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mkarnickiduanedesign: hi! do you recall a user from the forums saying he had problem booting his system (possibly windows) after using Maverick live from USB ?12:06
mkarnickiduanedesign: I had the same issue yesterday. after I shut my laptop from maverick USB, there was a 'terminal style/dos style' message that I should instert a boot device or something like that12:07
mkarnickiduanedesign: I freaked out a bit, but I restarted by laptop and explicitly chose (the only device) from the boot list, my hdd -- and it booted!12:08
mkarnickiduanedesign: strangely enough, when booting my laptop today -- I had the same issue, so I selected the hdd and it booted. this sounds bad..12:08
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duffydackthat sounds crazy... maybe a bug in the liveusb creator.. I just dump the isos on the stick and use that way..simpler13:33
mkarnickiduffydack: indeed I used the liveusb creator. what do you mean by 'dump the iso on the stick' ?14:16
duffydackgujin bootloader, 700mb partition for each iso, cat iso > /dev/sdb2.. I have a large stick :)14:18
mkarnickiduffydack: neat..14:23
duffydackcould use grub2 with loop but its not as compatible with as many live things...14:23
mkarnickiduffydack: do you have to cat > or is it sufficient to throw that iso onto the stick in the file.iso form?14:24
duffydackno, cat.  basically writes the iso fs to it..14:25
mkarnickiI see, thanks. sounds cool to have more then 1 distro on the stick.14:25
duffydacki have clonezilla, sysrecue, ubuntu 10.04 i386/amd, fedora, 10.10 amd64/386 and an encrypted partition for my home backups.14:26
duffydackthen when i upgrade it, dev/zero the partition, and cat another14:27
duffydackhttp://psychoticspoon.blogspot.com/2009/01/booting-multiple-livecds-from-single.html    long winded.. its only like 4 commands.14:27
mkarnickiduffydack: thanks !!14:35
mkarnickiduffydack: seems you're good in that stuff, one question if I may. I have to install win7 along my ubuntu. how can I recover overwritten mbr (as I suppose win7 will do so). shoud I dd first bytes of my drive and then use live usb to recover that?14:36
mkarnickiduffydack: awesome link by the way14:36
duffydackjust grub-install /dev/sda14:36
mkarnickiI mean, very instructive.14:36
mkarnickiduffydack: even if it's grub2 ?14:36
mkarnickii'm on 10.04 and I think it's grub214:37
mkarnickiduffydack: thanks!14:37
duffydackas long as boot files already exist, all it needs is grub puttin back14:37
mkarnickiI always had MBR overwritten whenever I *had* to install windows..14:37
duffydackthen once booted to ubuntu, update-grub14:37
mkarnickiso I want to play it right this time xD14:38
duffydackto get win7 in your list14:38
mkarnickiduffydack: aha :) awesome, thank you very much!14:38
* mkarnicki notes it down14:38
duffydackbooted to your install, not the livecd.14:38
mkarnickiright :)14:38
mkarnickiall clear, thanks!14:38
duffydackcould go the chroot route, but this is simpler.14:39
duffydackI dont know a great deal. just what I need to.14:39
mkarnickiduffydack: I once had to chroot to recover my encrypted home. it wasn't something I'd like to repeat ;)14:40
mkarnickiduffydack: ok, one last question then! it's good to have a knowlegable person around :) -- what's the best way to have a fresh 10.10 install (I have 10.04 now) having ecrypted home work on the new system. have you ever had the same problem?14:42
mkarnickiI know that fresh install can be somewhat better then dist-upgrade14:42
duffydackI always fresh install.  its quick enough and leaves the headaches behind..  if home is seperate then I guess, if it works with the same with encrypted, just leave it as it is, dont format.14:45
duffydackInve never tried it with encrypted tho14:45
duffydackI`d test it in a vm first.14:46
mkarnickiI'll recheck that twice before I'll perform fresh install. Worst nightmare would be to recover 100gig encrypted home14:46
mkarnickiduffydack: great idea!!14:46
mkarnickiduffydack: thanks a bundle, you've been much help (even tho I was off-topic :) )14:46
duffydackyeah, you're better off asking in #ubuntu14:47
duffydackfor a definate answer.. I`m not sure tbh14:47
mkarnickiduffydack: I will :) have a great day!14:47
* duffydack is trying it in a vm.. curious.14:58
* mkarnicki planned that for after few days :)15:00
duffydackif it dont then an upgrade will have to do.. not sure how it handle the 'older' gnome files in home with a fresh install.15:01
mkarnickiduffydack: i'll check that in the vm, too :) that's a great idea.15:07
duffydackinstalled lucid, made  few adjustments, now installing maverick fresh but told it to use the existing /home but not format..... lets see15:12
duffydackwell, when asking for username setup.. the require my pass to decrypt home is greyed out/selected... good sign..15:14
mkarnickisounds good :)15:22
duffydackwell it booted ok, and is using the wallpaper, no sound theme, font scheme and other modifications i made on lucid.15:22
mkarnickiand the files under /home ?15:22
duffydackjust a matter of installing the apps again and all would be right in the world.15:22
duffydackhome is untouched...15:22
mkarnickithat's awesome :)15:22
duffydackso, basically, its looking as easy as 12315:23
mkarnickithat's really awesome, thanks :D indeed!15:23
benstehi, iirc ubuntuone store is based on 7digital isn't it ?16:37
benstesadly the search function doesn't work in the same way, wanted to bux the following album which is on 7digital16:37
mkarnickibenste: yes16:37
benstebut can't find this in ubuntuone16:37
bensteneed your help searching it16:38
mkarnickibenste: the store is regionalised - the only idea I have that would explain why the album is not availibie *via the store*16:38
mkarnickiduanedesign: benste's got question ↑16:38
benstemkarnicki: what a mess, I moved to belgium a few weeks ago and can't buy those which i could in germany :-)16:40
benstelooks like i'll have to set up a proxy at school or else were - taking a look whether it's available via the belgium 7digital store16:41
benstemkarnicki: it's not a localisation problem16:41
bensteit's available there too16:41
benstebut +2€ expensive16:42
benstebtw. what was the name for the staging server - for opening the store directly in the browser ?16:42
benstemkarnicki: duanedesign which country are you from - could you try searching for this album on your stores ?16:45
benstemkarnicki:  duanedesign indeed using JAP now, it's a country specific issue16:59
bensteguess I'm beginning to hate 7digital17:00
benstethanks for your help17:00
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mkarnickitoo bad I had to go away :<17:58
levuhi i found a bug in evolution-desktopcouch and have a possibility to fix it (it prevents you from importing contact into the Ubuntu One addressbook) so what should i do with the patch?20:09
beunolevu, hi!20:20
beunofile a bug, attach the patch20:20
levuok, well, but i think this can be an upstream problem...20:21
beunolevu, as in on evolution?20:21
levubeuno: in evolution-couchdb, i dont know if this is just an ubuntu project or an upstream gnome project20:22
levuin the evolution channel is just silence, i wanted to ask them20:22
beunolevu, this is an upstream project we maintain20:22
levubeuno: ok, so i attach the patch asap (i just have to do the diff ;))20:23
beunoso if you file the bug with the patch, I'll make sure the right people look at it tomorrow (hola Chipaca!)20:23
beunolevu, yeap, or a bzr branch if you've poked at it in bzr20:23
levubeuno: i got the source via apt-get source and fixed it locally20:24
beunolevu, cool, so a patch is great then20:25
levubeuno: just to be sure: i do just an diff -u old new, right?20:25
beunolevu, yeap20:26
levubeuno: ok :)20:26
beunothanks levu20:26
levubeuno: i have problems with opera surfing ubuntu.com, all pages just don't load, all other browsers work, is there a know issue?20:30
beunolevu, not that I knwo of20:31
levubeuno: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution-couchdb/+bug/473616/20:42
ubot4levu: Error: Bug #473616 is private.20:42
levuit is open since nearly one year and it is not yet fixed...20:42
beunolevu, awesome, thanks20:42
levuand @ubot4: this patch is public here :)20:43
levuand i know ubot4 is an bot :D20:43
levubeuno: no problem, if there is another bug i also try to fix it :)20:43
levubeuno: bye20:48

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