macoapparently the t in qpt` is "troll"05:50
macoseems to be a bot. banned for unauthorised bots on the channel05:54
macohmm gentoo ops say they think he's a non-bot with a client that has an extremely annoying script05:55
jussimaco: client + script = bot.06:35
jussimaco: best you make it a banforward to here, if possible (it was in #u, right?)06:35
macofair nuff06:35
macoyes it was06:35
macojussi: its not liking my syntax06:38
jussimaco: what are you giving it?06:38
maco qpt`!~qpt@$#ubuntu-ops   <-- right?06:38
jussiyeah, but set it to *!*@06:38
macothat worked06:39
jussithe ` may have affected it06:39
knomejussi, @btlogin07:00
jussiknome: I need to consult with tsimpson, and he has been somewhat busy, so We will get there soon. any particular hurry?07:04
mneptokdown there they're rounding a posse to ride.07:09
knomejussi, no, not really.07:13
mneptokFYI, i have asked ActionParsnip *muerous* times to not spam the channel with "yo yo yo" when he /joins. he stopped for a while, but has done it again recently.07:37
mneptoknumerous, even07:39
mneptokhe says he did it as a one-off "for old times' sake"07:39
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ikoniahi ericblair13:01
ericblairwell i want to ask a differnt question and you banned me13:02
ikoniaI've not banned you, I've put a temporary forward on you to this channel, as you keep throwing tantrums and storming out of the channel13:02
ericblairi do not 'throw tantrums'13:02
ikoniayou make a parting comment and then quit the channel13:03
ericblairif i ask a question here you will say 'this is not a support channel'13:03
ikoniayou've done it twice13:03
ericblairhow long am i banned for i will not do it again13:03
ericblairhow do you stop a bash shell having a transparent background13:03
ikoniayes, this isnt a support channel, as I've explained, I've forwarded you here to talk to you about claming down in the #ubuntu channel13:03
ikoniayet you've just asked a support question after I told you not to13:03
ikoniaso I'm going to leave this conversation alone13:03
ericblairam i unbanned so i can get my questions maybe answered or not13:04
ericblairi promise to behave etc13:04
ericblairnot criticise -13:04
ikoniano etc13:04
ericblairwhen can i can be unbanned13:04
ikoniayou've just shown you can't follow simple instructions13:04
ericblairso i'm banned forever from #ubuntu?13:05
ikoniaI forwaded you here just to talk to you about calming down, I told you it's not a support channel here, and you still asked support questions13:05
ikoniaericblair: no, just until you clam down and can listen to people trying to help you13:05
ericblaircan i possibly be unbanned today13:05
ericblairi am calm13:05
ikoniayou've not, you've just stormed out of ubuntu, and you've just ignored what I said in this channel13:06
ikoniathat's not going to get you back into #ubuntu13:06
ericblairwhat do i have to do to get back into #ubuntu13:06
ikonia(I've already said) listen to what people are saying to  you, and clam down13:06
ikoniatake a break for the day from the support channel, and just have a think about how to keep calm in a channel and maybe pay a little more attention when people are talking to you/trying to help you13:08
ikoniathis was only going to be a 30 second conversation, but you've really annoyed me by asking support questions in here after I told you it's not a support channel 10 seconds earlier13:08
ericblairif you look back i asked the question before you said that13:09
ikoniayou didnt13:09
ericblairi will not argue13:09
ikoniaBT updated13:10
jpdsHe is connecting from btcentralplus, yes.13:13
ikoniabravo, clever13:14
Piciforked is confused.13:36
bazhangor .. well yes13:36
marienzwell, questions about ubuntu-as-a-server go to #ubuntu-server, about x to #ubuntu-x, about running an ircd to #ubuntu-irc. Makes sense to me! :P13:49
bazhangor banforward to #freenode !!13:50
Picibazhang: You mean to #irc which forwards to #freenode13:50
* marienz noddles13:50
marienzmaking #freenode +F might be odd, but making things like #help +F arguably makes sense (and they in turn forward to #freenode)13:51
bazhangPici, nice!13:51
marienzso yeah13:51
jussimarienz: so its kosher for us to banforward to #help?13:52
marienzI don't think it actually *is* +F13:52
marienzbut you could make an argument that perhaps it should be13:52
marienzyeah, no +F there13:53
elkyI suppose the council will veto #ubuntu-are-you-even-paying-attention too :(13:55
jpdsWhy can't I whois 2001:5c0::/3214:46
Picijpds: You mean /who ?14:52
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1259 users, 6 overflows, 1265 limit))15:03
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1259 users, 6 overflows, 1265 limit))15:03
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1260 users, 6 overflows, 1266 limit))15:03
IdleOneI have removed lucy_ a couple times in the past for being offtopic and random17:08
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ikoniaericblair: can you please leave this channel18:21
ericblairwhy i was hoping you could help me with my problem18:21
ericblairwhy do i have to leave the channel18:21
ikoniaericblair: because this isn't a support channel as I told you earlier18:22
ikoniaand this channel has a non-idle policy18:22
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops ericblair no longer using ubuntu, in #fedora displaying sys info for Fedora and comaplining of the same problem18:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:49
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops ericblair ranting in PM about ubuntu failing him (even though it's broke in Fedora too) and ranting that he's wasted money thanks to ubuntu. I suspect attitude is a troll18:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:58
PiciI don't know what to do about greeper/grepper/grexo/etc20:12
IdleOnegood question20:13
IdleOnekeep banning?20:13
knomeban gre*!*@* ? :P20:17
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (sf79w0` appears to be abusive - 6)20:55
ubottuIn #ubuntu, dakota_ said: ubottu there is a number after the GPG error , is this the number I enter into the commands preveously started?21:20
topyliljl, right21:21
IdleOnethis command is dangerous? rm -rf A/23:12
jpdsIdleOne: What's in "A/" ?23:15
IdleOnejpds: was a command I saw given to a user in #u23:15
IdleOneA/Files/popstation.dll': Input/output error23:16
IdleOnenot sure what that is but the user seems to want to delete whatever is in there23:16

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