alkisgGood morning08:19
highvoltagegood morning alkisg and all!14:23
ograhighvoltage, stgraber, how do you gusy get to BTS ?17:27
stgraberogra: probably flying there on saturday morning17:27
stgraberhaven't booked flights yet though17:27
stgraberthen driving back to Sherbrooke wiht mgariepy17:27
ograto where exactly ?17:27
ograbangor ? bar harbor ?17:28
ograi'm flying to boston on sat.17:28
ograand have to book a connection flight ... but bar harbor seems hard to get17:28
stgraberI'd probably try with bangor, it's not that far from BTS and mgariepy offered to pick us up17:28
stgraberso if we manage to arrive almost at the same time, we can just all go down to southwest harbor with mgariepy17:30
ograright, thats why i was asking17:47
ogra(sorry, i'm in 20 conversations at the same time)17:47

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