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cooloneyogra: does USB EHCI of ES2.0 work with our Ubuntu daily live image?09:38
ogra_ackbd and mouse work fine on 6 and 8 layer for me09:39
ogra_acthe NIC too (usb NIC)09:40
cooloneyok, let me try again.09:42
cooloneythx, man09:42
ogra_acdo you have issues ?09:42
* ogra_ac didnt try todays image, yesterdays worked fine09:43
cooloneyogra_ac: i am trying Sep 11 daily image09:46
cooloneybut usb EHCI doesn't work09:46
ogra_accooloney, 6 or 8 layer ?09:49
cooloneyogra_ac: 8 layers09:50
cooloneyogra_ac: i tried EHCI ports before with maverick rootfs from rootstock09:51
cooloneyit works on my 8 layers09:51
ogra_acwell, all i can say is that it works flawless here09:52
cooloneyogra_ac: if you think yours is working fine, never mind. maybe it's my bad.09:52
cooloneyogra_ac: ok, got it.09:52
ogra_acwith teh dsailsy it should just work for you too09:52
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* ogra_ac recommends to zsync to the latest09:53
ogra_acthough there wasnt a kernel change between 11th and today afaik09:54
ogra_acoh, wait09:56
ogra_acthe metapackage was screwed until teh 12th09:56
ogra_acyou might still have the old ES1.0 kernel on the image from the 11th09:57
cooloneyoh, i'm just wanna zsync that09:57
cooloneyogra_ac: ok, i got it.09:57
cooloneyogra_ac: let me zsync it09:57
ogra_acyeah, use todays09:57
ogra_acintresting that it boots at all09:58
ogra_aci think mine got stuck on teh 6 layer when i tried it with the old kernel09:58
ogra_acduring first boot09:58
cooloneyogra_ac: thanks for helping this. i'm zsyncing10:01
lagogra: Is there any reason why the ES2.0 wouldn't boot with CONFIG_PM enabled?11:07
ogralag, ask ndec11:07
ogra(if he returns)11:07
ogralag, all i was told is that the HW doesnt support it yet11:08
ograand wont for maverick11:08
lagI've done some testing and it doesn't even boot11:08
lagNo boot-up messages at all11:08
ograbut ndec should be able to tell you if it gets in our way11:08
ograah, so it does then :)11:09
lagI'll move on to something else for the time being11:09
ograyou could fix some userspace bugs if you are bored :P11:09
ograwe have enough of them11:09
ogralag, how about ASoC stuff ?11:20
ograwe still  have no working sound and TI wants to use asound.conf,getting the driver improved to not need that would be an awesome fix11:21
lagogra: I though it worked?11:25
lagogra: Or was that ES1.0?11:25
ograHDMI might11:25
ograno it never worked properly11:25
ografor the normal system we should default to the earphone plug ... with an option to switch over to HDMI in the sound prefs11:26
lagprpplague was working on it11:26
lagI'm sure he submitted patches11:26
ograin ES1.0 i saw the HW at least but couldnt switch (and i think with that sound came out of HDMI)11:26
ograwith ES2.0 i dont see a sound device at all atm11:27
ogralag, he is working on a very raw implementation that requires asound,conf11:27
lagCreate a bug11:27
lagAnd assign me11:27
ograour audio team usually doesnt allow using that file11:27
ogra(though we'd do it as a workaround from jasper if we cant get it fixed, but if there is any opportunity to get it fixed properly that would be better)11:28
lagogra: Have you reported a bug yet?11:48
ogralag, bug 63794711:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794711:52
ograpersia, i'm wondering if we couldnt just use a case statement for jasper cmdline parsing ... if anything is set we just dont touch it12:06
persialag, I recall you and I discussing this about a month ago: it either needs proper quirking *OR* board-drivers.12:06
ograpersia, talking about sound or PW ?12:07
ograwell, TI brought it up on friday and they say there is no time to fix it in driver on their side12:07
ograso asound.conf would be our last resort12:08
persiaAssuming you're talking about bug #605831, the issue with a case statement is that we only want to set things if they *aren't* present.  You'd have to track a lot of state.12:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 605831 in jasper-initramfs (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "Resolution should be taken from /proc/cmdline if provided (affects: 1) (heat: 73)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60583112:08
ograbut i'D rather not use it if we can make it happen properly anyhow12:08
persiaThose aren't the only choices (and asound.conf is a very poor choice).12:08
persiaIn addition to those two, we have 1) kernel quirking to hint various devices if they don't report properly (this is done *extensively* for Intel HDA, as an example).12:09
ograwell, feel free to make suggestions for fallbacks on the bug above12:09
ograwe can surely create an asound.conf from jasper as last resort ... any better solution is indeed preferred12:09
persiaAnd 2) the extensible constructed ALSA configuration, which happens dynamically in /usr/lib/alsa-lib12:10
persiaPlease, please, don't create an asound.conf in jasper.12:11
persiaIf nothing else, that will likely break all USB audio.12:11
persiaPotentially bluetooth as well.12:11
ograwell, all suggestions are welcome12:11
ograif you have a better way we shoudl use that one12:12
persiaDrop a conf fragment in /usr/share/alsa/ somewhere that only gets used for omap.12:12
persiaWe'll end up with broken support for omap boards other than those identified for testing, but it won't be more broken than an asound.conf, and will be much easier to fix.12:12
persiaI *think* the best place is probably under /usr/share/alsa/init/omap or similar12:13
ograk, can you add a comment on the bug12:13
ogra(make sure though thats its a fallback, preferred solution is still in kernel)12:14
lagpersia: Yes we did12:15
lagprpplague: Are you here yet?12:15
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persiaogra, please review that comment: I hope it's clear enough.12:19
prpplaguelag: where is here?12:19
persiaprpplague, In front of a device connected to IRC and viewing this channel :)12:19
ograi guess he meant there :)12:19
* prpplague is travelling today and be back in the office tomorrow12:19
prpplaguelag: whatcha working on now?12:21
ograprpplague, i just created bug 637947 for him12:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794712:22
ogra(which is why you got pinged i assume)12:22
lagprpplague: Hi David12:23
lagWe were speaking about audio a few weeks ago12:23
lagI believe you were going to release some patches to make it work on the ES1.012:23
persiaA board driver?12:24
prpplaguelag: yea there was a handoff, the announcement went on the pandaboard list12:29
prpplaguelag: you can get the latest sources at gitorious/pandaboard12:29
prpplaguelag: the L24.9 branches12:29
lagprpplague: And they will make sound work on the ES2.0?12:33
lagI believe we have the majority of L24.912:33
lagprpplague: When you say the pandabaord list, do you mean on IRC, or is there a mailing list?12:50
sebjanlag: the last audio patches I pushed on my tree (for-ubuntu-2.6.35) are post L24.9, and are not in prpplague's tree12:57
lagsebjan: I have just fetched from your tree, which is building now12:58
sebjanlag: ok, cool :)12:58
lagcooloney: ping13:02
prpplaguelag: there is a mailing list13:18
lagI've has a quick Google for it, but to no avail13:18
lagWould you be so kind as to link me to it please?13:18
bercolag: email: pandaboard@googlegroups.com13:22
bercolag: Link: http://groups.google.com/group/pandaboard13:22
ndecogra: i just subscribed you to 587632. any chance this can be fixed for 10.10? the problem is that when gst-ugly is installed it will superseed gst-ffmpeg which works fine on arm.13:24
ograbug 58763213:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 587632 in libmad (Ubuntu) "Sound very distorted on armel (affects: 2) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58763213:24
lagberco: I did find that13:24
lagberco: Is it just a matter of joining that group?13:24
bercolag: I think so13:26
ograndec, lets ask linaro if they want to work on a fix, else we can indeed build with -marm13:26
bercolag: honnestly I haven't tried yet13:26
persiaGiven the proximity to release, let's just use -marm13:26
lagI can't join13:26
lagYou need to have a Google account13:27
ndeclag: yes you always need a google account to subscribe google groups I believe.13:28
bercolag: I believe so. I just tried with my google account and I'm now a member of the group13:28
ndeclag: you can create a new google account with an existing email address. in that case it would give you a google account without gmail.13:29
mythripkrobclark:gm i saw some talk related to EDID ?13:52
robclarkhi mythripk..13:52
robclarkyeah..  but mpoitier doesn't seem to be around atm..13:53
mythripkhmm , I should be able to get the code with seperate edid.c by this weekend13:53
robclarksame thing we were talking about the other day, about how to support EDID for DVI/other drivers..13:53
robclarkok, very cool13:54
mythripkya with your patch for DVI as well , i have the old regular code for EEDID13:54
robclarkahh, hi mpoirier13:54
ograspeaking of the devil :)13:55
robclarkfinally mpoirier and mythripk in same channel at same time ;-)13:55
ograwe should remove europe ... that gets the timezones closer together :)13:55
robclarkheheh, I'm not sure if it works that way..13:56
mpoirierogra: but I like Europe...13:56
mpoiriergreat for vacation.13:56
robclarkmpoirier: mythripk had mentioned: "hmm , I should be able to get the code with seperate edid.c by this weekend"13:56
mpoirierrobclark: cool - on what processor ?13:56
rsalvetimythripk: hm, also interested on that :-)13:56
mpoirierrobclark: rsalveti is heading that project now.13:57
mythripkhmm k then let me send the code for review once im done13:57
rsalvetimythripk: cool13:57
mythripkwould you like some heads up ?13:57
mpoiriermythripk: yes please.13:58
rsalvetimythripk: what you're planing to do for improving the edid code on omap4?13:58
rsalvetithe edid parsing13:58
robclarkmpoirier: I guess this would be on omap4 kernel, but we should start trying to apply some of the patches on both to align omap3 and omap4 code..13:58
robclarkrsalveti: ^^^^13:58
rsalvetirobclark: yep, that's what I was looking for13:59
rsalvetitrying to integrate at least the parsing code13:59
mythripkcreate a seperate edid.c file which will handle all the edid and eedid code13:59
mpoirierrsalveti: I can assist if need be.13:59
rsalvetiand trying to use the common kernel api for it13:59
rsalvetimpoirier: cool13:59
mythripkhmm ive seen some changes on omap3 done by srinivas i could send out those patches...14:00
robclarkrsalveti: just keep in mind, in some use cases you might have hdmi display, but no framebuffer, only v4l2 device..14:00
mythripkyup , it is independent of v4l2 or fb and tied to hdmi.c14:00
mythripkrsalverti, rob and mpoirier do you have any specific suggestions...14:01
rsalvetirobclark: true, but it shouldn't be tied with fb14:02
robclarkmythripk: just one... ideally somehow the edid parsing code could return a list/array of supported timings.  Because eventually we want omapfb to populate modedb table with all supported modes14:03
mpoiriermythripk: you are miles ahead of me on the topic - I'll let you run with it.14:04
mythripkrobclark:hmm , i could add that but problem is there could be duplicates and problem with number of entries..14:05
mythripkbecaue the 8 timing blocks timing data and the SVD block preferred timing data will overlap14:05
mythripkand for DVI the standard timing data also should be populated...14:06
robclarkmythripk: probably most important is the # of distinct resolutions.. if you have multiple supported timings that are same resolution, maybe it doesn't matter so much which you pick14:09
robclarkthe use case is just letting userspace pick from available supported resolutions14:10
mythripkhmm ok then let me create a list and if the timing is valid , i shall populate all the values onto it...14:11
robclarkmythripk: I guess it shouldn't hurt, tho, if you populate the list with multiple timings that are same resolution..  I guess either way would work14:12
mythripkrobclark: yup not parsing for a duplicate , i shall populate if valid ... only thing i need to do is convert Short video descriptor to resolution string..14:14
robclarkmythripk: I think it is ok to be a list/array/iterator of struct omap_video_timings14:15
mythripkya but SVD info will only give CEA code so need to populate it into a timing14:18
mythripkk then time to head for my bus , i shall send the edid.c by this friday or so... good day14:18
robclarkmythripk: I think you just need to loop thru the table of all timings, and see if it matches anything that we support?14:18
robclarkok, c-ya later14:18
mythripkyes ... all_timings[code] will do ...14:20
ogralag, ogra@panda:~$ dmesg|grep -i under14:22
ogra[  424.812652] omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW, disabling GFX14:22
ogra[73202.197601] omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW, disabling GFX14:22
ogragot it twice since yesterday it seems14:22
lagThat's the one!14:22
lagogra: Which bootloaders are we using?14:28
lagogra: I fixed this before by using the correct ones14:28
ogralag, most recent linaro package14:28
lagDo you have back log on here?14:28
ograthis channel you mean ?14:29
lagrobclark> lag: do you have x-loader w/ DDR timings tweaks and 1gb support?14:29
lag<robclark> without that, I don't think DSS gets enough memory bandwidth to feed a 1920x1080 hdmi monitor..14:29
ograyes, we have that14:29
ograx-loader is ours btw ... only u-boot comes from linaro14:30
persialag, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/14/#ubuntu-arm.html is also available, in case you ever need backscroll and nobody here has it.14:36
lagpersia: Bookmarked, thanks14:39
persialag, that's just today's: you might want to bookmark something further up in the hierarchy :)14:39
lagpersia: I did ;)14:39
* lag is not just a pretty face :)14:39
lagIs there a searchable version?14:40
persiaI don't know of one currently maintained, other than using site: restrictions in popular search engines.14:43
rsalvetimpoirier_: http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/sdo_sb/targetcontent/gfxsdk/3_01_00_07//exports/OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_3_01_00_07.bin15:02
rsalvetithis is the original SDK "tarball"15:02
mpoirier_rsalveti: let me take a look.15:02
rsalvetiwith the latest version you can just wget it15:02
rsalvetibut it's huge, let me send you just the kernel source15:02
rsalvetithis is just in case you want to check where I got them15:03
mpoirier_rsalveti: is this about the GPled ?15:03
rsalvetimpoirier: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/+junk/omap3-sgx15:03
rsalvetimpoirier: only the kernel part is gpl15:03
rsalvetimpoirier_: this is a package I created using m-a to test15:04
rsalvetiusing the same kernel sources, you can check my branch and see the GFX_Linux_KM directory15:04
rsalvetithis is the directory they put the source of their kernel modules15:05
mpoirier_what exactly are we doing ?15:05
rsalvetimpoirier_: the idea of getting this source is to support the powervr sgx acceleration15:06
ogrampoirier_, adding a 3D driver15:06
rsalvetito have opengles support15:06
mpoirier_ok, nice to know.15:06
* persia idly wonders if the GPL module is extensible to also support other powervr sgx hardware15:09
rsalvetifor omap 4 it's probably a different code/module15:12
rsalvetibut not sure, never saw it15:12
rsalvetimpoirier_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493659/15:14
rsalvetithe build log, in case you need it15:15
rsalvetito check how I'm currently building15:15
rsalvetimpoirier_: rcn-ee also did some work on it, when integrating the sgx into his kernel, but adding at staging15:17
rsalvetiat http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6.36-devel/annotate/head:/patch.sh#L126 you can see what patches are applied15:17
mpoirier_rsalveti: this is all very interesting.15:18
mpoirier_I'll start roaming through this stuff...15:18
rsalvetimpoirier_: cool15:19
rsalvetiremember that this is just for omap 315:19
rsalvetistill missing ogra_n900 :-)15:36
jayabharathogra/rsalveti... the boot time for the 10.10 daily images is about 10 mins on ES2.0 panda's is that what you are seeing on your end?15:51
rsalvetijayabharath: for first boot (installer)?15:52
rsalvetior any other normal boot?15:52
jayabharathFirst boot15:52
orbarron|nbrsalveti: on first boot15:52
* jayabharath thinks that it's trying to format SD card or something15:52
orbarron|nbtake a few to get up and running15:52
rsalvetihm, the very first boot is the sd resizing15:52
rsalvetiit shouldn't take that long15:53
rsalvetibut it depends on your sd card size, I believe15:53
rsalvetiand the sd card speed15:53
jayabharath4GB is what we are using...15:53
rsalveti4gb class 4 should take 2, 3 minutes15:53
rsalvetiat least this is what I get here15:53
rsalvetiGrueMaster: did you tested latest omap 4 image already?15:53
orbarron|nbrsalveti: do you get errors sometime when booting?15:54
rsalvetiorbarron|nb: no errors, just resize the sd card, reboot, oem-installer (around 10 min) and then the usual netbook interface15:55
GrueMasterJust downloading todays.  Yesterdays worked fine.15:55
rsalvetithe only messages I'm getting is regarding sound15:55
rsalvetithere's a bug that sometimes the first boot identifies a broken partition15:55
rsalvetibroken filesystem15:55
* orbarron|nb downloads today's image 15:57
jayabharathrsalveti: can you point me to the bug#15:57
rsalvetilooking for it15:57
rsalvetihm, it sees that's a different issue, and with a quite old image: bug 61359115:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 613591 in jasper-initramfs (Ubuntu) "Jasper sometimes fails to resize root partition on omap4 (affects: 1) (heat: 104)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61359115:59
* rsalveti also downloading latest image to test16:00
jayabharaththanks ubot2/ rsalveti16:00
rsalvetiargh, getting a lot of smsc95xx 1-2.1:1.0: usb0: kevent 2 may have been dropped at my xM16:04
lagsebjan: ASoC16:20
sebjanlag: ASoC ?16:21
lagsebjan: ASoC16:22
lag"asoc: no valid backend routes for PCM: SDP4430 Media"16:22
sebjanlag: did you try to use the config files I sent earlier today?16:23
lagWhere do they need to go?16:24
lagOh, I've just seen what you've written16:24
lagGive me a second16:24
lagsebjan: Still nothing16:27
lagBut I am using the 6 layer board?16:27
sebjanlag: I did not test myself with 6 layers but I have heard of issues with it. I tested on 8 layers.16:28
lagWho knows more about these issues?16:29
rsalvetiorbarron|nb: resize went very fast, one minute or so16:33
rsalveti4gb class 416:33
lagsebjan: How did you test? Application/file type?16:35
sebjanlag: do you have access to a 8 layers?16:36
lagsebjan: Unfortunately not16:36
sebjanlag: you may ask on #pandaboard if some hw differences could explain a difference...16:37
lagsebjan: Done16:38
lagogra: Can you make me a member of Ubuntu armel porters?16:39
ogralag, done16:39
NekoE: genext2fs: not enough memory for filesystem ???16:52
Nekohow much memory does this thing actually need?16:53
ograNeko, exactly the size of the desired filesystem size16:54
Nekolike real memory?16:54
Nekoholy crap16:54
ograwell, you can add swap16:54
ograbut that will be very very slow16:54
ograi'D recommend not using the --no-root option unless you need to16:55
mopdenackerouch, that's crazy!16:55
ograthen it will just use a loop mounted image16:55
ogramopdenacker, it is16:55
ograbut thats the way genext2fs is designed16:55
Nekomy concern is that my /tmp is tiny16:55
ograit allocates the whole image size in ram before copying contents16:55
NekoI thought rootstock respected TMPDIR but it always makes the image in /tmp16:56
mopdenackerCould they do an mmap() on the output file instead of allocating RAM? This should be equivalent...16:57
NekoI'm just gonna hack this so BUILDDIR has a template...16:58
ogramopdenacker, well, that no-root "feature" was only added for corner cases where people build on a big server but have no root access16:58
mopdenackerThought they may not know how big the output is gonna be...16:58
ograthe size is a parameter genext2fs expects16:58
ograso it knows16:58
ograits just very old software written at a time where you wouldnt have had the idea to roll gigabyte big images16:59
ograNeko, file a bug, that it should use TMPDIR17:00
NekoI thought this was already a bug17:00
ograbug 532342#17:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 532342 in rootstock (Ubuntu) "rootstock-gtk does not allow to specify the target rootfs tarball file path (affects: 1) (heat: 19)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53234217:00
Nekomy mistake but it's the same idea :D17:00
ograwell, rootstock-gtk surely respects it17:01
Nekothe gui doesn't have enough options for me :/17:01
Nekofor a start, it doesn't have maverick in the distros list :D17:01
ograelse it wouldnt be fix-released17:01
rsalvetibut please file a bug for the cmd17:01
rsalvetior reopen it :-)17:01
ograwell, its fixed in the gui17:02
Nekookay it will have to wait until I have actually done what I wanted to do with it but I have a post-it note reminding me now17:02
ograi dont get how i fixed it there without fixing it in the cli though17:02
* rsalveti lunch17:04
Nekojust need to change it to BUILDDIR=$(mktemp -d ${TMPDIR}/tmp.XXXXXXXX) or so right?17:05
Nekothat's working here17:05
ograerm, no17:05
ogramktemp will use TPMDIR by default17:05
Nekomaybe mktemp doesn't do local shell variables?17:06
NekoI have to really export it or something?17:06
ograah, there is the bug :P17:06
ogra -t     interpret TEMPLATE as a single file name component, relative to a directory: $TMPDIR, if set17:06
ograman mktemp17:06
ograjust add -t17:06
Nekomktemp -d -t ?17:07
Nekodo I still need to file a bug? :D17:07
ograand file a bug so we dont forget to add it to the code17:07
Nekodoing it now17:07
rsalvetiNeko: bug and/or a patch17:09
ograrelly strange ... looking at #linaro i really dont get how they have so many probs with omap317:09
Nekouhhhh mktemp -d -t did not fix it17:10
Nekoit still made one in /tmp17:10
ograhow did you set TMPDIR ?17:11
Nekothen I run rootstock in the next line of the script17:11
Nekoshould I be putting it in front of the script? I'm not entirely sure how or why bash mangles these things..17:12
Nekoyep that fixed it17:12
NekoTMPDIR=whereveer rootstock blah blah blah works17:13
Nekorootstock blah blah does not :D17:13
Nekoit's funny because when you bash -ex it, the output is identical17:13
Nekobug 638190#17:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 638190 in rootstock (Ubuntu) "rootstock cmdline does not respect TMPDIR (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63819017:14
Nekoogra, what are all these omap3 probs they have? D17:16
Nekooh shit I have a ubquity bug as well17:16
ograNeko, you ned to export TMPDIR if you dont use it on the same line17:16
ograsimple shell rule ;)17:17
Nekoguys did you notice that when oem-config creates a user it does not put it in the audio group?17:17
Nekofrom the installer (or rootstock even it seems) you get audio, but as soon as you oem-config in a new user, that guy gets no boot sound17:17
ograthere is no audio group in ubuntu17:17
ograsince ... like ... three releases or so17:18
ograits all handled via policykit and pulse17:18
NekoI just had to fix it in my first maverick rootfs.. users and groups advanced, add to the audio group?17:19
ograif rootstock added users to the sudio group in lucid thats definitely a bug17:20
ogra(none we'll fix now though :) )17:20
ogra*audio group17:20
Nekomaybe I am just overthinking it and mistaking the karmic demo image with the one I am working on :/17:22
NekoI did think it weird that the sd card from fsl did not have a user with rights to audio17:22
Nekobut my first xfce on maverick.. no audio.. ohhh I remember..17:23
Nekosomehow it had no audio devices17:23
Nekosame symptom different problem17:23
ograah, you have one of the babbage boards with the preinstalled SD card images they hacked together ?17:23
Nekooh hell no17:23
Nekowe have the efika mx smarttop and smartbook with a hacked, improved version of their preinstalled sd card image :D17:24
Nekolike no FSL proxy settings17:24
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NekoI already complained profusely about how braindead it was. we also know the name of the system and the user who set it up. they did not clean it properly before shipping it.17:24
ograoh, i just realize who you are :)17:25
ograhi matt :)17:25
Nekohi :)17:25
devilhornsogra, just to let you know, I received the bug assignment in my email this morning and will look into it today. May be a little difficult to test as I don't have the arm hardware yet, but I will read over the code and see if I can find the issue and get a fix for you17:27
Nekoogra, btw rootstock package cache confuses the crap out of me. how come it does not manage to get new packages that aren't in the cache?17:27
Nekoif I save a cache and then try and re-use it again, but I've added a new package to the seed list, it will bomb17:28
Nekowhy would the cache override mirror usage? shouldn't it pull updates since it's using apt anyway?17:28
ogradevilhorns, you can test on x8617:28
devilhornsogra, ok so it's not specific to arm then ?17:29
devilhorns(haven't read through the whole email yet)17:29
ogradevilhorns, the code we need ported already exists in the netbook-launcher package and needs to go into the netbook-launcher-efl code17:29
ograright, its not arm specific17:29
devilhornsah ok :)17:29
ograactually we very rarely have arm specific stuff to do in the UI17:29
ograif we get GL libs that might change17:29
ograbut up to now you can do all work on x8617:30
devilhornsI see ... ok fair enough :) I'll look into this today17:30
Nekoogra, we're going to look into that once we have a stable maverick for everyone internally to mess with17:30
ograNeko, i should have called it --flight-mode ...17:30
Nekowe have the GL lib source so we can build mx51 gl libs any way you like.. problem is mx51 is dropped and it needs our kernel (or at least, fsl 10.07)17:31
ograits for moments where you *really* dont have network access ... like on a plane, but want to do multiple image rebuilds17:31
ogra(the package cache thing)17:31
Nekoany chance for maverick+0.5 to have a package cache with networking?17:31
ograif you have network access, just use a package proxy on localhost17:31
* ogra recommends approx17:32
Nekothat means I have to mirror 10GB17:32
ograapprox will onyl pull what you actually use17:32
Nekooh cool17:32
ograogra@osiris:~/Devel/packages$ du -hcs /var/cache/approx/*17:32
ograi'm using that for image builds since jaunty17:33
Nekoquick setup instructions?17:33
ografor a single image build for maverick it shouldnt be above 5-600M17:33
ograapt-get install approx17:33
Nekoyes that's done of course17:33
Nekobut do I just pass rootstock this as a mirror?17:33
Nekoor do I need to really configure it17:33
ograedit /etc/approx/approx.conf17:34
Nekowhat I have here is a really decent internet connection but ports.ubuntu.com is like 60k/s slowpoo.17:34
ograadd: ubuntu-ports      http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports17:34
ograat the top17:34
ograthats it17:34
Nekoyes :)17:34
ograand for rootstock use the --mirror option17:34
ogramake sure to use your *external* ip there17:35
ogranot localhost17:35
Nekoexternal == ifconfig eth0 ip address is okay?17:35
DanaGI'm more curious what 3D support there is.17:35
DanaGAny texture_from_pixmap support??17:36
NekoDanaG, none yet, but we're testing.. we found some serious performance snafu with the EGL X driver17:36
Nekono texture_from_pixmap is a braindead desktop opengl thing17:36
Nekoyou get that for free with embedded gl with EGLSurfaces17:36
Nekoor something like that17:37
Nekoto be honest I am from the braindead desktop gl world so embedded gl scares the crap out of me. I barely got used to not having a transformation pipeline.17:37
DanaGFor me, I really want Compiz.  Anything that can't do compiz is a non-starter.17:38
Nekocompiz is evil17:38
DanaGWell, kwin is acceptable, as well.17:38
Nekothey do not care unless it is amd64 with the nouveau driver17:39
DanaGCompiz isn't evil, if you set it up right.  Things like "flaming windows" ARE stupid.17:39
Nekowhat we're going for is a cairo backend worth a damn17:39
Nekoopengl accelerated gtk and firefox is just as good as wobbly windows17:39
DanaGHow about "scale windows"?  And "lamp" animation (if you even have a taskbar)?17:40
DanaGGranted, my netbook (not my primary system) barely has room for much other than one active window.17:40
ograNeko, yes, eth0 is fine, just not or localhost17:41
DanaGAnd for now, unity is glitchy as all hell, both on intel and fglrx -- and kwin is glitchy on intel, as well.  Spazzes and flickers white with every animation.17:41
Nekothere are simpler compositing systems that do apple expose-like fancy treats..17:41
DanaGI also have menus open and close with "vacuum", and windows open with "dream" and close with "sidekick".17:42
DanaGThat "sidekick" animation is surprisingly satisfying.17:42
Nekowe did have compiz working on a radeon 9200 with a 400MHz PPC once17:42
Nekoit worked ridiculously well17:42
Nekowobbles and lamp minimize and the desktop cube and gravity and snap on windows..17:43
* ogra doubts you will get compiz working on GLES 17:43
Nekowhat worries me is not the capabilities of the chip but the godawful compiz source17:43
DanaGThat old "XGL" on top of GLES would be an interesting hack.17:43
ograbut there is work going on to get unity/clutter working at least17:43
Nekothe cairo gles backend is disgusting17:43
DanaGCompiz 0.9 is slow, when 0.8 works fine.17:43
Nekowe have already fixed the evas backend though, so we could gl accelerate netbook-launcher-efl17:44
Nekothat would be sort of obtuse in a certain way but, it does work17:44
DanaGSome time later this week I'll try EGL on an R350.17:45
NekoDanaG, compiz 0.9 they removed reliance on texture_from_pixmap in favor of a slower way that didn't depend on broken binary driver implementations..17:45
DanaG0.9 gets 30 fps, where 0.8 gets 45-60.17:45
Nekothe idea being that you can copy a bitmap to a pci express 2.0 graphics card faster than you really need17:45
DanaGLast time I tried "mutter", the animations were confusing -- a minimize should NOT feel exactly the same as a close!17:46
Nekowhat really screws it over though is X is very liberal about it's refreshing17:46
Nekoit just spams redraws that you don't need17:46
DanaG"Showrepaint" is useful, at least.17:47
Nekodo I mean liberal or conservative? I dunno. it sends more repaints than you functionally need, and it seems up to the driver to work it out... but if you wanted to optimize it you at least have to queue all these repaints and then work out what to do, which may cause some nasty lags17:48
NekoQWS does the same thing, but then it's architecture is "subclass the paint engine and do it properly" and you have to do repaint management anyway, so..17:48
DanaGX also does this stupid readback from video memory when allocating a new or resized window.17:48
NekoI thought ajax fixed that17:48
Nekolike last week17:49
DanaGAh, hadn't checked it lately.17:49
DanaGI hope that's true.17:49
Nekooh wait no it may have been.. that guy with the name17:49
DanaGI found it was slow on radeon, intel, and nvidia (gf6150).... and slow as molasses on fglrx.17:49
Nekomy grey matter is saying Tejun Heo but that's the ata guy.17:49
NekoI remember the discussion on it though and I am sure someone said they had fixed it17:53
NekoI'm hung up (pun intended) on this tcflush fix ajax tried the other day though17:54
Nekoit stops my armel systems from using up 100% cpu in Xorg17:54
Nekoogra explain this approx thing again :/18:03
Nekoit seems to just fail getting anything18:04
Nekooh shit. typo. 9999 not 999 :)18:05
* Neko slinks back into a corner18:06
ograheh, so it solved itself ?18:07
NekoMIRRORIP="http://$(ifconfig | grep inet | awk -F: '{ print $2 }' | awk '{ print $1 }' | grep --color=never 10.0.0):9999/ubuntu-ports"18:08
NekoI just missed a 9. it's fine now.18:08
Nekoooh that's annoyingly harmless18:36
Nekomakedev sets up /dev/agpgart on arm?18:36
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Nekodebconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Illegal seek19:54
NekoExtracting templates from packages: 24%E: Could not open file /build/rootstock/tmp/linux-sound-base.template.54630 - open (2: No such file or directory)19:54
NekoE: Unable to write to /build/rootstock/tmp/linux-sound-base.template.54630 - ofstream::ofstream (2: No such file or directory)19:54
NekoE: Could not open file /build/rootstock/tmp/linux-sound-base.config.54631 - open (2: No such file or directory)19:54
Nekoogra why is rootstock packages trying to write directly into BUILDDIR  for this stuff?20:23
Nekoargh it passes tmpdir into the VM?20:41
devilhornsogra, fixed the netbook-launcher-efl --add-favorite stuff21:22
devilhornspatches attached in launchpad21:22
devilhornscause I am not sure of "proper procedure" around here, please be a little forgiving :)21:22

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