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vattsem guys...12:17
vattsi've installed US yesterday12:17
vattsand neither yesterday, neither today didnt boog12:18
vattsdont ask me whats wrong - it simply shows big _ in console-screen (well *on the screen*)12:18
Blank__bootloader perhaps13:21
Blank__try running the cd and in the boot menu, select "rescue a broken system" or something to the effect13:21
vattswell its fresh install *sight* will try it out13:33
vattsatm backuping my photos13:34
vattswont take long13:34
vatts*gives disk after 5 mins of copying ~30s pause to clean cache*13:34
holsteinvatts: ??15:56
holsteinwhere are your photos?15:56
holsteinis this a fresh install, dual booting with something else?15:56

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