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BUGabundonite, my friends00:08
FunkyELFsebsebseb, I've never used Ubuntu (Gentoo user) but I just built a new system and want to give it a go.... think I should use the beta now or just wait till 10.10?00:10
sebsebsebFunkyELF: right yeah00:10
sebsebsebFunkyELF: so you might find Ubuntu a bit to newbie, being used to Gentoo00:10
sebsebsebFunkyELF: and you might not be so keen on certain features it has, but sure give the beta a go00:10
sebsebsebFunkyELF: I mean after using Gentoo,  your more than expereinced to do a development version of Ubuntu, especially when its beta00:11
FunkyELFsebsebseb, I use Gentoo on a lot of things (xbox, ps3, sheevaplug, etc)  but I don't really know it all that well.00:12
FunkyELFThis machine is for photo stuff.  I don't want to be constantly updating / breaking things.  I need it to be stable.  Thats why I'm looking for something more mainstream like OpenSUSE or Ubuntu (fedora turns me off and I don't know why)00:13
SaguaroIs GIMP not gonna be installed by default on 10.10?00:14
sebsebsebSaguaro: indeed00:15
sebsebsebSaguaro: and it already isn't  in 10.04 by default00:15
SaguaroI'm pretty sure my 10.04 had GIMP00:15
yofelFunkyELF: well, the LTS version (lucid in this case) is supposed to be the most stable and has the longest support cycle, but as a gentoo user you might rather want a bit more up-to-date system, so go with maverick (unless you're using KDE on intel graphics, mav has some problems there)00:15
Saguaromaybe 10.04.1 doesn't00:15
Saguarowhat's replacing GIMP?00:15
yofel10.04 shouldn't have gimp by default, and it was replaced with fspot I think, not sure00:16
sebsebseband f-spot is being replaced in 10.10 by shotwell00:16
Saguaroisn't f-spot only for like photos?00:16
Saguaroor is it a full image editor?00:16
sebsebsebSaguaro: you can install gimp and inkscape and such into 10.10 yourself00:17
Saguarooh I know, and I did00:17
sebsebsebSaguaro: Gimp takes up space on the ISO00:17
yofelwell, the common user usually uses gimp for photos00:17
yofeland the default install targets most usesr00:17
sebsebsebSaguaro: and is a bit to complex for the average user00:17
FunkyELFyofel, what is not updated in LTS?  packages, kernel?00:17
sebsebsebSaguaro: Ubuntu since 9.04 is mainly about targeting newbies00:17
FunkyELFyofel, is it just security patches no updates?... is that what LTS is?00:17
yofeland the iso space right00:18
yofelmeh, quassel is being laggy again o.O00:18
kklimondaFunkyELF: only security vulnerabilities and the worst bugs are fixed in LTS after release.00:18
yofelthere is -backports to get newer app versions backported to an older release on request though00:19
yofelsebsebseb: 9.04? :P00:20
yofelthanks for reminding me that I need to install mav on my old jaunty usb recovery stick00:20
sebsebsebyofel: shame that another great release, except for a feature that really got at me,  is about to die00:23
yofelheh, jaunty was actually the last ubuntu release that I liked, so I'm a bit sad for wiping it too, now I'm on kubuntu00:23
sebsebsebyofel: oh right00:26
sebsebsebyofel: well for me the last Ubuntu release that I porperly liked was 8.1000:26
sebsebsebyofel: and ok 9.04 as well, once I changed the log in screen theme, and removed shut down on the right,  to get back in system menu :)00:27
haytham-medguys can someone explain to me why releases die?00:27
haytham-medi use 8.1000:27
sebsebsebyofel: and with the optional Ext4 support, that wasn't properly stable,  that really did speed up boot up and shut down :)00:27
sebsebsebyofel: for 9.0400:28
yofelhaytham-med: we have limited resources and handling security updates for more than a few releases isn't possible00:28
yofelsebsebseb: oh right, I remember the ext4 mess from the devel days, that was fun :D00:28
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:28
sebsebsebyofel: in  fact I was going to keep the other computer on 8.10, but then the ethernet woudn't work with it,  but 9.04 was already out by the time I updated :)  I thought the update had gone wrong, but no woudn't work on the Live CD either00:28
haytham-medi dnt mean security updates, i am concerned with packages00:28
sebsebsebhaytham-med: when a release dies thats it00:29
sebsebsebhaytham-med: no more updates at all00:29
psusiwell, dead releases also are removed from the archive aren't they?  so no installing packages that aren't on the cd00:29
haytham-medfor ex as regards vlc00:29
sebsebsebyofel: yeah then things went a bit uh with 9.10, and really uh with 10.04,  and things have improved a little bit in 10.10 it seems :)00:29
yofelhaytham-med: the package archive is still availabe on old-releases.ubuntu.com if you want to install something, but you won't get any updates anymore00:30
sebsebsebhaytham-med: you should upgrade to at least 9.0400:30
sebsebsebhaytham-med: however that will also run out of support at the end of next month00:30
yofelpsusi: ^00:30
haytham-medso what if i installed 9.04 package in an 8.10 distro ? :)00:31
yofelthe package archive is always moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com - actually you can even get the warty install cd from there ^^00:31
sebsebsebhaytham-med: psusi as for why releases don't last that long, except for the Long Term Support releases, I guess its since most of these programs are developed rather fast00:31
sebsebsebnew versions coming out every six months for Gnome and KDE00:31
sebsebseband Firefox doing quite a lot of new versions each year even, and what not00:31
yofelhaytham-med: no guarantee that it will work, and the dependencies might require you to upgrade more packages00:31
haytham-medupgradet chromium using that way :)00:32
yofelbut in general, if you don't like updating, use a LTS release, you can go back to 8.04 too if you want, that's still supported for a while00:33
yofelheck, even 6.06 is still supported on servers00:33
sebsebsebhaytham-med: yofel  can only go back by clean installing,  well unless the system gets broken trying or something00:33
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:33
sebsebsebhaytham-med: 8.10 was great overall, and yes it is sad that its no longer supported since April 30th 201000:34
sebsebsebhaytham-med: I guess get yourself upgraded to 10.10, but maybe not just yet, because the final isn't out just yet00:35
sebsebsebhaytham-med: or  you could run 9.10 untill April  next year00:35
haytham-medthe idea is that u install a lot of apps in the current release,  a new install in my opinion wil be time consuming00:36
sebsebsebhaytham-med: 9.10 would be more familar to you from being a 8.10 user,  and I didn't like it when it was the latest much, but now  really I would prefer it to 10.04 and 10.10.00:36
Saguarowhen does 10.10 go official?00:39
ubottuA schedule of Maverick Meerkat (10.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule00:41
sebsebsebSaguaro: Sunday October 10th next month instead of Thursday 28th00:41
yofelon 10.10.10 actually :P00:41
Saguarothat's awesome00:41
tcadoes unity require 3d/compositing?00:48
sebsebsebtca: uhmm if you got Nivida  need propritary driver installed00:48
tcai have ati00:49
tcabut the oss driver only supports 2d00:49
sebsebsebtca: then you might need a driver for your card, but probably not00:49
tcahd 320000:49
sebsebsebtca: need something that can do 3D as far as I know00:49
sebsebsebtca: for Unity00:49
tcahave to wait for new ati drivers then :<00:51
sebsebsebtca: Have you tired without propritary driver?00:53
tcajust tons of artifacts and nothing usable00:54
sebsebsebtca: artifacts?00:54
sebsebsebtca: what do you mean artifacts?00:54
tcaill screenshot it for you00:55
sebsebsebtca: apparently Unity isn't even that stable at the moment, from something I read earlier00:55
haytham-medthanks guys for help01:08
smallfoot-why my ubuntu freezes randomly sometimes for 5 seconds?01:24
smallfoot-annoying as hell when i play games01:24
smallfoot-cuz then i die01:25
nemosmallfoot-: well. is there anything in dmesg, the sys log, the X console log or the X log?01:26
nemosmallfoot-: and if it is happening in games, maybe you should try disabling compiz (just in case)01:26
nemoand maybe add a CPU monitoring applet to your taskbar if you haven't done it already, to see if there are any spikes01:26
smallfoot-nemo, in 10.04 it nevre happend, even with compiz on01:30
smallfoot-audio, mouse, keyboard, video, everything goes unresponsive01:31
yofelhm, I get short UI freezes too, like: 2sec completely frozen, then the mouse work again, and after additional 3sec the desktop responds again01:32
yofelcan't find anything in the logs though :/01:32
kklimondayofel: see your X cpu usage :/01:32
nemosmallfoot-: m'k aaaand anything in dmesg etc etc?01:32
kklimondajust about everything I do makes X use 100% of cpu01:32
yofelkklimonda: if I had that *charted* somewhere I could, but as the UI is frozen I can't check the cpu usage in that time01:33
yofeland before and after the cpu usage of xorg is fine01:33
smallfoot-gonna check01:33
* yofel only gets 100% cpu from Xorg when scrolling launchpad paged in firefox...01:34
smallfoot-nope, i think i find nothing in logs01:35
kindofabuzzAbout Ubuntu is missing some fonts? known bug?02:00
smallfoot-why does me System->About Ubuntu, has messed up fonts in menu?02:01
kindofabuzzthat's what i just asked. guess it's a bug02:02
ubuntufanIn my soundmenu, there is no Rhythmbox icon. How do I fix this?02:31
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philsfI upgraded my netbook to maverick beta, and several applications crash imediately in the new interface. Has anyone else been experiencing this?02:43
ubuntufanphilsf: Can't say I have.02:44
philsfxchat for example: the network list window opens, but when I select a network, the main window crashes. other applications crash intermitently02:45
ubuntufanphilsf: Sorry, I don't use xchat so I cannot confirm.02:46
ubuntufanphilsf: Try running it from a terminal window and looking at the output?02:46
philsfI tried, no output or core dump02:46
philsffirefox also crashes everytime02:47
ubuntufanphilsf: Firefox is as stable on Maverick as on Lucid for me.02:47
philsfeverything worked perfectly on lucid for me02:48
philsfI'm using the netbook-launcher now, on maverick, and everything seems to be working, except firefox02:48
philsfhow can I debug this?02:48
philsfit crashes and a window appears offering to send info to mozilla02:49
philsfrunning FF from the terminal I only get the following output: "Attempting to load the system libmoon"02:50
philsfubuntufan, do you have the moonlight extension for mozilla installed?03:07
ubuntufanphilsf: I don't think so.03:08
philsfubuntufan, would you install it and try running firefox again?03:08
philsfI think this is what was crashing03:09
ubuntufanphilsf: No.03:09
philsfit may be worth checking for the release notes03:09
yofelphilsf: you could ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam if they know more03:11
philsfIsn't the point of this channel to report problems in the beta?03:12
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philsfI'm not exactly trying to scratch my itch, I'm having problems other people might also have03:13
brummbaerso... anybody gotten rhythmbox-plugin-ampache working w/ maverick? it's no-go for me so far03:15
brummbaeralso noticed it's now missing from the repos :(03:16
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philsfhow can I turn off bluetooth now in maverick? the indicator appmenu used to have a "turn off" option, but now it's missing03:23
philsfis anyone here that's also using the netbook version of maverick?03:28
jimlovell777After updates yesterday I have no sound. Anyone having this problem?03:31
Spirits-SightI having trouble with nviai drivers (video) I installed latest and I can not get system to start with full res04:54
Saguaroare there gonna be any upgrades to 64-bit flash in 10.10?05:17
Lars_GWhat's the upstart-era cli tools used to manage stuff run during inits?05:41
valuedcustomer/etc/rc.local is not being called.  i'm running 64-bit.  i added a 'touch /tmp/testrclocal' to rc.local, but got nothing.06:32
Jordan_Uvaluedcustomer: Is it executable?06:42
jimlovell777I don't have sound anymore. Is this a known problem? It worked until I updated two days ago.06:57
bullgard4jimlovell777: Not for me.06:59
jimlovell777Anything I can check? I've gone through all of my sound configurations, nothing is muted, I've tried analog speakers, analog out, duplex etc.. no change.07:00
bullgard4jimlovell777: May be your sound is muted. Have a look at loudspeaker symbol in the upper right > click at it and see if the slider is to the right and not muted.07:00
jimlovell777bullgard4: Nope, first thing I checked. I checked the app volume (no sound with firefox, totem, and on down the line) then system volume then all of the sound settings. Of which I changed none before the sound stopped working.07:02
jimlovell777I've even worked down this list https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting and no change. I don't get it, it worked, I updated and now it doesn't work. Sound still works under Windows.07:14
glebihanhi there, is there any link where I could find the major differences between 10.04 and 10.10 ?07:16
bullgard4glebihan: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+specs07:27
glebihanthanks bullgard407:37
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mikedep333hey guys, I've noticed a serious issue whereby the CPU frequency isn't scaling up (it runs at less than max) when under full cpu core usage. What package should I report this on?08:23
hermanHi, just upgraded to maverick and have hit a very strange bug. I could do with some help diagnosing it.08:39
hermanIn essence my laptop now only does things for about a second after pressing a key, then it hangs unless I press a key again. So I have to hold down a key like Alt all the way through the boot process to even make it boot08:40
Jordan_Uherman: Does this continue after X starts?08:40
hermanyes. For example the wifi is trying to join the network (It can't because the password is wrong) but I can see it bouncing up and down, but about a second after I release a key it freezes08:41
hermanuntil I press a key again and then it starting bouncing up and down for another second08:42
hermanThe same thing in a VT. The cursor stops flashing08:42
Jordan_Uherman: I wonder if a synthetic event would be enough.08:45
hermanMoving the mouse in X works too btw. How would I generate a synthetic event?08:45
hermanJordan_U: There is nothing interesting spat out by dmesg, I was expecting some soft lockup or similar but there is no indication anything is wrong.08:49
Jordan_Uherman: I'm guessing it has something to do with hardware interrupts, though I'm not quite sure what. In which case sending synthetic key presses would do nothing.08:55
hermanJordan_U: got any advice on where to take this? Should I just log a bug report?08:56
Jordan_Uherman: Yes, file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug linux".08:57
Jordan_Uherman: You can try sending synthetic events with "xte"08:57
Jordan_Uherman: For instance: xte 'mousemove 1 1'08:58
hermanJordan_U: Ah X events, since it locks up on a VT too I doubt that will do anything but I can try it again. I'll log a bug report. Thanks08:59
Jordan_Uherman: Does holding shift down keep things alive as well?08:59
hermanCtrl, Alt and Shift all work, in fact any key seems to work. I tried letters and the 'windows' key.09:01
Jordan_Uherman: How much unfrozen time does each keypress get you?09:02
hermanJordan_U: It actually varies a bit, I would say between 1 and 5 seconds. Generally closer to one, occasionally longer09:03
Jordan_Uherman: That is really odd.09:04
hermanJordan_U: That's why I'm here :-)09:04
Jordan_Uherman: Does pressing the power button on the box unfreeze it?09:04
lotuspsychjewhat freezes?09:05
Jordan_Uherman: And have you tried pinging the computer from another machine to confirm that *everything* stops when you stop pressing keys?09:06
tukadafoondayHi, I have installed linux on my machine / is on the first hard drive along with /swap. on the second harddrive i have put /home which is assume is not the only thing being used for home directory storage - i now however want to use the second harddrive for windows.... is there any way i can make my /home on HDD1? do i just resize the partitions and then make a new /home on HDD1 followed by copying all the files on the home d09:06
Jordan_U!separatehome | tukadafoonday09:06
ubottutukadafoonday: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome09:06
ikoniatukadafoonday: /home is the ONLY thing being used for home directory storage09:06
hermanJordan_U: Yes the power button has the same effect. I can't try pinging at the moment since I don't have a network to plug it into. Uplugging my bluetooth dongle has the same effect as key presses.09:08
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: His computer appears to not progress in any noticable way unless he presses a key on the keyboard or moves the mouse. He needs to hold a key down just to get it to boot at all.09:08
tukadafoondayI understand that.. If i shrink the partition on /dev/sda1 and make a /home partition there am i able to copy across the files from /dev/sdb1?09:09
lotuspsychjethats odd..on maverick?09:09
ikoniatukadafoonday: it's just a file syste,09:09
lotuspsychjeyesterday we had a problem here too with someone having leftmouse freeze after pressing numlock09:10
Jordan_Uherman: Can you reproduce this with a maverick LiveCD? Does an old LiveCD (Ubuntu or any other distro) work normally still?09:10
hermanJordan_U: If I boot off the previous Lucid kernel which is still available in Grub I don't see the issue. Does that answer the second part well enough? I'll have to make a mavrick live USB to try the first part.09:11
Jordan_Uherman: Yes, that answers it well enough, and confirms that "ubuntu-bug linux" is proabaly the best way to file the bug report.09:12
Jordan_Uherman: In a terminal run "while sleep 1; do date > /tmp/date.log; done" then let the computer freeze and look at the times recorded in /tmp/date.log09:14
Jordan_Uherman: Make that "while sleep 1; do date >> /tmp/date.log; done"09:14
hermanJordan_U: I just got hold of the local wifi key. If I ping the gateway at a 0.5 second interval it never freezes :-)09:15
Jordan_Uherman: That's actually what I expected, since it sends a hardware interrupt.09:15
Jordan_Uherman: This is far out of my league but I wonder if it's actually an interrupt handler that's freezing.09:17
hermanJordan_U: I disconnected the wifi and did your test. It seems to be keeping time between freezes. Ie I see 16, 35,45,50 seconds in the log and during that time I was intemittently hitting a key to wake it up.09:18
Jordan_Uherman: For instance it could be that you have a piece of hardware that is sending an intterrupt every few seconds that triggers an interrupt handler that goes into an infinite loop, but this loop will be terminated by another interrupt coming in.09:18
tukadafoondayikonia, i understand it is a file system, though i do not know whether i can have two /home or not. The other thing that i am unsure of it how large i should make the / mount.09:19
tukadafoondayHow is everyone here finding 10.10 anyways?09:19
lotuspsychjeim 100% happytukadafoonday09:20
lotuspsychjenever worked faster on 64bit09:20
Jordan_Uherman: Ok, so it's not a complete freeze.09:20
tukadafoondayThe other question i should ask, Can i resize the / partition while i am in linux? Or do i need to boot from a live cd?09:20
Jordan_Utukadafoonday: You need to do it from a LiveCD.09:21
hermanJordan_U: I guess that depends on how the clock source works, which isn't something I know much about.09:24
Jordan_Uherman: When you boot, does the "freeze" seem to actually stop the progress of booting or could it be that the screen simply isn't updating? For example, if it normally takes 1 minute to boot and you don't press any key for the first 45 seconds then hold shift, does it take 15 seconds or 1 minute to finish booting?09:26
hermanJordan_U: I can see there is only disk activity when I press a key during boot so I'm pretty convinced it's freezing09:28
Jordan_Uherman: Ok, then I have another test to try.09:29
Jordan_Uherman: Switch to a tty and log in, then run "while sleep 1; do date | tee -a /tmp/date.log"09:30
Jordan_Uherman: I want to see if the terminal is freezing in a way that causes programs to block when writing to stdout.09:31
hermanJordan_U: same behaviour as before. The log file matches the output on stdout too.09:33
Jordan_Uherman: To confirm, the output shows that there is no gap in time during the freeze?09:34
Jordan_UAnd there was a freeze?09:34
hermanJordan_U: http://friendpaste.com/65i7f8bP10tJLk5LSYLH5J09:36
hermanJordan_U: I pressed a key at 09:27:56 and control-c at 9:28:0309:37
Jordan_Uherman: Ok, I misunderstood what you said before.09:37
Jordan_Uherman: What happens if you play audio? Does it start looping when the freeze occurs, does it stop when the freeze occurs, or does playing audo actually prevent the freezing?09:44
Jordan_Uherman: And when you do file a bug report could you give me a link so I can follow it?09:49
bullgard4How to switch the skin of Audacious from Winamp to GTK interface?09:53
bullgard4Or should I better ask: How to start Audacious using the GTK interface (skin)?09:54
i_is_brokeok what am i missing i cant get the minimize, reduce and expand buttons to go to the right side. why?09:55
hermanJordan_U: For some reason rhythmbox doesn't want to load my music library, anyway tried with ogg123. It plays for a few seconds and then gets stuck in a about a 2 sec constant loop.09:57
Jordan_Uherman: Can you reproduce this problem with a mainline kernel?10:03
Jordan_Uherman: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:03
hermanJordan_U: Launchpad won't let me log the bug. Grrrr. I'll see if I can try a mainline kernel at some point but right now I'd better go do some real work10:57
hermanJordan_U: Thanks for the help.10:57
Jordan_Uherman: You're welcome.10:59
bullgard4How to switch the skin of Audacious from Winamp to GTK interface? Or should I better ask: How to start Audacious using the GTK interface (skin)?11:25
lotuspsychjemy todays maverick desktop11:32
tballAnybody experienced nautilus segementation faults lately on maverick?12:22
tballMaking the background not rendered etc.12:22
bazhangtball, nautilus wont even launch for me12:22
bazhangand this is with 4GB ram12:22
bazhangso very serious bug indeed12:23
tballbazhang, well glad I'm not the only one12:23
tballActually I can make my nautilus launch if I run it manually. But when gnome starts, it opens maybe 30 copies of nautilus.12:24
bazhangtball, I'd imagine they fix this one posthaste; the only workaround I've found is to insert a usb stick, and click on it, navigating through it12:24
bazhangprobably all those commands built up12:25
tballyeah probably12:25
bazhangnightmarish nonetheless12:25
tballWell I was playing around with compiz and rgba windows before this happended, and have used alot time debugging it :P12:26
tballBut it wasn't even my fault at all :)12:26
bazhangodd. I have compiz completely set to none.12:26
tballbazhang, if I deactivate compiz my background appears again.12:27
bazhangtball, ah okay, then a second bug12:27
tballbazhang, you think? Well I though the nautilus bug was the reason for some kind of hang in gnome's start procedure, making my background disappear.12:28
tballNormally my background works fine with compiz12:28
bazhangtball, well it is still beta, so I'd imagine so. considering the disparity in our setups, it seems that would indicate at least two12:29
tballyou might be right12:30
bazhangI'd better check launchpad than guess, though :)12:30
tballbazhang, hmm this is quite weird. My nautilus and firefox etc is running quite fine12:33
bazhangtball, suddenly working?12:33
tballbut if I open gnome preferences manager, it all crashes in segmentation faults12:33
tballbazhang, are you able to run gnome-settings-daemon without problems?12:34
tballand now I get this error: Maximum number of clients reachedMaximum number of clients reachedError: cannot open display: :0.012:36
tballwhen trying opening a new firefox12:36
robin0800gdm broken with todays updates? shifting everthing to the right12:43
tballrobin0800, not for me12:43
tballAnywhere I can see the updates pulled for Maverick today?12:49
gesertball: software-center and then look at the history12:51
tballgeser, thx12:52
tballI can see I have updated nautilus to 2.31.90-0ubuntu4~ppa1~maverick today12:52
tballCausing all kinds of troubles :)12:52
tballdmesg spamming messages, like: [ 1841.582854] nautilus[4515]: segfault at 4 ip b715cb36 sp bff8bb60 error 4 in libcairo.so.2.11000.0[b7143000+ae000]12:54
bullgard4How to switch the skin of Audacious from Winamp to GTK interface? Or should I better ask: How to start Audacious using the GTK interface (skin)?13:02
tballAnybody seen this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/63799413:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637994 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus segmentation fault in libcairo.so.2" [Undecided,New]13:08
falzyo, trying ubuntu as a desktop (long time debian user). wanting to run thunderbird2 which isn't in the repo. official mozilla binary of tbird2 wants libstdc++.so.5, ubuntu has libstdc++.so.6. I don't see a compat type of package in the repos13:34
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falzother than dirty hacks, any fix?13:34
falzI also added an 'ubuntuzilla' repo but it doesn't seem to list tbird2 either13:34
vega_thunderbird2 ?13:35
falzyes, instead of 3.13:35
vega_ok, just checking..13:36
falz(3 is a steaming pile of slow crap in my opinion)13:36
vega_hm, haven't noticed much difference..13:37
Trewasfalz: there is separate libstdc++5 package13:37
vega_seems to not be in normal repos13:43
jpdsvega_: Because it's old.13:46
jpdsfalz: Why do you want to run tb2?13:46
Spirits-SightI need help, my video need to get nidva working right13:47
Spirits-Sightright now res is wrong and can not get NIDVA working when instaled13:48
bullgard4How to switch the skin of Audacious from Winamp to GTK interface? Or should I better ask: How to start Audacious using the GTK interface (skin)?13:52
vega_jpds: exactly..13:53
jpdsfalz: If you find TB3, try turning the global indexing off.13:53
bullgard4I wonder if Ubuntu 10.10 Beta installs by default the »Tracker« application?14:01
dlibullgard4, you can remove it manually if installed14:02
bullgard4dli: You did not answer my question.14:04
bazhang!info tracker14:05
ubottutracker (source: tracker): metadata database, indexer and search tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.17-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 694 kB, installed size 2648 kB14:05
bullgard4bazhang: The ubottu wording "is optional" means that Ubuntu 10.10 Beta does not install it by default?14:07
bazhangbullgard4, checking my system now14:08
tballbazhang, did you experience the same as me descripted in this bug report? : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/63799414:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637994 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus segmentation fault in libcairo.so.2" [Undecided,New]14:08
bazhangcant find it14:08
bazhangtball, something different14:09
tballahh ok14:09
bazhangbullgard4, I cant find it here14:10
bullgard4bazhang: So may I take it that Ubuntu 10.10 Beta does not install it by default?14:10
bazhangbullgard4, well, I cannot find it, only default here. I may be wrong, but that seems to be the case14:11
bullgard4bazhang: Thank you very much for your information.14:12
tballCan I somehow "revert" all packages installed to the default ubuntu ones.14:12
bazhangtball, on the beta?14:13
tballbazhang, yes sir14:13
bazhangits not finished, so no idea what that would help tball14:13
bazhangtball, best to ride it out, as it will a priority fix14:13
bazhangerr will be14:13
tballbazhang, well I have a feeling im responsible of the bug I told you about before14:14
bazhangtball, hah unlikely in the extreme.14:14
bazhangthey'll fix it pronto14:14
bazhangnautilus segfaulting or just not working at all is a MAJOR bug14:14
tballIf my bug differentiates with your bug , my bug might not be Ubuntu's fault after all14:15
bazhangie critical14:15
bazhangtball, or more than one bug14:15
tballWell maybe14:15
bazhangfor sure14:15
bazhangstill a long way from final release14:15
tballI guess there is ALOT of different codepaths for such an core application14:15
bazhangOct. 23 iirc14:16
tballyes, I am aware of the risk running a beta :P14:16
bazhangoh not that. just we will see a ton of stuff between now and then14:16
tballbazhang, do you know if mesa 7.9 will make it to the final release?14:17
bazhangat least libc seems not to have broken so far, unlike a previous release14:17
bazhangtball, not sure sorry14:17
tballI really hope so. There is a world to a difference between mesa 7.8 and 7.914:18
yofeltball: the x team is talking about 7.9 in #ubuntu-x, so I hope it will make it (they still have 2 days left to upload it..)14:20
yofelesp. since it seems to fix the KDE 4.5 compositing mess with intel :S14:21
tballyofel, cool., I might join that channel14:21
tballyofel, and enables OpenGL 2.1 for r600-r70014:22
Ian_corneIf my computer hangs when shutting down, where should I look?14:29
Ian_corne/var/log/syslog is empty14:29
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coz_hey guys... I dont see degub symbols for compiz in the repositories15:11
coz_whoa  I dont see any debug  packages o015:18
Tetsuo55how can i make ubuntu not change my system clock to gmt?15:26
Tetsuo55its causing problems on my other os's15:26
Votanhi, so 10.10 uses a TRIM-ready kernel, does that mean trim is working out of the Box on Trim-enabled SSDs or do I have to add something tot he fstab ?15:52
htorquevotan, you'll need to add the discard mount option to your fstab15:56
Votanlike UUID=e345454... / ext4 discard,noatime,nodiratime,errors=remount-ro 0 1 ?15:57
Tetsuo55ok fixed using this document https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime15:58
htorquevotan, exactly15:58
Votanhtorque k, thx15:58
htorqueyw :)15:58
Votanoh btw, is noop still preferred over others in terms of scheduler for SSDs ?16:01
=== uRock is now known as uRock_away
Tetsuo55why is ubuntu only showing 3,8gb, i have 4gb installed16:24
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
shadeslayeryofel: which channel did i reply to you in?16:53
Tetsuo55damn, due to retracer lag its failing to retrace my crash reports :(16:55
lucidfoxoccasionally new windows refuse to launch at all17:05
lucidfoxsaying "Maximum number of clients reached"17:05
jmlnow that I'm running maverick, many of my application windows are opening maximized17:06
jmlfurther, they are maximized in such a way that the title bar of the window is beneath the panel17:06
jmlI think this might be to do with previous experiments w/ UNE & friends17:07
yofeljml: check if you still have maximus installed17:12
jmlyofel, it is indeed installed17:12
jmlyofel, removing it now, thanks.17:12
gubuhow can i get UNE to run in vbox?  only get to the purple/red screen.  any ideas?17:19
copproIs Maverick package-locked yet? Because some packages appear to be missing and have no equivalents in Maverick17:27
PiciFinalFreeze is on Thursday.17:29
gubuanyone running UNE in vbox?17:31
copproplt-scheme (or what should be racket) appears to be missing :(17:35
Picicoppro: should be in universe17:36
coppropackages.ubuntu.com disagrees17:36
Picicoppro: Its listed as being published here: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plt-scheme/+publishinghistory17:37
copproboo, it's outdated :(17:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635764 in plt-scheme (Ubuntu) "PLT Scheme is now Racket" [Undecided,New]17:39
copproyes, I know17:40
copprobut that's a corollory to the fact that the version in maverick is a major version behind :(17:40
Katsumi32hi i have question anyone run 10.10 without any crashes etc ? and also is it there any risk if i triple boot ubuntu 10.04 10.10 and win 7?17:45
AzelphurI personally run 10.10 without any issues. No one here is going to tell you that installing a beta OS is safe :p17:47
Azelphuror rather alpha, it hasn't even hit beta yet17:47
popeyit has17:47
charlie-tcasee the topic17:47
Azelphurthat means the schedule is wrong?17:48
* DanaG tried unity on fglrx and intel... it's buggy both places.17:48
Azelphurschedule says maverick beta is 18th september o.O17:48
Azelphuralso beta before feature freeze?17:48
Katsumi32Azelphur, beta ver was released about two weeks ago17:49
Azelphuror is the schedule very wrong XD17:49
Azelphurhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule seems wrong then lol17:49
Katsumi32shcedule isnt wrong17:49
popeyhow is it wrong?17:49
Azelphurit says the beta is on 18th september o.O17:49
popeyno, it doesn17:49
popey18th week, sept 2nd17:49
Azelphuroh, line 1817:49
Katsumi32Azelphur, youre wrong:)17:50
Azelphurreading fail :D17:50
DanaGIn fact, I'm glad I'm not epileptic... or unity would've given me seizures!17:50
Katsumi32what moth do you have in your country at the moment Azelphur ?17:50
shcherbak10.10? Yes Katrumi - it works fair better that 10.04,17:53
shcherbakLaptop, Nvidia - u cal use fixes from 10.04 for graphic, my only trouble is suspend issue17:54
bjsniderDanaG, why is that?17:59
DanaGunity flickers white madly anytime anything happens.18:03
duffydackfinal/kernel freeze on thurs...nice.  fglrx not long after perhaps?18:18
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sburwoodCan anyone tell me what they think about Maverick Beta and how it should develop18:39
sburwoodin terms of a final release18:40
charlie-tcaMaverick Beta is pretty solid, it should be a good release18:41
sburwoodCan anyone tell me what they think about Maverick Beta and how it should develop into a final release?18:41
sburwoodand what's new with it?18:41
charlie-tcaMost of that is in http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta18:43
sburwoodcharlie-tca: And what is new about it?  Just more updated Open Office and such or something really revolutionary?18:43
charlie-tcaAgain, that would be in those notes. I run Xubuntu, so am not fully aware of the changes in gnome desktop18:43
sburwoodcharlie-tca: do you think it would work on a netbook like an EEE?18:44
charlie-tcaIt does work on some of them, and it fails on others18:44
* yofel has kubuntu maverick desktop running on his eeePC 1000H18:44
charlie-tcaIt is still beta, and there are still some issues18:45
sburwoodyofel: and you're happy with it?18:45
sburwoodcharlie-tca: I imagine there are some issues, it's a beta18:46
yofelthere are compositing issues, but those should be fixed once mesa 7.9 get's uploaded18:46
yofelotherwise I'm happy with it18:46
sburwoodyofel: I'm not into the tech level, but I'm sure that mesa (what's that?) will resolve stuff18:47
sburwoodany way, I'm gonna eat.  See you later?18:47
yofelgone o.O18:48
charlie-tcaIt would be easier if people would read the release notes. It does give a lot of information18:49
myk_robinsongot an issue with audio skipping in Maverick on my laptop, which worked fine in Lucid. Perhaps an issue with Pulse Audio? How do I switch to something other than Pulse for testing?19:13
Tetsuo55looks like both bugs are fixed for me (empathy crash and flash crash ), but flash now blacks out instead of crashing19:22
dlimyk_robinson, maybe, you should check pulse volume first, sudo apt-get install pavucontrol19:24
myk_robinsondli: I get plenty of volume, its just that a lot of audio, whether it be online or an MP3 on the laptop, skips around. never had this issue on Lucid19:26
dlimyk_robinson, I mean check everything in pavucontrol, output device first19:28
papertigers14:28:11   papertigers | anyone know if those apple magic trackpad drivers in 10.10 work for the touchpad on the laptops?                                                               │ akamaus19:29
papertigersopps sorry anyone know if those apple magic trackpad drivers in 10.10 work for the touchpad on the laptops?19:29
myk_robinsondli: everything appears to be fine there19:32
dlimyk_robinson, fuser -v /dev/snd/*19:33
myk_robinson/dev/snd/controlC0:  myk        1507 F.... pulseaudio19:34
dlimyk_robinson, alsamixer -c 019:35
myk_robinsonbrings up a console based mixer. What am I looking for?19:37
myk_robinsonjust to explain better, when I say the audio skips, it is literally like a record skipping.19:37
myk_robinsonvolume stays consistent, just the audio skips, stutters, and slurs19:37
dlimyk_robinson, sorry, I thought you were asking for a 'no sound' troubleshooting19:39
myk_robinsonno prob, i appreciate you speaking up either way19:39
rizwanhi everyone19:39
dlimyk_robinson, if want to remove pulseaudio, sudo apt-get autoremove pulseaudio19:39
rizwanjust upgraded from lucid to maverick.19:39
rizwandont see the highly advertised sound menu anywhere.19:39
rizwanhow to add it?19:40
myk_robinsonnext issue. Network Manger, i am unable to disable my wireless card. Wired and Wireless networing are both checked and grayed out. Cant uncheck19:40
dlimyk_robinson, you want to disable the wifi card totally or just want to disable it in nm? to disable the wifi card, just blacklist the kernel module19:41
myk_robinsonin network manager only19:41
myk_robinsonsometimes useful to force a refresh of available wifi networks19:41
dlimyk_robinson, you couldn't uncheck "Enable wireless network"?19:42
myk_robinsonnegative. I could in Lucid19:42
myk_robinsonwired and wireless are both working fine, just cant disable them19:42
myk_robinsonweird... i stand corrected.. Perhaps an update fixed something, because they are no longer grayed out19:43
dlimyk_robinson, is so, report the bug, and try a workaround, like: sudo apt-get install wicd19:43
myk_robinsondli: your mere presence made it work out of sheer terror :)19:43
myk_robinsonmessed with it for a few hours yesterday trying some things others suggested. A bug is already filed for the issue by another user19:43
myk_robinsonunsure what fixed it though19:43
dlimyk_robinson, I usually keep both nm and wicd .deb , so I can switch between them19:44
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JoshuaLSetting up samba (2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu5) ...20:33
JoshuaLupdate-alternatives: using /usr/bin/smbstatus.samba3 to provide /usr/bin/smbstatus (smbstatus) in auto mode.20:33
JoshuaLand then it does nothing, apt-get update that is20:33
duffydackerror installing b43 free driver, I have the log..20:36
dliduffydack, b43 is in kernel, you need the firmware though20:49
duffydackI just activated it from jockey, and it failed.  I`ll use STA if I have to, but wanna give b43 a try.20:50
dliduffydack, check dmesg, search for b43, dmesg|less20:51
duffydackERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode15.fw" not found20:52
duffydackb43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43-open/ucode15.fw" not found20:52
lotuspsychjetrying wifidrivers duffydack?20:52
duffydacktelling me to download the firmware.  Ive not had to do that with b43 in the past.. altho the driver itself blew, for me.20:53
dliduffydack, apt-get install firmware-b43-installer20:53
lotuspsychjei have hp laptop with STA wifi drivers20:53
dlilotuspsychje, does it work with b43?20:55
duffydackdli,  ah, thanks.  would of thought jockey would do the hard work for me20:55
lotuspsychjeno dli20:55
lotuspsychjeb43 cant be installed20:55
lotuspsychjeonly STA driver20:55
duffydackI use STA in lucid because it works perfectly.. I just wanna try b43 once more, in a newer environment.20:55
CarlFKwhat's the url for daily builds?20:56
lotuspsychjedli: im wondering why maverick doesnt recognize sta driver by default20:56
dliduffydack, you can try again with the firmware installed, sudo rmmod b43;sudo modprobe b4320:56
duffydackdli, Not supported low-power chip with PCI id 14e4:4315!20:56
lotuspsychjei had to install manually from main/pool20:56
duffydackI only wanna try it instead of STA because I dont want there to be such a delay in connecting that there is..20:58
dliduffydack, apt-get install broadcom-sta-source20:58
duffydackNM sits there maybe 15 seconds before attempting, and then takes another 5 or 6 to connect.20:59
lotuspsychjemy sta drivers have no delay20:59
lotuspsychjeon 64bit20:59
duffydackmine does.  64bit.20:59
duffydackdli, what is this for?20:59
dliduffydack, b43 uses like 20% of CPU20:59
dliduffydack, to install the broadcom-sta driver21:00
duffydackdli, oh.. thats ok, I dont have any issues with installing it, from jockey or apt...21:00
duffydackI just wanted to give b43 a try to see if it doesnt have the delay, as muhc.21:01
pedobear_^hi, any idea how to start root script after/within X for user without sudo rights ? i tried rc.local but in ubuntu everything seems a bit more complicated =) ( deprecated?!)21:06
yofelrc.local is run, but thanks to upstart, that may be quite a while after login21:06
jenkinsanyone having issues with banshee using loads of cpu and ram. I looked and before i killed it it was using 103% cpu and 1.3gb of ram. I guess the 3% over 100% is because i am dual core21:07
sebsebsebSo what you lot think of the new wallpaper?  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/the-new-ubuntu-10-10-default-wallpaper/21:07
jenkinshey sebsebseb hows you long time no talk21:07
pedobear_^mhh i have much experience with rc.local in arch linux , i used ( sleep 60 && bashscript) & not wokring21:07
sebsebsebjenkins: Ubuntujenkins ?21:08
jenkinssebsebseb: yep dropped the ubuntu (rather silly part )21:08
sebsebsebjenkins: well sure, and espesailly if you end up using another distro instead :D21:08
yofelhm, my scripts in rc.local work fine, it's just that the time  that they are run differs21:08
jenkinssebsebseb: yea it was causing a few problems21:09
yofel(longest was 5 minutes after login iirc)21:09
sebsebsebjenkins: How?  being highlighted when people typed ubuntu ?21:09
jenkinshas the new background hit ubuntu yet?21:09
sebsebsebjenkins: according to a comment on that page, maybe not yet21:09
yofelpedobear_^: maybe make it touch a file to see if it's working, or write yourself a simple upstart script in /etc/init21:10
jenkinssebsebseb: started asking about help in creating packages for quickshot in for other distros. It was not always helpful21:10
yofeljenkins: it was uploaded, not sure if it made it to the archive yet21:10
sebsebsebjenkins: Whats quickshot?21:10
yofelbut it looks better at least21:10
sebsebsebjenkins: sounds familur21:10
pedobear_^yofel, can upstart scripts just be simple bash scripts , i mean mine will not have stop , start, restart funcionality ...21:11
jenkinssebsebseb: its the program the manual team uses for taking the screenshots, we have made it for all projects now21:11
sebsebsebjenkins: made it for all projects?  using for all projects you mean?21:11
jenkinsyea I ment it can be used by all projects21:12
sebsebsebjenkins: all distros?21:12
jenkinsworking on it.21:12
jenkinsi prefer the new wallpaper21:12
sebsebsebjenkins: its not writtein in Mono or something like that, I hope :)21:13
nemorunning the installer from the desktop doesn't allow resizing21:13
guntbert!ot | sebsebseb jenkins21:13
ubottusebsebseb jenkins: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.21:13
jenkinspython and gk we ar egetting rather off topice :$21:13
nemoso you have to scroll to see all the nice friendly install text21:13
nemoI wonder why resize was completely disabled21:13
sebsebsebjenkins: yeah we are off topic really, lets talk in #ubuntu-manual I haven't been there for quite a while21:13
jenkinssorry yea about to suggest there as well21:14
yofelpedobear_^: actually... I completely forgot about it, but I had rc.local issues once too - and wrote an init script that manually starts rc.local...21:14
yofelpedobear_^: $ ubupaste /etc/init/local.conf21:15
duffydackaccidentally removed empathy (dont know how lol) and trying to reinstall it says Depends: empathy-common (= 2.31.92-0ubuntu1) but 2.31.92-0ubuntu2 is to be installed21:16
Jordan_Uduffydack: You're apt mirror may be partly unsync'd, try running "sudo apt-get update" and see if you can install then.21:17
yofelduffydack: there was an empathy upload about 4h ago, wait a while21:18
* Jordan_U forgot he was in #ubuntu+1 :)21:19
duffydackmy mirror is out of sync ten.21:19
pedobear_^yofel , okay thx , this syystem has /etc/rc2.d/S99rc.local -> ../init.d/rc.local already , have to play around with some touch if it really gets trigger21:20
CarlFKduffydack: are you using a mirror so you have local copies of .deb on your lan?21:20
yofelpedobear_^: the sys-v-init scripts should be run by /etc/init/rc.conf, which runs /etc/init.d/rc RUNLEVEL - but that doesn't seem to be very reliable21:21
duffydackI`ll use the default mirror to test.   I notice the 'software sources' menu option has been removed....21:21
CarlFKrats :).  I use atp-cache and apt-proxy - can't decide which I like, both have some rough edges - was hoping you had some advice21:21
yofelduffydack: you can access it from withing software-center, they thought having it twice was too much21:22
lotuspsychjesoftware centerrox21:23
lotuspsychjemakes things easy21:23
lotuspsychjeand the nice part its all free :p21:24
duffydackapart from the paid for apps :)21:24
h00kIs quitting gparted when it's doing a resizing read-only test, safe? yes/no?21:24
lotuspsychjeyou guys like links2?21:24
duffydackmirror was out of sync btw.....21:25
duffydackbadly...just run a dist-upgrade and I have a new kernel and other stuff coming down :)21:26
lotuspsychjeconnected to the net duffydack?21:26
duffydackinstalled this from daily live few hours ago21:27
yofelwe're one or two days away from final freeze, you'll get a lot updates until then ;)21:27
duffydackyeah,  I tried it like an hour ago with the mirror I was using and got not a lot :)21:28
yofelwell, the mirror was still at the point when the daily disk was created :P21:29
kklimondaoh, a new wallpaper is ok.. but I got used to the old one :/21:32
nemohm. the remembering the keyring from CD boot on install is a nice touch21:33
* duffydack still using velvet noise21:33
nemokudos to the dev team21:33
yofelkklimonda: hey, you can't let the others that complained down now! :P21:33
lotuspsychjehere'smine kklimonda http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/9673/screenshot3dz.png21:33
kklimondalotuspsychje: I'm talking about the default one21:34
kklimondaI'm pretty sure everyone but me change it anyway ;)21:34
lotuspsychjei like ubuntu eyecandy21:34
nemolotuspsychje: I find that sort of thing works better w/ a gl blur on the window21:34
lotuspsychjealways wondering howother desks look like21:34
nemobut I guess your background is sufficiently soft to not screw up the text21:34
nemo(gl blur on the opacity I mean)21:34
lotuspsychjeshow nemo :p21:34
kklimondathe only thing I change after 10.10 installation is setting up a new ubuntu font for everything21:34
kklimondaand that's only because it's not here yet :/21:35
nigelband you want to show off :p21:35
nemolotuspsychje: I don't have it enabled on my current desktop 'cause ATI sucks.21:35
nemolotuspsychje: but once I get my new maverick laptop setup (busy installing it) I will21:35
nemolotuspsychje: I also like to use SVG backgrounds so I can dynamically update in a cron job21:35
nemolotuspsychje: actually, I have 2 SVG backgroudns - one rotates through photos named like 1230.jpeg, the other updates system info once a minute21:36
nemolotuspsychje: I also have a PNG background w/ strategically set opacity so a cron job that updates gnome's linear gradient settings can make it shift through the day :)21:36
nemo(background colours shining through)21:36
nemolotuspsychje: but anyway, enabling the gl blur on ATI is unfortunately impossible :(  - so I just do without translucent terminals21:37
nemolotuspsychje: http://m8y.org/images/sandy_1280_1024_stripped.svg - example of photo rotating, older version of my current desktop21:37
lotuspsychjei dont nigelb, just like to share stuff21:37
nemo14 minutes remaining in the partial upgrade21:38
nigelblotuspsychje: I was talkinga bout the fonts ;)21:38
nemolotuspsychje: so yeah, the cron job is really simple, it just gets current hour,minute, and if there is a matching photo in the folder, it runs a regex update of the SVG :)21:39
nemoused to be you had to poke gnome, but it autoupdates now w/o poking21:39
lotuspsychjelets c21:39
lotuspsychjehmm that url freez on me21:39
nemolotuspsychje: http://m8y.org/tmp/rotateImage2.txt21:40
nemo(the cronjob)21:40
nemolotuspsychje: freezes? what browser? Firefox 4?21:40
duffydackthe delay is a lot less in maverick with sta than in my lucid.. good21:45
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duffydackcan someone tell me the 'server' setting in gtalk account settings.21:50
duffydackmy empathy seems to not wanna fill that part in for me... stopping me from connecting21:50
=== mdeslaur_ is now known as mdeslaur
tballAnyone having problems with gnome starting weird, with white or black background22:09
tballand gnome trying to start multible nautilus's22:10
nemolotuspsychje: so, finally finished updating22:19
nemolotuspsychje: I enable Blur Windows in CCSM, with Blur Filter set to Gaussian22:20
nemoI usually crank up the radius a little bit too22:20
nemolotuspsychje: that ensures all the strong lines are broken up, so translucent terminals aren't hard to read22:20
rizwanhi everyone22:20
nemographics card on this thing is an intel one22:20
rizwanjust upgraded from lucid to maverick.22:20
nemolet's see how the new Firefox 4 HW acceleration performs22:20
* nemo downloads the beta22:20
rizwandont see the highly advertised sound menu anywhere.22:20
rizwan how to add it?22:20
duffydackplay some music in rhythmbox22:28
duffydackwell, just running it is enough for the controls.22:28
nemosweet! 77FPS on http://demos.hacks.mozilla.org/openweb/HWACCEL/22:29
nemolet's see how Firefox 3.6 does...22:29
nemohm. not bad. 53FPS22:29
DoYouKnowHi... What's the best way to get bcm4328 working on ubuntu+1? is it working by default?22:37
DoYouKnowI'd be kind of bummed if it still wasn't working22:38
nemoHuh. that's odd22:38
nemoGoogle Chrome 6 only managed 6fps22:38
nemoanyone here happen to know what the download link is for 7, offhand?22:39
yofelDoYouKnow: I did hear of that failing, do you have a build log? just curious22:39
duffydacknemo,  you need the dev channel22:39
nemoduffydack: wherezat?22:39
DoYouKnowyofel: no, last time it didn't work there just wasn't a package to support it22:39
DoYouKnowthere wasn't an error or anything, just no native support22:40
DoYouKnowso I was wondering if something has changed in the past couple years22:40
nemoduffydack: wondering if it has hardware acceleration, since it is weird that Firefox 3.6, which didn't really try for accel is 10x faster at that rendering22:40
nemoduffydack: btu then, FF integrates more w/ X, might be using my graphics card more effectively...22:40
nemowell. 9x faster22:41
yofelDoYouKnow: oh, I mistook it for another chip then, and it's not supported by the b43 driver?22:41
duffydackdont think chrome(ium) uses hardware accel yet22:41
DoYouKnowyofel: no22:41
DoYouKnowyofel: not according to their website22:41
nemoduffydack: well. I didn't think FF3.6 did either :)22:41
nemooh well. can't hurt to try 7 - where's that dev  channel?22:41
DoYouKnow■BCM4321 - These devices have unsupported N-PHYs. We are working on it.22:42
yofelDoYouKnow: then I don't know, maybe the kernel team can help in #ubuntu-kernel, if anyone is online22:42
yofelhm, 4321 should be supported by bcmwl-kernel-source22:43
yofel These package contains Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver22:43
yofel for use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4321-, and22:43
yofel BCM4322-based hardware.22:43
yofel!info bcmwl-kernel-source22:44
ubottubcmwl-kernel-source (source: bcmwl): Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source. In component restricted, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 874 kB, installed size 2536 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)22:44
DoYouKnowyeah, but I've had problems with that driver22:44
DoYouKnowmaybe the problems are fixed22:45
DoYouKnowit just acts flakey sometimes22:45
yofelcan't help more as I don't own a broadcom card myself22:45
nemoah. that helped a LOT22:46
nemoduffydack: GC6: 6fps GC7: 24FPS FF3.6: 53FPS  FF4: 77FPS22:46
nemoduffydack: so clearly they've made some significant improvements22:46
duffydackhtml5 still FTW. http://www.chromeexperiments.com/arcadefire/22:49
nemoduffydack: yeah, I saw that one22:49
nemoWas designed for Chrome, but, dunno, worked fine in FF4 on my old computer22:50
* nemo tries it on his newly installed maverick22:50
nemoanyway. yeah, is a new era22:50
nemoheck. IE9 supporting <canvas> - did not expect *that*22:50
nemoperhaps they will cave in and support webgl in tomorrow's beta22:50
nemoooh. that reminds me22:51
nemoneed to install virtualbox so I can test IE9 in a vista image22:51
duffydackdoes IE still need the chrome framework for html522:51
nemoduffydack: not IE922:56
nemoduffydack: however, IE9 still does not support webm22:56
nemoduffydack: or ogg22:56
duffydacksuccessfully copied all the code then :)22:56
nemoduffydack: so they clearly are planning to delineate there and do a format war22:56
nemoduffydack: also, their SVG support has been growing by leaps and bounds in each release, but is still pretty bad22:57
nemoduffydack: oh. and here's a fun one... I ran into this 2 days ago22:57
nemoduffydack: http://blog.mozilla.com/rob-sayre/2010/09/09/js-benchmarks-closing-in/ - scroll down to the bit about IE922:57
SQFreakI have Ubuntu 10.10 Beta Netbook Edition, and many dialog boxes run off the bottom of the screen and I can't move them up far enough or resize them. Suggestions?22:57
nemoSQFreak: alt-left click to force the window to be moved up off-screen22:58
nemoSQFreak: also, get rid of a panel if you can.22:58
nemoSQFreak: and might want to look for an ultra-thin theme22:58
nemoI'm not done customising my new laptop, but I plan to create or install a theme w/ small icons and ultra-thin edges and scrollbars22:59
nemoI did that on my last laptop22:59
nemoduffydack: isn't that wild? his changes were utterly unimportant.  wouldn't want to accuse them of hardcoding the benchmark, but...22:59
nemoit's a shame FF4 won't make it into maverick. I've installed it on my desktop, and I'm sure there's some dev channel, but it's a pretty big step forward in terms of browsers23:01
duffydackI`ll stick to chromium thanks.23:02
duffydackI dont need any GL yet.23:02
nemoduffydack: well, that's an improvement too, but still, having FF3.6 be the default is just lame23:10
nemothey went w/ a beta *last* time23:10
SQFreakWhat is mutter? It crashed and really crazy things happened.23:11
duffydacknemo, I forget.. I dont think it was an early beta, it was days away from being called final wasnt it?  FF4 is a whole other story.23:12
nemoit definitely wasn't days.23:12
nemoduffydack: FF4 though will be on the next-to-last beta by the time maverick is released23:13
duffydackwas RC though?23:13
* nemo checks the timeline23:13
nemoduffydack: wasn't RC AFAIK23:13
duffydackI stopped using FF just before Lucid, so I dunno23:13
nemo8.04 used FF3beta523:15
Dink388.839967] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id  , is that kernel or Xorg bug ?23:16
nemook. that was the last beta23:16
nemobut still. they are on beta7 now, and plan to halt at beta923:16
nemoso it'd be pretty close to same23:17
nemoand didn't Edgy do the same thing?23:17
Ian_corneSQFreak: mutter - lightweight GTK+ window manager23:17
nemoyeah. used FF2 beta 223:17
SQFreakIan_corne: That explains why things went crazy when it crashed. I think I'll just use the Desktop Edition for now...works better any I'm more familiar with it anyway.23:18
Ian_corneI'm using the desktop edition on my eee too23:18
Ian_cornebut be sure to report the mutter bug if you can23:19
SQFreakIan_corne: It was an assert failure, so it couldn't report it.23:22
Ian_corneIf it was workable for me, I'd use it to test it but it's just not feeling right23:24
Ian_cornehey BUGabundo23:24
yofelhey BUGabundo23:26
BUGabundohey guys :D23:27
BUGabundojust came back, from spending more money :S23:27
kklimondaoh, what have you bought?23:27
BUGabundoplus SD, plus purse, plus bla bla....23:30
yofelshow us some pictures :P23:31
BUGabundoof it ? or from it ?23:31
* yofel has to wait a while before buying anything new :S23:32
yofelspent what I had to spend on a N90023:32
yofelwonder if I'm using too much linux if the 2nd app I opened was the terminal...23:33
lars_t_hyofel, N900 is nice23:33
BUGabundotip, a Vaio FE31M laptop, has no LCD backlight? any advice?23:33
BUGabundoyofel: you should have gone Android !!23:33
BUGabundoIan_corne will back me up :P23:34
lars_t_hI am waiting for the N9 with the MeeGo OS23:34
BUGabundowel you can put nidroid on it :\23:34
yofelnah, I like my n900 :P23:34
yofeland maemo isn't that bad for now23:34
lars_t_hyofel, when MeeGo is ready, i am sure you can upgrade to that OS23:35
yofelright, haven't been following that too much though yet23:35
lars_t_hIt shold be ready in spring of 2011 AFAIK23:36
nemo:( no sound on my new laptop23:36
BUGabundonemo: mute, and umnute23:37
BUGabundohappened to me twice alread23:37
nemoBUGabundo: no such luck. just no sound23:37
nemoall the channels seem normal in alsamixer, all the settings seem fine in sound prefs23:38
BUGabundoso what about the laptop and backlight?23:38
BUGabundojust test a newer kernel ?23:38
nemoof course, sound never worked23:38
BUGabundoor is there a package I should throw at it ?23:38
nemo(since I just installed it)23:38
lars_t_hnemo, you know there are no sound if you enable software-modem?23:38
nemolars_t_h: did not know that23:39
yofelBUGabundo: no LCD backlight as in, black screen?23:39
nemolars_t_h: is that something it might enable on me in background?23:39
kklimondanemo: install either backpoted alsa or dailies from ~ubuntu-audio-dev ppa23:39
kklimondabackported alsa modules*23:40
kklimondasearch repository for linux backports alsa23:40
lars_t_hnemo, no you had to install it manually, so if you had not install software-modem no trouble from thart direction23:40
BUGabundoyofel: not exactly. more like no controls. its always on MAX bright !23:40
nemokklimonda: so if I enable maverick-backports, that might do it?23:41
nemoor maverick-proposed ?23:41
BUGabundothere are NO backports , yet23:41
kklimondano, it's in standard repository23:41
=== emma_ is now known as emma
BUGabundoonly one repo23:41
yofelBUGabundo: hm, I had that on my t510 with nvidia 3100M, had to add some xorg.conf option23:41
BUGabundotill we go stable23:41
nemoBUGabundo: wasn't sure if there was some sort of checkpointing thingy23:41
kklimondanemo: just install linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic or linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic-pae depending on your kernel flavour23:41
BUGabundoyofel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SonyVaioBrightness ?23:42
IdleOneuptitude upgrade seems stuck23:42
IdleOneSetting up samba (2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu5) ...23:42
IdleOneupdate-alternatives: using /usr/bin/smbstatus.samba3 to provide /usr/bin/smbstatus (smbstatus) in auto mode.23:42
IdleOnebeen like that for about 15 minutes23:43
nemokklimonda: hrm. kernel is generic but linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic says it isn't installable due to dep on linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-21-generic23:43
nemokklimonda: I admit I'm not too hip to how ubuntu does things23:43
nemothere is a linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-20-generic available23:43
BUGabundoIdleOne: mine too. even killed guake where I had it running23:43
kklimondanemo: well, welcome to beta23:44
IdleOneBUGabundo: funny I have it running in guake also23:44
kklimondanemo: it should build shortly so try again later23:44
BUGabundosmall world :P23:44
kklimondanemo: you could also try with ~ubuntu-audio-dev ppa first23:44
IdleOneBUGabundo: should I kill the process and try again in gnome-terminal?23:44
BUGabundomine eventualy fishined23:45
BUGabundops axuw | grep apt23:45
nemokklimonda: that sorta stuff always makes me nervous - last time I tried it w/ evolution I was cleaning up manually using dpkg for an hour later to revert :)23:45
BUGabundowill tell you what's doing23:45
BUGabundokilling it, will leave lock, and probably a corrupted install package23:45
BUGabundoforcing you to a dpkg --configure -a23:45
yofelBUGabundo: no idea about vaio, sry, for my nvidia card adding 'Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"' to xorg.conf helped23:45
IdleOneBUGabundo: ok I'll let it go for a while longer23:46
BUGabundoyofel: no module load, it seems. trying that 1st23:46
kklimondanemo: you can wait for linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.35-21-generic to be built23:46
nemokklimonda: kk, I'll refresh in a couple of hours23:47
nemoright. back to freeing up screen space23:51
nemoI only have 800px, so need to get rid of that bottom panel and move everything on top23:51
nemowhich means using the translation hack to make Applications/Places/System less verbose23:51
kklimondause unity :)23:52
nemobit too lightweight23:52
nemobuuuut, what the heck23:53
nemocan't hurt to try it23:53
* nemo rearranges his firefox interface to fit it on one line23:53
dlinemo, I got 768 pixes, I run xfce with one top panel, and small screen theme23:53
nemothat's way too many deps23:54
nemonaw. gonna just go w/ my hacks. I'm familiar w/ 'em :)23:54
nemomuch better23:56
CarlFKinstalled from cd, got the "you need to restart...OK" dialog, hit OK, shutdown process ran, then my screen fiilled with "[1234..] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 506548" (timestamp and sector number increase)23:58
CarlFKthis happed with karmic too.  pretty sure I reported it.  seems like the CD is being ejected before it is unmounted23:58
charlie-tcaCarlFK: just hit ENTER after removing the cd. It will continue23:59
CarlFKyep.  guessing I don't need to bug this?23:59

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