Azelphurare there maverick packages in the mythbuntu ppa?00:33
AzelphurI upgraded to maverick and can't connect to the backend anymore because my front end is newer and the ppa doesn't appear to have any maverick D:00:34
qwebirc90150Hi anyone who's here. I was wondering if someone could help me with I hope a simple problem.00:42
qwebirc90150I'm trying to change the default sound device on my mythbuntu install to be a R4350 HDMI output00:42
tgm4883Azelphur, yea there should be01:00
tgm4883for 0.23.1 and 0.24(trunk)01:00
AzelphurI'm 0.23 D:01:00
tgm4883the minimum version for maverick is 0.23.101:01
tgm4883you could upgrade your backend to 0.23.101:01
AzelphurI see01:01
qwebirc90150anyone know how to set the default sound device in mythbuntu?01:10
dewmanrhpot1991, did you get a chance to check that pastebin out?01:55
dmfreyGood evening all, i have been running into an issue lately...my media center remote control stops responding after a short while.  You can see in syslog lirc trying to connect every minute once this starts.  any ideas?01:55
dmfreyrestarting lirc doesn't fix it, only option is to reboot01:57
rhpot1991dewman: yep, I need to try to find the original bug which I thought it was, config looked ok when I had a peek01:59
rhpot1991dmfrey: smells like hardware, but thats always my first guess02:00
dmfreyrhpot1991: how's it going?  yeah, my thoughts too02:04
dmfreysome people on the forum were saying that on some nvidia hardware, the mce usb receivers stop responding02:05
dmfreynot sure why it is happening all of sudden, though02:06
dewmanrhpot1991, thanks....If you want I can attach it to report....02:51
dewmanmy.cnf that is.02:51
dewmani attached my.cnf and added mysql version as well. thanks. =)02:56
CyberKnethowdy folks.04:38
CyberKnetmy root drive fell over this weekend (but not before I made a backup of the root partition).04:39
CyberKnetSo I have the mysql database from the system... and a fresh install of mythbuntu.04:39
CyberKnetI followed instructions from http://www.mythpvr.com/mythtv/tips/migrate-recordings.html to move my recording db records from the old db to the new db04:39
Zinn[www.mythpvr.com] Migrate MythTV Recordings to a New Server | MythTV04:39
CyberKnethowever they show up in mythweb but not the frontend04:40
CyberKnetI'm thinking a new table is needed since that guide was written... any thoughts?04:40
CyberKnetnvr mnd05:25
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rhpot1991dewman: looks like some of the mysql guys are in on that bug now19:18
dewmancool. I havent checked it today.....19:19
rhpot1991bug 63372519:20
ZinnBug 633725 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (Ubuntu) "mysql thread_stack parameter too low, causing usage problems." [Low, Incomplete] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/63372519:20
rhpot1991you can try bumping the thread_stack as mentioned in there in your my.cnf and then restart mysql and then reinstall mythexport and report back as to if it helps19:21
dewmanok i will try it first with 192,19:40
rhpot1991dewman: well it should be at 192 already20:44
rhpot1991ya it is, just checked your config20:44
dewmanrhpot1991, ok, I havent had a chance to change it yet, wife is watching something.... since its at 192, I can go ahead and bump it to 25620:46

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