debfxScottK: could you sync qtmobility: bug #63764500:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637645 in qtmobility (Ubuntu) "Sync qtmobility 1.0.2-2 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63764500:00
ScottKlex79: OK.02:08
ScottKdebfx: Did you check our existing diff to see if we need to keep any of it?02:08
ScottKSigh.  Now it looks like I have chromium CSD and kwin decorations both on chromium.02:15
lex79ScottK: I think we should backport oxygen from 4.5.2, there are many bugs fixed, especially with nvidia02:17
ScottKlex79: OK.  Can we cherry pick stuff now?02:17
lex79I'm doing02:17
lex79maybe I can upload something tomorrow02:17
MikieTimTI have upgraded my 10.04 VirtualBox VM with 10.10 Beta, but cannot get the screen larger than 800X600 even though the host screen is 1024X768.  It makes everything too small to use.  In the absence of an xorg.conf, and since the System Settings display applet only shows up to 800X600, is there anything that I can do to get the screen size back to the full screen?05:23
superflyInstall VirtualBox Guest Additions05:34
MikieTimTI did, and it still didn't allow me to change to 1024X768, or resize it to a maximized window as before.05:44
MikieTimTI see the processes running as expected.05:46
MikieTimTmichael   1057     1  0 21:06 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/VBoxClient --clipboard05:46
MikieTimTmichael   1068     1  0 21:06 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/VBoxClient --display05:46
MikieTimTmichael   1074     1  0 21:06 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/VBoxClient --seamless05:46
MikieTimTroot       769     1  0 21:06 ?        00:00:04 /usr/sbin/VBoxService05:46
jussiHrm, what is the backports PPA for again? (the ppas confuzzle me) :D06:34
faborgreening: Qt Mobility 1.0.2-2 is fine06:43
zegenieregarding this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kopete/+bug/62508806:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 625088 in Kopete "kopete googletalk-call (dup-of: 625550)" [Undecided,Fix released]06:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 625550 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu) "kopete-gcall doesn't install /usr/bin/googletalk-call" [Undecided,Fix released]06:52
zegeniewill the updated package be backported to lucid any time soon, too - or is this fix only for mav?06:53
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debfxomg I has QtAssistant with QtWebkit view :D10:50
debfxScottK: yes, I checked the diff, there are no ubuntu changes left in qtmobility10:52
debfxDebian picked them up and/or we cherry-picked from Debian git10:53
apacheloggerthe design team is taking over the planet11:05
sheytanHey guys :)11:16
debfxapachelogger: any ideas for bug #624697 ?11:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 624697 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "Qt Docs are not formatted in Qt Assistant" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62469711:16
sheytanWhat about including to the next release of Kubuntu things like 'restore from backup' in the boot menu or somwhere in the system?11:16
sheytanthis would be cool, to backup whole system, all apps, all settings, files, etc, then only restore with few clicks11:17
sheytanDoes kubuntu-restricted-extras download 32bit libs only for flash?12:55
sheytanBtw, what about add software management to favourites in kickoff?12:58
sheytanthis will be cool for new users12:58
sheytani don't know if it's a bug, but when i choose polish for installation, it doesn't apply to KDE12:59
sheytanonly for the system12:59
debfxsheytan: which software management tool?13:14
sheytandebfx default, kpackagekit13:14
debfxit's already in the Computer tab13:14
debfxhm system settings is in both13:15
ulyssessheytan: I think this language issue is not only related to Polish, I can confirm it in Hungarian too13:15
sheytanulyssess i'll file a bug, cause it's confusing. You choose other language then english, and you expect your OS to use it, instead you still get english13:16
ulyssesEven if you have internet connection to download the language packs13:17
ulyssesThis remember me that I have to work on translations:)13:20
sheytanulysses where do i should report that bug?13:26
ulyssesMaybe it is related to Ubiquity?13:28
ScottKdebfx: I approved the qtmobilty sync, just need to wait for an archive admin to do it.14:04
apacheloggerdebfx: when I read that over lunch I knew that this question would come up ;)14:22
apacheloggerdebfx: does it actually link against qtwebkit?14:23
apacheloggerotherwise we probably just need to patch buildtime detection to runtime detection14:23
debfxapachelogger: yes14:23
apacheloggerdebfx: doing some fancy build split is the only option then I think14:26
apacheloggerof course that means silly delta with debian...14:27
debfxyes, but it's either that or we ship a broken assistant14:28
apacheloggerlatter is no option14:28
apacheloggeror we deliberately cause a circular dep14:28
apacheloggerwhich I would honestly prefer since this whole situation will resolve for Qt 4.8 anyway14:29
apacheloggerdebfx: how about.... we build the internal qtwebkit (assuming the used symbols are binary compatible with the standalone version) but don't install it and force the package with assistant to depend on the standalone lib14:34
apacheloggercompletely hackish but proper since we;d force dependency on a particular (BC ) version manually14:35
debfxwould probably work but we need to patch qt so it doesn't add webkit to QT_CONFIG14:36
debfxoh webkit is already seperated from qbase.pri14:46
debfxthat's nice14:46
shadeslayerScottK: i get that error as well, but video plays after that15:02
ScottKshadeslayer: The xbel one?15:02
shadeslayerUgandas hometown hero15:03
ScottKOh, the video15:03
ScottKI got audio, but no video.15:04
shadeslayerum wait... either its loading or its broken.. i just have a black screen for now...15:04
shadeslayerbut then my internet is sloooowww15:04
shadeslayeryeah it starts15:04
shadeslayerScottK: http://imgur.com/NcDFK15:06
ScottKMaybe I underestimate how slow rekonq is.  I'll try again later.15:07
shadeslayerum.. video started slow because i had a download running on chromium :P15:08
shadeslayerScottK: and btw open http://kitterman.com/kubuntu/still_bad_rekonq on rekonq ;)15:10
shadeslayerand kde bug 24288615:11
ubottuKDE bug 242886 in general "Javascript parsing incomplete" [Normal,Reopened] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24288615:11
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shadeslayerScottK: the problem is a issue with kwebkit.. and theres no patch we can use to fix, so  < insert name of super awesome ninja here > has to come up with patch and patch our packages15:54
shadeslayerand by super awesome ninja i mean apachelogger15:55
dantti_workwhere is the qt-assistant in maverick?15:58
dantti_workthe compat one does not seems to have the doc files15:58
debfxdantti_work: the qt assistant application?16:01
dantti_workthe compat package installed it but it does not have docs16:01
dantti_workhmm thanks :)16:01
dantti_workdebfx: btw do you know why qt4.7 assistant has a so weird theme (seems like a wrong css)16:02
shadeslayerwhats qt-docs then?16:03
shadeslayer!info qt4-doc16:03
ubottuqt4-doc (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 API documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.6.2-0ubuntu5 (lucid), package size 61484 kB, installed size 74268 kB16:03
dantti_workwhen I look at this http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktoplq1514  I almost prefer to use qt online docs...16:04
rbelemdantti_work, because of a bug caused bu the qtwebkit separation16:05
dantti_workrbelem: oh, is there something that I can install to fix that?16:06
rbelemdantti_work, nope afaik16:06
debfxdantti_work: no, but I'm working on a fix16:06
dantti_workdebfx: thanks :D16:07
claydohhow much of an issue do we think the lack of spellcheck in rekonq  will become?16:22
rbelemScottK, ping16:24
ScottKrbelem: Pong.16:24
rbelemScottK, :-)16:24
rbelemScottK, i just finished the first part of the patch 16:24
rbelemScottK, http://paste.ubuntu.com/493700/16:24
agateaudebfx: ping16:26
rbelemScottK, there are some stuff to backport  in kdebase-workspace yet16:26
debfxagateau: pong16:26
agateaudebfx: you work on Amarok package, right?16:26
ScottKrbelem: I'll be offline most of today and tomorrow.  Perhaps apachelogger can review.16:27
rbelemScottK, ok :-)16:27
agateaudebfx: I have an appmenu patch for it (one liner) I wanted to integrate it into bzr and do a merge request, but it seems the current bzr branch is for Amarok 2.3.91, what's the prefered way to get a patch integrated in Maverick?16:28
agateau(I usually bother Riddell with my patches, but as he is away... it's time to learn some new tricks...)16:29
debfxagateau: I think it's best to create a merge request, then we can backport the patch to 2.3.116:31
agateaudebfx: ok16:31
agateaudebfx: done: https://code.launchpad.net/~agateau/amarok/appmenu-fix/+merge/3542816:39
ScottKdebfx: Would you please have a look at Debian Bug #596853.  It looks like we may want to fix that and not just sync?16:39
ubottuDebian bug 596853 in qtmobility-dev "qtmobility-dev: /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/features/mobilityconfig.prf points to multimedia instead of multimediakit" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/59685316:39
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ulyssessheytan: is there any Kubuntu or KDE template for OOo Impress? I'm going to present the Hungarian KDE translation team, and I want some eyecandy in my presentation16:50
JontheEchidnalulz: http://imgur.com/oIYBP17:01
ulyssesJontheEchidna: you have to give me some of your RAM:P17:02
ulysses6.2 TiB too much17:03
sheytanulysses i don't really know :)17:16
sheytanthere should be something by default i guess, but i don't use ooo17:16
ulyssessheytan: I found something on kde.org, but there are a bit old, the latest OOo template is for 4.2...17:17
shadeslayersheytan: oh question for you17:21
sheytanyes? :)17:21
shadeslayersuppose i have to make a ID card...17:21
ScottKNew mesa is uploaded to maverick, so there is hope for Intel users now.17:21
shadeslayerPM would be better i think17:21
shadeslayerScottK: 17:21
shadeslayerScottK: did you upload new choqok ?17:43
debfxhm bzr won't let me merge the branch17:46
debfxis there a reason not to upgrade the bzr branch format?17:47
nixternalfor some reason, I am enjoying this DMB meeting17:51
nigelbnixternal: we can see that :p17:51
nixternaland that was obviously meant for another channel17:51
nigelbnixternal: I was about to ask you "having fun today at the meeting?" :p17:52
apacheloggershadeslayer: what is the problem and what is the issue?20:30
apacheloggerrbelem: I take it upstream is aware of that backport? also, the proposed patch is unclean (it has a debian-changes-4:4.5.1-0ubuntu4 patch - i.e. outside the scope of the backport patch)20:33
rbelemapachelogger, i think that upstream does not know20:35
apacheloggerrbelem: in that case they should be informed so they can rant to our face rather than behind our back ;)20:36
rbelemapachelogger, i saw some garbage in the debdiff, how to remove that?20:36
rbelemapachelogger, eheheh :-D20:37
rbelemi will talk to notmart and aseigo about that20:38
lex79ScottK: final freeze is on 16th, but the end or the start of 16th? the question is...can I upload stuff on 16th before midnight?20:48
apacheloggerrbelem: well, you could just dump debian-changes patch (if it is only garbage)20:52
apacheloggerotherwise you could get a new clean source and create the patch again without introducing files outside the scope of the patch :P20:52
apacheloggerrbelem: also there is a bak-kubuntu... diff around20:53
apacheloggersupposedly that is also not desired20:53
* apachelogger thinks that he should write some documentation on how to not get messed up sources ^^20:53
macolex79: start of the 16th20:59
lex79maco: oh, this means I can't upload stuff on 16th?20:59
lex79too bad20:59
lex79maco: thanks21:00
apacheloggernixternal: did I mention that the kubuntu feedback plasmoid is brokenish?21:01
* apachelogger is wondering what to put on his desktop to make it less of a useless space21:02
apacheloggerany recommendations?21:02
lex79a clock apachelogger :P21:03
apacheloggerI got one in my panel, thanks :P21:03
lex79nah, you need also an analog clock :P21:03
apacheloggerI have an analog clock in my panel :P21:04
nigelblex79: or binary clock ;)21:04
lex79yeah binary is better :)21:04
apacheloggerI had a binary clock before21:04
apacheloggeruses too much space21:04
lex79apachelogger: note widget where it remember you that you are so brilliant21:05
apacheloggerlex79:  I must say this makes all sorts of sense21:07
lex79yeah the widgets are so usefull lol21:07
dantti_workRiddell: I got a button for you :P http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktopa1660021:12
apacheloggerare we putting software-properties-kde to a rest? ^^21:26
claydohhttps://dev.launchpad.net/FailingBzrSvnImports#Launchpad%20code%20bugs are there other methods to pull code into launchpad to set up a daily build ?21:46
* claydoh is probably waayyyy over his head21:46
yofelclaydoh: what do you want to set up a daily build for?21:53
yofelclaydoh: and no, kdesupport and kdebase are broken currently, and if you want to use a recipe you'll need them :(21:54
claydohkmymoney's svn trunk I used to do it manually for them, but stopped once stable versions were released21:55
claydohnow they would like it to come back for some testing21:55
yofeloh that, ask jelmer in #launchpad if something can be done about that21:56
claydoh:( oh well it doesn't *have* to be daily, just saw the shiny new tools21:56
yofelneeds some manual layout definition in bzr-svn I think21:56
claydohthere are a few kde things that failed, i am sure it will get fixed sometime21:57
yofelclaydoh: bug them and it might get fixed faster :P21:58
claydohlittle old me?21:58
claydohif I was a krafty koder I would just script it all up and go lol22:00
yofelwell, or you can fix the actual bug in lp:bzr-svn -> layout/custom.py. I don't really get the KDELayout definition there..22:08
nigelbnixternal: Very awful right? :)22:15
nigelbnixternal: we had an issue with something server-side and they refused to do anything for us about it :/22:15
JontheEchidnanixternal: btw, with apachelogger's work this cycle on pkg-kde-tools, that NO_KUBUNTU_POT crap should no longer be required :)22:28
JontheEchidnaas the .po mangling crap will only be active on builds for the main component, and not universe, ppa, or local22:29
debfxapachelogger: this seems to work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493864/23:16
debfxmakes the qt package 200% more hackish though23:16
maconixternal: rackspace!23:32
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nixternalmaco: rackspace isn't worth what I need. i get everything rackspace does and then some for way less with dreamhost23:45
maconixternal: nigelb said you were having issues with godaddy23:45
nixternalit would take a lot for me to leave dreamhost. been there for a long time and they hook me up with hosting stuff, like a vps23:45
nixternalyeah, go daddy is now following me on twitter and dm'ing me to help fix their crap23:45
macoand i find it nice to have full root on rackspace unlike dreamhost. plus, no worries about other people getting owned and leading to my stuff getting screwed up like with shared hosting23:46
nixternalthey wouldn't help me on the phone, so i resorted to smashing them on twitter23:46
nigelbnixternal: wow23:46
debfxJontheEchidna: could you upload the amarok patch from agateau: http://people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/amarok_2.3.1-1ubuntu8.debdiff23:46
nixternalso far that seems to have worked, and I don't even own that domain23:46
macooh dreamhost has vps now?23:46
nixternalthey have had it for a couple of years now23:46
macoi used them years ago, but i thought they only did shared23:46
nigelbnixternal: thanks for the tip, now I need to that for some stuff23:46
nigelbthey refused to change php version for me23:46
macoi pay $1 more / month for rackspace than i did for dreamhost shared hosting23:47
JontheEchidnadebfx: sure23:47
* Riddell wanders by23:47
macohowdy Riddell23:47
macoRiddell: how was the canoedling?23:47
nixternalshoot, choqok exceded its limits. sometimes i wish i was using 32bit os so i could install adobe air and use tweetdeck23:47
nixternalwould use seesmic, but those idiots switched to sunlight or whatever that MS crap is23:48
nigelbnixternal: heh, post to identi.ca and cross post23:48
JontheEchidnamoonlight, maybe?23:48
nixternalmaco: how much bandwidth and storage do you have though?23:48
nixternalJontheEchidna: yeah, that's it23:48
nixternalsatellites and stars are all the same to me, i am not hawking :p23:48
maconixternal: i pay a few cents per gig of bandwidth and i think i have like 10 or 20 gb of disk23:49
macolike maybe 25ยข?23:50
macoit came out to $13 for like 7gb data usage23:50
macoerm including the $11/mo23:50
macoso only $2 of that was bandwidth23:50
JontheEchidnadebfx: a patch by one developer, with a changelog entry by another, and signed by a third :P23:50
nixternali am unlimited with my bandwidth and my storage is damn close to unlimited now23:50
* nigelb should buy on rackspace when I get time23:51
JontheEchidnadebfx: uploaded. thanks. (and to agateau too) ;)23:51
Riddellhum, who broke kubuntu.org?23:51
debfxJontheEchidna: mass review for a one-line patch :D23:51
nigelbshtylman: a bit too much for what I want23:51
macoRiddell: blame adam, thats what flatmates are for?23:51
* nigelb wonders what broke23:52
nixternalheh, i wonder if go daddy is deleting the domain now that i complained :D23:54

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