dpmgood morning all06:51
aramorning dpm, all06:59
dpmhola ara :)07:03
nigelbmorning dpm, ara :)07:32
nigelbjono: you around?07:32
dpmseems not :)07:40
dpmhey nigelb, good morning :)07:40
nigelbdpm: heh, every time I wanna catch him he disapeears07:41
nigelbI should bug jcastro, he'll bug him to get it done :p07:41
nigelbarg, I need to bug mbudde too now :D07:42
vishdoctormo: around?07:43
vishdoctormo: do you remember the cchost site you and pleia2 put together a mont or so ago?07:44
* vish cant seem to find it.. and not sure whats going on there.07:44
nigelbvish: ^ ?07:45
vish..not sure.. hence the Q ;)07:45
nigelbif its ubuntu owl ^^07:46
vishnope not it.. another one..07:46
* nigelb doesn't know then07:46
nigelbvish: what was it about?07:46
nigelbi.e. the site07:46
vishnigelb: cc artwork..07:46
nigelbvish: check doctormo's blog posts ;) He would have said it some time :D07:47
vishnigelb: gah! stop making me do work! ;p07:47
vishnigelb: nah, he dint blog about it :)07:47
nigelbvish: oh well, then just wait for him to wake up :D07:48
nigelbvish: congrats!07:49
* nigelb just read planet :)07:50
vishoh no! what did i do now!07:50
vishoh great liferea does not want to read the planet! :(08:00
AlanBellwow, if that was anyone but sabdfl I would say tl;dr to that post!08:20
vishAlanBell: oh! hehe , i was mentioned there!  i did skip that as a tl;dr!08:22
vishjust used search now! to find me there, still dint read it fully..! ;p08:23
jussiok, call me a non geek or whatever, but what is "tl;dr" ?09:04
* jussi guesses "too long, drop" but perhaps could be wrong... so feel free to correct me...09:07
AlanBelltoo long;didn't read09:16
czajkowskihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc  great video10:41
duanedesignmorning all11:25
* duanedesign is getting very excited for UDS this year. Starting to look like all the planets are going to align and I will be able to go.11:39
czajkowskihad yummy brunch, now to tackle inbox and start filling inboxes up13:14
duanedesignczajkowski: heh, i made the mistake of ignoring my inbox for a few days.13:18
czajkowskioh I'm at inbox Nil13:18
czajkowskiI'm now tackling stuff I've flagged I need to follow up on or poke/harass others13:18
czajkowskiin a nice irish way of course13:18
duanedesignof course :)13:19
duanedesignI am liking Gmails new Priority Inbox feature13:19
czajkowskinot seeing it of much use to me, I dont use my gmail much tbh13:20
duanedesigni have been trying to use Evolution more. I like the integration of Evolution in the desktop.13:22
czajkowskiI love thunderbird but that's just me13:22
czajkowskihave to find a solution that works for you though13:23
czajkowskijoys of having more than outlook as a solution13:23
duanedesigni can set reminders and they pop up even if I do not have Evolution open. /me needs lots of reminders :)13:23
duanedesignczajkowski: haha, so true13:23
czajkowskimaco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAg0lUYHHFc14:06
sensegood afternoon14:29
czajkowskisense: yer back where you been14:29
senseczajkowski: Hi czajkowski! I've been busy with the start of the school year and with finding motivation again. The last few days (or weeks) I've been doing a lot of other things, so that's why I wasn't online here a lot. Although I have to say that Mark Shuttleworth's post "Reflections on Ubuntu, Canonical and the march to free software adoption" does work motivational. :)14:31
czajkowskisense: tis a bit nice if even a tad long14:32
czajkowskibut an interesting read all the same14:32
* czajkowski hugs randa 14:32
czajkowskiranda: you my dear rock! thank you14:32
randathanks czajkowski you too14:33
duanedesignsense: thanks for mentioning the Shuttleworth post. Rad the planet yesterday so i probablly wouldnt of caught that for a few days and I, like you, have been searching for a rejuvination of motivatio14:54
senseyw :)14:55
czajkowskijcastro: thanks for the info on downtime15:21
jcastroczajkowski: yeah normally I don't care/notice downtime, but I notice that's a bunch of stuff related to us!15:22
czajkowskiRt'd and added locoteams to the tweet15:24
czajkowskicheers for the heads up though15:24
czajkowskijcastro: why is qa down twice ?15:26
jcastroI guess qa. and *.qa are different things?15:27
czajkowskiahh possibly just link to same site. just wondered, thanks15:28
technovikingdoes the design team have a channel?15:49
czajkowskitechnoviking: most are in Ayatana15:49
technovikingczajkowski: some one needs to link that to canonical-design-team:)15:50
czajkowskinot all of them use IRC15:50
czajkowskithere is some other channel but for the life of me I never ever remember it15:51
jonohey all15:55
AlanBellhey jono15:55
czajkowskijono: ello there15:55
highvoltagehey awesome jono15:55
jonodpm, sorry to do this at such late notice, but is there any chance I could push our call back by an hour?15:55
jonohey AlanBell, czajkowski, highvoltage :-)15:55
czajkowskijono: you stood me up last week mister :p15:55
jonoczajkowski, I was on holiday15:55
jonosorry, I thought I told you15:56
czajkowskinope I found out via folks in here :)15:56
czajkowskijono: no prawn crisps for you buddy! no siry!15:56
dpmjono, no worries about the short notice. What about postponing it to tomorrow after the team call, would that be ok for you? I'd like to finish my day at 18:00 today, but I can stay for longer tomorrow or we can arrange some other time in the week15:57
czajkowskiIf anyone needs  a hand with action items/community work gives a shout, I'm pretty free atm16:00
* highvoltage refrains from making a free as in beer joke16:01
czajkowskihighvoltage: you'll get a poke mister :)16:01
dpmthanks a lot for the offer czajkowski! Mine that are left are pretty translation specific, but if I need a hand I'll sure give a shout16:02
* dpm hugs czajkowski16:02
* czajkowski hugs dpm back 16:04
jonodpm, Wed I am on the phone from 7am until 1pm16:04
jonodpm, can we do Thurs at the same slot?16:04
dpmjono, sure, do you want me to add it to the calendar?16:05
jonoyes please16:05
=== jono is now known as jono-phone
dpmjono-phone, ok, done, I've put it after your EMAIL slot16:09
jono-phonedpm, feel free to put it in the EMAIL slot16:09
dpmjono-phone, ok, put in the EMAIL slot, then16:10
dpmI'm on Inbox 13, I'm sure I can do Inbox 0 by the end of the week!16:11
czajkowskidpm: positive thinking!16:12
* dpm cheers himself up16:12
jcastrodpm: how was holidays?16:14
dpmjcastro, very good, very relaxing. It's been the first holidays in years where I've stayed at home, enjoying the time there and doing stuff I've been wanting/needed to do for months!16:16
jcastrothis was my first proper vacation16:18
jcastroI always just spread out a few days throughout the year16:18
dpmyeah, it does help for disconnecting to have a proper chunk of days off16:27
dpmand it's good for the motivation when you come back :-)16:27
nigelbdpm: totally agree.16:42
nigelbyou'll be plotting thigns during vacation :p16:42
nigelbjono-phone: ping, poke, and everything else to call your attention :D16:42
pleia2vish: art.ubuntu-owl.org16:47
AlanBelljcastro: any word on when UDS sponsorship decisions will be announced (other than march 26th or whatever summit was saying!)16:47
jcastroas soon as possible16:48
jcastrobeen working it fulltime since yesterday16:48
nigelbjcastro: ahem, can I add a task to your todo list?16:49
nigelb(actually, the task is to add something to jono's todo list and get it done)16:49
nigelbjcastro: ^16:50
AlanBellthanks jcastro16:50
maconigelb: wait you're gonna give jcastro a TODO of "annoy jono"?16:51
nigelbmaco: in two words, yes :p16:51
nigelbmaco: actually, its much more, but it does come down to it...16:52
czajkowskinigelb: lernid ?16:53
jcastronigelb: just say it16:53
nigelbczajkowski: yup16:54
czajkowskihow did I guess :p16:54
nigelbjcastro: the lernid config file is on jono's server.  I can give you a .htaccess file (I gave him already), which needs to be dropped into the folder where the file sits and those requests will be directed to a site which plei a2 and doct ormo have access to.  This makes updating a bit more easier.  Can do?16:55
nigelbczajkowski: now you know, I've been at it for a while ;)16:55
jcastrotomorrow or the day after, we're kind of slammed right now16:55
nigelbjcastro: if you can sorta do it before UOW, I'm very happy :)16:56
nigelboh wait, I shouldn't have said that :p16:56
AlanBellnigelb: that is the very first bug filed against lernid  bug 48845816:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 488458 in lernid "phones home (affects: 1)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48845816:56
nigelbAlanBell: hahaha16:56
jcastronigelb: oh for sure, treading water ftw16:58
macothere's a dmb meeting going on right now.  *popcorn*16:58
jono-phonenigelb, <--- I am on the phone :-)16:59
nigelbjcastro: thanks :)17:00
nigelbjono-phone: jcastro will bug you along with me :D17:00
jcastroyes, just not now. :)17:00
czajkowskimaco: oh the popcorn time was before the meeting even started17:01
nigelbjcastro: sure, no problem :D17:01
dpmok, time to call it a day, have a fantastic rest of the day everyone!17:10
nigelbdpm: night!17:11
dpmbye nigelb :)17:11
technovikingnhandler: ping17:16
technovikingnhandler: I think I figured out how to change the fridge feed rss17:16
=== jono-phone is now known as jono
doctormoMorning all17:25
popeytechnoviking: whats wrong with the fridge feed rss?17:31
akgranertechnoviking, it's the feed to the Forums that you are talking about right - the one that comes to a crawl everyone once in a while?  or is there something else that is wrong?17:40
akgranertechnoviking, once we get the new fridge up I guess we'll need to change the feed over for that as well... hmmm17:41
akgranerpaultag, I got an email from kara  - she is going to try to get the pics up today and will email me with a link as soon as they are up17:42
czajkowskipaultag: oi yer missing from over there17:43
technovikingpopey and akgraner: nothing, nhandler was wondering how hard it would be to change it17:47
technovikingdid not know if it was an immediate request or after the new site goes live17:49
akgranertechnoviking, after new site goes live I believe - that's the only request I new about17:50
technovikingakgraner: coolness, looks like an easy changes, once you find the setting in the thosands of forums option.17:52
akgranertechnoviking, awesome - we are almost ready I think  - I have a few more options to add in and popey is working on the migrating the past posts17:53
akgranerbut sso should be in place now17:53
* nigelb hugs popey and akgraner :)17:53
technovikingakgraner: woot! have someone on the fridge eam request tthe request to the forums council, to keep everyone happy and in the loop17:54
akgranertechnoviking, can and will do when the time comes - thank you!!!17:55
jcastroakgraner: reset done on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek17:59
jcastroI'll be posting on the mailing lists looking for people17:59
nigelboh, its that time of the year again18:00
* popey hides18:00
scott-workjcastro: i notice that ubuntu studio isn't listed under "find out more about ubuntu" :(18:00
jcastroscott-work: add it!18:00
scott-workI shall!18:00
jcastroand then do a session on studio!18:01
popeyI have a T-shirt with "It *is* a wiki!" on :)18:01
popeyused to be my catch phrase18:01
jussipopey: awesome18:01
vishpleia2: thanks ..18:01
Pici!its a wiki18:01
ubot2It's a wiki, *you* can edit it18:01
nigelbPici: that's really nice :D18:01
ubot2Factoid 'popey' not found18:02
nigelbthere used to be one18:02
scott-workjcastro: that's not a bad idea...hmmmm18:02
ubot2popey is the UK alternative to elvis.18:03
scott-workbut probably impractical though for most users18:03
popeyhome time \o/18:04
jcastroscott-work: while you're in there you can probably fix UNR-> Netbook edition18:08
scott-workjcastro: many of those links are broken, do you want the derivatives to point the the "Derivatives" ubuntu page? or their respective home page?18:10
jcastroscott-work: whichever you think is best18:11
scott-workjcastro: done, although it appears that mobile is no longer developed and so i replaced it with mythbuntu18:21
doctormohey nigelb and pleia218:21
nigelbhola doctormo :)18:21
jcastroscott-work: rock and roll18:22
jcastrojam of the day is Death Rattle by Pantera folks!18:27
JFojcastro, it is this for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQp5l4-sfFA18:29
czajkowskiJFo: if this is more dodgey music selection i am gonna wallop you18:30
jcastrothat link is probably NSFW18:30
czajkowskii'm in a bar18:30
nigelbJFo: if that's the cake song again, I'm going to get down there to kick you :p18:31
nigelbIt is18:31
JFohee hee18:31
* nigelb kicks JFo 18:31
* czajkowski wallops JFo 18:31
scott-workJFo:  ROFL, didn't see that one coming, i was thinking WTF?18:38
* JFo is evil18:38
nigelbanother victim18:38
czajkowskiit's arthurs bday this month as well as mr.jack daniels18:38
nigelbczajkowski: kick JFo association time?18:39
czajkowskii shall celebrate mr. daniels in style next weekend18:39
scott-workbetter than being rick rolled i suppose18:39
JFoscott-work, I have done my share of that18:39
nigelbscott-work: its being JFo rolled ;)18:39
czajkowskiscott-work: it's JFo of being rick rolled he is a tad evil18:39
JFogot Rick Rolled by the radio in a store the other day18:39
JFoit was sad18:40
czajkowskigah what is taking my dinner sooo long18:42
jono_jcastro done on the phone, you needed me?18:59
=== jono_ is now known as jono
czajkowskidinner brought out and all wrong, now it's gone back to kitchen, teasing me!19:00
doctormoczajkowski: Are you in a restaurant?19:03
nigelbdoctormo: pub19:03
czajkowskiyup waiting for the hackerspace meet up to start19:03
czajkowskinigelb: same thing over here19:03
czajkowskiin most cases19:03
nigelbczajkowski: ah19:03
czajkowskiand has free wifi which is a bonus19:03
doctormoI want to go to a Japanese Irish pub with Mideastern wait staff. Relieve some of this tedium.19:05
jcastrojono: time sensitive, quick mumble?19:06
jonojcastro let's do Skype, Mumble is b0rked for me19:12
jonojcastro ready when you are19:13
jcastrojono: ready when you are19:13
doctormoczajkowski: How is the hackspace meet up going? is it yet>19:34
czajkowskiwe now have a name MilkLabs - made in limerick19:38
highvoltagesounds mooey19:42
doctormoOooh, investors of chocolate?19:48
highvoltageczajkowski: not sure if I pasted you this recently enough:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~jonathan/moo/20:06
nigelbhighvoltage: haha20:06
nigelbhighvoltage: btw, whatever was the matter with the phone?20:06
highvoltagenigelb: I *could* tell you, but you specifically asked me not to20:07
czajkowskifree cookies rock20:07
nigelbhighvoltage: haha, that was a figure of speech!20:07
highvoltagenigelb: ah. well, turns out that that phone's sim card indeed goes in the other way than any other phone I've every used.20:08
nigelbhighvoltage: heh, been there.  done that. :)20:08
vishfitts law!20:43
nigelbpaultag: poke?21:03
czajkowskinigelb: college has kicked in for him21:55
czajkowskiit's very quiet without him21:55
nigelbczajkowski: gosh, I miss not having him around21:56
nigelberr s/not//21:56
nigelbWe were doing some awesome stuff with git lately, need to catch on that soon21:56
doctormonigelb: Is it that funky new document undo system with git repositories?21:57
nigelbdoctormo: nah, playing around with post commit hooks :)21:57
nigelbdoctormo: and creating a bug tracker that would have bugs closed from changelog :)21:57
doctormo*yawn* wake me up with the revolution starts.21:57
paultagnigelb, yo21:58
czajkowskipaultag: all we have to do is get nigelb to say he misses you and you arrive eh21:59
paultagczajkowski, UBT love cztab :)21:59
czajkowskipaultag: speak english nutter21:59
paultagczajkowski, I am!21:59
paultagczajkowski, Ubuntu Beginners Team21:59
doctormonigelb: So that's a bit like the bzr hooks that dot hat launchpad?21:59
nigelbdoctormo: yeah, bzr copied from git :p22:00
paultaggit ftw22:01
doctormonigelb: Now now, it's not about who copied what from where, but who takes over the world :-P22:01
nigelbdoctormo: yes, git22:01
doctormoOnly proprietary project management services use git, what does that say eh. Savanah and Launchpad use bzr. Now if we can only get trac to have some sort of bzr intergration too.22:02
nigelbdoctormo: gitorious is free and open source22:02
paultagwhat about alioth doctormo ?22:02
nigelbAlso, its far far easier to set up git server that bzr afaik22:03
doctormopaultag: Debian alioth is cool22:03
paultagtrac and traq also use git22:03
paultagdoctormo, alioth uses git22:03
nigelbgnome uses git!22:03
paultagIf there is no F/OSS app, then use it22:03
paultagthen make it *22:03
paultagnigelb, +122:03
czajkowskijono: you about? or pulling whats left of your hair out over your inbox ?22:03
doctormoOkay so apart from alioth and trac, what have the romans ever done for us!22:04
* nigelb softly repeats gitorious22:04
nigelb\o/ http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2010/09/msg00004.html22:19
jonoczajkowski, still knee deep22:20
jonowhats up?22:20
jcastro<---- EOD, I leave you with this: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/caption-this-picture12.jpeg?w=500&h=64322:21
czajkowskiso odd22:22
czajkowskijono: time for a brief pm?22:22
nigelbjcastro: NICE :)22:22
nigelbjcastro: did you take the car out for a ride ? :)22:22
czajkowskijcastro: ohh what did you buy ?22:22
jonoczajkowski, sure22:23
nigelbczajkowski: http://twitter.com/castrojo/status/2444262293022:23
jonojcastro can we talk UDS in a few mins22:23
jcastrojono: It'll need to be phone, I'm on the way out the door22:24
jcastronigelb: I've only driven it once so far, hah22:24
czajkowskijcastro: nice! what have you nmamed her?22:24
nigelbjcastro: haha, now you regret working from home don't you? ;)22:24
jcastrohaven't decided on a name22:24
jcastronigelb: for about 2 minutes.22:24
nigelbjcastro: pricelss 2 minutes22:24
czajkowskinice car very nice22:25
paultagjcastro, good man, you popped on it22:25
jonojcastro np22:25
paultagjcastro, give 'er hell!22:25
jcastropaultag: my car fired right up, I wasted those guys' time for nothing22:25
jcastrojono: just call whenever22:26
* nigelb is hungry22:26
nigelb3 am isn't best of times to look for food22:27
jonocheers jcastro, actually, let's do it tomorrow, I want to finalize the list22:27
jonojcastro we will need to review the list together22:27
jcastrojono: can we do it later tonight? I'll be around22:27

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