randomusernamehey wgrant00:22
wgrantHi randomusername.00:25
randomusernamedid they find anything in my absence?00:26
wgrantNot that I saw.00:26
maxbThough, we found another user with the same issue00:37
wgrantWe did.00:38
wgrantAnd it's broken on staging now.00:38
wgrantSo we can get someone to poke easily.00:38
wgrantThe thing is, the data migration patch looks fine.00:38
wgrantrandomusername: Can you try logging into dogfood.launchpad.net? Do you have the same problem there?00:41
wgrantIt's a test server.00:42
randomusernamedo you want me to test it now?00:42
wgrantJust see which account it logs you in as.00:42
maxbhuh, odd. staging/~ddorda does not oops, but staging/~tiagosilva does, whilst both of those oops on lpnet00:43
wgrantI see the problem.00:44
wgrantrandomusername: You've logged in on staging lately, haven't you?00:44
randomusernamewgrant: dunno what you mean00:45
randomusernamejust tested it on dogfood and I'm tiagosilva29 ~_~00:45
wgrantrandomusername: Have you visited and logged into staging.launchpad.net in the last few days?00:45
wgrantHmm, odd.00:45
wgrantBut I see the problem, anyway.00:45
wgrantLet's see...00:47
wgrantrandomusername: Is your primary email address on https://login.launchpad.net/ shown on https://launchpad.net/~tiagosilva29?00:50
randomusernameactually no00:53
randomusernamemy openid login address was say XXX00:53
randomusernamewas = is00:53
randomusernamebut I later changed my _launchpad_ email address to XXX+floss00:54
randomusernameabout a couple of months ago, I think00:54
wgrantAround June, I suspect.00:55
wgrantWhat happened here is this:00:55
randomusernameXXX+launchpad , tbh00:56
wgrant - You changed your Launchpad email address to have a +launchpad suffix.00:56
wgrant - Something (a package upload or translation import, perhaps) came along with your old email address, saw it wasn't linked to an profile, so created a placeholder profile for that address.00:56
wgrantNow, Launchpad's login code changed last Thursday. Until then, it would use an internal string to identify your account. Now it looks up the email address and that identifying string, takes the profile that owns the email address, and confirms that the ID string is also associated with that profile.00:59
wgrantIf they're not the same profile, it believes the email address, and moves the identifier onto the profile with that email address.00:59
wgrantSo it saw your ~tiagosilva29 with the login.launchpad.net email address, and moved your authentication identifier over to that.00:59
wgrantSo now ~tiagosilva has no means of authentication, which is why it's OOPSing.01:00
wgrantYou can probably fix this by using the normal account merge functionality.01:00
wgrantWe should probably see if a general fix is possible.01:00
randomusernamewhat a mess01:00
randomusername(a package upload or translation import, perhaps) -> on my part?01:00
randomusernameor something else, like another translator in the portuguese team with a .po file?01:01
wgrantIt could have been a PO file.01:01
wgrantI can't see exactly what.01:01
wgrantFor one of the other problematic users, it was a PO file.01:02
randomusernamebloody hell01:04
randomusernameso, should I use the account merge?01:05
wgrantNot yet.01:07
wgrantNeed to check if there's anything else we can do first.01:07
randomusernamewgrant: I have to go to sleep, I'll try to be here around the same time tomorrow, k?01:13
randomusernamethanks for everything so far01:13
wgrantrandomusername: With any luck we'll have a resolution by then.01:14
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h00kI'm having a problem reporting a bug :(03:03
nhandlerh00k: What is the problem?03:04
h00knhandler: Disclaimer: using edge03:04
h00knhandler: Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.03:04
h00kwait a minute and refresh, or let us know in #launchpad, etc.03:04
h00kI had a kernel oops on maverick and apport was trying to report it03:05
nhandlerh00k: IIRC, there were some apport issues that they were working on earlier.03:05
h00knhandler: It does a duplicate check, asks me for details, and when I hit 'Submit' is when I get this03:16
h00kto actually post the bug03:16
humphreybcWho should I talk to about team privacy?03:25
wgranth00k: Bug 63680103:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 636801 in Launchpad Bugs "+filebug with lots of apport attachments results in a 502 (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63680103:43
h00kI don't know that it necessarily has a lot of attachments03:46
wgranth00k: Kernel bugs normally do... what was the URL?03:48
h00kwgrant: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug/5ca89d78-bfa3-11df-905e-0025b3df357a?field.title=WARNING:+at+/build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/net/wireless/core.c:633+wdev_cleanup_work%2B0xe1/0x110+[cfg80211]()03:55
h00kwgrant: does this help?03:55
wgranth00k: Indeed.03:57
wgranth00k: It has 21 attachments.03:57
wgrant== lots03:57
h00kwgrant: gotcha, okay. I marked that bug as affecting me03:57
h00kI'm just not sure how to file it ;)03:58
h00kpotentially just wait until it gets fixed? Will that link stay valid?03:58
h00kwgrant: ^03:58
wgrantThe link will break soon :(03:58
wgrantI think it expires after around a day.03:59
h00kCan I save those attachments somehow and report a bug and attach them one-by-one?04:03
wgranth00k: If you can find the file locally, you can remove bits that look irrelevant and reupload.04:05
wgrantIt's just a MIME document, from which you can remove files easily.04:05
wgrant(reupload to https://launchpad.net/+storeblob -- it will give you an ID to put in the +filebug URL)04:06
h00kwgrant: okay, thanks, I'll take a look when this movie is over04:36
sensaeHello. For some reason I can't push to a certain branch in launchpad. When I do a "bzr push lp:projectname" it hangs at console and never prints any output.05:03
sensaeI just tried pushing to +junk and it was successful.05:05
nigelbsensae: does that project have a trunk defined?05:07
sensaenigelb: Yes. I just got it to successfully push, but only by deleting the defined trunk before pushing it. The trunk was defined and even said "This branch has no content. Bzr push lp:nbtparser to populate it" (a message to that effect)05:08
sensaenigelb: Also, I wasn't using the short name lp:nbtparser, I was trying to push to lp:~blainepace/nbtparser/trunk .05:08
nigelbsensae: That's strange05:09
sensaenigelb: I tried to recreate it by defining a 'testbranch', and then pushing to it and I got an error "Target directory already exists but does not have .bzr folder."05:10
* thumper reads05:11
thumpersensae: which project?05:12
sensaethumper: nbtparser05:12
sensae..Odd. I just got some errors about maximum recursion depth.05:12
thumpersensae: which version of bzr are you using?05:13
sensaethumper: 2.2.005:13
thumpersensae: which OS?05:13
sensaethumper: OSX05:14
thumpersensae: did you delete the old branch or just move it?05:14
sensaethumper: Which branch are you referring to?05:14
thumpersensae: you don't have a trunk branch set right now05:15
thumpersensae: you should do a bzr whoami so it includes your email address05:15
thumpersensae: then launchpad can work out who you are and give you revision karma :)05:16
sensaethumper: is bzr launchpad-login my@email.com ?05:16
thumperbzr whoami "My name <email@example.com>"05:16
thumperyour bzr launchpad-login should be your LP id05:17
sensaethumper: I see, set properly now. So that would effect my ability to push to ie lp:~blainepace/project/trunk ?05:17
thumpernot at all05:18
thumperthat is strange05:18
sensaesensae: That's where I was trying to push, because I knew I hadn't linked the trunk branch as the main development focus05:18
thumperthe bzr client does do an xmlrpc lookup05:18
thumperand we have some known issues right now with the xmlrpc server05:18
thumpersensae: :) as of Thursday last week05:18
thumpersensae: you can go bzr push lp:project and it will set dev focus for you :)05:19
thumperand create the branch05:19
sensaethumper: I got around it by actually deleting the branch on lp and then pushing to the nonexistent trunk branch.05:20
thumpersensae: there is something else strange going on05:20
sensaethumper: Though I'm still getting an error when I try pushing to a 'testbranch' I created. Just for playing with this strange behavior.05:20
thumpersensae: can I get you to try something for me?05:20
thumpersensae: what error?05:21
sensaethumper: Sure, and basically 'directory already exists, but .bzr does not exist.'05:21
sensaethumper: I just got it to push, but I had to use --use-existing-dir05:21
* thumper nods05:21
thumperwe are wanting to change the register branch page05:21
thumperto say "just push branches"05:21
thumperdon't bother creating them first05:21
thumperthe system gets a tad confused05:22
sensae-nods- Seems like it's easier anyway05:22
thumperit has been floating further up my todo list05:22
thumpersensae: just try 'bzr push lp:nbtparser'05:23
thumpersensae: and let me know what happens05:23
sensaethumper: Alright05:23
sensaethumper: It created a branch trunk-1 alongside my 'trunk' branch05:25
thumpersensae: expected since you had a branch called trunk already05:25
sensaethumper: That's because I didn't flag my trunk branch as the main line, correct?05:26
thumpersensae: that is because it creates a new branch for trunk, but cleverly avoids name conflicts05:27
thumpersensae: if you find yourself getting weird bzr errors again05:28
thumpersensae: can you run with -Dhpss05:28
thumpersensae: and file a bug with ~/.bzr.log attached?05:28
sensaethumper: Ah. Yeah, I deleted trunk-1 and then attached trunk to my 'trunk' series, and it attached it to lp:nbtparser05:28
thumpersensae: you may want to clense older info from the file05:28
sensaethumper: Sure.05:28
thumpersensae: thanks05:28
sensaeI've got to say, even though there are some hiccups sometimes with using lp and it takes some getting used to, I'm enjoying it a lot more than github. It's a plus that this channel is so friendly and helpful :)05:30
sensaeI had one other question. --fixes lp:bugnumber should do what exactly? Close the bug? I see no effect on my lp project page05:41
mwhudsonsensae: it should link the branch to the bug05:44
sensaemwhudson: Ah, alright. It looks like it did that. As I said above, I'm a github convert so I'm used to "closes #2" automatically linking -and- closing an issue.05:44
mwhudsonsensae: it's not necessarily appropriate to mark the bug as fixed until the --fixes revision makes it into trunk05:46
mwhudsonif you made assumptions about workflow, we could do stuff automatically05:46
mwhudsonbut launchpad doesn't do that05:46
sensaemwhudson: I'm not meaning it as a detraction from launchpad, while it would make my particular workflow a bit easier I understand the reasoning behind just linking the branch. Marking it myself isn't a big deal and tbh the added flexibility and lack of assumptions is one of the reasons I moved to lp :)05:47
mwhudsonsensae: heh, interesting05:49
thumperit has been on another todo list to at least add a fix committed to the appropriate bug task05:49
thumperit hasn't reached the top :(05:50
lucidfoxIs it possible to have the LP bug tracker monitor bzr commits for a project and update bug status based on commit messages?08:25
poolielucidfox: it will link them to the bugs but at the moment not change the status08:26
pooliehowever there is a script that will update them08:26
bilalakhtarlucidfox: That's being planned, though08:26
bilalakhtarpoolie: ^^08:26
lucidfoxpoolie> Okay, is it possible to automatically link commits to bugs then?08:26
lucidfoxand if yes, how?08:27
bilalakhtarThere's some bug about it, to set bug status to Fix Committed when the bug gets fixed in the main devel branch08:27
poolielucidfox: 'bzr ci --fixes lp:397315'08:27
bilalakhtarlucidfox: just use this method:08:27
bilalakhtarbzr commit -m "foo message" --fixes lp:BUGNUMBER08:27
lucidfoxOh, thanks08:27
lucidfoxI didn't even know about the shortned "bzr ci" syntax, always typed "bzr commit"08:28
bilalakhtareven I didn't know08:30
bilalakhtarWhat's the matter with LP? All pages are ugly now! No layout!08:31
bilalakhtarAnyone else over here?08:31
wgrantbilalakhtar: Known issue with edge.08:34
wgrantInvestigation ongoing.08:34
wgrantProduction is fine.08:34
* bilalakhtar disables redirect08:35
bilalakhtarwgrant: hey! I am unable to disable redirect! What should I do?08:36
wgrantbilalakhtar: Wait a few minutes until it's fixed.08:37
lucidfoxbilalakhtar> how does one disable the edge redirect?08:40
bilalakhtarlucidfox: At the bottom of an edge page there is a link 'Disable edge redirect'08:40
bilalakhtarlucidfox: but that isn't working now08:40
lucidfoxyep :/08:40
bilalakhtarThat usually disables redirection for 2 hours08:41
wgrantbilalakhtar, lucidfox: You could manually set an inhibit_beta_redirect=1 cookie on *.launchpad.net08:43
bilalakhtarwgrant: who cares :D I will wait08:43
lucidfoxalas, Epiphany doesn't allow manually editing cookies08:44
wgrantAnyway, rollback is in progress.08:44
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lucidfoxWhat's the standard way to credit Launchpad translators in the about dialog?10:40
lucidfoxI see that Transmission, for example, has a "Launchpad Contributions:" field in the about dialog10:41
lucidfoxhow is it maintained?10:41
dpmlucidfox, it depends on the toolkit you use. Generally there is a special string in translations called translator-credits that LP automatically fills in. Both GTK and KDE have facilities in their standard About dialogs to read that string and automatically show the translator credits10:42
dpmlucidfox, e.g. http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/unstable/GtkAboutDialog.html#gtk-about-dialog-get-translator-credits10:43
lucidfoxso do I need to add msgid "translator-credits" to the .pot file?10:43
* lucidfox nods10:44
dpmin gtk you can do it so: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/unstable/GtkAboutDialog.html#gtk-about-dialog-set-translator-credits10:45
dpmjtv, henninge, Launchpad does not add a 'translator-credits' msgid to translations, does it? It only fills it in automatically if the original template has such a string, if I'm not mistaken10:47
jtvdpm: that's right10:47
dpmok, thanks jtv10:47
* lucidfox adds N_("translator-credits") somewhere10:48
dpmlucidfox, _("translator credits") should be enough, there is no need for plurals (assuming you are using N_ as a macro for ngettext() )10:50
lucidfox...oh, so *that's* what N_ is10:51
lucidfoxWhat's the equivalent of Qt's QT_TR_NOOP?10:51
lucidfoxas in "Mark this string as translatable, but return it verbatim"10:51
lucidfoxso the Launchpad automatic export uses filenames in the format (langcode).po11:30
lucidfoxbut manual export uses (projectname)-(langcode).po11:31
lucidfoxnot very convenient for merging :(11:31
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joel`Hi there, I can't push any changes to Launchpad13:52
joel`I'm concerned I have not set something up right on the project hosting end13:52
joel`I have logged in to launchpad using "bzr lp-login" and the branch.conf contains bzr+ssh urls13:54
joel`Do I need to set up a team, even though I am the owner of the branch?13:54
joel`The branch is simpleio/trunk13:55
maxbWhat is the exact command you are running and in what way does it error?13:55
joel` 13:56
joel`joel@chondestes: ~/Public/src/trunk > bzr push lp:~adamsonj/simpleio/trunk13:56
joel`bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-104002896:///~adamsonj/simpleio/trunk/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport13:56
joel`Every topic I've seen on the web the people were trying to use http13:56
joel`a simple "bzr push" results in the same error13:57
joel`I've also tried this from a checked-out branch13:57
wgrantjoel`: What's your Launchpad username?13:58
joel`"Joel J. Adamson"13:58
wgrantThat's an import branch you're trying to push to.13:58
joel`Okay: that's what I was afraid of...13:59
joel`Am I not really hosting my code on Launchpad as I thought?13:59
wgrantYou've set up a read-only code import. You'll need to create a new writable branch.14:00
joel`Okay, how do I do that? (thanks!)14:00
wgrantAt https://edge.launchpad.net/simpleio/trunk/+edit, empty the Branch field.14:00
wgrantThen 'bzr push lp:simpleio' should work.14:00
joel`Do I have to checkout (branch) again?14:01
joel`I'm confused: what does "You haven't yet told Launchpad where your source code is for simpleio trunk series" mean?14:01
wgrantYou'll push your existing branch up into a new trunk branch.14:01
joel`Is that not what I did?14:01
wgrantjoel`: We just unset that.14:01
wgrantSince it was set to a read-only import.14:01
joel`Oh, I get it, so now when I push _then_ the code will be there?14:02
joel`okay let me try it...14:02
wgrantPushing to lp:simpleio will create a new Launchpad-hosted branch.14:02
joel`"Created new branch." it says14:02
joel`Okay, now the reloaded project page says the right thing14:03
wgrantThe branch is now named trunk-1, though.14:03
wgrantSo you should probably rename the 'trunk' import to something else, or maybe even delete it.14:03
joel`okay...I suppose I can change that somewhere?14:03
wgrantThen rename trunk-1 to trunk.14:03
wgrantUse the 'Change branch details' link on the right of the branch page.14:04
joel`I seem to be all set up except that I'd like to delete a series and I can't figure out how to get to it (to delete it)14:16
wgrantYou only have a trunk series.14:17
wgrantWhy do you want to delete one?14:17
joel`There was another one14:17
joel`I tried to delete it, and I got an error saying I couldn't because it was the focus of development14:17
joel`so I created another one ("trunk") and made that the focus of development14:17
joel`Did launchpad read my mind ?14:18
wgrantOh, right, there is another one.14:18
wgrantBut marked as Experimental, so I couldn't see it.14:18
wgrantClick the 'View full history' link on the project page.14:18
joel`Okay, that worked14:19
joel`Okay, I've finally gotten everything sorted out14:46
joel`I feel like a lot of things on the website are very well-hidden14:47
joel`Am I the only one who thinks the layout is confusing?14:47
joel`I'll spend more time reading the manual14:47
jmljoel`, you aren't the only one.14:48
mrevelljoel`, What in particular do you find confusing? I'd love to talk to you more about what's been confusing and what we can make better. Soon I'm going to be writing a report on how we can improve the experience for new users.14:50
joel`mrevell: I see a lot of empty space on the pages, and I can never seem to find what I'm looking for14:51
joel`For example, I'll read the manual about adding a release download file, but then I go to the page that *I think* the manual referred to and I can't find the link it referred to14:52
joel`I should have spent more time going over the general concepts, as once I have those the specifics are easy for me14:52
joel`I can't say whether that's a deficit in the manual or in my own patience14:52
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sorenIt's been almost 15 minutes since I pushed this branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~soren/nova/ec2-security-groups15:08
sorenIt still says "Updating branch...". Are there problems with the branch scanner thingy?15:08
bilalakhtarsoren: yes there is15:23
bilalakhtarsoren: Stacked branches take long time occasionally to get scanned15:24
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maxbbilalakhtar: I don't think it's to do with stacking?15:41
bilalakhtarmaxb: I think it is. Stacked branches take considerably more system resources in scanning/merging/committing15:41
maxbI am doubtful of "considerably". "slightly", perhaps15:42
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AndpheHi there, what time format should I use in a poll, if I want it close today at midnight GMT -5 ?15:49
mrevellAndphe, I *think* you can use a variety of time formats and Launchpad'll work out what you mean. So, as LP runs in UTC/GMT, you'd want to go for 5am tomorrow GMT, so try 05:00 15/09/2010 ... let me know if that works.15:56
Andphemrevell, thanks15:57
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screen-xHi all, is it possible to have a "latest version" download link?17:08
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sproatyI own a project, have unsubscribed from being emailed about stuff that I report, yet I still get emails when I change descriptions/add comments/change tags etc. can I stop this, it's agitiating17:36
sproatyseems a bit silly from the code/logic side of things to be emailed about actions I perform17:37
sproatysorry, I meant in regards to bugs.17:38
mrevellsproaty, We're introducing improved configuration options for what email you receive. gmb or deryck will know when that's gonna be available17:39
mrevelleither of you around?17:39
sproatyvery nice :)17:39
sproatyit's cool to know it's in the making, it doesn't bother me that much (only a bit :P)17:40
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deryckhi mrevell, sproaty.  Yes, this will be configurable for you, it should be live somewhere in the next 4-6 weeks.17:51
mrevellthanks deryck17:51
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* gmb EoDs. Night all.18:03
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sproatythanks deryck18:21
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shadeslayerwhere should i contact if i have a question about paste.ubuntu.com ?19:10
hyperairjpds might know..19:11
hyperairis this about how you need to login with your launchpad account in order to download pastes?19:11
hyperairah well19:12
hyperairi'd like to ask that question, really. =)19:12
shadeslayerhyperair: theres a plasmoid in KDE that we can use to create pastese19:12
hyperairah i see.19:12
hyperairthat's nice.19:12
shadeslayerim writing a backend for paste.ubuntu19:12
hyperairthere's a command line alternative pastebinit19:12
shadeslayersome of them are at : http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/generic/dataengines/share/backends/19:12
hyperairit already uses paste.ubuntu.com19:12
shadeslayerhyperair: yes but with the plasmoid you can grab text from a irc client and drop it on the plasmoid and pastebin's it19:13
shadeslayeror drop a file and itll do the needfull19:13
hyperairi think you're missing my point.19:13
hyperairpastebinit is open source19:13
hyperairyou can lift the implementation from there19:13
shadeslayeri was grepping the script too ;)19:13
shadeslayerbut theres no mention of paste.ubuntu in the source.. ill have to look at the lp page19:14
hyperairshadeslayer: take a look at /etc/pastebin.d/19:15
hyperairspecifically /etc/pastebin.d/paste.ubuntu.com.conf19:15
shadeslayeroh there..19:15
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hyperairi believe it provides a mapping of pastebinit-specific keys to the form <input> fields19:16
hyperairand then does a POST request19:16
hyperairbasically, hack open the form and post it?19:16
shadeslayerhyperair: um.. i lost track.. what are we talking about? plasmoid or script ?19:18
hyperairyou're writing a backend for the plasmoid, right?19:18
hyperairi'm talking about the pastebinit's implementation, and how you could go about figuring out how to implement the said backend for your plasmoid19:18
shadeslayerwell.. the backend can be written in ruby/JS/python i think... i chose JS19:19
hyperaircould probably even do a bash script using curl to handle it, really.19:19
hyperairi dunno about js running out of the browser, but with python you could practically lift the entire pastebinit code and magically gain support for all of pastebinit's backends.19:20
shadeslayerhmm.... well.. IIRC the pastebin plasmoid dev said his data engines supported JS19:21
shadeslayerhyperair: http://blog.morpheuz.cc/28/08/2010/updates-on-plasma-land/19:23
shadeslayer2nd para19:24
* hyperair shrugs19:24
hyperairwell if you choose to do it with js, good luck. i've never done js outside of a browser =)19:24
shadeslayerive never done JS.. ever19:24
hyperairwhat languages have you done?19:25
shadeslayeri just learned some bits and pieces from w3schools :P19:25
shadeslayerhyperair: c++ and qt19:25
hyperairwell time to learn a new language then ^_^19:29
shadeslayerhyperair: aye :D19:32
shadeslayerits quite easy tbh19:32
shadeslayeri mean.. easier after you learn C++ and Qt19:32
hyperairof course.19:32
hyperairespecially C-like languages19:33
shadeslayerstgraber: pokes if your around19:34
shadeslayerhyperair: btw i couldnt get pastebinit to work with *.pastebin.com ...19:34
shadeslayerdunno whats the issue19:35
shadeslayerstgraber: is there a API for paste.ubuntu.com19:35
hyperairshadeslayer: it's likely that pastebin.com broke its API again.19:36
shadeslayercould be..19:36
hyperairbut really, the so called "API" is really just the form names19:36
hyperairtake out firebug or chrome's something-or-other inspector19:36
hyperairor just view source19:36
hyperairand check the names of the fields19:37
hyperairit's really simple19:37
shadeslayerhyperair: ill looky tomorrow... sleep has taken over my brain right now :P19:38
hyperairtime for me to sleep too19:38
smoserwhat happened here:20:06
smoser$ bzr push lp:~smoser/junk/editbp20:06
smoserUsing default stacking branch /~sathishmanohar/junk/main at lp-74167632:///~smoser/junk20:06
smoserCreated new stacked branch referring to /~sathishmanohar/junk/main.20:06
smoserthat was a fresh bzr init'd repo20:06
shadeslayersmoser: and thats what the output says20:07
shadeslayerCreated new stacked branch referring to /~sathishmanohar/junk/main. <<20:07
shadeslayeri should really go to sleep...20:07
smoserright. thats what confused me.20:07
shadeslayersmoser: also #bzr20:08
dmpinheiroI lost my password, and the launchpad didn't send me a e-mail with instructions to change it20:28
dmpinheirothis is happening since yesterday20:28
dmpinheirothoughts ?20:28
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bilalakhtarIs there something wrong with malone not closing bugs automatically?20:49
deryckhi bilalakhtar.  Yes, there's a known bug about this, that's being worked on.  Let me see if I can find the bug number....20:50
deryckhmmm, maybe I'm thinking of something else.20:53
lifelessno it exists20:53
lifelessthe fix landed on stable I think20:54
deryckok, I couldn't find the bug.20:54
deryckWas this a malone bug?  Or Soyuz?20:55
lifelessbug 63552420:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 635524 in Launchpad itself "bugs are not closed anymore with uploads to the archive (dup-of: 634045)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63552420:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 634045 in Soyuz "Regression: Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed header no longer works (affected: 2, heat: 20)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63404520:55
deryckah, there.  thanks!  bilalakhtar ^^20:56
bilalakhtarThanks deryck !20:56
* bilalakhtar will leave now20:56
aa_hi everyone, I think there is an xmlrpc interface for filing bugs in malone (because I read the source) is this documented anywhere?21:10
aa_lifeless: thanks21:12
maxbCan someone with the necessary magic powers tell me why this project is deactivated? https://edge.launchpad.net/fun3compiler21:32
lifelessits bare bones21:34
lifelessfun 3 compiler / fun 3 compiler21:34
lifelessno driver, no branch on the series, no milestones21:34
maxbMy only interest in it is that it's got a code import which is a testcase for an obscure bzr-svn bug :-)21:34
lifelesssinzui: oh all-knowing-about-CHR one21:35
lifelesssinzui: is ok to reactivate this, hand ownership to registry admins ?21:35
lifelessor even maxb ?21:35
lifelessthere's nothing on the review whiteboard, sadly.21:35
maxbI am a bit confused why it's called "fun3compiler", given the upstream seems to be called "open64"21:36
maxbMaybe I should just delete the current import and reregister it under a properly named project record21:36
lifelesshell yeah21:37
lifelesssorry, let me express my enthusiasm for clean data in this area.21:37
* sinzui looks21:40
sinzuilifeless, yes the project can be reactivated and given to anyone.21:41
sinzuiI wish there was a note about why it was deactivated.21:41
lifelessme too21:42
sinzuimaxb, do you want the project? I suppose the user asked for it to be disabled and no one updated the whiteboard. I paste the question or email into the subject when I disable a project21:43
sinzuilooks like the user experimented with a branch and left21:43
maxbI think the project name is bogus. It needs to be renamed to "open64" or somesuch21:44
maxbI don't really care about it, other than it's a testcase for a bzr-svn bug which avoids needing to run bzr-svn on the KDE repo :-)21:45
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maxbsinzui: I think the best thing to do would be to either rename the project to open64 , or leave it deactivated and I will move the import branch to a new project record21:49
sinzuiI can rename it now21:50
sinzuithis is no fun. mab, we need a real admin to change the owner. I can either rename it out of the way, or we precede and I wait for this to be given to ~registry21:52
maxbOK, shall I file a question, then, for the maintainer change, and editing all instances of "fun 3" in the metadata to say "Open64" ?21:54
lifelessfile a Q21:57
sinzuiI really want a take control of this project button, but I think I would be over reaching my powers.21:58
maxbDoesn't seem unreasonable for that to be in the remit of a registry admin21:59
lifelessmaxb: proprietary projects.21:59
lifelessmaxb: commercial customers : registry admins are on the 'dev' side of our devops coin21:59
lifelessthe set of people to be blamed for a breach/issue in that area is - by policy- as small as possible.22:00
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maxbShould I directly assign my question to the losas?22:04
maxboh, no, I can't. Launchpad was lying when it displayed an edit-pencil on that field22:04
maxbhttps://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+question/125431, anyway22:04
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sinzuimax: I think all is done for https://edge.launchpad.net/open64 if you needs any changes ping me or any lp engineer.23:22
lifelessmaxb: ^23:29
maxblooks good, thanks23:29
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