htorquempt, i have the 'menus_have_icons' gconf key enabled on my installation and am now seeing some appmenus with "missing-icon" icons. after reading your comment on bug 608584, i'm no longer sure if this is something to report?14:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 608584 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "Should outdent icons into the left gutter (affected: 2, heat: 14)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60858414:23
mpthtorque, sure, as long as that option exists, it shouldn't return missing-icon images14:23
htorquempt, ok, thanks!14:24
sensegood afternoon14:29
bilalakhtargood evening sense !14:30
sensehi bilalakhtar!14:31
kenvandineklattimer, ping15:25
klattimerhey sup?15:25
kenvandinehey klattimer, i have a vino bug for you to look at, just talked to jcastro about it15:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 628967 in vino (Ubuntu Maverick) "vino crashes on desktop sharing with Empathy (affected: 2, heat: 16)" [High,Triaged]15:26
klattimeroh was meaning to ask you to get this fix pushed out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application/+bug/55884115:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 558841 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) "bluetooth "devices" menu item not working in bluetooth indicator (affected: 21, heat: 132)" [Low,Triaged]15:26
kenvandinei'll look15:26
kenvandineklattimer, i pushed enough of a fix that fixes the crasher there15:26
kenvandinebut there is one piece i didn't get to yet15:27
klattimerwhat's that?15:27
kenvandinewhen it builds the menu for appmenu15:27
kenvandineit does a lookup for the contact alias15:27
kenvandinebut the server seems to be null at that point15:27
kenvandineso can't do that lookup15:27
kenvandinethe statusicon code isn't helpful there as a reference, because it looks up the alias when you activate the menu15:28
kenvandinewhich is much later15:28
kenvandineso for now, if it is NULL, the menu just says "Disconnect"15:28
kenvandineinstead of "Disconnect Jorge"15:28
kenvandineso we either need to refactor a bit so we build the menu later in the process, or figure out a way to get that server property15:29
kenvandinenote that his worked as is in 2.2815:29
kenvandinebut there has been some refactoring in vino since then..15:29
kenvandineso i mostly ported to the new vino, just didn't get this part finished15:29
kenvandineklattimer, completely unrelated, in my testing vino or vinagre is broken as well... even without our appindicator patch i can't get a client to talk to a server in maverick15:31
kenvandineso don't be surprised if that part fails :)15:31
klattimerkenvandine: I found a bunch of race conditions in vino which I didn't want to get too involved with15:32
klattimerthis causes all kinds of difficulties15:32
klattimerI filed one bug upstream for it15:32
klattimerbut that was only one of a few potential problems, some of which I couldn't actually get to prove while the first was in the way15:32
kenvandineklattimer, so what about bug 558841 ?15:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 558841 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) "bluetooth "devices" menu item not working in bluetooth indicator (affected: 21, heat: 132)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55884115:34
klattimerit just needs this simple fix pushing up15:34
kenvandinethat patch has never been pushed?15:34
klattimeragain with bluetooth we have some race conditions, so hiding the menu item separately causes trouble, instead I just desensitise/sensitise it when appropriate15:34
klattimerand it worked much better in testing15:34
klattimerthe item is still hidden by something else though15:35
klattimeras far as I could see15:35
klattimerit's a bit sketchy inside of bluetooth :/15:35
kenvandineklattimer, ok, gnome-bluetooth was just updated yesterday15:37
kenvandinei am building it to test against latest now15:37
klattimergah :/15:37
kenvandinewill upload after i test it15:37
kenvandineyuck... patch failed15:37
klattimeris it bad?15:37
kenvandinenah... i think i have it cleaned up15:43
kenvandineklattimer, although it might be good for you to look at my updated patch15:45
klattimerlink me15:45
kenvandinespecifically, in update_discoverability15:45
kenvandinethey added this15:45
kenvandine        if (iter == NULL) {15:45
kenvandine                discover_lock = FALSE;15:45
kenvandinethe discover_lock = FALSE15:46
* kenvandine pushes the patch15:46
klattimerhmm, that seems ok15:48
htorquetedg, i think we're talking past each other at bug 63321. all i'm saying is, that you'll end up with two menus when running an application with sudo: the local one and the global fallback menu.15:48
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list.index(x): x not in list (https://launchpad.net/bugs/63321)15:48
htorquebug 63321115:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 633211 in Application Menu Indicator "Fallback menus shown for windows on the blacklist (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63321115:48
htorqueif that's how it's supposed to be, i'll keep quiet. ;-)15:48
kenvandineklattimer, i think it is15:48
tedghtorque, It's not ideal, but it's not easily fixable.  And honestly, sudo should die, so I'm not willing to invest much in it.15:49
technovikingiainfarrell: ping15:50
iainfarrellhi technoviking15:51
technovikingiainfarrell: I was wondering if I could get those graphic I need for the forums theme. the dotted background and the pictographs (to make icons and ranks)15:51
technovikingiainfarrell: also made a couple of test theme at http://www.mikesplanet.net/forums/, try out ubuntu2 and dark Auguine in the bottom left hand corner15:53
technovikingwould love some design team feedback:)15:53
htorquetedg, ok, that's fine by me. :-) i just thought the sudo double menus could be fixed the same way as those blacklisted applications.15:53
kenvandineklattimer, so how do i test this bluetooth patch?15:54
klattimerkenvandine: turn bluetooth off and on15:54
klattimerthen see if visible is still shown in the menu15:54
klattimerit should hide when off, and show when on15:54
* kenvandine wonders how to do that15:55
kenvandineused to be able to do that from that menu15:55
klattimerthere should be turn bluetooth on/off in the menu15:55
kenvandinethere isn't15:55
klattimergah :/15:55
klattimerthis is a different bluetooth bug that you're seeing now15:55
kenvandinehasn't been for a while15:55
klattimerthis happens to me sometimes15:55
* kenvandine uses rfkill15:55
kenvandineok, that works15:56
kenvandineblocking it makes it go away...15:56
iainfarrelltechnoviking: cool, thanks for sharing15:56
kenvandinei guess that isn't the right test15:56
iainfarrellI'm going to find a suitable person to talk to you15:56
iainfarrellas I'm stacked15:57
iainfarrelland we can find someone who can provide proper feedback15:57
technovikingiainfarrell: thanks, sorry to bug you15:57
iainfarrelltechnoviking: nw15:57
kenvandineklattimer, can you build the package and test it?16:02
kenvandineverify it still works as expected, and i'll upload it16:02
klattimerkenvandine: hang on I'll see if my bluetooth is working16:02
kenvandinemine is working... i just can't turn it off in the menu :)16:03
klattimerwell not being able to turn it on/off in the menu is a problem16:04
klattimerbecause it appears that's what the decision to show the visible/invisible is based on16:04
klattimerkenvandine: where can I get your updated patch from?16:04
klattimerand the current source package?16:04
klattimerI'm worried how badly my bluetooth is working overall16:05
klattimerI only tested this patch once weeks ago16:05
klattimerkenvandine: building now16:08
klattimerkenvandine: it says my computer has no bluetooth adapters present16:15
vishkenvandine: are you pushing a ubuntu-mono update anytime soon?18:25
kenvandinevish, i don't think so18:25
vishu-m probably for the nm icons ivanka was mentioning..18:25
kenvandineoh, i hadn't heard18:26
vishah.. k :)18:26
ivankaDanRabbit: can you give us an update on this ^18:26
vishkenvandine: well , i guess you'd hear pretty soon.. but when you do , humanity would also need a similar update.. :D18:26
DanRabbitivanka: ah yes I posted a mail to our thread before saying I pushed the icons to ubuntu-mono :p18:27
kenvandineactually i think i will need to do an ubuntu-mono anyway, i think we are renaming sound_icon to sound-icon18:28
vishkenvandine: cool! usually seb-128  does humanity updates..  i guessed it would be easier for you , since it would be the same update ;)18:29
ivankakenvandine: I forwarded you the email thread18:30
ivankakenvandine: apologies if proper processes haven't been followed.18:30
kenvandineivanka, is there a bug filed for that?18:33
ivankakenvandine: I emailed the team to ask them to deal with it as I found it on the train. DanRabbit can you file a bug if there isn't one already please?18:34
DanRabbitivanka: yes m'am18:34
ivankaDanRabbit:  thanks!18:34
kenvandinei am mostly wondering if this is something we consider a bug/regression or if it we need  a UIF exception18:35
ivankakenvandine: this is a bug18:35
kenvandinei think currently it is a regression18:35
kenvandineand are the icon we need ready?18:35
DanRabbitkenvandine: a work-around has been pushed to ubuntu-mono18:37
DanRabbitivanka: what should I call this bug? "broadband icon shows ugly tower and little letters" ? :p18:39
ivankaDanRabbit: how about: broadband icons lacks clarity18:40
DanRabbitivanka: ty18:40
kenvandineDanRabbit, so should i upload the current work around? or are proper icons coming in time?18:41
DanRabbitkenvandine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mono/+bug/638276 to be marked fix released when you upload :)18:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 638276 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "broadband icon lacks clarity (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:42
DanRabbitivanka, kenvandine: I'm not sure if we are going to take further action to change the code in nm or.. ?18:42
kenvandineDanRabbit, where did you push that branch?18:58
DanRabbitkenvandine: lp:~darklight-team/darklight/ubuntu-mono18:59
kenvandineoh... hummm18:59
kenvandineis that a related branch?18:59
kenvandinedifferent project18:59
DanRabbitkenvandine: that's the branch we had been working from for Lucid19:00
kenvandinebzr says it isn't a branch19:00
kenvandinebzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~darklight-team/darklight/ubuntu-mono/".19:00
kenvandineis what we are using in maverick19:00
DanRabbitoh, I see, I wonder if I have perms for that branch19:01
kenvandineyou can just create your own, branch from lp:ubuntu-mono and push to your own branch19:01
kenvandinethen i can merge19:02
DanRabbitokay, give me a second19:02
DanRabbitkenvandine: it looks like someone already pushed it to lp:ubuntu-mono19:08
kenvandinethen it is in maverick already :)19:10
vishDanRabbit: already in lp:u-m?  i cant see it ..19:20
DanRabbitvish: check 22px status19:20
DanRabbitthe tower icon is blank19:21
vishodd , i dont have that icon 0.o19:22
vishDanRabbit: are you sure you pushed it?19:22
DanRabbitvish: when I pulled it was already there :p19:23
vishDanRabbit: werid , if it was in already then ivanka shouldnt have had the bug..19:24
DanRabbitwell let me double check19:24
DanRabbitvish: try pulling ubuntu-mono and check for nm-wwan-tower19:26
vishDanRabbit: nope.. i dont see it anywhere.. are you sure it is lp:ubuntu-mono  ?19:28
vishthere are atleast 2-3 branches..19:28
DanRabbitokay nvm.. branched again and they magically weren't there19:30
DanRabbitkenvandine: okay should be pushed now :p19:31
kenvandinegot it19:33
vishkenvandine: similarly for humanity lp:~ubuntu-art-pkg/humanity/release   :)19:54
kenvandinevish, can that fall under the same bug?19:55
kenvandinemind added a "affects" for that?19:55
vishalready done :)19:55
vishkenvandine: thanks.. :)19:55
vishkenvandine: incase you had pulled immediately after i gave you the branch.. i had the day wrong in the changelog , fixed that in the next commit a few mins later.. but nevermind if you havent pulled yet:)20:24
kenvandinei got the day right one :)20:24
kenvandinebut not the mail_id20:24
vishah! :)20:24
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vish.. who will be uploading the example content?20:40
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vishkenvandine: sheesh, people and their "sources"! ;p22:13
kenvandine :)22:14

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