tell us important details like that. Otherwise we can't help you.02:27
iopsoreau: Haven't i? You seem to be extending subtle things02:28
soreauiop: You could help yourself by giving more information. You are being pretty vague overall02:28
soreau! details | iop02:28
ubottuiop: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:28
IzinucsQuutar: perhaps with a custome /etc/X11/xorg.conf.. but I wouldn't know how to design it.02:28
soreauiop: In this case, you need to tell when it crashes, how long the program runs for, if it's random or not, if it only happens when you run it from your menu etc etc etc02:29
elijahwhat is the command to list all drives again? blklst?02:29
iopsoreau: Its irrelevant to ask you. See my whole conversation on this issue and then try to use ubottu for your favor. Thank you02:29
Izinucselijah: sudo fdisk -l  for the drives.. sudo blkid for the uuid numbers of the drives02:29
bastidrazorelijah: blkid02:29
bazhang!attitude | iop02:29
ubottuiop: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:29
iop!attitude | bazhang02:30
ubottubazhang: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:30
elijahIzinucs: , bastidrazor - thx02:30
soreauiop: I'm not the one that needs help, I'm trying to help you help yourself by helping the channel help you02:30
dougielHey - one thing after another here on my ubuntu 9.04... I cannot switch my desktops (not with compiz cube or by the task bar) any suggestions?02:30
IdleOnesoreau: I don't find it funny.02:30
soreauIdleOne: I did.02:30
IdleOnesoreau: Please try to tone down your attitude a little also please.02:30
soreaudougiel: How are you trying to switch them?02:31
kallethnobody good with ATI? :(02:31
iopsoreau: Didn't i say - its irrelevant to ask you?02:31
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:31
bazhangiop, stop that02:31
soreaukalleth: Try asking a real question02:31
lahwranwhat is a way to send a mouse click event from the command line to Xorg?02:31
kallethsoreau: i did, a few minutes ago, about dual graphics adapters02:31
soreaukalleth: What is the problem?02:31
guysguywhere r u all aty?02:31
bazhangguysguy, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:32
kallethI have  5870 and a 3450 HD ati card, and i want them to play nice together so i can drive my quad monitor setup02:32
kallethand CCC is only displaying one card, but aticonfig shows all of them02:32
dougielsoreau, clicking on them in the task bar and middle button holding while on desktop background and dragging... both those methods worked by default in the past02:32
tcm5025anyone know how i could solve an issue with a blank screen at startup?02:32
guysguyI thinks me on wrong irc02:32
soreaudougiel: Ah, you need to enable and configure Viewport Switcher in ccsm02:33
guysguywhere do drunk preeps go looking for diryty talk?02:33
tcm5025anyone know how i could solve an issue with a blank screen at startup?02:34
guysguywindows or linux'?02:35
bazhangguysguy, not here. and thats not appropriate02:35
guysguyok gotya b02:35
soreautcm5025: might be a problem with the default graphics driver. Which gpu is it and when does it black out exactly?02:36
guysguyno infoi st start?02:36
melfyanyone got virtualbox experience with ubuntu server?  #vbox is ghost town atm02:36
tcm5025it blacks out right after the ubuntu logo comes up with the loading dots02:36
tcm5025that's the farthest i've gotten at all02:36
soreauIdleOne: Perhaps you should focus on more of the problematic group02:36
melfyi need to get nginx/thin working under host only for road trips (where bridge isnt available) :/02:36
Izinucsmelfy: there's some very good how to's on their site in the docs.. basically setting up vbox for headless02:36
guysguywhich ver ubuntu koala?02:36
tcm5025it did that consistantly when i tried to run the regular installer02:36
dougielsoreau, ok - looking there does not seem too intuative... :(02:36
tcm5025so i got the alternate installer02:36
tcm5025and it installed02:36
tcm5025but same issue when i try to boot02:37
tcm5025blank cursor comes up, text flashes, ubuntu logo flashes, blank screen02:37
melfyIzinucs: i've messed with a few, can ping the box locally but tcp/udp ports not working02:37
guysguywhicxh versiojn?02:37
bazhangguysguy, who are you addressing02:37
IdleOnesoreau: good advice. will do.02:37
Jordan_Utcm5025: What graphics card?02:38
MickyHi, I am trying to acces my music folder on ubuntu 10.04 from my other computer with W. Xp but I am not being able02:38
bazhangguysguy, then use his nick in your response please02:38
tcm5025the new version, not the beta though02:38
soreaudougiel: Enabling the plugin should allow for middle-click-on-desktop to work. Then to configure scroll-on-desktop-to-switch vps, set ccsm->Viewport Switcher->Desktop-based Viewport Switching->Move Next/Move Prev to Button4/Button5 respectively02:38
Izinucsmelfy: you have to enable the remote client access which isn't enabled by default.. once enabled it's typically on port 3386 using vrdp02:38
MickyI can see the folder, but I can't open it02:38
guysguy o am new to this02:38
tcm5025i forget the version number02:38
guysguy\tcm koal or  guess the higher vers02:38
tcm5025graphics card is old integrated02:38
melfyIzinucs: well i have a rubyonrails server on port 3000 it's not lettin me access :(02:39
frobisherguysguy go to Rebel Chat for freer topic chat.02:39
Jordan_Utcm5025: Intel?02:39
tcm5025Intel® Extreme 2 Graphics02:39
tcm5025that's what it says02:39
kallethtcm5025: i had that issue with my ATI card02:39
guysguyok will do soory cats , \ia m new to this02:39
kalleththe only way i could get ubuntu to install was to use the alternate installer dvd and manually instal the graphics drivers before starting  x02:39
kallethjust sayin'02:39
Izinucsmelfy: sounds like your experience is already beyond mine :).. the vbox channel is typically busier in later hours or earlier hours..02:39
melfyah :(02:40
tcm5025how did you manually install the graphics drivers?02:40
guysguytoo much booze I am checking out , nnight all02:40
soreaukalleth: I do not think any linux ati driver supports crossfire, unless fglrx does02:40
* Izinucs waves.. sort of02:40
Jordan_Utcm5025: Hold shift during boot to get to the grub menu, then press 'e' to edit the first entry. Add "modeset=1" to the list of kernel parameters (after "quiet splash" and on that same line), then press ctrl+X to boot the modified entry.02:41
puffSomewhere in the last few releases, ubuntu started hiding startup/shutdown messages.  How can I change it back so I can see what's going on?02:41
kallethsoreau: i'm not looking for crossfire02:41
kallethi'm looking for multiple adapters driving 4 monitors seperately02:41
kallethwhich is what i've always had problems doing in any ditro02:41
soreaukalleth: Well I don't think you can do dual cards and make it work right02:41
kallethworks in windoze ;p02:41
elijahpuff: Really? Kubuntu 10.10 beta shows them for me02:41
Jordan_Upuff: Edit /etc/default/grub and remove "splash" (and depending on how much output you want, also quiet) from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT02:42
soreaukalleth: Well fglrx has mostly windoze code afaik so maybe it's possible but I will tell you, HD2-4xxx is one class and HD5xxx is a different gpu02:42
kallethtcm5025: it was easy for me having an ATI card, i just needed to download the (closed-source ie bad) graphics drivers... i'd try using the alternate installer to get a working build first, and then you can use logfiles to troubleshoot your issues02:42
=== diego is now known as Guest5170
Jordan_Upuff: Then run "sudo update-grub".02:42
kallethsoreau: unfortunately, ATI site says use the same :*(02:42
Izinucskalleth: that's not a test.. If I remember correctly the latest version of x.org doesn't allow multiple cards but I could be wrong.. one of the tricks is to install one only and get it working with dual.. then add the second and continue.. a custom xorg.conf most probably will have to be created.02:42
kallethtcm5025: might be worth seeing if the motherboard manf has any info on nix drivers, though i doubt it02:43
tcm5025i did what you said jordan, no luck02:43
kallethIzinucs: te first card (5870) works perfectly driving two of the monitor02:43
kallethand aticonfig detects the second gfx card02:43
soreaukalleth: Well until the open radeon driver gets this support, I don't think it will work in linux. You can ask more about what the open drivers plans in #radeon02:43
Jordan_Utcm5025: Did you still see the purple background?02:43
kallethits just getting it enabled and working02:43
tcm5025so you ran a different os to get the drivers installed?02:43
puffJordan_U: Thanks.02:43
tcm5025purple background? um, i dunno it was exactly the same as b402:43
tcm5025i dont think it's really purple02:43
Jordan_Upuff: You're welcome.02:44
Izinucskalleth: got that.. check the model of the second that doesn't work against the ati site's compatiblity with the latest x.org02:44
soreautcm5025: You might try booting with the kernel option 'intel.modeset=0'02:44
kallethtcm5025: no, i downloaded a .run file from ATI, but that's because i have a differet graphics card to you. I was saying that you could get a working (console) distribution by using the alternate installer, then possibly these guys can help you get your intel graphics card working :)02:44
soreautcm5025: Err.. i915.modeset=002:44
kallethsoreau: i shall check that channel, ta, didnt know it existed02:45
kallethIzinucs: i shall do that now02:45
=== HawksWin is now known as Pilif12p
soreaukalleth: Make sure to read the channel topic there02:45
kallethsoreau: got it :)02:46
kallethanyway, thats enough nix config for me today, been out so i'm slightly worse for wear.02:46
kalleththanks for the pointing-in-right-direction though guys02:46
Viking667nope. Simply using cat on the wave filesisn't working. mplayer only plays the first hunk, no matter how large the file gets.02:47
tcm5025kalleth: i did use an alternate installer though, that's how i got it to install in the first place02:47
tcm5025soreau: k i'm going to try that one02:48
tcm5025soreau: i just add it in behind quiet splash?02:48
elijahIs there a way I can have GNU Find show me progress?02:48
soreautcm5025: You got it02:48
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
nabin_raji downloaded new themes from gnome-look.org, but i cant seem to upload them to my themes. what could be the problem?02:50
=== Skynet is now known as Guest89120
tcm5025soreau: same result...02:50
soreautcm5025: What did you type exactly?02:50
=== dad is now known as Guest29857
tcm5025soreau: i put a space after splash and typed i915.modeset=0 then pressed ctrl+x02:51
tcm5025i've noticed there is a list of errors that pops up every time before the logo screen that says something about error firmware xxxxx not found02:51
Jordan_Utcm5025: Try adding "xforcevesa". Vesa should always work, though it's limited.02:52
=== JoshuaP is now known as Guest26579
nabin_rajsoreao: i typed : sudo cp -r $home/Desktop/XNTricity /usr/share/themes02:52
tcm5025jordan_u: same result : /02:53
=== adrian is now known as Guest71648
tcm5025it has like a list of firmware errors not found every time i try to start it02:53
soreautcm5025: Is this with a live cd or an installation?02:53
Jordan_Utcm5025: Can you try the recovery mode entry?02:54
tcm5025soreau: this is with an installation, i got a similar problem with the live cd though. only difference was the text that popped up before the logo screen. i had to use an alternate installer to get it to install02:54
soreautcm5025: Do like Jordan_U suggested and try recovery mode to see if you can get to a root prompt02:55
dvd_problemshello anyone know how to troubleshoot DVD Drive problems?????02:56
tcm5025jordan_u: i'm having trouble getting the grub screen up at all now02:56
tcm5025hold on02:56
WXZdisconnected sata on harddrive while ubuntu was running02:56
soreaudvd_problems: Try us. :)02:56
WXZhow do I uncorrupt it now02:56
soreau! ask | dvd_problems02:56
ubottudvd_problems: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:56
tcm5025running recovery mode02:56
tcm5025getting lots of text scrolling02:56
tcm5025at a recovery menu02:57
WXZtcm5025: me?02:57
tcm5025wxz: no sorry02:57
tcm5025soreau: at recovery menu02:57
tcm5025jordan_u: at recovery menu02:57
soreautcm5025: If you can get to a root prompt, it's likely a graphics driver issue. the firmware errors may or may not be related.. could be for any hardware (gpu shouldn't fail with missing fw anyway, just no 3D)02:57
=== JMS is now known as JoeMaverickSett
Jordan_Utcm5025: Ok, that suggests that VESA should really work, I'm not sure why it isn't (or why VESA isn't being used with the xforcevesa option).02:58
soreautcm5025: So, do 'lspci|grep VGA' to see which gpu it is02:58
tcm5025soreau: so i'm picking root from the recovery menu02:58
dvd_problemsSOREAU: can't remember how to create a private channel...02:58
=== Guest26579 is now known as thatjoshdood
Drunken_Ironyhi all. in installed ubuntu and now my coffee pot is broken.02:58
soreau! pm | dvd_problems02:58
ubottudvd_problems: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:58
Quutarok... no answer in ubuntu+1... so let me asjust my question to be non 10.10 specific02:59
Quutarif i have ubuntu with two monitors, ":0.0" and02:59
soreauDrunken_Irony: ubuntu requires at least a toaster02:59
Drunken_Ironysoreau, thank you. i'll hook one up02:59
drewbert*sigh* switched back to proprietary nvidia drivers... Oh hibernate we hardly knew ye.02:59
Jordan_U!ot | Drunken_Irony02:59
ubottuDrunken_Irony: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:59
Quutarif i have ubuntu with two monitors, ":0.0" and ":0.1", how do i restrict the gui and the user experiance to one monitor (:0.0) while leaving the second one availible for apps such as mplayer to draw to?03:00
tcm5025soreau: result is 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integerated Graphics Device (rev 02)03:00
dvd_problemsubottu ok03:00
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:00
soreauQuutar: That is a somewhat subjective question. If you want mplayer to be on one output or the other, I know how to do it with sdl output at least03:00
Quutari basically want all gui elements, the mouse, and keyboard to be only on a single monitor... but i don't want the second monitor disabled, beccause i want mplayer to be abel to draw to that second monitor03:01
soreautcm5025: Ok so it's probably using the i810 module03:01
soreautcm5025: blacklist it03:01
Quutarsadly, i need to use vdpau output... becasue this is a slow computer with an ion chip03:01
tcm5025soreau: command to do that?03:01
Quutarand... i can get mplayer to display on the monitor i want... the hard part is restricting the UI03:01
soreau! blacklist | tcm502503:02
ubottutcm5025: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »03:02
soreauQuutar: What do you mean by restricting UI?03:02
Quutarso... how do I restrict the UI of ubuntu desktop to a single monitor, with out disabling the second minitor... or at least with out making it unusable via vdpau to mplayer?03:02
terminalvelocitymy built-in volume control stopped working in lucid03:02
Guest71648Confused with 1st time ever irc stuff here.03:02
Guest71648The below is just for reading and knowledge...03:02
Guest71648HP Pavilion DV4155CL - Linux & WinXP double partitioned03:02
Guest71648(just keep original,unused Windows updated, now).03:02
Guest71648This note & story is for many who are in same situation.03:02
FloodBot4Guest71648: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:03
Guest71648Suddenly had No media,or System sounds in Laptop Speakers, but good using Headphones.03:03
terminalvelocityany ideas03:03
Guest71648MP3’s play with a “click-glitch” in 1st few secs,(sounds like software is ‘relay-clicking’03:03
tcm5025ubottu: over my head : /03:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:03
dvd_problemssoreau: last night installed a bunch of new software... geneology, recipe db, an ndiswrapper to drive my wireless card... nothing specifically related to DVD... after reboot, lost the DVD drive completely. Doesn't recognize a disc inserted at all... really don't know where to start for this. Anyone have pointers?03:03
soreautcm5025: It's very simple, just read what ubottu is telling you and tell us on any part you get stuck at03:03
tuxifierterminalvelocity, most of the time unnstall/reinstall works03:04
dvd_problems < still ubuntu / linux newbie :/03:04
soreaudvd_problems: Can you boot a live cd from it?03:04
tcm5025soreau: i typed in ! blacklist | and it changed my command prompt to a >03:04
soreaudvd_problems: And eject it when you boot?03:04
terminalvelocityany way to do it without losing all my system?03:04
soreautcm5025: That is a command to invoke ubottu to talk to you03:04
tcm5025soreau: so how do i edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist?03:04
tuxifiertry uninstalling/rein stalling pulseaudio03:04
soreautcm5025: You are supposed to read what ubottu tells you03:05
tcm5025soreau: oh haha03:05
terminalvelocitytuxifier...any way to do it without losing all my system and starting from scratc?03:05
edbiantcm5025, It's a file.  use a text editor :)03:05
dvd_problemssoreau: haven't tried that yet. but it did work right up till last night when I rebooted.03:05
soreautcm5025: So to edit a file from a prompt, I use 'nano' because it's easiest03:05
Jordan_Utcm5025: Press ctrl+C to return to a normal prompt, then "nano /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist"03:05
Quutarso, I am guessing that my question is a bit wierd for irc... is there a forum i should be asking it on instead?03:05
soreautcm5025: So just do nano /etc/blacklist or whatever then edit the file and to save it, do Ctrl+X, then hit 'y' and press enter03:06
soreautcm5025: Oh yes, Ctrl+C to get out from >03:06
tuxifierterminalvelocity, when you click the speaker panel icon what do you get?03:06
tcm5025soreau: i did what jordan_u said and have the new screen up, i just type in blacklist <modulename>?03:07
soreautcm5025: What did ubottu tell you?03:07
tcm5025or blacklist <i810>03:07
terminalvelocitytuxifier...I get "waiting for sound system to respond"03:08
dvd_problemssoreau: the DVD drive DOES function though, opens takes disc, closes... doesn't appear to even try to read it though... I suspect a driver issue. how do you troubleshoot drivers?03:08
soreautcm5025: without the <>03:08
tcm5025soreau: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »03:08
xuekancould anyone help me to answer this question: if i copy all the .dll file from the windows xp OS to the wine related folder,will there be any problems?03:08
tcm5025soreau: so i typed in blacklist i810. there's no list here though. this is the only thing on this screen03:08
soreautcm5025: If it had said « blacklist modulename », users might get confused and type blacklist modulename03:09
tuxifiertry uninstalling pulseaudio from Applications --> Ubuntu Software Center then reinstall it03:09
tcm5025soreau: nothing happened when i hit enter. do i need to save it or something?03:09
Flannelxuekan: #winehq might be able to help you better03:09
soreautcm5025: Since your module is i810, that's the <modulename> you want to blacklist :)03:09
tcm5025soreau: yea ok that makes sense03:09
terminalvelocitytuxifier...I installed esound because I use skype and my mic was not working03:09
tcm5025soreau: so ctrl+x to get out of there now?03:10
soreautcm5025: Let me see hang on03:10
soreautcm5025: yes exactly as I told you03:10
NateWinvalid flag 0x0820 of partition table 5 will be corrected by w(rite) <---- what should i do?03:10
soreauCtrl+X, 'y' then enter03:10
tcm5025soreau: ok i think i saved it03:11
Coded1I have a radeon 3200HD (R780) card and I'm trying to enable video acceleration on 10.04.  My test video is 1080p bluray rip h264 encoded which works @ ~30%CPU under win7, on ubuntu it is not playable, CPU=Athlon x2 5900+, 2GBRAM, running AMD binary video drivers.  Any one have a hint how to get his bad boy going?03:11
soreautcm5025: Now double chack by re-running the nano command (press the up arrow key)03:11
tuxifierso when you go to System -> Preferences -> Sound you get waiting for something something huh03:11
tcm5025soreau: ok it brought the text editor up again and the only thing in there is what i typed03:12
soreautcm5025: Good now just press Ctrl+X to exit03:12
elijahIs it advisable to set grub timeout to "0"?03:12
tcm5025soreau: back to the root prompt03:12
soreautcm5025: Now one more thing, do 'lsmod|grep i810' and tell me the output03:12
Viking667yeesh. Turns out that sox will happily do the job I want of combining waves into an output wave with a single header03:12
soreau! pm | michael_03:12
ubottumichael_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:13
michael_how do you make a launcher that would run a scan in clamav without you having to type clamscan every time03:13
tuxifierwhats your sound card terminalvelocity?03:13
tcm5025soreau: no output03:13
terminalvelocitytuxifier...all my sound works...just not the built in volume control which is part of the laptop console03:13
NateWinvalid flag 0x0820 of partition table 5 will be corrected by w(rite) <--- any ideas?03:13
soreautcm5025: Ok now reboot and try regular ubuntu entry and see if it works03:13
terminalvelocitytuxifier...ATI mobility 3 or 4000 somthing03:14
tcm5025soreau: no such luck :(03:15
soreaumichael_: right-click on gnome-panel, select add-to-panel and add the command you want.03:15
zulgabanWindows7 Uptime: 2days 15hrs 35mins 2secs Best: 3days 10hrs 29mins 42secs03:15
NiamorWindows7 Uptime : 12hrs 56mins 1sec Record : 5wks 2days 5hrs 55mins 13secs03:15
tuxifierit's just an indicator problem then03:15
tcm5025soreau: there was some color flash that came up during the blinking cursor that might've been a little different than before...03:15
soreautcm5025: assuming it successfully blacklisted i810, apparently it's not a graphics issue then03:15
soreautcm5025: Next thing is to assume a completely b0rken install and see if a live cd works03:16
terminalvelocitytuxifier..indicator? easy fix I hope ...little help?03:16
tcm5025it didn't before, i can try again03:16
bazhangzulgaban, Niamor disable that03:16
dugger5688_I'm having a lot of problems with a bcm4321 card and WPA, anyone had any luck?03:16
tcm5025i have the alternate installer on my usb and cd right now though03:17
tcm5025soreau: should i write a new cd with the regular installer?03:17
soreautcm5025: or usb stick03:17
NiamorWindows7 Uptime : 12hrs 58mins 19secs Record : 5wks 2days 5hrs 55mins 13secs03:17
zulgabanWindows7 Uptime: 2days 15hrs 37mins 20secs Best: 3days 10hrs 29mins 42secs03:17
tcm5025soreau: ok i did have the regular installer on my usb stick before and i got stuck at the same screen whether i tried to load it straight off the stick or if i tried to install it03:18
tcm5025soreau: i know the stick worked to because I loaded the os fine on my desktop from it03:18
tcm5025soreau: results were slightly different from the live cd, just more text came up prior to the logo screen03:19
soreautcm5025: Alright, let's backtrack then. How did you originally install the ubuntu on your hard drive? With alternate?03:19
michael_alright i entered the commands in the launcher and i am greeted by a blank terminal window03:19
tcm5025soreau: yea i got the alternate installer after i couldn't get the regular one to work03:19
soreautcm5025: So it's never worked in the first place03:19
tcm5025soreau: yea03:19
tuxifiersudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio03:20
soreautcm5025: How old is this machine? What are the specs?03:20
tcm5025soreau: soreau: it's like 5 years old, 1.5ghz and 512 mb ram. btw i typed in that nano command again to bring up that list and it's empty now03:21
ScaNSlackware Rulez !!!03:21
tcm5025soreau: its a gateway 6022gz03:21
fooI am trying to mount an nfs share but can't seem to. any ideas? I'm using mount public/ - doesn't work, any other tests I can do on the client to make sure it works?03:21
Jordan_Utcm5025: When you pressed ctrl+X were you asked if you wanted to save before exiting?03:21
ScaNSlackware Rulez !!! Ubuntu fuck !!!03:21
soreautcm5025: wtf03:21
johnathon_ i just got a new laptop and installed ubuntu but when i did the audio is not working it is a Compaq Presario CQ62 can anyone help me03:22
tcm5025jordan_u: yea i saved, and i checked it again by bringing it back up after closing it and it was still there then03:22
Viking667!ops swearing is objectionable03:22
soreautcm5025: Are you sure you typed in the file path correctly?03:22
tcm5025jordan_u: it didn't ask me if i wanted to save after closing it the second time03:22
soreautcm5025: Does 'grep -Rn i810 /etc' show any output?03:22
soreauJordan_U: He saved it then I had him check again03:23
tcm5025soreau: etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist is what i typed in for the file03:23
dshbusinessHello all! Could anybody tell me how to make my laptop bootup without the initrd.img file?? thanks!03:23
Jordan_Udshbusiness: Why?03:23
soreautcm5025: grep -Rn i810 /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist03:23
terminalvelocitytuxifier thanks....works great....i hope that skype still works though03:23
soreautcm5025: does that command show any output?03:24
tcm5025soreau: grep -Rn i810 /etc showed some output03:24
tuxifierlet me know03:24
dshbusinessJordan_U: I just want to look how it was when bootup without initrd.img03:24
Viking667dshbusiness: you may have to compile a kernel with support built in for your IDE chipset, and a few other things that normally come as modules03:24
tcm5025soreau: i didnt' type in the 2nd one yet03:24
Jordan_Utcm5025: There should have been a '/' at the beginning of that path, "nano /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist"03:25
tcm5025jordan_u: i think there was i can try it again03:25
dshbusinessViking667: Thanks, but it seems that my computer uses scsi chipset, no IDE03:25
Jordan_Udshbusiness: Ubuntu doesn't support not having an initrd.03:25
tcm5025soreau: there's all this colored text on the screen now from that first command, i'll try the 2nd on you put in now with the exteneded file name03:25
soreautcm5025: Just Ctrl+C to get back to a prompt03:26
o-brownHi, I'm trying to uninstall a package and I get an error message everytime, could someone help me with this ?03:26
soreautcm5025: but Jordan_U is right, it's supposed to have a /, which means your root filesystem03:26
soreautcm5025: begin with a /03:26
Jordan_Uo-brown: Could you pastebin the error?03:26
Jordan_U!pastebin | o-brown03:26
ubottuo-brown: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:26
dshbusinessJordan_U: OH! Well, it seems I should give up this crazy idea.03:27
tcm5025soreau: 'grep -Rn i810 /etc/modprobe/d/my_blacklist' outputs 1:blacklist i81003:27
Viking667dshbusiness: same thing probaby applies for your SCSI chipset then, so it can read further information from the root filesystem03:27
soreautcm5025: Ok so the file isn't blank, you just typoed the path03:27
tcm5025soreau: ok my bad03:27
Viking667in effect, you need the kernel to be able to recognise the device your root filesystem's on, recognise the filesystem, and be able to mount the filesystem. Those three are mandatory03:28
tcm5025soreau: what was that text editor called again so i can check it properly? noda?03:28
Viking667you know? nano nano?03:28
michael_ok i have almost no idea how to work linux launchers i installed the os less than two hours ago and i wanna know how to make this launcher03:28
dshbusinessViking667: Do you mean just complie my kernel with built-in scsi?03:28
Viking667(Anyone who knows where THAT comes from is older than I thought)03:28
soreautcm5025: nano03:28
Viking667dshbusiness: pretty much.03:29
michael_does anyone know how to make a launcher for clamav03:29
soreautcm5025: So my synopsis of your problem is, that there is some kind of hardware in this machine that when it goes to load the driver for, it probably locks up the machine03:29
tcm5025soreau: lol alright03:29
Viking667but not "just"03:29
dshbusinessViking667: Thanks!03:29
Viking667dshbusiness: you probably want support for video device too (vesafb may do)03:29
xanguamichael_: just drag it from the menu03:29
tcm5025soreau: that sounds like a problem... it loads windows xp fine...03:29
Viking667and anything else you want support for from the get go03:29
Guest71648how come I'm Guest & no name come up like every one else?Name in Prefs OK. Using xchat cos empathy no go.03:29
michael_xangua: i use the terminal one03:29
Viking667Guest71648: is your normal nick registered? If so, do you have the password?03:30
o-brownJordan_U: first, when I start synaptic, I always get this error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492453/03:30
tcm5025soreau: i typed that file properly now and that blacklist command is still in there of course...03:30
soreautcm5025: The most commonly problematic hardware is the gpu, but it may be something else. Do you have any PCI cards or other peripheral devices plugged in? Also what all is plugged into your graphics card?03:30
Viking667If not, then your IRC server will have dumped you back to Guest....03:30
Guest71648suppose registered. Just did it03:30
tcm5025soreau: oh man, i don't know about all that. this is a stock laptop, i never got into it's hardware03:30
Viking667Guest71648: define "just did it"03:30
Viking667as in, what steps did you take?03:30
tcm5025soreau: there's no external hardware plugged in03:31
tcm5025soreau: it's the same as when i bought it03:31
Jordan_Uo-brown: That can safely be ignored.03:31
tuxifieryo terminalvelocity how's your skype?03:31
soreautcm5025: I assume you're trying 10.04 on it, right?03:31
tcm5025soreau: yea03:31
o-brownJordan_U: is there a way I can fix this ?03:31
Guest71648just did it = set up Idiot Robot Chat thing here!!!(irc)03:32
soreautcm5025: I would try a different version of ubuntu and if the problem persists, file a bug with all of your system specifications included03:32
dshbusinessViking667: video device? What do you mean? Does the video system will not work if I boot without initrd?03:32
Viking667dshbusiness: unlikely, but possible.03:32
tcm5025soreau: like an older version?03:32
Guest71648ok . was d/loaded off live cd anyway. tnx fer help03:32
soreautcm5025: A different version ;)03:32
dshbusinessViking667: OK, let me try it.03:32
dshbusinessViking667: Thanks :)03:33
Viking667dshbusiness: if you want framebugger support, then you'll need a module or compile it into the kernel03:33
soreautcm5025: I don't know what's wrong so I can't really say03:33
Viking667most other stuff can be accessed once you get to the root filesystem03:33
tcm5025soreau: tears, i guess i'll just go back to xp for now... : /03:33
dshbusinessJordan_U: Thanks, :)03:33
Jordan_Udshbusiness: You're welcome.03:34
tuxifierhow do you get rid of the empathy icon on the top panel?03:34
tcm5025soreau: maybe i'll try the netbook version for now03:34
soreautcm5025: File a bug. I bet it will be taken seriously.03:34
tcm5025soreau: what specs would i include? just the processor, ram, video card, model number?03:35
Viking667tcm5025: hardware would also be a good idea03:35
Viking667(i.e. pci cards, mouse, keyboard)03:35
soreautcm5025: Any and all information you can provide. Also, the output of 'lspci' might help03:36
tcm5025viking667: well it's a laptop... i don't know i'll just look up what i can, i guess they can prob figure most of it out from the model number right? all the laptops with the same model number are made the same aren't they>?03:36
soreautcm5025: Actually, s/might help/will be useful03:36
Viking667very usually, but not always03:36
Viking667i.e. memory may differ, ditto hard drive03:37
tcm5025soreau: s/might?03:37
Viking667and small changes may not be reflected in the model number03:37
tcm5025viking667: oh ok03:37
Viking667i.e. BIOS revisions03:37
hvhey! as i login to xChat, I logged to this list..... Can someone point how to use it, gracefully. I mean I can see folks messaging and etc, but can it be like topic wise or sth?03:37
Viking667That'd aso be a good idea if you can get to it03:37
Viking667hv: could you explain what you mean?03:38
soreautcm5025: It's a common irc slang for replacing a word or group of words from your previous statement03:38
brummbaerhv, this channel is generally for support. if you want to chat, try typing: /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:38
soreautcm5025: kinda like using the sed program for text replacement03:38
Viking667s/first/second/  substitute second in first's place03:38
tcm5025soreau: haha ok03:38
Viking667hv: or /j #hottub  or /j #whatever-topic-you-want03:38
Viking667sed/awk/ed/ whatever else uses regex03:39
hvbrunbaer: so it is like any one can join and scatter his question/etc to the list.... and guys are there to sort that out03:39
Viking667err, not regex, sorry.03:39
tcm5025soreau: what was the lspci command?03:40
brummbaerhv, yeah, that's the general idea. many heads smarter than one and whatnot03:40
soreautcm5025: yep ;)03:40
tcm5025soreau: i can't find it scrolling up, it was a while ago i think03:40
Viking667tcm5025: try this:   /last your-search-term03:40
soreautcm5025: When you run 'lspci', it shows a list of hardware devices detected on the PCI bus03:40
tcm5025viking667: thanks03:40
soreautcm5025: Earlier I said 'lspci|grep VGA' to show only your detected graphics hardware03:41
Viking667may turn up what you were talking about previously03:41
tcm5025soreau: yea that's a really long list, it fills up more than a page03:41
tcm5025soreau: how can i scroll up?03:41
soreautcm5025: so obviously, you just want 'lspci' or 'lspci -v' fpr verbosity IIRC03:41
soreautcm5025: Shift+Up arrow03:41
hvthanks Vikings & brummbaer :)03:41
soreautcm5025: Shift+Pg Up03:41
tcm5025soreau: oh man lspci -v is a much longer list... haha03:42
Viking667hv: there's only one of me. I killed all the rest... all 666 of them03:42
soreautcm5025: Now put it in a file on the XP partition03:42
soreautcm5025: lspci -v &> /path/to/windoze/some/file03:42
tcm5025soreau: i don't have an xp partition anymore :/03:42
diftowHey guys, how do I use a .run file in Ubuntu 10.04? My latest drivers are released this way.03:42
soreautcm5025: oh /:03:42
soreautcm5025: well use a usb stick then :p03:42
tuxifiertcm5025 if i may suggest using your Log File Viewer03:42
Viking667diftow: chmod +x your-file; ./your-file03:43
soreautcm5025: but yes, likely with older hardware, an older version of ubuntu might work03:43
Viking667but make damn sure it's not virus03:43
tcm5025tuxifier: i don't know what that is :(03:43
tcm5025soreau: might not* work?03:43
soreaudiftow: You're playing with fire and you will break your system. It's recommended you use official ubuntu packages03:44
CondouloHey, I have a question? In Ubuntu 10.04, when I install the proprietary Java client, where would that be stored?03:44
tcm5025soreau: so if i type lscpi -v &> f:/ will that put it in my flash drive?03:44
diftowMy Nvidia GPU drivers are in the .run file.03:44
soreaudiftow: Also if you have to ask how to run a .run file, you probably shouldn't be manually installing graphics driver anyway03:44
diftowMy computer has no onboard graphics, so i have to install it03:44
Random832tcm5025: uh, no... linux doesn't have x:03:44
Random832tcm5025: figure out where your flash drive is mounted - probably in /media/something03:44
soreaudiftow: However if you must, just chmod +x it to make it executable then run it with ./blah-blah-blob.run03:45
tcm5025random832: um, is there a method to figure that out?03:45
Random832tcm5025: ls /media03:45
Random832or 'mount' i guess03:45
Random832to get a list of everything and you have to just figure out which one it is [usu pretty obvious]03:45
soreaudiftow: You don't have to install it. You can use sys>admin>hardware drivers to install supported drivers03:45
brummbaeror fdisk -l or df -H03:46
Random832it'll either be /media/[volume label of drive] or /media/1234-5678 (8 hex digits)03:46
brummbaerdf -H is probably easiest to interpret if you know the drive size03:46
soreautcm5025: You have to mount the flash drive filesystem before you can write to it03:46
tcm5025soreau: it's plugged in... :)03:47
diftowit says03:47
diftowmust be run as root03:47
hv_monkSo, this is a channel #ubuntu.... I am wondering about other lists... how does this irc work. There can't be only one server to which you can connections for ALL such channels.03:47
diftowand i created a root account before, and it told me to run as "something level 3"03:47
soreautcm5025: So plug it in, look at the output of 'dmesg|tail' then it will show you where it is in /dev, then do 'sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mount/point' replacing that info with the real output of dmesg and real mount point directory03:47
=== ridin is now known as gstarx90
brummbaerhv_monk, there's tons of servers, xchat comes w/ a big list of a few03:48
tcm5025soreau: i don't see /dev anywhere in the output03:49
soreautcm5025: It should say something about sd*#03:49
diftowomg O_o03:49
diftowisnt sudo supposed to get rid of the whole root permission message?03:49
brummbaertcm5025, try typing: ls /dev/sd*03:50
tcm5025soreau: several of the lines have 'sd 2:0:0:0: [sdb] in the middle of them03:50
diftow  ERROR: nvidia-installer must be run as root03:50
soreautcm5025: Ok so it's likely /dev/sdb103:50
hv_monkbrummbaer: and all these servers host these channels. No, it can't be. so it is like xchat has information which server is hosting what channel, and creates a connection depending upon the channel one chooses? am i making sense here?03:50
noipSo, seriously, no antivirus?03:50
soreaudiftow: Why don't you just use sys>admin>hardware drivers?03:50
soreau! virus | noip03:51
ubottunoip: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus03:51
diftowbecause the drivers are outdated03:51
brummbaerhv_monk, xchat connects to a server which hosts whatever channels it hosts03:51
tcm5025brummbaer: that brought up several yellow outputs listing /dev/sdxx03:51
diftowby about almost 2 years03:51
o-brownJordan_U: here is the error message when I'm trying to intall openbravo : http://paste.ubuntu.com/492456/03:51
tcm5025soreau: could it be just sdb as opposed to sdb1?03:51
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
soreaudiftow: Then you're on your own or you have to wait for next ubuntu release or google a how-to-install-nvidia-blob-on-ubuntu03:51
tcm5025soreau: that command that brumbaer said to type listed several including both sdb and sdb103:51
soreautcm5025: sure03:51
noipWhat anti-virus could I use just to scan files that I might also use on my windows box? In other words, any suggestions on a small AV just to use for scanning a file every now and then.03:52
diftowwell, i have03:52
brummbaertcm5025, different letters are different drives, and the numbers are the partition numbers on the drive. soreau is probably right that if you only have a internal and the flash connected, flash is probly /dev/sdb103:52
diftowi need root permissions03:52
IdleOnenoip: clamav03:52
soreautcm5025: sdb1 means the second drive (b) and the first partition on that drive (1)03:52
diftowhow do i get the permission to continue?03:52
joskoh90you type su03:52
diftowi did that03:52
joskoh90before the command03:52
hv_monkbrummbear: one last one: so every channel id shd be unique, irrespective of any server it is hosted on.... is it like a Primary key for any client like xchat?03:52
noipIdleOne - Thanks.03:52
diftowsudo chmod +x Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-256.53.run; ./Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-256.53.run03:52
diftowi typed this..03:52
diftowand it still needed root permission03:53
joskoh90i think03:53
joskoh90you need to sudo03:53
tcm5025soreau: so i type 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mount/point' ?03:53
joskoh90after the ;03:53
joskoh90as well03:53
FloodBot4joskoh90: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:53
soreautcm5025: Type 'mount' to see a list of what's mounted already and where03:53
diftowoh ok03:53
brummbaertcm ditto03:53
soreautcm5025: It's possible ubuntu already mounted it for you03:53
Fudgeany ideas why in a gnome-terminal if left the mac hine freezes and the screen flashes?03:53
joskoh90is there any reason to use g210m gt over intel 4500mhd for 10.04/10.10? :/03:54
diftow  ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before03:54
kronos|AFKxiaclo: still here?03:54
diftow         installing.  For further details, please see the section INSTALLING03:54
diftow         THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver03:54
diftow         download page at www.nvidia.com.03:54
FloodBot4diftow: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:54
tcm5025soreau: /dev/sda1 is the only one listed i think, the other lines all start with none on except one starts with proc03:54
soreautcm5025: And since you're already running as root in recovery mode, you would just do 'mount /dev/sdb1 /mount/point' replacing /mount/point with a real directory (like /mnt)03:54
diftowwhats an x server?03:54
=== kronos|AFK is now known as kronosphere
joskoh90the graphics thing... lol03:54
joskoh90if you can see anything other than texts, x is running for you03:54
soreau! X | diftow03:54
ubottudiftow: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:54
=== chuck_ is now known as pithdillinja
Jordan_Uo-brown: Does /home/openbravo exist?03:55
diftowso do i have to run this installation without using graphics?03:55
diftowand if so, how the heck do i do that? boot in text mode?03:55
joskoh90i think you just use init 3 or something :s03:55
tcm5025soreau: so i typed in 'mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt' no output03:55
soreaudiftow: Yes and it is unsupported so if it breaks, there's not a whole lot to do03:55
diftowwell, its a risk im willing to take.. i have windows 7 dual boot so03:56
diftowits not gonna hurt me03:56
nogoinit 3? it sounds like redhat in old good days03:56
soreautcm5025: no output for GNU/Linux typically means success. Try 'ls /mnt' to see the files03:56
diftowSo, is "init 3" directed at me or someone else?03:56
tcm5025soreau: no output03:56
diftowI'm getting confused :-303:56
soreautcm5025: Does 'lsusb' show your usb stick?03:56
nogoyou can put that in the rc.local i guess03:56
kronospherei'm having trouble with wife. Is anyone able to help determine why wifi is not scanning?03:56
kronosphere*wifi! lol03:57
joskoh90oh shi03:57
Jordan_Udiftow: Have you already tried System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?03:57
joskoh90i loled hard @ kronosphere03:57
diftowyes, but i want to do this03:57
kronospherethat too!03:57
diftowi know the risks03:57
joskoh90sometimes the wifi network service isn't started... :s maybe try restarting that x.x03:57
tcm5025soreau: yea i think so, when i type that. one of the lines says the manufacturer in it03:57
soreautcm5025: right03:58
diftowSo, is there a terminal code i can use to disable X system for the installation?03:58
soreautcm5025: Does it have any files on it's filesystem?03:58
tcm5025soreau: bus 001 device 002: ID 03f0:3307 Hewlett-Packard03:58
kronospherejoskoh90: i'm not sure i can restart my wife.03:58
tcm5025soreau: i dunno, that's all it says on that line. i think the other lines are talking about something else03:58
Fudgediftow  i havnt seen if someone suggested to boot with vesa drivers, can u try that?03:59
soreautcm5025: No I mean on the usb stick03:59
tcm5025soreau: oh i just formatted it03:59
diftowvesa drivers?03:59
brummbaerkronosphere, has it worked in the past, and do you know the wlan card mfg/model?03:59
tcm5025soreau: it's empty03:59
kronospherejoskoh90: how do i restart x.x?03:59
soreautcm5025: ok so ls /mtn appropriately shows nothing03:59
joskoh90is anyone else encountering the problem where people think you are using OSX with the latest default theme?03:59
tcm5025soreau: gotcha03:59
Fudgediftow  sorry ive come in half way through your convo, if ur X isnt loading due to drivers off live cd boot with vesa support03:59
tcm5025ok so i can save that lspci -v to it now?03:59
tcm5025soreau: ^03:59
WXZ2I corrupted my harddrive by removing the sata cable while it was running04:00
soreautcm5025: Now do 'lspci -v &> /mnt/lspci-output' and see if it shows the light blinking on the stick :)04:00
kronospherebrummbaer: it hasn't worked in the past. Spent all morning/afternoon getting it to work, but so far, nothing.04:00
WXZ2but I ran ubuntu from a cd, and I see my file system is in good order04:00
o-brownJordan_U: no, should I create a new one ?04:00
jeremycan I have some help setting up my microphone with OSS please?04:00
=== jeremy is now known as Guest607
WXZ2but it won't let me backup my files, because I don't have permission.. how do I get permission04:00
brummbaerkronosphere, you know the card type?04:00
Jordan_Udiftow: The drivers included from the default repositories are not 2 years out of date, unless you're running Ubuntu 8.04.04:01
johnny_Anyone here have any clue if ATi cards will work with wine nowadays?04:01
tcm5025soreau: the light didn't flash, but it shows the file in there now if i type 'ls /mnt'04:01
johnny_I've heard that ATi closed the gap between it's drivers and nvidia's in linux04:01
joskoh90ati cards and linux? :(....04:01
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
nogoin fact, ati is better now04:01
tcm5025soreau: ok so i guess i have what i need to send a bug report now04:01
soreaujohnny_: The open driver is getting there for HD cards. They already have r300g which is nearing a more finished refined state that supports older non-HD cards04:02
nogoati is more open than nvidia nowadays04:02
brummbaerjohnny, i've got a radeon works fine w/ linux native drivers, get desktop effects et al04:02
kronospherebrummbaer: i looked that up earlier, did some kind of print out and pastebin, but i'm not sure i can find it, i'm looking now04:02
johnny_I'm using a RADEON SERIES 5 card04:02
tcm5025soreau: in the mean while i suppose i'll just reinstall xp04:02
johnny_will it have the drivers?04:02
soreautcm5025: Now check that it does have output from 'cat /mnt/lspci-output' then safely unmount the usb stick by running 'umount /dev/sdb1'04:02
nogopeople might begin to switch to ati i guess04:02
michaelalright i have setup a launcher i want to run clamav "cd /etc/clamav clamscan" and when i run it i get an error sayng "There was an error creating the child process for this termina"04:03
johnny_I bought this PC mainly for windows gaming, but having LINUX with WINE  ok is always useful04:03
soreautcm5025: Then grab something like 9.10 or 9.04, or even a testing maverick cd (not officially released yet) and try it04:03
=== WXZ2 is now known as WXZ
dw_you zhongguo ren ma?04:03
brummbaerkronosphere, pastebin output of lspci, that should tell ya what's up04:03
bazhang!cn | dw_04:03
ubottudw_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:03
Joundillcan I have some help setting up my microphone with OSS please?04:03
joskoh90oh crud, my mirc isn't rendering chinese characters04:03
johnny_I'll go there04:04
nogoJoundill: why don't you use alsa?04:04
tcm5025soreau: do you think it's a good idea to try the netbook version now?04:04
nogoJoundill: i see, you are using a old binary-only package...04:04
tcm5025soreau: or should i just try 10.0 now?04:04
soreautcm5025: Is it a netbook?04:05
Joundillnogo: My microphone doesn't seem to like it, I remember swapping from Alsa to OSS on Jaunty04:05
tcm5025soreau: no...04:05
kj4ohhthere any way to disable touchpad in netbook remix?  I see there is an option under mouse to disable it while typing but that doesn't seem to help much04:05
tcm5025soreau: just a slow laptop, lol04:05
Joundillnogo: I am?04:05
joskoh90maybe i should install netbook remix on my asus laptop -.-;;04:05
tcm5025soreau: so i guess i'll try the beta then?04:05
o-brownJordan_U: I created the folder and ran the installation again, I get the same error04:06
nogoJoundill: maybe you can redirect your sound steam to a fake oss device04:06
nogoJoundill: use jack something04:06
kronospherebrummbaer: what do i enter on command line to get lspci04:06
soreautcm5025: It's solely up to you. Since I don't know the exact problem, I just know something needs to change but not sure exactly what. Since changing the version of ubuntu will change nearly ever version of the components, that is my best advice to try something to get it working at all04:06
tcm5025soreau: ok thanks, i'm looking for the other versions now04:07
Joundillnogo: My problem is that my microphone has large amounts of static, and, although I can hear myself through it, I'm hard to hear.04:07
brummbaerkronosphere, type: lspci >> /path/to/output.txt04:07
Joundillnogo: how would I go about doing that?04:07
Jordan_Uo-brown: It sounds like it's simply a bug in the openbravo configure scripts. Have you tried upgrading to 10.04? It makes sense to use an LTS version for this type of thing.04:07
nogoJoundill: i don't know, just a hint04:07
Joundillnogo: haha, thanks :D04:08
nogoJoundill: did you try to use alsa mixer?04:08
joskoh90can someone tell me how hard it would be to update from 10.10 beta to 10.10 rtm/retail when it is released?04:08
Jordan_Uo-brown: Remove /home/openbravo before you try to install again though.04:08
Joundillnogo: yeah. I can change the boost and capture volumes, but they don't help with the static.04:08
apowhttp://i52.tinypic.com/16a4kgm.png <-- anyone can explain why I get this difference between gnome-term and xterm?04:08
nogoJoundill: open a console, then type 'alsamixer'04:08
apowthe font in case is monaco.04:08
kronospherebrummbaer: is syntax ok? it says: bash: /path/to/output.txt: No such file or directory04:09
o-brownJordan_U: Right now I use 10.1004:09
Joundillnogo: yeah, I know how to open alsamixer04:09
brummbaerkronosphere, that was just an example... try typing : lspci >> ~/lspci.txt04:09
Joundillnogo: it doesn't help04:09
nogoJoundill: lol04:09
o-brownJordan_U: I've tried to install it on the 10.04, no succes, and now with the 10.10 I get the same result04:09
kronospherety :)04:09
Joundillnogo: I've tried a bunch of different combinations, but I can't fix the static.04:10
Jordan_Uo-brown: Have you filed a bug report?04:10
nogoJoundill: my each mobo can use oss,alsa,esd,art,pulseaudio without any problem. i am so lucky04:10
=== Eryn_1983_FL is now known as nodiscript-login
tcm5025soreau: alright, thanks for all the help. i'll check out the other versions tomorrow. if they don't work either i guess i'll submit a bug then. thanks a gain04:10
brummbaerkronosphere, ~ is short-hand for your home folder, so you should end up w/ a text file called lspci.txt in your home directory04:11
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
Joundillnogo: haha, I'll show you my audio card, in case you can find anything out from that, I've been unsuccessful so far :P04:11
kronospherebrummbaer: doesnt do anything04:11
soreautcm5025: Hope you get it figure out. Let me know if you figure anything out04:11
Joundillnogo: Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)04:11
brummbaerkronosphere, did you open the text file?04:11
nogoJoundill: as i think, just either ac97 or hda04:12
o-brownJordan_U: no because is seems like it is an isolated problem, the installation seems to go smoothly with the other users04:12
tcm5025soreau: ok, if you're on here then04:12
Joundillnogo: What do you mean?04:12
kronospherebrummbaer: i'm very new at this, today is first day with linux, i'm sorry.04:12
o-brownJordan_U: maybe I should re-install a clean version of ubuntu ?04:12
nogoJoundill: i am using hda, no problem at all04:12
soreautcm5025: sure, I'm on freenode. just pm me so the message doesn't get lost here ;)04:12
brummbaerno worries kronosphere, just let me know if i am not specific enough04:12
kronospherebrummbaer: i don't understand what i should do04:12
Joundillnogo: does your microphone work well? That's the only problem I have :P04:12
brummbaerkronosphere, if you open your homedirectory in the file browser (places -> home) you should see a file called lspci.txt, right?04:13
nogoJoundill: of course, you should kill the salesman who sold you this04:13
tcm5025soreau: lol i'll do my best to figure out how to do that then man. haha04:13
kronospherebrummbaer: i'll check one sec04:13
brummbaerkronosphere, that's if you ran the command i gave earlier04:13
kronosphereits there04:14
soreautcm5025: Sucks that you can't have a good linux experience on that machine. What are you using right now?04:14
Joundillnogo: haha, I had my microphone working in Jaunty, I suppose I could just wait it out :P04:14
nogoJoundill: aye... what can i say04:14
Fudgehow can you kill X without it respwaning?04:14
brummbaerk, you can open that text file, copy the contents, paste that into pastebin.com and then message me the url please04:14
Joundillnogo: well, I should go now04:14
nogoJoundill: in theory, ubuntu has the lastest hardware supports04:15
Joundillnogo: thanks for the help :P04:15
Joundillnogo: in theory :P04:15
tcm5025soreau: built from parts desktop, i got ubuntu up on here for a minute b404:15
nabin_rajcan anyone please help me04:15
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
nabin_raji cannot change my theme!!!04:15
soreautcm5025: a minute?04:16
soreaufreezes there too? :P04:16
tcm5025soreau: i was hoping to put it on the laptop since it's supposed to run smoother than windows and the laptop struggles sometimes. plus i figured a brand new os like ubuntu must be better than an old one like xp04:16
tcm5025soreau: yea i was just trying to see if it would work at all04:16
nabin_rajhelp ....cant add new theme!04:16
tcm5025soreau: i have windows 7 on here now that works fine. i'll try loading up linux with it dual on here at some point prob. today is the first day i checked it out at all04:17
kronospherebrummbaer: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/492464/04:17
tcm5025soreau: just seemed like it would be a good idea to try to get my laptop in working order for school04:17
brummbaerkronosphere, ha, i knew it04:18
brummbaerit's broadcom04:18
kronosphereis broadcom infamous for this?04:18
joskoh90i hate broadcom and ubuntu -.-04:18
brummbaeri've got the same card, it's a pain04:18
kronosphereyou have the same card, well, isn't that a coincindence, what a pain it has been all day04:19
johnny_Super GRUB2 Disk spits out a LUA error on line 24, cant compare NIL with String04:19
johnny_what should i do?04:19
soreautcm5025: and ubuntu should work. But apparently, there is some driver in the kernel that is bombing on that machine04:19
brummbaerkronosphere, you should be able to use jockey-gtk (system -> administration -> hardware drivers) to get the broadcom-sta driver installed04:19
soreautcm5025: That's why lspci is important, to show the exact devices on your machine04:19
brummbaerkronosphere, you may need to install the vanilla linux package from synaptic in order to get it to go right though. i started having to do this after lucid04:19
kronospherebrummbaer: ok, but please instruct me, i don't understand04:19
kronospherebrummbaer: lets try the easy way first04:20
tcm5025soreau: ok, thanks for helping me figure out how to get it onto my flash drive04:20
brummbaerkronosphere, just to be safe, since mine fails w/o doing this first, open synaptic (system -> administration -> synaptic04:20
brummbaerthen search for 'linux'04:20
kronosphereso i should go to hardware drivers on my comp and see if jockey-gtk is there, right?04:20
kronosphereok one sec going to synaptic04:21
brummbaerkronosphere, jockey-gtk is the program that opens when you open hw drivers04:21
brummbaerhw drivers is just the 'friendly' name04:21
=== nodiscript-login is now known as eryn12345
kronosphereim in synaptic package manager04:21
diftowHow do I temporarily disable the X server at bootup?04:21
brummbaercool, you see the search box?04:21
bazhang!nox | diftow04:22
ubottudiftow: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:22
tcm5025soreau: i'm loading the netbook version on my usb driver now just to see what happens while i'm waiting for 10.10 to d/l04:22
tcm5025soreau: cuz i already d/led the netbook version earlier04:22
soreautcm5025: Hey, might as well04:22
diftowty <304:22
brummbaertype the word linux in there04:22
diftowwish me luck04:22
Tempus_FugitHow do I change my IP???04:22
brummbaerthe description for the list should show description as "generic complete Linux kernel" right?04:22
tcm5025soreau: so you prefer linux exclusively over windows?04:22
kronospherebrummbaer: alot of files came up04:23
tyler_dTempus_Fugit: do you have a static ip address?04:23
brummbaerdo you see the one where the package column says 'linux' ? it should be first result04:23
brummbaerright click on that and choose install04:23
brummbaerthen press the checkmark that says apply04:23
tyler_d!static ip > Tempus_Fugit04:23
Tempus_Fugittyler_d: Yes I think I am on a static IP i am on cable internet04:23
tyler_d!ip > Tempus_Fugit04:24
kronospherebrummbaer: its now checkmarked, but i dont see where it says apply04:24
kronospherenm i found it on top04:24
brummbaergood deal04:24
soreautcm5025: I have to say yes. But I have enough time to enjoy the challenge. I enjoy being able to program and fix things that are not working correctly04:24
Tempus_Fugittyler_d:  that didnt work04:25
kronospherebrummbaer: successfully applied all changes (do you want the print out?)04:25
soreautcm5025: Also compiz runs pretty much exclusively on linux and we all know no one anywhere using a computer at anytime can do without that :)04:25
tyler_dTempus_Fugit: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=manual+ip+address+%2B+ubuntu04:25
brummbaerkronospher, nah, don't need it04:25
Tempus_Fugittyler_d: ok looking now ty04:26
brummbaerkronosphere, you can go ahead and close synaptic, then open hardware drivers04:26
brummbaerit should search for a min, then show you avail drivers, eh?04:26
tcm5025soreau: oh man, i don't know anything about that. haha04:26
Flanneltyler_d: Please never do that again.  That is not appropriate support.04:26
tyler_dFlannel: sorry man04:26
kronosphereits searching04:26
tcm5025soreau: so things don't work correctly often in linux? : /04:27
kronospherebroadcom 843 wirless driver    and      software modem04:27
FlannelTempus_Fugit: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html#static-ip-addressing04:27
soreautcm5025: Well not when you use the very latest and (not so) greatest software. I run 'testing' systems with live code that can break any time04:27
brummbaerkronosphere, does it not say anything about broadcom sta?04:27
tcm5025soreau: oh ok i gotcha04:27
soreautcm5025: conversely, running live code you can contact the developers of said code and explain your problems, or show a patch that fixes anything04:28
kronospherejust days broadcome B43 wireless driver and    software modem04:28
tcm5025soreau: is that your job?04:28
soreautcm5025: In other words, I want to catch the bug before you do, then end user :)04:28
soreautcm5025: No I just volunteer my time from home so far :/.04:28
elias_hey my sound is not working04:28
tcm5025soreau: ah, well that's good of you04:28
elias_can anybody help?04:28
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
johnathon_i just got a new laptop and installed ubuntu but when i did the audio is not working it is a Compaq Presario CQ6204:29
soreautcm5025: one day maybe I will get paid to do this :)04:29
tcm5025soreau: could be04:29
brummbaerkronosphere, you may not have all of the repositories enabled, or the sta driver may not be the right one... though the b43 should work if that's the case04:29
elias_my audio is not working. anybody help?04:29
johnathon_can any one help me please04:29
kronosphereok, what should i do04:29
johnathon_mine to how can i get it working04:29
tcm5025soreau: btw, fyi: netbook version didn't run any differently off the flash drive04:29
brummbaerkronosphere, please copy the output of dmesg | grep Broadcom04:29
soreautcm5025: I didn't think it would since it has the same linux kernel version04:30
* Viking667 disappears04:30
no--namejohnathon_: system > admin > hardware drivers04:30
kronospherenothing outputs04:30
johnathon_nothing shows up04:30
johnathon_the jake in the side works with headphones04:30
johnathon_just not the speaker04:30
kronospherebrummbaer: was the command line entry suppose to be dmesg | grep Broadcom04:31
no--nameis it plugged in?04:31
jacvkieethey seek me out04:31
tcm5025soreau: tears04:31
soreautcm5025: the other version d/l'd already?04:31
brummbaeryes kronosphere, also, in the hardware drivers window, does the b43 say activated?04:31
kronospherewell, i entered that in the command line just as you typed it, i copied it and pasted it, but no output resulted04:32
tcm5025soreau: just about, i have to put it on the usb drive now. i hope it doesn't take forever, the program that i put it on with took forever when i put the alternate installer on b4. i think it was because it wasn't a preset version on the list in the program04:32
johnathon_yes it worked when it had windows 7 on it when i first04:32
kronospherebrummbaer: it is not activated04:33
soreautcm5025: Hm. Previously I thought you meant b4 = before but now I'm suspecting you mean backtrack404:33
brummbaerkronosphere, go ahead and select and activate it04:33
soreautcm5025: Hopefully, you're not trying backtrack04:33
brummbaerkronosphere, you'll probably need to reboot after that04:33
tcm5025soreau: no lol i meant before04:33
brummbaerkronosphere, it sounds like you may have gotten lucky on the card, looks like yours may be easier to get working than mine04:34
tcm5025soreau: it took forever to install the alternate installer before04:34
kronospherebrummbaer: we did a lot of work earlier today to get it going, hours, but never finished.04:34
tcm5025soreau: it wasn't an option on the universal usb installer program04:34
kronosphereit seems to be hung on authentication message04:34
=== mohammed is now known as Guest63053
tcm5025soreau: looks like 10.10 is going on there real fast though actually04:35
WekAnyone knows how to fix this problem?04:35
Wekexec: 3: /usr/lib/update-notifier/update-motd-cpu-checker: not found04:35
WekI tired a forcedfs but it didnt work04:35
hoverwhich may be good video player for slow cpus?04:35
ThinWhiteDukeis it possible to forward ports to a computer you are using internet connection sharing with04:35
soreautcm5025: Did you run md5check sums on everything after the burn process?04:35
brummbaerkronosphere, if jockey is being a PITA, you can install w/ synaptic or with command-line04:35
kronospherebrummbaer: what do i do, it seems like it is delayed by authenticate, maybe not authenticating?04:35
hoveri am running mplayer in xubuntu.... and it is really bad.04:36
xanguahover: mplayer or vlc, both have visual ui and cli interfaces04:36
kronosphereit is jockey driver manager04:36
kronosphereoh yah, it is a PITA04:36
soreautcm5025: If you press 'Esc' as soon as ubuntu boots (when you see the little man at the bottom), you can go to the menu and run a checker that checks the image itself for errors04:36
nogomy cpu is slow but gmplayer works like a charm04:36
hoverxangua, eh... mplayer is bad.... playes videos very slow.04:36
kronosphereso go to synaptic to install?04:36
hovernogo, mine is 600 MHz with 300 mb ram.04:36
brummbaerkronosphere, if it's giving you a hardtime, you can just run command: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer04:36
brummbaeror you can search firmware-b43-installer in synaptic, install from there04:37
nogohover: my cpu is a garbage, just 3.7ghz without oc04:37
=== mike_ is now known as Guest68917
soreautcm5025: Then you know your install medium, reader device and image 'burned' are good04:37
brummbaerkronosphere, btw, in case you didn't interpret the output of lspci earlier, you have a Broadcom BCM 4306 wireless card04:37
hovernogo, oh.. yeah? so you are still saying its slow?04:37
brummbaerprobably good for you to know04:37
edbiankronosphere, I have the exact same card and I know how to get it to work.04:38
nogohover: a fast cpu is about 4.3ghz for me04:38
hovernogo, heh04:38
brummbaeredbian: does the b43 driver work for you? i have to use broadcom-sta04:38
nogohover: think about... 8 cores in 4.3 ghz...04:38
edbianbrummbaer, yes.  But you need to use fw-cutter04:38
johnny_a phenom 955 is enought for me04:38
Zelozeloswhere is the option to change mouse wheel up/down line #'s?04:39
brummbaergar. i hate broadcom w/ a passion. if you've got the 4306 you should take over helping kronosphere if you can, my instructions are a little different04:39
hoveri dont know how to make it play video fast.. so sad.04:39
soreaudiftow: Is it broken? :)04:39
nogojohnny_: but it's tdp is not friendly04:39
brummbaeri've got the 431204:39
tcm5025soreau: i don't think i ever saw a little man at the bottom04:39
edbianbrummbaer, The trick is to install b43-fwcutter while you're computer is online.  It fetches things on the internet.  If you're not online when you do that it won't work.04:39
nogojohnny_: amd should make it with .32nm chip art04:39
edbiankronosphere, Are you here still??04:40
tcm5025soreau: i ran a check from the boot installer of the alternate installer earlier04:40
tcm5025soreau: i didn't know what to make of the results though04:40
soreautcm5025: ok04:40
kronospherebrummbaer: in the synaptic package manager i see this firmware-b43legacy-installer04:40
tucemiuxI want to set up CUPS so that anyone can print to my printer??  How can I do this???04:40
soreautcm5025: It should say pass with no errors or failed with this_many errors04:40
kronosphereedbian: yah, im back!04:40
kronospherebrummbaer: thanks for everything i appreciate it04:41
edbiankronosphere, That might be the new name for it.  Try installing it.  As I said a second ago. The trick is to be online when you install the package.  It fetches things from the internet.04:41
kronosphereedbian: i am here04:41
edbiankronosphere, hi :)04:41
kronospherei think it is installed04:41
brummbaerkronosphere, edbian has the exact card you do, while mine is a similar though diff version. he's saying you need b43-fwcutter04:41
kronospherei have b43-fwcutter installed04:42
edbiankronosphere, Do you also see b43-fwcutter.  If I'm not mistaken there are 2 drivers.  b43-legacy and b43 (provided by b43-fwcutter) you need the later04:42
tcm5025soreau: 10.10 got stuck before it even got to the boot installer04:42
edbiankronosphere, When you installed b43-fwcutter was the machine connected to the internet?04:42
kronosphereyes, i think so, i think it had to download some files or it wouldn't install04:42
soreautcm5025: I would say it's a bad image or bad burn then04:42
edbiankronosphere, Yes probably true.04:43
edbiankronosphere, what does sudo iwlist scan   do in a terminal?04:43
tcm5025soreau: i wish it would just work...04:43
tcm5025soreau: tears04:43
kronospherei am not sure though, because when i tried via usb mem stick, it wasn't working, then i hooked up internet via hardwire and it worked04:43
nogotcm5025: is ubuntu 10.10 the next version of 9.04?04:43
soreautcm5025: It's supposed to justwork[TM]04:43
edbiankronosphere, great.  What is the output of sudo iwlist scan   ?04:43
edbiankronosphere, Please don't make me repeat stuff :)04:44
soreau! 10.10 | nogo04:44
ubottunogo: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:44
kronosphereit is wlan0 no scan results04:44
nogoi see04:44
tcm5025nogo: i guess so04:44
no--namenogo: what do you mean by the next version of 9.0404:44
nogoi will stick with stable lts versions04:44
kronosphereedbian: im trying to move fast ! :)04:44
no--nameit goes 9.04, 9.10, 10.04, 10.1004:44
kronosphereedbian: *see above " wlan0 no scan results"04:45
Captain_Awesomeso the next one should be 11.04?04:45
Captain_Awesomei feel special04:45
no--namenogo what do you mean04:45
elias_hey all of a sudden my audio stopped working. what should i do?04:46
edbiankronosphere, ok.  That means the wireless card is not working yet.  You can use the lspci command to see what devices are using what drivers.  It lists drivers (software in use) and kernel modules (other options for drivers that might work but are not installed).  sudo lspci -k   Do you see what driver your card is using?  There is a lot of output I know.  Look for BCM4306 or Broadcom04:46
nogono--name: i mean i care about maintainers of non-lts versions04:46
kronosphereis that two commands two printouts or one?04:47
edbiankronosphere, one command: sudo lspci -k04:47
no--namenogo: oh, ok04:47
no--namenogo: does non-lst mean usually mean less stable?04:47
no--nameerm, non-lts even :P04:47
e-dubhey all04:48
edbianno--name, stable varies from release to release.  Really though, these are minor fluctuations.  To see really stable get Debian server edition.  To see really unstable look at Arch.04:48
edbianno--name, Ubuntu lies somewhere inbetween :)04:48
kronosphereedbian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492470/04:48
no--nameedbian: yeah, i am happy with ubuntu :)04:48
edbiankronosphere, Excellent! :)04:49
no--namei may or may not upgrade to 10.10 when it is released04:49
no--namei don't like all the ubuntu one crap i have to say though04:49
edbiankronosphere, I was excited that you used pastebin.  I'll look through.  Could you not find it?04:49
kronosphereedbian: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)04:50
kronosphereKernel driver in use: b43-pci-bridge04:50
edbiankronosphere, Is it possible that your wireless card is working and that you're not near any wireless networks that broadcast their ssid ??  I think that is what is happening here.04:50
kronosphereKernel modules: ssb04:50
edbiankronosphere, That's right.  And that is exactly what my system says (working broadcom 4306)04:50
kronosphereour other computer is working fine on the wireless network, about 10 feet away04:50
westmontdoes anyone know what timezone the 10am will be for 10.10?  trying to setup a script to torrent/seed it for mulitple machines04:50
edbiankronosphere, Does your router broadcast it's essid?04:51
kronospheremaybe there is some config that must take place before it shows wireless networks available?04:51
kronosphereedbian: i just did pastebin since i am noobz, wanted to make sure i didn't miss something important04:52
edbiankronosphere, There are none.  If the module is installed you can scan for networks.  I say this because if the module / hardware wasn't working you'd get Interface doesn't support scanning.  But you didn't you got "no scan results" which implies it looked and didn't find any.04:52
edbiankronosphere, Look at the last like 20 lines of the output of dmesg.  Do you see anything about your wireless in their?04:52
edbiankronosphere, You can pastebin that too if you want me to look at it.04:53
kronospherewhat is the command for dmesg?04:53
edbiankronosphere, dmesg04:53
kronospherelol ok :)04:53
edbiankronosphere, Did you restart after you installed b43-fwcutter?   (I presume yes since the module is loaded)04:53
Leman_RussCan anyone help me with networking a USB printer using CUPS over a local network?04:54
kronosphereedbian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492473/04:55
WXZis there any way I can undo "create partition table"?04:55
kronosphereedbian: i think so but can't remember, that was several hours ago04:56
WXZis there anyway I can undo create partition table?04:56
=== zck is now known as Guest28712
edbiankronosphere, I feel like you're my long lost twin!  We have the same wifi card, the same on-board wired ethernet, and the same onboard audio!04:56
kronosphereedbian: i bet we have the same laptop?04:57
kronospherethere is a lot in the last 20 lines about my wireless04:57
edbiankronosphere, All of that is fine.  I have identical output.  I have every reason to believe that the card is up and running except that you can't see any wireless networks.04:58
brummbaerLeman_Russ: http://badgerbait.net/wp-content/uploads/cupsd.conf04:58
edbiankronosphere, What about the little applet.  Does that offer any clues?  Is it greyed out?  Does it list wireless networks?04:58
kronospherewhen this all began, my led light wasn't on, and i couldn't get it to turn on04:58
kronospherethen we finally got the led light to turn on04:59
edbiankronosphere, The led on the card?  Do you mean the activity light?04:59
kronospherewhat little applet?04:59
diftow2Hey.. this make any sense?04:59
diftow2ln -s /usr/lib32/ao/plugins-2/libalsa09.so /usr/lib/ao/plugins-2/libalsa09-32.so04:59
kronospherethe led light that shows wireless is on or off04:59
nortyI have a problem: my netbook's  SD card renamed itself something like "ody></htm"04:59
edbiankronosphere, The lights are part of the hardware.  You need the driver (kernel module) in place in order to connect to a wireless network or to get the led to light.  If one is working the other is most likely working because you have a driver in place.  That is a good sign.05:00
edbiankronosphere, At the upper right hand corner of the panel there is a little networking thingy.  It lets you join wireless networks.05:00
edbiankronosphere, Is this a laptop?  With a wifi kill switch?05:00
tcm5025sorry to be offtopic, but can someone tell me how to set up a core account in quassel?05:00
kronosphereits a laptop with an Fn and F2 key combo that turns on and off the wifi (enables disables)05:01
Leman_Russbrummbaer; thanks, I will have a look at that.05:01
kronospherei dont see a networking icon in the upper right corner, what should it look like?05:01
brummbaerLeman_Russ, also, make sure your firewall on the cups server permits traffic on port 63105:01
brummbaernight all...05:02
edbiankronosphere, I see.  Those kill switches actually shut off the circuit to the hardware. If it was set to "off" the system wouldn't even see that the card existed.  I can tell it's def on because your card shows up in all these commands.  In fact the fact that the switch does anything at all is even more proof that there is a working driver.05:02
blackmatterkrono >> did u mess your ppp options?05:02
=== tim is now known as confused_tim
edbiankronosphere, I don't remember.  Can somebody help here?  What does the network applet look like?  I believe it is a dot with some lines coming out of it like a signal.05:02
kronospheremy icon is an up arrow next to a down arrow, does that sound right?05:02
confused_timhey, can anyone tell me if there is a way to find out what video card i am currently using?05:03
edbiankronosphere, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_FJH0hYZmVtc/S__pOQqa5iI/AAAAAAAAIAM/0_rRcj3Fzqs/s1600/Selection_005.png05:03
edbiankronosphere, The up / down arrow is probably telling you that you have a wired connection.  Maybe?  Right click on it, left click on it.  I don't remember the gui as well.  Just try to connect to a wireless networking.  See the picture? they should be listed there.05:04
NameLessnorty to me?05:04
ajayhi all, does ubuntu 10.04 has inbuild support of utouch functionality05:05
edbiankronosphere, Again, I believe the card is working.05:05
nortyI got a rejection when trying to post to the channel.05:05
Leman_RussWhere is the cupssd.conf file kept in the file system?05:05
kronosphereedbian: right clicking gets me some read out05:05
nortyI was testing a quick send.05:05
edbianLeman_Russ, /etc/cups05:05
NameLessdoes spinning down the harddisk frequently damage the hdd?05:05
Leman_Russedbian; thanks!05:05
edbiankronosphere, oh yeah?  Like what :)05:05
nortyNameLess -- I don't think so.05:05
edbianLeman_Russ, yep05:05
blackmatterdoes anyone knows how to transmit on submission port with postfix?05:06
edbianLeman_Russ, system configuration files are all in /etc05:06
NameLesswhats with floodbots?05:06
kronosphereedbian: it has checked: enable wireless05:06
frybyeLeman_Russ: how come you didn't just search for it...?05:06
nortyhas anyone seen an SD card rename itself?05:06
edbiankronosphere, Which is another sign the card is working.  Does it list any networks to connect to?05:07
blackmatternorty >> yes05:07
airtonixgconf-cleaner is an evil program05:07
edbiankronosphere, I'm assuming not.  You would have clicked them and told me about them most likely05:07
nortyReally? How did it do that, and how to I fix it?05:07
LoshkiNameLess: good question. I've never seen any statistics that hint at that. Usually, overheating is thought to be the worst shortener of disk life...05:07
kronosphereedbian under connection info it has all the ip addresses, the speed, etc05:07
NameLessok loshkie05:07
kronospherebut no, i don't see anywhere to connect to yet05:07
NameLesswhat is up with floodbots?05:08
edbiankronosphere, You're too deep.  See the picture?  It's one click in.05:08
nortyWhy NameLess? Have you had an issue with HDDs quiting?05:08
=== [J] is now known as juju2143
NameLessjsut the sound05:08
nortyClicking noises?05:08
NameLessand it slows down the comptuer?05:08
blackmattertry sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:08
netbkneutrinoany one know how to fix a buggy trackpad on an OCZDIY10n1 netbook running desktop version of 10.0405:08
kronosphereblackmatter: yes?05:08
edbiankronosphere, It's worth a shot.  Try running that command.  It restarts the networking stack.05:09
edbiankronosphere, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:09
NameLessnorty, though when i restart the speaker makes random kkkhhh... sounds05:09
kronosphereedbian: there is something that says Auto e05:09
kronospherewhat is Auto etho?05:09
edbiankronosphere, yeah.  auto eht0 is your wired interface05:09
edbianeth0*  stands for ethernet05:10
nortyNameLess -- like an amp kicking on? Mine does that when  I turn it on.05:10
blackmatteryup generally05:10
blackmatterif it wont work05:10
NameLessnorty, like not properly tuned radios05:10
blackmatterdisable the wired connection05:10
WekHi, does anyone knows how to fix this problem? "exec: 3: /usr/lib/update-notifier/update-motd-cpu-checker: not found"05:10
kronosphere* Reconfiguring network interfaces...                                          Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.05:10
NameLessnorty: or just putting random currents through a speaker05:10
blackmatterunknown hmm05:11
blackmatterdo u have an interface called eather tap or bridge?05:11
kronosphereidk, how do i find it?05:11
nortynameless, you mean like a cell phone syncing through it? I don't have any fixes, I'm just curious what the problem is.05:11
blackmatterfind it from system >> network tools05:11
edbiankronosphere, The applet still does not list wireless networks after restarting networking?05:11
NameLessnorty: ?05:12
kronosphereedbian: no05:12
NameLessnorty: i will try find a sound on youtube :)05:12
edbiankronosphere, I will re-iterate.  I believe that the card is working for multiple reasons.  In fact, I have seen no sign that it isn't working.  I believe that your router is not broadcasting an essid.  Although that is unlikely.05:12
MrUnagianyone know how to prevent requests on apache like " - - [12/Sep/2010:00:11:56 -0400] "GET http://schweizer-banken.de/ HTTP/1.1" 200 5664" when my domain is definitely not shweizer-banken.de?05:12
LoshkiNameLess: check the SMART data for your drive (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.). Particularly the 'Reallocated Sectors Count'. If/when that starts to climb, it's a bad sign...05:12
feenHello. How can I easily type a dash with the keyboard?05:12
nortynameless: a cell phone syncing with the tower can induce currents in the speaker, causing audable noises.05:13
NameLessok norty: ;oshki:05:13
kronospherei'm in system network tools, what do i do from here?05:13
nortyfeen -- a single dash or underscore dash?05:13
edbiankronosphere, My only other idea.  Restart the computer.  Although I don't it will make a difference.  Other than that I can't offer anything else.05:13
NameLessnorty: prob05:13
blackmatterdo u see any interface named eather tap or bridge?05:13
feennorty: A dash.05:13
masterBIGwillywhere do i go to register my name?05:13
masterBIGwillyfor irc, that is.05:14
Flannel!register > masterBIGwilly05:14
ubottumasterBIGwilly, please see my private message05:14
KDC1956anyone try out skype on here05:14
nortyfeen -- on my keyboard there's just a dash -05:14
kronosphereit has lookback interface listed as network device, but in the same dropdown menu i can see wlan as a choice05:14
nortyDo you have a non-english keyboard?05:14
ajayubuntu arm xchat irc05:14
blackmattergood then yr card is active and working05:14
edbianblackmatter, That's what I said!05:15
blackmatteri think u cant list networks05:15
nortySo back to my SD card question, how do I change the name back?05:15
kronosphereshould i select the wlan choice?05:15
blackmatterbcoz u messed up the ppp options in a way or the wlan options05:15
kronosphereok, so i think you are right, i can't list networks05:15
feenA dash is used to separate narration from speech in a text. Not to be confused with a hyphen.05:15
nortyI can't interact with it well on the terminal until it changes back.05:15
kronospherewhat do i do, reinstall something?05:15
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jk70masterBIGwilly  http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup         is the webpage05:16
=== masterBIGwilly is now known as nixOverlord
nortyfeen -- ah. I was not familiar with the difference.05:16
blackmatteredbian ok then its just conf files05:16
edbiankronosphere, Did you mess with settings?05:16
edbianblackmatter, Why do you think he messed with ppp settings?05:16
feenIn Windows you just hold alt+0151 but I can't figure out an alternative for Ubuntu...05:16
nortyfeen -- and I'm not aware of any immediate keyboard shortcuts.\05:16
kronosphereedbian: you are probably right, but the router must be working because when i go back to win xp everything works fine and the imac in the room is also getting internet without problem05:17
edbiankronosphere, So it's just ubuntu... :)  Isn't that always the case.05:17
kronosphereedbian: no, i never got a chance to tinker with settings05:17
edbiankronosphere, Can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file?05:17
captivusGood evening.  A quick question -- where is gdm.conf in Ubuntu?  I can't seem to find it in /etc/gdm (or anywhere else, for that matter).05:18
kronospherewhere do i find the file?05:18
edbiankronosphere, /etc/network/interfaces   :)05:18
nortykronospher -- /etc/network/interfaces *is* a file05:18
edbiankronosphere, cat /etc/network/interfaces     :)05:18
kronospherewell, is it in places?05:19
nortynot conveniently05:19
edbiankronosphere, open places.  press the up button until you can't go up any further.  Then go to etc, then network, then you can see the interfaces file.05:19
edbiankronosphere, cat /etc/network/interfaces   will achieve the same thing at the command line.05:19
kronospherecat /etc/network/interfaces05:20
kronosphereauto lo05:20
kronosphereiface lo inet loopback05:20
blackmatterhmm not good05:21
edbiankronosphere, Is that all that is in there?05:21
kronosphereemptiness pervades05:21
edbiankronosphere, ha.05:22
edbianblackmatter, kronosphere It shouldn't matter.  I would be concerned if it was filled with a million settings05:22
nortyNameless, is this what you were talking about? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1mlponX_jw05:22
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:22
edbiankronosphere, We're still here.  Can you try sudo iwlist scan for me again?05:23
kronospheresudo iwlist scan        lo        Interface doesn't support scanning.    eth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.    wlan0     No scan results05:24
edbiankronosphere, Again it's as if it looked but couldn't find any networks.05:25
=== heather is now known as Guest15694
edbiankronosphere, here is my last ditch effort.  Restart the machine.05:25
kronosphereok reboot if all else fails05:25
kronosphereill see you on the other side then! :)05:25
edbiankronosphere, I'm waiting...05:26
nortySo, can I safely rename my SD card back to what it was?05:26
nortyWould I just use "mv"05:26
spinningcompassnorty: Is the card formatted as ext2, VFAT, or something else?05:27
MrUnagiwhat do i do if my web server is listed on an open proxy list?05:27
nortyProbably VFAT. I'd have to check05:27
WXZI created a partition table accidentally, anyway to undo that?05:27
nortyYeah, it's FAT05:28
nortycompass -- I found my netbook had renamed it today to something like "ody></htm"05:28
spinningcompassnorty: mlabel can do it05:29
nortyHow it got an HTML file confused for a name I have no idea.05:29
* kronosphere materializes05:29
blackmatterwb krono05:29
kronospherety blackmatter05:29
nortycompass -- Would that nuke it? I'd rather not lose it.05:30
edbiankronosphere, And....05:30
kronosphereedbian: im back05:30
kronosphereno change05:30
edbiankronosphere, No change in what specifically?05:30
kronospherethe icon that shows where you are connected, it does not have wireless05:30
edbiankronosphere, and sudo iwlist scan  ?05:31
kronosphereit doesn't even list wlan anymore05:32
edbiankronosphere, ahhh! progress! :)05:32
edbiankronosphere, The kill switch?  Did you switch it? :)05:32
flowbee___ahow do i make deluge the default bittorrent client on ubuntu?\05:32
edbiankronosphere, dmesg  Anything know?05:32
edbiankronosphere, anything knew*  ?05:32
kronospheresudo iwlist scan     [sudo] password for owner:    lo        Interface doesn't support scanning.   eth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.05:32
=== dan__ is now known as dcajacob
kronosphereomg the led light is off now05:33
edbiankronosphere, omg! :)05:33
edbiankronosphere, ha ha  I could have told you that.05:33
edbiankronosphere, Now the matter of somehow getting it back on.05:33
kronosphereyah, FnF2 didnt do it05:33
kronosphereim back where i started 12 hours ago ... :)05:34
edbiankronosphere, what about sudo modprobe b4305:34
Kane_hartis there a cool looking maybe SSH via like putty monitoring like cpu ram usage the works and like each core and such how much cpu being used05:34
fooI am trying to mount an nfs share but can't seem to. any ideas? I'm using mount public/ - doesn't work, any other tests I can do on the client to make sure it works?05:34
kronospheresudo modprobe b43   did nothing05:34
DulakKane_hart: top05:35
netbkneutrinoMy touchpad on my netbook neutrino has a double click problem where it minimizes a window I just maximized from the task bar along the bottom05:35
Kane_hartI use top now LOL05:35
Kane_hartits not cool :(05:35
blackmatterkrono >> sudo lsmod | grep b4305:35
edbiankronosphere, did it change the output of sudo iwlist scan?  did it change the panel applet? is the light still off?  Please try to remain specific05:35
edbiankronosphere, yes what about lsmod | grep b43 ?05:36
DulakKane_hart: define cool?  That's one of the best apps you can get in terms of info on ram, cpu, i/o, etc.05:36
Kane_hartI thought be more like idk n/m hehe05:36
bazhangKane_hart, try htop then05:36
bazhangKane_hart, need to install it05:37
edbiankronosphere, Mmm It appears that modprobe b43 activated the card.05:37
edbiankronosphere, Does sudo iwlist scan   have different results?05:37
edbiankronosphere, Is the light still out?05:37
edbiankronosphere, Please give me details I'm blind here!05:37
DulakKane_hart: don't get sucked into the 'pretty' trap.  Pretty apps usually suck.  Not always but often enough that you'll quit looking for pretty and start looking for useful instead.05:39
kronosphereedbian: it is searching trying to connect05:39
Kane_harthtop amazing05:39
blackmatterADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready??05:39
edbiankronosphere, Still incredibly vague buddy.  Do you see networking?05:39
Kane_harti can see each core better05:39
edbianblackmatter, I have that too.  Not sure what it means.05:39
NameLessnorty: you there?05:39
edbianblackmatter, I've been ignoring it for 2 years now? ahah05:39
blackmatterhmm wierd05:40
edbianblackmatter, I know05:40
kronosphereedbian: im not sure what is up05:40
kronospherei have a new icon in place of the up and down arrrows, now i have a radio like signal that is scanning animation05:40
edbiankronosphere, That's the wireless network.05:41
edbiankronosphere, It is very good.05:41
edbiankronosphere, Means the card is searching for networks05:41
blackmatterreset worked05:41
edbianblackmatter, yes, or the modprobe b43 (or both)05:41
kronospheresomething is working, no doubt, this is good.05:41
tripelbierHow to partiion and install ubuntu on a MS drive - question. ---> I have windows on a 1T drive - takes up the entire drive. I want to put linux on the drive. How much space should I allocate to linux, err ubuntu. I want to keep my 'stuff' in an NTFS partition so that everyone can read it, thinking media mostly. I'd like to have Ubuntu keep any saved web pages in a way so that Windows can read05:42
tripelbierit. By Windows I mean XP. The drive is a SATA. From time to time I will be mounting an IDE drive... and transferring its data onto the 1T drive. Should I worry about anything from an old drive affecting the new big drive. (FYI most of the info is on linux drives but some are Windows or are on a DVD with a Windows origin.05:42
kronospherebut i still haven't connected properly via password05:42
edbiankronosphere, Well it finds networks right?  It saw your network? and you tried to connect to it?05:42
blackmatterill run pptp to yr comp n fix it by meself..05:42
kronosphereha! CONNECTION ESTABLISHED!!!!05:42
edbiankronosphere, You're welcome05:43
edbiankronosphere, :)05:43
edbianIsn't linux just the best?05:43
kronosphere:) :) :) :)05:43
blackmatterit is05:43
kronospherei dunno05:43
edbiankronosphere, ha haha05:43
edbianYou will agree one day I bet05:43
kronospherei think it is snappier than windows way snappier05:43
kronosphereand i think it is logically laid out to where to find things05:44
edbiankronosphere, It will remain snappy.  While windows typically slows down05:44
edbiankronosphere, It is05:44
kronosphereand it shuts down and boots up incredibly fast and clean05:44
blackmatterfor commercials this one wud have cost like loads of time n money05:44
edbiankronosphere, It does a million other things too05:44
dcajacobIs there a way to allow ssh access to an Ubuntu box where the user has not yet logged in (say, right after reboot)?05:44
edbianblackmatter, the help we offered?05:44
kronospherethe help you offered was fantastic05:45
edbiandcajacob, Yes.  That is how it works be default05:45
edbianblackmatter, Is my time worth that much??05:45
kronospherethis is a strong help community here05:45
Dulaktripelbier: linux can use ntfs partitions, a base 20gig partition for linux is plenty for the OS, the only thing that sucks about ntfs on linux is the file permissions, you have to set it so anyone can access it, or only one user, which screws up say serving webpages from ntfs under linux05:45
edbiankronosphere, I'm glad you liked it :)05:45
blackmatteropensource for life man XD05:45
edbianblackmatter, hell yes05:45
kronosphereyah, but the 3am-5am shift wasn't as good as you two!05:45
dcajacobThanks, edbian.05:45
edbiankronosphere, ha.  It's almost the 1a.m. shift here in VA05:46
kronospherehey, im moving in that direction, my phone is android and it is rooted, and that is how i ended up learning about linux and decided to give it a try05:46
edbiankronosphere, excellent! :)05:46
edbiankronosphere, Linux is the greatest adventure I have ever known.05:46
kronospherethank you very much05:46
netbkneutrinoMy touchpad on my netbook neutrino has a double click problem where it minimizes a window I just maximized from the task bar along the bottom. Please help.05:46
edbiankronosphere, My pleasure :)05:46
Leman_RussSorry to keep asking; having trouble!  I have Ubuntu installed on two laptops.  Both are connected to a router.  I have a printer plugged into one of the laptops via USB.  I want the other laptop to be able to print from the same laptop05:46
kronosphereim on east coast too edbian05:47
Kalidarnhi, does anyone know if it's possible to use suspend on a system that is configured with encrypted LVM? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto#Some%20Notes it says here "Suspend or suspend2 don't work with this configuration. If you have a working configuration with suspend or suspend2, please append to this article or post a separate one. There might be some people out there05:47
Leman_RussNot having any luck finding information.05:47
kronospherewhere are you blackmatter ?05:47
Kalidarnlooking for it. Thanks."05:47
dcajacobOh, edbian.  I know this works for machines on a LAN, but I am referring to a laptop on wireless.  I think it doesn't connect until the user logs in - therefore no SSH access.  Is that correct and if so, is there a way around it?05:47
edbiankronosphere, hurray! :)05:47
aarcanehow can I tell which version of ubuntu I'm running ?05:47
blackmatterim from israel guys05:47
aarcanelike the fancy text name05:47
kronospheremy family is from israel blackmatter05:47
Leman_Russaarcane; system > about Ubuntu05:47
edbiandcajacob, Yeah I've experience that too.  Umm You might be able to edit /etc/network/interfaces but I'm not sure if it connects automatically05:47
aarcaneLeman_Russ, it's a server release, no GUI05:48
blackmatterarcane >> click the help button XD05:48
bazhangaarcane, lsb_release -a05:48
Kane_harthey in top what is it called for diff cpu's when customing the colums I'm try get it so it says 0-7 for the cores beside each proccess05:48
blackmatterarc join #ubuntu-server plz05:49
aarcaneno lsb modules are available05:49
emilyDoes anyone know anything about using wordpress or comicpress on ubuntu?05:49
bazhangblackmatter, not really needed05:49
Dulakdcajacob: you can use wicd instead of network manager, or manually define all settings for the interface in /etc/network/interfaces to get around the login problem for wireless05:49
emilyAh, sorry if I interrupted05:49
Kalidarnhi, does anyone know if it's possible to use suspend on a system that is configured with encrypted LVM? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto#Some%20Notes it says here "Suspend or suspend2 don't work with this configuration. If you have a working configuration with suspend or suspend2, please append to this article or post a separate one." I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.05:49
edbiankronosphere, I must say to you.  You should restart to test the system.  It is possible it won't work after a reboot.  You should test it while we're here to help.05:49
kronosphereedbian: ok05:50
kronospherewhen i reboot, if the light is off, what action do i take?05:50
edbiankronosphere, Same thing we did last time: sudo modprobe b4305:50
edbiankronosphere, But I don't think that will happen.  I just want to make sure.05:50
millyehHey, does anyone know about comicspress and wordpress on ubuntu?05:54
Kane_hartI love htop05:54
Kane_hartmy server with 20 online http://godcraft.com/x/server.png05:54
Kane_hart20 people on this game server I run but still cool hehe05:55
* kronosphere materializes05:55
edbiankronosphere, hey05:55
edbiankronosphere, I like you how materialize each time.05:56
Dulakchrist java is a pig holy crap look at that ram usage05:56
kronospherelight is off05:56
edbiankronosphere, mmm05:56
edbianno good05:56
edbiankronosphere, sudo modprobe b4305:56
edbiankronosphere, And it works again?  (this isn't a big deal we can automate that script)05:56
kronospherethe light turned on as soon as i did the terminal command and the wifi connected to my wireless network right away after that05:57
edbiankronosphere, Yeah so are you read?  We're gonna make that command run automatically whenever you log in.05:57
edbiankronosphere, Go to System -> Admin -> Startup05:58
edbiankronosphere, perhaps it's in preferences?  I can't remember05:58
DulakKane_hart: if that wasn't java you could run 2x as many users for less ram and cpu.  God I'm glad I don't have to do java.05:58
kronospherei have system>admin>startup disk creator05:58
castDulak: what would you use instead?05:58
edbiankronosphere, no no no.  System -> preferences -> startup  ??05:58
edbiankronosphere, startup disk creator builds a live CD / USB for you05:58
Dulakcast: depends on what it's for, a game prolly C++05:59
kronospheresystem>pref>startup applications05:59
edbiankronosphere, that's it05:59
edbiankronosphere, add05:59
castDulak: trading ram usage for segfaults? :)05:59
edbiankronosphere, Name: Whatever you want; Command: modprobe b43; Comment: whatever you want05:59
edbianblackmatter, will it run as root?05:59
Dulakcast: if the coder sucks the code sucks, regardless of language06:00
eeeekyellowsnowhey guys, i just upgraded to 10.10       ,,,, now firefox is not starting??? whyyy :'(06:00
Jordan_U!maverick | eeeekyellowsnow06:00
ubottueeeekyellowsnow: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:00
bazhangeeeekyellowsnow, #ubuntu+1 for that06:00
edbiankronosphere, I just remembered that this method won't work because you need to be root.06:01
castDulak: java is often an acceptable language to use :)06:01
kronosphereis being rooted difficult?06:01
=== Gabbie_ is now known as Gabbie
Dulakcast: it's a pig06:01
kronosphere*not being, getting06:01
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
=== tim_b is now known as tim__b
Jordan_Ukronosphere: If b43 isn't being loaded at boot it's probably because it's been blacklisted.06:02
kronosphereedbian: is there another solution without rooting?06:02
edbiankronosphere, Did you blacklist a module?06:02
edbiankronosphere, being root is easy.  sudo06:02
kronospherelol, i don't think so06:03
edbiankronosphere, :)  There are a couple methods of solving this problem06:03
edbianWe're all discussing06:03
Jordan_Ukronosphere: Can you pastebin the output of "cat /etc/modprobe.d/*" ?06:03
=== njan is now known as Guest29615
kronospheremy hero cdma is rooted and i change the roms on it every few days, is it anything like that? :)06:03
loiteringsammySo guys, I'm trying to install some drivers for my Canon. I must install two packages (two deb) files, but they insist on unmet dependencies because they are looking for libcupsys2 and not libcups2. If I force them, then I can use the PPD and the printer works wonderfully. But that, of course, screws up apt so I had to uninstall them. Any ideas?06:04
edbiankronosphere, Your Ubuntu installation is already rooted because Ubuntu is not proprietary :)   Now please pastebin that command06:04
gary_inNYCmy system randomly crashes and locks to a blinking caps lock light06:04
edbiangary_inNYC, Check your ram06:05
kronosphereedbian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492494/06:05
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
kronosphereJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492494/06:05
edbiankronosphere, Do you see the line in there "blacklist b43" ??06:05
afeijohi guys06:05
bazhangeeeekyellowsnow, /join #ubuntu+106:05
edbiankronosphere, We need to get rid of that line.  Then the system will most likely use it when you boot and the wifi card will work automatically06:06
afeijohow can I remove all files from any folder from the current folder, that has XYZ in the file name?06:06
=== FireCrotch_ is now known as FireCrotch
edbiankronosphere, gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist06:06
Kalidarnhi, does anyone know if it's possible to use suspend on a system that is configured with encrypted LVM? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto#Some%20Notes it says here "Suspend or suspend2 don't work with this configuration. If you have a working configuration with suspend or suspend2, please append to this article or post a separate one." I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.06:06
edbianJordan_U, Thanks for catching that btw!  :)06:06
castafeijo: find06:06
Jordan_Uedbian: You're welcome :)06:06
blackmatterblacklisted all the way.. -________-06:06
=== {n8}_ is now known as {n8}
edbianblackmatter, I know!06:07
Dulakafeijo: rm $(find . -name *XYZ*)06:07
edbiankronosphere, now how did that module get blacklist... :)06:07
blackmatteri though u checked that :(06:07
edbianblackmatter, I did not! :/  odd06:07
afeijoDulak, thanks!!06:07
kronospherei dunno06:07
kronosphereJordan_U: thank you!!06:07
edbiankronosphere, do you have it open with gedit?06:07
afeijoouch, it is requesting confirmation to each delete06:08
blackmatterkali >> suspend wont work06:08
afeijorm -f right? :D06:08
kronospherei have a file open called blacklist but i dont see any text in it06:08
Jordan_Ukronosphere: What is the output of "grep b43 /etc/modprobe.d/*" ?06:08
blackmattersuspend gets lvm lock << trouble06:08
castDulak: it's a bit nicer to pipe into xargs, or even better use -exec06:08
edbiankronosphere, you made a typo in the command then06:08
edbiankronosphere, gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist06:09
microlithis there any way to remove the mail icon from the indicator applet?06:09
edbiankronosphere, There are no typos in that line.  The file should be filled to the prim with stuff06:09
Dulakcast: what is better?  rm will take a list from find without xargs or -exex06:09
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
afeijook rm -f didnt work, how to make rm not ask for confirmation?06:09
kronospherehang on terminal is stuck06:10
edbiankronosphere, close the first gedit06:10
edbiankronosphere, or ctrl + c06:10
edbiankronosphere, or get a second one06:10
Jordan_Uafeijo: Be very carefull using find and rm together.06:10
Kalidarnblackmatter: will it ever work?06:10
afeijoJordan_U, I am, I test find alone first06:10
Dulakafeijo: /bin/rm06:10
Kalidarnblackmatter: or should i give up?, im wondering if there's a specific reason06:10
kronosphereok terminal is back06:10
Dulakafeijo: you must have just rm aliased to rm -i06:10
kronospherewhich command do you want me to do first?06:11
edbiankronosphere, There is only one command I want you to run.  gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist06:11
edbiankronosphere, gksudo: gives you root power graphically, gedit: a text editor, /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist: a file06:11
edbiankronosphere, :)06:11
kronosphereedbian: file loaded but it is empty06:12
edbiankronosphere, You made a typo :)06:12
edbiankronosphere, cd /etc06:12
kronospherei copied and pasted06:12
PsWii60does ubuntu support read/write access for both ufs2 and ext4 file systems?06:13
edbiankronosphere, cd /etc; cd modprobe.d;06:13
castDulak: well, your solution presumes a shell that supports it, it also builds up a possibly massive temporary variable - and assumes the number of files will not exceed the number of arguments one can pass, which is sometimes the case when rming a lot of files, find -exec doesn't06:13
kronosphereedbian: not trying to be difficult, i don't understand06:13
Jordan_Ukronosphere: edbian: "gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf"06:13
edbianJordan_U, ha ha ha06:13
edbiankronosphere, gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf   :)06:13
edbiankronosphere, It opened correctly then?06:14
kronospherenow it is full06:14
kronosphereyou want pastebin?06:14
castDulak: but what do you know....find has a -delete option :) now that is clean06:14
Dulakcast: -exec spawns a shell for every call iirc, I assumed bash since that is the default in ubuntu.  The number of files is a factor though, I gave him a quick and dirty way.06:14
kronosphereJordan_U: thank you06:15
edbiankronosphere, Find then line that says blacklist b43  and delete it06:15
edbianJordan_U, Yes thanks again!  It's getting late06:15
edbiankronosphere, no need to pastebin06:15
edbiankronosphere, Delete the line, save it.  Restart the machine to test that it works how we want.06:15
castDulak: i'm going to have to use find -delete more often..06:15
Renderspecwhat's a popular linux mp3 playlist player. I'm looking for one that supports automatic cross fades between mp3's06:15
kronosphereedbian: done06:15
Dulakcast: that's new06:15
edbiankronosphere, good :)06:16
kronosphereedbian: hey, didn't we put that blacklist b43 in there earlier?06:16
Viking667how does consolekit-daemon get started on a normal system startup?06:16
PsWii60anybody know about ufs2/ext4 on ubuntu?06:16
edbiankronosphere, I surely didn't :)  You might have with someone else :)06:16
Viking667I'm trying to diagnose a fault on another machine.06:16
blackmatterrender >>> audicios06:16
Jordan_U!anyone | PsWii6006:16
ubottuPsWii60: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:16
microlithoh what the hell06:16
Viking667PsWii60: hm? ext4 works, ufs2 is certainly supported for read, I don't know for write.06:17
microlithwhy does ubuntu 10.04 make a 6GB swap partition06:17
edbiankronosphere, That prevents the b43 module from being loaded.  When you sudo modprobe b43 (to get the wireless card to work) that loads the b43 driver.  Why would we blacklist it?06:17
microlithbeatings are in order06:17
PsWii60Viking667 interesting.06:17
Viking667microlith: how much memory do you have normally?06:17
kronospherewhoever i worked with earlier blacklisted it06:17
Viking667PsWii60: be aware my information probably isn't up to dat.06:17
kronospheretold me to open that file and enter blacklist b43 anywhere in the file06:18
Viking667microlith: hm. Then I don't know, sorry. On what size hard drive?06:18
microlithViking667: 160GB06:18
Jordan_Ukronosphere: Looking back at the logs xiaclo is the one that told you to add that.06:18
edbiankronosphere, silly them.06:18
microlithI'm just wondering why that's what it does when yo let it automatically partitio06:18
Dulakkronosphere: they messed up then since b43 solved the problem you need to blacklist the other module that was conflicting instead06:18
PsWii60would somebody like to confirm what Viking667 said?06:18
willinjamicrolith, my ubuntu's swap only 2gb this is very wrong rite ?06:18
microlith+missed keys06:18
kronospherelol yes it was xiaclo06:18
edbiankronosphere, Well we don't want it in there.  Remove it and restart the machine to test.06:18
kronospherei did remove it and im rebooting now06:18
edbianxiaclo, Why did you have him do that?06:18
edbiankronosphere, k06:18
microlithwillinja: I'm just confused as to why the default is so exceedingly huge06:18
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:19
no--nameubuntu is here. look busy06:19
datakidIf I have user Alice and user Bob, I also have group Alice and group Bob. Can I add Bob to the group Alice?06:19
castdatakid: sure can06:19
Dulakdatakid: sudo adduser Bob Alice06:20
no--namewhat happens when you're in the same group? shared file privalidges ?06:20
Dulakdatakid: adds the Bob user to the Alice group06:20
blackmatternoname>> yes06:20
Jordan_Umicrolith: For completely reliable hybernation you need at least as much swap as you have RAM, and the recommendation used to be 2X as much swap as RAM.06:20
Condoritohi, question. jscalibrator appears to be unavailable. confirm?06:20
willinjamicrolith, im watching the use of the swap and lucid just barely use the swap even if i give them like 4gb (most of the people recommended it this way) most of the time, it only use like 20mb or less06:21
datakidDulak, thanks06:21
hvI suspend my system06:21
kronospherematerializes with phaser loaded06:21
kronosphereand dangerous06:21
darren__not the darren you know, am a freshman here06:21
Viking667I have 768Mb here, I currently run with 2Gb swap. I have had need of a lot of swap, but perhaps not that much.06:21
blackmattersrry XD06:21
castFWIW i don't use any swap.06:22
kronosphereedbian: blackmatter Jordan_U thank you06:22
darren__never mind06:22
DulakI have 1g ram and run 2g swap myself06:22
cast[nor have, any]06:22
hvonce i suspend my system (ubuntu 9.10), after restoring it, kernal routing tables become clean?06:22
Jordan_Ukronosphere: You're welcome.06:22
blackmatteri though ur darren from openssl devel XD06:22
edbiankronosphere, So I take it things are working correctly now? :)06:22
kronospherei was instantly connected!06:22
hvand can't connect to the internet anymore, without restarting06:22
blackmatteryr most welcome krono06:22
casti think i stopped using swap when i upgraded from 64MB RAM 128MB swap to 512MB RAM :)06:22
CondoritoReading package lists... Done06:23
kronospherethis is amazing, there is no faster system to shut down, restart, and be back connected to the intenet06:23
CondoritoBuilding dependency tree06:23
CondoritoReading state information... Done06:23
CondoritoE: Couldn't find package jscalibrator06:23
edbiankronosphere, Perfect.06:23
DulakYeah I'm not a big fan of programs just randomly killed when my ram is full, I like swap06:23
edbiankronosphere, a ha! Ubuntu developers but a lot of time to get things to boot that fast.06:23
kronosphereyou know, this needs to be written down in the logs somewhere, how to fix this setup06:23
edbiankronosphere, There are faster systems. http://blog.internetnews.com/skerner/2009/07/linux-achieves-1-second-boot.html06:24
edbiankronosphere, Ha ha :)  Ok write it down :)06:24
kronosphereomg 1 sec!06:24
hvwhy kernal routing tables get cleaned up once i restore ubuntu 9.10 after suspending it?06:24
edbiankronosphere, That's linux my friend06:24
blackmatterread http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130079006:24
kronospherewow, well ms win doesnt have a chance06:24
blackmatterif u still need the package06:24
blackmatterthats the place : http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/jscalibrator06:25
edbiankronosphere, ha ha ah  Tell that to 95% of the market06:25
blackmatteropensource is the real shet XD06:25
blackmattersrry for swearing06:25
Dulakhv: it's a feature not a bug, your network should reconnect and reset routing when you unsuspend06:25
kronosphereedbian: true, it feels like some kind of risk trying linux and it wasn't easy to get advice on which one to start with, i tried three different kinds before i got to ubuntu06:26
ubuntudid you try suse06:26
edbiankronosphere, Ubuntu is probably the best for new users.06:26
Dulakhv: to not have the network reset would lead to some broken routing, say if you suspend at home but resume at work...06:26
edbiankronosphere, I started on Ubuntu.  Now I use Debian.06:26
kronospherei tried mint KDE - it didnt ever load properly06:26
willinjai got a question how to connect a huawei modem to the ubuntu lucid ?06:26
kronospherei tried Mint Gnome - that also didn't load properly06:27
blackmatterubuntu is the best cloud avaliable today06:27
Dulakhv: standard practice on suspend or hibernate is to disconnect and clear networking06:27
Kane_harthttp://godcraft.com/x/server.png I got htop working great see the green text? is there a way I can show ONLY anything using java or that name? that way I can see all the treads?06:27
blackmatterand the repositories n devs r nice n good06:27
ubuntuI like both SuSe and Ubuntu06:27
willinjait just didnt identify my 3g modem as a 3g just barely a usb06:27
hvDulak: but it doesn't get restored automatically.... even i restart the networking service. and it seems there is no other option other thanrestart.06:27
kronospherethen ubuntu and there was the amazing wubu loader for windows, amazingly easy to install06:27
blackmatteri like mainframes as180x etc XD06:28
ubuntuI think once you get hook on linux it's hard to leave it06:28
Dulakhv: network manager automatically reconnects my network when I resume from suspend or hibenate, what version of ubuntu are you using?06:28
edbiankronosphere, You're on wubi!  I didn't even know.06:28
willinjakronosphere, i agree with your about the wubu loader :D it's very easy to instal06:28
kronospherefirst of all, there is no support community like this for microsoft windows06:29
blackmatterbut i need to say this06:29
hvDulak: it used to do so, but it stopped doing it automatically after i took update.06:29
blackmattermicrosoft = 0x0000008006:29
Dulakhv: mmmm, been a while since I ran that one but I don't remember an issue with resuming, you are using network manager?  If so you might give wicd a try instead06:29
willinjablackmatter, say what ?06:29
hvDulak: it is happeing for the last 4-5 days06:29
kronospherewhat does that mean? I can guess, but i cant read it06:29
blackmatterthe ring of death!06:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:30
blackmatterxbox n windows 7 same ole same ole06:30
blackmattersame ring of death XD06:30
hvdulak: what is wicd?06:30
kronosphereoh the ring of death that causes it to stop06:30
maxxistanyone know if there is an active ubuntu on ps3 channel?06:30
blackmatterhmm never saw one06:31
Dulakhv: it's a network control app, it does the same thing network manager does, it should be in the list in the synaptic package manager06:31
cybicgood morning everybod - i have some strange problems with my ubuntu 10.04. it freezes occaionaly. sometimes during watching flash-youtube (i can still push my mouse but the keyboard is locked - no ctrl.alt.f1 etc.) an today i started my computer (waked up from standby) and saw just tty6 login instead of xserver :( and the keyboard was locked! hard reset again... what could it be on a nc6400 with 2 gigs of ram?06:32
kronospherenow that i finally have my internet working and linux is running and all, is there anything i should do now to see what is cool about linux?06:32
Dulakhv: if you install it, network manager will be replaced with wicd, they are similar but wicd will run at boot instead of at login like network manager, that is the main difference between them06:32
edbiankronosphere, compiz06:32
edbiankronosphere, Possibly the coolest thing ever06:33
kronospherewhat is that?06:33
blackmattercybic >> update linux firmwire plz06:33
cybicblackmatter: which kind of firmware?06:33
WXZI need some data recovery software06:34
hvDulak: does  it mean it will not wipe off the kernal routing table06:34
WXZI accidentally created a partition table06:34
Dulakyou don't know the cube?  The compiz desktop cube is awesome eyecandy that always impresses windows users when I show it to them06:34
WXZusing gparted, how can I undo that?06:34
edbiankronosphere, google it.  youtube it.06:34
blackmatterjust update yr ubuntu06:34
kronosphereedbian: i googled it, reading about it now06:34
cybicblackmatter: it's up to date06:34
kronospheredo you have it installed ?06:35
Dulakhv: no the routing table is wiped on suspend or hibernate, but wicd might restart the network correctly for you on resume.  Network manager is supposed to do that but is broken for you.06:35
Jordan_U!ccsm | kronosphere06:35
ubottukronosphere: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz06:35
blackmatterkrono look on the link how customized it is06:35
edbiankronosphere, yes.  Do you ;)06:35
edbiankronosphere, you tube it.  Seeing it means way more06:35
kronosphereok im going to check it out - thank you06:36
cybicblackmatter: "your system is up to date" - this is what i see in the update manager :) i've updatet it yesterday for the last tim...06:36
hantonhas anyone successful publish django with httpd in ubuntu?06:36
CondoritoError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libglib1.2 (>= 1.2.0)06:36
blackmatterhmm very wierd cybic06:36
blackmatterconsider reporting a bug06:37
kronospherei have to choose a flashplayer for linux, from adobe flash, is that ok?06:37
=== computa is now known as testgg
blackmatterthere ya go06:37
kronospherethere are 5 to choose from06:37
edbiankronosphere, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:37
=== testgg is now known as terrorbyte
edbiankronosphere, Don't bother with the flash website.  Just use the command and get flash from the repos.06:37
hvDulak: how i can find this synapti*** manager, you said? is it same as ubuntu s/w centre06:38
blackmatterconsider downloading vlc n switching from totem06:38
blackmatterfor divx etc06:38
Dulakhv: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager06:38
hvblackmatter: is vlc better than totem. i see totem consuming lot of my memory+cpu06:39
hvDulak: ok06:39
tensorpuddingI find that both vlc and totem have a tendancy to crash on occasion06:39
kronosphereblackmatter: who were you suggesting vlc and switching to?06:39
tensorpuddingbut there's some video files that totem can't play well06:39
=== wereHams1er is now known as wereHamster
abhijithello all!06:40
DulakI just use vlc it reads everything06:40
tensorpuddingso i end up using totem most of the time, and vlc when totem doesn't work06:40
PsWii60I have a ufs2 drive connected via usb using a ubuntu live cd06:40
blackmatteri was saggesting everyone XD06:40
PsWii60but it shows as 'unknown' properties06:40
PsWii60any ideas how to get the properties to show ?06:40
miyamotocan any one help me to run web cam on ubuntu06:40
tensorpuddingCan Ubuntu read UFS2? I was believing it could not.06:41
Dulakmk4 in vlc sucks though, they need to fix that06:41
blackmattertensor >> it can06:41
PsWii60well tensorpudding I thought it could06:41
abhijit!webcam | miyamoto06:41
ubottumiyamoto: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:41
PsWii60but I'd really like to see the properties of this drive..06:41
blackmatterbut its unsupported buy ubuntu (not in main)06:41
PsWii60what do you mean ?06:42
edbiankronosphere, Bed time for me.06:42
Dulaktensorpudding: I believe there is a kernel module for ufs206:42
edbiankronosphere, Have fun with the best OS.06:42
kronosphereedbian: thanks i will see you here again06:42
blackmatternow to my question06:42
PsWii60so what do I need to do to get it showing06:42
miyamotoubottu: thankx06:42
blackmatteris there anyway to transmit on submission port with postfix to pass isp block?06:42
Izinucsblackmatter: looks like english but ... not sure what you mean06:43
Dulakblackmatter: nope, you can't do it, you can however use an ssh tunnel to get around it instead, but that requires an ssh server in the clear06:44
PsWii60Dulak: what would I need to do, to get ufs2 working?06:44
Izinucsblackmatter: do you mean to say that your ISP blocks certain ports?  you trying to get a web server running?06:44
=== joschi___ is now known as joschi
leveyHow large is Texlive2010?06:45
DulakPsWii60: google for linux ufs2, I've never had to do it so I don't know the specifics06:45
kronosphereblackmatter: i installed the video flash files that edbian said to load, but on youtube it is still askikng me to install plug ins such as adobe flash player, or swfdec SWF player, or Gnash SWF player. What should i do?06:46
Dulakblackmatter: I do it by tunneling via ssh right to my server at a colo, then it's clear from there to connect on the smtp port06:46
abhijitwebchat is not scrolling down automatically. is this normal?06:49
kronospherenm it seems to be working now06:49
hvDulak: i install wicd, and its working. i want to monitor it like restart-or may be small icon (as it was there in n/w manager) on the panel bar. i see it is installed /etc/wicd.06:50
terminalvelocitydoes "pulseaudio-esound-compat" take the place of both "pulseaudio" and "esound" or do i need to reinstall "esound" after installation of "pulseaudio-esound-compat"?06:50
bazhangbobbrown, wrong channel to post that06:50
willinjaubottu, swap06:50
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info06:50
ilovefairuzhv: there should be a icon in the notification area for wicd06:51
bobbrownbazhang: im pretty sure this is #ubuntu06:51
Dulakhv: just run it from the menu under applications -> internet, not sure how to get the panel icon like network manager though...06:51
hvilovefairuz: what/where do you mean the notification are to be? the top right corner or sth?06:52
bazhangbobbrown, and its offtopic so please dont06:52
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: it neither replaces nor depends on esound, it merely provides a compatibility layer so that applications written with esound API can work transparently on pulseaudio06:53
kronosphereblackmatter: where do you get the vlc install?06:53
hvDulak: i dragged the icon from applications/internet to the panel bar.... and it got stick there. thanks for your help man06:53
Izinucskronosphere: software center.. synaptic.. .or sudo apt-get install vlc06:54
ilovefairuzhv: did you run wicd frontend from the applications menu?06:54
bobbrownyes hello06:54
bobbrownjussi here06:54
Dulakhv: that is the launcher icon, not a status icon which is what I thought you wanted06:54
kronosphereIzinucs: thank you06:54
Izinucskronosphere: np :)06:54
terminalvelocityilovefairuv...so if i needed "esound" to make "skype" work with my built-in mic, so i no longer need "esound"?06:55
hvilovefairuz: i just installed it from synaptic manager, and it got automatically restarted.06:55
hvDulak: i see, my bad06:55
ilovefairuz!tab | terminalvelocity06:55
ubottuterminalvelocity: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:55
Juulcan someone with are fairly unmodified ubuntu tell me what output this gives: ls -l /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser06:55
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: yes06:55
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: but skype requires pulseaudio not esound06:55
AlbertoPactually skype does not require pulseaudio at all06:56
dr0idguys, my laptop has 2 accounts, i am logged in from the second account, and cant access /var/logs/apache2 , how do i access it now ?06:56
IzinucsJuul: http://pastebin.com/z2b4FaiP06:56
AlbertoPskype can work with alsa too06:56
terminalvelocityilovefairuz....my video turned of the mic until i installed esound06:56
ilovefairuzAlbertoP: it's listed as a required on the website, perhaps it reverts to ALSA if it's not present06:56
riyazhow i can contribute to fedora or ubuntu any body can help??06:56
Dulakdr0id: add that user to the admin group and use sudo06:56
JuulIzinucs, thanks!06:56
dr0idhow ?06:56
terminalvelocityi have hp dv406:57
IzinucsJuul: I have a couple of kde programs that I use so one of them automatically pulls konquer06:57
ilovefairuz!contribute | riyaz06:57
AlbertoPilovefairuz: yep...which is a good thing since PA gives troubles with some card ;-)06:57
ubotturiyaz: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate06:57
terminalvelocityhp product seem not to like linux06:57
dr0idDulak: how ?06:57
hvDulak: so in case i need to restart it, i have to launch it (or may be killing it from terminal before doing it). Do you have experience on this?06:57
Dulakdr0id: sudo adduser username admin06:57
Saul_Goodmanyes hello06:57
WXZI created a new partition table06:57
WXZis there anyway I can recover my data06:57
Izinucsterminalvelocity: actually printers are pretty well supported.. what you trying to get to work?06:57
WXZI haven't touched the drive since then06:57
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: then check the volume applet, installing esound is not a fix06:57
JuulIzinucs, yeah it seems like a bug that it points to konqueror06:57
ilovefairuz!sound | terminalvelocity06:58
ubottuterminalvelocity: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:58
jusiSchultink, Jussi  jussi01@gmail.com06:58
Dulakhv: it's handled at boot, when you resume it should reconnect the network automatically06:58
dr0idDulak: username is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.06:58
jusiKahvankarintie 506:58
jusiOulu,  9058006:58
FloodBot4jusi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:58
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!06:58
jusiSchultink, Jussi  jussi01@gmail.com06:58
jusiKahvankarintie 506:58
jusiOulu,  9058006:58
Dulakdr0id: you do that from your admin user, not the non-admin user06:58
hvDulak: thanks for your help.06:58
dr0idDulak: username is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.06:58
dr0idohh,i c06:58
tripelbierMy question is about how to partiion and install ubuntu on a MS drive -  ---> I have windows on a 1T drive - takes up the entire drive. I want to put linux on the drive. How much space should I allocate to linux, err ubuntu. I want to keep my 'stuff' in an NTFS partition so that everyone can read it, thinking media mostly. I'd like to have Ubuntu keep any saved web pages in a way so that Windows06:58
tripelbiercan read it. By Windows I mean XP. The drive is a SATA. From time to time I will be mounting an IDE drive... and transferring its data onto the 1T drive. Should I worry about anything from an old drive affecting the new big drive. (FYI most of the info is on linux drives but some are Windows or are on a DVD with a Windows origin.06:58
dr0idget these guys out of here06:58
dr0idDulak: no other way ?06:59
CondoritoGtk-WARNING **: Failed to load module "libcanberra-gtk-module.so": libcanberra-gtk-module.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:59
dr0idDulak: umm, cant i just switch user in Konsole ?06:59
Condoritookay, calibrating, apparently, but no change of js behaviour in game...06:59
Dulakdr0id: you can use 'su - username' to switch to another user in the terminal yes07:00
riyazilovefairuz:why contributting is not good ah??07:00
ilovefairuzriyaz: who said it isn't?07:00
Condoritothere was a list of gtk libs that needed to be installed before I could get this far.07:00
terminalvelocityilovefairuz....only issues with the mic working well and together with video in built-in duo....somtimes the mic will work only after making a couple of test calls regardless of whether i ajust anything07:00
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: perhaps it gets muted or its volume level gets lowered, skype has a bit habit of messing with mixer levels, check its options07:01
Jordan_UCondorito: Does the package "joystick" do what you need?07:02
riyazilovefairuz:hmmm, i am just a programming interested person,so i like to do some programming which i could spread to others so i like to contribute07:02
Izinucsterminalvelocity: have you tried google voice with the gmail plugin?  works like a champ.. has video on windows but not sure about linux07:02
terminalvelocityi installed "esound" and everything worked fine until the console volume control stopped working and i was forced to reinstall "PulseAudio"07:02
terminalvelocityilovefairuz ...i always uncheck the box that allow skype to ajust mixer levels07:03
dr0idsudo cd /var/log/apache2/07:03
dr0iddoesnt works, y ?07:03
ilovefairuzriyaz: #ubuntu-devel07:04
Dulakdr0id: sudo -i07:04
Izinucsdr0id: you don't need sudo to change directories.07:04
dr0idPermission denied, if i do without sudo07:04
riyazilovefairuz:what is this means sorry i can't understand..07:04
terminalvelocityIzinucs...thanks for the idea but i use skype for the free calls to the others who use it and i cannot ask everyone to change just because i like to use linux07:05
dr0idDulak: wat does sudo -i does ?07:05
Dulakdr0id: then you can do whatever you need in the root shell.  Do what you have to do and exit the root shell, don't leave a root shell sitting around07:05
dr0idhow to exit root shell ?07:05
Dulakdr0id: gives you an interactive root shell07:05
abhijitdr0id: exit07:05
Dulakdr0id: type exit07:05
ilovefairuzriyaz: it's a channel. type: /join #ubuntu-devel07:05
Izinucsterminalvelocity: I understand.. it's just another weapon in the quiver. You'd be suprised how many people have google voice aka grandcentral07:06
dr0idcant i access /var/log/apache2 via dolphin somehow07:06
Dulakwhat is dolphin?07:06
IzinucsDulak: that's kde default file manager07:07
riyazilovefairuz: u r saying me to type it ah..if so where i should do it??07:07
macoDulak: file browser for kde07:07
dr0idsorry no07:07
dr0idthis is not dolphine, i am in gnome now07:07
dr0idits some file browser07:07
macodr0id: nautilus07:07
ilovefairuzriyaz: in the very same place you're typing your text07:07
macodr0id: you can hit ctrl+l and type it in, or you can click "root" on the side and click through07:07
dr0idso how to i access /var/log/apache2? as when i go there it shows permission denied07:07
macodr0id: ahh need to run it as root07:07
macodr0id: gksudo nautilus07:08
Jordan_Udr0id: Add your user to the "adm" group.07:08
legoanyone know how I can convert mpeg to mp4?07:08
Dulakdr0id: you can make a root nautilus, but say you open the folder and then you want to open the file, you'd have to tell the editor to open as root.  It's gross and a pain in the butt07:08
Izinucsdr0id: you want to read the log file called apache2?  sudo cat /var/log/apache2 or gksudo gedit /var/log/apache207:08
abhijitlego: use a software called mobile media convertor07:09
ilovefairuzdr0id: what are you trying to accomplish ?07:09
dr0id(gksudo:9947): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:07:09
Dulakdr0id: so much simpler to just use a root shell, do what you have to do, then exit out again, imo.07:09
legook checking it out...thanks07:09
dr0idi wanna see the apache error log07:09
terminalvelocityIzinucs....are there any open-source programs like skype downloadable from the ubuntu or canonicle repositories that could be made compatible with skype ?07:09
dr0idthats it07:09
CondoritoNope. no joy, seems to calibrate the joystick, but no effect in game. Still not calibrated.07:09
Izinucsterminalvelocity: nope.. skype is totally locked down.  That's it's major downfall.07:09
Jordan_Ulego: ffmpeg -i foo.mpeg foo.mp407:09
dr0idi wanna see the apache error log , thats it07:10
ilovefairuzdr0id: sudo less /var/log/apache2/error.log07:10
terminalvelocitybut its secure07:10
dr0idless ?07:10
ilovefairuzdr0id: yes, it's a "pager"07:10
Dulakdr0id: sudo nano /var/log/apache2/error.log07:10
Izinucsterminalvelocity: How do you know?  It's just what they tell you..07:10
dr0idlol, so many things there, how will i remember all these for futur07:10
Four2zerowhen i run sudo apt-get install httpd-devel i get a return error could not find package httpd-devel how do you install apxs07:11
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: skype uses a proprietary and undocumented protocol and still has not been reversed engineered, so no compatible clients07:11
dr0idDulak: ilovefairuzcant i do sudo gedit? it shows error07:11
ilovefairuzFour2zero: what are you trying to install ?07:11
Dulakdr0id: you are really stuck on the gui07:11
dr0idkind of yes07:12
Four2zeroilovefairuz apxs for flv on apache207:12
Dulakdr0id: gksudo gedit /var/log/apache2/error.log07:12
IzinucsFour2zero: apt-cache search returns 2 packages.. libmicrohttpd-dev and lighttpd-dev07:12
blackmatterit wont work on apache07:12
Four2zeroIzinucs i already have lamp up and running.07:13
dr0idDulak: wats the difference between sudo and gksudo ?07:13
preetammy network manager is not working properly in ubuntu 10.04 unable to activate the WiFi.Please help07:13
IzinucsFour2zero: ok.. so why are you looking for httpd-dev?07:13
Dulakdr0id: one is for the terminal, one is for the gui07:13
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:13
dr0id(gksudo:10474): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:07:13
willinjadoes lampp also install proftpd on their instalation ?07:13
Izinucswillinja: no07:13
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:14
Dulakdr0id: the user has to be in the admin group07:14
Four2zeroIzinucs so i install this: http://flowplayer.org/forum/5/1467907:14
dapengwhat is streamed archives?07:14
dr0idDulak: it is07:14
dr0idi added07:14
dr0idsu - otheruser then sudo adduser thisuser admin07:14
Dulakdr0id: did you relog the gui after you added the user to the admin group?07:14
ilovefairuzFour2zero: apache2-threaded-dev07:14
macodr0id:  note that changes to your user's group memberships do not take effect until you log out and back in07:14
willinjai dont install proftpd at my current system but it's available also (strange so strange)07:14
terminalvelocityanybody use "grooveshark"?07:15
dr0idohh, ic , thank u07:15
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro07:15
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: yes, what's your question?07:15
Four2zeroilovefairuz will that overwrite my existing setup with apache2 ?07:15
IzinucsFour2zero: sounds like an adventure.. sorry I don't know anything about that07:15
Izinucsterminalvelocity: what is grooveshark07:15
Four2zeroIzinucs np.07:16
ilovefairuzFour2zero: nope, these are just header files07:16
Viking667:i grooveshark07:16
Four2zerookay, thanks07:16
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
terminalvelocitygrooveshark internet radio keeps cutting out after about five minutes or so and so i refresh the page and it happens again after another five minutes07:16
legomobile media converter was the move!!!  Thank you!07:16
terminalvelocityIzinucs....google it and have fun07:17
abhijitlego: welcome!07:17
terminalvelocityizinucs it is internet radio to the next level07:17
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: cutting out meaning the whole page turns blank ?07:18
Four2zeroDo i insert the module into directory mods-available or mods-enabled ?07:20
Izinucsterminalvelocity: interesting07:20
ilovefairuzpreetam: in a terminal: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up && iwlist scan  ..  do you see any networks?07:20
DulakFour2zero: mods-available, then you use a2enmod to enable it07:20
blackmatteror just copy paste the mods u need to mods enabled folder...07:21
blackmatterthen sudo apache2ctl restart07:21
Four2zeroCompile and install your module with the following command:07:21
Four2zeroapxs -c -i ./mod_flvx.c07:21
Four2zeroDulak why you tell me different compared to what this tutorial is showing me: Compile and install your module with the following command:07:21
preetamsudo ifconfig wlan0 shows some entry. actually my Wifi light is  not blinking..07:22
Dulakno that's bad practice, mods-available is the correct place, and a2enmod will create the symlinks in mods-enabled, per the SOP for debian based apache config07:22
ilovefairuzDulak: blackmatter: Four2zero: the mods-available and -enabled directories are just for configuration files, actual module binaries should be in /usr/lib/apache2/modules/07:23
willinjahow to increase my swap partition ?07:23
WXZI keep getting a "failed to download package files" error07:23
WXZrunning the live cd07:23
IzinucsWXZ: what are you trying to install?07:23
Dulakilovefairuz: apxs should place the binary correctly afaik07:23
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
WXZbut I need it in general too07:24
IzinucsWXZ: you might not have enough ram.. epiphany is alread there.. use that instead07:24
abhijitwillinja: create free space and then attach this free space to swap partition using gparted. you need ubuntu live cd or gparted live cd to do this07:24
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: it means the flash plugin crashes, and it crashes so often, and there's barely anything we can do about it because it's proprietary/closed source07:24
WXZI have 4 gigs of ram07:24
Four2zeroilovefairuz so i upload the module to that directory you specified, then use a2enmod07:24
DulakFour2zero: apxs will put the binary in the right place, I thought we were talking about the config for the module, not the module itself, my mistake07:24
willinjaabhijit, do u ever use ubuntu for movie editing ?07:26
ilovefairuzFour2zero: there has to be a .load (and optionally .conf) file for the module in /etc/apache2/mods-available/ for a2enmod to work07:26
WXZso no help?07:26
Four2zerookay, so let me get this clear....I upload the mod_flvx.c to /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ then i do this command apxs -c -i ./mod_flvx.c07:26
ilovefairuzpreetam: rfkill list... anything blocked?07:26
terminalvelocityilovefairuz...is there a newer plugin or an older one or some alternative?07:26
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: you'll get updates for newer ones, older versions are vulnerable07:27
WXZI'm also getting "some of these packages could not be retrieved from the server" errors in the package manager07:27
terminalvelocityiluvfairuz...do i just wait for updates or do i download a newer version than that available from the repositories?07:28
ilovefairuzFour2zero: Four2zerowhat Dulak means is that when you compile the .c module using apxs it will automatically put the binary .so in the right directory07:28
ilovefairuz!tab | terminalvelocity07:28
ubottuterminalvelocity: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:28
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: yeap, just wait07:29
WXZwhen you install stuff07:29
WXZand you're running the live CD07:29
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:29
WXZit installs it to your ram right?07:29
terminalvelocitythat is rather unpleasant !@#$07:29
preetamrfkill list shows wifi hradblock yes07:29
ilovefairuzpreetam: then flip the wireless kill switch on your laptop07:29
preetameven though the switch of Wifi is on07:29
terminalvelocityilovefairuz..thanks for all the info07:30
ilovefairuzterminalvelocity: you're welcome07:30
ilovefairuzpreetam: flip it again07:30
preetami did that even though the switch is on after flipping it again no use07:30
Four2zeroilovefairuz okay so basically all i have to is upload the mod "mod_flvx.c" to root dir then run this command so apxs will do the work: apxs -c -i ./mod_flvx.c ?07:30
Four2zeroCorrect !07:31
ilovefairuzFour2zero: not necessarily to root, but make should the path is correctly, if you put it in root it should be / not ./07:32
dstufft_Hello, i added a ppa, what do i need to put in to apt-get to make it install from there? like apt-get install -t <ppa> package07:32
ilovefairuzFour2zero: ./ means the current directory (the one shown by 'pwd')07:32
Four2zerothen after i can trash it.07:32
bazhangdstufft_, check the instructions on the ppa page07:33
=== ServerTech|Lapto is now known as ServerTechLaptop
Izinucsdstufft_: sudo apt-get update first.. then look for the package you wanted to install from the ppa.. use apt-cache search <package name> or look in synaptic package manager.07:33
bazhangdstufft_, got a link?07:33
ilovefairuzpreetam: what's the model of your laptop and pastebin: sudo lshw -C network07:33
ilovefairuz!paste | preetam07:33
ubottupreetam: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:33
sinmani need help on emptying the trash, got files in there won't empty out of trash07:33
preetammy laptop model is dell vostro 140007:33
Izinucssinman: did you have a usb drive plugged in that you deleted files from then removed the drive?  if so plug it back in, mount it and empty trash normally07:34
yakozahow can i make a l2tp connection?07:34
sinmanI keep my usb stick plug in all the time07:34
Jordan_Usinman: What error, if any, do you get from "rm -i ~/.local/share/Trash/*" ?07:35
Besogonhello. If I use 'dns proxy = yes' feature in smb.conf should I install dns proxy software on the computer?07:35
Izinucssinman: the files left in there might have root removal only.. you could "gksudo nautilus" and navigate to the trash folder then delete what's in there.07:35
dstufft_bazhang: i'm trying to install libevent from https://launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=hardy on hardy. I added it to my ppa but not sure what to put into my -t in apt-get07:35
=== hassan is now known as Guest79384
Izinucssinman: Jordan_U 's method is faster07:36
ilovefairuzpreetam: also check: system > administration > hardware drivers07:36
sinmanIzinucs: with the rm command i got the following07:36
Four2zeroi got an returned error: http://pastebin.com/CuTMb82407:37
Guest79384can anyone tell me how to repair ubuntu 10.04 desktop ???07:37
sinmanIzinucs: rm: cannot remove `/home/bobby/.local/share/Trash/expunged': Is a directory07:37
sinmanrm: cannot remove `/home/bobby/.local/share/Trash/files': Is a directory07:37
sinmanrm: cannot remove `/home/bobby/.local/share/Trash/info': Is a directory07:37
Jordan_U!pastebin | sinman07:37
ubottusinman: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:37
preetamthe hardware driver list only shows nvdia driver07:37
Izinucssinman: put a slash at the end and an *07:37
Four2zerosinman rm -rf07:37
bazhang  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main07:37
bazhangdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main07:37
bazhang dstufft_ add that to sources.list (changing for your ppa name and arch hardy)07:37
mobileIs anyone here familiar with aircrack?07:37
sinmanIzinucs: k07:37
Jordan_Usinman: Try "rm -ri ~/.local/share/Trash/*"07:37
Four2zerosinman maybe that will work07:38
bazhangmobile, /join #aircrack-ng07:38
dstufft_bazhang: yea it's added and i did apt-get update07:38
dstufft_but the older version of libevent is still installed07:38
dstufft_and apt-get upgrade isn't picking it up07:38
bazhangdstufft_, so installing it produces an error?07:38
ilovefairuzFour2zero: you didn't install apxs07:38
Four2zeroi installed apache2-threaded-dev07:39
ilovefairuzFour2zero: apxs207:39
Four2zeroi thought apxs was packaged with it.07:39
dstufft_bazhang: no, it's just using the version from the main repo instead of the ppa07:39
ilovefairuzFour2zero: command has a '2' for apache207:39
dstufft_and i don't know what to pass apt-get -t <something> install libevent to force it to use the ppa07:39
bazhangdstufft_, then remove the old version?07:39
dstufft_not sure what to put in the <something>07:39
Four2zeroso i do: sudo apt-get install apxs207:39
ilovefairuzFour2zero: no, just type: apxs207:40
Four2zerothat's it, okay.07:40
Guest79384my os crashes randomly at any time??? can anyone tell me please?07:40
will_Hello! What's the program that burns ISO's?07:41
Four2zeroilovefairuz E: Couldn't find package apxs207:41
forgottenwizardwill_: cdrecord/wodim07:41
ilovefairuzGuest79384: what do you mean by crashes07:41
bazhangwill_, there are a number07:41
Four2zerosudo apt-get install apxs207:41
bazhang!burners | will_07:41
ubottuwill_: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto07:41
ilovefairuzFour2zero: it's not a package name, it's a command name07:41
Guest79384yeah i know.. infra recorder can burn isos.07:41
will_Ah, thansk! I uninstalled a bunch of them, but now I need it :)07:41
ilovefairuzFour2zero: apxs2 -c i /home/four2zero/Desktop/mod_flvx.c07:41
Guest79384i mean to say that suddenly a black screen come up.07:42
sinmandone everything that you guys told me and those folds are still in the trash07:42
ilovefairuzFour2zero: sudo apxs2 -c i /home/four2zero/Desktop/mod_flvx.c07:42
Four2zerookay, i got this time, after you telling me the answer. thanks07:42
mobileNo one in aircrack ATM anyone here familiar?07:42
forgottenwizardI'm trying to install the poulsbo drivers in 9.10 and the module is only avalible for the two kernels prior to the one I am running (according to find /lib/modules -name psb* -ls). How can I install the driver for the new kernel?07:43
bazhangmobile, thats the channel for it. be patient07:43
Four2zeroilovefairuz is how it should be: http://pastebin.com/3tt17yX407:43
ilovefairuzGuest79384: in a terminal, pastebin the output of:  sudo lshw -C display07:43
Leman_RussI am trying to get Japanese input working.  I have installed SCIM and Anthy, but nothing seems to work07:43
ilovefairuz!paste | Guest7938407:43
ubottuGuest79384: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:43
Leman_RussCan anyone help?07:43
bazhangLeman_Russ, what version of ubuntu07:44
ilovefairuz!details | mobile07:44
ubottumobile: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:44
sinmani had redone my computer, during the install I redid the partitions couple i made smaller and couple a little bigger, but for some reason the partitions not getting formatted before the install07:44
bazhangLeman_Russ, #ubuntu+1 and ibus not scim07:44
Four2zeroilovefairuz so that's it correct ?07:44
Leman_Russbazhang; should I post my problem in that chatroom?07:44
bazhangLeman_Russ, as thats the one for maverick07:45
Jordan_Usinman: Did you get any error messages from the last command I gave? ("rm -ri ~/.local/share/Trash/*").07:45
mobileI'm trying to figure out if there is a command I07:45
mobileI'm missing with runnig aircrack-ng07:45
ilovefairuzFour2zero: sudo apxs2 -i -a -c /home/four2zero/Desktop/mod_flvx.c07:46
sinmanJordan U: nothing it just went back to bobby@ubuntu-studio:~$07:46
Leman_Russbazhang; that chatroom looks dead...07:46
ilovefairuz!terminal | Guest7938407:47
ubottuGuest79384: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:47
sinmanJordan_U: nothing it just went back to bobby@ubuntu-studio:~$07:47
Four2zeroilovefairuz how come i had to run it sudo as well ?07:47
ilovefairuzFour2zero: because it needs to modify files that only root has access to07:48
Jordan_Usinman: Odd, that should mean that all files have been removed.07:48
Four2zeroLibraries have been installed in:07:48
Four2zeroso it works i will test it now.07:48
Four2zeroilovefairuz thank you for your help07:49
sinmanJordan_U: thats what i thought but I still see these folders07:49
ilovefairuzFour2zero: you're welcome07:49
WXZ1when you run the live CD07:49
WXZ1and install stuff07:49
WXZ1it installs it to the ram right?07:49
sinmanJordan_U: is ther a way i can get the alternate disk to do a full format of my 1TB hdd before i break it down with lvm07:50
quibblerWXZ1-> yes07:50
Jordan_Usinman: Yes. I don't remember the exact option to choose but it should be easy to discover when you're in the installer.07:50
WXZ1ok, thanks07:51
=== WXZ1 is now known as WXZ
WXZalso, can anyone recommend any good data recovery software07:51
sinmanJordan_U: K I'll have to do it tomorrow and reinstall ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS and Ubuntu Studios 10.04 back in. need to get to bed now07:52
willinjadoes your laptop suddenly turn off when using ubuntu ?07:52
WXZI created a partition table by accident with gparted07:52
will_Does ubuntu come with a backup program similar to Apple's Time Machine?07:52
willinjawill_, not similar but there is a recovery option07:52
sinmanwell goodnight everyone07:53
will_Recovery option?07:53
ilovefairuz!undelete | WXZ07:53
ubottuWXZ: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel07:54
forgottenwizardAnyone know how to reinstall the psb drivers to load under a newer kernel in 9.10?07:54
bazhangwill_, you could use sbackup, backintime, or remastersys07:54
WXZit's an ntfs, not ext2,3 or 407:54
quibblerwill_-> look here: http://code.google.com/p/flyback/07:54
forgottenwizardI currently have the drivers listed under 2.6.31-14 and ...31-21, but the kernel I am running is .31-2207:55
earthmeLonI have  a startup script to run rtorrent as a user (rtorrent) under screen.  It was working for a while but all of a sudden it gives me an error saying the pty cannot be oppened.  The command im using is: su rtorrent -c 'screen -d -m -S rtorrent rtorrent' &> /dev/null    .  I have no idea what could have changed since it stopped working07:55
WXZbut I heard recovering data after creating a partition table is nearly impossible07:55
will_bazhang: awesome, I'll look those up. Thanks!07:55
Jordan_UWXZ: testdisk should be able to detect your partitions and restore the partition table.07:55
WXZThis guides applies to Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 and 8.04.  <<07:55
Jordan_UWXZ: You heard incorrectly.07:55
ilovefairuzWXZ: ask in ##windows07:55
WXZis it in the repository Jordan_U?07:55
Jordan_UWXZ: Yes.07:55
bazhangwill_, remastersys allows you to make a bootable iso but not in regular repos07:55
bazhangwill_, ie PPA07:56
WXZJordan_U: "testdisk" doesn't show any results07:56
WXZI'm using karmic07:56
ilovefairuz!hi | kronosphere07:56
ubottukronosphere: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:56
Jordan_UWXZ: Do you have universe enabled?07:56
trupheenixi need help with wpa_supplicant and iwconfig. can anyone help me out?07:56
ilovefairuz!details | trupheenix07:57
ubottutrupheenix: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:57
WXZI do now07:57
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=== sarah is now known as Guest73929
WXZnope, still no results07:58
WXZand yes, I did refresh07:58
porter1Anyone know if it's possible to split a physical device up into many virtual devices that linux can use for internet? I want the local network to think that each virtual device is real.07:59
Leman_Russporter1; have a look at VirtualBox07:59
JunikszHello! How can I check the framebuffer is enabled or not?08:00
etherealiteHow can I keep dhcp3 from messing with my /etc/resovl.conf   ?08:00
WXZyou mean assign a different mac address08:00
WXZto each device porter1?08:00
willinjaporter1, use virtualbox08:00
porter1WXZ, yes. Each device appears independent and is assigned a separate ip address.08:00
pmsmithwhy only 256 Mb ram in virtualbox. my videocard is 2048 Mb08:00
WXZip address isn't happening08:01
porter1VirtualBox is great, but it only applies to guest OSes.08:01
WXZ1 ip address per modem08:01
WXZwait, no.. 1 subnet mask for modem08:01
JunikszHello! How can I check the framebuffer is enabled or not?08:01
porter1WXZ, are you sure about that? I've heard of dummy network devices that can use one physical netowkr adapter.08:01
WXZhmmm... theoretically might be possible, not sure how to do it practically though08:01
WXZrefer to above statement.08:02
porter1hmmm, reading some more :)08:02
ilovefairuzetherealite: use 'prepend domain-name-servers YOUR_DNS_IP_HERE;' in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf  .. check http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/en/man5/dhclient.conf.5.html#toptoc908:03
etherealiteilovefairuz I did, its still adding in servers from dhcp.08:03
=== Tricia_ is now known as Tricia
etherealiteilovefairuz I'll give you a dpaste if you wanna check it out.08:04
ilovefairuzetherealite: along as your servers are prepended, they will be contacted first08:04
preetamhi my wifi is not active in ubuntu 10.04. the sudo lshw -C network command shows Wifi is disable. please let me know how to enable.08:04
ilovefairuzetherealite: sure, paste it08:04
=== Tricia is now known as Guest81962
GooFpreetam, reset wifi08:04
Jordan_UWXZ: testdisk is certainly in the repositories, so something is wrong with your apt configuration.08:04
GooFunless you're at mcdonalds or something08:04
WXZin which repositories though jordan_U08:05
GooFi have a ubuntu problem and i need help08:05
preetamafter resetting the wifi switch it is still not working08:05
GooFim trying -rf a bunch of child porn08:05
GooFor w.e it is08:05
GooFand it wont go away!08:05
GooFjust kidding08:05
GooFhow we doing tonight?08:05
afed_yes hello08:05
=== Guest81962 is now known as Tricia
bazhangGooF, not appropriate.08:05
GooFsorry bazhang08:05
WXZJordan_U: just hooked up the hardy respository08:05
bazhangGooF, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat08:05
WXZit was in there08:06
GooFis this like the #help room?08:06
bazhang!guidelines > GooF08:06
ubottuGooF, please see my private message08:06
Four2zeroilovefairuz can i remove the four files that were created when compiling the mod_flvx.c on my Desktop ?08:06
afed_!guidlines > bazhang08:06
WXZdoes it have a user interface08:06
etherealiteilovefairuz http://dpaste.de/gosg/08:06
WXZor is it all cml?08:06
Jordan_UWXZ: It's in karmic also.08:06
ilovefairuzpreetam: pastebin the lshw output08:06
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:06
Jordan_UWXZ: It's a text/menu based application that runs in the terminal.08:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:06
WXZalright, I hate those08:07
ilovefairuzetherealite: they don't get prepended ?08:07
KDC1956anyone get skype to work08:07
ilovefairuzetherealite: sudo killall dhclient && sudo dhclient eth008:07
will_KDC1956: yeah, no issues with it08:07
preetamhai how to paste the lshw output08:07
etherealiteilovefairuz here is the resolv.conf http://dpaste.de/P6W1/ they are being prepended but I want those comcast nameservers gone.08:08
ilovefairuz!paste | preetam08:08
ubottupreetam: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:08
GooFi cant read the guide lines08:08
GooFsomeone paste them to me08:08
GooFlooks like the server is down08:08
WXZyup, found some08:08
afed_!rules Condorito08:08
GooFlet me swtich to my on screen keyboard, pardon the caps08:09
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:09
WXZjordan U08:09
preetamhi the lshw is as pasted in  http://paste.ubuntu.com/492519/08:09
quibblerGooF-> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines is working fine!08:09
WXZJordan_U: I found some partitions08:09
purrdeta!capts | GooF08:09
WXZor, I found the ones I lost08:09
GooF03:08 < GooF> i cant read the guide lines08:09
GooF03:08 < GooF> someone paste them to me08:09
GooF03:08 < GooF> looks like the server is down08:09
FloodBot4GooF: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
purrdeta!caps | GooF08:09
WXZI press enter08:09
ubottuGooF: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:09
afed_i don't think ubutnu supports his keyboard he can only type in upper cse08:10
WXZand it asks me "create partition table"08:10
WXZdo I press yes?08:10
Four2zerohttp://www.upload3r.com/serve/120910/1284275386.jpg ?08:10
FlannelGooF: Please turn off your capslock key.08:10
Four2zerowhere can put those mods files ?08:10
Guest79384is fedora more stable than ubuntu???08:10
kronospheretwo, is that some things have been getting fixed lately by flashing back to 2.1 fresh, then back to 2.2 with wipe before both08:11
Four2zeroGuest37232 join the #linux channel08:11
ilovefairuzGuest79384: no it's not08:11
Guest79384then which one is the best08:11
kronosphereopps, wrong forum, my bad08:11
ilovefairuzGuest79384: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic08:11
WXZJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/48xpZJTi08:11
purrdetaalthough their answer will likely be biased.08:12
WXZwait, sorry http://pastebin.com/Rv0Wphqp08:12
WXZthat's the right one08:12
yakozais there a way to connect l2tp vpn with ubuntu08:12
FloodBot4GooF: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:13
Condoritohi, that jscalibrator thing has me. do you need to use "save as" instead of "save"?08:13
Condoritowhere would I save the file?08:14
Jordan_UWXZ: If that looks correct then write it to disk.08:14
Newbuntu_I have a hard drive failing - I've been using cp to get files off, but some are not being copied, or are corrupt. Is there a way to check which files have and have not been copied, and which are corrupt? I tried diff unsuccessfully08:14
Four2zeroilovefairuz the mod files on the desktop where can i put them ?08:15
ikoniaNewbuntu_: if they fail to copy you normally get an error, or the disk will hang08:15
yakozadoes anybody know about l2tp?08:15
Newbuntu_ikonia: I get both. I got over 13000 files out, but some are missing (checking manually)08:16
=== Newbuntu_ is now known as Newbuntu
trupheenixilovefairuz: i'm running lucid. i'm trying to manually setup my iwl3945 card using iwconfig wpa_supplicant. here is what i did http://pastebin.ca/193867608:16
ikoniaNewbuntu: there you go then08:16
airtonixGooF, you might want something like this : http://imagebin.org/11374108:16
ilovefairuzFour2zero: sudo rm ~/mod_flvx*08:16
Newbuntuikonia: I can't check all 13000 files manually though08:17
Condoritothe joystick looks calibrated according to the jscalibrator panel, but in game its still all over the place. am I still missing sum't?08:17
ikoniaNewbuntu: when a file doesn't copy it will error saying something like "can't access file" or the disk will hang trying to access it08:17
trupheenixi'm running lucid. i'm trying to manually setup my iwl3945 card using iwconfig wpa_supplicant. here is what i did http://pastebin.ca/1938676 RSN: not in suitable state for new pre-authentication08:17
airtonix!info indicator-keylock | GooF08:18
ubottuGooF: Package indicator-keylock does not exist in lucid08:18
Newbuntuikonia: I get all sorts of errors, SATA bus resetting ,etc many files came through (albeit at 160K/sec)08:18
randerzanderIs there a way to enable Remote Desktop Connections when no one is logged in?08:18
trupheenixi'm running lucid. i'm trying to manually setup my iwl3945 card using iwconfig wpa_supplicant. here is what i did http://pastebin.ca/1938676. wpa_supplicant gets stuck on RSN: not in suitable state for new pre-authentication. what does this mean and how do i fix it? :(08:18
jacob2010runing ubuntu 9.10  ATI 5750 and getting error desktop effects could not be enabled worked previously on proprietary driver supplied with ubuntu 9.1008:18
trupheenixsorry for repost. i didn't complete earlier one.08:19
Four2zeroilovefairuz rm: cannot remove `/home/four2zero/mod_flvx*': No such file or directory08:19
ubuntu13jarigehow can i ad ubuntu -nl to xchat08:19
ilovefairuzFour2zero: sorry it's ~/Desktop/mod_flvx*08:19
FusionXUbuntu cannot recognize my monitor and thus i'm stuck with 800x600 resolution whereas my monitor supports 1280x1024. I use ubuntu 9.10. How can i solve it?08:19
ubuntu13jarigeanyone dutch here that canb help me08:20
[thor]   ubuntu13jarige you want to make #ubuntu-nl open when you connect to freenode?08:20
quibblerubuntu13jarige-> use: /join #ubuntu-nl08:20
ubuntu13jarigei want conect with it wit xchat08:20
ubuntu13jarigethank you08:21
[thor]ahh, much simpler a task than i thought.08:21
Four2zeroilovefairuz once again, Thank you !08:21
ubuntu13jarigei am 13 years old and i work with ubuntu08:21
ubuntu13jarigeits so great08:21
FusionXoh wow cool08:22
ubuntu13jarigeit dont chrash08:22
FusionXim 13 too08:22
ubuntu13jarigeno virus08:22
FloodBot4ubuntu13jarige: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:22
trupheenixilovefairuz: ? :)08:22
ubuntu13jarigeits freeeeeeeeee08:22
ubuntu13jarigeubuntu ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee08:22
Four2zeroannoying !08:22
ikoniaguys, please stop, this channel is a support channel only, if you want to chat, take it o #ubuntu-offtopic08:22
FusionXubuntu13jarige: do u work with ubuntu or do u use ubuntu?08:22
ilovefairuz!patience | trupheenix08:22
ubottutrupheenix: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com08:22
ubuntu13jarigecan we chat ttere08:22
trupheenixilovefairuz: ok i waits. i don't know what mistake i'm making08:23
ikoniaubuntu13jarige: that is an offtopic chat channel, yes08:23
quibblerubuntu13jarige-> yes08:23
Four2zeroubuntu13jarige #ubuntu-offtopic08:23
ubuntu13jarigethank you08:23
kronospherelol, that was funny as he..!08:24
ilovefairuztrupheenix: remove the 'proto' line08:25
quibblerubuntu13jarige-> yes try: /join #ubuntu-nl-offtopic08:25
trupheenixilovefairuz: ok. then how do i do wpa2?08:25
Condoritosorry for bumping. so far thnx to the help of some of you I have jscalibrator working, but why wont games recognize the calibrated joystick, plz?08:26
ilovefairuztrupheenix: it's already specified by other lines08:26
trupheenixilovefairuz: hmmm same problem. :(08:26
trupheenixilovefairuz: same error. i removed the proto line08:26
willinjaubottu, restricted-content08:27
trupheenixilovefairuz: reset the router maybe?08:27
ilovefairuztrupheenix:   proto=WPA08:28
trupheenixilovefairuz: i'm using wpa208:28
trupheenixilovefairuz: ok now it doesn't even recognize the AP :(08:28
ilovefairuztrupheenix: WPA2 then08:31
FusionXUbuntu cannot recognize my monitor and thus i'm stuck with 800x600 resolution whereas my monitor supports 1280x1024. I use ubuntu 9.10. How can i solve it?08:33
ikoniaFusionX: it's doubtful it's your monitor, more likley it's your video card08:33
FusionXikonia how can i solve it?08:34
trupheenixilovefairuz: no sir. still get same RSN error08:34
FusionXbut my monitor work's fine in XP08:34
ikoniaFusionX: what video card do you have08:34
FusionXikonia Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller08:35
soreauFusionX: Is it an upgrade or clean install?08:36
ikoniaFusionX: that's a surprise, they are normally detected fine08:36
FusionXclean install08:36
FusionXbut while installing i wasnt connected to the internet08:36
soreauFusionX: Should work.. have you tried gnome-display-properties? (sys>prefs>display)08:36
FusionXsoreau yup i tried08:37
FusionX"Unknow monitor"08:37
phoenix_can anyone help to configure alsa to get lowpass filter and surroundsound for SBlive 24bit sound card08:37
soreauFusionX: ok next is to use xrandr from your terminal. Pastebin the output of 'xrandr -q' from your terminal to pastebin.com08:37
FusionXim on XP right now, brb08:38
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ilovefairuztrupheenix: what does the router advertise for authentication methods: pastebin: iwlist scan08:39
lotuspsychjemaverick rocks08:39
trupheenixilovefairuz: just one minute. i tell u08:40
=== styx_ is now known as [styx]
gaoqiwho am i08:40
ilovefairuztrupheenix: did you change my_network to the actual ssid?08:41
ilovefairuz!hi | madPJKfan08:42
ubottumadPJKfan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:42
madPJKfanhave serious problem - have upgraded to 10.0.4, now all sorts of probs with window manager - missing the top bars - cannot close windows or move around. "Show desktop" button reports error "Your window manager does not support the show desktop button".  Failsafe Gnome restores everything, but cannot get internet working.08:42
lotuspsychjeon wifi mad?08:43
lotuspsychjeor cable08:43
FusionX|Ubuntuikonia: http://pastebin.com/Ah1RYdFJ08:43
madPJKfananyone got any clue as to the source of this horror?08:43
madPJKfanlotuspsychje, on wifi08:43
lotuspsychjemaverick worksout 100% here08:43
ilovefairuzmadPJKfan: you are probably better off with a clean install08:43
nameless`quelqu'un aurait le lien de le court métrage à propos d'une nana qui fait sa soutenance de stage sur le logiciel libre ?08:43
lotuspsychjedoes your card is supportedmad?08:43
ikoniaFusionX|Ubuntu: what's that ?08:44
ilovefairuz!es | nameless`08:44
ubottunameless`: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:44
lotuspsychjei had to install STA broadcom drivers08:44
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:44
madPJKfanilovefairuz, been thinking about that... wonder what I lose08:44
FusionX|Ubuntuikonia : u told to do "xrandr" thats the output08:45
ikoniaFusionX|Ubuntu: no I didn't08:45
FusionX|Ubuntuoh sorry08:45
FusionX|Ubuntumaybe someone else08:45
FusionX|Ubuntui forgot who it was08:45
lotuspsychjemad: what about your grafix card also supported?08:45
cromagwill the pulse plugin to alsa enable both pulseaudio AND alsa to work ?08:46
Jordan_UmadPJKfan: Try disabling desktop effects in System > Preferences > Appearance.08:46
=== administrator is now known as Guest30645
lotuspsychjeanyone else happy with maverick?08:47
madPJKfanJordan_U, thanx: did the exact opposite of what you said, it was disabled, now I have my window manager more or less back!08:47
ilovefairuztrupheenix: and why aren't you using plain text password? psk="password_here"08:47
Jordan_UmadPJKfan: Does it work after logging out and back in again?08:48
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/Ah1RYdFJ Heres the xrandr output08:48
madPJKfanJordan_U, worked straight away08:48
madPJKfanoh, I see what you are saying.08:48
madPJKfangimme a tic08:48
sabgentonhow do you apt-get fetch only08:49
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Hmm, you say there are two monitors connected? Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?08:49
Jordan_Usabgenton: apt-get install --download-only08:49
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lotuspsychjelol that was fast mad08:50
madPJKfanJordan_U:  no, it doesn't - any idea how to make it sticky?08:50
sabgentonah sorry see it now08:50
madPJKfanlotuspsychje: one does what one can with what one has08:51
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: no only 1 monitor is connected08:51
lotuspsychjeusing 64 bit madPJKfan?08:51
madPJKfanyeah - AMD6408:51
willinjam8 why does my firefox didnt start after i installed reload every add-ons ?08:51
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Well, still pastebin X log. Maybe its not using the right driver for some reason08:51
alaingcan someone help me setup remote desktop so I can view my ubuntu machien from my win7 both are on a local network.08:51
lotuspsychjenever worked better08:51
FusionXsoreau, http://pastebin.com/7xxX8EsC08:52
Jordan_UmadPJKfan: Enabling then disabling desktop effects should get you to where gnome doesn't try to start compiz at login (using metacity instead) and so things should work.08:52
lotuspsychjesystem halt in like 4sec08:52
soreauFusionX: Which version of ubuntu is this?08:53
Jordan_UmadPJKfan: I don't know what to do to further debug why compiz appears to be crashing when run automatically at login but not when started later from System > Preferences > Appearance.08:53
FusionXsoreau, 9.1008:53
alaingi would like to use a gui when viewing my ubuntu from my win7 machine08:53
trupheenixilovefairuz: http://pastebin.ca/193869008:54
lotuspsychjeJordan_U my compiz auto starts after enabling desktop effects@full08:54
madPJKfanJordan_U:  Nice work, much obliged.  I had compiz installed manually in my old Karmic - praps I should uninstall now?  Is it by default now?08:54
ilovefairuzalaing: use vino on ubuntu and a VNC client on windows08:55
madPJKfanwhat is the default theme now, btw?08:55
VypermannDoes anybody use ubuntu netbook version?08:55
ilovefairuztrupheenix: try with a plain text passowrd08:55
alaingilovefairuz: sorry i'm an ubuntu newbie08:56
[thor]!anyone | Vypermann08:56
ubottuVypermann: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:56
lotuspsychjemad: ambiance i think08:56
willinjaVypermann, i cant test it on virtualbox yet08:56
alaingwant vnc client should i uses I normally use logmein.com08:56
trupheenixilovefairuz: hmmm u mean replace the hash generated by wpa_password with the text passphrase in quotes?08:56
=== samitheb1rber is now known as samitheberber
ilovefairuzalaing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers#vino08:57
madPJKfanlotuspsychje:  cheers08:57
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Which version of ubuntu is this?08:57
madPJKfanJordan_U:  your diagnosis is compiz crashing or not starting at login?08:57
FusionXsoreau, 9.1008:57
FusionXsoreau,  its version 9.10 of ubuntu08:58
trupheenixilovefairuz: hmmm same problem08:58
ilovefairuzalaing: and install this on windows: http://www.tightvnc.com/download.php08:58
alaingdoes vino come with 10.04? I see "Remote Desktop" under prefrenances08:58
ilovefairuzalaing: yes it does08:58
lotuspsychjeteamviewer works too on ubuntu08:58
lotuspsychjeon wine08:59
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau:  its version 9.10 of ubuntu08:59
alaingilovefairuz: brillant let me give those a try and I'll come back if i'm stuck. many thanks for your help. Much appreciated08:59
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: You will want to attempt adding a mode with xrandr, then switching to that mode08:59
lotuspsychjeyow visual08:59
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau:  how?08:59
ilovefairuzalaing: you're welcome08:59
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: sec09:00
ilovefairuztrupheenix: did you double-quote the password?09:00
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: What is the native mode of the monitor?09:00
trupheenixilovefairuz: yes in double quotes09:00
root__hey new here!!09:00
FusionXsoreau,  i will want to use 1024x786 resolution09:00
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: what is native mode?09:01
root__yea im trying to install right i need help and one?09:01
nogoplease create an account after you install the ubuntu09:01
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: The mode your monitor 'likes' best09:01
=== qwert is now known as Maco_m_motu
root__well i install right but then i can´t log in with root and password toor09:01
FusionX|Ubuntu1024x786 soreau09:01
root__it doesnt let me anyone know why09:01
[thor]there is no root account access with ubuntu09:01
[thor]use sudo09:01
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Show the output of 'cvt 1024 768 60'09:02
=== Maco_m_motu is now known as Maco_MOTU
nogobut you can enable the root09:02
root__o wait im in wrong chat i have backtrack09:02
root__need help09:02
nogoif you what to do something special09:02
FusionX|Ubuntu a sc09:02
lotuspsychjeanyone knows a GUI all in one WEP crack for ubuntu09:02
VypermannIf I install the Netbook ubuntu from a usb flash drive, can I remove the USB flash drive and still run the OS?  Or do I need to keep the USB flash drive in for my entire session?09:03
root__is it betteer to intstall these os on hard drives or just usb them09:03
nogoinitrd something?09:03
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/bX8zwTdP09:03
ilovefairuztrupheenix: no idea, try cnetworkmanager if you want to easily configure it without a GUI09:04
[thor]root__: i find my os runs better on my ssd, than on a usb tumb :D09:04
OneMillionDollarwho know any pay service that i can host my file for my website for users to download09:04
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/bX8zwTdP09:05
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Try this all as one command in your terminal:  OUTPUT=VGA1; MODE="1024x768_60.00"; xrandr --newmode $MODE   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync && xrandr --addmode $OUTPUT --mode $MODE && xrandr --output $OUTPUT --mode $MODE09:05
preetammy network manager is not appearing in the system tray in ubuntu 10.0409:05
airtonix!ot > OneMillionDollar09:05
ubottuOneMillionDollar, please see my private message09:05
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soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: If it works, it should put your monitor into 1024x76809:05
ilovefairuz!backtrack | root__09:05
ubotturoot__: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:05
preetamsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart gives following "up -a is disabled in favour of NetworkManager.  Set ifupdown:managed=false in /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf.09:06
willinjapreetam, have u enabled the network manager on start up ?09:06
lotuspsychjeyour network card is supported preetam?09:06
alaingilovefairuz: i'm getting errors on tightvnc. ReadExact: SocketIPv4 error while reading09:07
ilovefairuzpreetam: your wireless will not work as long as it's hard-blocked in rfkill list09:07
airtonixpreetam, sudo service network-manager restart && killall nm-applet && nm-applet09:07
preetamyes yes after start up i tried to connect to WifI network then the network manager disappears from the system tray09:07
walterj89_hey,  Anyone here know anything about the multitouch support in 10.10?  I'm trying to get utouch to work with my touchscreen09:07
psycho_oreos!10.10 | walterj89_09:07
ubottuwalterj89_: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:07
alaingilovefairuz: it prompts me for password and then says loading first screen and then gives me that error message09:07
alaingi'm using win 7 64bit09:07
airtonixpreetam, first error message indicates that you've tried to manually edit /etc/network-manager/*.conf09:08
airtonixand failed09:08
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/91EzjdeF09:08
ilovefairuzalaing: i don't use windows, you could ask in ##windows09:08
lotuspsychje10.04 still got that wifi bug09:08
lotuspsychjeinstall maverick09:08
madPJKfanand back again09:08
alaingilovefairuz: i'm starting to hate windows :P09:08
preetamsudo killall nm-applet shows no process found09:08
lotuspsychjewb mad09:08
Viking667Is Maverick "out" yet?09:08
lotuspsychjeim using it09:09
Viking667heh. Figures09:09
ilovefairuzpreetam: is it still blocked or not?09:09
lotuspsychjeand it rocks viking09:09
madPJKfanJordan_U, lotuspsychje: anyone got any idea why I need to enable my desktop effects - ie, why it doesn't survive a logout?09:09
psycho_oreosand discussions about it should go into #ubuntu+109:09
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/91EzjdeF09:09
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: What does 'glxinfo|grep renderer' show?09:09
FusionX|Ubuntua sec09:09
Viking667hm. I'm hoping it'll fix several of the dire mistakes I've had to correct on Lucid09:09
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 845G GEM 20090712 2009Q2 RC3 x86/MMX/SSE209:09
=== gunbritt is now known as inteallahonsen
lotuspsychjemad: on 10.10?09:10
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: It seems strange that xrandr might fail. Can you re-paste the output of xrandr -q?09:10
preetamno it is no more blocked.09:10
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: http://pastebin.com/UyZUYgCS09:11
walterj89_psycho_oreos  #ubuntu+1 is a bit dead....09:12
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: So if you try this it give the same output? xrandr --addmode VGA1 --mode 1024x768_60.0009:12
psycho_oreoswalterj89_, and its 3am in the stateside which is where most of the support users are09:12
ilovefairuzalaing: make sure  the port is open on ubuntu's firewall: sudo ufw allow vnc09:14
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: it shows up the "--help"09:14
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Oh sorry09:15
ilovefairuzalaing: it's 'vnc-server'09:15
falmogHi i have a noob, "default program" question09:15
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: OUTPUT=VGA1; MODE="1024x768_60.00"; xrandr --addmode $OUTPUT $MODE && xrandr --output $OUTPUT --mode $MODE09:15
falmogDo i just post my question any time?09:16
soreau! ask | falafell09:16
ubottufalafell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:16
soreau! ask | falmog09:16
ubottufalmog: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:16
FusionXthanks alot soreau! it worked!!09:16
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: I had one thing wrong in my notes ;)09:17
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Now the other part, making it be persistent. Go ahead and take a look at sys>prefs>display09:17
FusionX|Ubuntujust did that09:17
falmogHow do i configure my default applications?09:18
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: You can make an xorg.conf file to make it have the desired mode but you will have to google since I'm going here in a few09:18
FusionX|Ubuntusoreau: i tried xorg.conf but i messed it up!09:18
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Well there's a way to do it but it may be complex for any newbie ;)09:18
Vypermanndid you make a backup?09:19
preetamcan i install wicd and use it for wireless09:19
Katsumi32preetam sure u can09:19
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Basically you put that mode line in xorg.conf and set a mode lines for the defined display output09:19
Andy_S_Hi, anyone able to help me with booting ubuntu live CD via PXE?09:19
=== artinfrieden is now known as artin463
FusionX|Ubuntui had already created the xorg.cong though, do u want the .conf so that u can edit it and give me back? (i'm confused)09:20
Andy_S_my problem is (as i think) that i have two NIC in the netbook...09:20
Katsumi32good morning soreau09:20
falmogok guess no one knows it.09:20
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: Well I don't know if I'm up to that right now09:20
FusionX|Ubuntuthanks anyway soreau09:20
PupenoWhat's the easiest program to use to extract a song of an audio CD?09:21
soreauFusionX|Ubuntu: If you must, pastebin it and I will try to give you a rough draft09:21
knoedel_question about the packaging: will texlive 2010 be included in ubuntu 10.10?09:21
soreauKatsumi32: Good morning.09:21
Andy_S_one is wireless, one is wired (through which i am booting), PXE works, but right after it boots, the second NIC kicks in (i think) and then the boot won't get any data from NFS server - "nfs over tcp not available from"09:21
artin463I want to see all user accounts, but when using "getent passwd", there comes so much information, that I cannot see how many accounts there are in total. Can I show the accounts without the additional info somehow? thank you09:22
Andy_S_i've googled it alot, but i cannot find an option how to define primary NIC for booting :(09:22
trupheenixilovefairuz: ok09:22
=== styx|away is now known as [styx]
opuhow to install a new logon screen? i ddownloaded one. its a itar.bz2 file. how to install it?09:23
Katsumi32opu use plymouth09:25
sweetpiAndy_S_: I doubt thats your problem, it shouldnt be trying to bring up a wireless card for netboot09:25
Andy_S_sweetpi: well, then i am clueless09:25
opuhow to install a new logon screen? i ddownloaded one. its a tar.bz2 file. how to install it?09:26
sweetpiAndy_S_: maybe check kernel options or your /etc/exports09:26
falmogHow do i configure my default applications? I want to open my .torrent files with a transmission instead of Miro. It doesn't seem to work the old fashiond way (open with application > remember this application) :\09:26
PupenoWhat's the package for sound juicer?09:26
falmogi suck at asking Q's =\09:27
zoran_hi ppl09:27
piyushmishrafalmog: rt click>open with>select n close09:27
falmogyea like i said i tried that09:27
falmoghmm =\\09:27
falmogany other way?09:27
dschanoeh_Pupeno sound-juicer09:27
xiaclofalmog right click on a torrent file, properties, open with tab ...09:27
falmoglike.... i .... said... i tried that09:27
opuwhat is plymouth?09:27
=== ^Zaz_ is now known as ^Zaz
xiaclofalmog no no ... im properties, not in the right click menu ...09:27
falmogthanks though =[09:27
* falmog clonks head09:28
xiaclofalmog i know, the right click menu one doesn't stick ... the properties one does for some reason09:28
falmogwhy didnt u say so. =P09:28
Pupenodschanoeh_: thanks.09:28
xiaclofalmog i did =)09:28
Oli```Are there any guides for setting up a VNC server that dumps new connections at their own gdm login screen? (to support multiple people logging in over VNC)09:28
sweetpi!info xvnc | Oli```09:29
ubottuOli```: Package xvnc does not exist in lucid09:29
falmogxiaclo: thank you. sorry my noobness.09:29
xiacloOli``` you're not looking for VNC, look into XDMCP09:29
Andy_S_sweetpi: http://pastebin.com/uuqwjUDb09:29
Andy_S_based on some howto09:29
Oli```xiaclo: XDMCP is *very* slow over slower connections09:30
ariqsI'm trying to play a dvd in VLC, and VLC goes to act like it's going to load the dvd and then nothing happens. What gives?09:30
xiacloOli``` yeah, it's pushing the raw X commands, not a compressed image ... even compression over that would be slow ... give me a minute, there might be a way, but i doubt it'll be pretty09:31
sweetpiAndy_S_: get rid of nfsopts=udp09:31
Oli```I thought tightvnc was the way but I can't seem to find any tutorials to that effect09:32
Andy_S_sweetpi: won't help, i've tried it as a step to try-to-fix...09:32
Andy_S_but ok, will boot again without it09:32
diftow2what is install-sh?09:32
ariqswhat won't vlc play my dvd?09:32
sweetpiAndy_S_: the only options I use here are boot, nfsroot, netboot and initrd09:33
diftow2How do I compile source code?09:33
Viking667with a compiler suitable for the source09:33
diftow2I have an old program from 2001 that is only released in source code for Linux/Unix systems.09:33
Viking667heh. What's its name?09:34
sfearscopy the source code to a folder in /src, enter the folder, read the readme.txt, run command "make"09:34
piyushmishraanyone uses gedit and knows smart indenting and balance braces feature in dreamweaver?09:34
diftow2FSV - It is a clone of SGI IRIX 4.1's FSN09:34
Andy_S_AH screw me.... i think i see the problem now... thanks for the kick sweetpi , maybe i've got it now09:34
xiacloOli``` this is a hybrid solution, written for gentoo, but should work nonetheless ... basically using XDMCP to login, then launches a vnc session which you can take control of ... http://linuxreviews.org/howtos/xvnc/09:34
Viking667diftow2: what does it do?09:34
diftow2Seen Jurassic Park?09:34
opuhow to install a new logon screen? i ddownloaded one. its a tar.bz2 file. how to install it?09:34
Oli```cheers xiaclo09:34
Viking667diftow2: what is Jurassic Park?09:34
xiacloOli``` good luck with it, doubt there is a lot of documentation, hopefully you can get it working09:35
Katsumi32its about animals from discovery channnel09:35
diftow21993 Film by Steven Spielberg based on the novel by Michael Crichton, about dinosaurs being brought back to life via cloning and used in a theme park.09:35
Katsumi32diftow2, ??????09:35
Viking667hm. Right. So, how does it relate to a IRIX program?09:35
diftow2Anyway, in the film it features SGI workstations, which run the operating system IRIX 4.1.. And when one of the characters is browsing files in IRIX, its a 3D visualization of the HDD.. files etc.. via a program called FSN.09:36
Andy_S_sweetpi: well, i've screwed something, but that was not the case... still no luck09:36
Katsumi32diftow2, are you planning usung ubuntu bring dead animals back to life ?09:36
[styx]join #ubuntu-beginners09:36
diftow2FSV is a clone of FSN, that runs on Linux/Unix systems in whole, unlike FSN who is only for IRIX, and IRIX only runs on MIPS cpus09:36
diftow2No, I just want to run FSV since its designed for Linux. But its in Source code and I don't know how to compile.09:37
[styx]sorry my page accidently scrolled up and saw a old post lol09:37
Viking667diftow2: so. In short, you need a compiler - probably gcc, and g++, probably need X development as well.09:37
diftow2okay, and also.. does ubuntu use the x window system?09:38
Viking667probably need imake, couple of other ancillary programs09:38
xiaclopiyushmishra have you specified the code type? from the dropdown it should do syntax highlighting for just about anything including html ... if that isn't sufficient, you can look into modifying the gedit syntax files to suit what you need09:38
diftow2I just need to make sure I understand what X window means.09:38
Viking667diftow2: yup.09:38
sweetpiAndy_S_: make sure you can mount the export on the same box09:38
diftow2okay, then its compatible09:38
diftow2fuckin awesome, pardon my french09:38
Viking667Xorg is a X Window System09:38
Viking667... though a few years on.09:38
Andy_S_sweetpi: well, that would be difficult as i don't have any working system on that netbook09:38
diftow2One last question, this one is food for thought.09:38
diftow2Can linux code be converted to run on Windows?09:39
Viking667don't get me started on food...09:39
sweetpiAndy_S_: i mean on the nfs server09:39
Viking667diftow2: depends on how POSIX-compliant it is.09:39
diftow2Ah, alright :)09:39
Richie086depends diftow209:39
Andy_S_sweetpi: yep, i am09:39
alainganycan someone help me with samba?09:39
Richie086yeah what Viking667 said09:39
Viking667it's a b(((ger of a job.09:39
nogoi just removed my samba09:39
piyushmishraxiaclo: I selected the highlighting part. am looking for plugins to clean my code. something that automatically indents on each new line when I have hit tab once till I stop it and something that can balance out braces for me so that I can find where I missed out one09:39
xiaclodiftow2 all code can be ported ... how much work depends on POSIX and what libraries it uses and if those are available for windows09:39
Richie086alaing: dont ask if u can ask, just ask09:39
diftow2Alright, ill brb and if im successful, ill upload some screencaps heh09:40
Viking667diftow2: point me to the tarball, I'll take a look09:40
alainghow do i check to see that vnc-server is allowed on the firewall09:40
Viking667I've probably seen something like it, come to think of it.09:40
xiaclopiyushmishra i could swear gedit could do that ... give me a second, let me play with it09:40
piyushmishraxiaclo: tell me how :)09:40
Viking667If you can stand the headspace thing, try vim or emacs09:41
sweetpiAndy_S_: ok, just making sure nfs is actually working right. do you get any other errors on boot, or did you change anything else?09:41
Richie086alaing: do a sudo iptables -L and post the output to pastebin09:41
Richie086then post the url in chat09:42
Andy_S_sweetpi: nope... just "nfs over tcp not available from" and "connect: Network is unreachable"09:42
alaingRichie086: how do i copy and paste it from the terminal.(sorry linux newbie)09:42
Richie086alaing: just highlight it and copy it and paste it09:43
zetheroodoes anyone here use gtk-recordmydesktop?09:43
Viking667diftow2: I'll grab it from sf.net myself... I can see it.09:43
sweetpiAndy_S_: sounds like your dhcp is messed up, pastebin your config09:44
alaingRichie086: ctrl+C or V?09:44
diftow2it says GCC is installed on my machine, but i dont see it in programs heh09:44
Richie086ctrl c09:44
diftow2does it run from terminal?09:44
Andy_S_ok, w809:44
Richie086or right click on the highlighted text and choose copy09:44
alaingi tried that and it does not work09:44
Viking667diftow2: I believe so...09:45
Richie086do u have a middle mouse button alaing?09:45
Andy_S_sweetpi: http://pastebin.com/JddWRLeR09:45
Richie086that also will copy any highlighted text09:45
arnabi am planning to change my motherboard and CPU. will it be possible to maintain the current ubuntu installation? i have a lot of custom settings which i want to avoid redoing09:45
[thor]alaing: hightlight the text will auto-copy09:45
alaingI highlight it and do ctrl+c and then try paste it in pastebin and theres no paste option09:45
Richie086arnab: yeah not a prob09:45
Viking667By the way, a shortcut for you, diftow2 - sudo apt-get install fsviewer09:45
xiaclopiyushmishra edit > preferences > View > highlight matching bracket (at the bottom) .... Editor > enable automatic indentation (middle)09:45
Viking667diftow2: means you won't need to compile it09:46
Richie086alaing: try the middle mouse button to copy the text09:46
alaing[thor]: from the terminal?09:46
[thor]alaing: also you can middle-click to paste the last copied item09:46
Richie086if u have a middle mouse button that is09:46
[thor]alaing: both ways, actually.. you can use middle-click to paste back into terminal09:46
piyushmishraxiaclohihglight bracket sucks when u have long codes I cant even find where the highlight went away lemme check the othe one09:46
alaingok middle click worked09:46
piyushmishraxiaclo: ^^09:46
Ikari_ShinjiI have a HP Mini 110 from AT&T in the US. I'm going to put 10.04 netbook remix on it, and I'm wondering where to find working HP nr2100 broadband modem drivers.09:47
=== PZ is now known as PreZ
[thor]alaing: if you find yourself doing a lot of pastebin, there is an app called pastebinit09:47
sweetpiAndy_S_: is the router and nfs box?09:47
Richie086yeah i <3 pastebininit09:47
[thor]alaing: where you can pipe stuff to it, and it will post a new url for it09:47
Andy_S_sweetpi: yes09:47
airtonixIkari_Shinji, at the moment, just use the windows drivers withe ndis-gtk09:47
alaing[thor]: swweet09:47
Richie086alaing: so your firewall is showing that you have no rules set up09:47
piyushmishraxiaclo: auto indent works :)09:47
[thor]example --> ps -aux | pastebinit09:48
Richie086and all packets are being allowed to pass09:48
alaing[thor]: i'll look into it. any good tutorials?09:48
[thor]man pastebinit ?09:48
xiaclopiyushmishra just a second, there is a way around the bracket thing, let me figure out how to do it09:48
piyushmishraxiaclo: anything to balance braces and also to add language libraries for an auto suggest like feature?09:48
airtonixIkari_Shinji, ah didn't see the 3g part09:48
=== MTW2 is now known as efuse
Ikari_ShinjiYeah, its a 3G Broadband Modem. I'm not sure of the chipset.09:48
Richie086alaing: were u expecting to see a rule allowing VNC in your firewall?09:48
alaingtightvnc on windows seems to be the problem09:48
Richie086alaing: cuz you have NO rules at all09:49
xiaclopiyushmishra you mean like you start typing and it completes html tags and such?09:49
Richie086alaing: i can suggest a much easier app09:49
airtonixIkari_Shinji, i would just install the OS and then check if you actually needt o do anything09:49
Richie086alaing: check out teamviewer.com09:49
=== popey__ is now known as popey
Richie086for doing graphical remote acs to linux, windows or mac09:49
piyushmishraxiaclo: class browser does it but only for py and ruby not for php09:49
Viking667diftow2: ouch. Wrong program. Sorry.09:49
sweetpiAndy_S_: can you verify that the netbook is getting a ip and gateway?09:49
Andy_S_sweetpi: it is booting via PXE successfully09:49
airtonixpiyushmishra, which editor ?09:49
Ikari_Shinjiairtonix, that's my next step, going to deploy from USB after I find out why my USB stick doesn't have it loaded.09:49
Andy_S_sweetpi: dhcp is working correctly09:50
xiaclopiyushmishra also under plugins, try tag list09:50
piyushmishraxiaclo: auto complete is present but it doesnt prompt built in and user defined functions etc09:50
sweetpiAndy_S_: I mean after the kernel loads09:50
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c as a remote control in ubuntu 9.10??09:50
Andy_S_sweetpi: if you can tell me how (i am in the initramfs)...09:50
airtonixpiyushmishra, i use and love this one : http://github.com/nagaozen/gedit-plugin-autocomplete/09:50
krinda3I installed 10.04 and it was a rocket. It's and old machine (AMD athlon with 1GB memory) but I had to so something because nuo it takes ages to start and once started it takes ages to start any application. Can any body give me a clue?09:50
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c as a remote control in ubuntu 9.10??09:51
airtonixpiyushmishra, video of it in action : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMbkbhNsVkk09:51
piyushmishraairtonix: gimme some time am on slow conn09:51
sweetpiAndy_S_: right before is tries nfs it should say what the ip and gateway are. get rid of quiet and splash options to see09:51
airtonixpiyushmishra, or you could use geany instead of gedit09:51
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c as a remote control in ubuntu 9.10?? anyone plz answer............09:52
piyushmishraairtonix: I will try geany too but how is that better?09:52
airtonixpiyushmishra, i find that its still responds fast on low end machines09:53
=== snow_usa is now known as da
nogowith ubuntu?09:53
* nogo rolls eyes09:54
airtonixpiyushmishra, or you might like to try Editra09:54
nogoi just tested tinycore and slitaz09:54
nogothey are designed for you09:54
airtonix!who | nogo09:54
ubottunogo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:54
piyushmishraairtonix: hehe I was looking for 1 solution, you are giving me string theory :P09:54
Andy_S_sweetpi: ETH0: SUICGIFINDEX: no such device...09:54
Andy_S_sweetpi: driver related? :-(09:55
xiaclopiyushmishra just doing some quick research, second for geany, it does include code folding, which is what i was looking for in gedit, doesn't even seem to be a plugin (that isn't extremely buggy anyways)09:55
sweetpiAndy_S_: sounds like it, can you boot anything else?09:55
Andy_S_sweetpi: anything i can download09:55
airtonixpiyushmishra, try them out, things i like about gedit : filebrowser, snippet manager... things i like about geany : fast, basic snippets, handles HTML tags better09:55
phanindrawhile i am using ganyremote, i have tried to connect it to my nokia 3110c mobile.But when i clicked at testAT, its showing AT mode not supported. Is there any solution??09:56
Andy_S_sweetpi: that netbook doesn't have optical drive, only usb / nic :(09:56
piyushmishraxiaclo: means u can select and close parts of codes like blocks?09:56
krinda3HELP! anybody to help on how to check my ubuntu 10.04 to solve a general performance issue ?09:56
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, so blocks you know are fine, you can collapse to just the first line09:57
sweetpiAndy_S_: did you try live ubuntu on usb?09:57
airtonixpiyushmishra, no it means you can fold them away to only the definition line (like the function definition)09:57
airtonix(it gets annoying though when you mis click)09:57
piyushmishraxiaclo: I would love that feature I am missing it too. I came from dreamweaver on windows to gedit on ubuntu :P09:57
Andy_S_sweetpi: i've tried booting from usb, no luck09:57
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, gedit is missing quite a few things for coding ... if you don't mind a bit of a learning curve, i would actually suggest going with something like emacs or vim ... but not everyone is up for that ... geany sounds like a nice middleground09:58
piyushmishraairtonix: where does atucomplete get the source of functions built in library?09:58
KiNkvims the bomb09:59
alaing_Richie086: sorry my connection dropped09:59
phanindrawhile i am using ganyremote, i have tried to connect it to my nokia 3110c mobile.But when i clicked at testAT, its showing AT mode not supported. Is there any solution??09:59
selofiholas! que tal?????????09:59
airtonixpiyushmishra, combination of open documents and known libs09:59
piyushmishraxiaclo: vim works on terminal na?09:59
Richie086alaing_: oh09:59
xiaclopiyushmishra vim does yes, but there is also gvim, which is a gtk version09:59
sweetpiAndy_S_: from initramfs, see what ifconfig says09:59
airtonixpiyushmishra, if dreamweaver was your previous editor then vim won't be something you'll like10:00
selofithe spanish channel please?10:00
zetherooI am trying to install recorditnow in Ubuntu Lucid and am getting a message in SPM regarding 3 packages that need to be installed but won't be due to unresolved dependencies ... how to fix?10:00
piyushmishraairtonix: will it learn and remember the functions from old sessions?10:00
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, vim is very powerful, but like i said, quite a bit of a learning curve to it ... once you get used to it, everything else seems second-rate ... but it takes a while10:00
BenomsHi, wondering if i can get a quick hand with something. I have 2 ubuntu machines. I made a folder on one and enabled sharing and write access to it (installed samba in the process and restarted session). I can't seem to connect to it from my other PC. It finds it and asks for login, domain and password. I put the user's login name and password and machine name as domain, but it doesn't accept my password :( any ideas?10:00
sweetpiAndy_S_: do you have another computer you can try to netboot, just to verify its not the server setup?10:00
zetheroothe three packages are: kdebase-runtime, kdelibs5, libqt4-svg10:00
piyushmishraxiaclo: lol I am learning a lot since I am on ubuntu10:01
Andy_S_sweetpi: yes10:01
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c for ganyremote?10:01
Katsumi32selofi #ubuntu-es10:01
Andy_S_sweetpi: just a sec10:01
Benomsi don't have samba installing on the other PC come to think of it.. maybe thats what i need?10:01
selofikatsumi32: como es la ruta completa? join...,que?10:01
piyushmishraxiaclo: does the gtk verion match the original vim ?10:01
NoReGreTi'm running lucid x86 and no flashplayer plugin is installed on chromium where the adobe website that it is, what can i do there ?10:02
Katsumi32selofi, yo no speak mexican10:02
piyushmishraxiacloI mean carries all features and works with them properly?10:02
xiaclopiyushmishra yes, the only difference is it has dropdown menus, so you don't have to remember a million arcane keybinds10:02
=== dennis is now known as denysonique_lubu
piyushmishraxiaclo: I will carry a handbook of all keybinds I have a short memory :P10:03
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c for ganyremote?10:03
xerox1how to restart the complete screen detaction? if my screen is not powered on during booting, the max resolution is to low...10:03
selofikatsumi: jajajaja, i am not from mexican! mexicans speaks spanish, you know? my english is very bad i only whant to kwnow the ubuntu spanish chat link...10:03
xiaclopiyushmishra some you will use often enough to get used to, the rest you can find in dropdown menus, that's the nice part about gvim10:03
piyushmishraxiaclo: so sudo apt-get install gvim ?10:04
Jared555if grub is set up to make windows the default OS, are kernel updates going to make ubuntu the default again?10:04
denysonique_lubuI am not a gui fan. but is it possible to control everything using a gui?10:04
xiaclopiyushmishra yep, should get you started ... look through the menus, there is a LOT of options10:04
piyushmishraxiaclo: Package gvim is a virtual package provided by:10:05
piyushmishra  vim-gtk 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu310:05
piyushmishra  vim-gnome 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu310:05
piyushmishraYou should explicitly select one to install.10:05
FloodBot4piyushmishra: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:05
denysonique_lubupiyushmishra, vimtutor10:05
rwwubottu: es | selofi10:05
ubottuselofi: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:05
Andy_S_sweetpi: yep, it boots correctly...10:05
Benomswhen setting a samba share and accessing it from another laptop, the domain should be the computer name yes? (i'm not connected to an actual domain, just a simple home network)10:05
Andy_S_so driver related :(10:05
selofithank you ubottu!10:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:05
xiaclopiyushmishra err ... let's go with vim-gnome ... although honestly i think they are the same package ...10:05
sweetpiAndy_S_: sounds like it, check supported hardware10:06
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c for ganyremote?10:06
xiacloJared555 kernel updates will ask before replacing any user-modified files ... so if you changed your grub files to make windows boot first, nothing will replace that without asking10:06
zetherooI am trying to install recorditnow in Ubuntu Lucid and am getting a message in SPM regarding 3 packages that need to be installed but won't be due to unresolved dependencies ... how to fix?10:06
piyushmishraxiaclo: do you have a gtalk/yahoo? I think I will eat up ur head when I dont find something on vim :P10:06
zetheroothe three packages are: kdebase-runtime, kdelibs5, libqt4-svg10:06
xiaclopiyushmishra no, but i leave my computer idle on irc, so just msg me here, i'll get back to you when i can10:07
piyushmishraxiaclo: good :)10:08
ghalebhello, I compiled PAM from source code, I got the source code from apt-src install pam, and now I'm not able to log into the system, I have a preconnected session I can work through, any help please ?10:08
Andy_S_sweetpi: well, that won't help me... i just need to boot any live distro that works with this piece of crappy hardware :-(10:08
piyushmishraxiaclo: I need to be able to do all the basic things that I can do with gedit now first with vim. does it have highlighting abilities? coloring parts of code for ease in reading10:09
Jared555xiaclo, will the new kernel replace the old one if you do not update grub.conf?10:09
xiaclo!es | selofi10:09
ubottuselofi: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:09
KiNkOPen your terminal and type vimtutor and it will tell you everything you need to know10:10
xiaclopiyushmishra from gvim, just syntax> automatic should work, it's pretty good about detecting what language it is10:10
phanindracan i use nokia 3110c for ganyremote?10:11
phanindrawhile i am using ganyremote, i have tried to connect it to my nokia 3110c mobile.But when i clicked at testAT, its showing AT mode not supported. Is there any solution??10:11
Guest27456Hi guys10:11
piyushmishraxiaclo: omg its huge :P10:11
sweetpiAndy_S_: well unless there is a linux driver for your network card, your out of luck trying to netboot it. except for maybe a fat initrd. i would check some more from the initramfs to make sure its not some other problem10:12
Guest27456just a question10:12
Andy_S_sweetpi: well, i am not that good :(10:12
xiacloJared555 depends what file you edited ... the correct way to update that file in grub2 is to modify the files /etc/default/grub and then run grub-mkconfig10:12
Guest27456does anyone of you have problems with his/her printer when displaying ink levels on gnome print?10:12
piyushmishraxiaclo: I have used this before. we used to code c and c++ in vim in our first and second yr at college on red hat :)10:13
sweetpiAndy_S_: add break=premount to kernel options, then type ifconfig10:13
piyushmishraxiaclo: we used very little keybinds but yes I remember it now10:13
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, vim is a beast ... but it's one of the most powerful text editors that exists ... although i'm sure people would argue with me for emacs =)10:13
KiNkNot me I like vim10:14
piyushmishraxiaclo: auto indent and balance braces?10:14
Guest27456because it shows me that there's no ink10:15
Guest27456i have a brother printer10:15
Andy_S_sweetpi: ok, sec10:15
piyushmishraxiaclo: how do I save settings?10:16
xiaclopiyushmishra balance braces is on by default as long as it recognizes what language you are in, its part of syntax highlighting ... auto indent is edit > file settings > toggle autoindent10:16
Andy_S_sweetpi: without any reply...10:17
piyushmishraxiaclo: I was trying to set the number of spaces in tab10:17
xiaclopiyushmishra for everything command, there is a vim shortcut ... you can add that to your ~/.vimrc file .... for example, autoindent is ':set ai!'10:18
piyushmishraxiaclo: I have edited that config file. what is the key to sabe it10:18
obarbhey guys, can someone please tell me w<hich ubuntu version fluxbuntu 7.10 is?10:18
xiaclopiyushmishra any file is esc > :w or :wq if you want to exit too10:18
xiaclopiyushmishra or just file > save =)10:19
piyushmishraxiaclo: we used this ty for it10:19
Red1hi,i've just installed ubuntu 10.04 using wubi on a laptop with windows 7, but sometimes the mouse and the keyboard don't work. i can move the mouse, but i can't click anywhere but on the firefox icon.. what can i do?10:19
piyushmishraxiaclo: no its in buffer mode10:19
piyushmishraxiaclo: how do I save settings there?10:20
harri_hi all10:20
darknemosHi, how can i add a shortcut to my mounted windows C and D drive to the /home directory?10:20
zetheroowhy can't I install KDE apps?10:20
fusion_soreau: the 1028x786 resolution changed back to 800x600 and the "1024x786" wasn't availale when i restarted10:21
sweetpiAndy_S_: type ifconfig eth010:21
xiaclopiyushmishra hmm, i didn't have an issue with it ... esc to exit insert mode ... then type :wq10:21
Andy_S_sweetpi: device not found10:22
piyushmishraxiaclo:  its an option window10:22
zetheroodarknemos: just mount the partitions and they will appear on your desktop10:22
soreaufusion_: OUTPUT=VGA1; MODE="1024x768_60.00"; xrandr --newmode $MODE   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync && xrandr --addmode $OUTPUT $MODE && xrandr --output $OUTPUT --mode $MODE10:22
xiaclopiyushmishra you went to edit > startup settings, yes?10:22
darknemoszetheroo: i need shortcuts in the home directory because programs refuse to use other paths than the /home10:22
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
sweetpiAndy_S_: well our guess seems to be right then.. no driver10:23
piyushmishraxiaclo: no settings window10:23
zetheroodarknemos: programs?10:23
Andy_S_sweetpi: crap10:23
xiaclopiyushmishra oh, just quit then ... :q10:23
zetheroodarknemos: I don't understand what your trying to accomplish10:23
sweetpiAndy_S_: your booting the latest version?10:23
Andy_S_sweetpi: 10.0410:23
darknemoszetheroo, i have software that i have to set a cache directory. But in the dropdown i can only select the / and /home but not mounted partitions10:24
Richie086darknemos: is ur $PATH messed up?10:24
piyushmishraxiaclo: lol nice learning curve we did all these basic ones and now I have forgotten all of this :P10:24
NoReGreTi'm running lucid x86 and no flashplayer plugin is installed on chromium where the adobe website that it is, what can i do there ?10:24
sweetpiAndy_S_: yeah, only thing I can say is search around for "linux your_netbook_model"10:24
xiaclopiyushmishra to set your tab length to 4 for example ... add these two lines to your ~/.vimrc ... ':set tabstop=4' ':set sw=4'10:24
zetheroodarknemos: what software?10:24
darknemoszetheroo, the program is called Mari. A very specilized software10:25
zetheroodarknemos: huh ... specialized for linux?10:25
piyushmishraxiaclo: I did that on the other file :P btw how to select all code? ctrl+a seems to copy the last few lines10:26
darknemoszetheroo: its a 3d texturing app, Never mind its complicated :)10:26
darknemosand yes its linux x64 only10:26
Richie086NoReGreT: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:26
pat|nG!seen dustin_10:26
ubottuI have no seen command10:26
FusionXsoreau: the 1028x786 resolution changed back to 800x600 and the "1024x786" wasn't available when i restarted10:26
soreauFusionX:  OUTPUT=VGA1; MODE="1024x768_60.00"; xrandr --newmode $MODE   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync && xrandr --addmode $OUTPUT $MODE && xrandr --output $OUTPUT --mode $MODE10:27
zetheroodarknemos: so it's specialized to only show those two locations ... / and home10:27
Ikari_ShinjiIs there a site I can look up lsusb entries on? Google is returning garbage.10:27
darknemoszetheroo: i cannot select anything other than those two locations10:27
Richie086NoReGreT: let me know if that works for u.. dont forget to close and open ur browser10:28
darknemosso i need a shortcut to the mounted windows partitions in order to use them10:28
Richie086after installing10:28
Ikari_ShinjiIt looks like neither the boradcom wireless OR the WWLAN Gobi cards are supported out of the box in Ubuntu.10:28
xiaclopiyushmishra i use a massive number ... although i'm sure there is a way to copy all ... y is yank (or copy) followed by number of lines before or after and a direction .... so y5<down arrow> will copy your current line, and 5 lines below it ... p will paste ... again, out of insert mode10:28
zetheroodarknemos: and you want to set the cache location to where?10:28
xiaclopiyushmishra so the whole file ... i usually do something like :1 (jump to line 1) y9999999<down>10:28
pat|nGhi there.....i need a help regarding to my grub....everytime i update my kernel i got this new grub....it's not good to see more grub on my start up....10:28
piyushmishraxiaclo: ohk10:29
xiaclopiyushmishra it sounds bad ... but you get really fast at it ... and i'm sure some vi guru could show you an easier way, i just know the basic stuff myself10:29
darknemoszetheroo: i have 2 linux partitions. / and /home but i also have 2 big windows partitions C and D but the software doesnt see those 2 locations. Only / and /home10:29
Dr_Willis !mount10:29
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount10:29
zetheroodarknemos: are the partitions mounted?10:29
piyushmishraxiaclo: does this have a keybind map somewhere which I can print out?10:30
arooni-mobilehi folks...... any possibility that i can remote desktop into my ubuntu desktpo 10.04 (with visual effects enabled) from my ubuntu laptop 10.04 ?10:30
darknemoszetheroo: i can see the in the sidebar and use them10:30
Aviramhi guys.. I have a crisis. FGLRX screwed my computer.. :(10:30
Dr_Willisarooni-mobile:  visual effects can cause issues..  and slow things way down10:30
zetheroocan someone help me install KDE apps in Ubuntu ... first time it's not working for me and it's really frustrating10:30
Aviramand I really need it to work10:30
Avirameven firefox wont work properly now10:30
zetheroodarknemos: are they mounted in the system?10:30
arooni-mobileDr_Willis, right; but ur saying with visual effects i cant vnc?10:30
xiaclopiyushmishra if you look through the menus, they always have the key shortcuts next to them ... in fact, just figured out an easier way to do it ... ggVGy ... will copy everything =)10:30
darknemoszetheroo: what do you mean mounted in the system?10:30
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
zetheroodarknemos: and if so can your see them in the software when they are mounted?10:30
zazz_I have a quick q which might sound kind of silly but is there much difference in the netbook edition and the desktop? In other words, would a little apsire one netbook handle the desktop version of ubuntu? :)10:30
FusionXsoreau, i pm'ed the error10:30
zetheroodarknemos: are they mounted in linux10:31
darknemoszetheroo: i just said they are mounted and i can use them. But the software cannot see them10:31
piyushmishraxiaclo: lol I was looking to select all :P10:31
Aviramplease help? :c10:31
pat|nGhi there.....i need a help regarding to my grub....everytime i update my kernel i got this new grub....it's not good to see more grub on my start up....10:31
darknemoszetheroo: god knows why they did program it the way they did10:31
Dr_Willisarooni-mobile:  try it.. i bet it will be ugly10:31
AviramCan anyone see my messages?10:31
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, its in the menu with the shortcut ... its ggVG ... then y to copy or d to cut10:32
NoReGreTRichie086: it's working fine, thanks10:32
zazz_Aviram: yes10:32
zetheroodarknemos: ok ... hence you wanted to create shortcuts to the partitions within the / area10:32
digiforI just installed 10.04 on an AA1. There is no cursor in the gnome-terminal. What do I need to do to make the cursor visible?10:32
xiaclopiyushmishra i tend to use d to delete as well, but it's technically cut not delete10:32
Aviramanyone can help me with fixing my graphics?10:32
darknemoszetheroo: yes10:32
darknemoszetheroo: its a gateway to the other partitions10:33
arooni-mobileDr_Willis, screen doesnt refresh10:33
Richie086NoReGreT: good to hear10:33
Ikari_ShinjiI'm having to manually partition else Ubuntu will take out the recovery partition.10:33
AviramComeon, someone in here must be able to help me ;(10:33
Ikari_ShinjiWhat's a good swap for 1 GB of RAM?10:33
Richie086Aviram: dont ask if you can ask, just ask10:34
piyushmishraxiaclo: how to did you say I can get my codes colored?10:34
AviramI asked10:34
AviramFGLRX wont uninstall or reinstall10:34
Dr_Willisarooni-mobile:  im not suprised. disable compiz and see if it works10:34
AviramMy graphics are screwed, I have an X as a cursor and all of the windows doesn't have any pattern10:34
AviramIt's just a text line giving me options to do10:34
arooni-mobileDr_Willis, it does; but i really like my desktop effects ;p10:34
Aviramlike File , Edit and some windows I can't even move, Richie08610:34
xiaclopiyushmishra :syn on10:35
Dr_Willisarooni-mobile:  when using vnc - i go extreme and get a VERY minimal desktop setup. works much better that way.10:35
Dr_Willisarooni-mobile:  vnc using icewm , or fluxbox. = much nicer10:35
AviramRichie086, ?10:35
Richie086Aviram: looking into it sec10:36
piyushmishraxiaclo: ohk I had to save it with the extension to be able to do it10:36
arooni-mobileDr_Willis, what is icewm or fluxbox?  also is there a way to disable desktop effects temporarily from command line10:36
AviramRichie086, I need to restart my xchat.. I can't exit new windows I opened in Xchat and I need to restart in order to see something10:37
piyushmishraxiaclo: why does everyone like darker colors more, I just noticed most color schemes are darker10:37
piyushmishraxiaclo: ty for now I think I will look or some keybind printable page first10:38
zetheroodarknemos: ok ... I cannot figure out making a link to the partition itself ... but you can make a link to a folder within the Windowz partition10:38
darknemoszetheroo: I found a way. I go to places and ctrl+shift drag the places into the home folder10:38
zetheroodarknemos: and then drag that link to anywhere in your home folder ... including the Desktop10:38
AviramAny idea Richie086 ?10:38
Richie086Aviram: have u tried to re-install the video driver?10:38
AviramI'm pretty sure I did10:38
zetheroodarknemos: ahh ok ... ;)10:38
AviramHow do I do it exactly?10:39
darknemoszetheroo: hehehe :)10:39
Avirammaybe I haven't done it, I'm not sure10:39
Richie086Aviram: i have to admit i have 0 experience with FGLRX10:39
zetheroodarknemos: glad you got it sorted ... I am still pulling my hair out :D10:39
Richie086Aviram: i am a nvidia fan10:39
digiforMaybe I am asking wrong. Why is my cursor in gnome-terminal invisible?10:39
Richie086Aviram: let me see if i can help tho10:39
Aviram1258 people in here, none can really help me10:39
darknemoszetheroo: yeah thanks for the help10:39
Katsumi32Richie086, im ATI fan10:39
piyushmishraxiaclo: cant I save my settings on it?10:39
Richie086Katsumi32: then help out Aviram10:39
AviramSO HALP ME Katsumi3210:40
zetheroodarknemos: heh ...  I didn't do anything that helped ... but your welcome anyhow ...10:40
Aviramyou can even help me by googling10:40
Richie086im not familar with installing/fixing issues is fglrx10:40
Aviramsince I can't open firefox10:40
xiaclopiyushmishra http://www.viemu.com/vi-vim-cheat-sheet.gif ... and settings are saved in your ~/.vimrc .. so note the command, and add it to your vimrc, ill send you mine a minute10:40
Katsumi32Aviram, what card do you have?10:41
Richie086Aviram: btw u could open a text mode web browser like lynx or links (elinks).. it takes a bit getting used to, but it is always an option10:41
Richie086it has saved my ass on many occasions10:41
piyushmishraxiaclo: now I know how gamers got their hotkeys :P10:41
Aviram4xxx ATI Radeon10:41
Katsumi32ok so go to AMD web get the latest catalyst for your card and u will see how great it will work10:41
Katsumi32Aviram, i have hd4850 use catalyst and everything work perfect10:42
xiaclopiyushmishra mine could be tweaked more,  but its a decent starting point for coding ... http://pastebin.com/7B3Kq6qJ10:42
darknemosis there a way to set wacom tablet to use only one monitor?10:42
Katsumi32Aviram,  get your driver from here http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx10:42
AviramI got it10:42
Aviramon my computer10:42
Avirambut the problem that it seems that fglrx10:42
Aviramis screwing with my system10:42
Richie086do u know how to boot into single user mode or change run levels Aviram ?10:43
Aviramand I can't remove it , I got some diverse error10:43
AviramI think..?10:43
AviramYou mean like getting into rune?10:43
FloodBot4Aviram: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:43
Richie086might want to change to text only mode10:43
Benomslol this family's name on tv is pronounced 'Ubergay'10:44
Katsumi32Aviram, did you download correct driver? secodn type in terminal atconfig --odgt and tell me what the output is10:44
xiaclopiyushmishra and this will help you learn the key combos http://cse.taylor.edu/~moquist/vim_help/vi_cheat_sheet.gif10:44
AviramRROR - Get temperature failed for the Default Adapter - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series10:45
Katsumi32Aviram, your driver isnt installed10:45
Katsumi32it doesnt work10:45
ShredMasterhey, how to download from utorrent10:45
Katsumi32you still use ubuntu driver10:45
AviramIs the file I have10:45
AviramI ran it using sudo sh file name10:46
Avirameven tried installing the packages10:46
Aviramby making it make packages10:46
Katsumi32Aviram,  see me on prv10:46
piyushmishraxiaclo: how do I paste things into my startup settings?10:46
Richie086good luck with that Katsumi3210:46
digiforFixed. Just had to type 'reset'10:46
artistsalutare la toata lumea10:47
xiaclopiyushmishra i for insert, then shift-insert or middle click10:47
piyushmishraxiaclo: how to save color scheme into the startup file? I pasted it successfully10:47
ShredMasteranyone uses utorrent10:47
piyushmishraShredMaster: utorent on ubuntu?10:47
SwedeMike!anyone | ShredMaster10:47
ubottuShredMaster: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:47
Dr_Willisutorrent has been ported to linux. as a server/no gui variant10:48
ShredMasterSwedeMike: the search button is dead in my, why?10:48
piyushmishraxiaclo: colorscheme morning10:49
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, just found it too, you're getting the hang of it =)10:49
ShredMasterDr_Willis: how can I list the torrents in the torrent window itself?10:49
[thor]ShredMaster: i left utorrent behind for deluge once i switched to ubuntu.10:50
piyushmishraxiaclo: u have set space to fold the code?10:50
willinjadeluge rock :D10:50
xiaclopiyushmishra yes, you can change that to something else, or remove it if you want10:50
willinjai love deluge user interface10:50
piyushmishraxiaclo: Its fine I was trying to make sense of the settings10:51
[thor]ShredMaster: it has everything you are used to in utorrent10:51
piyushmishraxiaclo: its cool I think I can learn it in a day or two10:51
ShredMasterthor: ok I will try deluge10:51
piyushmishraxiaclo: any key for toggle full screen?10:51
xiaclopiyushmishra for basic use yeah, it's one of those programs that takes years of experimenting to master10:51
piyushmishraxiaclo: lol its an operating system if u ask me :P10:52
xiaclopiyushmishra yeah, might as well be ... most programming languages aren't as complicated as vim ... and i dont think there is a full screen ... maximizing the window is about the best you can do10:53
glebihanpiyushmishra: Ctrl+F11 should put any window into fullscreen10:53
ShredMasterthor: I want to if deluge lists the donwloadable files in the same window.10:53
[thor]ShredMaster: belay that.. it seems it is lacking in the one function you had mentioned was not working in your utorrent :D10:53
xiaclopiyushmishra remember it's command-line ... so it doesn't know about the window it's running in or have control over it ... would have to handle that through gnome10:53
piyushmishraxiaclo: okie its really fun though everytime i use something on this, I feel like I am pro-er now :P10:54
joaosantanahi all10:54
[thor]ShredMaster: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Screenshots10:54
ShredMasterthor: utorrent, yes, the search button doesnot work at all10:54
piyushmishraglebihan: not working10:55
=== McPeter_ is now known as McPeter
glebihanpiyushmishra: maybe it works only with metacity10:55
ShredMasterthor: I hope in deluge i don't have to download a torrnt file first, as in utorrent10:55
rblsthi, is there multitouch support for synaptic touchpads in lucid?10:55
xiaclopiymishra yeah ... although once you get used to it, you'll never go back to 'simplier' software for editing ... once i was stuck on a windows system ... and said 'hey, i can open a 10MB SQL dump in notepad, vim can do it no problem' ... turns out it was faster to put it on a flash drive, move it to linux, edit it and move it back ... notepad was still struggling to open it =P10:55
LabanMy laptop is getting hotter and the fan is going all the time when I run Ubuntu, but not Windows. How can I fix this? I guess it's some power thingy...10:56
[thor]ShredMaster: you can set it up to auto-open the torrent files10:56
ownerAnyone here able to help me with sound driver /card issues after installing xubuntu? like i tried everything, xD10:56
ShredMasterthor: ok10:56
[thor]ShredMaster: you can also make it skip the dialog window that asks where to put the new files...10:56
piyushmishraglebihan: I just added the shortcut to my keyboard shortcuts still doesnt work10:57
[thor]ShredMaster: this  isn't really ubuntu stuff.. it might be better to take it to pm or #ubuntu-offtopic10:57
glebihanpiyushmishra: do you use compiz ?10:58
ShredMasterthor: ok10:58
Besogonhello. What do you suggest about Antivirus for Linux Serer which should protects not only the server but windows clients also?10:58
glebihanpiyushmishra: in that case, in ccsm, you can set a shortcut to toggle fullscreen in the "Extra WM Actions"10:58
ownerthor: Would you be able to help me with sound issues?10:59
[thor]owner: probably not.. i'm still mostly a noob.10:59
piyushmishraglebihan: where?10:59
ownerthor: ok haha. :(10:59
[thor]owner: don't let that stop you from asking in the channel though10:59
kivQuestion, Right now I am doing an ubuntu install, and I was wondering if it was possible to set multiple mount points to the same partition. Basically what I want to do is leave /home/kiv on my ssd, and put /home/kiv/Videos ; Music ; Pictures ; Downloads onto my harddrive disk.11:00
aviram_Someone got an idea what does this error mean and how do I fix i t?11:00
aviram_dpkg-divert : mismatch on package when removing 'diversno of /usr/lib/libgl.so.1.2 to /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1.2.xlibmesa by fglrx11:00
=== aviram_ is now known as Aviram
xiacloBesogon there is only a handful of linux viruses, and they have been patched ages ago ... they are VERY rare and short-lived ... so you don't need an antivirus protecting the server ... for the windows boxes on the network though, look into ClamAV, it was designed for e-mail scanning, although you can adapt it to almost anything11:00
glebihanpiyushmishra: run "ccsm", then in the "Window Management" section, you'll find "Extra WM Actions"11:00
=== ph0x is now known as ph0xide
Besogonxiaclo, I'll see. But I tought about nod32 or Kaspersky or Dr. Web.11:01
Richie086never heard of dr web...11:02
piyushmishraglebihan: in WM is see app switcher move window place windows put resize ring switcher scale shift switcher snapping windows static app switcher and window rules11:02
xiacloBesogon i'm not sure if corporate antivirus software will work in linux, it's worth some research ... clamav is free, if you are looking for a paid solution, im afraid i'm not much help in that regard11:02
Richie086Besogon: it sounds like your looking for some sort of distributed av solution that can be controlled and managed via linux, is that correct?11:02
toupeiroLinux "viruses" are socially engineered moreso than they are technologically engineered.  They do something, in other words, to get you to do something to elevate to a level that is destructive because they have little to no way to do this on their own.11:03
piyushmishraBesogon: avast11:03
=== da is now known as snow_usa
BesogonRichie086, yes11:04
Richie086Besogon: while i cant personally suggest a paticular peice of software, you will want to do some pretty significant testing in a lab that closely resembles your network before even thinking about deployment11:05
Richie086a good friend of mine tried to do that with clamav without testing... lets just say the results were not good..11:05
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glebihanpiyushmishra: maybe this plugin is not part of compiz by default11:06
glebihanpiyushmishra: I'm looking to find which package provides it11:06
piyushmishraglebihan: its ok my fullscreen will work11:06
glebihanpiyushmishra: ok nice11:06
ubuntukindjeis iemand hier nl11:06
glebihanpiyushmishra: how did you do ?11:06
llutz!nl < ubuntukindje11:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:06
llutz!nl < ubuntukindje11:07
idletaskHello everyone11:07
[thor]llutz: >11:07
rblsthi, is there multitouch support for synaptic touchpads in lucid?11:07
idletaskI have managed to make virt-manager work with qemu-kvm, but there's something strange11:07
dexsterbuon giorno11:07
[thor]!nl | ubuntukindje11:07
ubottuubuntukindje: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl11:07
idletaskThe configuration for the VM lies in the user's home directory, but images are created in /var/lib/libvirt/images11:08
glebihan!it | dexster11:08
ubottudexster: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:08
idletaskThat's strange11:08
idletaskBut maybe that's on purpose?11:08
somethingintereshow can I safely increase the size of my root partition?11:08
glebihanidletask: the folder's name looks like it's ok11:09
psycho_oreosgparted using livecd11:09
idletasksomethinginteres: you can't, really, unless it is LVM11:09
idletaskglebihan: what? /var/lib/libvirt?11:10
glebihanidletask: yes "libvirt/images" looks like it has been created to put images for libvirt in it...11:10
somethinginteresidletask: hmm, just maverick is reporting I only have 400MB free on it despite it being a pretty new install. I gave it 10GB of space when I installed maverick - was told that'd be enough - clearly not :)11:11
Andy_S_i am back... well, that is weird.11:11
glebihanidletask: but I've never used virt-manager, so I wouldn't be able to tell you more11:11
[thor]idletask: and it puts them i /var/lib/ because that's where lib files go :D11:11
idletaskglebihan: yes, but then here's the thing: configuration for the VM is stored in $HOME/.libvirt, but images are not stored there11:11
Andy_S_i got the ubuntu live working on the netbook... and... the NIC is working too!11:11
WXZif I install windows on 1 partition11:11
WXZI mean hdd11:11
idletaskThis is not coherent11:11
WXZand ubuntu on another11:11
WXZgrub will allow me to switch between both right?11:11
Andy_S_well, why the heck it won't boot via PXE...11:11
[thor]idletask: perhaps to allow for more than one user to access the same image?11:12
glebihanidletask: maybe virt-manager considers images are to be shared between users, whereas configuration is user-dependant11:12
[thor]just guessing..11:12
idletask[thor]: I'm pretty much aware of that but then libvirt is buggy - it creates all directories under /var/lib/libvirt as 755,root,root whereas they should be 775,root,libvirt11:12
usr13WXZ: yes11:12
WXZdoes it matter w11:12
idletask[thor]: the thing is, as the configuration is _not_ stored in /var/lib/libvirt, this is not the case!11:12
WXZdoes it matter the order in which I install11:12
BesogonRichie086, I just ask about decision people use. I think of a scheme: LAN---(Linux+AV)----(Windows clients). (Now we have old version of Kav. antivirus) Actually it is to be suggested to my chief. I don't know will he agree or not.11:13
WXZor windows is going to kill the mbr either way11:13
usr13WXZ: Windows first11:13
quibblerWXZ-> install windows first11:13
Andy_S_well, leaving...11:13
WXZk, thanks11:13
aeon-ltdWXZ: ubuntu kills the mbr with grub, windows first then ubuntu for ease of transition11:13
BesogonRichie086, Its not but also http://solutions.drweb.com/office_shield/11:14
[thor]idletask: i can only guess at the intentions of the coders..11:14
idletask[thor]: this is really a packaging issue, with Gentoo libvirt is packaged differently - and this packaging also has bugs11:14
usr13WXZ: Because windows install will only allow booting itself, and Ubuntu's grub provides for booting multiple OS's11:14
glebihanidletask: found that this is SELinux rule, see http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/5.5/html/Virtualization_Guide/sect-Virtualization-Security_for_virtualization-SELinux_and_virtualization.html11:17
idletaskglebihan: no, this was really a basic permission problem, but reading anyway11:18
idletaskUbuntu doesn't use SELinux, does it?11:18
joschiidletask: no, not by default11:19
Damasceneafter I unlock my screen and press any thing I get the lock again for one more time11:20
glebihanidletask: no but virt-manager is not an ubuntu application, and it follows SELinux rules11:20
idletaskglebihan: only if you tell it to do so11:20
Zolomon What online virus scanner would you recommend?11:20
idletaskglebihan: I use virt-manager/libvirt without SELinux on Gentoo (on two machines)11:20
usr13Zolomon: online virus scanner?  For scanning a linux system?11:21
utpuxhi everyone,does any of you know how to export bookmark from mozilla to epiphany?11:21
utpuxthanx in advance11:22
usr13Zolomon: We do not recommend any online virus scanner.11:22
WXZhow can I erase a harddrive11:22
WXZlike completely set everything to 011:22
usr13Zolomon: Neither do we  recommend a virus scanner locally either.11:22
denysonique_lubuWXZ, mkfs11:22
WXZwhat's the parameters11:23
usr13WXZ: dd11:23
denysonique_lubuWXZ, but the data can be still recovered11:23
glebihanidletask: ok, then maybe it's a bug in ubuntu, you may be interested in reading this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virt-manager/+bug/40538811:23
WXZyeah, I don't want the data recovered11:23
WXZnot for privacy purposes11:23
WXZbut just so I can have a blank slate11:23
usr13WXZ: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hd?11:23
glebihanidletask: apparently, a bug fix has been commited to upstream, so maybe it will be working in maverick11:23
aeon-ltdutpux: open up 'organize bookmarks'11:23
raxbghi guys i have a weird problem with the wi-fi11:23
denysonique_lubuusr13, not /dev/zero/ /dev/random11:23
WXZusr13, dev/zero being?11:24
usr13WXZ: Just delete the partition11:24
denysonique_lubuWXZ, and if you don't want someone to read the data you gonna have to overwrite several times11:24
usr13denysonique_lubu: Why /dev/random ?11:24
denysonique_lubuWXZ, that way it will be imposible to read that data11:24
idletaskglebihan: hmm, yeah,  indeed11:24
WXZalright, ok... I'll just delete all the partitions11:25
aeon-ltdutpux: have you done that?11:25
idletaskglebihan: it'd be nice for it to be backported to 10.04 - which it will since it's an LTS11:25
=== sarah is now known as Guest31088
utpuxand then export?11:25
denysonique_lubuusr13, writing radom data will leave less traces than writing just 000011:25
aeon-ltdutpux: pretty much11:25
utpuxokay then11:25
utpuxthank you very much11:26
glebihanidletask: you may ask for it in that bug report, as it's not closed11:26
idletaskusr13: you may also want to have a look at the shred command11:26
usr13denysonique_lubu: Well, I thought that the industry standard was to write zeros 7 times.11:26
aeon-ltdutpux: your welcome11:26
usr13idletask: Ok, I will11:26
raxbgi can connect to the network and in terminal i can ping every domain and it resolvs the ip corectly and the package manager works but other apps cant resolv any dns and i cant use firefox for example or pidgin. what might be the problem? the other weird thing is that when i connect to another router everything works it dont work just on mine. but my old mint didn't had any problems and my windows is also connecting good. any ideas?11:27
denysonique_lubuusr13, zeros would do too11:27
idletaskglebihan: I'll comment indeed11:27
=== LouisJB_ is now known as LouisJB
geirhaWXZ: You can use shred(1) to overwrite the harddrive several times11:27
denysonique_lubuWXZ, yes use shred11:28
usr13raxbg: sounds like you are missing nameserver address. Look to see what is in /etc/resolv.conf11:28
raxbgusr13:  its fine11:28
sacarlsonI got a new webcam today and works find in picture mode in cheese but when I run take video mode in cheese I get a movie that looks like about frame change every 4 secounds with bad noisy sound cam ID 1871:0d01 Aveo Technology Corp.11:28
denysonique_lubuusr13, but if you are going to prepare the disk for encryption you need do use random11:28
denysonique_lubuWXZ, also you may want to encrypt your drive11:29
denysonique_lubuWXZ,    for further  data11:29
JunikszHi! I have a problem with the irssi, i dunno how can i join 2 or more servers with this. Beause i start the irssi after i've type the /connect irc.freenode.net and now how can i connect to another server, becase if i type again the /connect with different server it will stay in the [1] "window". And if i make a new window with the /window new hide, and type the /connect irc.different.com it will go back to the first window, and the new is still11:29
raxbganyone with ideas about my problem11:30
sacarlsonis there any other software that will take video from a webcam to verify if my problem is a hardware or software problem?11:30
denysonique_lubuWXZ, http://news.techworld.com/security/3228701/fbi-hackers-fail-to-crack-truecrypt/11:30
raxbgsacarlson: try skype or vlc11:30
aeon-ltdJuniksz: are you sure, cycle through the channels opened with ctrl-p and ctrl-n11:30
usr13raxbg: Maybe it is just very slow speed11:30
sacarlsonraxbg: good idea I have that installed I will try that11:30
sacarlsonraxbg: vlc?  what package is that?11:31
raxbgusr13: no its not as i said it works perfectly on my windows and on my linux mind11:31
raxbgsacarlson: look for vlc media player or video lan11:31
Junikszaeon-ltd, now if i try /connect irc.something.com irssi will try connect in the first stuff11:32
Junikszaeon-ltd: and yes I'sure11:32
usr13raxbg: What you say does not make sense.11:32
Junikszaeon-ltd: now i have only 2 "windows" 1 is the irc.freenode connect thing, and the second is the #ubuntu11:32
raxbgusr13: this is why i said its weird :)11:32
usr13raxbg: Unless it is an intermitten problem.  Check your network cable.11:33
raxbgusr13: its wireless when i connet with the cable it just work11:33
usr13raxbg: Maybe something wrong with the physical connection11:33
Junikszaeon-ltd: /j #channel will open a new window,  but /connect ir.com doesn't will11:33
raxbgusr13: but it doesnt want to work with the wireless11:33
usr13raxbg: oh, wireless.11:34
raxbgusr13: i can ping any domain so it resolvs right? and i can use my package manager and i can download files in terminal11:34
usr13raxbg: Check the essid and see if it matches the wireless router you are supposed to be connected to.11:34
raxbgusr13: but i cant use any app different from terminal or package manager11:34
sacarlsonraxbg: well I just tried to sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc  and it says that I already have them all installed,  so what gui can I use to try it?11:35
Rei-chanYou can download a .deb for a broadcom wifi card, right?11:35
usr13raxbg: What does iwconfig say?11:35
sacarlsonraxbg: I think I found it11:35
raxbgsacarlson: i forgot alredy try to google it but vlc will do the work for sure11:36
raxbgsacarlson: : gratz :)11:36
khelvanHello, I have Lucid Lynx 64-bit installed on a machine acting as my HTPC, and my video card died (ATI). I replaced it with an Nvidia card, but now I can't boot. Regular booting gets me frozen graphics errors, recovery booting gets me a black screen. Is there a way I can boot directly to a command line so that I can try to use dpkg to repair xserver?11:36
usr13raxbg: Link Quality=??/??11:36
sacarlsonraxbg: it was just bellow the menu of sound video I just didn't see it11:36
raxbgusr13: im in windows now because my father needs the cable11:36
usr13khelvan: linux single (at grub prompt)11:37
raxbgusr13: :(11:37
Rei-chan... Where can I find the .deb for the BCM4312 driver?11:37
raxbgusr13: but the signal strenght is fairly good11:37
Rei-chanI has no WLAN11:37
psycho_oreos!broadcom | Rei-chan11:37
ubottuRei-chan: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:37
khelvanusr13 - I am using Grub2, I'm not sure I have seen that option...I will try again11:37
Rei-chanty psycho_oreos11:37
raxbgRei-chan: this is usually a kernel module try just loading it with modprobe BCM431211:38
usr13raxbg: Do  you have iptables rules that may be blocking certain services?11:38
khelvanusr13 oh you mean type it into the grub prompt?11:38
Dr_Williskhelvan:  hit e at the grub prompt and edit the options. try 'single' and 'text' at the end of the kernel= line where it has a "quiet" string11:38
Rei-chanraxbg: Negative, no such module found.11:38
raxbgusr13: idk i suppose not because its a clean installation11:38
zombie__how can I config the grub2 menu at 10.0411:38
psycho_oreosraxbg, it doesn't exist as bcm4312, it would normally be handled by b43 but I'm sure that particular chipset requires wl as it is bcm431511:38
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:38
raxbgRei-chan: it will be best to google it11:39
psycho_oreosRei-chan, follow the information pointing to broadcom-wl11:40
psycho_oreosraxbg, its already documented, the broadcom driver11:40
khelvanusr13, Dr_Willis, linux single at grub prompt returns command not found, single and text still gives me a blank screen (just after USB devices are located)11:40
idletaskOK, comment added11:40
MichaelSOGhow do i uninstall something that i've installed usgin ./11:40
raxbgRei-chan: try this http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Broadcom_BCM43XX11:40
khelvanI'm sitting at a blank screen now :P11:41
usr13khelvan: blank screen?11:41
usr13khelvan: Does it say login:  ?11:41
MichaelSOGhi there, I've a question, How do I uninstall something that I've installed using ./11:42
Rei-chanraxbg, there's a how-to for ubuntu at ubuto's link. Following that.11:42
khelvanusr13 - No, no input detected. It is my HTPC so the output is HDMI from my video card.11:42
raxbgRei-chan: then follow it11:42
usr13usr13: Ctrl-Alt-F611:43
raxbgRei-chan: :)11:43
psycho_oreosRei-chan, there is...11:43
usr13khelvan: Ctrl-Alt-F611:44
usr13khelvan: Hold Ctrl and Alt keys while hitting F6 key11:44
psycho_oreosRei-chan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing%20b43/STA%20hybrid%20drivers11:45
theoshello!! i am experiencing sound problem on my laptop for the past 4 months. the sound suddenly stops until i restart my system. any solution?11:45
usr13khelvan: ...which should take you to login screen.11:45
usr13theos: Would this be after playing a flash video?11:46
khelvanusr13 - It does nothing...by the way the last message I see before I lose signal is something about nouveau11:46
theosusr13, erm maybe? i dont think so.11:46
discozohanMdadm says while trying to create raid10, that one of devices is busy. How can i know, what process use it ?11:46
Rei-chanActually, since this is a netbook, how does one link /cdrom to /media/pendrive?11:47
Rei-chanJust a ln?11:47
daniel__Does anyone know abuot Wubi and the .dsk files?11:47
theosusr13, i have tried restarting alsa and pulseaudio but doesnt work11:47
Rei-chanty psycho_oreos11:48
usr13khelvan: Ctrl-Alt-F5 or F4 or F3  etc?11:48
raxbgRei-chan: or just use symlinks11:48
daniel__Is there a way to load an old .dsk fi