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Forkedanyone can help me13:26
bazhangForked, with?13:26
Forkedinstall IRC server13:26
Forkedwhen I write  sudo apt-get install ircd-hybrid I get13:26
Forkedsudo: apt-get: command not found13:26
bazhangForked, #ubuntu for support13:26
Forked<bazhang> didn't find anyone13:28
bazhangForked, /join #ubuntu13:29
ForkedI am here13:29
Forkedbut dind't find anyone13:29
bazhangthis is not #ubuntu13:29
angelabadHi, I want ask for a cloak, Can anyone help me?17:49
jussiangelabad: an ubuntu cloak?17:50
angelabadjussi, yes17:50
jussiangelabad: are you an ubuntu member?17:50
angelabadnow yes, my launchpad profile:17:51
jussicould a staff member please cloak angelabad with an ubuntu/member cloak17:53
jussiniko: nhandler VorTechS17:53
angelabadjussi, thanks!17:54
nikoangelabad: cloaked, congrats18:12
nikojussi: done18:12
jussiexcellent, thanks18:12
angelabadniko: thanks!18:12
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vishmaybe we should have a factoid for that, easy to ping the right people  ;)20:11
ubot4In ubot4, nigelb said: !tias is <reply>Try It And See. If you want to know if or how something works, try it first. "Testing Is Absolutely Simple"21:26
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