corecodeso, how do i add upstart jobs manually?01:33
corecodetells me: start: Unknown job: foo01:34
corecodeis there more than just adding /etc/init/foo.conf?01:34
ionYou’ll probably find a parse error for foo.conf from syslog.01:35
corecodeah, it was hidden in daemon.log01:36
corecodenot a particularly helpful error message01:37
johnfis it possible to get upstart to run the same script and keep it runninf 10 times? ie I have 10 workers listening on a queue and I want them always running10:06
ionfoo.conf: ‘instance $ID’, start foo ID=3. Unfortunately, a single job can’t currently autostart multiple instances based on a single event. You can work around that by creating another job, e.g. foo-starter.conf: ‘start on filesystem’, ‘stop on runlevel [06]’, ‘pre-start script’, ‘  for n in 0 1 2 3’, ‘    start foo ID="$n"’, ‘  done’, ‘end script’, ‘post-stop script’, ‘  for n in 0 1 2 3’, ‘    stop foo ID="$n"’, ‘  ...10:13
ion... done’, ‘end script’.10:13
ionProbably better do ‘stop foo ID="$n" || :’ in the post-stop script.10:16
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