thorwilcurrently on http://www.ubuntu.com/community : Artwork: Put your creativity to work by improving the look and feel of Ubuntu. Help design themes, graphics or backgrounds for the next release.08:17
vishthorwil: heh! exactly what i have copy pasted in my draft!08:18
thorwilvish: why? you must be aware of the not-the-defaults issue08:19
thorwilvish: so are you working https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityContributePages#Artists ?08:19
vishnope not going to do the wiki..08:20
vishthorwil: nah , *i* am aware that not many get to work on defaults , but the link is misleading.. i'v been writing this mail and everytime its a tl;dr!  trying to cut it down :s08:20
vishthorwil: but we can do some work on the default too!08:21
thorwilvish: we've been there. not making clear that it's damn unlikely creates false hopes. people then show bursts of activity and once they realize it won't happen, disappear08:22
vishthorwil: one we need to be clear on what we can help.. i'm looking into places where people can help.. but i might have missed a few..08:24
thorwilvish: really don't know where a photo for that Community thing should come from. what do you think, should i offer an illustration instead, of 3 monkeys throwing poop unto a canvas? ^^08:25
vishthorwil: i'd say _do not_ fill that wiki until there is a better outline of what the team does.. lets not fool ourselves too ;)08:26
thorwilbut maybe that would be too many monkeys08:26
thorwilvish: if you want an outline of what the team does, the answer is: ""08:27
vishthorwil: hence the do not fill :)08:27
vishpah! maybe i'll finally finish that mail! its been 2weeks , and every time i look at it for 5mins and get depressed ;p08:29
thorwilvish: pastebin it, so i can have a look08:29
vishthorwil: neat!08:29
vishthorwil: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493494/08:31
thorwilvish: amazing how long it took to get to the content of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork and how utterly stupid the first bullet point is08:32
thorwilas if submiiting content to the wiki would be a valuable activity in itself08:33
thorwilvish: what's the name of our theme packager?08:38
vishthorwil: that draft is a mess , with links and stuff.. not properly formated.. but just a list ..08:38
vishthorwil: Andrew SB does a lot of the theme/icon packaging08:38
thorwilvish: i'm editing it nonetheless08:38
vishsure.. :)08:38
thorwilvish: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/ICX9F6sMA243Kt2RBwEF/09:00
vishthorwil: hei! you removed the " all-wise thorwil "09:02
* vish pouts!09:02
thorwilvish: would be good to expand on what does work, describing the flickr pool and countdown banners and maybe spreadubuntu (as much as it does have quality issues) as successes09:02
vishyeah.. the spreadubuntu is in another mail draft! with just links, i'm collecting.. ;09:02
thorwilthen one could add a look over the fence, how artwork/design happens in fedora and maybe opensuse09:03
vishyup.. the fedora.. gnome artrequest..  there are a lot of links.. but i dont want to become a lt;dr ;p09:04
vishtrying to split it up into replies/followups09:04
thorwilvish: you know, i was kindly ask to tone down the negativity after a few of my welcome messages on the list09:05
vishthorwil: yeah.. hence the main need for the  " all-wise thorwil " mention ;)09:05
thorwilvish: your tl;dr worries are linked to the lack of quality on the list ... think about it09:05
vishyeah.. i'm stuck inbetween yelling at the list and trying to motivate it into doing something ;p09:06
thorwilvish: your are no Ben, but i do think a little provocation is called for. hence explicitly proposing closure of list and team ;)09:08
vishthorwil: did Being Ben motivated anyone ? and i dont intend to be Ben either ;p  ..09:08
thorwilvish: that's why i say a little provocation, as opposed to saying something dumb and provocative09:10
vishthorwil: exactly! people can try and be provocative.. but does that translate to action? its tough to get it right..  i'm gathering links to show how to be productive too .. :)09:10
thorwilvish: do you intent to mention Elementary, too?09:15
vishthorwil: in what sense? Elementary has a different purpose/intent09:16
thorwilnot sure09:17
* vish bbiab...09:18
thorwilvish: maybe the list/team shouldn't be about starting anything, but rather be a place of contact for those who work on something related, anyway09:19
vishthorwil: typo "ans thus "  > and19:57
thorwilvish: fixed, thanks!19:59
thorwilvish: the funny thing about the first design is that i considered that concept in one of the earlier rounds. but i did not see a good solution on how to deal with the gaps and filling the dots, so i dropped it20:01
vishthorwil: heh, i had that idea too.. i think for last cycle! but i never got to try it :(20:03

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