flaccidwhere is that webpage that shows the latest published kernel images ?00:24
SpamapSerichammond: good call.. almost done 23 minutes into the build on a c1.medium. :)00:29
erichammondSpamapS: :)00:30
erichammondflaccid: By "latest published" do you want to see temporary testing kernels or do you mean the latest officially supported kernels?  Also, do you mean kernel images themselves or the AKI/ARI ids for EC2?00:31
erichammondflaccid: If you want the AKI/ARI ids for the officially supported kernels on EC2, I think you can just look at the AKI/ARI ids associated with the latest officially supported AMIs on EC2.00:33
flacciderichammond: i think all of the above please :) i need to bookmark these URLs00:33
flaccidi recall a manifest or something gets published00:33
erichammondflaccid: You might want to browse http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/00:35
flaccidah yes /query thats what i missed, thanks eric!00:35
erichammondflaccid: For image files, you should be able to build the URL paths from the info in those files.00:35
flaccidhttp://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/lucid/server/released.txt awesome00:36
flaccidthanks again!00:36
erichammondthanks to smoser00:36
smoserflaccid, one thing to note, is that there really aren't going to be newer versions of aki and aris04:52
smoserother than on lucid04:52
smoseron maverick, we're using the pv-grub kernels from amazon and loading the kernel from inside the images.04:52
flaccidsmoser: really happy to hear that!09:41
progre55hi guys. I have rebundled an aws ami into an uec image, and uploaded it into a bucket and registered.14:28
progre55now I can see it in my "images", but how do I start it?14:29
progre55it says "state - available, actions - disable"14:29
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progre55ah nvm =)14:33
progre55when trying to run an instance, I get "ImageVerify: Unable to determine required kernel image." Any suggestions, please?14:46
marruslHello.  I'm running the standard image store Lucid 64 bit EMI.  On "cluster1" it works correctly and I can ssh to it, on a second cluster, "cluster2" (connected via openvpn to the CLC) I get errors in the console.  For example:14:51
marruslCaught exception reading instance data:
marruslAnd it never boots far enough to ssh to it.14:51
smoserprogre55, most likely you want to launch it with one of the ubuntu kernels.14:52
smoseryou *can* register it with a default kernel, then you dont have to specify one at launch time.14:52
progre55smoser: how do you register it?14:53
progre55while registering the image?14:53
smosermarrusl, you're seeing a metadata service bug.  the metadata service is the thing that provides that web api/interface to the client.  it is a bug or misconfiguration in eucalyptus if you can't get to it.14:54
smoserif you download and register a newer image (http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases) you will get better information on what is going on in the console.14:54
smoserhow did you register it ?14:54
smoserprogre55, ?14:55
smoseryou must have bundled and uploaded ?14:55
smoserwhen you bundle you can specify --kernel/--ramdisk14:55
progre55and registered it on the console14:55
smoserwhen you register, you can also add those flags.14:55
smoseri have little to no experience with the console14:56
smoserbut i would expect it would let you specify them somehow.14:56
progre55oh I see.. and can I use one of those standard-ubuntu-image kernel/ramdisk's?14:56
smoseryeah, you'll want to use those.14:56
marruslthanks smoser.  I will bring down a newer image.  I swear I had this one at least booting once before though!  :)14:56
smoseryou can look at a ubuntu registered image, and use that, or get that information from http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query14:56
smoser(traverse and find the build that you based it on and use the aki/ari that are listed there)14:57
smosernote that lucid images do not use an ari14:57
smosermarrusl, it is possible.14:57
smoserunfortunately, the metadata service is not 100%14:57
smoserand i have seen people have issues with multiple clusters (i think).14:57
smoseri have little to no experience with multiple clusters, personally.14:58
progre55smoser: according to the description, neither euca-register nor euca-upload-bundle have --kernel or --ramdisk options..14:58
marruslsmoser, yup.  it doesn't seem many people have done it.  out of those I talk to at least.  fun.14:59
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smoserprogre55, euca-bundle-image does.14:59
smosersorry.. its bundle time or register time, not upload time.15:00
progre55oh yeah =)15:00
smoserthe ec2 tools do have it for register. the euca2ools lag that a bit.15:00
progre55yeah, this is my first day with uec =)15:01
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smoserprogre55, oh. you're using uec ?15:16
smoseri thought ec2.15:16
smoserif you're using uec, i suggest using "uec-publish-image"15:16
smoserwhich wraps the upload and bundle and such.15:16
smoserits usage should be self explanatory15:16
smosermarrusl, you can use uec-publish-tarball with the thing you download from uec-images.ubuntu.com15:16
smoserthey're just convenience wrappers15:17
marruslNice, smoser.  I will start.  Although I'm glad I learned it the hard way the first few times.  :-)15:17
smoserthe hard way is quite painful15:18
progre55well, I'm using euca2ools15:19
marruslindeed.  eventually it makes sense though.15:19
marruslstill annoying to type.15:19
smoserprogre55, yeah, the euca2ools are fine. you can use the uec-publish-image, it just wraps them.15:22
smoseruec-publish-image x86_64 my-rebundled-image.img my-bucket --kernel aki-abcdefg --ramdisk ari-hijklmn15:23
smoserand it does what it needs to do15:23
progre55smoser: thanks15:24
marruslsmoser, I won't know if that helped for a while.  it's pretty slow bringing down an image over VPN the first time.  :)15:25
marruslwalrus is not local.15:25
progre55hmm.. the instance is starting up as "terminated"15:33
smoserprogre55, hm...15:36
smoseryou have to make sure that the instance size will hold the root filesystem15:36
progre55smoser: yeah, the image is 10Gb, and the first time I ran it as m1.small, but it didnt start saying the disk is too small15:37
smoseryeah. what is your host ?15:37
progre55then it didnt say anything when I started it as m1.large15:37
smoser10.04 ?15:37
progre55it's a rebundled AMI15:37
smoseri think that euca 2.0 gives a better error message15:37
progre55from amazon15:37
smoserbut its a pita15:37
smoseryou can resize the filesystem15:37
smoseruec-resize-image will help15:37
smoserif you have space to spare15:38
progre55aha, thanks, let me try that15:38
progre55do I resize after I bundle it?15:38
smoserbefore bundle15:38
smoserit operates on a partition image15:38
progre55oh I see, let me try that15:39
marruslsmoser, well it is a new error now, though sort of the same...15:43
marruslwaiting for metadata service at
marrusl  14:41:31 [ 1/100]: http error [500]15:43
marrusl(and then the 2nd line keeps repeating and counting up)15:43
marrusllooks a lot like this thread actually:  http://groups.google.com/group/ec2ubuntu/browse_thread/thread/17101fb30179c8f6?pli=115:54
progre55how long does it take for an image to run? cause I ran it, and it's been "pending" for a long time now..15:54
smosermarrusl, your'e on lucid (10.04) ?16:00
smoserhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/637659 is 10.10 with 50016:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 637659 in eucalyptus "metadata service returns 500 error" [High,Confirmed]16:00
marruslprogre55, if it's the first run of a particular EMI or if has to recache it later. it can take a little while.16:00
smosermarrusl, you should open a bug, please. use 'ubuntu-bug eucalyptus-common'16:00
smoserprogre55, it does take a long time on the first time to a node controller16:01
smoseryou can ssh to the nc, and you should see something happening16:01
smosersudo euca_conf --list-nodes16:01
smosermight tell you which node its running on16:01
smoser(that has to be run on the CC i think)16:01
marruslsmoser, thanks.  will do.16:02
progre55aha, thanks16:04
progre55ah, I guess I've ran out of space on the node =)16:07
progre55how can I stop the instance run process?16:07
progre55the thing is, for now I have only one node, set up on a 4G flash drive, as I dont need much hd space, but processor power only )16:08
progre55and the flash drive only had 3.24G available after the node installation, and my image was 4G16:09
progre55when I ssh'd into it, it even said "-bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device" =)16:10
progre55so I guess I need to stop the instance run now..16:11
smoserprogre55, i dont know if you can easily do that if you cant get to the node16:21
smoserif you could, just start killing 'dd' pids or whatever looks like its doing someting16:21
smoseror sudo restart eucalyptus-nc CLEAN=116:21
progre55well, I have terminated it16:21
smoserwould probably do it.16:21
progre55using euca-terminate-instances16:22
smoserif you want to test to see if things are generally running, i have smaller images available that you can start with16:22
progre55cool, thanks16:22
smoseryou can use those with 'uec-publish-tarball' to bundle/upload/register.16:24
progre55how can I browse the walrus contents and my buckets?16:34
smoserprogre55, you can patch s3cmd16:37
smoserthere are other s3 tools that can be pointed at euca i think16:37
smoser(i'm interested in if you find something easy)16:38
smoseri just dont know much there.16:38
progre55but how do YOU do it? )16:40
progre55there is JetS3t, let me have a look at it16:42
smoseri dont put anything in buckets that isn't an ami16:45
smoserso i use euca-describe-images16:45
progre55I see16:48
progre55so, again, my instance was terminated when I just ran it16:49
progre55is there any ways I can see the errors or causes brought to its termination?16:49
smoserit just went straight to terminated ?16:55
smoserthere are loads of logs, the problem is there are too many usually.16:55
smoseri might look on the node controller16:55
smoserand look in libvirt to see if there is any informatoin there.16:56
smoserand /var/log/eucalyptus16:56
progre55let me check it out..16:58
smoserthe libvirt/<instance-id>.log might have something if you got that far.16:59
smoseryou may be running out of space16:59
smoserthe NC needs space for at least 2 copies of the partition image17:00
progre55well, libvirt doesnt have anything17:02
progre55but /var/log/eucalyptus/axis2c.log has a buch of  "[Tue Sep 14 18:01:36 2010] [error] error.c(94) OXS ERROR [x509.c:287 in openssl_x509_get_subject_key_identifier] oxs defualt error , The extenension index of NID_subject_key_identifier is not valid"17:02
progre55oh and in /var/log/eucalyptus/nc.log I have this "insufficient disk capacity remaining (2042MB) in VM Type of instance i-3A780611 for component disk"17:04
progre55so it IS the disc space issue =)17:04
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rberger_Does cookbook_file use the checksum attribute like remote_file or does it do that automatically? I'm cleaning up my remote_file calls and wondering if I should delete the checksum attribute?23:50
rberger_Opps sorry wrong irc23:50

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