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WalzmynI've downloaded a plasmoid via the "add widgets" option on the desktop - but I can't find it.00:12
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mueslihow can i permanently switch to webkit as my default rendering engine in konqueror?01:47
gaudamuesli, as far as i know this is kubuntu maverick stuff so you better visit #ubuntu+102:03
muesligauda: thanks!02:05
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lazygeeknzHi I'm having a major apt issue. every single package i try to install gets stuck at "unpacking..."02:19
koallas[+] FTP Scanbot Loaded02:22
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WeldonHey guys... I installed ubuntu 10.04 on a windows box a week ago and couldn't figure out why I couldn't access an NTFS volume.  I'm thinking now that it's because it is dynamic, composed of a number of disks.  Are there any documents pointing out how to make this accessible to my linux installation?  Any help greatly appreciated!03:20
phoenix_does pulseaudio use alsa03:22
EagleScreenI think yes03:26
DragnslcrWeldon- that probably isn't specific to Kubuntu, so you might try asking in #ubuntu (where there are more people than here)03:26
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Guest73474Trying out Kubuntu 4.4 and testing the waters... wow, way different from the 3.5 I am was used to before switching to Gnome.03:46
Guest73474How do you install the much needed drivers.. wireless and video seem to be the only ones needed03:47
Guest73474I have been with KDE since '01 and lately Gnome for tha past 2 years. I have to say that Gnome is now eaier to use.03:51
Guest73474It's like I have to start all over again03:51
Guest73474Kubuntu sure looks good though03:51
Guest73474Is there any support tonight?03:52
phoenix_why pulseaudio is made default in kubuntu maverick meerkat, when they say pulseaudio is not good04:07
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gGibbon HESS04:53
gGibbon HESS05:01
MikieTimTI upgraded my 10.04 VirtualBox VM with 10.10 Beta, and now I cannot get any resolution higher than 800X600.  How do I go about getting 1024X768 back?05:10
MikieTimTThere seems to be no xorg.conf anymore.05:10
MikieTimTI've tried nomodeset and everything in VirtualBox to set 1024X768, but I still only get 800X600, which is tiny.05:12
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »06:35
avihayha, ubottu handled that professionally and quietly.07:15
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amolhello  i am having trouble with my eeepc keyboard, like when press m it types m/ i press L it types L[. on login screen the keyboarb works fine. i am using eeepc 1000ha.07:19
amolusb keyboard works fine too.07:20
amoli have tried changing the keyboard layouts , somtimes it helps but after a reboot the problem is there again07:23
amolcant figure out if this is software or hardware problem07:23
amolkeyboard is working fine07:38
noaXessgood morning.. here it is 09.00 am07:59
noaXessi'm searching a software that can manage car spar parts.. any idea/hint?08:00
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MamaroknoaXess: how about a MySQL database and using Kexi as a frontend?08:35
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noaXessMamarok: hey.. wasup? kexi? any link?08:38
MamaroknoaXess: well, Kexi is the default database frontend for KDE, it's in the repos08:38
noaXessaha.. ok.. see..08:39
Mamarokbut of course you need to build the database yourself08:39
Mamarokit can't know beforehand what you need08:39
Mamarokmy brother runs a spare parts departement in a big garage and they use MySQL08:39
noaXesshm. the problem is, that i need a software that has a default inventory of car spare parts ;).. there are solutions for windows.. but.. linux.. i haven't found any.. here is what the customer uses now.. http://www.birner.at/ don't look to strong to the webpage layout.. uaaaa08:40
frogonwheelsMikieTimT:  xrandr08:40
MamaroknoaXess: if it is a MySQL database, it can be used in Linux, the database itself is what matters08:40
Mamarokaka the "default inventory" is a database08:41
noaXessMamarok: i know.. but i don't know that they won't give the data without costs..08:41
Mamarokso if it is a MSAccess database you of course need to export that to SQL first08:41
MamaroknoaXess: so you really expect to get the database for free? Do you only have an idea how much work is behind that? I guess thwy want at least some invenstment back08:42
Mamaroksuch data is never for free08:42
noaXessMamarok: i know.. but much work to get it into any other frontend..08:42
MamaroknoaXess: once you know the database structure, you can nbuild a frontend, frontend are always adaptable08:43
noaXessMamarok: it's not the plan to get the data for free.. but the data need to be compatible..08:43
Mamarokand easy to make, but you need the database structure08:43
noaXessso.. we will look forward for that..08:43
Mamarokwell, if it is SQL it is adaptable08:43
Mamarokif it is Access or Oracle you can forget about08:44
Mamarokthere are exporting tools, but it is usually a lot of work08:44
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nico_xcdd send me #08:50
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:39
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:47
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olivierHello. I'm trying to find a website which can help me with creating my own services menu on dolphin. I can only find website which describes it for Konqueror. Any idea anyone?10:13
mokusholivier: try asking someone on #kde10:14
olivierI'll try, thx10:15
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munnyanyone can help me to stop virtuoso? i disable nepomuk/strigi from systemsettings, but at login i've virtuoso-t that use about 130MB...10:45
Backglasshello:), someone helps me a moment to get the voltage of the cpu in linux?11:39
Backglasshello:), someone helps me a moment to get the voltage of the cpu in linux?11:47
* cuznt has no idea11:47
Backglassin propietary system my system using everest detect voltage11:49
Backglassbut in linux dont11:49
zegenieBackglass: have you tried the "sensors" command?12:04
omkarI have acer aspire 5745G & installed kubuntu 10.04 64bit but not able view the batter time12:10
omkarbattery time12:10
omkarie battery consumption12:10
omkarcan anyone please help12:13
zegenieomkar: battery time is unrealistic, so as far as I know, kde doesn't show it12:20
zegenieotherwise it should show up in the battery info widget (usually in the systray)12:21
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zegenieif you really want to see it, here's how: http://hanschen.org/2010/03/14/remaining-time-in-the-battery-monitor-widget/12:21
zegenieyou also have this widget: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Battery+Time+Remaining?content=12376712:22
omkarit generally shows in the systray but its not showing12:23
zegeniewhich you can install, showing battery time12:23
zegenieis there a battery icon at all in the systray?12:23
rismanMany error after installed dbus-1.4.1, the messages are mostly about "...system_bus_socket: no file or directory". Anyone can help? I'm using kde 4.5.112:59
rismanMany error after installed dbus-1.4.1, the messages are mostly about "...system_bus_socket: no file or directory". Anyone can help? I'm using kde 4.5.113:01
phoenix__what is the audio server used by kubuntu13:06
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windbackEarthwings: hello13:48
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vbgunz_I just installed the mainline kernel 2.6.36-rc4 and hibernate and resume are working again. one quirk really bugging me though is I have no consoles 1 through 6. framebuffer is blank :( anybody have an idea?14:22
staticvoidthank god14:25
staticvoidwhat's everyone up to?14:25
staticvoidI'm soooo BORED14:25
staticvoidno one wants to play with me! hehehe14:31
simo163hello every body14:34
simo163i wanna download a english dictionary14:34
simo163i have tryied with stardict and others14:34
staticvoidwell download one then14:34
simo163but i couldn't install the package14:35
staticvoidu have linux?14:35
mueslisimo163: run "sudo apt-get install stardict"14:35
staticvoidhttp://wordweb.info/free/   here's one for windows14:35
staticvoidthis is my first time in an IRC14:36
staticvoidassuming everyone here has linux?14:36
mueslistaticvoid: indeed14:36
mueslisimo163: run your package manager and install stardict there14:36
staticvoidwhatta stupid girl i am geez14:36
mueslisimo163: or open a konsole window and type "sudo apt-get install stardict"14:37
mueslisimo163: you don't usually have to manually hunt down programs with linux14:37
staticvoidI need to be talkin to you people14:37
mueslisimo163: it's all in a "database". just tell ubuntu to download and install it for you (as described above)14:37
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simo163i tried to install the deb package but it refuse14:38
staticvoidlike in Update manager?14:38
simo163there was some problems14:38
ILETShello every one14:38
ILETSgood after noon14:38
staticvoidwhere do u live ILETS14:39
ILETSand you?14:39
ILETSyou are welcome14:39
staticvoidam i?14:39
staticvoidI feel retarded in here14:40
ILETSwhat is your opnion about ubuntu14:40
staticvoidI like it14:40
mueslistaticvoid: what makes you feel retarded?!14:40
staticvoidhaven't been able to play with it cuz my laptop was stolen14:40
staticvoidthen I just got this new pc14:40
joshua__so sorry14:40
joshua__what s it?14:41
ILETSit can replace ubuntu to windows 7?14:41
staticvoidyeah they robbed my apartment and got THREE laptops14:41
muesliinsured they were, i hope14:41
staticvoidit's a free pc that's what but I finally have A TERABYTE14:41
staticvoidit's a gateway though...14:42
joshua__nice, I got an Acer Aspire notebook14:42
staticvoiddual processor14:42
staticvoidi like acer14:42
joshua__running ubuntu/kubuntu from external hdd14:42
staticvoiddon't they own gateway?14:42
staticvoidhow do you all feel about Puppy? I liked that one but my loser boyfriend couldn't install it14:43
ILETSi like toshiba laptop14:43
staticvoidex bf  lol14:43
joshua__my dad has a toshiba satellite14:43
staticvoidhe deleted WINDOWS and I didn't even have an OS14:44
ILETShahaha thanks14:44
staticvoidI had just got the computer too14:44
simo163instaled done14:44
joshua__its awesome, 4GB ram and he upgraded to 500GB hdd14:44
ILETSdo mean that iam like your dad???14:44
simo163when i can find it to run?14:44
staticvoidbut it's fixed now obviously14:44
joshua__I use windows 7 Pro as my main OS in my built-in hdd14:44
ILETSi think young more than that14:44
staticvoidmy laptop was an Artist Edition HP14:44
staticvoid4g and 500hd14:45
staticvoidI was in love with it14:45
staticvoidand I cried when I found out it was gone! lol!14:45
ILETSso what are you prefer windows 7 or ubuntu?14:45
joshua__just finished downloading gedit src code through git14:45
staticvoidwell i'm just learning ubuntu so it's kinda confusing but I want to master it14:45
mueslistaticvoid: ubuntu or kubuntu?14:46
staticvoidwindows is so plain now lol14:46
muesligood thing14:46
staticvoidhaven't checked out kubuntu14:46
staticvoidAnyone know about Puppy?14:46
ILETSiam useing ubuntu and so on windows 714:46
joshua__I very good at VB.net (Windows), C# (linux windows)14:46
staticvoidI had Mandriva on the laptop but YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET SOUND.... screw that14:47
staticvoidI WANT TO LEARN C#!!14:47
mueslistaticvoid: you should be fine with kubuntu / puppy / opensuse whatever14:47
ILETSi try mandriva before14:47
staticvoidI was even reading C# books while I didn't have a pc hehehe14:47
muesliand even the free mandriva should feature sound support ;-)14:47
staticvoidwell this free mandriva did not14:48
staticvoidand i looked into it14:48
joshua__and I know a little c and C++14:48
staticvoidit's worthless without sound hehe14:48
staticvoidi'm a big pirate14:48
staticvoidhaha that was gay hehehe14:49
elijahI love the default sounds that come with Kubuntu 10.10! Kudos14:49
mueslia little14:49
staticvoidI'm so down on myself today14:49
ILETSi donot have problem with that, just i have problem till now with all linux distribtion, becuase i would like to connected to my work network14:49
sta11I got message when logged in about can't start dbus, and ask me too call qdbus. how to fix this?14:50
ILETSthat have clean acess agent14:50
staticvoidisn't there a way around that?14:50
staticvoidforget what it's called14:50
ILETSso that is my main problim right now14:51
staticvoidwhat linux is best for media14:51
joshua__ubuntu studio14:51
staticvoidhaven't heard of that one14:51
staticvoidis it good generally too?14:51
staticvoidu da man14:52
joshua__no problem14:52
KukuNutIdleOne: is this #kubuntu or something else?14:52
joshua__or you could try mythbuntu14:52
ILETSis there any one have idea, how can i connect my laptop to network that have cisco ???14:52
staticvoidlike remotely?14:53
staticvoidfo sho14:53
simo163who know how can i use the stardict pleazz?14:53
mueslisnoop dogg's in the house?14:53
joshua__what do you mean??14:54
joshua__did u download stardict yet?14:54
staticvoidno i'm just sooo gangsta!14:55
mueslistaticvoid: apparently. how old are you?14:56
staticvoidjk btw14:56
staticvoidi'm old14:56
joshua__I'm 1314:56
staticvoidi'm 2714:56
mueslijoshua__: if you're not kidding, you go kid14:56
ILETSso no one have any idea how can i do that??14:56
gaudaisn't there something like #offtopic ?14:56
staticvoidfor real14:56
joshua__nope, bithday is oct, 199614:57
muesligauda: heh :)14:57
staticvoidi'm just goofy14:57
joshua__im homeschooled, from New Jersey14:57
staticvoidi was smoking weed by that time lol14:57
mueslijoshua__: cool, started with linux when i was 13 or 14 myself14:57
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staticvoidhow old r u mues?14:57
muesli30 by now14:57
staticvoidWHEW! I was afraid everyone was a teenager14:58
staticvoidam i going to have to make a partition for this?14:59
ILETShow can i add dictionary or spelling check here ?14:59
mueslistaticvoid: i would recommend it14:59
staticvoidbut i don't want to mess up my pc14:59
joshua__I'm also a Boy Scout, I'm currently a star and only need 2 Merit Badges to get to Life15:00
mueslistaticvoid: try a live cd instead15:00
staticvoidnever done a partition before15:00
joshua__backup the hdd to dvdx15:00
SchnackiILETS: Spellcheck here in IRC?15:00
staticvoidi've done that15:00
staticvoidbut that was when i first got it15:00
ILETSyeah here on IRC15:00
mueslistaticvoid: so it depends. if you want to install it, yeah you need a live cd15:00
muesliignore that15:01
mueslistaticvoid: so it depends. if you want to install it, yeah you need a partition15:01
FloodBotK2muesli: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:01
joshua__oh, so you should make another, newer version15:01
staticvoidhow do i do that?15:01
mueslithe ubuntu installer should guide you through it15:01
staticvoidboys usually do that stuff for me so I never learned how15:01
mueslii can't recommend experimenting with it, tho. most likely you'll end up killing your windows install ;-)15:02
staticvoidnot boys as in LITTLE boys lol15:02
joshua__instert a dvd into the disk slot and use any backup manager to copy everything onto the dvds15:02
staticvoidi know!15:02
staticvoidi don't want to do that15:02
mueslistaticvoid: in general: you need to shrink an existing partition to make space for a new one15:02
mueslithen create a new partition and install linux to that fresh partition15:03
joshua__leave so white space too15:03
SchnackiILETS: depends on what program you use15:03
staticvoidso how do i get to where i can do that?15:03
joshua__or just do what i did and install on a external hdd15:03
ILETSiam using konversation one's15:03
mueslistaticvoid: the ubuntu installers can do that for you15:03
SchnackiILETS: I wasn't finished yet. ;)15:04
staticvoidit can do what15:04
staticvoidshrink it?15:04
SchnackiILETS: I was about to say: either way, I'm not sure about any tools supporting spell checking for IRC chat15:04
staticvoidif it's a media linux i want lots of space15:04
ILETSi can help you on that staticvoid15:04
joshua__what version of windows do u have (7, vista, etc.)?15:04
SchnackiILETS: AFAIK Kopete supports IRC, too. There you can also configure spell checking15:05
staticvoidplease do15:05
muesliILETS: konversation does support it15:05
muesliILETS: right click the input field and enable spell checking15:05
joshua__check this out: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=how+to+dual-boot+windows+7+with+linux&aq=2&aqi=g6&aql=&oq=how+to+dual-boot+&gs_rfai=CBnKc94CPTLTmOaCcoATy-pyhBQAAAKoEBU_QC0gG15:05
Schnackimuesli: woah... and once again I learned something of which I now remember that I should know it since... years. At the very least15:06
* Schnacki shakes his head15:06
muesliSchnacki: you're welcome ;-)15:06
SchnackiILETS: That tip from muesli works in much more KDE tools, too. Quassel for example15:07
muesliSchnacki: well, pretty much everywhere15:07
joshua__anyone know what version of GNOME ubuntu 10.10 will use?15:09
ILETSstaticvoid , after you get your cd or dvd of linux just you have to reboot your pc15:09
mueslijoshua__: i think it's still gonna be 2.3115:09
ILETSand then choice to boot from cd or dvd15:09
joshua__awsome, cause ubuntu 10.04 is 2.2815:10
ILETSthe cd will guided to you to choose your language ,location and so15:11
ILETSwhen they ask you for partion then you have to becarefull15:11
joshua__very careful! if you created white-space and didn't put a partition in there, then choose that.15:12
joshua__if you made a linux partition, you should choose that.15:13
ILETSyou have to move to manual selection so you will choice on which way you want to divided you HD15:13
joshua__« /win 1 »15:14
ILETSyou will get new windows that will show you your partion after and before look at it and see what is will happend after your change15:15
ILETSbefore accept anything look at it more than two times15:16
ILETSnow how much your HD?15:16
ILETShow much you would like to make for linux?15:17
ILETScalculate that and on your partion high light it then press Eidt15:19
ILETSlet us say you want to make 40 gage  for linux15:20
ILETSso change your disk size to terabyte minus 40 gagebyte15:21
ILETSit will give you two partion now old one and new empty one's15:22
staticvoidcan i keep this partition though?15:22
staticvoidshould i just use this ubuntu partition and over write it?15:23
ILETSon empty one high light it and make new primary partion15:23
joshua__staticvoid: r u installing this on another pc or are u writing it down?15:24
staticvoidhehe i was on the phone15:24
staticvoidi'm just reading15:24
staticvoidI've seen it done before15:25
ILETSand keep aroud 4gagebyte for swab partion (40gage minus 4gage = your linux partion size)15:25
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staticvoidi wish u could of emailed this to me15:26
staticvoidi can probably find out how somewhere online?15:26
staticvoidsomething has come up and I have to go15:26
ILETSok see you later15:26
staticvoidthank u for ur help15:27
ILETStake care please15:27
ILETSyou are welcome15:27
staticvoidi did remember most everything so u did not just waste ur time :)15:27
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ILETSi hope so15:27
ILETSi think it good practice for me also how to explain for another person and to improve my english language15:28
Jsvcycling1msg nickserv identify Jsvcycling1 jkbtta15:30
ILETSthat is the reason iam asking how can i get spellcheck so i will never spend my time for nothing as i wish15:30
Jsvcycling1go point!15:30
Jsvcycling1lets try that again...15:30
ILETSwhat is that will try it again please?15:31
Jsvcycling1I tried the command again since i forgot to put the "/" before msg15:32
Jsvcycling1got to go. Gota finish my report. C ya15:33
ILETShello wiesstras15:36
ILETShow are you?15:36
sapphireliuHello world15:52
sapphireliuI`m new to here15:53
lahwrangreetings, all! I have a popup problem. every 20 minutes or so, a small alert dialog will appear with the message "could not find service". I don't remember off the top of my head what the service is that it can't find though. any idea what might be going on?15:59
lahwranwhen it pops up again, I'll paste you guys the message15:59
lahwranah, here we go. it says "starting KTTSD failed" in the main part of the window, and the title bar reads "Could not find service 'kttsd'. - Plasma W" and it's cut off16:01
sapphireliui could not help16:07
cenciuhi. i have installed kde partition manager. how can i run the application now?16:10
Jsvcycling1I'm back16:10
lahwranhttp://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3105407.0 <<< ooh, I have exactly the same setting turned on! but I actually WANT it to work. how do I install this service?16:10
Jsvcycling1never mind, got to go16:11
DarthFrogcenciu: Check the menu entries in System.16:12
cenciuDarthFrog: i can't find it. any terminal command?16:12
DarthFrogcenciu: yes, just "partitionmanager".16:14
cenciuDarthFrog: tnx16:14
DarthFrogcenciu: It's called "Partition Editor" in Applications/System menu.16:15
lahwranahem. I'm going to whine and complain about not getting attention now.16:15
cenciuDarthFrog: yes, i know that,i don't like it... is slow16:16
DarthFroglahwran: Won't do you any good, if no-one knows how to help you.16:16
lahwranDarthFrog: oh. right.16:17
lahwranI knew that I think16:17
cenciuDarthFrog: how can i resize a partition , (or shrink it) i want to make one other partition (ntfs) ?16:21
DarthFrogcenciu: partitionmanager can do that.16:22
cenciuDarthFrog: yes, but i canceled the operation when it was like 40 %. now i can't see the partition at all. what can i do?16:24
lahwranslow-motion: low16:24
DarthFrogcenciu: Don't know, sorry.16:24
cenciuDarthFrog: thanks anyway...16:24
DarthFrogcenciu: If you haven't already done a backup, right now would be an excellent time to do one.16:25
DarthFrogBecause you may need to restore from a backup in the very near future.16:26
max_ciao a tutti16:35
rork!it | max_16:43
ubottumax_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:43
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FlashDeluxeHi! Ive got a question, how can i copy data to a destination and delete automatically the first letter of all the files which have to be copied?16:56
akSeyahi there16:59
akSeyaguys.. i just installed Kubuntu 10.04.1 .. i'm not able to do updates cause i'm behid a proxy.. when I set my proxy setting in SystemSettings, I click Apply, when I close the window and open it again, proxy settings are lost17:01
=== Authority_ is now known as Authority
akSeyaplease.. anyone??17:08
Artie_EphemHi all, can anyone tell me how to change an expired password for a user (I essentially locked myself out...duh) - I came up in recovery mode and blanked out the password field in /etc/shadow, but I still can't log in as that user, still says password expired - I'm suspecting there's another security file somewhere that is preventing me from logging in17:23
muesliArtie_Ephem: login in recovery mode17:25
DarthFrogArtie_Ephem: Reboot into recovery mode.17:25
muesliArtie_Ephem: do "passwd username"17:26
DarthFrogLike he says. :-)17:26
Artie_Ephemok, I think I tried that last night too, set the passwd for the user then tried to login but got the same message - I'll try again but won't be able to until later this afternoon - but is there any other files you know of that I'm missing?17:30
akSeyaArtie_Ephem: you can also try a passwd <username> -u17:31
akSeyabut "sudo passwd <username> <newpassword>" should work fine17:32
DarthFrogArtie_Ephem: You could also try using the "chage" command.  i.e "change age".17:33
Artie_EphemI also tried to be sneaky and change the date in the bios, but they system wouldn't even come up enough for me to get a command prompt in recovery mode17:35
Artie_Ephemok great, thanks all, I'll try your suggestions this afternoon and let you know how I make out17:37
v3nd3tta``kk i got a problem17:42
v3nd3tta``i have a strange partition17:43
v3nd3tta``it's 40 gb big and it has the label home but the partition with moint point /home is another one17:43
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sriramomanin my kubuntu 10.04 (i am using kwin and KDE4.4) I notice all windows open up maximized. How do I disable this setting!17:53
DarthFrogsriramoman: Check what options are available in SystemSettings.17:56
sriramomanDarthFrog: I got the answer in another forum. Thank you. for ur reference, anyway, http://img716.imageshack.us/my.php?image=plasmadesktoplm5763.png <- dropdown Placement17:59
skfinHi... Does anyone have a clue how to reset users locale settings.17:59
skfinWithout qt-language-selector18:00
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v3nd3tta``hey guys, i got a problem with my filesystems and partitons. 2 have the same uuid but in gparted they show up with different spaces and other specialities18:14
v3nd3tta``kubuntu 10.04 , no upgrade, but formatted ntfs drives a time ago18:14
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php18:15
DarthFrogv3nd3tta``:  You can use gparted, whichis a GNOME app.  Or partitionmanager, which is the KDE app.18:17
v3nd3tta``yeah i have gparted18:17
DarthFrogv3nd3tta``: They're both frontends to the parted program.18:17
v3nd3tta``but /dev/sda9 and /dev sda6 have same uuid18:17
v3nd3tta``how does that happen DarthFrog and how can i be sure which partition is which?18:18
v3nd3tta``^^ sudo blkid of both partitions18:19
v3nd3tta``label: "oldhome" is mounted as "/home"18:19
DarthFrogNow that's cute.  How did you get them to have the same UUID? :-)18:19
v3nd3tta``idk but i also have a problem with 2 kde profiles of my desktop18:20
DarthFrogCan you mount them separately?  Do they have different contends?18:20
v3nd3tta``uhm i cannot mount the 2nd one label: home18:20
v3nd3tta``it does it automatically, even random18:20
DarthFrogI'm not following you.18:20
v3nd3tta``sometimes i have to reboot because 1 profile is older than the other18:21
v3nd3tta``kk it seems like "label: home" (with no mount point) is booting randomy the copied profile18:21
DarthFrogOK, gotcha.  Well, it's fairly easy to solve.18:21
v3nd3tta``but "label: oldhome" (with MountPoint: /home) has the right profile i think18:22
DarthFrogAs root, edit the /etc/fstab file and change the filesystem record for /home from "UUID=" to "/dev/sda9"  or sda6, if you prefer.18:23
v3nd3tta``if i do sudo mount /dev/sda9 then /home has the contents of the old /home i don't want to have18:24
v3nd3tta``should i format /dev/sda9 ?18:24
DarthFrogDo a backup of its contents first, in case you've made a mistake and have confused which partition is holding which date.18:25
DarthFrogThen format it.18:25
v3nd3tta``so sudo mount /dev/sda9 and copy every data :)18:25
v3nd3tta``oooh looul18:26
v3nd3tta``dolphin says it's the old content18:26
v3nd3tta``i mean18:26
v3nd3tta``the actual content18:26
v3nd3tta``but if i do ls ~18:26
v3nd3tta``it shows the one i don't want18:26
DarthFrogYeah.  "sudo mkdir /save_my_ass".  "sudo mount /dev/sda9 /mnt/disk"  "rsync -avv --progress /mnt/disk /save_my_ass"18:27
v3nd3tta``how do i copy per console everything?18:27
v3nd3tta``a complete dir?18:27
DarthFrogRsync is your friend.18:27
v3nd3tta``mount point /mnt/disk doesnt exist18:29
rorkor `cp -R dirname`18:29
DarthFrogYou can use "cp -a <old dir> <new dir>" also but rsync is better.18:29
DarthFrogv3nd3tta``: sudo mkdir /mnt/disk18:29
v3nd3tta``omg so much unuseful stuff18:31
v3nd3tta``nepomuk -.-18:31
v3nd3tta``nepomuk database... needed veeery long :O18:31
v3nd3tta``.q3a/baseq3/pak0.pk3 :P18:31
v3nd3tta``so now it copied all18:49
v3nd3tta``now should i format /dev/sda9 ?18:49
v3nd3tta``DeathFrog ?18:50
DarthFrogIs it currently mounted?18:51
DarthFrogThen you won't be able to format it.18:51
v3nd3tta``uhm how to unmount per console command?18:52
DarthFrogYou'll have to unmount it first.18:52
DarthFrogumount /dev/sda918:52
DarthFrogthat's not a mispelling, BTW.18:52
DarthFrogsudo umount /dev/sda918:52
v3nd3tta``umount: cannot umount /dev/sda9 -- /dev/sda6 is mounted over it on the same point.18:52
v3nd3tta``arg i hate that18:52
DarthFrogRight, I expected that.18:52
DarthFrogNot yet.  Do the /etc/fstab editing I told you to do earlier.18:53
v3nd3tta``but there is no "label" "home"18:53
v3nd3tta``it's not even mounted18:54
v3nd3tta``i can give you my fstab output18:54
v3nd3tta``in paste18:54
DarthFrogMake sure that it's /dev/sda6 that is mounted and that /dev/sda9 is not mounted.  make sure that /dev/sda6 contains the real /home data that you wish to preserve.18:54
v3nd3tta``should i?18:54
DarthFrogI have to leave very soon, BTW.18:54
v3nd3tta``uhm now reboot and then format?18:55
DarthFrogIf you want and if you're sure that the correct partition is mounted on /home.18:55
v3nd3tta``my fstab, nothing of my /sda9 :)18:56
v3nd3tta``kk see ya, if i'm not online in 5 mins i got a livecd-problem :)18:56
DarthFrogIt's the "UUID=<uuid>" that's the problem.18:56
DarthFrogChange it to:18:56
DarthFrog /dev/sda6  /home     ext4    defaults 0    218:57
v3nd3tta``kk see ya18:57
ErtainHello everyone.  When I connect my external hard drive the kernel only sees that I have attached some USB device.18:59
ErtainBut it doesn't make the proper device (/dev/sd*).19:00
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ColgateRaiderI was wondering how well aptosid does on a 2010 Macbook pro. I tried ubuntu but it uses the nvidia card by default and the whole laptop runs very hot.19:05
ColgateRaiderI was wondering how well Kubuntu does on a 2010 Macbook pro. I tried ubuntu but it uses the nvidia card by default and the whole laptop runs very hot.19:06
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gaudaColgateRaider: so why dont you disable the nvidia driver?19:31
ColgateRaidergauda: what good is that going to do?19:32
ColgateRaiderdistributions dont recognize the intel card at all.19:32
gaudai see19:34
ColgateRaiderI just find it hard to believe there has been no progress on the linux world for the lastest dynamic switching MBPs19:34
gaudawell, imho that is not the main target of kubuntu19:35
gaudaColgateRaider since this is not kubuntu specific you better ask in #ubuntu ?19:39
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x3cionHello, I've a strange problem and maybe you can help me or point me somewhere else. I try to connect to a wlan AP wich has WPA1 + WPA2 enabled. the laptop i try it with has a broadcom 4318 chipset. When I tried it with NetworkManager, it seems to time out. When I tried it with wicd, it said authentication failed.20:29
negashi!, how can i update to kde 4.5.2 beta?, im using kubuntu 10.0.420:44
Buckyhi. when i shut down kubuntu, i see that there are error messages, but they suddenly go away, before i could read them. there is somewhere a log file that i can read?20:54
SpriteHi! does anyone know if Docky works on Kubuntu?21:07
chalcedonywhere does the kweather icon show up on your desktop in 10.04?21:37
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cato37everything in ktorrent went to stalled, and hasnt changed. how do i fix it?22:00
real_atehi guys. i'm having an issue and was hoping someone here could help me out! I installed kubuntu-desktop after installing (vanilla) ubuntu22:04
real_atebut now I can't shutdown from Kubuntu22:05
real_ateand when I click "Switch User" it just locks screen and doesn't actually allow me to switch users22:05
real_ateThe only way I could figure out how to switch user was to run gnome-panel and use that to switch users22:06
real_ate... but obviously this is not the ideal solution22:06
real_ateanyone know how I can enable the shutdown button and make it so that I can switch users ?22:07
hlshahHi all, I am new to kubuntu and started getting this error "Phonon : HDA intel ADL 262 not working". I managed to read a few threads but did not really understand how the problem could be solved! Any help?22:09
DarthFroghlshah: Is sound working?22:15
hlshahsound is working22:24
hlshahbut the microphone is not...22:24
DarthFrogIf sound is working, ignore the Phonon message.22:25
hlshahbut how to get the mic to work?22:25
hlshahsound recorder does not show any activity...22:26
DarthFrogAs for the mike, you'll likely want to play with the mixer settings.22:26
hlshahtried all I could...any suggestions?22:26
DarthFrogNo, sorry.22:26
DarthFrogOther than to ask the obvious question:  Is it plugged in?  :-)22:27
hlshahits inbuilt....22:27
hlshahany alternatives that can be installed to make it work?22:28
hlshahskype is useless without mic!22:28
cato37is there an alternative to ktorrent? everything i try with it stalls?22:29
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Artie_EphemHi all, I'm trying to get my user account active again - it appears the password isn't the problem, but the fact that the account is now showing as expired. when I ran chage -l --<user>, it indicated that my account had expired yesterday, which would explain why I can't login... so I tried chage -E --expiredate 2012-12-31 <user> but it just comes back with the help menu. any suggestions?23:02
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fliegenderfroschArtie_Ephem: you should _either_ use -E or --expiredate, not both23:13
fliegenderfrosch-E is just a shortcut23:14
Artie_Ephemaaah! ok thanks, I'll give it a try23:16
Artie_Ephemawesome fliegenderfrosch, that did the trick. many thanks!23:24
fliegenderfroschno problem :)23:25
gverigDid I go nuts or does http://www.kubuntu.org/ just say "OK"?23:36
rorkgverig: it's normal now23:41
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gverigrork: yup...23:41
gverigwhat was it?23:41
rorkcould be maintainance or smth23:42

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