ScottLtroy_s, i've got to load my guitar, amp, etc back into the house, but we can follow up from our last conversation after that02:23
holsteinScottL: what about the site talk ?04:15
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ScottLwere we suppossed to have a site talk?  the web site?14:16
ScottLholstein, ^^^14:24
holsteinScottL: i crashed15:54
holsteinand i gotta run to a session here in a minute15:54
holsteinnah, we did'nt have anything planned15:55
holsteini was just wanting to discuss it :)15:55
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ScottLholstein, sure, we can discuss it whenever you get back :)16:13
ScottLholstein, if you still want to talk about the webs site stuff, i'm good :)22:46
holsteinScottL: i dont have much22:46
holsteini was just wondering if we could do something to 'cool off' the email list discussion22:46
ScottLit's good, whatever ya got :)22:46
holsteinseems to be getting a little personal in there ;)22:46
holsteinmaybe not22:47
ScottLwell, cory and i were talking about giving a little more framework for people to work within22:47
holsteinScottL: cool22:47
holsteinthat might do22:47
ScottLtell me straight, am i part of the "getting personal" ?22:47
holsteinsounds like a good idea22:47
holsteinScottL: i'd have to look again22:47
holsteinbut i dont think so22:47
ScottLthat's okay, if you didn't recall at first, then probably not22:47
holsteinseemed quite over the top by the time you chimed in22:48
ScottLi try not to be, even though sometimes i feel like it ;)22:48
holsteinand it seemed like you were trying to bring it back together22:48

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