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_Techie_now that thats out of the way, how can we help ya Shapeshiftr00:02
ShapeshiftrHey, actually, I think I may have found out my problem.00:02
ShapeshiftrOne second, while I try this out.00:02
Four2zero_Techie_ okay i have mounted the extdisk, now do i need to add samba to get windows to recognize the directory ?00:07
Davieyhggdh, ok... i'm NOT seeing the libvirt issue you saw00:07
Davieybut i am seeing a meta data issue :(00:07
Four2zeroAnd doing sudo apt-get install samba will install SAMBA on the ubuntu-server correct ?00:08
_Techie_Four2zero, sudo apt-get install smbd00:09
Four2zerookay, thanks00:09
Four2zeroReading package lists... Done00:11
Four2zeroBuilding dependency tree00:11
Four2zeroReading state information... Done00:11
Four2zeroE: Couldn't find package smbd00:11
Four2zerowas that a typo you made ?00:11
qman__the package is samba, not smbd00:11
Four2zeroi figured.00:11
Four2zerothanks qman__00:12
qman__it's easy to configure a simple share, too00:12
qman__there are some examples at the bottom of the config file00:12
_Neytiri_how do i instyall a gui from command line?00:16
_Neytiri_onto a server instalation00:16
_Techie__Neytiri_, which GUI would you like?00:17
Four2zerosudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:17
ShapeshiftrHey, I'm failing at using grep.00:36
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, what do ya wanna grep?00:37
ShapeshiftrI, erm, don't know where my Listen directive is?00:37
ShapeshiftrThat's what the guy over at #httpd said...00:37
_Techie_i dont quite follow00:38
ShapeshiftrOne second, haha.00:44
hggdhsmoser: there?00:48
* Daviey launches a sigh00:51
northstaraufs au_xino_do_write:372:mount[21265]: I/O Error, write failed (-27)00:57
northstarin my syslog. pertains to the samba client trying to mount a share00:58
northstarcould use a clue on directions00:58
randomOfAmberhow can I get a .deb and all it's dependencies into a folder? I don't know what it's dependencies are00:58
northstara direction anyway00:58
ShapeshiftrOkay, okay, back.01:08
ShapeshiftrSo, basically, I'm trying to set up a website/apache webserver, but I can't connect to it outside of my local intranet01:09
ShapeshiftrI CAN connect to the domain inside my local intranet.01:09
ShapeshiftrWhat do?01:09
SpamapSShapeshiftr: you need to modify the Accept/Deny permissions...01:09
ShapeshiftrI'm a total newbie to this, so please do bear with my total ignorance >_<01:10
SpamapSShapeshiftr: basically you need to create a file in /etc/apache2/sites-available that defines what you do want to allow access to01:10
ShapeshiftrListen directive?01:11
SpamapSShapeshiftr: no not Listen01:11
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, now i think i understand what you mean by listen directive01:12
ShapeshiftrSpamapS, what would this file be named, and what would I put in it?01:12
SpamapSShapeshiftr: if you just want to run one single site on the server, you can modify /etc/apache2/sites-available/default01:12
SpamapSShapeshiftr: if you'd like to have multiple sites (virtual hosting) then you can create a file per site in that directory... then enable them with a2ensite01:13
ShapeshiftrModify it with what info?01:13
ShapeshiftrAh, ninja'd01:13
ShapeshiftrWait, no.01:13
ShapeshiftrJust one site.01:13
ShapeshiftrSo, what do I put in it?01:13
SpamapSShapeshiftr: Well if you look at it now, you'll see Order allow, deny, allow from all. That should allow anybody to access the "it worked" page in /var/www01:14
ShapeshiftrI already have an index.htm set up, but yeah.01:14
ShapeshiftrThis is this.01:14
ShapeshiftrI was looking for this...01:15
ShapeshiftrOh, wait, I've been in here before.01:15
ShapeshiftrIs this right:01:16
SpamapSShapeshiftr: yeah, but that has to appear in a Directory section01:17
* SpamapS must be going01:17
SpamapSShapeshiftr: good luck01:17
ShapeshiftrThat's in the directory /var/www Directory tab section.01:18
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ShapeshiftrSo, _Techie_ , my sites-available default file seems to be set up properly.01:25
ShapeshiftrWhat's the next thing that could go wrong?01:25
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, can you pastebin your /etc/apache/sites-enabled/default01:25
_Techie_hrmm, i cant seem to see anything wrong, just to recap... what was the problem?01:30
ShapeshiftrI can connect in my local intranet01:31
ShapeshiftrOther people outside of my local intranet cannot.01:31
ShapeshiftrPorts are forwarded.01:31
ShapeshiftrUFW exception allowed.01:31
ShapeshiftrWhat wrong?01:31
_Techie_no clue01:31
ShapeshiftrHttpd said something about the Listen directive01:31
_Techie_im just presuming that when you say that ports are forwarded and you have a UFW exception, taht it was done correctly01:32
ShapeshiftrPeople can connect to a different port on the same server.01:32
ShapeshiftrSo yes.01:32
ShapeshiftrSo, Listen directive: what is/where can I find/what do I do with it?01:33
_Techie_well if im not mistaken, its the ip that its listenign on01:34
_Techie_but your usign a wildcard directive, so you should be fine01:34
ShapeshiftrOkay, that's a start.01:34
ShapeshiftrHm, you mean the *.mydomainnamehere.com?01:34
wickedSAShapeshiftr: what in /etc/apache2/ports.conf01:34
ShapeshiftrOkay, new lead.01:35
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, i can provide you with soem of my configs as references01:35
_Techie_but keep in mind i have alot of vhosts01:35
ShapeshiftrYeah, it's cool.01:36
ShapeshiftrwickedSA, that link was @ you.01:36
wickedSAShapeshiftr: pretty much default, what I expected01:37
ShapeshiftrBad or good?01:37
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, heres my vhost for some of my non SSL sites  http://sprunge.us/GTaP01:37
ShapeshiftrI notice this line:01:40
ShapeshiftrMy line looks like <VirtualHost *:80>01:40
ShapeshiftrDoes that matter?01:40
wickedSAShapeshiftr: I'm starting to think the port forwarding / firewall is not setup right. if you can get to your web server locally, and outside clients cannot01:41
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, should, i have mine like that as its for a subdomain so its gotta be on my external IP01:42
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, shouldnt*01:42
ShapeshiftrwickedSA, unless I have to do something other than how I normally forward ports in my router and something other than allow port 80 in UFW, I really don't think so.01:43
_Techie_wait a sec01:43
_Techie_does your ISP allow webhosting?01:44
_Techie_some ISP's block port 8001:44
_Techie_try it on a different port01:44
ShapeshiftrOh, hm.01:44
ShapeshiftrHow would I go about changing that?01:44
wickedSAShapeshiftr: can you get a shell outside, and telnet your_host 80 (or whatever port)01:44
ShapeshiftrHow would I do that, wickedSA01:45
Shapeshiftr(get a shell outside)01:45
wickedSAShapeshiftr: well, start by getting a shell on some machine someplace else. or trust one of us with your external IP for a minute.01:45
ShapeshiftrOh, well, does it have to be Telnet?01:46
ShapeshiftrWould trying to connect to my external IP do the same thing?01:46
wickedSAShapeshiftr: what I'm proposing is to try to talk to your web server directly, over telnet01:46
ShapeshiftrOkay, I'm unfamiliar with telnet, but I'll get someone who does.01:46
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, theres an easier way of doing this, your ISP's website should say if they block ports01:46
wickedSAShapeshiftr: yeah maybe thats too complicated.01:47
_Techie_usign telnet to check a port is like using a diffraction pattern generated from the outer rim of a coin to find out which coin it is, when you could just look at it01:48
ShapeshiftrBecause Port 80 is often used by malicious software, including viruses and worms, Optimum Online, like many ISPs, blocks this port for all standard Optimum Online customers.01:48
_Techie_hold up01:49
_Techie_lemme ook into it01:49
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, dotn give up yet01:49
ShapeshiftrYou have to buy a $30/m. business plan to use 80, it seems.01:50
wickedSA_Techie_: using telnet to check a port and query a web server? I do it all the time.01:50
ShapeshiftrSame with SMTP!01:50
ShapeshiftrNo wonder it wasn't wonder.01:50
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, port 25 is international standard01:50
ShapeshiftrAh, okay, lol.01:51
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, do you know anyone that has their own web server?01:51
ShapeshiftrWell, 80 is what matters.01:51
ShapeshiftrYeah, I can get really cheap hosting from a friend.01:51
ShapeshiftrBut, why?01:51
_Techie_you could up the port by 10 or so, and get him to host a proxy directive01:51
_Techie_i do it all the time to secure non secure services on my server01:52
ShapeshiftrDo explain.01:52
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, the first virtualhost in http://sprunge.us/GTaP01:53
_Techie_it listens for queries to shoutcast.technz.info and proxies them transparantly to
_Techie_its also a safe way to host webservers on other servers in your network without allowing non http traffic to them01:54
ShapeshiftrErm, that's an internal IP.01:54
_Techie_its a transparant proxy01:54
_Techie_check it out for yourself01:55
Shapeshiftrtransparant proxy01:56
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, transparant in the fact that you dont even realise that youve been proxied01:57
ShapeshiftrAh, erm, uh...01:57
ShapeshiftrI'm still...01:57
ShapeshiftrOkay, so, you have the server hosted on another computer?01:57
ShapeshiftrAnd that computer redirects the traffic from x.x.com to
_Techie_wait yes01:58
_Techie_welll sorta01:58
_Techie_your understandign is correct01:58
_Techie_but its nto a seperate server01:59
ShapeshiftrGo on?01:59
_Techie_the shoutcast web panel is hosted by a different process, that cant map to a subdomain by itself01:59
_Techie_so i use apache to map it to its own subdomain01:59
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, and here you can see examples of mapping a non SSL server to an SSL connection      http://sprunge.us/bjPN02:01
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, so if you can find someone to provide you with bandwidth equal to what you estimate your site will use, and almost no storage space, then you can use it as a transparant proxy02:04
a1fadoes anyone know whats realistic line speed on 10Gbe interface?02:04
a1fasingle connection, TCP->FTP02:04
Shapeshiftrdepends on your ISP02:04
ShapeshiftrYou could have the best network card in the world, and have a really shitty ISP, and still have a horrible connection.02:05
ShapeshiftrAFAIK, the network card sets a maximum connection.,02:05
ShapeshiftrIf you only have a 10mbps card, you can only have a 10mbps speed, max.02:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #637694 in dbconfig-common (main) "package dbconfig-common 1.8.44ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade:" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63769402:06
ShapeshiftrOkay, so, _Techie_, what should I tell them to do?02:06
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, are you going through a friend or a company02:08
ShapeshiftrI already use his webhosting.02:08
_Techie_get them in here02:08
_Techie_thatl make things easier02:08
ShapeshiftrHm, he's not around right now.02:09
a1faShapeshiftr: that's not true02:11
_Techie_well, you have some of my vhosts as a reference02:11
ShapeshiftrOkay, much thanks.02:11
a1fayou can never achieve theoretical maximum on a network card02:12
_Techie_get him to enable the proxy and rewrite modules02:12
a1faso with a 10mbps, you are looking at realistic 5mbps02:12
ShapeshiftrSo, tell him I want to forward all incoming connections to my domain to my server from his server...02:12
ShapeshiftrI'm still not exactly sure what the plan is.02:12
ShapeshiftrYeah, of course, alfa02:13
ShapeshiftrI was talking theoretically.02:13
_Techie_from his sever to yours on a different port using apache2's proxy and rewrite modules02:13
a1faShapeshiftr: i am trying to find real world figures for 10Gbe interface02:13
ShapeshiftrThere are no figures, per say.02:13
ShapeshiftrIt depends on your ISP.02:13
ShapeshiftrOkay, thanks, Techie.02:14
ShapeshiftrCouldn't I just run Apache off another port?02:15
_Techie_yes, thats what you will be doing02:15
ShapeshiftrBut, surely I can just change Apache's port, and then forward that and go?02:16
a1faShapeshiftr: but I am the ISP :P02:16
ShapeshiftrWithout proxy redirection and such.02:16
_Techie_the whole proxy is so that clients can go to http://mydomain.com/ rather than  http://mydomain.com:90/02:16
ShapeshiftrAlfa, you provide your own internet?02:16
ShapeshiftrAh, ah, okay.02:16
a1fasort of ;)02:16
ShapeshiftrThat actually makes sense.02:16
a1fai am a cross-over cable away from my "internet"02:16
ShapeshiftrYou must go through Optimum Online or Comcast or something of the like.02:16
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, thanks for understanding... very few people can understand the idea of such a proxy without thinking it over alot02:17
ShapeshiftrWell, I mean, in order to go to webadmin, lets say, you have to type in IP:1000002:18
ShapeshiftrYou don't want people to have to type in domainname.com:90 all the time.02:18
ShapeshiftrSo, you make people connect to port 80 on another server, then forward the connection on port 90 to my server.02:19
_Techie_thats why you dont actually need any storage on their server02:20
ShapeshiftrThat actually makes sense.02:21
ShapeshiftrAwesome, thanks :D02:21
_Techie_Shapeshiftr, and you can setup services on your domain name so only port 80 is pointed to his ip02:21
_Techie_so that you can retain use of the domain name02:21
ShapeshiftrShould I just go to GoDaddy and point my domain to his external IP?02:22
_Techie_yep to start with02:22
_Techie_and once you get your head around services02:22
_Techie_then you can set that up and point the domain back to your ip02:22
aetaricI want to boot the Ubuntu Server ISO via PXE, is that possible? I'd rather not use the netboot ISO02:40
ScottKaetaric: Why not?02:41
aetaricScottK: i've PXE booted that before and i kept getting download errors02:43
ScottKOK.  I don't think you can, but I'm reasonably certain that if you could it would work the same.02:44
computerwiz_222_hello everyone - i'm having some issues troubleshooting ubuntu 10.04 and I would really appreciate someone's help. I was running Ubuntu 9.04 since last September with no issues. The previous installation was RAID1 on a PCI SATA Card. I've since changed the motherboard and CPU and reinstalled to 10.04. The operating system is installed on a RAID1 array on the onboard sata (no problems) and there is a RAID1 1.5TB array on the02:45
computerwiz_222_original PCI SATA card (problems...).02:45
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Four2zeroi have ISPConfig3 installed on my computer with pure-ftpd and the problem im having is access other directory to upload to, how do i configure that from ispconfig302:45
aetaricScottK: for netboot, you only have to tell the client the kernel file and it grabs the initrd on its own and nothing else... i want to boot it like RHEL/CentOS... you know give it an NFS server to grab the cd files from02:45
computerwiz_222it seems that if i mount each drive (/dev/sdc or /dev/sdd) independently i can write to them no problems (verified by checksumming some known files generated from /dev/urandom)02:46
computerwiz_222but as soon as i put them into a raid1 array i get MANY errors on the monitor attached to the server. some say failed command: write dma ext02:47
aetariccomputerwiz_222: you are trying to software raid1 two raid1 drives?02:48
computerwiz_222aetaric:  correct02:48
aetaricnow THAT is redundancy02:48
amstanaetaric: incorrect02:48
amstanaetaric: he has 2 raid1's working in parallel02:48
computerwiz_222aetaric: sory, i misread02:49
computerwiz_222aetaric: i am actually raid1'ing two drives - two independent arrays02:49
amstancomputerwiz_222: you're giving too much info, forget the onboard raid02:49
aetaricyeah i got confused...02:50
computerwiz_222aetaric: what i want to end up with is two raid 1 arrays, one is 1TB, one is 1.5TB - each array has two drives02:50
aetaricyou are making the arrays BEFORE install, right?02:51
computerwiz_222the 1TB one, yes - the 1.5TB one, no because it had data on it - but now it doesn't02:51
aetaricok... the 1.5TB isn't working?02:53
computerwiz_222aetaric: right now i have a raid1 array that holds the OS and the data - this array functions perfectly. I am attempting to add a 1.5TB array to the system - the 1.5 drives function properly independently, but when i raid them together i get errors flying by on the monitor attached to the server02:54
aetariccomputerwiz_222: is this hardware raid or software raid?02:54
ptinghow do i have apt only upgrade php5 related projects if i have maverick builds added to my source.list?02:56
amstanpting: synaptic or aptitute could probably do that02:56
aetarici've no idea then.. i've never used software raid. only hardware02:56
computerwiz_222aetaric: thanks anyways, this is an unusual problem02:57
ptingamstan, hum, i want to have apt-get upgrade only show upgrade from maverick for php5.. all else should not show up... i'm thinking of doing some sort of apt pinning... would this be the appropriate approach?03:01
amstanpting: hold on.. why are you doing this? trying to install maverick php on lucid?03:02
amstanpting: i tried that once.. to do with xorg, i found myself with a nonworking x server that refused to go back to normal(previous release)03:03
ScottKpting: What you are trying to do is distinctly unsupported in Ubuntu.03:06
ptingScottK: i want try try out the php-fpm which is only available in 5.3.303:15
ScottKpting: If it's a test box, then you could try changing /etc/apt/sources.list to maverick, do apt-get update, do apt-get dist-upgrade, cancel it and then pick out the list of packages you want to upgrade.03:17
ScottKI'd never do that for anything other than a test.03:17
ScottKFor a test box though, you might as well just run Maverick.03:17
ptingScottK, heh, it's off my laptop... i don't want to fubar it03:17
ScottKThere's no risk free way to do it.03:18
ptingscrew it, here i go, wish my laptop luck03:20
ScottKpting: What kind of video does your laptop have?03:20
ptingvideo? videocard? nvidia 140M03:21
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ScottKOK.  I have all Intel stuff, so no advice on that.03:23
ptingi've been waiting for like 2 years for fpm to finally get pushed into php's codebase03:23
aetarici'd just build from source...03:24
pting... i no longer have to maintain a separate deb for myself03:24
aetaricbut that is just what i'd do03:24
matthewlAnyone know if it's possible to drop to a shell during boot? I need to fix fstab, and it's stuck trying to mount a drive that doesn't currently exist on the machine. I'm trying do this without using a CD...03:25
aetaricmatthewl: when grub pops up, edit the initrd entry. remove quiet and splash and add single03:27
aetaricthen boot03:27
matthewlThanks, getting stuck in the same place though.03:28
aetaricoh... matthewl no clue then. i guess a live cd is the only option03:29
ScottKI have a vague recollection that hitting "S" or something during boot will skip the thing it's waiting on.03:29
ScottKI can't remember the details, but I think there's a bug that the text for how to skip is hidden.03:29
ScottKGoogle may know the details.03:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 571444 in mountall "Boot hangs and unable to continue when automount disk in fstab is not available (Off or Disconnected)" [Medium,Confirmed]03:35
matthewlThat seems to be pretty close to what I'm seeing.03:35
a1fa[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec    973 MBytes    816 Mbits/sec03:45
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Four2zerohow can i enable write permission to /www directory so i can upload to the apache2 server ?04:42
Four2zeroim trying to upload files to an apache2 server /www directory but i dont have write permissions how do i set this correctly ?04:49
auFour2zero: I would upload it to your home directory, then use sudo mv FILE/FOLDER /var/www04:56
Four2zeroau, i will test that out...one sec04:57
auFour2zero: make sure your user is in /etc/sudoers :)04:58
Four2zero20:57:33Error:/home/ReadMe.txt: open for write: permission denied04:58
Four2zero20:57:33Error:File transfer failed04:58
autry to /home/user/ReadMe.txt04:58
auas /home just contains the users folders :)04:58
auFour2zero: alternatively, as root: adduser -G www-data username04:59
auFour2zero: username being the username that you log into FTP with (on the system, non-root of course)04:59
Four2zeroau, i had to upload to /home/four2zero04:59
auyep :)05:00
auif you do 'adduser -G www-data four2zero' you could upload files directly to /var/www :)05:00
Four2zeroi rather do that....thanks for the tip05:01
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Four2zeroi want to copy a file to a /www/directory but i keep getting this error: cp: omitting directory "media..."05:49
Four2zeroshould i do this command: cp -r orginal_file new_file05:51
Four2zeroto overcome that error ?05:51
_Techie_Four2zero, yep06:00
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Datzhi, I just switched my ubuntu server vm to a different install, and now eth0 can't be brought up06:17
DatzI had a static address set..06:17
DatzI loaded a different vm and networking works, so it must be with ubuntu server06:18
RudyValenciaDatz: I had this happen to me... check udev rules for network configuration?06:18
RudyValenciaI can't recall exactly what I did06:18
RudyValenciabut I got it to work06:18
DatzRudyValencia: hehe06:19
DatzI don't really know how to check udev rules06:20
Datzwhen I try ifup eth0, I get device not found..06:20
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DatzSIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device06:23
* Datz goes to sleep06:25
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Four2zerookay, when i try to access the shared directory, and be prompted for password and username which i did not specify in my smb.config http://www.upload3r.com/serve/130910/1284446022.jpg07:50
Four2zerowhy do i keep getting the prompted to enter the username and password ?07:50
twbFour2zero: you're accessing it using smbclient(1), or what?07:58
Four2zeroaccessing via win707:59
Four2zerobasically sharing the the the directory from ubuntu-server to windows home network.08:00
Four2zerolol. three "the"08:00
Four2zeroi will paste bin my smb.config08:00
Four2zeroim only sharing one directory for all family member to access read only08:01
twbFour2zero: produce the problem with smbclient first08:01
twbThat way 1) we know it's not Windows' fault; and 2) someone here probably knows how to deal with it.08:01
Four2zeroso that means i have to install a smbclient for win708:02
twbEr, no.  You install smbclient on the host that's running samba08:02
twbOtherwise, you don't even know if its a network issue08:02
ruben23hi guys i tried crontab -e but i cant get out on it any ideas hwo do i do it..?08:03
twbruben23: that depends what editor you're using08:04
twbruben23: the default should be nano, which IIRC is ^X (control+x).08:04
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twbruben23: another likely candidate is vi(m), which you can exit using :q! (to discard changes) or :wq (to save changes)08:05
ruben23 twb: i tried both actually but still it wont work..?08:05
ruben23i mean it wont work.08:05
twbruben23: pastebin or imagebin what you see on the screen.08:06
twbruben23: I can't tell from that what editor you're in.08:08
twbRemember that if you're in vi, you need to type ^[ (ESC) to leave edit mode.08:08
Four2zerogoogle brings no good results fo samba client for windows 7 x6408:09
twbFour2zero: if you want help with Windows clients, you should ask ##windows.08:09
twbFour2zero: if you can produce the problem using the server and client on the same Ubuntu server, we can probably help.08:09
Four2zeroim using putty08:10
_Techie_Four2zero, windows has a built in samba client08:11
Four2zerookay, i will figure it out.08:11
_Techie_Four2zero, what you need to do is enable guest access to the share and lock it to guest only08:11
twbMore precisely: Samba is a CIFS server; Windows includes a CIFS library and client (explorer)08:12
twb_Techie_: ah, thanks, I didn't grok that was his goal08:12
ruben23twb: _ someone told me its joe editor.08:13
Four2zero_Techie_ i do have the "guest ok = yes" switch enabled.08:13
twbruben23: oh gods08:13
twbruben23: yes, the joe package Fucked Up and makes itself the default editor for everyone if it's installed08:13
twbruben23: IIRC it has some instructions at the top of the screen about how to bring up the menu08:13
_Techie_Four2zero, heres my smb.conf modified  http://paste.ubuntu.com/493488/08:14
_Techie_if you take my smb.conf enry and modify it to fit your needs it should work08:15
_Techie_the main parts you want are guest only, and guest account08:15
Four2zeroI will test your config out and report back.08:16
Four2zero_Techie_ okay i also tried your code with no luck. Hmm could it be possible that i might be running two processes that is conflicting each other ?08:27
Four2zerohowever, i should n't be running two processes of smb.conf08:27
_Techie_Four2zero, did you sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart    ?08:28
Four2zerothat command is not found08:28
Four2zeroi keep getting that for some odd reason08:29
_Techie_sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart08:29
_Techie_unless they renamed it to something else in 10.0408:29
Four2zerofour2zero@media-server:~$ four2zero@media-server:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart08:30
Four2zerofour2zero@media-server:~$: command not found08:30
Four2zerosudo service smbd restart08:30
Four2zerofrom what twb says: sudo service smbd restart08:31
_Techie_then that08:31
_Techie_maybe it was renamed from samba to smbd in 10.0408:32
Four2zeroi did try did not resolve08:33
Four2zeroi will uninstall samba and restart08:35
Four2zerothanks for replys08:35
Four2zerois there any other place other than /etc/directary samba resides ?08:53
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Four2zeroand after i remove samba do i need to reboot ?08:53
Four2zeroi find it odd, that after i uninstalled samba, windows still shows it in my network after the refreshh08:55
ikoniaI'm trying to use the lib-virt (Virtual Machine Manager) gui, rather than make changes within the config files08:59
ikoniaI can't see how using the gui you can create pass through networking connectivity from the host, to the guest OS08:59
ikoniathe guest OS appears to be able to route or "proxy" out of the host, but the host can't reach the guest08:59
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daxrocI reinstalled mysql after a problem with passwords etc and it has stoped starting on boot any one know why that would happen ?09:35
daxrocstarts fine from init.d / start mysql09:36
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audaxroc: sudo update-rc.d mysql defaults09:38
daxrocau that added a few scripts but also gave an error update-rc.d: warning: /etc/init.d/mysql missing LSB information09:40
tdnI have created a user during installation and said Yes to "Encrypt home dirs?". How do I get back to non-encrypted home dirs?09:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #633725 in mythexport (main) "mysql thread_stack parameter too low, causing usage problems." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63372509:47
TBulti will set up a central user management09:51
TBultfor our sys amins09:52
TBultwhich way can you recommend?09:53
aliveriusi want to use my box as both a server and a router. would it be ok to use ubuntu to do both or should i preffer running a router in kvm?09:57
joschiTBult: that depends on your requirements09:57
joschiTBult: but usually you would use some LDAP server and maybe kerberos for that09:58
TBultevery admin should have his own account and a own "shell log"09:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #637889 in bacula (main) "bacula-director-mysql : debconf: Unknown template field '_description'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63788910:01
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d3vic3wmii filesystem mount corrupted http://paste.ubuntu.com/493558/11:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #635664 in php5 (main) "php5 crashed with SIGSEGV in sapi_header_op()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63566411:32
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jo-erlendI recently install updates for a lucid mail server. I can't receive mail anymore. Is this a known bug, or any ideas what might have happened?11:51
twbjo-erlend: that is not a bug *I* know about.  Investigate further (e.g. read logs).11:54
progre55hi guys. I'm trying to install ubuntu server from a usb startup disk, but it's not detecting my hard drives to partition.. any suggestions, please?11:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #637951 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 2.4.4-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso post-installation script devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63795112:06
rahmanHi, I am trying to find a file upload date to my apache server. I know the file name but what should I search for in apache access logs? If I search for the file name I get lots of logs about downloads of the file.12:10
ttxSpamapS: looks like your recent changes broke the burnup graph?12:28
joschirahman: the contents of POST requests are not logged usually12:38
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Davieyrahman, Try adding "POST" to your grep12:41
joschiDaviey: since the POST parameters are not logged by default, this won't get him far12:42
Davieyor head :)12:42
Davieyjoschi, Are you sure?12:44
joschiDaviey: yes12:44
rahmanThanks dudes, but you are right, POST method contents are not logged. So I see when a file is uploaded but cant see the file name. So can I configure apache to log the complete contents of the post methods?12:44
joschirahman: you could use mod_dumpio. but that will produce *huge* log files12:51
joschirahman: a better alternative is to let your application log the file names and dates12:51
rahmanjoschi: how huge  should they get? I am rotating apache logs daily and one day log file is ~50 mb uncompressed. and I am keeping up to 6 month old log files. Do the mod_dumpio also dump the complete binary file data to the log file? If so you are right it is useless for me13:01
joschirahman: yes, it dumps *all* I/O  to the logs13:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #637987 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63798713:07
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sommeryo, morning :-)13:47
zulttx: where is the list of rc bugs again?13:55
ttxor search for the server-mrs tag for something more current13:55
ttxzul: You have bug 582963 on your plate13:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 582963 in server-papercuts "SSL pass phrase dialog can't read input" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58296313:56
ttxif anything can be done at this stage13:56
zulttx: i dont think anything can13:56
ttxThen two others seem promised to you:13:57
ttxBug 59606413:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 596064 in samba "nmbd fails to start on boot - problem with upstart " [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59606413:57
ttxBug 56175013:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 561750 in squid "squid starts and stops immediately (after upgrade from karmic to lucid)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56175013:57
MTecknologyI've been getting a few thousand messages per day looking like this - http://dpaste.com/243234/ - Any ideas why I'm getting them and how I can stop them from happening?14:09
jpdsMTecknology: That's coming from apparmor.14:12
ttxJamesPage: ping14:13
jdstrandMTecknology: you need to add 'k' for that path in your smbd profile14:14
MTecknologyjdstrand: What's in there now is "@{HOMEDIRS}/** lrw," I also get a message in the logs about profile="/usr/sbin/smbd" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" - shouldn't the r in there make those messages not come up?14:17
jdstrandMTecknology: for sure you need to add 'k' to the 'lrw'. as for the 'r', I need the complete line14:19
MTecknologyjdstrand: ok- is there anything I need to do to reload that profile?14:19
MTecknologyI see why you need that line... It wants r on /var/log/samba/14:20
jdstrandMTecknology: sudo apparmor_parser -r -T -W /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.smbd14:20
reggi_auhey folks, does anyone here know which channel I should connect to ask about PXE related questions? I'm trying to set up network boot because I want to install Windows XP and other operating systems over the network.14:21
MTecknologyjdstrand: thanks :D14:21
jdstrandMTecknology: sure14:21
JamesPagettx: ping14:23
ttxJamesPage: wanted to bring your attention to two bugs in the Java libraries that were recently pushed in our direction14:23
ttxFirst one is bug 55261314:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 552613 in xmlbeans "[MIR] xmlbeans" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55261314:24
ttxBoth issues are about our main/universe split, that makes us different from Debian14:24
MTecknologyjdstrand: In AppArmor, is there any way to tell it a process can start working in this directory, but then it can't go above that level?   Like... It starts /path/to/some/foo/bar.py it can't read anything above /path/to/ ?14:25
ttxwe sync from debian new "feature support" (here the E4X)14:25
ttxJamesPage: that adds a build-depends14:25
MTecknologyjdstrand: That would be the most awesomest thing in the world if it can..14:25
ttxJamesPage: problem is, the package is in main, and the build-depend is in universe14:25
ttxJamesPage: so the package fails to build until you do Main Inclusion Requests for the offender in universe14:26
JamesPagettx: the offender being xmlbeans?14:26
ttxhowever, this can result in a lot of dependencies of dependencies14:26
ttxwhich, in turn, depends on saxonb14:26
ttxthe problem is that we discover those late in the cycle14:26
wbitHow can I check if a user has reached it's open file/socket limit?14:27
ttxwhen we look at FTBFS (fails to build from source) reports14:27
ttxand sometimes it's a bit late to fix those. For that first bug, we'd need FFE (feature freeze exception) for the E4X support14:27
ttx+ 2 MIRs14:27
hggdhmorning Daviey14:27
Davieyafternoon hggdh :)14:28
ttxJamesPage: so for that one I consider disabling the E4X support and the new build-dep14:28
ttxwe should not forget about this one, otherwise it will bite us again next cycle14:28
ttxwe need to fix that when it's the right moment in the cycle to fix them14:28
ttxthe second bug is...14:29
ttxbug 63589514:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 635895 in libcommons-fileupload-java "libcommons-fileupload-java (main) build-depens on libportlet-api-2.0-spec-java (universe)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63589514:29
ttxfor that one, it's portlet API support that was added to commons-fileupload14:29
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ttxJamesPage: here it's even more MIRs that are needed, since we pull all the maven stack to main14:29
hggdhDaviey: I see we already have a patch for the 500 error14:30
ttxthat's something we need to do at one point... but at the start of a cycle is a better time :)14:30
JamesPagettx: OK - to summarise both these issues need to be resolved by removing the dependencies now14:31
MTecknologyjdstrand: I'm also curious if there's somewhere that explains the denied masks. Sometimes it's ::k and sometimes it's k:: - Now I'm getting pretty interest in what's going on. :P14:31
JamesPagebut ensuring that we don't lose them for the next cycle (i,e. I need to remember :-)14:31
ttxJamesPage: exactly.14:31
ttxi'll comment on both bugs. You might be interested in proposing a fix for them14:32
jdstrandMTecknology: man apparmor.d14:32
ttxJamesPage: do you think you have time for that ?14:32
jdstrandMTecknology: though tbh I've not thought about when the kernel reports ::k vs k::14:32
ttxJamesPage: those are RC bugs that we'd better fix before Thursday, so that means your fix proposal should come in ~ wednesday noon so that I can sponsor it14:32
blackxoredhi guys, i'm setting up openvpn client on a new machine, it doesn't redirect my traffic neither pushes the default gw, the logs says error 7 around adding some route, any clues?14:33
ttxJamesPage: if you already have other things on your plate, I can do them.14:33
JamesPagettx: I think so; I've been looking at Hudson integration with mathiaz but I can put that down14:33
JamesPagettx: want to get to know the process; I'll take a look now.14:33
ttxOK, I'll assign those to you... and I'll pick them up on wednesday afternoon if you don't make it14:34
MTecknologyjdstrand: No significant difference probably?14:35
jdstrandMTecknology: certianly not when profiling an application. you could ask jjohansen when he comes online if you are curious14:36
nonamehi guys , can someone guid me to backup a folder to a folder in my home directory colled backupfolder14:39
nonameetc/tmp/mydat : mydata is the name of the folder that i want to backup14:40
JamesPagettx: OK14:41
MTecknologyjdstrand: ok, thanks again :)14:42
ttxjamespage: your LP userid is jamespage ?14:42
JamesPagettx: james-page14:43
ttxJamesPage: done -- ping me anytime for advice or other14:44
JamesPagettx: thanks -- I'll shout if I need any help14:45
Davieyhggdh, that is purely my patch.. wanted to see what upstream thought of it14:50
Daviey(it does fix it, fwict) \o/14:50
Davieyhggdh, disappointing that eucalyptus didn't get back to us like they said they would... also following 2 emails!14:51
hggdhyes indeed. Weird14:54
hggdhDaviey: and I understood this was tested14:55
ttxDaviey: did you push this to a new upload ?14:57
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Davieyhggdh, everything that lands there has passed their QA.. is what they tell us.15:07
Davieyttx, I have a branch waiting.. but was really hoping to nab one of upstream for comment before pushing it.  Perhaps just push it regardless?15:08
hggdhDaviey: I wonder why they added the context.clear line there also. What about while we wait for comments we push & test it?15:11
Davieyhggdh, yeah - i'm trying to get the login screen better.. seems like a good idea to make uploads somewhat more useful15:12
Davieybut this is a critical issue.. so i guess just push15:12
hggdhDaviey: go for it -- login screen is good but we can deal with it later15:12
Davieyhggdh, well 2 instances start really fast!  With the patch.. so it looks good15:14
ttxDaviey: Ideally we'd have an ISO tomorrow with that fix15:14
Davieyttx, Oh.. that is my intention15:14
hggdhttx: I can netboot and check it as soon as it is published15:14
ttxso you can give it a couple more hours15:14
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ttxto give upstream a chance to answer15:14
Daviey(which explains why i've been working on this past midnight, twice this week - trying to ensure the following days iso is good) :)15:14
Davieyhggdh, I'll push it to a PPA right now... and leave it a few more hours for upstream to comment.. That way you can get some testing in :)15:19
Davieyttx, ^ ?15:19
mathiazDaviey: you should ask access to the system where you can trigger iso builds15:19
ttxDaviey: ack15:19
mathiazDaviey: I don't see why you should be blocked on the next day iso and work late to make it in time15:20
Davieymathiaz, I can see that point.. but i'm happy with ttx being the gatekeeper i think15:20
mathiazDaviey: rather - ask the ability to spin isos15:20
Davieyttx, What are your thoughts?15:20
ttxmathiaz: the current spin time lets me get a fresh ISO when I wake up, so it's perfectly fine by me15:20
ttxno need for an earlier spinnage, unless Dave needs it15:21
mathiazttx: agreed15:21
mathiazttx: it seems that Daviey needs it as outlined above15:21
ttxwhen I say "have an ISO tomorrow with that fix" I really mean, you should upload before EOB today15:21
Davieyi *prefer* working from netboot TBH... The main reason for trying to ensure it lands late at night, is for other people to test the ISO.15:21
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mathiazjdstrand: hey!15:22
mathiazjdstrand: have you already seen this libvirt issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/493661/?15:23
jdstrandmathiaz: no15:23
jdstrandmathiaz: are you redefining the default network?15:24
Davieyhggdh, pushing to PPA now15:24
hggdhDaviey: ack, thanks15:24
jdstrandmathiaz: hi btw :)15:24
edgeis it possible to download the documentation that is web based, in a complete PDF format ?15:24
mathiazjdstrand: this is the network definition: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493663/15:24
mathiazjdstrand: it used to work on lucid15:24
mathiazjdstrand: fails on maverick15:25
jdstrandmathiaz: what are you doing exactly? the default network should come up automatically15:25
SpamapSttx: broken? The graph looks fine to me...15:25
mathiazjdstrand: I've slightly change the default network definition15:26
mathiazjdstrand: there isn't any dnsmasq started15:26
mathiazjdstrand: as I start my own dnsmasq with it's own configuration15:26
ttxSpamapS: if "fine" means that the line is in the middle of nowhere, then I'd agree with you15:26
jdstrandmathiaz: ok I see that now15:26
SpamapSttx: which one?15:26
jdstrandmathiaz: so, maverick seems a bit more finicky on redefining the network15:26
ttxSpamapS: let me upload a picture showing how it should be15:27
jdstrandmathiaz: I do:15:27
jdstrandvirsh net-dumpxml default > /tmp/xml15:27
jdstrandvirsh net-destroy default15:27
mathiazjdstrand: hm - port 69 is tftp15:27
jdstrandvirsh net-undefine default15:27
jdstrandedit /tmp/xml15:27
SpamapSttx: this one isn't right? - http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-server-ubuntu-10.10.html15:27
jdstrandvirsh net-define /tmp/xml15:27
jdstrand/etc/init.d/libvirt-bin stop15:27
jdstrandkillall dnsmasq15:27
jdstrand/etc/init.d/libvirt-bin start15:28
jdstrandvirsh net-dumpxml default    # should show the network is changed15:28
ttxSpamapS: no it isn't15:28
jdstrandvirsh net-list               # should show the default network15:28
ttxSpamapS: should be http://people.canonical.com/~ttx/meuh.svg15:28
ttxi.e. the line should draw to the DONE point on D-115:28
jdstrandmathiaz: I haven't perfected the algorithm yet, but basically, you need to destroy it, undefine, then define it15:28
ttxnot somewhere random at the bottom of the graph15:28
* mathiaz ndos15:28
ttxSpamapS: mine is generated with rev219, same DB.15:29
jdstrandmathiaz: I think doing something like the above will get libvirt into a state where it will do what you want15:29
ttxSpamapS: looks like your "inprogress" status lost it.15:30
ttxSpamapS: do I make sense ?15:31
SpamapSttx: ok I see the difference. yes.15:31
SpamapSttx: the way those plot objects are created/managed is really, really weird15:31
SpamapSttx: it would have been blocked that messed it up, not inprogress15:32
ttxSpamapS: right, "blocked"15:32
ttxSpamapS: looks like the line is drawn to the amount of "in progress" items rathe than to the amount of DONE ones15:32
ttxSpamapS: I can look into it tomorrow if you're too busy to fix it15:33
SpamapSttx: no, I will fix it today15:35
SpamapSttx: pitti gave me commit access so I can actually fix it. :)15:36
ttxSpamapS: nice strategy :)15:36
ttxbreak it to the point that you get commit access to fix it15:36
robgaultgood morning; is there an upgrade path from 10.04 to 10.04.1 TLS?15:38
Davieyrobgault, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:39
joschirobgault: aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade15:39
jcastroyou don't even need the dist-upgrade Daviey15:40
jcastroif you're just doing updates normally you'll be fine15:40
robgaultDaviey: thanks I was using "do-release-upgrade"15:41
robgaultjcastro: it wasn't doing the upgrade w/ just a normal apt-get upgrade15:42
jcastrorobgault: that's for release-to-release, point releases are basically just a roll up of all the existing updates15:42
robgaultis there an advantage to using aptitude over apt-get?15:43
joschirobgault: better dependency resolution in some cases. if apt-get works for you, stay with it15:44
robgaultthanks everyone for the help!15:46
robgaultmajordomo isn't packaged for ubuntu?15:48
zulumm...probably not but mailman is15:49
mathiazjdstrand: would there be a reason why libvirt couldn't open qcow2 files stored in ecryptfs on maverick?15:50
robgaultI've never used mailman, how does it compare to majordomo?15:50
mathiazjdstrand: my qcow2 files backing my vms are stored in my home directory which is managed by ecryptfs15:51
mathiazjdstrand: libvirt fails to start my vms in maverick15:51
mathiazjdstrand: if I move my vms to /srv libvirt is able to start them15:51
jdstrandmathiaz: yes, but it has nothing to do eith ecryptfs15:51
jdstrandmathiaz: oh, well, hmm, maybe then15:51
mathiazjdstrand: well - and when I start from /srv it seems that the guest isn't brought up15:52
Davieyhggdh, https://edge.launchpad.net/~davewalker/+archive/uec-devel/+build/195940115:52
jdstrandmathiaz: do you have any apparmor denied messages in kern.log?15:52
hggdhDaviey: thank you15:52
jdstrandmathiaz: check your xml for the disk: does it say '<driver name='qemu' type='raw'.../>' or '<driver name='qemu' type='qcow2'.../>'?15:53
mathiazjdstrand: I only see apparmor profile reload/replace messages15:53
mathiazjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493686/15:53
jdstrand      <driver name='qemu' type='raw'/>15:54
jdstrand      <source file='/home/mathiaz/reference/vms/m-base/disk.qcow2'/>15:54
mathiazjdstrand: hm right15:54
mathiazjdstrand: let me fix that15:54
jdstrandmathiaz: libvirt 0.8.3 requires the type to match the image15:54
mathiazjdstrand: well - how do I fix that?15:54
mathiazjdstrand: <disk type='file' device='disk'> -> ?15:54
jdstrandmathiaz: I wrote libvirt-migrate-qemu-disks for this15:55
jdstrandmathiaz: it should have been called on upgrade. are these new images or existing?15:55
mathiazjdstrand: this is a new image15:56
mathiazjdstrand: I've checked existing images and they're indeed upgraded15:56
jdstrandok, then that is why libvirt-migrate-qemu-disks wasn't used15:56
jdstrandmathiaz: how did you create the image?15:56
mathiazjdstrand: copied a libvirt.xml from a lucid host15:56
mathiazjdstrand: and then edited by hand15:57
jdstrandmathiaz: ok-- part of your process will need to include adding '<driver name='qemu' type='qcow2'/>' to the xml before you define it. then you should be fine15:57
mathiazjdstrand: great - thansk15:57
jdstrandmathiaz: look at your paste to see where to put it (ie, libvirt added the 'raw' line since it wasn't in the xml when you defined it)15:59
mathiazjdstrand: ok - it worked16:04
mathiazjdstrand: however libvirt can't access files stored in ecryptfs16:05
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jdstrandmathiaz: what are the permissions of your $HOME?16:06
mathiazjdstrand: drwx------16:07
jdstrandmathiaz: that is probably why. libvirt in maverick now runs qemu guest as libvirt-qemu:kvm16:08
mathiazjdstrand: indeed - I noticed that the backend files had changed ownership16:08
jdstrandmathiaz: you have two choices-- adjust your permissions to by 0750 mathiaz:kvm (I think that should work, if not, you get the idea) or adjust /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf to have:16:09
jdstranduser = "root"16:09
jdstrandgroup = "root"16:09
jdstrandheh, actually, you could try to adjust the user and group to be yourself16:09
jdstrandanyway, you get the idea16:10
* mathiaz nods16:10
jdstrandmathiaz: fyi, in lucid we run as root:root, which is generally fine if you leave the apparmor security driver enabled16:11
mathiazjdstrand: right16:11
mathiazjdstrand: this is for system instances16:11
mathiazjdstrand: though.16:11
jdstrandoh yes16:11
jdstrandqemu:///session always runs as you16:12
mathiazjdstrand: right - I could try to use session instead :)16:12
jdstrandmathiaz: that is a third option, but you lose a lot. it starts a libvirtd as you, so you don't get the fancy networking or apparmor protection (among other things)16:13
* SpamapS is caught red handed rocking out to stynx16:16
mathiazjdstrand: it works now - I've set 750 mathiaz:kvm on /home/mathiaz/16:17
mathiazjdstrand: thanks for helping out!16:17
jdstrandmathiaz: sure thing. 0.8.3 brought a number of changes16:17
mathiazjdstrand: I'm not sure I understand why changing /home/mathiaz fixed it?16:18
jdstrandmathiaz: look at the qemu process with ps auxww16:18
jdstrandmathiaz: it is running as an unprivileged user, so it could read the inside of your directory when it was 070016:18
* mathiaz nods16:20
thafreakI had 2 identically configured ubuntu lucid servers, both with a bridge device configured identically in the /etc/network/interfaces file. One server, it would be up automatically on boot, the other it wouldn't...16:31
thafreakAny ideas what could cause that?16:32
ttxSpamapS: should i target bug 625882 to Maverick ? i.e. do you intend to fix all of it ?16:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 625882 in rrdtool "libdbi0: ABI breakage without package name change" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62588216:32
thafreakThe only difference, is I may have installed one box with 10.04 and the other with 10.04.116:32
SpamapSttx: I think it would be a shame not to fix it.16:33
thafreakbut both were completely up to date with updates, and both at 10.04.116:33
ttxSpamapS: I'll add it to the ttx nagging list then16:33
SpamapSttx: I've already done all the rebuilds / tests .. I was just dragging my feet because I wasn't sure who to contact next.16:33
EvilPhoenixis it possible to remove "sudo"16:40
EvilPhoenixas in the actual command16:40
EvilPhoenixso that root on a server is the only one that can do root stuff16:40
Laverneyou can set a password for root and then remove the users from the admin group16:41
pmatuliswhy not just leave one person in the admin group?16:43
SpamapSEvilPhoenix: its actually more secure to simply remove access to sudo from all but one admin user16:50
EvilPhoenixsuch as root16:50
SpamapSEvilPhoenix: now an attacker must compromise *two* passwords.16:50
EvilPhoenixi already did that16:50
EvilPhoenixthey also have to break through ssh-key-only auth16:50
EvilPhoenixjust to get to ssh16:50
SpamapSright, so they have to compromise the ssh key of the admin user..16:51
SpamapSthen get his password..16:51
SpamapSunless you go NOPASSWD for all.. which is.. not recommended on production servers. ;)16:51
SpamapSssh'ing as root is not recommended either.16:51
SpamapSEvilPhoenix: what risk do you see in sudo vs. direct root access?16:53
trashguy have a server that sends mail out for a zenoss instalattion but there was a bad address and now mail is stuck in  my16:54
trashguy                  relay que on my mail server16:54
trashguydoes ubuntu by default deny all incoming mail?16:54
EvilPhoenixdoesnt matter the reasoning atm16:54
SpamapStrashguy: Ubuntu's default MTA, postfix, will not relay mail to domains it doesn't know about by default.16:55
SpamapSEvilPhoenix: the answer to your question was yes, of course you can. We're just trying to steer you away from adding risk to your system.16:56
trashguywhere is the conf file16:56
trashguyi dont see teh obvious mail dir under etc16:56
SpamapStrashguy: /etc/postfix16:56
trashguyis it not installed in base?16:56
SpamapStrashguy: no, it only gets installed when you install something that needs an MTA16:57
bhauffSo I have a VM provided to me from my admin of 10.04 and I noticed it has 5 postgres processes running.  I don't particularly need postgres, or apache for that matter which is also running.  Are these things that I can cleanly remove now, or should we reinstall making sure they aren't there?  I am trying to prepare a gold image that we will use.16:57
trashguyto stuck on with fbsd this linux stff has a different practice :D16:57
EvilPhoenixSpamapS, yeah i realize16:57
EvilPhoenixi'm in the middle of fixing what someone broke16:58
* EvilPhoenix is very annoyed and busy16:58
bhauffAlso, free -m is showing ~250MB of memory used, which seems high for a just installed VM doesn't it?  The VM has 1GB of memory.  I saw that the slicehost article for setting up a VM had only 25MB of memory used, although his VM had only 256MB of available memory.16:59
SpamapStrashguy: turns out most systems don't need an MTA.. beside.. there is too much email in the world already.. we don't need to encourage more people to send more email. :)17:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #638171 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-pgsql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso script post-installation instalado devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63817117:01
SpamapSbhauff: apt-get remove postgresql apache217:01
SpamapSbhauff: to make it 100% clean, you can purge the data/config files too..  dpkg --purge postgresql ; dpkg --purge apache217:02
SpamapSbhauff: you may also want to run 'apt-get autoremove' to get rid of all the dependencies that are no longer needed.17:03
bhauffSpamapS: Thanks, that is a big help, is that just as good as doing a new install?17:03
SpamapSbhauff: purge should leave *no* trace of a package. If it does, file a bug. ;)17:04
SpamapSbhauff: its one of the big goals of Debian and Ubuntu to be able to remove and manage software cleanly so there's no feeling that a system needs a reinstall. :)17:05
bhauffSpamapS: I appreciate that, my admin setup this VM, and I am trying to get the memory down, did you see my message about the memory from above?17:05
bhauffSpamapS: Does the dpkg --purge also remove the install package, or do I need to do the apt-get remove and the dpkg?17:06
SpamapSbhauff: dpkg won't remove anything that depends on those packages, so you may "break" your system by doing the --purge first.17:09
SpamapSbhauff: apt-get remove will say "oh, drupal6 depends on apache2, which you're removing, so I'll remove it too"17:09
bhauffSpamapS: ok, so aptitude remove first, then the dpkg purge for cleanliness:)17:09
SpamapSbhauff: --purge is just a nice final step to get rid of config files and data17:10
bhauffSpamapS: Ok cool, do you know if ubuntu will use more memory if it has more available to it?17:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #638177 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: podproces zainstalowany skrypt post-installation zwrócił kod błędu 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63817717:11
SpamapSbhauff: of course it will. :)17:11
SpamapSbhauff: any RAM not in use by programs will be used to cache and buffer disk access.17:12
bhauffSpamapS: ok, that makes sense, I was wondering why free -m is showing 250MB of usage with a just brought up server17:13
SpamapSbhauff: yeah, thats a good thing. :)17:13
bhauffSpamapS: ok, apt-get is telling me that postgre is not installed, but I see 5 processes of it with ps aux17:14
bhauffSpamapS: http://gist.github.com/57928817:15
sjmbhauff, SpamapS can't you do both in one step with "aptitude purge apache2 postgresql"  ?17:16
SpamapSsjm: I dunno, I've had some bad luck with 'apt-get purge' and I don't really know aptitude17:17
=== jono-phone is now known as jono
SpamapSbhauff: dpkg -S /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin/postgres will tell you what package owns that file17:17
sjmbhauff, I don't think it will stop any already running processes.  You need to stop them and then they should be gone.17:18
bhauffSpamapS: postgresql-8.417:18
trashguywth is eaitng up 48GB of ram17:19
SpamapStrashguy: got mysql? ;)17:19
trashguynot that big17:20
trashguyits a Zenoss box17:20
SpamapSmysql can eat RAM like crazy17:21
trashguyi am runnign zoneminder too17:21
bhauffSpamapS: Thanks a bunch, everything is good to go now, and I learned alot about packages!17:22
SpamapStrashguy: ps auxw O r   <-- sorts all processes by their memory size, ascending, so the last thing you see is the biggest eater of RAM.17:23
SpamapSbhauff: any time17:23
bhauffok, general question what is the difference between dkpg apt-get and aptitude?17:24
trashguySpunk and zenoss :/17:24
sjmbhauff, As I understand it, dpkg is the underlying package manager, but doesn't do any dependancy resolution.  apt-get and aptitude are basically the same, but some say aptitude is "more powerful".17:25
SpamapStrashguy: how happy are you with Splunk? Last time I tried it, it was actually pretty awesome.. but way too pricey.17:26
sjmbhauff, aptitude and apt-get both do dependancy resolution.17:26
SpamapSsjm: btw, the prerm scripts of the packages should stop all running daemons before removing the package17:27
sjmbhauff, aptitude run without any options does give you a more graphical interface that apt-get doesn't have17:27
bhauffsjm: was aptitude an iteration of development on top of apt-get or just a whole new tool?17:27
sjmbhauff, no idea.  Also not sure which was first.17:28
bhauffsjm: thanks17:28
trashguycant seem to find this memory hog17:31
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
SpamapSsjm: apt-get was first.. aptitude came later as an attempt to replace apt.17:33
SpamapSbhauff: ^^17:33
SpamapStrashguy: is it really "using" the RAM, or is it all just used in buffers/cache ?17:33
trashguyi founc it17:34
trashguyzoneminder had a file stuck17:34
trashguya vidoe stream form a security cam17:35
trashguyspunk is so awesome17:38
trashguysplunk even17:38
RyanPI have a machine that's running a number of openvpn client processes. I want to use monit to monitor them, but trying to define more than one service returns the error " Error: service name conflict, openvpn already defined."17:40
aetaricanyone know where the kernel and initrd.gz live on ubuntu server iso?17:42
SpamapSRyanP: just name each one something different?17:44
pmatulisaetaric: can you not mount the ISO and use find?17:45
RyanPSpamapS, the config file looks like this: http://pastebin.com/bLrpUtsb the process has to be 'openvpn', or else it doesn't recognize that it's been restarted properly after a failure. It only lets me define one 'openvpn' service, even if there are different pid files.17:48
SpamapSRyanP: ah, maybe monit can specify a different "name" for each one that isn't the actual process name?17:52
RyanPSpamapS, I hope so, but didn't find anything in the documentation. An 'alias' command or something would be useful here. Was hoping that someone would know.17:53
SpamapSRyanP: you could always just write upstart jobs to do the same thing. :)17:54
RyanPSpamapS, Sure. I'm just trying to make sure that a bunch of openvpn connections stay open. I haven't looked at upstart much. Is there something you can point me at that would be useful?17:55
SpamapSRyanP: Ugh, I wish there were. I'm actually working on a set of best practices right now.... basically you just need to create a simple file in /etc/init17:58
SpamapSRyanP: something like this would work  http://pastebin.com/fHxG7uXn17:59
SpamapSRyanP: you'd want to add some other things, like start on net-device-up17:59
SpamapSand I'm not entirely sure how the instance stuff works to be honest17:59
RyanPSpamapS, Thanks. I just found something in the monit docs that might be what I want. If that doesn't work out I'll approach it from that direction.18:00
SpamapSRyanP: cool. I think OpenVPN is on the list of things we're convirting to upstart.18:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #638238 in samba (main) "samba failed to install and crashes on login - package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63823818:21
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elb0wAre there any ubuntu server images for AWS?18:27
=== jsalisbury is now known as jsalisbury_brb
cwryuuelb0w: I don't know if there are any available, but you can try building your own http://alestic.com/2010/01/vmbuilder-ebs-boot-ami18:30
RyanPSpamapS, Just so you know, setting the config file like: http://pastebin.com/0uL0D2Ec seems to do the trick. I'm curious about doing it in upstart though, so I'll take a look there too.18:34
zoopsterelb0w: you mean EC2? or something different?18:35
zoopsterelb0w: if you want EC2 AMIs...the 10.04 ones are listed at http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/18:36
elb0wyea ec218:39
SpamapSRyanP: I like monit a lot.. it has some key advantages over upstart for some things. But upstart is sort of.. "the future" for background process management.18:45
elb0wzoopster, who do I login as?18:48
elb0wamazon wants root18:48
zoopsterelb0w: ubuntu18:48
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Skaagis there a utility in ubuntu which re-runs a service if it failed?19:14
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
wickedSAI'm a fan of runit19:16
RoyKOpenIndiana seems like a promising project :)19:18
RoyKpress conference is at its end, though19:20
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panfisti'm ssh'd into an ubuntu server from an ubuntu desktop. i'm trying to execute a graphical app over ssh on the ubuntu server, but it says: Error: Can't open display: sshclient:0.019:24
RoyKpanfist: enable ssh X forwarding19:26
SkaagwickedSA: how do you setup apache in ubuntu to be supervised by runit?19:26
SkaagI understand I need to create a directory19:26
panfistRoyK it is enabled, and i connected with ssh -X19:26
RoyKworks for me (tm)19:26
Skaagactually, /etc/sv/apache already exists19:26
wickedSASkaag: I wouldnt do that with apache. do you find that apache dies on you?19:27
Skaagyes it does because of a RAM problem19:27
Skaaguntil I replace the RAM, I want it to be reloaded19:28
wickedSASkaag: I would just whip up a shell script and run that out of cron19:28
wickedSAand hopefully cron doesnt die too19:29
mathiazsommer: hey!19:29
mathiazsommer: looking at the puppet page19:29
sommermathiaz: cool19:29
mathiazsommer: I think there needs to be a ; at the end of each ressource definition (ie apache2 package and service)19:30
sommermathiaz: mmmm... it worked without it19:30
sommermathiaz: I can add that though19:30
mathiazsommer: ok - I may be misguided here then19:30
mathiazsommer: I'd recommend to use puppetmaster-passenger instead of puppetmaster19:30
mathiazsommer: however -passenger is in universe19:31
Skaagyou're right, I whipped it up with cron19:31
sommermathiaz: ya, I was going for a very simple example... since puppet can get very complicated very quick, heh19:31
sommermathiaz: I can add puppetmaster-passenger for natty though19:31
mathiazsommer:  puppetmaster-passenger is already in maverick19:32
mathiazsommer: it's just a matter of apt-get install puppetmaster-passenger19:32
sommermathiaz: right, but it's way past string freeze19:32
mathiazsommer: and it's up-n-running19:32
mathiazsommer: fair enough19:32
mathiazsommer: the rest looks good to me19:32
sommermathiaz: sweet, thanks for taking a look, I appreciate the feedback19:33
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bjaanesI use backuppc for backup. I just installed my NFS server and was wondering if backuppc backups up hard drives that are connected but NOT mounted. I have a hard drive connected with like 1TB with data and would very much not like to see pool full tomorrow morning (tomorrow night, the day after - whenever it finishes)19:46
Skaagany of you know a solution that synchronizes files quickly between servers?19:51
Skaagnot drbd based19:52
Skaagand not rsync based19:52
oryxtechello world19:52
giovaniSkaag: what do you want, exactly?19:52
giovanii.e. why is rsync not an option19:52
RoyKSkaag: those are the ones - unison works too, but is dead slow19:53
SkaagI am using csync2 for a while19:53
* RoyK can't wait to install openindiana 19:54
oryxteci m trying to load a php base agi but i m unable to.19:54
giovaniSkaag: is there a reason you're not using a distributed/network file system?19:54
Skaagsuch as?19:54
RoyKoryxtec: agi?19:54
SkaagI need multi-master19:55
Skaagand I need it to not be read-only19:55
Skaagthat is, I want to be able to delete a file19:55
SkaagI tried glusterfs19:55
SkaagI'm actually using it, for machines that are on the same switch19:55
Skaagbut they are not yet done with their WAN support19:55
Skaagso if you try glusterfs over WAN, it kills your machines19:55
SkaagI actually tried it19:56
RoyKyou mean slow links?19:56
oryxtecRoynk: i m running asterisk on ubuntu and in asterisk i m tyring to load one php based agi but i does not work.. i had some issues on php and apache yesterday qman__: help me to fix those errors19:56
RoyKimho glusterfs isn't meant for slow links19:56
Skaagwell, they are not really that slow... just between several data centers19:56
oryxtectoday every thing is working fine.. but now19:56
Skaagbut with 50ms ~ 60ms latency between them19:56
oryxtecphp based agi is not working19:56
RoyKoryxtec: php-cgi?19:56
RoyKoryxtec: perhaps the guys at #asterisk can help19:56
SkaagRoyK: That's right, it's not, but I discussed with them, they have one guy working on it19:56
RoyKbetter ask there19:56
RoyKSkaag: ok19:57
oryxteclet me try ther19:57
qman__oryxtec, I know LAMP very well, but I know nothing about asterisk19:57
RoyKoryxtec: does the script run as a normal user or the asterisk user?19:57
RoyKyou might have to feed it with some info to test it, though19:57
oryxtecnormal user19:58
oryxtecwhen i run this command19:58
oryxtecphp /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/a2billing.php -v19:58
RoyKwell, I don't know (and currently, I'm still banned from #asterisk after blaming them for being rather less professional than what I thought possible)19:58
oryxteci get this error19:58
oryxtecPHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_GOTO, expecting T_STRING in /usr/src/a2b/common/lib/phpagi/phpagi.php on line 122719:58
RoyKseems like a bug in the script to me19:59
oryxtecthis is not an asterisk issue19:59
RoyKit's a script issue19:59
oryxtecbut on my other sever same script is working fine19:59
RoyKdifferent php version?19:59
axisysis there a way to save some work and just clone a user account ?20:00
oryxteci read from on form regarding this issue .. and they said20:00
axisysotherwise.. i will just make sure new account has same group and sudo privs20:00
oryxteci had't installed php-pear package20:00
Skaagok coda looks interesting20:00
qman__oryxtec, php-pear is installed20:00
oryxtechow can i check if this packge is installed on my server20:00
SkaagI need to remember if I failed it and on what basis, when I did my research 6 month ago20:00
RoyKaxisys: just set sudo to use a group and add that user to the group20:01
qman__you can verify with `dpkg -l | grep php-pear`20:01
axisysRoyK: yep.. that is what I have.. so sudo part is not an issue.. but how about adding the user to same set of groups ?20:01
oryxtecqman__: yup its installed20:02
axisysi dont have a problem doing the manual way.. but dont want to miss out if there is some tool to do that quicker20:02
RoyKdunno if useradd can do that20:02
RoyKperhaps scripting up usermod will help20:03
oryxtecqman: any idea20:03
oryxtecon this?20:03
qman__sounds like a broken script to me20:03
RoyKaxisys: perhaps scripting up usermod will help20:03
qman__that or it's not compatible with your PHP version20:03
axisysRoyK: sure.. i could just use puppet or chef solo i guess20:03
RoyKiirc something changed in gotos around php5.320:04
oryxtechow can i check my php ver?20:04
RoyKphp --version20:04
qman__I know there were a lot of scripts that broke with 5.320:06
RoyKbackwards compatibility isn't really a high priority in php20:07
RoyKsadly, but true20:07
RoyKphp has even broken backwards compatibilty in minor versions20:07
oryxtecqman__: please can you check this comments on ths form20:07
RoyKoryxtec: I really think this is an asterisk case, not an ubuntu server case20:08
qman__oryxtec, the software isn't compatible with 5.3 yet, according to those posts20:10
oryxtecRoynk: this is not an asterisk issue :( according to to this form php 5.3.2 is not compatilbe with20:10
oryxtecphp 5.2 is compatible. :(20:10
oryxteccan we install php 5.2 on it?20:10
qman__not cleanly or easily20:11
oryxteccan we try?20:11
qman__you'd have to grab packages from karmic, pin them to the old versions, and hope nothing breaks20:11
qman__or, find a PPA or compile from source20:11
qman__in any case, not something I'd run in production20:11
RoyKoryxtec: just uninstall the current php version, apt-get source the php package, copy the debian/ directory into the old php source tree and make a new package20:12
oryxtecserver is not in production..20:12
RoyKusing the current source and grabbing the debian/ dir for making a new package is far cleaner than using an old package20:13
oryxtecfrom last 1 week i have messing up with this server.. and finally qman__: help me to fix it up.. but now the issue is with php ver... i would love to try to uninstall and install all packages again but i don't wana mess up with this server again... i have to put this server in production in 1 day. :( other wise i will be in a really big troble20:14
oryxtecjob risk :'(20:14
_Techie_oryxtec, what php script is stuffing up?20:14
oryxtecphp ver 5.3.2 compatibilty issue20:15
RoyKoryxtec: it probably isn't too hard to fix the script20:15
_Techie_oryxtec, i dont wanna know the problem, i wanna know the script... we might be able to find an alternative20:15
RoyK_Techie_: hardly - it's some asstrix-thing20:16
oryxtecsorry for asking again but can u ssh into my server?20:16
RoyKthere aren't too many of them around20:16
RoyKoryxtec: just upload the script somewhere or give me a link to the download site20:16
RoyKoryxtec: you really don't want to ask people on an open channel to login to your box - beleive me20:16
_Techie_unless you trust them20:17
RoyKoryxtec: do you have an url for the original download? this was rather large.....20:18
oryxtecthanks for advice.. yes u r right20:18
qman__I see what's going on, it's defining a function called "goto()"20:19
qman__which was probably okay before, but isn't now20:19
oryxteci have the URL20:19
oryxtecdo u want me to give it to u20:19
RoyKperhaps rename that to ast_goto20:19
RoyKand its references20:19
RoyKoryxtec: otherwise, why would I ask?20:20
oryxtecwget http://www.asterisk2billing.org/downloads/A2Billing_1.5.1.tar.gz20:20
oryxtecdman__:  ast_goto where is that syntax?20:21
oryxtecany findings?20:25
RoyKhow should I test it?20:25
oryxtecphp /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/a2billing.php -v20:26
RoyKgive me a few minutes20:26
RoyKI used to work with asterisk for about five years20:27
RoyKI hate that code20:28
RoyKbut then - helping out somehow isn't bad20:28
oryxtecthanks :)20:29
RoyKjust need to do a little svn magic - I hate diffing by hand20:31
kirklandSpamapS: sweet20:32
kirklandSpamapS: ajaxterm = awesome20:32
oryxtecRoyk: in all forms it says that AGI is compatible with php 5.2 not with 5.3.220:32
RoyKI guess the changes required are rather small20:33
oryxtecoooh ok20:33
=== ivoks is now known as ivoks-afk
hggdhDaviey: 0ubuntu3.1 works :-)20:35
hggdhso far...20:35
axisyswhat is the solaris `passwd -f uid ' equivalent in ubuntu? i want to force the user to change his password during first ssh login20:35
=== _Techie_ is now known as _TechAway_
RoyKaxisys: iirc you need to do some shadow magick for that20:36
guntbertaxisys: does http://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2228-force-password-change/ help?20:38
RoyKoryxtec: the problem is, as mentioned earlier, is that they create a system call 'goto', which exists on newer versions of php. I can't figure out any references for that20:39
oryxtecsoo wht should we do now?20:40
RoyKasterisk has that in its dial plan, which is ok, but I don't know anything about the relation between phpagi and this - it's not documented and not readable in the code20:40
RoyKfor a start, try this one20:41
RoyKdownload, cd into the dir with phpagi and patch -p0 < nameofdownloaded.patch20:41
RoyKor just apply the patch manually - it should be trivial20:42
oryxtecthis is only 22 lines code which u sent me rite20:43
RoyKno, see - or +20:43
RoyK- means 'take away', + means add20:43
RoyK_two_ lines of code20:44
RoyKI find no references of the goto call anywhere in that code20:45
RoyKso changing the function name may be enough20:45
oryxteclet me do that20:46
SpamapSkirkland: how does it handle byobu?20:48
kirklandSpamapS: really well20:49
kirklandSpamapS: i have it going in my ec2 instance20:49
kirklandSpamapS: F-key shortcuts don't work20:49
kirklandSpamapS: but ctrl-a-<whatever> screen style does20:49
kirklandSpamapS: it's repainting the screen perfectly every time20:49
kirklandSpamapS: i can easily create a new binary package, byobu-webui, that depends on and configures ajaxterm20:50
oryxtecRoyk : i have to admit you guys are really professinal and helpful.. you guys are really kind from last 2 days you have help me alot... thanks alot to you and qman__: finally this issue has been fixed as well20:52
oryxteci m raelly greatful for you guys20:52
oryxtecthanks alot once again20:53
RoyKpost my name and email on the patch :)20:53
oryxtechehehhe sure20:53
SpamapSkirkland: yeah, marry that with ssl+mod_auth_pam and you have an ssh-free secure admin experience that works through most web proxies.20:53
oryxtecwell i didn't patch i simply replace those syntax20:54
RoyKoryxtec: Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk <roy@karlsbakk.net> that is - they won't like it, though, the asstrix guys aren't very friendly with me, even if I did pay for the development of the jitterbuffer and PLC code......20:54
kirklandSpamapS: we can team up on the next fedex day if you like ;-)20:54
SpamapSkirkland: can EC2 key pairs be downloaded as SSL certs?20:54
kirklandSpamapS: don't know;  that's a question for smoser20:54
SpamapSwould be pretty cool to be able to install it as an accepted client cert20:54
smoseri guess i dont understand what you're after.20:55
* RoyK installs indianaOS20:55
smoseryou get the private key when you create it20:55
SpamapSI mean, I'm still going to use SSH.. but I can see the occasional ruby dev turned sysadmin really appreciating it.20:55
smoserthe public key is generatable from the private key, or obtainalbe from inside an instance20:56
SpamapSsmoser: RSA key pairs are just that.. so if you could turn it into an x.509 cert, you could install it in your browser and use it to gain access to any SSL daemons that accept client certs20:56
oryxtecRoynk: you won't belive me.. once i paid some one in asterisk chanl that guy took my money and never finish my work20:57
smoserwell, you have access to both private and public, so whatever you can do with that, you can do with that :)20:57
RoyKoryxtec: I do beleive you :)20:57
SpamapSkirkland: I'm down for doing that on the next fedex day for sure. Hopefully its before March. ;)20:58
mathiazSpamapS: looking at http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/u/mathiaz-ubuntu-10.10.html21:00
mathiazSpamapS: how often is the trend line calculated?21:00
axisysguntbert: thanks a lot21:02
ttxmathiaz: the trend line is based on day - 121:03
ttxmathiaz: so it changes every day.21:03
SpamapSmathiaz: I believe the trend is turned up once a day has been superceded.21:03
mathiazSpamapS: ok21:03
guntbertaxisys: you're welcome :-)21:03
SpamapSso tomorrow yours may be closer to straight. ;)21:03
mathiazSpamapS: I'd like to have it dynamic21:03
mathiazSpamapS: it'd be better for my satisfaction ;)21:04
ttxmathiaz: like, using the current day value ?21:04
mathiazttx: well - when I update my WI - I'd like to see the progress I made21:04
mathiazttx: not something that is stale ;)21:04
SpamapSmathiaz: Agreed.. feedback is king. :)21:04
ttxmathiaz: but but but21:04
mathiazSpamapS: o^521:05
ttxmathiaz: you see that the green is above the line, that means "good"21:05
mathiazttx: right. I should also learn to read the burn-up chart21:05
mathiazttx: The only thing I'm looking at for now is the angle of the trend line21:06
SpamapSI've always ignored all the trend lines because they tend to be very distracting IMO.21:06
ttxthe problem with using day 0 data is that the trends line ends up being pessimistic21:06
mathiazSpamapS: could add a hide/show trendline button on the webpage?21:07
mathiazSpamapS: ;) - I'm joking21:07
ttxmathiaz: or a mouseover so that the trends line shows if you hover on day 0 data21:08
ttxmathiaz: want to discuss your hadoop thing now ? Or else i'm reviewing jamesPage proposed branches.21:08
mathiazttx: re hadoop packages in maverick - WDYT about an email to ubuntu-devel@?21:08
mathiazttx: outlining the proposal and asking for feedback?21:09
ttxmathiaz: hmm21:09
* SpamapS is about 1 for 4 on getting feedback when emailing ubuntu-devel21:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #638401 in php5 (main) "automated tests run during build fail due to apparmor protections for mysqld unless build is done in /tmp" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63840121:11
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kirklandSpamapS: agreed!21:14
kirklandSpamapS: maybe we'll have one right after RC21:14
SpamapSkirkland: I was thinking it should be right before the rally/sprint, where we can present it there.21:16
SpamapSIf we can squeeze one in the week before UDS that would be cool too.. but I'm sure we'll all be busy preparing for sessions. :)21:17
kirklandSpamapS: i can make a little time, maybe :-)21:26
SpamapSkirkland: what would be awesome would be if ajaxterm's backend could be enhanced to say "if they used a client cert, cool drop them to the configured user's home dir, otherwise, pop up a getty"21:29
Lichtewhat's the command to find where a package has installed it's files ???21:34
sorenLichte: dpkg -L package_name21:35
Lichtethanks soren21:36
Lichtejeez, I can't believe how hard it is to get Trac installed21:37
SpamapSLichte: A lot of web apps are never really packaged right for distribution.. they're just homegrown things that somebody tars up and throws out to the world. ;)21:38
hallynjdstrand: how are you generating './configure' for the libvirt bzr tree?21:43
jdstrandhallyn: I'm not touching it21:43
hallynit doesn't ship with git,21:44
jdstrandhallyn: at least, not intentionally21:44
hallynoh, you start from the debian package?21:44
jdstrandhallyn: oh, for a new version?21:44
jdstrandhallyn: yes21:44
jdstrandhallyn: do you want to know the full steps to compile from git?21:44
hallynto most closely reproduce the ubuntu setup, yes21:45
hallynwell, i'll just do autogen with no options and see how that compares :)21:45
jdstrandhallyn: this is what I have in my notes to compile from git: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493835/21:46
jdstrandhallyn: you can do 'make dist-gzip' which should get you a release tarball. then you can untar it and toss the debian/ directory in there and go21:47
jdstrandhallyn: you may want to disable all the patches in debian/patches/series when doing that though, since they almost always have to be redone21:48
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Davieyhggdh, yeah.. odd eh :)21:55
hallynjdstrand: yes, i've pulled out the already-applied patches, and i just took debian/ from libvirt-0.8.3...21:57
hallynjdstrand: but configure doesn't come with debian/, so not sure of my best approach21:57
hallyni could just copy it in from maverick21:58
jdstrandhallyn: there is no configure with 'make dist-gzip'?21:58
hallynserge@sergelap:~/delme/libvirt/libvirt-0.8.3$ make dist-gzip21:59
hallynThere seems to be no Makefile in this directory.21:59
hallynYou must run ./configure before running `make'.21:59
hallynjdstrand: well, i'll look at the plain debian package and figure something out, thx22:00
jdstrandhallyn: I think I'd run autogen.sh without args and then use the debian/ directory22:01
hallynjdstrand: that's where i'm at - which dies when trying to do make install-docs (in sbuild)22:01
hallynjdstrand: i wasn't sure whether that would give me the right setup, but i'll see22:01
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jdstrandhallyn: I had started a daily builder script22:03
jdstrandhallyn: it doesn't work, but I would apt-get the stuff I mentioned, do a git checkout, run autgen without args and then make dist-gzip22:04
hallyn(yeah, daily builder script is what i'm after)22:05
jdstrandhallyn: I can say that on any given day trunk may not build22:05
hallynhm, maybe that's all it is then.  should'a tried that first22:06
lifelessSpamapS: whose our java dude now?22:14
SpamapSlifeless: that would be James Page :) not sure his IRC name22:15
lifelessSpamapS: I just remembered that I needed to raise the abi-in-package-name thing so that we don't have these massive-pileups when have a dep set is changed.22:15
SpamapSlifeless: right, I don't know how java manages ABI compatibility. From everything I've seen, there's a lot of embedding of specific revisions because there's no strong binding like native libraries have w/ soname22:17
SpamapSlifeless: James is in the UK, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to ask him. ;)22:18
lifelessso a preponderance of java packages build via maven22:18
lifelessand use that to define the needed jars to compile22:18
* SpamapS is somewhat amused by the confusion a word like tomorrow has when talking over the international date line22:18
SpamapSright, and the debian maven helper seems to do a good job of corralling that22:19
lifelessits a kludge22:19
lifelessseveral reasons22:19
lifelessfirstly, its legitimate with the (noun forgotten) plugin method to have multiple versions of the same dependency loaded live into an appserver22:20
lifelesse.g. you load eucalpytus and hudson and they have different dependencies, the appserver can partition the loaded versions22:20
lifelesssecondly,  because we can't represent the full richness of a maven repo, the helper is essentially lying :)22:21
SpamapSlifeless: I believe yes the debian maven helper defaults to creating a symlink that creates a special maven "debian" version if your maven spec doesn't ask for a specific revision22:26
SpamapSlifeless: but the actual versioned jar and spec should be there, and so, loadable.22:27
SpamapSlifeless: that said, I see what you're getting at, that we really need to package *all versions* if that is to work.22:27
lifelessSpamapS: the closure of referenced versions, yes. (Like we do with C library ABIs)22:30
SpamapSlifeless: the difference there is, the convention with C libs is to build depend on 'lib-dev' and then only diverge from that when the library changes in a huge fundamental way. The convention in java is to depend on the version you've tested with, and never really revisit that.22:32
SpamapSjava programs tend to say "revision X works with lib version Y" and not update that version until a new version comes out.22:33
SpamapSSo we'd end up with a lot more versions in the repository.22:33
hggdhDaviey: revno 1240...22:35
lifelessSpamapS: OTOH that gives a certain stability22:35
Davieyhggdh, I am aware :)22:35
lifelessSpamapS: it tends to mean that you can take a latest-release X and run it on ooold servers22:35
Davieyhggdh, Looks like an odd fix tbh22:35
hggdhDaviey: looking it up22:36
Davieyhggdh, Going to try it, but it looks like it attempts to - then logs a failure22:36
Davieycan't quite see how it resolves the real issue22:37
hggdhDaviey: what is the URL... I am confused by the many different versions of eucalyptus on bzr22:38
SpamapSlifeless: it also means you're supporting a lot more versions of libraries for the lifetime of the release though.22:38
lifelessSpamapS: policy vs implementation22:39
lifelessSpamapS: currently our implementation gives just one policy choice : one-version, and a downside - heinous transitions and inability to reliably rebuild/rebootstrap the java package chain.22:39
SpamapSIndeed, its not good. Thats why ttx had to fight so hard to get tomcat6 working just right.. and its a mature java stack.. something new like Cassandra has so much changing already, to throw in java library versions is a little scary.22:41
SpamapSlifeless: I'd hope, too, that it would only be a few versions each release that ended up being retained.. probably not as bad as it sounds when you actually do it.22:42
Davieyhggdh, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~eucalyptus-maintainers/eucalyptus/2.0.0-lp/revision/124022:42
hggdhDaviey: thank you. This is getting out of control :-(22:43
Davieyhggdh, awesome eh?22:43
hggdhDaviey: quite so, if I may say...22:43
SpamapSlifeless: one thought I had was to simply add a field to the packages that basically says "this package embeds this version of java library X" and then you just let them all embed their own jars.22:44
lifelessSpamapS: hell no.22:44
SpamapSlifeless: which would still let you repeat the build, as you could get the same verisons of said libs22:44
DavieySpamapS, and if you need to fix a security issue in libjava-foo ?22:45
SpamapSDaviey: java doesn't have security issues ;)22:45
DavieySpamapS, everything in java works perfectly :)22:46
SpamapSYou would fix it in said version, and then look for packages that embed that version, and update them all.22:46
hggdhDaviey: is this is correct, the only thing I can think of is the groovy change (we usually get a lot of syntax errors on the groovy scripts)22:47
Davieyhggdh, nah.. looking at the merge history - looks to be unrelated22:48
elb0wHow do I specify a different data directory for mysql22:48
elb0win ubuntu22:48
elb0wWe made the change in app aromor22:49
elb0wand now I just killed it22:49
hggdhDaviey: then I wonder how putting it in a try{} & reporting an exception is magic (unless the exception goes on to create the context)22:49
SpamapSelb0w: the apparmor profile should be loaded when you start it the next time.22:49
SpamapSelb0w: are you still getting a permission denied?22:49
zulelb0w: you will have to modify the apparmor profile as well22:50
hggdhDaviey: hum. That might well be it -- the exception in not percolating up the code now22:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #638476 in openldap (main) "package slapd 2.4.21-0ubuntu5.2 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63847622:51
Davieyhggdh, So... currently it's going bang - and therefore throwing a 50022:51
Davieynow that is nicely handled, so continues to process the rest of the request22:51
Davieyis current theory22:51
hggdhsounds plausible. But there is only way to find out...22:52
hggdhbut I still hate when fixes get mixed together with no explanations22:53
Davieyhggdh, totally22:57
hggdhDaviey: and I am not sure why we need to log an error *every* time an instance starts... but oh well.23:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #638479 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: sous-processus script post-installation installé tué par le signal (Complété)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63847923:01
Davieyhggdh, agreed23:05
Davieyhggdh, if i push this patch to a PPA... are you around to test it?23:05
DavieyI need to go to bed :(23:05
hggdhDaviey: like if we had other things to do ;-)23:05
hggdhDaviey: yes, of course23:05
hggdhDaviey: push it off and get to bed, I will test it23:06
Davieyhggdh, splendid23:07
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Davieyhggdh, Uploading now..23:21
Davieyhggdh, please out your feedback on either the ml, bug report or pm me here, and i'll see it in the morning23:21
Davieyhggdh, you rockin'23:21
Davieyhggdh, *ubuntu3.2 fwiw23:21
Daviey(although really r1240)23:22
hggdhDaviey: will do23:22
Davieyhggdh, :)23:22
* Daviey grabs some much needed Zzzzzz's23:22
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