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ownerIs anyone here able to assist me with sound issues?11:00
knome!ask | owner11:02
ubottuowner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:02
ownerI have an issue with my sound card or whatever, After installing xubuntu it stopped working. I have dual boot of XP, but it doesn't work on XP. I'm guessing it didn't install my sound card at all... It worked before going to xubuntu, but after... Its gone. It gets kind of annoying, because I end up giving up for a week and then asking again. Nothing has helped so far.   So any links, command lines, etc will help. I will love the per11:04
ownerson who assists on my fix, FOREVER <311:04
knomeowner, sounds like the sound levels are set on mute or something, and that makes it not work in win11:09
ownerI have unmuted them.11:09
owneris there another way to unmute them?11:09
ownerI've done the physical stuff and clicking my sound buttons etc11:10
ownerand when i click the "audio" icon next to my clock on the task panel11:10
ownerit shows its unmuted.11:10
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craigwdy2kI thought I just installed the AMD64  version of Xubuntu but apt-get upgrade keeps pulling in debs ending in i386...  What exactly is going on here...?18:12
charlie-tcaIf there is no equivalent 64bit package, it will use the 386 package instead.18:13
charlie-tcarun "uname -a" in a terminal to verify, x86_64 is 64bit, 686 is 32bit18:14
craigwdy2kThat's really weird it says i686 even though the ISO was mis-labeled as being AMD64...18:15
charlie-tcai686 is the 32bit installation18:22
craigwdy2kWell the ISO Image said it was AMD64...18:23
charlie-tcadid you download it?18:25
charlie-tcawhich mirror?18:26
craigwdy2kI downloaded it via BitTorrrent actually...18:27
charlie-tcanotify the site, they can verify it18:27
charlie-tcahmm, I don't know if that is possible with BitTorrent, though18:27
craigwdy2kYeah: the ISO stated it was 64Bit: maybe the build system generated two identical ISOs: one of which was apparently misnamed...18:29
charlie-tcaor a user mislabeled it and is feeding the torrent18:30
craigwdy2kYeah: I'll bet that's probably it...18:30
craigwdy2kI thought it was an official Canonical Torrent file...  Maybe they host the Torrents too to prevent this from happening in the future...18:31
craigwdy2kthey should host*18:32
charlie-tcatorrent files are fed by the users that downloaded the file. The more feeds, the faster your download18:33
craigwdy2kWhat's even stranger is that on the server there was .jigdo file for only 32Bit version & not the 64Bit version...18:33
charlie-tcajigdo is different18:33
craigwdy2kwas a .jigdo*18:33
craigwdy2kYeah I know: I'm just wondering it the other .jigdo file failed to generate or something strange happened like that...18:34
craigwdy2kif the other*18:34
charlie-tcaI only show .jigdo for the alternate images, both 32bit and 64bit have it18:36
craigwdy2kThis is the newer Xubuntu 10.10 Beta 1: not 10.04...18:37
charlie-tcasame - http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/10.10/beta/18:37
charlie-tcaboth jigdo files are there for alternate images18:38
craigwdy2kOh yeah right: I wish they would generate .jigdo files for the Vanilla Xubuntu images too: I use Jigdo quite a bit for downloading Debian & Fedora Core ISOs myself personally...18:39
craigwdy2kFull blown: i.e. not alternate desktop ISOs...18:40
charlie-tcadesktop/livecd - Maybe it is not compatible with ubiquity and the GUI installer18:41
craigwdy2kVanilla usually means something that is plain...18:41
charlie-tcayeah, that should be the alternate installer, with no pretty gui to use18:42
craigwdy2kOh well for me Vanilla is the GUI version: I think the text-based installers are quite old & outdated personally...18:42
craigwdy2kThey are still useful but just not what I18:43
craigwdy2k am normally used to...18:43
craigwdy2kDebian was quite the wake-up call for me seeing as how it's all text based & all that...18:46
craigwdy2kMy first distro was Caldera eDesktop 2.4 before they stopped making a distro...18:49
charlie-tcaGUI's came a long time after the text based installers18:50
craigwdy2kYeah: actually Caldera's distro was unique in that in started in text mode & then eventually chain-loaded a GUI based Installer...18:51
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xubuntu357this is a spanish xubuntu chat ?20:39
Sysino, english20:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:39
xubuntu357did you tell me how to find som spanish xubuntu chat ? plz20:40
xubuntu357some one can tellme the minimu spesifications to install xubuntu in a old pc20:49
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DartJuliushello to all, excuse me, somebody has the md5sum of xubuntu-10.04-desktop-powerpc.iso?21:13
chomwitthi. in xfce4-terminal i try to press F1 in htop but opens firefox with a help file for the terminal. how can i correct this?21:16
ablomenchomwitt, for me windows key+f1 does the job21:20
DartJuliuswhat is the md5sum of xubuntu-10.04-desktop-powerpc.iso?21:21
chomwittablomen: thanks!!21:27
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xubuntu594hola, algun español?21:42
xubuntu594algun español con paciencia, eso si.. que acabo de instalar xubuntu por primera vez21:42
DexterFgot xub 10.04 on a laptop that connects to the internet via an umts card. I'd like to share that inet connection with a network, so I hooked the free nic to the network's switch.21:47
DexterFthen read up on this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing21:48
DexterFam stuck on the ipv4 tab tho since I dont have that method there. i confed the umts device instead of auto eth0 since eth0 is not the device making the internet connection but hso021:49
DexterFreboot, brb22:05
subspiderhow do i know if my grphic card is well installed22:32
subspiderhello Sysi22:33
craigwdy2kI keep trying to burn & boot off of the AMD64 Xubuntu ISO Images but they appear to be duds...: i.e. they won't boot this PC...23:42
craigwdy2kWould I be better off with PC/OS's AMD64 ISO Image...?23:44
craigwdy2kActually there ISO appears to be a dual format one like Sidux's...  Which comes all zipped up just waiting to be decompressed...  Curiously it's based off of a slightly older release of Xubuntu...23:48
craigwdy2kOr should I wait for them to update their ISO...?23:49
craigwdy2kOr maybe I might just go with the Debian Weekly AMD64 build of Testing that ships with XFCE + LXDE...  Any thoughts or recommendations?  I also read that the Linux Mint distro has an XFCE variant too...23:58

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