lfaraoneI'm trying to check my packages with piuparts, and I'm using a local mirror. When I run it with "--dist maverick", it dies after setting up the chroot with "  E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes" and reports of unauthenticated packages.02:22
lfaraoneDo I need to add a hook somewhere?02:22
lfaraoneNevermind, I created a pbuilder chroot and used that as the base and it worked.02:34
ScottKlfaraone: Wrong window I think.02:37
lfaraoneScottK: heh, yeah, oops02:38
lfaraoneScottK: got it, turtleart 98-1 will be dinstalled in a few hours. Per http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/turtleart/repos/mainline/blobs/master/NEWS , the jump from 96 to 98 was a bugfix-only release.03:53
lfaraoneScottK: do I now need to file a new sync request?03:53
ScottKlfaraone: yes.03:53
ScottKDoesn't need an FFe since it's bugfix only.03:54
lfaraoneScottK: bug 637735 is the magic number.03:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637735 in Ubuntu "Sync turtleart 98-1 (main), replacing turtleart 96-1 (universe)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63773503:56
ScottKOK.  It should get sync'ed through the normal process and then ping me when it's in new.03:57
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bilalakhtarLaney: Just saw your ack on coolbhavi's sync11:53
Laneythat was fast11:54
bilalakhtarLaney: Don't you think coolbhavi comes on IRC only when he needs it?11:54
Laneybilalakhtar: I don't know and I'm not interested in mud slinging11:54
bilalakhtarLaney: ah okay11:55
LaneyI can't say I follow peoples activity patterns11:55
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bilalakhtartumbleweed: ping14:20
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: hi14:21
bilalakhtartumbleweed: would you please be around during the meeting?14:21
tumbleweedyes, I probably will be14:21
bilalakhtarThanks a lot tumbleweed !14:22
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RainCTScottK: So now you're a Zeitgeist fan? ;)15:32
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: do you need have a special forces?15:41
bilalakhtarari-tczew: what?15:42
bilalakhtarari-tczew: lol, what do you mean to say?15:42
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: getting sponsors for meeting15:42
bilalakhtarari-tczew: I am getting two for myself, its your choice if you wish to15:43
bilalakhtarari-tczew: but in many cases, its not needed15:43
ari-tczewDon't be afraid, it's only my curiosity.15:43
bilalakhtarari-tczew: you have far too many endorsements, which are like live soldiers!15:43
AnAntari-tczew: seems that bilalakhtar plans to invade the DMB15:44
* tumbleweed tries to be present in DMB meetings when people I've endorsed are applying for roles15:44
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: hahaha, 100% is not helpful for me :)15:44
* bilalakhtar sees soo many highlights15:44
bilalakhtarari-tczew: trust me, you will become one soon! and I'll support you15:45
tumbleweedbilalakhtar seems keen to make sure everything will go well (possibly a little too keen :P )15:45
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: I'm counting on you :)15:46
* bilalakhtar is counting on ari-tczew :D15:46
* ari-tczew : let's listen to Depeche Mode15:47
highvoltagetumbleweed: wow, already endoresing eh? :)16:02
tumbleweedhighvoltage: the curse of being a busy sponsor16:03
ScottKRainCT: Not particularly, but I trust your judgment and we don't want to release broken stuff.16:03
highvoltagetumbleweed: :)16:03
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bilalakhtartumbleweed: ping17:13
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: pong17:13
tumbleweedari-tczew: congratulations and welcome to MOTU17:13
ari-tczewtumbleweed: thanks :)17:13
bilalakhtartumbleweed: ah, thats it, the meeting is going on, god will, my item shall come soon. Thanks thanks thanks!17:13
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: I'm afraid I have to go offline in 10 mins or so17:14
bilalakhtartumbleweed: no problem, seb128 will advocate me there, thanks for the wiki endorsement!17:14
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ari-tczewhi frex__17:21
frex__does anyone have any experiance with bzr-builddeb and quilt in merge mode?17:21
frex__i can't really figure it out17:21
kklimondafrex__: there is bzr bd-do command you can use17:23
kklimondafrex__: when you are done editing/preparing patch you exit shell with "exit 0" to copy back changes made in debian/ directory17:23
frex__kklimonda: i tried that but the patch stack does not get copied once i exit the subshell17:24
frex__ah, i have to copy them manually?17:24
tumbleweedfrex__: don't forget to bzr add the patch when you return17:24
tumbleweedfrex__: no, it should get copied back17:24
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frex__tumbleweed: thanks, i'll try it again17:25
tumbleweedfrex__: you have configured your quilt to put the patches in debian/patches, right?17:25
frex__yes, i exported QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches17:26
tumbleweedhmm, no clue (and must run away now)17:27
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bilalakhtartumbleweed: around? I became MOTU!17:45
jcastronice job bilalakhtar!17:46
bilalakhtarThanks jcastro !17:46
directhexwhere do we stand on freezes right now?18:34
sebnerdirecthex: Final Freeze should be in 2 days18:35
directhexso if i upload an urgent bugfix to monodevelop, does that get into the archive or sit in a queue?18:36
nigelbdirecthex: depends on how invasive it is :)18:41
nigelbbut generally bug fix anytime is welcome except during freezes18:41
macowell during final freeze if its release critical, of course its welcome18:42
Laneyso to answer the question18:43
Laneythe archive is open right now, no holding in any queues18:43
directhexta Laney. just need to wait for MD 3ubuntu1 to land, then18:44
directhexfollowed by debugger-* reuploads18:44
directhexLaney, moon18:44
Laneyoh yeah, boo @ ftpmaster18:45
bilalakhtarLaney: Thanks for your help when I needed it, now I am MOTU18:46
directhexLaney, do we need mono -3?18:46
Laneybilalakhtar: Wasn't aware that I helped, but well done18:46
Laneydirecthex: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr18:47
bilalakhtarLaney: You helped me with a few changes :)18:47
Laneydirecthex: we might want those changes i guess18:47
LaneyI really don't understand why that X509 one is important, but meebey says so18:47
directhexLaney, my sentiment is i dare a lot less about mono -3 than MD -318:48
Laneysebner likes merging mono18:48
directhexhe does! he's a mono merging machine!"18:49
* sebner is evidently the only one willing to wait and see if the test-build succeeds :P18:49
directhextest who?18:50
sebnerdirecthex: so, the usual changes?18:50
directhexsebner, yeah, same drill as usual ¬_¬18:50
directhexsebner, i'll try to look at longomatch in exp today18:50
sebnerdirecthex: kk, /me grabs source18:51
sebnerdirecthex: no worries18:51
directhexsebner, really glad i got to the bottom of the monodevelop-debugger-mdb problem \o/18:54
sebnerdirecthex: what was it?18:54
directhexsebner, -keycontainer doesn't work, produces random keys. hence mismatched assembly key between compilation of MD and compilation of monodevelop-debugger-*18:55
sebnerdirecthex: hurrdurr18:57
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sebnerdirecthex: why didn't we have a release name for -2 btw? Testbuilding now ..19:03
directhexsebner, wasn't special enough19:03
* sebner reads planet ubuntu and wonders about debian/source/options19:07
philsf_Hi, I'd like to create packages for my in-house scripts, not for publishing or uploading. I don't need to conform to strict policies, just want to be able to install, remove and upgrade easilly a set of perl classes. What's the least effort guide available?19:10
philsf_I started looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide and there are instructions specific for python and ruby, but not perl. Is perl simpler than those other languages?19:11
ari-tczewwho can approve user to ubuntu-sponsors? only dholbach?19:26
LaserJockmultiverse question, is there any decent way to effectively remove a package from the archives?19:33
sebnerdirecthex: btw, shouldn't MD 2.4 be in master trunk now that we upload to unstable instead of master-exp? Just noticed my vcs-location change isn't there19:33
sebnerLaserJock: I guess it's the same with normal universe removal?! Just file a removal bug19:34
sebnerari-tczew: I think persia can too19:34
directhexsebner, yes, it should. i plan on doing a mass master-exp->master as soon as i suck less and stop hiding from git19:34
BlackZLaserJock: don't forgot to subscribe "ubuntu-archive" to the bug19:34
sebnerdirecthex: heh, kk. I was just wondering =)19:35
LaserJocksebner: but will that be effective throughout the entire archive? all releases19:35
LaserJockI remember it being policy to not remove packages from stable releases19:36
sebnerLaserJock: nope, just the current devel version19:36
LaserJockright, I need a complete removal19:36
LaserJockI wondered if uploading empty packages as SRUs would be a decent idea19:36
sebnerLaserJock: wow, license/copyright issue?19:37
sebnerdirecthex: I think testbuild is at 30% \o/19:37
directhexsebner needs moar mhz19:37
sebnerdirecthex: ah, nonsense. It should be finished in a few minutes, xD19:37
LaserJocksebner: no quite that bad, the software currently breaks any upgrades and is hence a PR nightmare for the company involved19:38
LaserJocksebner: so they requested a removal19:38
LaserJocknot package-to-package upgrades, system upgrades fail and you end up with a very broken system19:39
* LaserJock mumbles something about the wonderful joys of Multiverse packaging ;-)19:39
sebnerLaserJock: wondering if I'm using it .. about what we are talking about?19:40
LaserJockdoubt it, you'd know19:40
sebnerLaserJock: how come this breaks systems?19:41
BlackZsebner: you're reading in my mind, that's what I was just asking :)19:42
sebnerBlackZ: :) , do you know it? I've never heard of it before19:42
BlackZsebner: no19:43
LaserJocksebner: well, it essentially replaces Xorg and it apparently does some funky stuff after installs19:44
LaserJocksebner: I did the original packaging in 2006 and it was a fairly nasty mess at the time19:44
sebner__Now__ I understand your desire to remove it19:44
LaserJockbut apparently things start shifting in terms of versions they're building for and what we have19:45
LaserJockand so overall it's just kind of a mess19:45
LaserJockand people are reporting brokens systems19:45
LaserJockso it'd be nice to get rid of it if we can19:45
BlackZ<LaserJock> and people are reporting brokens systems <- do you have any bug report that describes that problem?19:46
LaserJockBlackZ: bug #363313 for instance19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 363313 in userful-multiplier (Ubuntu) "error on install/upgrade: (EE) Not supported linux system" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36331319:46
BlackZLaserJock: Debian is affected by this bug as well?19:49
LaserJockDebian wouldn't touch that package in a million years ;-)19:49
BlackZLaserJock: so, did you ask its removal from Debian too?19:50
* maco hugs LaserJock19:50
BlackZLaserJock: or is it already removed from Debian?19:50
macoLaserJock: havent seen you on irc in a LONG time19:50
LaserJockBlackZ: it's not *in* Debian19:50
BlackZLaserJock: but in the past it was, right?19:50
LaserJockBlackZ: no19:50
LaserJockmaco: yeah, it's been a while :-)19:50
sebnerBlackZ: Evidently Debian was not foolish enough, unlike us, to accept it into the archive xD19:51
LaserJockwell, it was an experiment19:52
BlackZLaserJock: ah, it's just in Ubuntu, then: 1. why isn't "Ubuntu Developers" set as maintainer of the package? 2. why is there an "Uploaders" field in the debian/control file?19:52
LaserJockBlackZ: 1) because I wrote the packaging before Ubuntu Developers existed and 2)to allow for the company to have some sort of address19:53
LaserJockmaco: still in DC?19:54
kklimondais anyone familiar with debian oriented packaging online? I have a test suite that depends on en_US.utf8 locales being set, in Ubuntu we have language-pack-en-base that we can build-depend on to get locales generated before build. Is there something similar in Debian I could use?19:54
macoLaserJock: yep, for now19:54
macoLaserJock: last semester! done in dec! *happy dance*19:54
LaserJockmaco: awesome19:54
BlackZLaserJock: yes, it's an old package; however, "2)to allow for the company to have some sort of address" you can use the debian/control file for that as well as the debian/copyright file :)19:55
Rhondakklimonda: locales-all19:55
LaserJockmaco: after that? grad school? job?19:56
LaserJockBlackZ: sure, it's there too, we wanted something in the .dsc if possible19:56
macoLaserJock: not grad school. i spent too much time ubuntuing and not enough studying to have the sort of gpa that gets one into grad school19:56
LaserJockI can relate to that19:56
BlackZLaserJock: I assume you don't update it from long time :)19:56
LaserJockno, not much19:57
Rhondakklimonda: And in general, #debian-ubuntu on OFTC network might get you better answers. :)19:57
LaserJockI've done some SRUs19:57
LaserJockbut haven't done much since19:57
kklimondaRhonda: oh, right - I've completely forgotten about this one :)19:57
kklimondaRhonda: can I build-depend on locales-all in Ubuntu? it's virtual package here19:57
BlackZLaserJock: however, thanks for filing a removal request for it :)19:57
Rhondakklimonda: You might want to chose locales-all | language-pack-en-base?19:58
Rhondakklimonda: Tnoug, not sure wether that would work out as expected.19:58
RhondaStrange typing through the lag of full network bandwidth.19:58
BlackZLaserJock: if that package does what you said then we should really remove it from our official repository19:58
kklimondaRhonda: good idea, I'll see if that works as soon as I manage to create a pbuilder chroot with debian unstable :)19:59
Rhondakklimonda: If it fails, create one for squeeze, change sources.list and do an --upgrade.19:59
shadeslayerbilalakhtar: i got accepted into bug control ;)20:02
bilalakhtarshadeslayer: Congrats!20:03
LaserJockBlackZ: well, that'd be the idea, we'll see what ubuntu-archive things20:03
philsf_Hi, I'd like to create packages for my in-house scripts, not for publishing or uploading. I don't need to conform to strict policies, just want to be able to install, remove and upgrade easilly a set of perl classes. What's the least effort guide available?20:06
LaserJockgood grief, what was 8.04's code name?20:07
* LaserJock is definitely a little rusty20:07
* maco hands LaserJock the Tin Man's oil can20:07
* LaserJock sniffles in the corner with his 2006 copy of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide20:08
* shadeslayer hands maco a Kubuntu 7.04 CD20:10
macoi think i used that for like..maybe an hour20:13
LaserJockwait, feisty20:15
vish'name that release' game? ;p20:16
nigelblucidfox: poke? :)20:17
lucidfoxnigelb> I know, I know I've been terribly slacking20:17
nigelblucidfox: heh, I'm guilty myself :)20:18
lucidfoxbut *right now* I've just reinstalled Ubuntu and should be going to sleep already -_-20:18
nigelblucidfox: later then :)20:18
LaserJocksebner: can I just subscribe ubuntu-archive to the removal bug or do I need some sort of sponsorship first?20:22
* Rhonda pokes lucidfox with nigelb 20:22
* nigelb blinks20:23
lucidfoxRhonda> I'll get to it tomorrow! I would now actually, but... really need to sleep. If not, you can shoot me!20:23
nigelbI'm now being used as an object to poke somone else.  Wow.20:23
sebnerLaserJock: just ubuntu-archive if you are MOTU20:23
LaserJocksadly no, not any more20:24
ajmitch_hello LaserJock  :)20:24
ajmitch_why aren't you still MOTU?20:24
BlackZsebner: ah, if you're not an Ubuntu developer do you need to subscribe "ubuntu-sponsors" first?20:24
Rhondalucidfox: Why would I shoot you?20:24
LaserJockajmitch_: because I gave up the good life ;-)20:24
ajmitch_LaserJock: such a shame20:24
macolucidfox: i used feisty plenty, just not with kde20:24
LaserJockwell, if I ever get the free time I'll be back20:24
ajmitch_LaserJock: think of all the fame & money that came with it20:24
nigelbmaco: tabfail?20:25
maconigelb: yes20:25
LaserJockit shouldn't be too hard to get upload rights back I'd think20:25
macoLaserJock: what i said to lucidfox20:25
Rhondanigelb: I could also poke you with lucidfox. Same thing, different order. :)20:25
LaserJockalthough all these newfangled stuff you guys use20:25
nigelbLaserJock: now you found a sponsor *cough* ajmitch_  *cough*20:25
macoLaserJock: nah its not20:25
nigelbRhonda: haha20:25
LaserJockthis launchpad and apport thingy-ma-jiggies20:25
macoLaserJock: crimsun was told to just email the dmb when he wanted his core dev rights back20:26
nigelblaunchpad and bzr thingy you mean?20:26
BlackZsebner: I mean for packages removal requests20:26
LaserJockmaco: well, yeah, that's *crimsun*20:26
nigelbLaserJock: +120:26
sebnerBlackZ: yeah20:26
BlackZthen: <BlackZ> LaserJock: don't forgot to subscribe "ubuntu-archive" to the bug <- LaserJock: don't forgot to subscribe "ubuntu-sponsors" to the bug :P20:26
ajmitch_maco: crimsun could just wave his hand & get upload rights back20:27
Rhondanigelb: At least lucidfox did know what it's about. :)20:27
LaserJockok, well, somebody look at bug #63836520:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 638365 in userful-multiplier (Ubuntu) "Please remove userful-multiplier from Multiverse" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63836520:28
BlackZthanks sebner :)20:28
nigelbRhonda: she knew when I just said "poke" ;)20:28
LaserJockus mere mortals would have to grovel before the mighty <insert current committee>20:28
sebnerBlackZ: yw20:28
nigelbLaserJock: haha20:28
macoLaserJock: dmb. developer membership board.20:29
LaserJockgood grief20:29
LaserJockmy brain immediately reads that as "dumb"20:29
Rhondanigelb: Oh.20:29
LaserJock.... anyway20:29
LaserJockis Emmet still around?20:31
=== bilalakhtar_ is now known as bilalakhtar
nigelbLaserJock: dmb member :)20:32
vishLaserJock: purrsia with an e , is still around .. ;)20:33
* nigelb removes an 'r'20:33
vishbut it does purr that way! ;p20:33
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c_korn"+dh_auto_install" <-- what does the plus sign do ?20:35
sebnerari-tczew: congratulations! Btw, I think I accidently visited your MOTU application *Edit* site ¬_¬20:41
ari-tczewsebner: thanks :)20:41
bilalakhtarCongrats ari-tczew ! (3rd time)20:42
fabrice_spcongrats ari-tczew and bilalakhtar!20:42
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: evening and congrats to you too20:42
bilalakhtaroh, fabrice_sp knows!20:42
bilalakhtarhey tumbleweed !20:42
fabrice_spyep ;-)20:42
sebnerbilalakhtar: you too congratulations20:42
fabrice_spI read the meeting log20:42
bilalakhtarthanks sebner !20:42
ari-tczewthanks fabrice_sp20:42
bilalakhtarmy discussion went on for 20 whole minutes20:43
tumbleweedwill someone tell the ubuntu weekly news people about the new members?20:43
ari-tczewomg, we are making circle of mutual adoration :P20:43
bilalakhtartumbleweed: ping akgraner and she'll do it20:43
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: your nickname color has been changed, from blue to golden20:44
bilalakhtarhuh? thanks, btw20:44
* fabrice_sp has ari-tczew in gold in pidgin20:44
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: did my nickname got other color in the past?20:44
ari-tczeware there any depends?20:45
fabrice_spI just began to use pidgin yesterday, and din't check before20:45
vishtumbleweed: i believe the new members are sent to the news team by the chair..20:47
bilalakhtarBTW, is there something wrong with the lp janitor? I fixed a bug around 15 minutes ago, still no response, that's not all. yesterday an FTBFS bug also wasn't auto-closed20:48
tumbleweedvish: I've seen that with regional boards, but DMB doesn't seem to do it20:50
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: yes still broken20:50
bilalakhtartumbleweed: :(20:50
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: I set fixes manually in bug 59818420:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598184 in cynthiune.app (Ubuntu) "Please merge cynthiune.app 0.9.5-10 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59818420:50
ari-tczewbilalakhtar: ^20:51
vishtumbleweed: yeah, the last meeting i recall akgraner telling the dmb about that.. to make sure they sent the new members list20:51
* bilalakhtar also closes his bug manually20:51
fabrice_spari-tczew: I forgot to close it in the changelog?20:51
fabrice_spit's possible20:51
bilalakhtarEven if you close it in the changelog, it won't close20:51
bilalakhtarThat's a bug with LP20:52
* fabrice_sp is working on NBS, and has been doing a lot of uploads lately20:52
bilalakhtarbye, people20:52
bilalakhtarwill leave now20:52
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: LP: was included in debian/changelog20:52
ari-tczewI wonder when Bhavani Shankar will be approved.20:52
BlackZfabrice_sp: thanks for merging it :)20:53
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: bug 63404520:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 634045 in Soyuz "Regression: Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed header no longer works" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63404520:54
fabrice_spBlackZ: hey :-) It was in the middle of a NBS20:54
ari-tczewcan I use syncpackage script if I'm not in ubuntu-sponsors?21:45
Laneybut colin has been running syncs daily21:47
Laneyso there's really no reason to use it over the proper way now21:47
tumbleweedari-tczew: you only need to be in sponsors to unsubscribe sponsors21:48
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=== mdeslaur_ is now known as mdeslaur
ari-tczewLaney: I understand, but I want to try use syncpackage personally. I'm a fresh MOTU and I want to test my privileges. :)22:06
Laneyacking a sync is still exercising your privileges22:08
Laneywhy not sponsor a merge or something else?22:10
ari-tczewsponsoring merge takes more time22:12
ari-tczewtumbleweed: could you prepare a correct debdiff for bug 602896 ?22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 602896 in procps (Ubuntu) "Fails to update in pbuilder: start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60289622:24
nigelbAnnouncement to all: we'd like to see sugestions on what would be interesting for a packaging training session.  Since james_w is going to be taking it, sky's the limit :p22:52
Laney"how to update the kernel"23:01
kklimondajames_w: I'd love to hear something new about UDD but that's probably outside of the training's scope23:02
james_wkklimonda: well, I can explain how to do various things using UDD23:02
=== isaac is now known as Intrusion
kklimondajames_w: for example why some branches have patches applied and others don't - is it related to source format?23:03
nigelbLaney: topic selection at james_w's discretion23:03
* Laney was trolling a touch23:04
nigelbkklimonda: I don't think its outside the scope23:04
james_wkklimonda: it is, yes23:04
kklimondajames_w: oh, I know - a good technical Q&A session about UDD would be great.. if we manage to get enough questions.23:05
kklimondafor example how to deal with merging upstream tarballs when they modify a file that is already patched by quilt..23:06
* kklimonda had this problem two days ago and managed to get it working but not without some guesswork23:07
james_wkklimonda: maybe you could explain how to do that to me :-)23:08
kklimondajames_w: in my case the upstream changes didn't break patch so all I had to do was.. well, quilt complained that patch doesn't unapply cleanly.. so what I've done was.. I have no idea, that's why I called it a guesswork :)23:11
kklimondaI can take a look if you are interested23:12
james_wI'm not sure I've ever done it myself23:12
nigelbkklimonda: I guess you modified the quilt patch23:12
nigelbI think I did it once23:12
kklimondanigelb: yeah, that may be it23:13
RainCTIs there some (good) way to call a method in the User D-Bus from within postinst?23:38
=== emma_ is now known as emma
kklimondaRainCT: ugh, insanity this way lies ;)23:45
RainCTkklimonda: Heh. Yeah. The problem I have is, I'd be good to restart Zeitgeist after a) an upgrade, or b) another package installing an extension for it, otherwise stuff depending on the new version/extension will fail until it is restarted23:48
debfxtumbleweed: do you have time to sponsor another virtualbox merge? bug #63732023:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637320 in virtualbox-ose (Ubuntu) "Merge virtualbox-ose 3.2.8-dfsg-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63732023:48
kklimondaRainCT: so it's Firefox 2.0?23:48
kklimondaRainCT: maybe do something like that: make Zeitgeist look for /var/run/restart-required/zeitgeist (or whatever the real path is) and restart in case the file got updated.23:49
kklimondaRainCT: but that's something that should be done upstream..23:50
RainCTkklimonda: Yeah, that's probably the best option unless someone has a magical alternative.23:52
RainCTkklimonda: How would Zeitgeist delete that file though, if it's running with user privileges?23:58
kklimondaRainCT: it could store a ctime/mtime somewhere and compare it23:59

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