alibug reported, thanks. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/63764400:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 637644 in Bazaar "Repository corruption, index file truncated by OS file system (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]00:00
ovnicrafthi folks, i branch a repo from lp in my VPS now i want to get it to my laptop i get this error: bzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to; [Errno 111] Connection refused00:01
ovnicrafttrying: bzr clone ftp://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/home/myuser/openerp/stable/addons00:01
ddaaah people...00:37
ddaalike free online support has to be instant00:38
pooliehello ddaa00:43
ddaahello poolie, wassup?00:43
pooliemm i was going to answer but he just left00:43
poolieah, things are pretty good here00:44
ddaaso, my bet was "missing username from URL" :-)00:44
pooliejust going to close all my other windows in a bit and look at this Inter2And2Helper bug00:44
pooliei was going to guess firewalls around the vps00:44
ddaaoh right, missing username would be a different error00:44
spivGood morning.00:49
ddaagotta say, ropemacs is da bomb!00:53
ddaawhen inlining a method that calls a function from another module, it adds the needed imports in the modules of the callsites00:54
mwhudsonah, i never managed to get it to work01:04
ddaaMh... I did need some non-trivial .emacs hacking here.01:05
ddaaHere's what I did: http://pastebin.com/eiEVBJDJ01:06
ddaathe python-ropemacs-hook is personal preference01:07
ddaaI'm not sure why did this thing for on-startup loading, maybe on-demand loading was broken for me...01:09
mwhudsondoesn't seem too bad01:17
mwhudsonwill have to try again at some point01:17
spivpoolie: huh, that Inter1And2Helper bug looks shallow, but also a bit depressing:01:19
spiv            # XXX: not covered by tests, should have a flag to always run01:19
spiv            # this. -- mbp 2010012901:19
spivs/source_repo/source/ looks like the obvious fix.01:20
spivAlso, in a probably unrelated issue, _get_rich_root_heads_graph looks suspiciously useless.01:21
pooliehm, thanks spiv01:52
=== Ursinha-brb is now known as Ursinha-afk
poolieso how should a --no-confirmations flag get down to the ui03:41
spivpoolie: via the context? ;)03:41
pooliehm, maybe :)03:42
spivI've put up a patch for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/636930 btw, including test coverage.03:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 636930 in Bazaar "Upgrading a repository fails with 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' (affected: 4, heat: 34)" [Critical,In progress]03:42
poolieshould this be remembered in the uifactory, or in the context, or should it perhaps be somewhere else03:42
poolieextreme factoring would suggest there's a separate "user interaction policy" thing that is separate from the implementation of how to interact with the user03:43
poolieand then that policy object would know whether to ask or not03:45
spivYes, I think that sounds about right.03:46
spivI'd want to keep the policy object as simple as possible until more things use it.03:46
spivBut otherwise I think that sounds like a nice approach.03:47
spivHmm, maybe I should to fix http://bugs.python.org/issue9729 so that the test suite can pass on maverick.03:53
pooliecould be good04:06
pooliethere's another bug very slightly similar to that04:06
pooliejust in bzr04:06
pooliewhich is something to do with socket.error being a bit odd04:06
poolieso not caught properly04:06
poolieperhaps because it's not a subclass of IOError or OSError04:06
pooliespiv, teddy bear?05:58
pooliei'm trying to decide if the user interaction policy layer should be a decorator layer on the uifactory05:58
pooliein some ways that's an easy way to intervene around all actions05:59
* spiv listens05:59
* spiv sits with arms sticking outwards a little bit, in his best imitation of a teddy bear ;)06:00
pooliebut it feels a bit wrong06:00
spivYeah, my initial reaction to that is it feels a bit weird.06:00
poolieif we do it, we could add a GenericDecorator that uses getattr to feed through to the underlying one06:00
pooliefor instance you might like to look at the current state, or reset the state06:00
spivSo the decorator could intercept e.g. confirm_action and decide to ignore the decorated object and just return True if that was the policy?06:01
spivSo this is to save the individual uifactories from having to all implement the same "first, check the policy" logic?06:03
rryanhow do you jump back a revision on a checkout?06:04
poolieand to make it easier to vary the policy06:04
rryani can't believe i dont know how to do this06:04
poolierryan 'bzr update -r -2'06:04
pooliefor instance to have --confirmation=yes  or --force options06:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 397315 in Bazaar "break-lock should have a --yes, --force or --unconditional option (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress]06:04
rryanfacepalm, thanks!06:05
spivSo here's another use case that may or may not help to think about:06:05
spivadd the ability to selectively set a policy for just a specific question, e.g. "break_lock=yes/no/confirm"06:06
spivI suppose the decorator would have to inspect the args passed to confirm_action (or whatever) to see if it matches the specific question.06:07
spiv(Hmm, I suppose a different variation is per-location or per-branch UI policy... I guess that's equally messy with the decorator or with every factory explicitly delegating to policy)06:09
poolieright, so we're going to want it somehow hooked up to the context, from which it can get the config object06:23
pooliei guess assigning a new object to ui.ui_factory feels like a very heavyweight action06:23
poolieto set the policy here06:23
spivThe decorator approach does sound like less code, which is a big plus.06:26
lucidfoxWhat's the best way to maintain a changelog file with bzr?06:30
poolielucidfox: well, there are two ways06:51
poolieyou can do bzr log --format=gnuchangelog06:51
poolieor, you can manually commit to it and record those changes06:51
lucidfoxWell, problem is06:58
lucidfoxbecause of my "commit early, commit often" work style, automated log generation commits spams the log with one-line entries like "fix typo" or "add comments"06:59
lucidfoxand the ChangeLog file is supposed to list *functional" changes, right?06:59
poolieright, so in that case i'd suggest probably maintaining it by hand, rather than automatically07:00
spivOk, patch submitted to http://bugs.python.org/issue9729.  If upstream likes it I'll propose it for backporting to Python 2.6 in maverick, which will make our test suite a tiny bit happier.07:30
spivIt's a bit disconcerting fixing bugs in the Python standard library... the test suite doesn't seem anywhere near as comprehensive as I'm used to with bzrlib.07:32
pooliefeedreader was fun07:47
mneptok"When the light of life has gone, no change for the meter. Then the king of spivs will come, selling blood by the litre."07:47
pooliethey have a ton of tests but they're all sample data matched against the parsed form07:47
poolieso what do you think for a name? --yes? --jfdi? --no-confirmation?07:49
mneptokcan't go wrong with Picard references07:49
pooliefor bug 39731507:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 397315 in Bazaar "break-lock should have a --yes, --force or --unconditional option (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39731507:49
mneptok(lock breaking and all)07:51
spiv--yes sounds ok to me, it reminds me of fsck -y07:58
vilahi all08:05
mneptok:( i like --crowbar08:05
vilapoolie: why not a config var to define the ui itself ?08:07
poolievila, how do you mean?08:10
poolievila, istr that null output from script commands matches anything?08:10
poolieis that true?08:10
poolieit's just been confusing me08:10
vilapoolie: a yes_ui08:11
vilanull output matches anything... hmm, doesn't ring a bell, that would be quite a bug08:12
pooliemm it seems to be true though08:12
poolievila, i agree, i think -O'ui=YesUI' should work08:13
vilaoh, wait, if *no* output is specified, then, yes, I think it's defined as meaning: "I don't care about the output", but that's not the same as specifying an output and getting none08:13
pooliethat needs just a little more buildup and it's a somewhat longwinded way to get it08:13
poolieyes, that's consistent with what i'm seeing, but i think it's a bug08:13
pooliei recall discussing it08:13
pooliei think if you don't care, you should say '...'08:14
vilapoolie: but then you have to do it always, yeah may be we discussed that already08:14
pooliei should say i'm generally really super happy with scripts08:15
vilaI don't know if we have already enough data for that (nor if can define >/dev/null)08:15
pooliethat's why i'm hitting bugs08:15
pooliei think robert has a point they could create a pressure towards excessive blackbox testing08:15
vilaI fully agreed and still agree with that. I consider them a first rough shot to reproduce a bug08:16
vilafrom there you drill down and write more precise tests08:16
pooliei think if you're going to write a blackbox test, you might as well write it this way08:16
poolieit's clearer and probably no slower08:16
poolieand when the bugs are shaken out, it should be no less precise08:17
pooliethere's still the question of how we could test the command ui other than by full-stack tests08:17
poolie(how or whether)08:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 637830 in Bazaar "null output from test script matches anything (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed]08:17
vilaoh, for blackbox tests yeah, I was thinking more generally08:17
poolieno point making it _hard_ to write bb tests as a way to make people write unit tests08:17
vilalol, no, that's not my point :)08:18
poolievila, i think https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/ui-factory/+merge/34956 is now all ready to land08:22
vilapoolie: didn't I approved it ??? ... looks like it... weird08:25
vilapoolie: done08:26
vilahmm, that's cleanup day :) I like it, go submitters, go !08:35
vilapoolie: Why bzrlib.ui.testsupport instead of bzrlib.tests.ui (or something, but under tests) ?08:38
bialixheya GaryvdM08:45
GaryvdMHi bialix.08:45
bialixGary, I've pushed small fix to lp:bzr-windows-installers branch, please, next time you'll build the installer use it08:46
bialixGaryvdM: btw, how's your own build host going?08:46
GaryvdMbialix: I installed a 32 host, so I was not able to build the tbzr 64bit shell ext. So I'm gonig to have to start from scratch08:47
poolievila, i actually did originally put it somewhere like that but i think python was getting confused by multiple things called ui08:47
poolieor at leoast i was :)08:47
pooliecleanup day?08:47
bialixGaryvdM: oops :-(08:48
pooliehi bialix, garyvdm08:48
bialixheya poolie08:48
GaryvdMHi poolie08:48
vilaueah, I thought about that :) So how about bzrlib.tests.ui_utils ?08:48
GaryvdMHi vila08:48
vilahey GaryvdM, bialix !08:48
bialixGaryvdM: which reminds me: why we still provides 32-bit bython version for 64-bit Windows?08:48
bialixvila: bonjour \o_08:49
pooliei wouldn't mind having a rule that code outside .tests shouldn't call things inside it08:49
poolieaside of course from cmd_selftest etc08:49
poolieand this would advance that08:49
vilapoolie: yup, hence my remark about branchbuilder on the review comment08:49
GaryvdMI'll probably build the 2.2.1 installer on the ec2 instance, and then have another go after that is done. I'll have to ask jam to revert the pyqt version.08:49
bialixGaryvdM: how hard it would be to have both 32 and 64 bits hosts?08:50
GaryvdMbialix: Re 64bit python, -08:50
vilabialix: at least twice as hard ? :-P08:50
bialixvila: exactly!08:50
GaryvdMbialix: Re 64bit python, - I don't really know, I have not really looked at it08:50
bialixI have plans to get new computer soon, it should be 64-bit08:51
GaryvdMbialix: My knowledge of the installer build is still small. I'm just following the docs....08:51
bialixthe only one question which bother me is: where to get the compiler for python extensions08:52
vilabialix: good timing, 10.10 is nearly out :-P08:52
bialixvila: yep, I'd like to have dual boot machne08:52
bialixGaryvdM: which compiler are you using?08:52
GaryvdMbialix: I was using VS C++ express, which is free beer, but not free speech.08:52
vilabialix: even better: install 10.10 and use vms... way to go... ;) You will need a bit more RAM, but then you'll have both 32bits and 64bits windows available...08:53
bialixvila: I already have 32-bit Windows XP and pretty happy with it08:53
vilabialix: you mean you'll get an *additional* computer ?08:53
bialixyes, new one08:54
vilanice, have a look at synergy then, 2 computers is a nice setup, 2 mice, 2 keyboards... less nice08:54
* vila looks around and see 5 mice 3 keyboards <cough>08:55
bialixwho's talking08:55
GaryvdMI use synergy.08:56
vilawell, I use 1 kbd 1 mouse 99% of the time though08:56
vilabut there are cases were one PC needs a keyboard (boot, nasty problems) and 3 mices should just go in the attic :)08:56
poolievila i just got a magic touchpad today09:01
poolieit's pretty sexy09:02
vilawhat's a magic touchpad ?09:05
vilaOh, the apple one ?09:05
bialixCan it call spells of 80 level?09:05
poolieit can scroll both downwards _and upwards_ which my worn out old mouse couldn't do :)09:06
vilapoolie: yeah, I have a magic mouse (2 in fact :-p) it's a pity I had trouble configuring it properly for osx/vbox/lucid/synergys though :-/09:07
vilapoolie: it works under maverick right /09:07
pooliespiv do you want to send your approved branches?09:07
poolieactually it's only on os x for now09:07
vilapoolie: ha.09:08
pooliei might try it on maverick later but my desktop pc has no bt adapter09:08
poolieoh nm, you did09:08
poolievila i moved the uifactory stuff to tests.testui and it seems happy there09:17
vilahehe, I thought about that too but didn't want you to say: oh, testui and test_ui are too close ;-p Please land !09:18
pooliethey kind of are, but i think it's ok09:19
fargiolassorry if it is a faq, probably I'm searching wrong keywords and cannot find the answer, how do I checkout a specific revision with bzr?09:21
GaryvdMfargiolas: There are many ways to skin that cat09:22
GaryvdMfargiolas: If you don't allready have a branch: bzr branch -r x09:22
GaryvdMIf you allready have a branch: bzr pull . -r x --overwrite09:23
GaryvdMbzr revert -r x09:23
GaryvdMor bzr update -r x09:23
fargiolasdon't know if I have a branch, I ran brz branch lp:project-name09:23
fargiolasI still have to better understand bzr lexicon09:24
GaryvdMI'm not sure what you want to do exactly. If you can tell me more, I can advise you better09:24
poolieyou do09:24
pooliefargiolas: you want a copy of the tree as at a particular revision?09:24
fargiolasGaryvdM: I want to look at a project history looking at each commit changes09:24
GaryvdMfargiolas: You do have a branch. do cd project-name; ls09:25
fargiolasif you're familiar with git, I'd like something like git log -p09:25
poolie'bzr log -p' :-)09:25
fargiolasreally, cool :D09:25
fargiolasas I said I'm pretty new to bzr, sorry :-)09:26
GaryvdMfargiolas: no problem.09:26
vilafargiolas: if you prefer fancy GUI, try 'bzr qlog' you need the qbzr plugin for that but it's worth it09:27
fargiolasvila: I'll try it, thanks09:27
poolievila did you see spiv's neat "testdoc"? in lp:testdoc09:35
poolieprints a summary of the contents of a test module09:36
pooliei like '-f shiny'09:36
vilapoolie: yup, I need to use a dark backgrounf though or most of it is unreadble :)09:36
vilaga <- fix typos09:37
spivpoolie: yeah, I'll submit them.  I wanted to make sure the Inter1and2Helper fix got in because 2.2.1 is due quite soon.09:45
RomanMozHow to launch bzr-gtk or bzr-explorer on Windows systems?09:46
GaryvdMRomanMoz: If you installed with the windows installer, you should see a short cut in the start menu, and optionally on the desktop09:48
GaryvdMRomanMoz: How did you install?09:48
GaryvdMRomanMoz: From the console, you can run "bzr explorer"09:49
hrwdoes someone here used bzr-git plugin?10:06
maxbhrw: sometimes10:11
hrwso far all my attempts ends with backtrace or other erros10:12
hrwbzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://github.com/hrw/linaro-armel-cross-toolchain.git/info/refs: Bad status line received10:13
hrwok, found bug for it10:14
hrwbug 58193310:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 581933 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Imports from http://github.com fail, while ones from git://github.com work (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58193310:14
jelmerhrw: Hi10:15
jelmerhrw: "smart" http repositories aren't supported yet, but git:// should work for github repositories10:15
hrw11:15 hrw@home:bzr-import$ bzr git-import git://github.com/hrw/linaro-armel-cross-toolchain.git10:16
hrwbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'InterRemoteGitNonGitRepository' object has no attribute 'fetch_refs'10:16
hrwI prefer to create bzr branch with full git history but doing it by "git format-patch" + playing with bzr version of "git am" is what I do not want to play with10:18
jelmerhrw: What version of bzr-git is that? Trunk should work.10:19
hrw *** 0.5.2-1 010:20
hrw        650 http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/universe amd64 Packages10:20
jelmerhrw: Alternatively, you can have Launchpad do the import for you.10:20
hrwjelmer: where it is in LP?10:21
jelmerhrw: The "Import a branch" link on the Code page of a project.10:22
jelmerhrw: Or if you mean bzr-git itself, lp:bzr-git10:22
hrwok, so time to create projects first10:23
poolievila wow we're really going to need to see about giving better errors on failure10:24
pooliethe assertionerror is not always super helpful10:24
jelmer'morning poolie, vila10:25
pooliehi there jelmer10:25
vilapoolie: ECONTEXT10:26
vilajelmer: hey !10:27
mgzmorning all.10:29
vilamgz: _o/10:30
poolievila there's not much explanation of which bit of the script it's unhappy about10:30
pooliebut i just improved it slightly10:30
mgzI see pqm doesn't have news merge.10:30
vilapoolie: ha, will lineno help ?10:31
poolieit looks like only a few tweaks are needed to make '' not be a wildcard10:31
pooliemm, or just giving the command line10:31
spivmgz: hmm yeah, I should probably file an RT to get it turned on.  It only helps a bit, but that's still worth something.10:31
pooliethat's not quite unambiguous10:31
pooliespiv you should10:31
spivok :)10:32
mgzspiv fixed bug 625574 during the night?10:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 625574 in Bazaar "testtools details should not be shared between parameterised tests (affected: 1, heat: 9)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62557410:32
vilamgz: ha, thanks, I mentioned you to spiv but couldn't find back the mp... :)10:33
vilaspiv, mgz : I let you discuss it :-)10:35
poolieactually spiv i thought there was one already?10:35
poolieis this a known bug i sometimes get EBADF inside paramiko running parallel=fork?10:38
mgzadding a copy method was what Robert mentioned as well, just hadn't got as far as digging into what would need fixing where myself10:38
poolieprobably thread leaks of some kind10:38
vilapoolie: I dunno it a bug ws filed for it, but yes, it's more apparent now that the leaks have been fixed but it's an old one10:48
vilapoolie: the root cause is that when a client and server communicate via socket the events related to the socket being EOLed do not always occur in the same order10:49
vilapoolie: we catch EBADF on both the client side and the server side, but paramiko use its own private thread, where EBADF, sometimes, occurs10:50
vilapoolie: IIRC it doesn't make the test fail thoug, it's just annoying to have it in the output at all :-/10:50
poolieah ok10:53
poolievila ah i see the naughty test_conflicts blackbox tests, but not in that directory :)10:53
poolieso they are nice and readable10:54
pooliethey are kind of using the command line to do setup, which will tend to be slow10:54
vilapoolie: yeah, I should rewrite them into more precise tests as hinted earlier :)10:54
poolieand i think was lifeless's objection to adding this facility10:54
pooliejust thinking out loud, not trying to give you a hard time10:55
vilano no, np10:55
vilaI was in exploratory mode when I wrote them so they fitted the bill: how to create such and such conflicts10:55
pooliesome other things it's teaching me10:56
vilaAFAIK there are the most complex setups we have and spiv and I weren't fully happy about the parametrization either10:56
pooliewe're a bit inconsistent about stdout vs stderr (not totally news)10:56
poolieand also, a universally respected -q would be good for these tests10:57
pooliealso apparently -1 doesn't work with --parallel10:57
vilano, at best it could stop one thread (well process)10:58
vilathese tests are a good example of why I didn't care about command output... until the very end, so adding '...' for every line will make them *far* less readable10:59
poolieactually -q is pretty good10:59
vilaon the other hand, they are not here to stay...10:59
vilaadding it to every bzr invocation in the script ? wfm11:00
poolieto the ones you don't care about11:00
vilaan alternative would be to add an option to the run_script method to keep the actual behavior11:00
Glenjaminhi guys, i'm trying to write a plugin to add credentials into gnome keyring in the format that bzr-gtk expects11:01
Glenjaminbut i'm getting lost in the code somewhat - can anyone point me to how to get the credentials stuff from a URL?11:02
vilaGlenjamin: look into bzrlib/transport/__init__.py split_url and unsplit_url11:03
vilaGlenjamin: be aware that the credential stores doesn't provide any facility for storing new credentials11:03
vilaGlenjamin: the rationale is that keyring, ssh-agents are best fitted for that11:04
Glenjaminthe gnome-keyring bit in bzr-gtk uses a hash of attributes to store11:04
Glenjaminthe gnome seahorse program doesn't let you set them11:04
Glenjaminso i can't see a way to non-programatically set the password11:06
vilaI see, but still :)11:07
* vila searches11:07
poolieso the good news is that -q does consistently suppress most stuff11:08
pooliei suspect there are still some where it's not correct11:09
vilaGlenjamin: meh, seahorse let you create passwords or keyrings or ssh keys or pgp keys, what are you trying to create ?11:11
Glenjaminyou can create a named password, but you cant set the attrs dictionary from seahorse - although it will display it for existing passwords11:13
vilaGlenjamin: did you look at oython-gnomekeyring ?11:14
Glenjaminyes, it has bindings to let me store a password11:15
Glenjamini managed it manually11:15
Glenjaminbut now i want to be able to do "bzr gpass some://url" and have it prompt me for username/password, and store it11:15
Glenjamini'm struggling to convert the URL argument into the relevant bits however11:16
vilaGlenjamin: haaa, ok, so you don't try to store them in authentication.conf ?11:16
Glenjaminas ideally i'd like to be able to plug in the same url that any other command would take - in this case it's a custom directory service which maps to bzr+https11:17
Glenjaminvila: nope, if the password is in the keyring it seems to pick it up11:17
vilaGlenjamin: then look at bzrlib/transport/__init_.py11:17
pooliethat would be a nice feature11:17
Glenjamini'm intrigued as to how jelmer manages to get the passwords into keying - as he's the author of this bit of bzr-gtk11:18
vilaGlenjamin: that's the trick, it doesn't, he just uses the ones that are there11:18
vilas/it/he/ sorry jelmer  :-/11:18
Glenjaminbut they'd have to get there somehow, no?11:18
jelmerGlenjamin: other apps can add them11:19
poolieyay, done, and not too tedious to change11:19
poolievila https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/scripts/+merge/35386 - no rush11:19
vilaGlenjamin: circa line 1354 there is one example11:19
pooliethanks for the reviews!11:19
vilapoolie: ok11:19
vilalunch time here, bbl11:19
Glenjaminannoyingly, parsing the url just gives me bzr+https. which isn't much use. Since this is only for one repo i'm just going to make a more specific command. :(11:28
Glenjamini've run into a weird error. I've got an https smart server running, and http redirecting to https. if i try and do a command to bzr+https, i get an error about 401 being an invalid response. If i do bzr+http it redirects to https and prompts me for my password. :s11:51
Glenjamin_and it only happens with pycurl11:56
knittlhmm. how do i check if a revision is valid from a revision_dwim object?13:09
vilaGlenjamin: what do you mean by 'only bzr+https' ? Care to paste some code demonstrating that ?13:13
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:13
vilaknittl: hmm, I don't think you can, the dwin processing is about trying various kind of revisions until one succeeds, see bzrlib.revisionspec circa line 32513:19
knittlvila: well, i want to test if it's 013:19
knittlso -r013:19
knittland print revision outputs <revision_dwim 0>13:20
vilaknittl: what's wrong with -rnull: ?13:20
knittlvila: it crashes13:20
knittl* <revisionspec_dwim 0>13:20
vilaknittl: what crashes ?13:21
vilaok, doing what ?13:21
knittlinventory -r013:21
knittlinventory -r0 . works (giving filelist)13:21
vilabut it should output nothing right ?13:22
vilafile a bug, probably pretty shallow13:22
knittlor a warning 'r0 does not have an inventory' or something like that13:22
knittlvila: i try to fix it myself13:22
vilaknittl: good, thanks !13:23
knittlthat's why i asked how to check the revision ;)13:23
vilaknittl: but once the bug is filed you can assign to yourself and everybody will know it's a know one if they encounter it13:23
knittlnobody is as stupid as i am and will try to show the inventory of r0 ^^13:24
knittlyada yada13:24
vilaI'm surprised it didn't show up in other contexts... and that we don't have a test for that13:25
knittlif type(dir_ie) is type(None): return;13:25
knittlin inventory.py entries(self).descend(dir_ie, dir_path)13:26
knittlseems to fix it13:26
vilain descend ? yeah, I wsa there too (note that we use the 'if dir_ie is None' idiom instead13:27
knittlthat did not work13:27
knittlbut it was 4am when i tried last13:27
knittloh ok, works too :)13:27
knittlshould this go inside descend or should i check self.root before calling descend?13:29
knittlchecking root.self will be called only once instead of each subdirectory13:29
vilaknittl: I think it's an old code path, http://paste.ubuntu.com/493618/ works13:30
knittllol, ok13:30
vilaknittl: well, you did the hard work :) Please send a merge proposal !13:31
knittlalthough entries(self) says "this may be faster than iter_entries"13:32
vilano, it's bogus, it breaks the test suite13:32
knittlok, iter_entries works too13:33
vilaknittl: no it's not, it breaks the test suite :)13:33
knittlwhat? entries()?13:34
knittlwhat now? :D13:34
vilahmm, may be the test suite is wrong and you uncovered more than you thought :)13:35
vilaknittl: told you :) File a bug, there are weird things there13:38
knittlmeh, i wanted to patch!!13:38
ubot5If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:38
knittl!bugs bzr13:38
knittlstupid bot xD13:39
vilaknittl: Please keep working on the patch ! :) You can then do a merge proposal and with that and the bug, we are sure to track the issue until it's fixed13:39
knittlwell for me both iter_entries() and entries().descend() with the if dir is none works13:40
knittli haven't run the testsuite though13:40
vilaknittl: I did run it in a dirty bzr, cleaned now, re-running13:41
vilaknittl: you could run of subset with 'bzr selftest -s bt.test_inventory13:41
knittlbzr: ERROR: No module named testtools?13:43
vilaknittl: argh, yes, OS/version ?13:43
vilaknittl: cool, so just apt-get or synaptic will do13:43
* GaryvdM really really really would like to have shallow branches...13:43
knittlGaryvdM: hm?13:44
vilaGaryvdM: even if your mirror updated your repo at night ?13:44
knittlthought bzr would already allow such a thing13:44
knittlvila: what's the package name?13:44
vilaGaryvdM: or say, every hour (which should be fast enough)13:45
vilaknittl: let me check, but if this one exists, sure13:45
vilaknittl: it's a bit old, (0.9.6 has been released) but it shouldn't matter (/me crosses fingers)13:46
GaryvdMvila: I'm branching a piece of code I don't normally work on13:46
knittlvila: http://paste2.org/p/98753613:46
GaryvdMand my internet line is being very slow, I'm only doing 2kB/s13:47
vilaknittl: ok, now try: 'bzr selftest -s bt.test_inv -s bb.test_inv -s bb.test_non_ascii'13:47
knittlok, running13:48
maxbtesttools 0.9.4' is in ~bzr/proposed, ftr, though Martin gz said it may be more buggy than 0.9.2 in some areas13:50
LorHow does one copy an entire colo workspace and its branches? colo-sync-* requires that there already exists a mirror workspace.13:51
LorIs one supposed to do a bzr colo-init followed immediately by a colo-sync-from?13:51
knittlvila: "ran 729 tests in 164.478s OK"13:52
vilaknittl: sounds good, what's your patch ?13:54
knittlif self.root is not None: descend(self.root, u'')13:54
Glenjaminvila: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493632/14:01
vilaknittl: hmm, there are valid cases where self.root is None while the inventory is not, this sounds like bad test coverage :-/14:01
vilaGlenjamin: well, in that case user and password are None indeed14:02
knittlvila: meh…14:02
knittlvila: but no14:02
knittlself.root cannot be none in entries14:02
Glenjaminthis is the bit where i'm trying to get the attributes of the URL to store against the keyring14:02
knittlbecause if it is None the .children call will fail14:03
Glenjaminwhich would be protocol = https, server = bzr.genesys-solutions.co.uk; I know i can just chop bzr+ off the front - but that kinda feels like cheating14:03
vilaknittl: typed too fast, checking something (in this code path you're right, but the Inventory __init__ allows it to be None)14:04
knittli'm only checking in descend14:05
Glenjaminideally i want to try and access the url, and then where it would normally go hit the credential stores, just grab those attributes and prompt for a user/password that then gets saved.14:05
Glenjaminbut i dont think the stack is really set up for that.14:05
knittlhow can i set name and email locally for a branch?14:05
knittland how can i amend the last commit? (override author information)14:05
knittland what's the equivalent of git's format-patch?14:06
vilaGlenjamin: indeed the stack is not setup for that yet (well, only in a rudimentary form which doesn't interact with credential stores IIRC)14:06
vilaknittl: bzr whoami14:07
vilaknittl: bzr uncommit; bzr whomai; bzr commit14:07
knittlvila: no, whoami is globally14:07
knittluncommit will clear my message?14:07
Glenjaminin my particular case the repository is always the same, so i added a command which can store credentials for that repo. But my plan of making a generic "gpass" command is pretty much kaput14:08
vilaknittl: bzr push lp:~knittl/bzr/bug#-fix-inv-r0 ; bzr lp-open14:08
Glenjaminwhoami accepts a --branch option14:08
GaryvdMknittl: If you use qcommit, it will uncommit will remember it for you14:08
vilathanks for the support guys :-D14:09
GaryvdMknittl: I think to set whoami for a branch, you have to edit .bzr/branch/branch.conf  . I'm not sure if there is a ui for that.14:10
GaryvdMknittl: Not you can also do bzr commit --author14:10
knittlGaryvdM: whoami --branch works14:10
GaryvdMknittl: Oh - learn something everyday :-)14:11
Glenjaminbzr help whoami revealed its secrets :)14:11
knittlok, so i need to push to launchpad?14:13
vilaknittl: that's where you will be able to create a merge proposal and where we will review it14:13
knittlbzr-pqm is correct 'parent'?14:14
knittlugh, now for the reporting part14:15
GaryvdMknittl: Yes14:15
vilaknittl: yes, bzr-pqm is our automated gate keeper that ensures that all commits on the mainline pass the whole test suite14:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 379740 in Bazaar ""bzr inventory -r 123" requires a working tree (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [Medium,Confirmed]14:16
knittllooks like the bug?14:16
vilaknittl: nope, some command but different bug14:17
vilasame ...14:17
knittlvila: but -r0 will also have no working tree?14:17
vilaknittl: no, it can have an empty working tree14:17
vilaknittl: this bug is about using 'inventory' on treeless branches14:18
knittlwhatever. report a bug *click*14:18
knittlvila: ah ok. understood!14:18
knittldone: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/63803414:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 638034 in Bazaar "`bzr inventory -r0` crashes because self.root is None (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]14:23
=== Meths_ is now known as Meths
knittlwhat can i do with a file_id? is there a way to `bzr cat` it?16:32
dobeyi'm trying to fix up the test suite in tarmac to use bzr's TestCaseInTempDir, and super() instead of direct calls up to the parent, but now i'm getting a weird error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/493658/16:33
dobeycan anyone help me figure it out?16:33
james_wdobey: it's still going through TestCaseWithMemoryTransport, I didn't think TestCaseInTempDir was a subclass of that16:39
dobeyjames_w: nothing in my tarmac tre eis using TestCaseWithMemoryTransport though16:43
jelmerknittl: it's used internally in bazaar, not really exposed at the UI level. why would you want to ?16:44
knittljelmer: showing an inventory -> displaying file contents16:45
dobeyjames_w: i guess super() just really hates multiple inheritence :(16:45
mgzclass TestCaseInTempDir(TestCaseWithMemoryTransport):16:47
jelmerknittl: is there a particular reason for not doing that by file path though?16:48
mgzinheritance doesn't look wrong to me.16:48
knittljelmer: file paths may change?16:48
jelmerknittl: Not in a particular inventory.16:48
knittlbut between revisions16:49
jelmerknittl: But you just mentioned you wanted to lookup paths in an inventory16:49
knittlwhat's wrong with using file_ids?16:50
mgzdobey: a minimal test case that gets you that stack would be helpful16:50
knittl(god i hate bazaar)16:50
knittlwhen i want to know how to display contents of file ids i want to do that, i don't want to show contents of a normal file or use its filename …16:51
knittl(sorry, pet peeve)16:51
jelmerknittl: What are you trying to do exactly?16:51
jelmerknittl: You seem to be mixing storage-specific things with UI concepts.16:52
knittli'm not interested in UI16:52
knittlbut i'd prefer having a command in bzr which does what i want16:52
Glenjaminthen that would be UI, no?16:53
jelmerknittl: can you give us some more context?16:53
knittli'm analysing storage/object models of different dvcss16:53
knittland bzr documentation is really awful16:53
knittli'm reading pydoc of inventory classes16:54
knittlso bzr inventory -v --show-ids will give me names and their id16:54
knittli guess bazaar tracks history per file (not easy to find either)16:54
knittland a file_id identifies a specific file16:54
knittlso i should be able to show its content by using the file_id16:55
jelmeryou would need both the file id and the revision id16:55
knittlok, i don't care if i need revid as well16:56
knittlhow can i display it? you can also link me to a page which describes the command (or tell me the command name)16:56
jelmerknittl: bzr cat16:56
jelmerknittl: though you specify the path and the revision16:57
knittli don't want to use the path16:57
knittli'm specfically asking for file_id16:57
jelmerknittl: Why not? the path is unambiguous if you also specify the revision16:57
knittlis there a *single* identifier of a file in a revision?16:58
jelmerknittl: yes, the path.16:58
knittlthat's path+rev16:58
knittlthat's two things, not a single one16:58
jelmerknittl: right16:58
Glenjaminyou said "in a revision"16:58
knittl"of a certain revision of a file" <- better?16:59
jelmerknittl: a tuple of a revision and a path, or a tuple of a revision and a file id16:59
roryyi'm trying to find an easy bug to fix; 521452 looks doable, but I can't reproduce it with 2.1.0rc1 (where it was reported) or the tip.  Any hints?  I've tried on Ubuntu 9.10 and using Wine on the same system, but no luck16:59
knittlbzr cat -r5410 bzrignore-20050311232317-81f7b71efa2db11a17:00
mgzroryy: it may have been incidentally fixed by poolie17:00
knittlnot working …17:00
jelmerknittl: Why would you prefer that to "bzr cat -r5410 .bzrignore" ?17:00
mgzrorry: do you want suggestions for starter bugs?17:00
roryymgz: please17:00
knittljelmer: because i say so -.-17:00
jelmerknittl: Anyway, the short answer is that there's no way to cat by file id from the UI.17:02
mgzrorry: first, if you'd like to test my theory on that you could try checking out a rev before poolie's change, and if the bug exists there but not now, closing that bug as fixed17:02
knittljelmer: that sucks …17:03
mgzrorry: appears to have been merged in r5371, so try r537017:03
roryymgz: cool, thanks.  I'll try that17:03
knittljelmer: hg has `hg debugdata` and `hg debugindex`17:06
mgzrorry: for bugs to work on, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bugs?field.tag=easy - but again some of these may have already been fixed, and some may not actually be easy at all, so feel free to ask questions17:06
roryymgz: will do.  and some tagged "easy" definitely don't look that easy :-)17:07
mgzany luck repoing your first bug on an earlier bzr?17:08
roryymgz: no.  still checking that i haven't made a mistake, tho17:08
mgzit might help to go back even earlier, to a rev from the same time when Gary filed the bug17:09
roryyi tried that by checking out tag 2.1.0rc117:10
roryysorry, that's for 515569, for which the other is marked as a dupe17:11
mgzwas just about to ask that.17:11
Glenjaminhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/202374 looks like a nice first bug17:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 202374 in Bazaar "pull and update should accept --show-base (affected: 0, heat: 0)" [Medium,Confirmed]17:11
mgzor how about bug 41792217:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 417922 in Bazaar "treat MemoryError as a special/environmental error (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41792217:17
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mgzI know that code so can help you write a test and everything.17:17
=== spikeC is now known as spike_
=== spike_ is now known as spikeWRK
roryyI probably need to be able to reproduce this simple bug before i try anything more ambitious17:21
mgz...I'll try and repo here, it may well be you're doing nothing wrong17:21
mgz...quick thought though, you are using ./bzr in the directory of the checkout right?17:22
mgzokay, I can't repo with either of those old revs either.17:26
dobeymgz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/493724/17:28
knittlcan i use a hash instead of a revno?17:28
knittland how do i find the hash of a revision17:28
dobeymgz: testing that with trial gives the same error17:28
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
Glenjaminknittl: bzr help revisionspec17:28
knittlok. and how do i get the revid?17:29
mgzdobey: okay, yeah, that's you getting screwed by multiple inheritance17:29
Glenjaminbzr log -v -r<n> i guess17:30
knittlno, cannot see it17:30
dobeymgz: so what can i do?17:30
Glenjamini think bzr qlog shows it17:30
knittl-v often does nothing17:30
mgznot create the tempdir in BaseTestCase I'd suggest17:30
knittlinventory -v: same as inventory17:30
knittlvila: thax17:31
knittl* thanks17:31
vilainventory is an hidden command, it get far less love than the exposed ones :)17:31
knittlit got a patch from me today …17:31
vila-v is not used coherently17:31
knittlthat means a lot17:31
knittlbut it's displayed in the help of inventory17:32
Glenjamin"bzr rocks -v" is the same too17:32
vilaknittl: revids and file-ids are *internal* ids, if you want to manipulate them, you'd better use bzrlib (the library, developer oriented) not bzr (the command-line user-oriented tool)17:32
knittli don't want to manipulate them17:33
knittljust use them17:33
vilas/manipulate/address|get your hands on/ same thing17:33
knittlno, quite different17:34
dobeymgz: and why does the first test pass, but all subsequent tests fail?17:34
vilabzr do not accept them anywhere from the command-line, except for the revid but it's not the recommanded way17:34
Glenjaminfirst passing others failing sounds like not resetting state to me17:34
mgzbecause you remove the attribute tempdir, which the bzr class uses for a non-test-specific tempdir17:34
mgzand you removed it.17:34
vilaGlenjamin: yeah, in this specific case, it's even: blowing up the state ;D17:35
mgzdobey: just don't do this: tempfile.tempdir = os.getcwd()17:37
mgzbut ideally, if you want to be using TestCaseInTempDir, don't do any of that stuff in the other base test case17:37
dobeywe have to do stuff in the other base test case, because we have to create other files17:38
dobeyif i just make the base test case use TestCaseInTempDir instead, then all the tarmac tests fail17:39
viladobey: and inheriting from TestCaseInTempDir ?17:39
dobeyvila: hmm?17:39
viladobey: make your base class inherit from TestCaseInTempDir17:40
dobeyi did that17:40
dobeyand everything else failed.17:40
vilasingle inheritance17:40
vilaclass BaseTestCase(TestCaseInTempDir)17:41
knittlbzr revision-history is nice17:41
mgzvila, I think ideally he'd do that, but he's trying to update an existing suite and that means lots of changes17:41
dobeywell ideally i wouldn't be here having this discussion, because the code i wrote to change this over, would just work17:42
dobeyit works fine if i don't do super(), and instead just call up directly17:42
mgzlife is never that simple :D17:42
viladobey: you can also calls both setUp and tearDown explicitely, but that won't address stepping on other toes^W attributes17:42
mgzanyway, just don't assign to global state in the tempfile module17:43
mgzit's dodgy and unneeded17:43
mgzdoes that change then get your real tests passing?17:44
mgz(there's no reason to change to using super for the cases it actually breaks)17:45
dobeythey appear to pass with that change, but i suspect there will be other problems17:45
dobeyand if changing it breaks the bzr test case, then the bzr test case is probably doing it wrong17:46
knittlwhy does bzr revision-history not take a revision as its argument?17:46
vilaknittl: because hidden commands are generally written for a specific need and then forgotten17:48
mgzdobey, no, do you want me to walk you through why that's bust?17:49
knittlvila: it would make a lot of sense17:49
knittllike git's rev-list17:49
mgzthe point of TestCaseInTempDir is it creates a tempdir and chdirs into it17:49
knittlso bzr revision-history -r100017:49
mgzsuper call like that means it gets called first17:49
knittlshow history from r1000 to 017:49
vilaknittl: seen the see also for revision-history ? That's what 'bzr log' does17:50
mgzyou then set the global tempfile default creation to the cwd, which, remember, is going to get deleted in teardown17:50
knittlvila: hm?17:51
knittl'seen the see'?17:51
knittlalso bzr log shows a lot more17:51
mgzso the next tempdir that is going to get created is put in a dir that was deleted at the end of the last test, hence error17:51
vilaknittl: bzr help revision-history | grep 'See also'17:52
knittli don't understand17:52
vilaknittl: why add -r to revision-history when it's already implemented for log whose job is to display the history of the branch17:54
knittlvila: log shows a lot more info than revision-history17:54
vilaknittl: indeed, listing the revids only doesn't make a lot of sense that's why the command never get more love17:55
=== Ursinha-lunch is now known as Ursinha
knittlvila: listing only revids makes a lot of sense when analysing low level architecture of different systems17:59
rubbsknittl: the point is, that it wouldn't be a command commonly used. most people wouldn't care about it.18:00
knittlbzr is not doing well so far: little documentation, everything is hidden and locked away from the user, nobody can properly explain object/history model and different types of objects, etc.18:00
vilaknittl: I understand that and I think we've already had this discussion.18:00
mgztrying to analyse low level architecture from the command line doesn't make any sense at all. why don't you use a Python repl like any sane person would?18:00
knittlvila: yes, i say that a lot after i've been asking for something in #bzr :D18:01
knittlmgz: because the command line tools are (generally) there already18:01
vilai don't understand18:01
mgzso, they aren't, and you'd just spent a couple of hours complaining about that.18:02
knittlmgz: yes.18:02
mgzwhy not drop that particular hammer and pick up a more suitable tool?18:02
rubbsalso, I'm interested in why you think documentation isn't there. We specifically picked bzr here for a few reasons: Better windows support, and good end user documentation. The things that 90% of people use are documented and documented well. Are there holes, yes, but no more so than other projects.18:05
roryymgz: i've more-or-less given up on bug 515569 after trying it on several revisions: 4933, 4934, 4967, 5019, 5365, 5310, which seem to be when bzrlib/ui/text.py had relevant changes.  I think generating a test case might be harder than it appears.18:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 515569 in Bazaar "progress bar is not removed when bzr exits (affected: 3, heat: 12)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51556918:05
knittlrubbs: end user documentation might be good, but i don't read end user documentation18:05
knittlit also lacks a lot when it comes to history/object model18:06
mgzrorry, I fear you're probably right there. leave it for the moment, and maybe bug garyvdm or bialix about how they hit it if you see them in the chat18:06
knittli have yet to find good architectural documentation18:06
rubbsknittl: ah, thank you for that clarification.18:06
roryymgz: on bug 417922, i see martin pool did do something in 4634.26.1 -- did you have something else in mind?18:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 417922 in Bazaar "treat MemoryError as a special/environmental error (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41792218:06
knittlrubbs: with 'i don't read end user docs' i mean, that end user documentation is irrelevant here for me. it does not contain the information i need18:07
rubbsknittl: i understand, I just didn't understand when you said bzr had little documentation. I've found that teaching it to my devs here was much easier because they had a lot of good documentation, but I have no experience with dev documentation, only user documentation.18:08
rubbsso I can not comment one way or the other on it.18:08
knittlmaybe i've just been missing it the last month18:08
knittlbut nobody could point me to good docs18:08
knittlalso the wiki has links to interesting articles18:09
knittljust to find those articles are empty18:09
mgzrorry, ha, another bug poolie fixed?18:09
knittlor have a single line of content18:09
roryymgz: i think so.  i must go now; i'll have a look at the bug Glenjamin suggested.18:13
mgzokay, sorry for the bumpy start they rorry.18:13
knittlhow do i go about adding a testcase for bzr inventory -r0?19:29
jamknittl: I just replied to your email19:32
jamI don't think we really care up at the 'bzr inventory' level, but it is good to have it at the Inventory level19:33
knittljam: ok19:36
knittlthat way it was easiest to explain here19:36
jamknittl: sure19:36
jamI'm just saying that you *could* explicitly test 'bzr inventory -r0' in a blackbox test, but I think testing closer to the change is better19:37
knittli'm not interested in `bzr inventory` either, it's just the command where i found it to fail19:38
knittlhow can i run only that test?19:38
knittlbecause i updated to the previous revision and the tests pass19:38
knittl`bzr selftest -s bt.test_inv -s bb.test_inv`19:39
jamknittl: roughly that, you have to make sure to not just create "Inventory()" since the default creates a root19:48
knittlso overwrite root after that?19:49
knittlno, root_id is None19:49
knittlself.assertEqual(true, false) should always fail, right?19:50
knittlthe test is not called :(19:50
knittlafk for 30 min …19:50
dantoHi, how could I capture an error status of a bzr update in a bash script?19:51
dantoHi, how can I capture an error status of a bzr update in a bash script?20:05
GaryvdMdanto: you could check the return code ($?), and/or pipe the stdout to a file.20:07
GaryvdMdanto: Or put the stdout in a var20:08
GaryvdMvar = $(bzr update)20:08
GaryvdMOh -  that does no work, not sure why. Sorry20:09
dantothanks GaryvdM, I'm already trying to pipe the stdout and doing grep -i error but doesn't work; bzr's error seems to broke any pipe20:11
GaryvdMdanto: Oh - let me try it myself.20:12
dantoGaryvdM, sure20:13
GaryvdMdanto: That's odd. bzr update | more does not work, but bzr update | less does.20:14
dantoGaryvdM, I'm here20:15
GaryvdMdanto: I'm not sure. Maybe someone else may be able to help20:15
GaryvdMdanto: Sorry, I misspress enter after typing your name. :-)20:15
dantothank you GaryvdM :)20:15
jamdanto: have you checked stderr vs stdout?20:40
jambzr update 2>&1 | less20:41
dantojam not yet, I will try and let you know, thank you :)20:51
senderI'm running python 2.5, but can't compile the extensions runnin 'make' b/c of missing python pyrex. Aptitude install python-pyrex gives me python 2.4.21:43
senderShould I downgrade python? :S21:43
mgztry cython instead.21:44
mgzI'm guessing you're on lenny or an older ubuntu.21:46
sendermgz: thanks, that's right, lenny21:47
sendermgz: will cython give me pyrex?21:48
mgzit's an alternative, yes.21:48
sendermgz: i installed it, do i need to take extra steps?21:48
sendermgz:  the make command still fails :/21:49
mgzyou may need to purge pyrex as well.21:49
mgzseems we try for pyrex first in the setup script for some reason.21:49
sendermgz: No Pyrex, trying Cython...21:50
sendermgz: bzrlib/_annotator_pyx.c:4:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory21:50
sendermgz:   Cannot build extension "bzrlib._annotator_pyx".21:50
mgzah, you need the build deps as well.21:50
sendermgz: any clues?21:50
sendermgz: build-essential is installed21:51
chxI just installed bzr 2.2 from PPA to be able to run bzr resolve --take-other and i got bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('duplicate', None, 'new-1', None)]21:51
GaryvdMsender: sudo apt-get build-dep bzr ?21:51
GaryvdMHi mgz21:53
mgzthanks gary, couldn't remember the incantation.21:53
mgzchx: bug 430129 look like it?21:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 430129 in Bazaar "merge aborts with Tree transform is malformed [('unversioned executability', 'new-1')] (affected: 1, heat: 2)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43012921:54
mgzor bug 611739 instead?21:55
knittlhow can i run a specific test?21:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 611739 in Bazaar "shelve problem on shelving directory with ignored file inside (affected: 1, heat: 4)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61173921:55
chxmgz: i dunno. the merge finished.21:55
senderGaryvdM: thanks21:55
chxmgz: it's not shelve either.21:55
mgzfile a new bug then.21:55
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chxso this is a bug.21:58
chxany way to get somethin gmore detailed  to help you guys with?21:58
mgzyeah, look in bzr log for the traceback and extact command you ran21:59
mgzand paste that into the bug21:59
knittlneed help with bzr tests please …21:59
mgz`bzr help selftest`21:59
knittlhow can i run tests for inventory?22:00
knittlbzr selftest inventory does not work22:00
chxoh good lord, bzr logs everything?22:00
mgzit's alright, we don't tell your mom.22:01
mgz`bzr selftest -s bt.test_inventory`22:01
knittlmgz: it does not run a test22:01
knittlself.assertEqual(true, false)22:02
knittloh, wait22:02
knittlno, still. it should fail, but does not22:02
mgzpaste the full diff of your change to the file I might be able to help you write a working test.22:02
mgztrue and false should raise NameError if nothing else, this isn't cpp22:02
knittlasserting true and false should fail …22:03
mgzseriously, pastebin, bzr diff.22:03
chxmgz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/638451 enough? need more?22:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 638451 in Bazaar " bzr resolve --take-other bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('duplicate', None, 'new-1', None)] (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]22:03
mgzlooks pretty good chx, did you notice anything else odd?22:04
chxyes. bzr 2.2 is even more awesome than usual :p22:05
knittlhttp://paste2.org/p/988130 @mgz22:05
mgzwhat did the merge consist of, how did you work around etc.22:05
mgzjust ideas, generally the more you can braindump now the less you might have to remember later22:06
mgzknittl: that's in test_inv22:06
mgzso, I guessed the name of the file wrong when I said -s bt.test_inv....ENTORY22:06
chxmgz: I have a branch (alas, private project on lauchpad) stacked on top of a two months old lp:drupal. There are changes. I took a new lp:drupal , applied those changes, resolving the conflicts etc and then wanted to merge this back22:07
chxmgz: so it's a bit complicated.22:07
knittlit's in the inventory.py file22:07
knittlno, test_inv22:07
mgzthe test is on the path bzrlib.tests.test_inv....22:07
maxbjelmer: Are there any neat tricks for causing bzr-svn to redo a find_tags_between, after the initial attempt after a 'bzr branch' threw an exception?22:07
mgzwhich is what -s wants22:07
mgzchx: that sounds relevent I'm afraid, so if you could try and explain it in the bug I'm sure it'd help22:08
knittlselftest -s bzrlib.tests.test_inv?22:08
chxmgz: can you guys reach private LP repos?22:08
mgzyeah, or the bt. shortening22:08
mgzchx: I can't personally, but canonical support people probably can.22:08
knittlok, it fails now22:09
knittlgood :)22:09
GaryvdMknittl: You can check if your test is included in your regex/-s by running bzr selftest xxx --list22:09
mgzor just -v, yeah.22:09
knittlincluded in my regex?22:09
knittlok, test failed. test runs without errors. WIN!22:10
mgzor your -s - selftest has a few different ways of selecting tests22:10
mgza winner is very nearly you.22:10
chxmgz: okay i included the examiner trunk uri then22:10
knittlno, it failed and after applying my patch it succeeds22:10
mgzchx: fantastic, thanks.22:10
GaryvdMIs there some where (like a faq) that explains why bzr-svn often ends up with ghost revs?22:11
mgzknittl: right, you've nearly got your fix landed.22:11
mgzfix done, test done.22:11
mgzyou want to deal with all the annoyance in one day? then...22:11
GaryvdMI would like to link to such a thing in bug 63842222:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 638422 in QBzr "qlog: Delta loading crashes on GhostRevisionError (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63842222:11
mgzknittl: have you signed the canonical contributor agreement?22:11
mgzhave fun: http://www.canonical.com/contributors22:12
knittldo i have to?22:12
mgzyup, but it's reasonably non-onerous22:12
mgzthen you'll have nearly seen your fix through from >_< to :D and it'll just want approval and landing22:14
mgzgaryvdm: might be a question for the mailing list.22:15
mgzsome kind of ghost writeup is needed if it doesn't already exist.22:15
GaryvdMmgz: Ok22:15
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senderGetting: bzr: out of memory on a simple branch from 1 server to an other22:50
danto<jam> danto: have you checked stderr vs stdout? + <jam> bzr update 2>&1 | less <-- yes, it works thanks again :)22:51
sendersource branch is 40K (as outputted by du -h)22:51
dantosender, see du -h .bzr22:56
dantoI have 137M of videos in a branch but .bzr is about 1.4G  :S22:56
senderdanto: ok, well it seems that the repo is fine, i just get an out of mem on a branch22:57
lifelesssender: what bzr versions are you using on the client and server?23:04
senderlifeless: thanks for the reply23:05
senderlifeless: Bazaar (bzr) 2.2.0 on the client (target)23:05
senderlifeless: Bazaar (bzr) 1.13.1 on the server (source)23:06
mgzsender: try nosmart+ for the server url.23:07
sendermgz: thanks, running now23:08
sendermgz: lifeless: i do get "Doing on-the-fly conversion from RepositoryFormatKnitPack1() to RepositoryFormat2a()." Problematic?23:08
mgzcan be, yeah.23:09
lifelessthats a very memory intensive operation23:09
sendermgz: lifeless: must admit I kinda got lost with repo formats during updates of bzr over the last 2 years or so23:10
sendermgz: lifeless: mem 100% and process seems halted23:23
GaryvdMsender: bzr has tried to reduce the format churn. 2a has been arround for more than a year, and there is a strong commitment to stick with it as the default for a lot longer.23:27
mgzokay, sender, in which case23:27
pooliehi gary, lifeless23:27
mgzyou'll want to branch to a fresh repo, so no format conversion23:27
mgzthen upgrade23:27
senderGaryvdM: great23:27
GaryvdMHi poolie23:27
sendermgz: ok, can I do that with that old version of bzr, or first install 2.2?23:27
mgzyou can do that as is.23:28
mgzand later push the upgraded version back to the server if you put a newer version of bzr on there23:28
mgzso, branch to a new dir not inside a shared repo is step one.23:29
lifelesshi poolie23:29
sendermgz: ok, new repo is Standalone tree (format: pack-0.92). I run bzr upgrade?23:34
mgzyup, which may again run out of memory, but hopefully won't.23:34
mgzif it does, just stick with the old format locally for the moment.23:35
sendermgz: out of mem on the upgrade :(23:55
sendermgz: would it be smart to do a (lightweight) checkout instead of a branch and later unbind? to split up operations..23:56
mgzwell, there's no reason you shouldn't use the old format for the moment locally23:58
lifelessspiv: does bzr have any double-parameterised tests?23:58
lifelessspiv: I mean foo(Bar)(Quux)23:58
lifelessspiv: if so, the __copy__ hack will silently break them.23:59
lifelessspiv: (including in plugins or launchpad or other subclassers.23:59

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